Let the tweets flow with TweetLive for Windows Phone and Windows 8


TweetLive is an interesting app for our Windows Phones that builds a tweet wall on your Windows Phone.  Once you authorize the app to access your Twitter account, you can search for tweets by keyword and have them randomly displayed on your Windows Phone.

Retweets are filtered so you won't see duplicates and the background cover automatically changes to keep things mildly interesting. Tweets cycle through about every five seconds and you can always pull up the search field and change things up.

TweetLive Screens

TweetLive does support portrait and landscape orientation just in case you want to prop your Windows Phone up and watch the tweets pass by.  I can see TweetLive coming in handy if you want to monitor what's being said about a current event, about a person you know or anything else you want to keep an eye on.  It would be nice though if the links in the tweets were accessible. 

TweetLive may not be everyone's cup of joe but it's a free app for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 device so you won't be out anything for trying it out. You can find TweetLive here in the Windows Phone Store.  There's also a Windows 8 version of TweetLive available that you can pick up here in the Windows Store.

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B1zzle says:

So you can't open links from it though....odd app

4Tiles says:

I want something to read my tweet stream as it comes in, but smart enough to not read URLs. Also want it to be smart enough to read the full account name instead of the @ name.

IceDree says:

Gleek reads the Full Account Name , I don't know about URLs though

4Tiles says:

Thanks, I'll check it out