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Microsoft 'betrayed' Finland, says Finnish finance minister of layoffs


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio


New Treasure Tag app update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft


New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

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Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 released, Lumia SensorCore SDK out of private beta

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Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

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Microsoft partners with British designer to create wireless charging pants

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Beat Nokia by predicting world cup games in Sporting Mouth to win some awesome prizes

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Lumia 930 availability on Ireland's Meteor pushed back to mid-July

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Nokia brand names Lumia, ClearBlack, PureView, and others now belong to Microsoft

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Lumia 1320, 630 availability expand to Argos Ireland

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Nokia Ireland confirms Lumia 930 launch on July 3

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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday


Nokia updates Network+ again

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Nokia buying Medio Systems to improve its HERE maps service

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Nokia Lumia 930 confirmed to be coming soon to Ireland on Meteor

Nokia Lumia 825

Reuters: Nokia launching large smartphone next month [Update]

Update 8:15PM: Windows Phone Central can now confirm a few things about this story. The phablet will be a 6 inch, 1080p, quad core device with gdr3 and a 20MP camera. It will be reportedly very thin with a slight camera hump akin to the Lumia 925. The tablet, a separate device, will be RT based.

We have it on good authority that Nokia is planning an event for the end of next month. It’s expected to take place in New York City over two days, September 26th and the 27th. What’s happening? We’ve seen leaks for a Nokia branded tablet running Windows RT, but we’ve also heard rumors of larger smartphones on the horizon.

Sources with Reuters are backing up that idea of a “phablet” coming soon.

Reuters is saying that at that September event in NYC we will see a new large screened Windows Phone finally announced. Phablets, as you know, are those devices that technically you’d consider a smartphone, but they’re so big they straddle the boundary into small tablet land. Which means we’d be seeing GDR3 at the end of September too. Why?

A device between 5 to 6 inches has a pretty big screen. Samsung is fairly dominant in this market with their Galaxy Note lineup of devices, which support screens with resolutions of 1080p. We’ve long heard that GDR3, the next update for Windows Phone, will bring support for device resolutions with 1080p. So could this device coming be the rumored Lumia 825 with a 5-inch display, quad-core processor, and 1080p screen? Possible.

We’ll off course be on hand in New York next month to bring you guys and gals all the details around the event and future products.

Source: Reuters



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dpiranda says:

6" will be a wp8 device.

teaMJPx says:

That's what I was thinking... Not RT. I may have to swap out my 925 if it comes to T-Mobile... jejeje

pierrerv says:

If it comes to Tmo, I'll be getting it. Anyone else, nope. Nokia plz don't make it an exclusive to att

paliotti says:

This makes me wanna piss on my Samsung Ativ S

We must be twins! That's the same thing I was thinking! I love my Ativ-S but a 6 inch, thin nokia phone: 

TechnoTim says:

It's foreshadowing or a freudian slip.Windows Phone will become Windows RT, or really, Windows RT will be the next reset for Windows Phone.

Talbot690 says:

I bet you a cracker your wrong

ade333 says:

This stuff will be going to VZW

Dusteater says:

Can't wait for something like this to come to T-Mobile in the US.

I totally agree with you and I would use my jump upgrade for it!

I hope ms release the dam gdr3 with 1080p and quad core so all those nerds. That dont understand that ur eyes cant see over 300 ppi and that wp doesnt need more that a dual core can be happy , of course other os improvements for us lol like a better ie with full screen and shit like that will be welcome.

Clavitox says:

Then they're gonna start bitching about that new 1440 resolution lg just made -_-

oddom says:

I'm all about that newer higher 1440 resolution! Why not get it if they are making it lol

Worse battery life is one reason not to get it, if it's going to make no difference anyway. :-)

Dusteater says:

Yeah, battery is definately the biggest reason. Which is why I don't like LTE in my phone, since LTE is available almost no where.

lemonsteveo says:

Can't you just turn off 4g and switch to 3g then?

cckgz4 says:

No, or I should say there isn't a setting that just lets you turn off LTE as you please 

teaMJPx says:

Yes there is... Go to SETTINGS > CELLULAR > Highest Connection Speed and change it from LTE to what u like...

Correction, I have LTE, 4G & 2G as options... No 3G but I'm not sure if TMO even has "3G" anymore, it may be packaged with the "4G" setting.

wpguy says:

TMo still has 3G, and it is part of their 4G. IIRC, they achieve 4G speeds by using multiple 3G signals simultaneously. So, the 4G option really means 3G/4G.

jaybee says:

There's also no content that would actually be able to take advantage of that resolution. I think there are maybe a couple sports networks that shoot with cameras higher than 1080p. You'd probably have a new phone before there was enough content available to actually take advantage of the resolution.

Mavendreas says:

Well if you have Sprint or T-Mobile then yeah LTE isn't everywhere. But ATT and Verizon cover most areas just fine. And LTE as a battery drain is no longer a thing since qualcomm has it integrated into its chipset. LTE uses less battery than 3g radios these days because it gets things done faster and can turn off quicker. This is fact and tested thoroughly.

Rick Spears says:

On my 925 I have wifi and lte on all the time it lasts the whole work day in my pocket. after 8 hours and 2 hours driving time so 10 hours I got 50% of my battery. Though I am NOT a chatterbox but i do read Engadget while in the bathroom during the day. Whats even better my work has WIFI all over so I use WIFI calling there too.

4Tiles says:

Higher screen resolutions require more hardware power to push those pixels. You end up with a slower performing phone or worse battery life. And if you're getting worse performance/battery for something you can't even see with human eyes then it is a bad tradeoff.

oddom says:

Then I want a solution for those problems so I can enjoy my media at blisteringly high resolution

user4545 says:

Unless playing games etc the increased power drain comes more from the amount of pixels/transistors themselves rather than the GPU pushing a high resolution. WP is as all know friendly to the GPU in that respect because of the simple UI.

wpguy says:

"for something you can't even see with human eyes"

My Lumia 925 is More Than Your Eyes Can See.

jsnod25 says:

Its not just about ppi, but also the ability to add more tiles per row, if you don't have higher resolution then you are wasting valuable real-estate on a device that large.

ikissfutebol says:

That's not a very accurate statement. It had more to due with the ratio of what is being displayed relative to the resolution. If I have an image that's 12x12, but my display is 24x12, I have half my screen displayed. Similarly, if I have a 1920x1080 and have 960x1080 image, I'm still taking up half my screen. So...if I have a screen that has a width of 4", I can pick tons of variations in tile sizes. I assure you, with 720 pixels, I can still add one more tile and make it the exact same size as if my screen had 1080 pixels. The odds are that I will be unlikely to tell much difference if we are looking at a small screen. Native how you can't buy a 19-27 or even 32" TV that is more or less than 720p? Sure, I can get a monitor, which for all, but a couple purposes won't look much different. If my XBOx screen can look identical on a 720p or 1080p TV of the same physical dimensions, you are proven wrong...and guess what, it looks the exact same.

jsnod25 says:

Almost everything you said is totally incorrect. I have a TV at 27" and 32" and 55" all of which are 1080p, and are pretty easy to find and buy.... Also were talking about PPI relative to screen size. I agree that the smaller the screen the less capable the human eye is able to discern a quantitative difference, but for parity of the system, without having to rewrite the resolution or for that matter, wrote a script to automatically down convert the image resolution to fit on the screen, it is easier to just add more pixels and allow the OS to add a row. To stretch a 6" screen, while having the same resolution, while also adding a row of tiles, you would have to shrink the native resolution, which is not a bad thing per say, but can have negative effects in many situations, hence, its easier to just allow for a same image resolution to fit in a larger field. Anyone who has spent time doing graphic design would realize this.

jsnod25 says:

Let me illustrate it like this... If I design an image at 1080 and your device is 720, you surely can view the image at full screen, but not full native resolution. This means your missing literally half the pixels that comprise the details. Now assume you can zoom in to native resolution, you now have to scroll to see the whole image in all its glory. Now apply the same concept to adding a row of tiles. Go to your home screen and imagine how small the tiles would look if you added a 5th row vertically. It would be small, you would squint, and they were meant to be displayed at a larger size relative to your screen resolution, but you've asked the OS to shrink them all down (or asked all the developers to redesign their tiles to fit a smaller resolution), this often leads to pixelated images, similar to enlarging an image, but only if the ratio doesn't match. Its less of an issue but still an issue. You can't honestly believe that Microsoft and Nokia, combined, in all their infinite wisdom are wasting time on something trivial... The fact is that its not, and in order to "correctly" execute a 5th row of tiles, a larger screen resolution is needed, PPI issues or necessity excluded.

user4545 says:

Absolutely wrong. You are talking about DPI which is variable compared to the fixed PPI of a LCD/AMOLED display. In other words, you can have pin-point sized icons on a 480x800 display just as well as on a 1080x1920 display, however the latter will look better.

bjax says:

Is 1080p for a 6" screen good enough or would it be better to have something higher?

Tjalsma says:

I think it's good enough for a 46" television so it should be just fine.

bjax says:

Lol, well when you put it that way! I mostly meant will it be good enough for spec enthusiasts or will they naysay it for not being a higher resolution.

Bloobed says:

If their content is at most 1080p, and most will fall below that, I see no reason to go looking for more. Then again, I am relatively happy with WVGA.

K_lando says:

4K or GTFO!
Just kidding.

jimmy1one says:

Bjax that's the question

spyderzWPC says:

maybe we should get a 4k screen for a phone that sounds good right? lol

TechnoTim says:

Windows Phone has been fast ever since it's fledgling single core 512 MB days on WP7.  People remeber stats though, and compare stats... just like the lastest 41 MP phone.  People ask me "is the that 41 MP phone" instead of "is that the lastest Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 GDR2 with a great PureView camera?"  Stats also look good on paper, in bullet points, and charts.

cckgz4 says:

That's because Nokia is advertising their camera

wpguy says:

"That 41 MP phone" or "that 41 MP Nokia" is usually what I get asked about well. That it runs Windows Phone 8 doesn't enter into the conversation until later, if at all.

peterfares says:

Bro you do realize that 1080p is VERY EASILY VISIBLY BETTER than 720p on a 6" phablet, don't you?

Byrese says:

T-Mobile probably won't get it. We suck. We don't even have the 1020.

teaMJPx says:

We have the 925 though. I think that's pretty good. Here's to hoping this comes to us also... jejeje

jmerrey says:

If they release a 6" high end phone, my 1020 will have to hit eBay. I wonder what a good, small companion phone would be.

Richard_Indy says:

What? 126,000,000 units sold isn't enough? LoL

blackhawk556 says:

I hope this really does have those updated specs.

aaa6112 says:

I reckon TMo, Sprint and VZW will push out GDR3 before ATT pushes out GDR2.

JamesDax3 says:

That's funny because my AT&T 8X has GDR2.

But the 920 does not yet.

aaa6112 says:

Well, my bad. I should've mentioned the L920 explicitly.

Credo93 says:

I wonder when Nokia Germany is going to rol out GDR2 .... Still "coming soon" :s

RobbCab says:

At least it's past the "Waiting for Approval" stage.

Credo93 says:

Yeah, i'm from Belgium and the 920 "country variant" has the update sinds monday, i have the german "country variant" :(

Be happy you don't have vodafone. I bet the next update we get is when WP9 comes out.

At this rate I don't doubt it... ATT can suck my balls, I'm sick of waiting.

Bob Shiska says:


JamesDax3 says:

I thought the rumored L825 was a 5 inch with a snapdragon 400 quad and 720p screen being a mid range phone and all.

theefman says:

Hope it goes to both att and Verizon to stop the inevitable whining.

procen says:

I don't think it will stop, and you know that.

rtarkovski says:

A day ago I was sure that 1020 will be my next phone. Now I am not)))

Same for me, my WP8 is my long Email, games device and I also use it for pictures. A 6 incher with 20mp, Amoled would be cool for taking great pictures, doing my email and gaming... I mainly carry my WP8 in my briefcase during the week and a 6 inch device would still be lighter than my Canon G9. I was tending towards the 1020, but a phablet would be better for typing and games and I want Full-HD.

gamo62 says:

At&Terrible has yet to release Amber for the 920. Patiently waiting.

This is getting ridiculous

Bob Shiska says:

Yes, a week after VZW is completely ridiculous. They should all be hit over the head with a shovel.
Get some perspective.

K_lando says:

The impatience is what is ridiculous.

damo579 says:

I know the feeling I'm waiting too.... Still love my red 920 though.

exolent says:

Still waiting also....impatiently

cdbstl76 says:

Looks like I'll plan a trip to NYC to see some clients that week :-)

NIST says:

Nokia LSD. Dammit Sam didn't you listen to the podcast?

Nataku4ca says:

ya Sam, the PH word is banned ya know BANNED

Credo93 says:

Wow i hardly can't wait, i will buy this device if it has at least a 5.5" screen instantly !!! BTW what happened to 6Tagram?

aaa6112 says:

It got renamed to 6tag.

Credo93 says:

I know but when i open the beta app it says "end of beta", & i don't see it yet in store ...

Graven Pshya says:

Also, ay the end of the article, I paraphrase: it should be released in the next few days.

lubbalots says:

It should have been named 6uup or so6c or something.

Vistaus says:

It better have at least a 720p screen, else it will look horrible on such a giant screen.

sepatown says:

See the update. 1080p display confirmed by WPCentral.

Good it will satisfy those who have bad eyesight and gorilla hands!

abduz says:

Whats happening with 6tag/6tagram? Beta over and no app in marketplace...using instance and so on feels like a major step back =(

fwaits says:

Should be showing up in the next day or 2 I'd imagine.  Publishing takes 4-5 days normally from what I hear.  The beta version works fine in the mean time if you already have it.

abduz says:

I been using beta but it just started giving me the 'Beta End' msg upon loading the app..location Belgium/EU, so Im guessing at midnight you should be receiving the message too..enjoyy it while you can =(

aaa6112 says:

Beta still running fine here

Dk92 says:

Its going through certification right now.

exolent says:

I believe it'll be out tommorow.. Rudy said two days on the 20th.. Still enjoying beta version tho :)

abduz says:

Im hoping so cuz it really feels like a step back using the other apps... it just started giving me the 'Beta End' msg upon loading the app..location Belgium/EU, so Im guessing at midnight you should be receiving the message too..enjoyy it while you can =(

aaa6112 says:

Oh yeah, I remember Rudy mentioning the beta expires on the 22nd

HansTj says:

Lumia 8xx series with 1080p display? Isn't the 1080p display supposed to be reserved for at least the 9xx series?

aaa6112 says:

That's what I was thinking too. Leads me to believe it might have a 720p display.

JamesDax3 says:

Like I said above the L825 is supposed to be a mid range big screen divice with and quad core Snapdragon 400 and 720p display.

glassadam says:

I thought the 8xx designation is for mid-range phones, and the 9xx and 10xx phones were higher-end. But this sounds positively high-end so what gives?

crazygonzo says:

I don't think that 8xx is mid range, if so then it's at the top of that group. At the time 820 was released it was more like an alternative to the high end 920, just slightly less features and different but still with a considerable price tag. 825 will definatelly be placed next to 920, 925, 1020 on the shelf, that's why Nokia needs to focus on the devices that are bringing more customers i.e. cheaper 520, 620, 625 and introduce even more choice with 525, 725 (attack the low/mid end). They won't need another 'spotlight phone' after introducing a full HD, quad core machine and already selling a great 'camera phone' with 1020 & 925.

procen says:

Oh men! I just got my 925. Nokia you're killing me, anyway I want a phablet too. :-P

marky_yo says:

Ugh this new phone crap every five minutes is getting old!

aaa6112 says:

Seems refreshing to me

bjax says:

Seems to work pretty well for Samsung.

DJCBS says:

GDR3 in the end of September...well..."see it" we may. Get it, we will not. Judging by GDR2, GDR3 will only arrive in December.

millercrew5 says:

Wow I hope the tablet is for real! Definitely gonna get one if its true!

Graven Pshya says:

Dang, I might get it. I'm not sure. I just want something lighter than my 920, but I don't really want the 1020 lol

Rich White says:

I expect a 5" replacement for the 920 at ATT to be announced. I also expect a tablet.

indieimprint says:

Isn't bandit 6 inch? And what makes you think they will throw a phablet into the mix of a midrange line like 800 or even call it a Lumia at all ?

sepatown says:

Their Lumia line is their Windows Phone range of devices. Since this will no doubt run on Windows Phone, you bet your socks it will be called a Lumia.

elderjlward says:

bummer, just bought a 1020.

TechAbstract says:

But you still have the better camera. Won't see a 41MP or better soon. More likely between 12MP and 20MP.

elderjlward says:

Thanks for the encouragement.:-) I had a Titan that I was using since Nov 2011, using WP 7.5(No 7.8 update). Kinda like the large screen. But I was honestly surprised at how nice the 1020 feels in hand. I am liking the camera.:-)

joanzen says:

I STILL have my Titan, running 7.5. I've been waiting for a 4.7"+ screen, so this is good news. Can't wait.

davoben says:

Still rocking my Titan, as well, so this really intrigues me. Chomping at the bit to upgrade to WP8 and all its updates.

The original Titan is still one of my favorite phones, and still probably one of the best WP's out there (Minus Lumia 1020 and 92x).

rx74ray says:

Titan rules. still has the best audio on board for music listening. better than beats, better than nokia dolby. I have done comparisons.

Titan ftw. RIP HTC

elderjlward says:

I looked to see how much ATT would give me for my Titan with their buyback program. $29!!! That's sad.:-( Really want a Large Screen Device- Phablet. May get the "Bandit" when it comes out.

dkp23 says:

Gonna more like a 7 inch device with that bezel, amirite?

Jf.Vigor says:

I'm thinking the same. Nokia loves bezels so I wonder how big the phone will be

lemonsteveo says:

They'll obviously have to scale it back for a phone that size.

I had a 900 until a week ago, when I finally decided to upgrade... The only thing that had been holding me back so long is the possibility that Nokia might decide to release a lighter and smaller version of the 920 before the end of the year.
After reading all these rumours about Nokia wanting to make bigger smartphones I bought the 925, which is probably as small-ish and light as it's going to get for high-end Windows Phones, at least for the foreseeable future... And the only reason my younger brother will get an iPhone rather than a Windows Phone (aside from the fact that there don't seem to be any plans to develop a version of MedScape for WP8) is that the iPhone is small and has good specs, which regrettably is a combination that other manufacturers - including Nokia - have been unable to achieve.

venetasoft says:

IPhone is never a good choice, the 520 is better in my opinion

Jazmac says:

Awwwwww yeahhhh!

" Samsung is fairly dominant in this market with their Galaxy Note lineup of devices, which support screens with resolutions of 1080p."

none of the Galaxy Note Phablets "dominating" has currently a 1080 screen

(I do have a 5" S4 Active though)

The big take away of this story is GDR3 is already ready on Microsoft side. LIke Paul Thurrot said, Microsoft has completed these updates a long time. The carriers are the one taking too long to release these updates.

jcutting says:

No it's not.  Still in progress.

DavidinCT says:

If they are releasing a phone in Sept, when the month starts in what ? 9 days ? I would say 100% that GDR3 is final and in testing if that has not already been finished.
Like before, you will see it released on new phones then a month later before it gets given to other phones..

jcutting says:

1. The article says Sept 27-28th, not Sept 1st.
2. When was the last time Nokia announced a phone and released it that same day, much less the same month?
It's still in progress...

n7slc says:

I'm looking forward to a Nokia RT tablet. Phablet, no but a Nokia tablet to replace my Nexus 7? Heck yes!

Fndlumia says:

Personally I don't like huge phones, my 920/1020 is already at the limit for me, I like the L800 size. Anyway still keen to see the eos m2

cdbstl76 says:

Nice. I am most curious about the RT device though. I want to ser what they do with that spec and price wise.

bc3tech says:

Running Windows RT???? there goes the Windows Phone Store, folks. Anybody who buys this phablet can't use the "phone apps" they'll see all over places like wpcentral. Not to mention "GDR3" and "Windows RT" don't really go together.

Talk about confusing the crap out of people... Methinks a lot of this story isn't quite right.

aphrophyre says:

That was my first thought. RT and GDR3 are identifiers of two totally different platforms, so this article remains a rumor and speculation.

jcutting says:

I think you might have blended the two devices together (understandably so, it threw me off slightly at first). There are two separate devices mentioned here - a Windows RT tablet AND a WP8 GDR3 "phablet".

Shane says:


Seth Thomas says:

Did I read this right? An RT phone? Meaning Native Windows 8 modern Apps and the ability to upgrade the OS with the Windows releases? Yes?!

cdbstl76 says:

I think he is speaking to two different items, a phablet and an RT tablet

Shane says:

No, no, and no. 

Seth Thomas says:

Sweet!!!  Now I'm really excited. 

the_icon12 says:

Tablet is RT.

realwarder says:

How can it be RT and Windows Phone? Is this part of merging RT and WP by permitting RT apps to run on the phone?

hopmedic says:

It's two devices.

realwarder says:

Oh yes. Being same paragraph confused me. I kind of preferred my idea. Perhaps that will be WP X.

the_icon12 says:

Again, tablet is RT

hopmedic says:

Give us a Pro tablet, Nokia!

bjax says:

I'm sure they will towards the end of the year, but I bet (like Microsoft) they want to enter the tablet market at a lower, more affordable price point. Now let's just hope they sell it for about $299. They might be able to do what Microsoft couldn't- kinda like they did for Windows Phones.

DJCBS says:

The "LCD" will be very useful for you to rest your dinner plate and cup when you want to eat in front of the TV.

As for the tablet, I've said it before: I think it makes all sense to release tablets running RT. A tablet is that: a TABLET. The Surface Pro and others aren't really tablets. They're laptops with either detachable keyboards and touch-screens. When was the last time you ran normal programs on an iPad? Exactly. So there's absolutely no reason why Windows Tablets should run the full, expensive version of Windows. The RT is the ideal tablet software with the plus of having Office. The tablets just need a fairer price (like the prices practiced now) and more Apps.

bjax says:

Are there any tablets that use wireless charging? If not, will Nokia try and be the first?

trwrt says:

The HP TouchPad had wireless charging.

bjax says:

I had a touchpad when they went to bargain bin prices and never realized it had wireless charging. That device was more ahead of its time than I realized.

DJCBS says:

Well, it would be "cool" but lets think practical: a wireless charging tablet would require...wireless charging plates? That's not very practical to carry around. I would think Nokia might be tempted to play with solar energy though. But we won't see any of that in an RT tablet for sure.

bjax says:

I guess i was thinking more in terms of charging at home. Since wireless charges slower, I wouldn't think to take one on the go. I would probably leave it in one place for it to charge overnight or at work. Do charging plates have to be at least relative to the size of device it's charging or could the 920 charging plate charge the tablet as well? Not saying I would use this method, but I'm curious if it would work.

DJCBS says:

The more powerful the device, the bigger the wireless charger has to be. Mainly for power reasons. The L920 charging plates could not charge a tablet because it doesn't have the strength to do it. But a tablet charging plate could charge a L920. It's not really a question of size of the plates but of power. And it is VERY hard to put a powerful charger in a small device (hence, look at the miserable battery life of smartphones compared to the good old Nokias that lasted a week or more). At least at the present moment.

Bloobed says:

I'd be fine with some kind of charging dock, that I can just place my tablet on, and use it at the same time. Without having to bother with connecting wires.

cdbstl76 says:

The article speaks about two devices folks, if you read the whole thing... The update speaks to each if those two devices.

My dreams have been answered. Nokia releasing A Phablet. I'm already bracing for the at&t exclusive. Hopefully we can get one unlocked and working on T-Mobile n pass down my ATIV S to the Wife. Make it so Number One.

db4williams says:

The GDR2/amber update bricked my wife's 822 but works fine on my 928. See my post in the 822 forums if you are curious as to what happened.

sumothong01 says:

So the tablet is shelved for now? If so I'm bummed. I was looking forward to getting a Nokia tablet.

IceDree says:

OS Confusion aside (WP GDR3 vs WinRT) , it will be interesting to see Nokia come up with.

That Qualcomm picture cracks me up ❕
Isn't that an HTC EVO 3D ?

Cellus13 says:

So basically it'll be a 1025? A with greatly increased specs. For thinness I predict around 8mm due to smaller MP camera. I'm excited because I would really like to see how 1020 buyers feel about it. Something like this will be a upgrade to the 1020 excluding the camera. Much different from the 925 launch.

EDIT: I really hate to see the price of such of possibly nice device. Especially when the 1020 was so expensive. The smaller camera might decrease the price but with increased hardware... Yeah it won't be cheap.

bono5112 says:

Phablet has ATT written all over it, if true this will be my next phone

Cellus13 says:

^This. Exclusives anyone? Keep hope dangling out the window cause it seems like these Nokia exclusives aren't ending for a while...

An RT device with a camera? Very interesting idea, especially using the Qualcomm snapdragon series, hope the battery is much larger.

theefman says:

On a WINDOWS tablet people use Windows for more than watching netflix and watching cat videos. Enterprises wont buy this tablet because they cant manage it compared to full Windows tablets. The whole concept of Windows 8 is that it gives you the best of both worlds but RT just gives you a crippled experience, not enough apps to compete with the ARM incumbents and cant run x86 programs.
This tablet will sell a few but ultimately will fail like all the rest of the RT tablets. Stupid decision by Nokia.

I wouldn't be so quick to judge, this is a very carefully crafted decision, I think it is aimed at the consumer space, they are pushing RT in a new direction, let us see what tricks Microsoft and Nokia include in GDR3.

bjax says:

What's "crippled" about wanting a low-cost Windows tablet that runs Office if you don't want or need to run legacy apps?

dukrem says:

They don't want to target the enterprise market. And For the average consumer the idea of running x86 apps on a 10" or smaller touch screen is a complete deal breaker. Sure, you could plug in a mouse or keyboard dock, but for the majority of uses people don't want to have to do that. For consumers windows RT is already very flexible. You can run 2 apps side by side, you can use a full featured (including flash) browser, you still have office when you need it. It needs to catch up in the app department but the operating system itself runs rings around its competitors in every way.

Nokia's strategy here is very sound. They plan to own windows RT in the tablet space just like they now own windows phone in the mobile space. Nokia's share is growing steadily and they now have massive influence over where windows phone is heading without having to share the development costs. They could do the same with RT, offering exclusive apps and having direction over new features. And if/when RT and WP merge, Nokia will be sitting pretty as top dog of a rapidly growing market with a cutting edge OS.

bjax says:

Well, you put my thoughts into words way better than I could have. I definitely plan in picking one up for the reasons you stated.

Samst22 says:

So this means definite earlier release of GDR3 then? If the phablet is released in October (announced end of September), we could be looking at an October release of GDR3.

twelvetudors says:

Oh geez. 1020 or this? I can't decide!

eric12341 says:

6" now, mm nmm mmmm when will it stop? Oh well let's hope that it goes to all carriers within a reasonable amount of time so that everyone who wants one can get one.

^^^^ this, tired of exclusive phones, I want one device one worldwide release. But I don't think that is Nokia's strategy.

tdvbaja says:

Needs a right side keyboard. Titan was to big to reach to other side and 920 is just right. If they go 5 or 6 inch they need to make it so you can do a right thumb only. Even if they give us a smaller key board. Or at least a split keyboard like RT offers!

ninjaap says:

So its a tablet, not a phablet?

A good question, since it is RT it is a tablet, but we don't know what SOC is being used, if it is Qualcomm I imagine it would have phone capabilities, depending on the chipset.

bono5112 says:

There is a tablet AND a phablet. They are talking about 2 devices

Yup, you are right, missed the last line in the first paragraph. Are they both the same size?

bono5112 says:

Not sure what the tablet size is going to be, phone 5-6 inch, I would guess 8-10 inch on the tablet

Thanks, good stuff.

@Sam will this be an all aluminum unibody?

Ok so.. This is great. My only issue is that 6" plus the bezel is huge, really huge. I used to own a Dell Streak. Yes I loved It and no I never had any of the issues that people who never used it said it had. It was 5". I then had a note at 5.3". Loved the screens on both. This however is going to be a monster. Been dying for a large screen phone running WP8. Just not sure I wanted it to be quite this big. Wondering if they will release a slightly smaller 1 at some point that has high end specs as well.

dameon_03 says:

I still have my dell streak. I use it to store PDF files and because of the screen size. Hopefully next year when I'm due for an upgrade there will be more WP phablets out

Dk92 says:

This September, I've gonna have to say goodbye to my Lumia 928. (If it comes to Verizon)

Villain says:

Probably tied to a carrier as an exclusive so can't get excited for anything Nokia anymore. Most likely Rogers here in Canada which means only decent service if you live in one of the major cities

ejlee072006 says:

Release the tablet and BANDIT!!! I WANT IT

drg says:

isn't gdr3 the update for WP8 therefore it's not RT, or if it's RT then gdr3 dosn't apply? i assume it's one or the other. correct me if i'm wrong.
edit: ignore. i see you're speaking of 2 devices. a phablet and a tablet. yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xankazo says:

Running RT.....? You lost me there... ???

the_icon12 says:

Two devices. One Tablet and One Phone. 

dynamic_cast says:

Give it 4G RAM, and let it run both RT and GDR3

Why are there four buttons on the face of that phone in the picture?

Dk92 says:

Its photoshopped over an HTC evo lol.

RayWP7 says:

My beautiful red Nokia 920 screen just got shattered falling off a 24" table the other day. I've been contemplating what to do about it. Looks like packing tape will need to hold a while longer until I see what and when is available! :(

MSFTMatt says:

I forgot where I saw it, or if I am just making it up, but didn't HTC want to make a large screen 1080P windows phone with quad core ARM that docked into a tablet base which would then run windows RT? I would buy that. Al la ASUS PadFone but with the awesomeness of WP8 and windows RT instead of that garbage commonly referred to as malware... Eeerrr android. ;P

Mista Calais says:

6" is a little too big I think, but if I will seriously and only consider such a thing only if Nokia was the manufacturer.
Just got a Lumia 920 and I'm due for an upgrade in November so let's hope this baby is the real deal and does hit Australia around that time.
But the issue now is, this will confuse customers, what to get? Lumia 1020 or this upcoming baby!!! :)

Storl says:

Didn't the phone design already leak alongside the Lumia 1020 leaks?

  • Full Aluminium
  • Appered to lack wireless charging contacts
  • Camera Pump and thin like the Lumia 925
  • Huge

coeus89 says:

Where are these updated details from?