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Nokia brand names Lumia, ClearBlack, PureView, and others now belong to Microsoft

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Nokia Lumia 820 available for just £179 at Tesco

Lumia 820

UK retailer Tesco has a great deal on at the moment should you be looking for a new Windows Phone. The mid-range Lumia 820 is available for just £179 when taking into account an applicable discount code coupled with an already established deal. Listed with a £199 price tag (£100 off already), you'll be able to walk away with the Lumia 820 SIM free at an awesome price.

Being a Windows Phone 8 handset, you'll be able to take full advantage of all the latest features available in GDR2 and Amber. Sporting a large 4.3-inch ClearBlack display, wireless charging and 4G connectivity, it's a perfect choice for any UK consumer looking at the upcoming LTE upgrades to be carried out by mobile operators. Check out our in-depth review for more details. 

If you're heading over to purchase one, be sure to use the discount code for the extra £20 off - TDX-MJGQ.

Source: Tesco,via: CoolSmartphone


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Nokia Lumia 820 available for just £179 at Tesco

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Great. It's time to emerge more again, Windows Phone!
Hope for any promos in my country so I can check it out and tip for it immediately.

Might just consider picking up one for my dad as an early b'day present. Thanks for the tip guys!

My dad's in need of a better phone so why not use it as an excuse to get him a WP ;) also it's the gift that matters, not the price.

I believe out of all the mid range Nokia Lumias this is the worst one! And I own it! Because that was the only one that had the sucky battery then they start putting 2000mah on all their phones even the 5** and the 7** and the 6** and also the same 8** like the 822 and 810!! If it wasn't for that the whole 8gb of memory wouldn't be too bad but anyways I'm done with my rant. Can't wait till my AT&T contract expires in October, hopefully they will have started selling that Nokia phablet by then ☺ if not then 1020 or maybe I'll go to T-mobile for the 925 to save money on my monthly bill! Anyway yea sorry for rambling...Love WP and Love Nokia.

Yes, the 1650 mAh battery kills any interest I would otherwise have for this phone. In my country, it now costs less than US$300 unlocked - but that battery sucks!

Not at all trivializing your experience. I have had two 820s (cracked the digitizer on the first one) and have not had any battery issues. With the exception of some problem apps, I'm actually impressed with how long this battery last (with moderate use of course).

Now we're talking, Lumia 720 needs a similar discount because it looks like some kind of anomaly with that price.

Thank you very much for the heads-up, I just ordered two for the ol' parents - nice little upgrade from their current HTC 7 Mozarts.

I hate to be pendantic, but can I just point out that the £20 off offer ends on Monday, and that the offer appears to be only available via Tesco Direct, so for those that are thinking about ordering one, do it soon!

Man, the 820.  This phone is the perfect size.  If Nokia would release this phone with 720p screen, 32gigs of memory, longer battery life, and a better camera it would be my pefect phone.  I love the size and I love the interchangeable covers.  It's biggest downfall was the 8 gigs of onboard memory combined with the limitation of Windows Phone to install apps on the micro sd card.  That's what killed it for me.  Other than that I was in love with my 820.  Now I'm rocking a 1020 and love it but I still think the 820 is the pefect size.

You can also use your clubcard vouchers - I tested it as far as the checkout & got it down to £154.50!