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Rogers begins rolling out Amber and GDR2 for Nokia Lumia 920 owners

We’re getting reports from users that Nokia and Rogers have thrown the switch on the anticipated Amber and GDR2 OS update for the Lumia 920. Much like other carriers, Rogers was in the process of certifying the release and now it has gone live. Indeed, checking Nokia’s update page we can see Rogers is now listed as “Available”.

Windows Phone 8 OS build 10327 and higher is also known as GDR2 and brings along with it FM radio support, fixes for Xbox Music, Other storage fix and other minor improvements. Amber is the name for Nokia’s accompanying firmware and it allows new camera features, Glance and flip to silence, to name a few new additions.

Users can check for the over-the-air update by heading into their Settings > Phone Update and check for the update there. Thanks, leviathan18 and Tim L., for the heads up



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Vistaus says:

Now if only the unlocked phones would follow suit... and by that I mean at least the 820 but also the 720.

jfmanzo says:

My Rogers 920 is unlocked and it's downloading right this second. Do you mean unbranded? I'll have to check the status of update for the unlocked/unbranded 620 I bought at a Saturn in Germany.

pookiewood says:

Don't forget my 620.

mapleleafs89 says:

Just downloaded, camera on 920 is a lot better. Pictures are very sharp and interface is much better to use.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Congratulations to my neighbors up north. The wait is coming to an end.

carlosrdd says:

I will only say this once... What the hell is AT&T doing?

dreonedon says:

I'm here waiting too and you know what's funny my girl GS3 just got a AT&T update last night what are they doing to the 920 users is awful such along wait we have to wait we that started the wp8 movement why ATT WHY!!

I smell a class action lawsuit

JohnStrk says:

Waiting so they can combine GDR2 & GDR3 together in one update!  Lol. 

carlosrdd says:

If that was the case all would be forgiven!!!

fwaits says:

Ya know, if that is true and it comes by the end of Sept., I would not be pissed.  If it takes to November to happen then......

Yangstax says:

Sometimes the wait is worth it. 
You are getting the L920 camera signicantly improved with GDR2.  The Amber updated L920 pictures are sharper than L925.
Now the latest story about GDR3 is that you are getting a Notification Center and Appetitte (?) with it.

DalekSnare says:

I'm nervous about the notification center; its redundancy (due to overlap with live tile functionality) might make you have to clear notifications twice, or lose desired live tile info when you declutter the notification center. I'm a lot more excited about the camera stuff in GDR2, and call blocking if AT&T doesn't remove it. Tacking on a band-aid designed to compensate for icon-based UIs when there are already live tiles seems a bit awkward. It could be useful if implemented right though.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Or there waiting to combine gdr2+gdr3+8.1 blue in march 2014.

doubledeej says:

Being the crap carrier they've always been.  We shouldn't be surprised.

pw38 says:

AT&T: Always taking and taking....their time that is.

Tempest790 says:

Taking their time and our money.

bguy_1986 says:

I've wondered the same thing.  Why can't somebody at AT&T just leak what the hell is going on for us?!  I just want a date!  (and it be ATLEAST before the end of next month)...
Do they have one guy testing this?  If so I'll be a tester for free!

audidiablo says:

I'm sure there is a or several good reasons. They want a good launch especially on a flagship model. Also make sure all features work and flawless at that. Another thing to keep in mind which I've also explained on another recent post about the change of coming soon and the 822 launch that Rogers is like a sister network of AT&T... Nearly identical networks. I say that my prediction would be tomorrow we should see AT&T go from Waiting Approval to coming soon (08/23/2013) and they will flip the switch on Monday to Available (08/26/2013)... This is all logical speculation ;)

T-mobile USA Lumia 810 updates requires 485mb of free space. Are they kidding me. I've already deleted every app for "Others" sake, except for Rudy Huan's stuff.

anthonyng says:

how in the hell did we beat AT&T to it?  I was fully expecting a few weeks after AT&T rollout.
Thanks Rogers!

astroboy#WP says:

Yes, I second that!!  Thanks Rogers!!  

pulkit10 says:

Thanks indeed. Not only is it is also packed with features that I expected them to not include. DataSense, FM radio, Pro Cam, Flip to silence - everything is there. Color me impressed.

If Rogers acted like this more often, I'd have no trouble recommending them.

Coan says:

I've never felt that screwed around with them and WP updates, however, i'm much happier not being their customer.

mapleleafs89 says:

Ditto, DLing now.
Thanks Rogers :)

leviathan18 says:

the poor update page from nokia now wont see me F5 every other hour lol 

Too bad i still have to :'(

pmich says:

i was doing it hourly... lol

Josh Harman says:

Roger that.
Corny, I know.

fluidman8 says:

My carrier free unlocked 920 in Germany doesn't get amber yet either

SargeT says:

+1 Russian official 920 and +1 Hong Kong 920 being used in Russia. Both non-locked.

z8er says:

Come on ATT!

T-mobile USA Lumia 810 has updates ready for download.

I'm mad bec ause I have a 920 on T-Mobile. I'd just get the 925, but eBay has them  for like $150 more in used condition. SUCKS! Screw AT&T!

Muessig says:

Great news! Just waiting on EE in the UK now...

Marsamver says:

Yes, come on EE/Orange UK!

erasure25 says:

...echo echo...

walter1832 says:


pazces84 says:

hahahaha! nice...

ATT is such a vagina

redoxy says:

I can confirm the update is rolling out. Currently downloading.

Franky_B says:

Same, preparing to install 96%

aleunge says:

manually checked for the update and downloading now! Woo! Hope att WP users get it soon too!

funkyGeneral says:

Just finished updating, unlocked Rogers phone on the Wind network. Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to.

Prezdhill says:

I don't suppose HTC has an update page do they?

UzaiBaka says:

Hahahahaha we HTC adopters aren't that lucky

WhippedKream says:

I am so frustrated! Ughh Rogers 8X and no gdr2 yet....

89caps says:

Let's. Go. AT&T!

Quin 2013 says:


Mr. Tofu says:

It's hard to read that without the comma's separating the zero's.

walter1832 says:

I agree, except for one less zeroI'm not as mad as you are.

I didn't rcv it so had to manually update using retail sw. Was piece of cake.

ivankan says:

Already updated my nl920 manually for att version. I'm using it on the t-mobile network!

Bailey199719 says:

I complained to EE cuz they keep running ads saying they're the UKs fastest overall network but they haven't even approved any Nokia updates yet whereas countries like India, Denmark and Australia have released the update and even o2 have approved it and Vodafone UK have released it. Funny enough they ignored me as usual. So fastests turns out to be not quite true.

Since when were advertisements truthful? Lol

OttawaMan says:

What does Saying they are the UK's fastest network have anything to do with providing OS updates? 

Dragmeister says:

I completely agree with you, I', EE customer but they are useless as always, and as soon my contract finishes I will go back to my old one O2, moved to EE for Nokia Lumia 920 and 4 G but not happy, I spoke to  them few days ago and been told GDR" or Amber update will come soon, and when I ask how soon is that the geezer couldn't give me answerm he just said soon, I said not good enough, he said you can put on the end for the question to ee, but I just ignored that, useless, they don't know what they are talking

JuneMono says:


tgzgeorge says:

Wow this is certainly a surprise to me as an owner of an l920 that Rogers has released this update so quick. Not that I care now since getting the 1020 and found that gdr2 is really a minor update.

smartass1379 says:

Att hurry your corporate ***

apocacrux says:

It keeps giving me an error, stating it cam reach the update server. So it must be overwhelmed or something.
Rogers 920.

Franky_B says:

Make sure you are connected to WiFi for it to download

apocacrux says:

I was, but restarting my phone seemed to make it,work. Updated now, with datasensr.

DemiNutive says:

Wow AT&T is so far behind on this I feel like I'm on Cingular.

Rogers Lumia 920, B.C. Downloading now.

Any word if this sucessfully adds Data Sense? or do we need to hard reset too?

pmich says:

There's a rogers app that keeps track of data. ("My Account") I'd prefer that app for tracking data since it comes from rogers directly.

UzaiBaka says:

And data sense really isn't that accurate, so Rodgers app probably would be best

Josh Harman says:

Data Sense is on the money on my phone, always matches up with what My Verizon says.

UzaiBaka says:

Lucky, mine was off by a gig the first month I got my phone. Now its only off by 100-200 Mb some months. Nothing serious by far, just saying the Rogers app would be more accurate with it coming from Rogers and all.

The Rogers app is poorly made and even more poorly maintained. It misses quite a bit of data some days. Just cause it comes from Rogers doesn't mean it's the best app, their update delay is horrible. 

UzaiBaka says:

That's unfortunate, makes you wonder why they would even release an app like that then...

The information in the app isn't a reflection of what the phone sends, its just what their servers show..same information as the web portal would show.

My Account app is barely accurate and takes hours to update (I've waited over a day for it to update when it's near my limit). Datasense can limit data usage to only WiFi when you reach your limit, the My Account app cannot.

buggyglint says:

The one thing I hate about the Rogers "My Account" app is that you have to disable your wifi everytime you want to "Login" to it.

Yah, it'sannoying

Chix018 says:

How did your GDR2 update go On your 920, mine is taking really long.

Seemed normal to me, maybe 30 or 45 mins to download and go through the update procedure.

buggyglint says:

I'm on Rogers here in Ontario and I have Data Sense with my 920. You have to manually enter your monthly data limit and reset date.

arnaud897 says:

Using a GDR2 Rogers Lumia 920 on VIRGIN network in Quebec. Data Sense working (with correct consumption since last invoice) !!!

trickym81 says:

That's good! Now bring on the 1020, Rogers!

Shimoner01 says:

1020 is launching on Rogers in October... Juuuust in time for newer models to be announced.

silverbladex says:

Gah! I'm so jealous!

What a glorious day this is.

TripsG says:

Starting my ATT dance in hopes of ending the drought. 

Noob1ee says:

According to a CellularMan, it does add data sense.

newfiend says:

Ya, not sure why att is so friggin slowwww at updates when they claim to have the fastest network.?? We always seem to get the updates dead last..

fwaits says:

Portico (GDR1) was out on AT&T before most others.

jhn848 says:

Can you do custom text tones?

Josh Harman says:

On Android.

cybermoose89 says:

Still need it on country variant in the uk

kinaton says:

GB-CV says soon. I think weekend

Bicpug says:

It's ridiculous and likely to put some people off buying any more nokias; they should push the update to all phones when it's ready, same as apple.

Jsinghroy says:

They should do direct updated. Waiting for carriers is s fail point

Josh Harman says:

Carriers do a lot of their own tweaks (some don') when OEM/OS updates are pushed through them. Bypassing them would be a disservice to your phone.

Josh Harman says:

Apple doesn't have to configure for multiple manufactures with multiple devices. Completely different.

Niavlys77 says:

Nice, downloading the update as I type this!

dortyboy says:

What the hell is up with at&t? Still no word. One of the first to adopt The Lumia and nothing from them. At&t is really beginning to make me angry

walter1832 says:

You don't want to make dortyboy angry!

barttool says:

yet my unlocked, unbranded 920 still doesn't have the update.

Hiran Perera says:

just checked and it is available on rogers, i'm downloading now. will review features when i'm done.

Jesus Christ AT&T....9 F'n 20 ALREADY!

I have a Nokia Lumia 920 but I don't have a SIM card in it will the update come to my phone at the same time as some one with a SIM?

pmich says:

I don't have a SIM card in mine and it's updating right now

Niavlys77 says:

Same here. Doesn't matter if you have a sim or not, as long as you have WiFi.

Josh Harman says:

We need to take the shoestrings and belts from AT&T users. They may get suicidal soon.

dcutting says:

Yeah, I should have worn my slip on shoes today...

Nataku4ca says:

arrrrggggggg..... i thought the title said Rogers is launching 1020 for a split second...
this is good news though

kurtd says:

ATT stinks in more ways than one.

pmich says:

FINALLY!'s happened to me, right in front of my face and i just cannot hide it

neogodless says:

Finally you've come along
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can't describe it, oh no no

KKRLessey says:

Hurry up EE!! This update is important!!

ExcaliburII says:

Data Sense is there along with call blocking and a few other little things:)

exolent says:

ATT what the faaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk!!

thelimkid says:

How is it that the premier windows phone carrier in the US is the last carrier to push out the update to Lumia devices....

KKRLessey says:

And the premier carrier, EE in the UK

Dazzi says:

^^ Please tell me you're being sarcastic mate? Pmsl

pmich says:

How many users on Rogers do you think actually have Lumia 920s when you think about it?   5,000?  I can't imagine anymore than that.

damo579 says:

Hi @daniel do you have any word when at&t will release the update?

theavrgjoe says:

I for one am thinking about never signing a contract with ATT again. Because it all started with the sales rep trying to talk me out of buying Lumia 920, when it was clearly the best phone they had, but there was a big problem for the rep I did my homework on it, at the time it was the best. Now they are putting the Amber update on the back burner. Shenanigans!!!

jlynnm350z says:

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! I can confirm AT&T is not, I repeat AT&T is not releasing the GDR2 update.

Josh Harman says:

Don't do that to these people.

dcutting says:

LOL... I want to cry but can't. I was getting so upset until I realized it's just a phone. Your comment was a nice moment of laughter for me.

andrewkeith5 says:

The way AT&T users are whining and moaning I almost hope they don't...

The way you are acting like a bitch, I hope you get hit by a bus.

jlynnm350z says:

That makes two of us. Please back up and run over me again and again to make sure I'm dead.

andrew1967 says:

It's true AT&T is holding the update until December 24 Merry Christmas 920's

walter1832 says:

BREAKING LEGS!!!!!!I can confirm we will break your legs if you do that again. :P

Seraphin247 says:

What about Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T users.

muvig says:

I also happens to have a country variant GB-CV, is there any one who knows who is supposed to approve this update since the phone has no strings attached, it does not belong to any carriers. I thought these country variant phones would be the first since the approval is done by Nokia itself,
Or maybe I am missing something here?????? Anyone knows????

kinaton says:

GB-CV is coming soon. I think the weekend. :) and Nokia still need to check its fine to deploy with their updated firmware.. carrier locked ones, they check their firmware work with it.

Franky_B says:

Just finish and I can confirm DATA Sence is installed. Also expect all your notification sounds to be changed...

JohnStrk says:

Must be nice!!!!! :(

I downloaded the update, and have been sitting on the spinning sprockets for closing in on half an hour.  Should I be worried yet, or should I just be more patient?  And what do I do if it doesn't exit "sprocket mode"?  Hmmm....
I have one of the early batches of L920 from Rogers (the factory unlocked and pentaband ones), and am using it with a Fido SIM if that matters.

chezm says:

Mine took a bit of time, around 30 mins...let it sit and do its thing

Yep, false alarm, the update is past the spinning sprockets stage.  :)  Thanks for letting me know how long it took, that was reassuring.  :)

Josh Harman says:

Patience, I think a lot has to do with how much stuff you have on the phone.
My 822 took about 2 hours to update, but another 822 with not much on it only took about 45 minutes.

josloc says:

Just wait and relax. Mine did the same thing. Usually it does that when you have a lot of apps and data on your phone. It will finish when it's done moving back all your data.

chezm says:

Got it, comes with data sense and radio...awesome

wexjunk says:


MadSci2 says:

AT&T: everyone else can hear their Customers. Can you?

Josh Harman says:

Probably not.
Their service is terrible in my area, that's why I #switched.

andrewkeith5 says:

What, like the 75% of operators who are also at Waiting for Approval stage?

Josh Harman says:

Not my carrier.

NightWatch71 says:

And the update started to roll out for unbranded 820's and 920's in Turkey. Just in case anyone wondered. ;)

ae86takumi says:

Pitiful AT&T.. I hate them with all my heart.. Most probably removing features from Amber for the 920

I'm Canadian. For what it's worth, I appreciated being able to pick up a Lumia 520 for $100 when I was in the States recently. Including the cost of the phone, it was cheaper than roaming on my L920 with my Canadian SIM. And AT&T coverage was great where I travelled. I expect YMMV.

In any case, at least the carrier gimping is a whole lot less on Windows Phone than it is on Android, and we should be thankful for that! :)

Receiving GDR2 on my 920 now.. from Malaysia...

windowsWHAT says:


pmich says:

First 6tag was released now GDR2!!  OH MY what a great day today has been.  Who needs December 25th when you have August 22nd

TKhaldi says:

This is a mini-Christmas day indeed.

wetworker says:

About time. Update . I just check. And it here.

TKhaldi says:

I'm installing my Amber update on my unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 (Saudi Arabia- Mobily) right now. It's displaying those rotating cogwheels as I comment.

gazmatic says:

i was just about to tip this


all have amber now

lukevan says:

Any product code for RM-820_Rogers_Canada available yet?

arnaud897 says:

Confirming FM radio present

pmich says:

Checked out all the features and see the following items:
FM Radio
Glance Feature (for the lockscreen)
Lumia Colour Profile
Data Sense
Nokia Pro Cam & Nokia Smart Cam (Works after downloading) & ISO Settings up to 3200 and the ability to change the default camera to either of these camera apps.
Nokia Video Trimmer

H3rve says:

Got my update 2 days ago on Lumia 920, Vodacom South Africa... So far so gooooooooood!

mcclelland27 says:

Nokia has pushed Amber update to all of its Lumia windows phones, but AT&T, which is the touted as main Windows Phone network provider in US is still testing it. One reddit user contacted Microsoft Store’s employee and he was told that AT&T will be seeding the GDR2, aka Amber update in less than two weeks. He mentioned August 26 in his post. not sure if its true or not, read about it on a website 

pmich says:

Amber and GDR2 are not the same thing.  Amber are features that Nokia is adding to its Lumia phones while GDR2 is a microsoft update as far as i know

paulnares18 says:

Wee Nokia pro cam is included along with Nokia smart cam wew

Got my Rogers 920 on T-Mobile updated. It failed at 30% first attempt, but there were no issues second attempt. Spinning gears only lasted around 10 minutes tops, half the time of when I updated my 810 last week. Nice that we get FM radio! I also just installed Pro Cam and Smart Cam; looking forward to playing with those later!

Credo93 says:

Now if only Nokia Germany starts rolling out the update, i'm getting tired ..... Nokia Deutchland said on Facebook that it would be this week .... Still nothing, even Belgian device's got the update before my imported German device, shame on youuuuuuuuuu

Ummm... n00b question here, but where are the FM radio and the Glance Screen options? I've poured through settings, and seem to keep missing them!

Josh Harman says:

FM Radio is in the Xbox Music app, Glance is under settings/display+touch.

marcodci says:

My Nokia Lumia 820 got Gdr2 and amber update 3 days ago, Vodafone Uk and im from Portugal. The batery and screen was improve and looks faster.

marcodci says:

Fm radio activate too.

Dancsi31 says:

Got the update aswell on my unlocked, unbranded Nokia L820 using Fido (Roger's subcompany) :D, Preparing the install now at 40% :P

tcprodigy says:

Rogers Unlocked 920 operating on Digicel in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean. Currently preparing to install!

Dazzi says:

Does that include Carriacou?

pw38 says:

AT&T will try to be cute and do their update for the 920 on 9/20.

allos autos says:

Checked for updates and got the Amber alert! Woo!

dynamic_cast says:

Data sense, Nokia Camera Pro, FM radio.. all of them are working. What a great day!

dula714 says:

I got mine and it feels like a new phone now. Love the data sense app.

lippidp says:

No Amber or GDR2 yet here. LG Quantum on ATT. I hope I don't have to wait forever.....

stevethenerd says:

LG quantum is a WP 7 device... GDR2 is WP 8... Amber is for Nokia

lippidp says:

So I should get it on the 26th like everyone else then?

I notice since installing this update, my Wi-Fi now seems to be on all the time and I no longer have to wait a few seconds after activating my home screen for it to kick in. I checked in the settings and I don't have the box for keeping Wi-Fi active all the time checked. Weird. That might be why my battery seems to be draining faster than pre-update, though. :-/

jamrock60 says:

I am so pissed at AT&T I went this morning and switch my number to Verizon. I have had my same number from McCaul Cellular days.i  took my number to Cellular one to, Bellsouth mobility, to AT&T, to Cingular, to Bellsouth, and back to AT&T, but no more, they SUCK at taking care of their customer. I am also selling my stock I own in the Company. They are not doing anything to make money for their Shareholders. This action that they take with holding out the release for no reason demonstrate that.

Josh Harman says:

Dang bro. Couldn't wait a week or so?
BTW, you should have been able to move your number with you. I think it's actually the law.

sleexo says:

Att is on a whole new level of fuckery

And again....where Is the Microsoft work-around they promised us with WP8???