Rudy Huyn

Congrats to Rudy Huyn for passing the 3 million download mark in the Windows Phone Store

Since the Windows Phone community is still relatively small, we get the chance to know developers on a first name basis. One of those developers is Rudy Huyn, who has been behind some very popular apps on Windows Phone. There’s the Wikipedia app, which won Microsoft’s Next App Star contest. He also has some other fun apps like TVShow and recently released 6tag. He also reached a milestone in the Windows Phone Store. What happened?

Rudy has over a dozen apps in the Store, from titles like Wikipedia, 6Sec, 9Gag, Fuse and more. These apps are all together very popular and constantly top their respective section of the Store. He’s been around since the launch of Windows Phone 7. In fact, TVShow was built in a 30 hour period based off of community feedback.

Long story short, Rudy has been making some pretty handy apps on Windows Phone for a very long time. Earlier today he crossed the 3 million mark for number of times all his apps have been downloaded. That means the all of his apps combined have now been downloaded and installed over 3 million times. It was just earlier this year, around February, that Rudy had about 1.1 million downloads. So to that we say:

Congrats Rudy.



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MangoGuy says:

Well done Rudy

Well done My Brother

luiislp says:

+925 vivimos por ti , vence por nosotros.

Desdemona says:

They should make you the batman. The lone Ranger who still keeps on believing. Sorry Affleck!

dreonedon says:

Rudy we love you

cesar ruiz1 says:


jabtano says:

Awesome Job Rudy!

WPUser111 says:

Congos Rudy..

alokinalset says:

Hope you develope more for WP users, conrats!

kiddj55 says:


bitwise says:

How do you say congratulations in French again? I only know voulez-vous coucher...

DiGzNY says:

Félicitations ^^

ade333 says:

If i had to guess what Felicitations meant Id have guessed it had something to do with oral pleasure

Pato49 says:

Félicitations !

genuinefrand says:

Félicitations :)

Fndlumia says:

Fellishataysheon...wee wee ogh ogh

Yeah, right! muhahaha

Congratulations Rudy... Very well done

Nick_1020 says:

Well done indeed!!!

Next step, world domination ;)

DontHate707 says:

Congrats well deserved!

thelimkid says:

Congrats Rudy!

Sarang68 says:

One of my friends downloaded 6tag . When he was trying to do the email sign up he got the message that proxy is open. Any solutions?

erasure25 says:

He's cute lol.

Clavitox says:

Congrats. On a similar note, was 6tag pulled from the store?

Fndlumia says:

I can only access from this sites (wpc) link, going through store there is nothing (aus), also pocketnow says there is a paid version that disables ads and enables video download but mine was free and has no ads? Anyone else not able to find it in the store?

Cubeddd says:

Press the 'x' to close an ad

Fndlumia says:

??? What ads, I stated there is no ads

Cubeddd says:

well read the comments

someone "Figured it out after searching around for a while!"

Zeeshan360 says:

It was pulled due to privacy problems .. Videos were stored in the servers & username wasn't encrypted .. The fix is on the way

rudyhuyn says:

yes due to a compliant linked to the Rafael Rivera  (who work for Instance) Microsoft studies that and the app will be visible just after

Rockartisten says:

Oh, a riddle. :)

m0unds says:

Drama, drama, drama.

AzmoD3uS says:

Congratulations, Rudy! Always looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for your next app! :)

Now is 6sec, not 6Sec.

rudyhuyn says:

in fact it's 6sec now to be consistent

xmarklive says:

How about a Rudy new app app ?

ZenBot says:

Ha!  There is one!  Believe it or the store for "Rudy Huyn".  It's not one of his apps, but supplies all the latest news about him and his apps...I came across this about a week ago.
Congrats Rudy!
A developer who listens, responds to emails, AND makes great apps.  May he never switch sides.

gaita14 says:


And Instagram says that there's not much to invest in Windows Phone? Are they deaf? Maybe blind? I must say, naive. 

rianext says:

Hey Rudy congrats..! Glad to have a genius like you on WP, MS and Nokia owe you one :)

SargeT says:

Indeed, lots of moaning about WP being outsider due to absence of instagram gonna be stopped by 6tag. Nokia&MS should $upport and reward Rudy.

Cruzer1 says:

3 million is IMO low for all his apps, but that's to do with the smallish marketshare of WP, but congrats nonetheless. Hopefully WP continues to grow in user base so more people can experience his awesome apps, and gives him more confidence in the platform to continue developing for it!

Sam Sabri says:

You're right. It's nothing when you compare it to what's possible with iOS or Android. But nonetheless, it's a nice milestone and worth a small celebration. 

Andy Stumpp says:

Really well written article, Sam. Congrats to Rudy!

lubbalots says:

Man, 3mill is so small!

Mayur says:

Well done Rudy! Not asking much but now if we can have UK version of TVShow and then my life will be complete :) Carry on "Coding Ninja"....

Cubeddd says:

Tv show works for me in the uk. Its only one app and works anywhere regardless.

cckgz4 says:

I love Rudy's apps. And I'm grateful for this article. Couldn't remember the Fuse application and have been looking ALL over for it

Fndlumia says:

Yes well earned, onya Rudy and kudos to wpc for the recognition. Rudy your vine and instagram apps are superb and the WP community is very lucky to have such a talented developer supporting this platform. Onya

purevibz says:

good going Rudy we're here to support you.

malih says:

I can't thank you enough Rudy, I'll make sure to buy the apps I use and pay for removal of ads and additional features

Only use Wikipedia, but it's an awesome app. Actually it made my WP my prefered platform to use Wikipedia on.

Akshay15033 says:

thanks a ton rudy!

wtolbert says:

Congratulations Rudy. I downloaded your app that first day it became available and paid for the pro version and love it. It is because of you that I'm starting to post and upload pictures and videos, I wasn't a share your life person until now.

lovebill says:

Congrats Rudy you're the best! Bring 6gmaps or 6ghangouts next! 

use gMaps instead of 6gmaps

foxibs says:

Congratulations Rudy.

The lomogram passed 4 million mark. Why you not congrat him ???

Sam Sabri says:

Didnt see it, email me the info :)

Seems I was wrong. The 4 million is about all apps. But the Lomogram irself has almost 3 million downloads

gerrymad says:

That's quite impressive as well. Nice looking apps on WP and Windows 8. This all shows that there are a lot of possibilites in the Windows Phone marketplace.

adrian1338 says:

helping him with feedback and translation all the way :) 

useme2useyou says:

Congrats and keep it going...

jcw108 says:

Congratulations, Rudy. But, please, do finally include the option to manually turn off the automatic time zone adjustment in TVShow.

Ռուդիկ խույ - գնա քու յոբնի վռոտ.

Dreyer Smit says:

I can't even get my app to be installed once LOL. And it's for a very popular band in South Africa XD

Congratulations Rudy and thank you for a great job with 6tag! Microsoft owes you one. Lol!

hombreee says:

Congrats Rudy, I use 6tag, TVshow and Wiki.

Well done Rudy - great result. I've been a user of Fuse since day 1 and just downloaded 6tag last nite. (BTW - Fuse needs some love, so when you've rested...)

shreyas15 says:

He's the best!

teaMJPx says:

Congrats man.

Wael Hasno says:

Congratulations, Rudy. Microsoft should hire you to design and code all the official apps. Keep making us proud, you are a true champion.

kivancio says:

Congrats Rudy, you are a great developer !

elderjlward says:

Congrats! Keep'em coming.:-)

sharathu7 says:

Congrats Rudy...!! And thanks a lot... :-)

Tafsern says:

Rudy is a true hero, and makes me proud to be a part of WP!

Lloyd Grose says:

Where can i get to see download stats for apps? Didn't think MS publish these

You could get them, if you were the developer.

Keep up the awesome work! Love that you're helping windows phone! :)

RaRa85 says:

Love his apps. Especially 6tag and TVShow. Keep up the great work Rudy.

peteco0403 says:

congratulations!! keep the good work!

Rudy... Bring TVShow to Windows 8/RT

Nakazul says:

Move TVShow

fdruid says:

This is good. Its good for Rudy, who's putting energy for making WP better as a platform, against the odds. I hope he's making nice mone (well I paid to remove ads from day zero). It's also good for WP8 because it shows that brand-name apps are not necessary. I hope this news gets to the Instagram people and other stubborn developers (with Apple/Android money in pocket?) and they realize that they are the ones missing out on a growing, important market.
But yeah, you can't stop passionate and talented people who are willing to work. It's not about corporate politics, they can't control everything.

DeriQuan says:

Congrats, Rudy! +920 Thumbs up!

Tragic says:

Congratulations Rudy :) thank you for everything.

sumton says:

Congratulations you deserve more keep up the good work not to forget all windowsphone developers thank you all for your awesome apps

uopjo6 says:

Nth but respect for this man. Good sense of UI design.

acewonders says:

All Hail RudyGod

Nikyle says:

Congratulations man, big accomplishment!

I use the TV Show App everyday & 6tag is awesome. So yeah, Congratulations & I hope you're well rewarded.

Well done Rudy. VERY good job.


Octonabz says:

Congratulations man.

Duduosf says:

Goes to show how competent he is. All the apps are incredible! And 6tag os bound to raise the bar to a whole other level. Well done, man

jlzimmerman says:

Greatest Frenchman evar.

Hey, I've nearly 3 million downloads of all my apps to, currently I have 2.6 million downloads to be more precise:-D My game "Space Tube" made 1.95 million downloads by itself, so maybe there are a lot more developers with numbers like these?!?

mtg1974 says:

Great news, Rudy! I use your TV Show app too keep up with all my shows, your 9Gag app helps me trade pictures with my teenage daughter, and I've enjoyed using your Wikipedia app a lot. Keep up the great work!

Winnabe says:

But why does 6tag not appear through a search on the Store today?

WinFan1 says:

Go through the wpcentral app

Residing says:

Yeah, but how will others discover the app if you can't search for it?  I even tried clicking on 'see all' (Rudy Huyn) and all of the apps EXCEPT 6tag populates.  The app isn't even on New+Rising.
Not everyone knows about WPCentral, much less use the WPC app.

mtg1974 says:

On another note, the way my WP Central live tile only said, Rudy Huyn and had a retro looking picture of him made me worry that he had passed away. :O

You got what you deserve, congratulations waiting on the next big app from you soonest.

willied says:

Some of Rudy's apps are the ones I use most. Fuse, TVShow, Wikipedia, 6tag...I didn't really think about that until now. A job well done.

pmich says:

Im surprised i didn't see a single "rudy, rudy, rudy" chant. nonetheless congrats

phil.rick says:

Congrat to Rudy! I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to this platform!

sunbee says:

Congrats! Rudy....btw how did he control all the phone to open the Maps with one phone in the video??

Montpbm says:

Wow nice! Good job Rudy!

tribexx says:

6book! 6book! 6book!! (app for facebook...)

RaphaelChaia says:

6tube! 6tube! 6tube!!

Credo93 says:

Wow all those Lumia's with that map app! Really awesome ! Congratz Rudy!

theonedunn says:

Thank you Rudy. The quality of your apps is unrivaled. Well deserved congrats.

TheAccuser says:

Why didn't you link all of his apps to this post?

peper-eliot says:

Bravo ;-) et merci, Rudy, d'avoir, avec 6tag, donné la possibilité aux fan d'Instagram d'insaller ton app sur un Lumia 92x ou 1020 ;-)
Parceque une appli officielle sur un iPhone ou un galaxy S qui sait pas prendre de photo... C est vraiment n'importe quoi :-D lol

RaianZed says:

Congratz, man!

Awesome! 2mil in less then a year. WP8's expanding!

pixshail says:

Congrats brother

JG333 says:

Congratulations Rudy! Definitely keep developing for Windows Phone! I can feel your passion for the platform I love!!

Keep trucking, Rudy! We're behind ya.

Neo Nuke says:

Allons-y Rudy. Félicitations

Robborboy says:

How do I purchase the adless version with unlimited video uploads? I can just find the adless version for 1.29$

RaphaelChaia says:

Post a vídeo. When you try to post the second one, youll be redirected to the in-app purchase.

Mike Mathias says:

wow thats was cool.... i love the tv show app..

AndreHBuss says:

The best APP for Instagram EVER!!!! Congrats Rudy.

toyotast165 says:

Seriously awesome developer.

lancguy says:

I have tv show, and I love it! It my most favorite AP that I have. It is well worth the 2$. Congrats Rudy

NIST says:

I love the 6tag(ram) app. Keep up the great work. What's next? Maybe a 6irius\6M app? (Sirius\XM)

Jazmac says:

Well done sir. Well done.

pazces84 says:

Nice work, Rudy.

BK-one says:

I'm one of the "millions & Millions & MILLIONS" that has downloaded his apps. His account is cookin with some of my dough. Congrats.

viperbux says:

6tag is fantastic!  When can we expect the 6terest (Pinterest) app!? 

kc77 says:

Congratulations! I don't use 6tag or 6sec, but its great to see someone who cares so much about the platform! I'm seriously thinking of getting an instagram account just to support your apps.

ArchieVellie says:

Phenomenal job! Congratulations!

Well done Rudy!!!

LaNiQuE says:

Congrats Rudy... I'd love if Rudy tackled our lack of google apps. A real G+ app where I can actually post pics would be cool and hangouts a app.

ruisolid says:

Congrats from a Brazilian Windows Phone user.
Parabéns Rudy, você merece por contribuir com a comunidade do WIndows Phone!!

Evster88 says:

He did Fuse, too?! I had no idea. Loved that app.

Congratulations Rudy!! Поздравляю тебя Ради! おめでとラアヂさん!

ashishsirohi says:

I am ur fan Rudy


Ah, you just had an orgasm

Adretheon says:

Good for him. I use Tvshow everyday, I'm glad he's doing his part to help.

TV Show would be a fantastic app if it worked properly. I know it gets its show times from a tv database. But it would be nice if this guy could make a fix were u adjust the time and date of a particular show. I've emailed with no response back. Prime TV way better it will allow you to adjust the time of each show if incorrect. what's the point of a TV Show reminder app that has all the wrong times and dates. It amazes me, there so much junk in the windows app store that this app/dev are swoon worthy. Really how many times can u write about this guy, is this even news. I guess the next time he takes a crap I'll see a little mini article here about it.

louisoneal says:

If 6tag is any indication of your talents, then I sir am truly impressed.

4Tiles says:

TV Shoe is awesome, probably one of the first apps I bought for WP7 and I still use it all the time.

nocta says:

Congratulations! We 're waiting patiently for WP7 version of 6tag now, ready for some beta-testing actually!

DeacoN_Jo says:

I've got nothing but Respect for this extraodinary hard working Man

Guakala says:

Congratulations Rudy!

arttuj says:

Well done and thanks!

ryan_linz says:

Rudy Huyn for next Microsoft CEO!!

Chef316 says:

This dude is a coding genius...

marky_yo says:

Well deserved!

metsfan421 says:

How much does one make on 3 million downloads?

AccentAE86 says:

Great job.  Glad to have you on our platform!

gerbir21 says:

3million + 1 more... In addition to TVShow & Wikipedia, I just downloaded Fuse newsreader... I think it will replace Weave as my daily newsfeed app. Thanks & congratulations Rudy!

m3kk says:

Thank you kind sir, you are moving this platform in its right direction!

Gahia Mekele says:

Congratulations RUDY...i wud like u to help us create a VLC media player..pls its a very important app in the windowsphone store..tnk u..

Chodeva says:

Thanks Rudy for your hard work

rudyhuyn says:

Thanks guys and sorry for the delay, I was busy today to teach windows phone to new developers :D
It warms my heart to see that, I'm just a night developer :D

gcdc_lumia says:

rudy, when are we expecting the 7.8 version for 6tag & 6vine? i mean other than committing "soon"... anyway, i/we can wait though, but at least give us more clearer ETA. no rush! :) jst asking

Olly Smith says:

Well done Rudy lets hope the superb apps keep on coming!!

brandoshido says:

The developers that put forth the time and effort to make a great app will be rewarded with business. It shows.

Olly Smith says:

Oh wow just below... :0

del_x says:

Congrats Rudy, awaiting some more awesome apps from you..

Waiting for Rudy to make an app called "69".