Nokia Lumia 920 drops to $49.99 on AT&T

Nokia Lumia 920

Deal time. The Lumia 920 came out last fall, but it’s still a great phone. Earlier today we told you guys and gals about the Lumia 925 (the aluminum Lumia) coming to AT&T very soon and with that a price drop was inbound for the Lumia 920. Oh, what’s that ? Yeah, you can now get the Lumia 920 for $49.99 on contract.

Head on over to the AT&T website and you’ll see a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 for the price of $49.99 on contract. You’ll get your choice of black, red, blue, and yellow. Not a bad price at all for a phone that should continue to see support from Nokia for some time.

Now if only we could get GDR2 on AT&T for that 920…

Source: AT&T

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raul_junior says:


Josh Harman says:

Probably why they dropped the price. Someone on here yesterday was confirming that they will not release GDR2.

toyotast165 says:

Oh god, please don't tell me they are still allowed to skip an update!

Ed Boland says:

I'll just get a 1020 if that's the case... however, I don't believe the rumor.

inteller says:

not going to happen.  microsoft promised support.  that is class action material right there.

raul_junior says:

No they didn't say that they said that it wouldn't be released yesterday not like it wouldn't be released at all

Rick Smits says:

@josh ATT passed the GDR2 for the HTC 8X. They aren't blocking it. Nokia is probably tuning. Who knows.

mister2d says:

Yeah but there's no new HTC that AT&T wants you to buy. With Nokia there is.

Just playing devils advocate. I could totally see AT&T doing this.

aaa6112 says:

wow, article #27 for the day. You guys deserve a long weekend nap after all the work today :) Thanks

heh, we plan on it!

aaa6112 says:

but keep grammin'...that's not work ;-)

ahandeman says:

How about an article on whats taking AT&T so long with GDR2 - Amber, you must have some contacts you can ping!

jlynnm350z says:

I worked hard to. But I'm still working all weekend!! No rest for the wicked


mase123987 says:

I was hoping that it would have also seen a decent off contract discount.  Only $10 cheaper than when I bought mine on day one.

220SeaChaser says:

Don't update the 920. Push sales for the 928. Hmmmmmmmmmm......

jsnod25 says:

Huh? Two totally different carriers...

220SeaChaser says:

LOL! My bad. The 925.

TechAbstract says:

I think he meant, AT&T is trying to help out Verizon.

MSFTisMIA says:

Great deal for AT&T customers, especially considering that they will get the 925. So you can get the 520 as a free phone (or $99 GoPhone), 920 for $50, 925 for $100 and 1020 for $300. Nice lineup there. Looks like the mistake that was the 820 is EOL'ed. Good phone - killed by only 8GB storage and a small battery. At least AT&T's 820 lasted longer than t-mo's 810.

Yeah, the 820 is such a solid feeling phone with a great display. Just never found a good home/middle spot. My guess is Nokia will have to re-think the 8xx line, which is ironic since the 800 kicked it all off.

It seems that the Verizon variant, the 822, has been the most successful of that 82X line.  I'm biased since I have one, but the addition of the Gorilla Glass, the larger battery, and 16GB of internal storage really propped that one up.  I think the original 820 struggled when the other Lumias (520, 620, 720) came out.  I think the 822 shows the wise thing to do.  16GB with MicroSD.  Maybe raise the resolution on the screen for a revision. 

MSFTisMIA says:

See, my thought always has been that the 8xx line is the concept line for the Lumia series. The 800 spawned the 9xx design wise. The 820 was the first with the whole 8GB + memory card slot. Nokia should have made the 820 with 16GB internal + a 1800mah battery. That way it would be the true high end of the memory card slot models. If you look at the 720 to 920, you see a better distinction - similar in terms of design, good camera and big battery, but a big difference in terms of RAM, storage. The difference between 820 and 620 was too small...it was merely RAM, camera and screen size. I think Nokia needs to seriously rethink the mid range going forward for WP.

myrandex says:

I have three friends that all picked up the 820 when it came out and are quite happy with it. It definitely never was pushed like the 920 though. I also know some people that picked up the Vzn and TMo variants of it and like it as well.

Jeebus137 says:

I know three people, my wife included, who had that phone and the mic was terrible on it. People on the other end of the line couldn't hear a word.

GregAllen says:

Jeebus, I have the 820 and have the mix problem. Other then that the 820 is solid. I love the phone either way

bsd107 says:

Even free for a 920 is a terrible deal as clearly ATT has no intent to update this phone. No GDR2, and if you try to reset the phone it will hang forever (spinning gears) and require swap for a refurb.

oldboy 5150 says:

You can get L920 for 0.01 at Amazon.com on contract.

goldenpipes says:

Only if it's a new line. On upgrade, its $49.99.

kingraven says:

I'd opt for the 925 over the 920 if the option is available.  I owned a 920 and it was a good phone, but the 925 really is the bee's knees at $99.
But for those who wish to get the latest & greatest, just wait for Nokia's announcement in September.  Several quad-core devices with 1080p screens that range from 4.5"-6" displays on different carriers.  Verizon's handset looked very interesting with a handsome 20MP camera on-board.  These devices are coming to market soon so only go for a 920 or 925 if you really aren't one of the "enthusiast types.

Jnero20 says:

Remember when the first people that got the 920 got the $99 credit to their account when the 920 had issues plus they received a free wireless charging plate?

diplomat696 says:

Yes, I got both. :) #winning

lippidp says:

Yeah, but you had to suffer through 10 months (and counting) of a buggy platform.

Jnero20 says:

Get out of here

ymcpa says:

I never had the bug and still got the credit. Also that bug was fixed soon after launch. No one suffered 10 month.

larrybon says:

Picked up the 920 the day of release and it hasn't worked right from day one. Tile updates, toast notifications never worked. Camera does funky stuff even after shot was taken...flashing screen, light trails ect. If this new update doesn't fix problems, I'm done. Fortunately my sons" Amazon purchase" works great!
Anyone interested in my first release at&t 920 black, they can have it for trade in price 95.00.

Rick Smits says:

Send it to Nokia... 1 yr warranty upon purchase

toyotast165 says:

Here on 2 of them lol

Quin 2013 says:

Yep, that's when I got mine. However, the way the guy wrung it up, it looked as if the phone was $49.99 and then charged the plate at $49.99.......never had an issue with bugs on my phone.

myrandex says:

It has been free at Amazon for a while. In fact we had best buy price match amazon to get it free there when we added a line a month ago.

True, but guess what? Most people buy phones by walking into an AT&T store still ;)  Sure, bargain hunters know about Amazon.com but direct sales is still the top way. Plus this also helps confirm our earlier 925 story ;)

Daniel can be such a jerk at times. Love it lol

But wait there's more, the Ativ S Neo is available on Sprint for $49.99 too.

iknowsingh says:

The ATIV S Neo (and all other Sprint phones) are currently $100 off if you switch to Sprint and port your number from another carrier. If you're a current upgrading customer, the Neo is still $149 after rebate.

But wait, sprint service sucka balls

jsnod25 says:

But wait, your absolutely right!!!

Robborboy says:

As does ATT. Lol

Spedez says:


There really isn't a good carrier out there. All of them have some problem. It's finding the one that sucks less.

But out of the 4 major carriers Sprint is the worst (my personal opinion).

jamon723 says:

Anyone out there who's gotten the GDR2 update on their 920 & now has live tiles working again?

myrandex says:

I don't know anyone who has received the update period.

rodneyej says:

He's obviously talking about non US devices.. Some of those have been updated..

RedSamurai says:

L925 on GDR2/Amber here. Everything is working flawlessly (i.e. Tiles updating without problems) apart from a new annoying bug: loss of sharpness after photos are taken.

jamon723 says:

Just saw Pro comments a few minutes ago. Daniel? Anyone? I don't know if I'd recommend my 920 to someone even at $49 with the live tiles this whole OS is based around not working.

rodneyej says:

What are you saying?... Are you saying you don't like the WP OS❔

jamon723 says:

I liked it more with live tiles working. I showed it off. I bragged. I challenged other phone's coolness. Now the date isn't even right. That's embarrassing and even more so, annoying.

Josh Harman says:

Sounds like you have some serious problems, are a bunch of people having the same problems with their 920?
If not, you should send it in.

FrankEpr says:

The only live tile that doesn't work for me is Simple Calendar...everything else works flawlessly

theefman says:

My live tiles work, must be your device.

jsnod25 says:

Mine are working just fine... Maybe a hard reset?

ebradley says:

Game turns don't update on my yellow 920, but do on my black one. :-S

I read Nokia Lumia 920 and I thought it was about the amber update till I read 49.99

I got it for that price at launch?!?

rodneyej says:

They're going to sell like hot cakes...

JackG058 says:

I've loved all the Windows Phone news lately. I find myself checking extra just for that article announcing the update for our AT&T 920's. I sure wish you guys could put some professional pressure on them. :)

Quin 2013 says:

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

They're working with att to make all 920 user check wpc more often and make us all comment more! Lol

mikeyj1012 says:

Looks like I'll be giving up my 920!

rebel_yell says:

Bought a Red 920 $49.99, Red charging pad $49.97, Red Nokia cover $11.99, from Amazon last Friday (goodbye Titan). Tax $9.23. Shipping $11.48. Promotion ($11.48). Total $121.18. Call me Red. Finally got my Nokia. #winning

Quin 2013 says:

Nice. What kind of cover?

rebel_yell says:

The official Nokia 920 rubber skin. Exact color match. Not a lot of protection but keeps it scratch free. If you get one, make sure you get the real thing and not a cheap imitation.

Trappiste says:

I see colleagues carrying Lumias without a cover, and the phones never seem to develop any scratches. When I had my glossy-white L900, it remained scratch-free as well for the 6 months I used it.

jlynnm350z says:

Wow, my 920 seems old now. But I still love her!!

Kenru says:

I got the L920 in April from the Microsoft store for free (shipping included).  Didn't get a charging plate, though.  Had to wait for AT&T to offer it a week ago at $24.50.  Best purchases I have *ever* made.  I did pay full price for the Surface Pro when it furst came out, though.  Probably should have waited for surface 2.0; but I couldn't wait.

exolent says:

I got two Lumia 920s and 2 charging plates for $99 ;) made me happy

Jack Larson1 says:

Just curious, why did you get two 920's?

exolent says:

Mine and wifes

Mooncow27 says:

I used to want the 920 like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

zishbu says:

That's better than being stuck on guard duty while everyone else is out hunting dragons, yeah?

jgbstetson says:

Two of the most interesting comments I've seen here. Good work.

rebel_yell says:

If only the accent would come with it.

sl#WP says:

Sam, no gals please. When you say guys, that includes everyone, female or male.

Nope guys and gals

sl#WP says:

It's silly, as silly as every product selling in Canada has to be labeled in two languages. Its a big waste.

AureeOle says:

I love this 925!!! Tmobile FTW!!

Got my 920 in November when it first came out!!! And I still love it... My brother has the 928 and says why does my camera take better than his! I said cause the 920 is the original gangsta!!!

eugie says:

Lumia cheapest phone wp8 w sd card dual sim please like 510

RedSamurai says:

There is still something that I don't understand...
Can't GDR2 (and above) be force flashed into any AT&T Lumia, or is it that people just love to whine!?

Why someone won't debrand his phone is just beyond me...

theefman says:

Seems you don't really know the ramifications of what you're suggesting.

RedSamurai says:

Unless it's something that I'm unaware of, you can always reflash back to its original AT&T (or whatever carrier) ROM in case you have to bring it back to them for repair or exchange etc.
It's the first thing I do with all my Lumias, debrand it and enjoy crap-free updates experience :)

Unless it's something special in the US, I don't see why this wouldn't apply to AT&T's helpless (but whiny) customers...

Hello guys, flashed gdr2 update here with Lumia 920 in Vodafone Germany, and I have something to say for ALL OF US OUT THERE.
After the update, after done with EVERYTHING and searching the phone "inside out", I found something. I don't know if it is a bug or it is meant to be like this but...here it comes...
Yes even if you only put your finger over there, simply, DOESN'T WORK. Is it a bug?? Let's see if we take an answer, in case they are really interested in commenting this.

theefman says:

Not a bug, covering the top part of the phone covers the proximity sensor so the phone thinks its in a pocket so that functionality should be disabled.

clappenings says:

This makes me wonder if at&t will bother with GDR2 for 920 now the 925 is coming. Sucks to be forced into flashing or buying a new device

damo579 says:

It will come soon,you'll see. I'm impatiently waiting for it also....

rodneyej says:

Probably Monday...

clappenings says:

Might stop by at&t store today to passively vent lol

damo579 says:

Lol cool. Maybe someone there has info about the update.

Quin 2013 says:

That's not going to help anything or anyone.

Don't be a lame customer, just wait, it'll come soon enough.

Quin 2013 says:

Go ahead and do it then. You'll look like an ass in the eyes of the reps. Lol

damo579 says:

I hope so...

rebel_yell says:

What is the down side to providing an update to the 920? Is it that much trouble?

Quin 2013 says:

Maybe they found an issue and want to make sure att fixes it so they can avoid getting a bunch of pissed off customers from burning down their stores, cuz 1st world problems and stuff. Ya know?

rebel_yell says:

I got a Nokia 920 because I assumed it would always get updates. I guess that's being naive.

ambroShuS says:

does this mean that they are making room for another 9++ level device?
Edit: Nevermind, as I look at the post above this one I notice that I have my answer.

n7slc says:

This reeks of the Atrix...

How is it Apple doesn't have to deal with manufacturers delaying their OS? Oh, they have a set of balls. Come on Microsoft, man up.

They have "Ball..mer" for a little while.

redbulllspa says:

Here in spain with Vodafone you can get with the same Price and contract conditions a 920 and a 720. Thats crazy I guess Vodafone is not going to sell too many lumias 720

By the way, no data sense application in Germany after my flashed update of L920. Hopefully it will come when they officially release the update. Everything else works perfect!

OMG55 says:

This is a hellava intro phone now! Get the word out