Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925

Quick Review: Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for the Nokia Lumia 925

In continuing our ongoing series of cases for the Nokia Lumia 925, today we’re taking a look at one from Amzer, who’s a well-known manufacturer making some unique cases for smartphones.

The Amzer “dual layer” is a mid-range case, meaning it’s more than a simple plastic shell but less than OtterBox level for safeguarding. With a double cover setup, you’re getting both security for the finish of the device as well as shock absorption. But like all things in life, there are tradeoffs for that level of protection.

The hidden gem of the Amzer though is the built in kickstand, which allows you to use your device in a portrait or landscape position. As we point out in our video review below, portrait makes a lot of sense now with Nokia’s Desktop App or their Glance screen. But for you old-school people, landscape is perfect for catching something on Netflix.

The Amzer case runs for about $15 and can be found on or eBay. The rubber is very soft and should provide ample protection against dropping, while the hard plastic shell adds structural reinforcement. With proper cutouts for all the ports, the Amzer feels really good in the hand and the buttons are still very responsive.

Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925

We’re not going to beat around the bush though as your thin and svelte Lumia 925 will bulk up with this case. Not prohibitively so, but you will notice it. But what else do you want for a case that should allow a substantial drop?

Assuming you don’t mind the increased girth, the Amzer case is a well-built product and for $15 you’re not getting a cheapo case but you’re also not getting hosed. It’s a quality product with a bonus kickstand and if you need mid-range protection, it is worth considering.

Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925

Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925

Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925

Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 925



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jonnob says:

The bad thing for me is that in all of these cases (pun intended), you lose wireless charging. I am hoping that others make an enhanced case with wireless charging built in.

wpguy says:

Might consider a case with wireless charging, but I am beginning to wonder if that feature is sliding off the radar.

jonnob says:

I have a wireless charging case. Love it but would like to explore options without giving up the feature.

enzom09 says:

This is exactly what I'm waiting for too. Want to be able to put my wireless charging case in it.

ThePKReddy says:

EW. It would kill the gorgeous look and feel of my 925. Better to get a raw 1020

MDak280 says:

Love the kickstand and it seems to offer good protection, but it's ugly and thick.

Pretty sure the more protection you get, the uglier it gets :) Although a hint of color would have helped here, I'll admit that.

cybermoose89 says:

There's the same case for the 920 its pretty cheap to get for about £5.00 or so off ebay

taymur says:

Tbh, it doesn't look well designed, things are not fitting right. At least the back shot made me feel that way.

sManowar says:

Is there a ugliness prerequisite for cases?

DenisSuncity says:

This one is really ugly. Would be great to have something combined with original wireless charging case for screen protection. 

enzom09 says:

Haha I'll pass on this case, but thanks Dan for the review

ajftl says:

We don't want reviews. We want 6tag now! :-)

nikoduque says:

is that a differen type of glance screen? or is it just the regular lock screen or is it just an app? it would be awesome to be able to change the types of glance screens!

That's Nokia Desktop mode. 

Manny C says:

This is a good looking case! Love the kickstand on it. A little on the bulky side though.

jabtano says:

I almost bought this but opted for something else looks close to this product,

ejoshmo says:

My wife has the same case for her 928. I, on the other hand, am a case-less type of guy. This case ads way too much bulk imo.

Janhouu says:

I would love that kickstand!

rysliv says:

I could do without the kickstand, but overall pretty decent design

nlm says:

The kickstand precludes the ability to plug the phone in portrait. I plug the phone in when at my desk. I would also mostly use the kickstand at my desk. If I had to choose it'd go with plugged in, I just need the juice. And since there is no wireless charger on the 925 I really don't see the kickstand to be that useful.

Rolandh says:

I ordered one for £7.99 from Amazon UK, should come tomorrow.  I went for the Black & White option, Black Silicone skin with White Hard shell.
Thought the all Black option would be too much Black with the Black frame of the Screen, and the White & Black option didn't look durable enough for heavy use, White silicone tends to look dirty quite easily IMO.

Rolandh says:

Does anyone know of a good Car Mount that will fit the 925 in while its in the Amzer Case?