Toughest Game Ever, a collection of fast paced mini-games for your Windows Phone

Toughest Game Ever

The Toughest Game Ever is a collection of mini-games for your Windows Phone that are designed to test your concentration, speed and reactions.  The multi-level game can be challenging at times, a little frustrating as well as a little humbling at times.

Is this Windows Phone game the toughest game ever? Hard to say but the Toughest Game Ever will keep you on your toes and isn't a bad game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

The Toughest Game Ever has three difficulty levels (the hardest level is still in development) that you can switch between by swiping to the right on the main menu.  Each difficulty level has unique gaming challenges that are progressively unlocked as you make a passing grade.

Toughest Game Ever

When you tap the level, you'll be presented with instructions and then you can proceed to the actual game. Read the instructions carefully because if you're not careful you may miss an key element.

For example on the Wac A Mole game you are directed to use the three colored buttons at the bottom of the screen to hit the mole as often as you can within the alloted twelve seconds. You aren't being asked to hit each mole once as they pop up but hit them as often as you can as they pop up.

The games are rather simple but that doesn't mean they aren't without challenge.  I'm not sure if the Toughest Game Ever can hold up to marathon gaming sessions but for short bits, it can be rather entertaining. I can also see it being a fun pass/play type game to see how your friend's gaming skills matches up to yours.

The Toughest Game Ever is a free, ad supported game for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Were are the big games
Crazy taxi
Gun bros 2
Gta vice city
Metal slug
Real racing 3

They are on IOS and Android, that's where (or were). :)

Ankit Verma2 says:

Don't know.. Lemme check my pockets.... Aah its not there.. Ooopps!

PCUser271 says:

Yeah...we wait too long!

But, patience is the key...i believe in microsoft...

DreadVenom says:

Id say expect these once the platform gains stronger user base. Or Nokia jumps in like they did with fifa13

visnit14 says:

Extending list here..
Subway surfers
Temple run 2
8 ball pool
Rail rush
Cut the rope-time travel
Ufff its damn too long..

Just say all the big games


Mooncow27 says:

Id rather have classic Sega genesis games like Shining Force II.

visnit14 says:

Bring'em on!!we need BIG games.fuck with chicken stories and fling theories

terrokkinit says:

I have more games on #WP8 than any other platform. They're not multiplayer like iOS or Android to integrate with FB friends, but they're still awesome! I found, being an ex-Android junkie, that they slow down the phone and take battery. Plus, Xbox Live achievements are much better for me anyway :)

marcodci says:

Subway surfers and real racing 3 in my lumia 925 is great kepp waiting... Anyone have lumia 625

Tough? Touhou and Quake are tough

hsn97 says:

Another copy of "Hardest Game Ever". I wonder when will WP start to get original apps and games.