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Nokia Lumia 925 confirmed to be heading to AT&T for $99; pre-orders begin August 28th

AT&T has announced that the Lumia 925 will indeed be launching on the mobile operator mid-September and it comes in a special black, including the back and metal. We recently looked at some rumoured dates provided by trusted sources, but now confirmation has been published in a public announcement. You heard it from us first: $99 is the price on contract and pre-orders kick off on August 28th.

The actual launch date is September 13th, which isn't a long wait if you're desperately wanting to get your hands on the 4G Windows Phone. Much like O2 here in the UK, AT&T is further strengthening its position as the top partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone. The mobile operator will have multiple Nokia phones, including the Lumia 520Lumia 920 and the Lumia 1020 (the Lumia 820 has been slowly phased out due to low sales).

If you haven't yet checked out our in-depth Lumia 925 review, it's well worth reading through before making the purchase. This is a real bargain with a price tag of only $99 on contract ($21 a month with AT&T Next). Head on over to AT&T's website to place an order (the linked webpage isn't currently working of us - we're sure they'll publish it in the morning).

Source: PRNewswire



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mab664 says:

Gettin one for Mom

Josh Harman says:

I'll give your mom one. Giggity.
LOL sorry

pickypg says:

Personally, I would rather wait for the next release of phones, which should be with GDR3 by the end of this year. The Lumia 925 is just the Lumia 920 in a different outer case with less storage, an AMOLED screen instead of IPS and a slightly improved camera (one extra lens). But, it drops half of the internal storage and Qi wireless charging.

It kind of annoys me that it is being presented as an update even though it's really just a separate model. People less in-the-know will use their upgrade to get the Lumia 925 as a faux successor to the Lumia 920, only to find that the next generation of devices is actually still right around the corner.

mr_808 says:

It really blows my mind that this is only a 16gb device w/o a memory card slot.  That just doesn't seem like enough for a device like this.  I love the design of this handset and would probably pick one up if it weren't for the memory limitations.  
BTW, how much you want to bet it doesn't come with Data Sense?

Bet my entire life that it wont have data sense you can thank Microsoft for that (no vision)

qhendricks says:

Pretty much any Windows Phone that's coming out now or in the future has GDR2, and comes with Data Sense pre-installed, unless I'm mistaken? Even my new ATIV S Neo came with Data Sense. 
16GB with no external slot is a bummer, though. If you're gonna be restricted to 16GB, at least include SD slot expansion, or room will be short.

pickypg says:

Data Sense is an app that requires some carrier buy-in. AT&T has not bought into Data Sense, most likely because they would prefer to do no work and have their customers go over their limits unwittingly.

Microsoft has made a lot of poor decisions with marketing and pushing certain features, but I do not think that they can be reasonably faulted just because AT&T decided to not implement Data Sense. Also, Microsoft cannot just go around implementing things for everyone or else they will end up developing everything for the ecosystem, just like they are doing with Facebook now; it's likely that very reason that Instagram has no native app on Windows Phone because I expect they're trying to convince Microsoft to pay for it (even though it's the simplest thing in the world).

theefman says:

Sorry, calling BS on Att withholding datasense so people go over their data allowance. When I was with them and on the 5GB plan I would get a warning text if I reached 65% usage. Plus you have the att app which gives you a good estimate on your usage. So they probably saw no benefit to implementing datasense on top of the other monitoring options they provide and not because of some evil anti consumer conspiracy. No need to spread FUD if you don't have concrete evidence.

bguy_1986 says:

It's still ATT's fault that they aren't enabling it...

Xellsama says:

LOL, you can't be more wrong. For AT&T, their main target in terms of data is not people like you who bought 5GB data plans. 
I had 200mb and then 300mb/month (part of previous plans that almost no longer exist). Sure you get a 65% notification, and then one at 90% then 100%, however, these are not "real time". More than once I have gotten the "over 100%" text even though I turned off data completely right after I got the 90% warning. What's  more unusual is that I typically get the 65% warning on the last week of the billing cycle, so I tune down my usage, BUT in the next 3 to 4 days, I would get the 90% warning, now even if I use internet evenly throughout the weeks, I should be at about  86.7% by end of month, not to mention I decreased my usage after the 65% warning. How can more data be used in a week when I actively used it less than the previous 3 weeks?
I called AT&T on one of these occasions, because I noticed I had a 30mb upload at 8:30pm one day, when I was having dinner with friends, phone in bag. I dont have anything running in background because I know i have a small data plan. AT&T told me "sorry, the data amount is NOT REAL TIME, and it could be an accumulation of the past 24 hours of usage all showed up together". I said well but it showed all the other data usage throughout the day just fine, within a minute or two difference, I use wifi and home and I work so I can't browse on the phone during the day. They dryly repeated their line.
When I asked them whether they can show me a more detailed report, as in exactly where the data was UPLOADED to (like a website maybe? or a server?), since that seem to be a very large amount of data from my personal phone, and uploading that would be something that has to be manually done, they refused, citing that they keep no record what so ever about our private data usage (NSA anyone?). 
So, near the end of every billing cycle I would get an absurd amount of data usage not generated actively by me, and I have to pay extra. I upgraded to 300mb from 200 (which I never exceeded before last year), but that still happened. I finally give in after a year, and got 3GB. Funny thing is? I use my phone just the same now and it's not even reaching 300mb a month.
With GDR2 out with data sense for everyone, AT&T is the only weird carrier to leave it out, it only adds more doubt and suspicion on my mind (and no doubt many others') that something fishy is going on.

MrockNroll says:

FYI: T-mobile has L925 with data sense and unlimited data too!

Bob Shiska says:

What good is an unlimited data plan if you can't get service?
Why do you think TMo is so much less expensive than ATT and VZW?

myrandex says:

Fyi the 300mb plan is still available. I'm on the 200 as it another line on our family plan, but then the other two have the 300mb that is still offered an the 2gb that isn't offered anymore.

I wish that ATT had rollover data. Their rates suck enough as it is and they don't let you go over for free with a throttled connection, so at least give us that...

Xellsama says:

yea, I know the 300mb is still available, but the 200 is gone once you upgrade =( the way they handled my data though, it was as good as gone......

pickypg says:

I suppose that I do not have concrete evidence, but I have been with AT&T since they were Cingular. Rarely do their fail safes work in your favor.

For example, everyone on my family plan, including myself, is on a 2 GB data plan. Two months ago, my friend received a similar text about his 65% data usage three days before our cycle ended, only to have me check to verify it. Wouldn't you know it, he was really at about 2000 MB of 2048 MB (just over 97%). He put his iPhone 5 into airplane mode for the remainder of the cycle, with only a minor thanks to AT&T.

It should also go without saying that AT&T, like every carrier with their minutes, has questionable accounting for the amount of data that each phone uses.

Amusingly, I just checked my own data, and I noticed that I have an extra $40 sitting on my bill and, naturally, AT&T's website is not loading right now, so I cannot determine why I have that charge. Thinking back to this bill cycle, I coincidentally did receive a 65% data notice two days _after_ the bill cycle started (which scared me as I have never received the notice myself,) only to find out that I had only used 1% of my allotment after checking.

Having waited for the site to load, I realize now that they were updating the site to add an interesting "video bill" viewer, where it is a generated video that kind of explains you bill. I have a One Time Charge on my account, which is almost certainly related to using my upgrade to get the Lumia 1020. That's all fine and good, except that AT&T is supposed to waive those fees for my account due to its "Premier" status that I get through my employer... so now I need to waste my time calling them to avoid the ridiculous $40 charge.

peterfares says:

Only the compression part of data sense MAY require the carrier to add compression servers close to or in their network. Data monitoring and limited requires zero carrier involvement. Flashing the AT&T 920 with a data sense ROM works just fine on AT&T. 

mr_808 says:

My wife's AT&T 8X didn't get Data Sense with the GDR2 update. I'm not holding my breath for it on my 920.

I'll give you an example.  The Nokia Lumia 1020 ,the current flagship on AT&T doesn't come with data sense. Yeah the awesome and current flagship. Why?  AT&T doesn't want you to manage your data so they  want you to go over your limit without knowing and they charge you more. That's why they haven't release  GDR2 to the 920 . They are busy taking that feature out and besides if they release it the 920 will be  almost on par with the 1020 features and they don't want to have low sales on that phone cause it is more expensive. AT&T is greedy as hell

RyanAMG says:

Um ok. Do a little research data sense is up to each provider not Microsoft.

ymcpa says:

All windows phone 8 devices have data sense. It's up to the carriers to enable it. So, blame AT&T if it's not enabled. Microsoft created data sense. So, I don't get your comment.

poddie says:

I think pickypg's complaint is the fact that MS designed it so that it does require carrier buy-in... he's saying they should have just made it standard with no carrier decision.

Not knowing why it needs carrier buy-in, I don't know if this is a reasonable complaint or not. Bur I believe there are Android features like this that do not require carrier cooperation?

Bob Shiska says:

At least for full Data Sense, it requires servers on the carrier's side of things to do stuff like compress data and the like. Even for data use tracking, the official count is on ATT's side, not your phone. There may be some inconsistencies (like I don't know how lost packets would count,) so data sense relies on having hooks into the carrier's system when fully implemented. ATT may just want to avoid that inconsistency. Who knows. If they thought it was a big deal, they'd implement the part of it that hooks into their data tracking system, and then you'd get the same 24 hour old information you get through the official app.
The compression part is win-win for the carriers. Their biggest cost is buying cell towers. If they can reduce their data requirements by 20%, and thereby reduce the cost of their tower buys by 20%, they can do something like increase their data caps by 10% or reduce prices by 5% or whatever and provide a better value proposition to their customers while increasing profits.

mr_808 says:

I think AT&T is the one to blame for this one.  I just updated my wife's 8X to GDR2 and it didn't come with Data Sense.  MS provides it the carriers block it. 

Josh Harman says:

Get your facts straight before you start thanking people. Inclusion of Data Sense is carrier dependent.

coastlines says:

This is a feature that the carriers have to opt in to. AT&T hasn't and probably won't opt in to Data Sense, not Microsofts fault. So you can thank AT&T for having no vision.

Ross Mullin says:

The Lumia 925 on AT&T will be the 32 GB, as the black one is exclusive

Justin5267 says:

Boo At&t gets all the Lumias. :(

Verizon should at least get a variant of the 1020 sometime. :P

They probably will. The 920 had a 6 month exclusive to at&t, then different variants started appearing on other carriers. I wouldn't doubt this will be the same with the 1020

Josh Harman says:

Verizon should get the "1080" (1020 with 1080p & quad core), that would be awesome... but at the same time angering, because I don't have an update anytime soon.

Deaconclgi says:

I still play 1080 for the N64....
Character select music "Work your your your your...GET' AIR!!!!!...owwwww"
Wait...that is not at all what you were talking about...

lol i remember that game. it was fun

lubbalots says:

Boo we want the GDR2+Amber update!

omagic82 says:

Looks like I am calling AT&T on the 10th and threatening to flee to VZ without an upgrade to one of these. That black 925 is sick.

Josh Harman says:

Just tell yourself in the mirror, then laugh. It will save you time.

omagic82 says:

I do it every six months and get a new device. My bro does it on his three family plan lines all the time and then turns and sells the devices on eBay.
Cable TV is the same way. Call and threaten to cancel your service and see how many freebies they throw your way. It's called customer retention. These companies aren't stupid. They'd rather give you a phone they get for nothing than lose residual income every month from an expensive smartphone plan.

Top partner but can't even match its competitors with update deployment speed

Chris_Kez says:

Any word on off-contract pricing?

rcballa12 says:

$475 at Expansys-usa. I did not find any plans, though, that would save me money if I bought this off-contract. Do you know of any (with unlimited talk/text/data)?

zultar says:

You have to go to T-Mobile to save by buying off contract

JackG058 says:

I've got the prepay GoPhone plan with AT&T. $60 a month for unlimited calls and texts, 2gb data. $10 a GB if you go over the data. Using it in place of Sprint, and get LTE most everywhere in KC. I bought the L920 outright to use. Best decision ever for me.

DennisvdG says:

They are pretty damn late, if I was getting a wp I would definitely wait like 2 months for the next flagship

WP7_Genius says:

Don't release another Lumia....GIVE ME MY DAMN UPDATE!!!!

89caps says:

It's like they want 920 owners to give in and early upgrade to a new device. This would be clearly the case if they don't update before the Sep 26 announcement.

clappenings says:

It does feel like they're holding us 920 owners to ransom a little. I'm sure we'll get GDR2/Amber soon. This 925 looks sexual though.....

damo579 says:

Lets hope we don't have to wait for this to come out before we get the update.....

damo579 says:

I have the feeling you're right.

At&t wasn't happy with T-Mobile getting its own version of a 9xx device? They get all the higher end stuff already as it is. Am I wrong?

lippidp says:

Thin and light is what women and girlie men want in a phone. It was hard to sell the 920 to these people. The 925 will be easier.

wpguy says:

Must be jealous you don't have a 925...

Who is? At&t got the 900, the 920, and the 1020. Now they have a tmo "exclusive". Next they'll get the 928 from Verizon.

Seriously... They just got their grubby paws on the 1020, so isn't that enough? The thing that angers me is that this renders T-Mobile's exclusivity obsolete, plus the 925 is only a VARIANT of the 920, which again, is an AT&T exclusive. It's bullcrap.

Bob Shiska says:

The 920 isn't an ATT exclusive anymore. That ended with the 928, which VZW only had tweaked slightly because they refuse to share with ATT unless it's an Apple or the Samsung or HTC flagship. If they had wanted the 920 they would've gotten it as is after ATT had their 6 months.

Bob Shiska says:

T-Mo had their 4 months of exclusivity. They just didn't pay Nokia as much as ATT did to get their 6 months on the 920.

Err... Exactly what 4 months are you talking about? T-Mobile began selling the 925 on July 17th. So it's been a month and a half, if even that long. Also, to answer what you replied to me previously, I don't think T-Mo or Verizon were ever meant to get an actual 920, hence the variants.

reprod3 says:

Bring it to Verizon with 32GB and xenon flash. I'll bite.

CobaltDragon says:

Stupid time to be signing up for two years with this phone, just a tweaked shell with the same old processor and barely enough storage. We will hopefully see some new handsets in October (please!) that carry the newer processors and maybe even with 2 GB RAM, so they are truly ready for the new games sure to be coming in the next several months.

pookiewood says:

The 32gb Kills it for me.  I'll stick with my 920 thank you very much! ;)

lubbalots says:

I think the 920 camera beats 925 and 928. Can't defeat the OG. Though its only flaw is weight.

myrandex says:

Really? I haven't seen comparisons but I thought that those versions were supposed to be slightly better. I'm still quite impressed with my 920 camera.

Bob Shiska says:

Flash is improved on the 928, there's an additional lens on the 925. Both are improvements.

doomtuba says:

I used to need a lot of memory on my phone but I pretty much only stream my music now.  It would be nice if they offered a 32 GB option though.

Bob Shiska says:

Just a note, I listen to music for about 50 hours a week on my phone. Streaming isn't an option, by and large. Music takes up 15.5GB on my 920, it's what killed the possibility of the 8X.

Residing says:

I have never owned a black phone; this is the only black phone I have EVER considered purchasing - love the 'gun metal' look of the aluminum, and how it contrasts with the black polycarbonate.  Very classy and stylish.

Josh Harman says:

Funny, I've only had two phones that weren't black. My blue Nokia from 1997, and a silver Motorola Razr flip phone - old school.

So what happens to the black aluminum when you hit something sharp? Does it scratch down to actual aluminum color? Or is this some material like the polymer injection stuff that has its color all the way through?

JohnStrk says:

Is it 16GB or 32GB?  Has that been confirmed yet?

Evster88 says:

So much more attractive in black.

weaksauce27 says:

Why is that thing soo sexy?!

Paulo1300 says:

lumia 925 is already the best looking windows phone (in person).. but hot darn it looks good in black

Montpbm says:

Sooooooo can T-Mobile get the 1020 then.. Just saying.

Sad truth, it would be EOL'd within six months, i.e., Nokia Lumia 810 & HTC 8X

kittananj says:

Hey! My Lumia 925 is the same AT&T's black!

gravage says:

Why would you get this when you can have the 1020? The 1020 is a far better phone, unless it's purely about aesthetics. 

lubbalots says:

Wait a month or two. Price will come down.

gravage says:

I guess I don't understand. What's $100-200 difference in price for something you're going to have for a year or more? You'd seriously buy an inferior phone because it was $100 cheaper, rather than get what you really want?
That's like buying a car without a radio, even though you know you can't stand driving without music. It's better to spend a little extra and get the phone you want than settle.

Bob Shiska says:

Because the difference in the camera isn't worth $200.
Seriously,  the camera in the 925 is already pretty good. You're spending $200 on zoom, essentially. If you're really big on taking pictures everywhere you go, good for you. For others, it's not worth it.

doomtuba says:

Maybe some people don't care about the camera on it and care more about it being sleek and thin while still having a top tier camera. My wife would prefer this to the 1020 for sure.

gravage says:

We already have the 920. So we'll have the 920, 925, and 1020 now, all variations of pretty much the same phone. Don't get me wrong. Choice is good. I just think this is a tad redundant. The 1020 is the only real departure, thanks to the camera module. Otherwise, the 925 is just a slightly bumped (and better designed) 920.

Bob Shiska says:

Or fit in a pocket.
Seriously, I don't want to have that camera hump digging into my thigh or wearing a circle into my jeans. Also, I'd rather spend another $200 and get a DSLR. The 920/925's camera hits the good enough point, beyond that I want a real camera.

Sean D. says:

Why does this bother me so much...?  :-/

freshfelicio says:

Oh Nokia, why did you make the 32GB version Vodafone exclusive?

Bob Shiska says:

Because that's the way they'll make the most profit.

bguy_1986 says:

Is this why I haven't been getting GDR2?
I heard we won't get it until the end of sept...

Anything AT&T releases they can keep it. Me , I'm buying international unlock phones only. My 625 is on its way so I can give some rest once in a while to 920 

tal99 says:

Already have the black 925 from Vodafone (Germany) and it really looks fantastic

Alex Zapata says:

Poor T-Mobile, I really wanted a black 925. Guess I'll have to settle for silver/white...

wpguy says:

I wanted a gunmetal/black 925 too, but the silver/white grew on me surprisingly quickly. People notice my 925 more than they did my dark gray HD7. I have already been asked about my 925 as many times in the six weeks I've had it as I was asked about my HD7 in the 2 3/4 years I used it.

ambroShuS says:

I have to give it to ATT, they are supporting WP to no end

mvierling says:

What cloud you on? AT&T is the least supportive of all the carriers on Windows phones.  Try walking into an AT&T store and ask them what they think of Windows Phone.

ambroShuS says:

AT&T is giving WP exclusive offers, that alone sets them apart...but I'll do you one better, try being on a network that hasn't had a new WP handset since 2010 before about a month ago, oh but wait, the 2 new handsets are over a year old already and in tech years that can feel like 5've got to be kidding, I presume that you can go in to any store and ask about WP and the reps wont be able to assist you as much as they should. However, to say that AT&T isn't supporting WP is just crazy.

mvierling says:

Oh no, they'll assist you alright in the AT&T store, they'll tell you that you don't want Windows phone and steer you into an iPhone or Android.  I specifically asked about the 920 and the sales rep said I wouldn't like it because there are no apps worth having.  I then asked about the Surface tablet and they said to not bother and get the ipad.

Bob Shiska says:

The ATT store by me had a sales rep with a Focus in Feb. 2011.
It's going to vary store by store, but I've seen a bunch of ads on TV for WP8 from ATT. A few from VZW. Nothing from TMo.

Deaconclgi says:

It will be released September 13th. The lockscreen says so, the time in the top right corner says so and the missed calls, emails and text messages add up to 13 (8 emails, 2 missed calls, 3 text messages). That narrows down the "mid September" release.
Pure speculation but SOMEONE went though a lot of trouble to highlight 13th of September. :)

Great design. I love the black, did not like the original colors.

Games Goblin says:

Carrier branding is better than T-Mo one - it's hardly noticable

Graven Pshya says:

Sweet! I really like white, but I want to be sure the unlocked 925s support LTE... If they don't I'll have to settle for black.

Bobert_123 says:

What does the 925 offer that the 920 doesn't? The 920 even has wirless charging built in...

ej1024 says:

played with this phone yesterday at a tmo store, men i must say this phone is PERFECT, the design of this phone is just amazing,i want the lumia bandit to be like this,.. wow i was amazed,i think its the most beautiful LUMIA so far..the 1020 is amazing too but the 925 is just PERFECT SIZE,WIEGHT, DESIGN..

mvierling says:

Not sure the reasoning here.  The 925 does not have a functional FM radio or wireless charging.

ChrisPS3 says:

Why do these idiots source the screen from a competitor company, one that's adept at stealing other people's technologies???  Nokia is run by pure idiots.

jamrock60 says:

Do anyone know a good lawyer that will take a class action suit against AT&T. I called their support line to ask them about GDR2. The tech who take the call tell me they don’t know of anything about a software release; A few day later i got a text message from AT&T want me to rate how the customer service call went. So I gave it all 1. Next day I got a call from their office in Texas. Wanting to talk about the rating I gave them. So I tell them why i give them that rating. The Person who called me said that they do not know about any release that is coming out in the near future for any window phone and AT&T do not send out new release until every 6 month so by my guess we will not see GDR2 until end of September to early October. I hope this is not true and he is just miss-informed.

Bob Shiska says:

The tech reps generally don't know about stuff until the first time they have to deal with it. I wouldn't read anything into it.

So much for T-Mobile's exclusivity. -_- I'm glad at least AT&T is NOT getting our white one.

Bob Shiska says:

A. Who cares?
B. T-Mo had their 4 months. They just paid Nokia less than ATT did for their 6 month exclusive.

*I* care. Other T-Mobile customers care. Again, where the hell are you pulling these 4 months from? Then again, I'm sticking with my Rogers 920 because it's fared me extremely well and I don't give two craps about your pathetically greedy carrier. AT&T can just die for all I care.

rubenwidjaja says:

I want one but still not available in my country :(

marcodci says:

Im from Portugal and i bought one a couple days is the most beautifull handset i have in my hands,after this i have galaxy s3 good handset too and one lumia 820. I comes whith GDR2 and data sense,amber update,et... Its fast a beautifull screen. Micro sd slot miss but iphones doesnt have people dont care butt is one miss in this amazing phone. One like too Nokia come one phablet for my colection or tablet.