Some details surface on Nokia's "Sirius" tablet

More details emerge on Nokia's Sirius tablet, including exact dimensions and $499 price point

The recently leaked details of Nokia's upcoming "Sirius" Windows RT tablet, has been generating a lot of buzz on what exactly will be under the hood. The tablet was first revealed ten days ago in leaked photos from Digi-wo.

WinSuperSite's Paul Thurrott says that he can confirm that the Nokia will indeed be releasing the 10.1-inch tablet and has offered up some specifics about it, including some specs, pricing and accessories.

According to Thurrott, the Nokia tablet, codename "Sirius", will be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) chipset. The 10.1-screen is a 1920 x 1080 IPS screen that will be geared for "outdoor readability," a quality that many tablets have difficulty boasting and is reminiscent of Nokia's Lumia smartphones. While he cannot confirm the 2-megapixel front-facing camera, Thurrott says that the rear 6.7 megapixel one, in true Nokia fashion, will feature Zeiss optics.

All of this, along with a 10-hour battery and optional 4G capability, will be neatly wrapped in a Lumia-esque body that measures .35 inches thick and weighs in at just 1.3 pounds. While the red chassis in the leaked image is the only one that can be confirmed, it's not crazy to think that the "Sirius" could be offered in other colors.

Nokia tablet keyboard
Nokia Patent: keyboard accessory for tablets

One accessory that is confirmed is a keyboard cover that also adds additional battery life. That accessory may reflect a patent that Nokia filed back in 2011 and that was reported on back in April (seen above). Nokia also looks to bring "unique companion experiences" to users via exclusive Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. Their Nokia Music app, though available for all Windows 8 devices, is clearly just the tip of the iceberg.

We first speculated that Nokia would release custom and exclusive apps for their tablet line back in January and now it looks to be the case.

So what will this newcomer to the tablet world cost you? Well, Nokia wants to take the "Sirius" toe-to-toe with the iPad and will therefore price it accordingly, starting at $499. That price seems a bit high for an RT tablet though and it could face similar obstacles as the now cheaper Surface RT, which is running for $349. However, with a 1080P display, high quality camera and unique Nokia design, it could raise awareness of the RT brand.

The last remaining detail is what Nokia will call this tablet. While 'Sirius' is its codename, we have heard 'Harmonia' as a potential moniker for the general Nokia tablet lineup, akin to 'Lumia' for Windows Phone.

We expect the "Sirius" to be revealed under a different moniker at an event on September 26-27 in New York City that Windows Phone Central was the first to learn about. You can bet that we'll be there to give you the skinny on all that Nokia has to show.

Source: WinSuperSite



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Chris Coyle says:

I think the Windows tablets solve a problem, they can replace a laptop and have great battery life to boot. Problem is, they are too expensive. That's why people still buy shitty laptops instead of these tablets., price. iPads do not do productivity well, but they are simple, work well and have all of the apps plus beautiful well built hardware. So the only thing these Windows tablets don't have, since the commercials on TV show what they have over iPad, are apps. They solve a problem. Windows does not have apps, and the problems they do solve, freaking productively, is not worth the price because you can get a shit Dell laptop for $300.

OSean says:

Solving a problem is not the same as having a Killer App.
People still buy these laptops mainly because they are confused about their options. They don't know that the particular tablet will actually meet their needs because there are no reliable media outlets that give that information. The few that do actually report useful info are generally swarmed by fanboy soldiers. Jobs knew what he was doing when he designed his products marketing.
Price has nothing to do with it. Talking about the price of this product is simply a distraction. And a misleading one at that when you take into account that you pay more for the same functionality in an Apple product (something that is being ignored by the people screaming about price for a reason).
The portability problem no longer needs solving. Nor do the apps, space/storage or productivity problems need solving. Apple products are as popular as they are because they are essentially the Blue Pill. Android is decidedly a Red Pill.  WP8 seems to want to be a blue pill, but keeps smacking us in the face with things that don't work yet.
I'm digressing a bit. Price is hardly the most important factor. The best selling option is wildly overpriced.

MediaCastleX says:

I don't even remember which pill did what... =[

MediaCastleX says:

You have to be more clear, iPhone *created* the "app problem"

Nokia/ms should only have rt in 7-8" devices and the price ranges less than $300 to be competitive. And why dont put in a great pureview like 20mega to be the best camera on tablets

mistagreg says:

I really wish was 7 or 8 inches! I would buy it then.

Vizer90 says:

The tegra 3 was a very slow processor for Windows, even a stripped down RT. The Snapdragon 800 clocked at that speed has the floating point and interger performance close to an entry level icore i3 laptop CPU. This thing will be very fast.
$450 Surface RT + keyboard (no LTE)
$450 Galaxy Note 10 (no keyboard & no LTE)
$500 ipad 4 (no keyboard & no LTE)
$580 Transformer infinity + keyboard (no LTE)
$730 ipad 4 + LTE (no keyboard)
$500 Nokia Sirius + keyboard + LTE!!!!!!!

Are you people crazy! The Surface was heavily marketed with the keyboard. That was a $600 purchase compared to $500 for the ipad 4. Nokia's tablet will likely be priced with the entry level 10" ipad BUT COME WITH A KEYBOARD & LTE!!! The price of the tablet is extremely competitive with the ipad. With that hardware, it will be the best value in the tablet space. It also might get subsidised a bit through phone carriers with a 2 year contract.

The reason MS took that huge loss is because they wildly over produced a 10" tablet when 80% of the sales in the tablet space moved to 7-8" tablets. The Google nexus 10 is moving less than 200K a quarter. They also had limited retail and no enterprise channel distribution because they wanted to protect their partners and increase their margins by selling through their limited number of stores.

If Nokia comes into this with more realistic expectations of 200-300K per quarter with an initial order of 500K units they will be fine.

Tips_y says:

I think you are one of the few who can actually see that the Nokia Sirius with LTE is carrier bound and will be going against the iPad with LTE that is currently priced at $729.

ho0lee0h says:

Why can't they make a Pro tablet? :(

Vizer90 says:

With the recent price cuts the Surface RT sales have surpased the pro. The surface pro only sells about 100-150K units a quarter. Due to cost, haswell/ivy bridge tablets are not mass market devices. They have to sell @ $800+ because the i5 mobile cpu alone is $320+ for OEMs.

DJCBS says:

I can't say I'm crazy about that keyboard design... and hopefully they'll have two types like the Surface.

I have to say I'm not head over heels about the design either...but maybe it's because the one we saw was red and I hate red. I need to see it in black. Still...the design of the Surface is will be hard to beat.

I'm definitely going to check this one out...but only IF the price tag goes for around 350€. Anything higher and I'll just skip it. For 350€ and I'll buy one even though I don't need another tablet and the Surface RT meets all my needs. Also, it would help if, like the Surface, this Nokia device comes with Office. Otherwise...another deal breaker to me.

I don't care for Windows 8 on tablets. RT is good and enough. All I need is good battery life, Office and a keyboard. In that sense, this Nokia tablet will have to be really awesome and really cheap for me to give away my Surface.

teaMJPx says:

Brig it out with W8.1 not RT and I'm sold. Add 4gb of RAM and the new super efficient processors and I'm sold. SOLD I SAY! jejeje. Alright. Back to dreamig... Its late. jejeje

Tips_y says:

The Nokia Sirius with LTE is carrier bound and therefore will be going against the iPad 4 with LTE that is currently priced at $729. I think this good-looking tablet RT is in the right place. May it prosper long and well!

txDrum says:

It unfortunately doesn't matter how good the tablet is... you *cannot* charge $500 for the entry level price. It *HAS* to be less than $400.
We're going to have Atom tablets with 1080p displays, equivalent battery life, and full windows 8 selling for less than $400 soon. Why would you pay $500 for an RT tablet? >.<

Vizer90 says:

None of those 10" full windows tablets will have LTE support
None of them will cost less than $400 with 1080 displays
None of them will come with keyboards
None of them will be $100-$150 subsidized by carriers
The new lenovo Miix 10 tablet with last year specs was just released for $500. Baytrail T will be more expensive than the current clover trail Atoms. $550 will likely be the starting price for Baytrail-T 10" tablets & add another $120-140 for an OEM matching keyboard accessory.

This tablet is targeted for the niche but growing higher margin carrier supported LTE market. Those with data contracts that want a larger screen experience than the upcoming 6' Bandit phablet.

MediaCastleX says:

Why wouldn't you..?

It doesn't matter what it has, an RT tablet @ $499 seems DOA to me...

SparksWP says:

It's mostly due to lack of communication and excution of the product line on so many levels, and I am not just talking Microsoft.  Walk into an AT&T store or walk up to a T-Mobile Kiosk at the mall, the sales people barely know or don't know how to navigate a windows phone or 8 device.  I work for a major office supplly retailer.  I can demo every computer, tablet and printer in the store, regardless of brand or OS.  I will even recommend Apple products if it's going to meet the needs of the customer.  Many consumers that I have helped since the launch of the RT tablets and then the Win8/pro tablets, all had these concerns.  1. what apps were avaiable for the RT?  2. Does it come with Outlook? 3.  Where can I purchase one.  Microsoft should have gotten the Surface RT, into alot more retailers sooner.  Customer were clamoring for the MS tablet, for the first few weeks of Windows 8\RT launch.  No retailer outside of Microsoft, had them yet, not even for display purposes, so consumers could try it out.  Many consumers got too see the Samsung Ativ, and the ASUS vivotab.  These two tablets were priced another $100, more the the Surface was, so this turned alot of my customers off.  The school district, Universaty, Community colleges, and Businesses could not make big purchase Orders, due to the lack of their respective distributain partners, still get authorization to sell from MS.  Most consumers, wanted the Office Home and Business, meaning they were looking for Outlook, so they did not need a constant internet connection, when traveling.  This was a very big sticking point for most of my customers.  You take the price of Office off you have a pretty sweet deal on a tablet, to bad you don't get a chioce of not having Office.  There was only abut 4000 apps at launch, it is now over 110,000.  Most customers didn't seem to care about the apps, since they could still use IE for accessing their busniess.  I mean my bank does not have a mobile app or WaP yet, but I use IE, and I have the mobile version of the site comes up, and I still can do my bank that way.  I guess my point is that need better presence in the retail sectore and enterprise channels, do a better job of explaing the benefits in ADs, and knowledgable sales reps on the sales floor.  I shouldn't be the one, demonstrating a WP or tablet to a sales rep.

GustavN says:

If office is included like every other RT device, I am buying one of these for my parents

Tips_y. That $230 buys you an OS that people already are more than familiar with and APPS. Access to hundreds and hundreds of APPS many of which are specifically designed to be run on the iPad.

Who might buy the new RT tablets from Nokia & Microsoft? Folks like us who already enjoy the platform, however people who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem will NOT switch, some may, most won't and tablet newbie's want APPS. They will pay the premium price to get access to premium APPS. Until RT supports even a third of the premium content that the Apple ecosystem does, the price point MATTERS.

MediaCastleX says:

Still it's the other way around, its not like, "RT doesn't function, so we can't make apps for it" the apps makers are the ones that need to support RT...everyone is erroneously treating RT as substandard. =/

DaltonCarl says:

The lack of being able to torrent on a RT table is what's keeling me from buying these.

MediaCastleX says:

Why does everyone insist upon treating RT as less valuable than iOS, app store notwithstanding, like we all seriously expect these things to cost nothing because android set the expectation that an OS is cheap? Sad... =/ #communismiswinning

OK, Again. I am a Surface RT owner and I enjoy it. However is this site full of MS fanboys or are folks having a problem with REALITY. I'll give you an example. I like the Tune-In app which is available on my RT. IT DOESN'T WORK. IT NEVER HAS. I understand that this is one small example however it illuminates a much larger problem with RT. It is a tablet that is VERY capable and flexible and in many ways does so much more than any iPad can do. However there is one critical Achillies heel: The unacceptable lack of quality apps that work! Period. If you want to tout the versatility of the Surface RT great do that, however without an even comparable amount of quality apps please tell me what average consumer will shell out $500 to start for a pretty solid tablet that DOESN'T EVEN HAVE MANY OF THE MOST POPULAR AND USED APPS IN THE TABLET SPACE. The bottom line is until MS does whatever the heck it has to do to shore up its PATHETIC APP ecosystem people will often opt to PAY MORE for a device that will support its user needs NOW, rather than to save a couple of bucks and NOT HAVE WHAT THEY WANT. 

Not really impressed with yet another rt device. Someone tell me again why they are out there?

lmoxiel says:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8974 (Sirius) vs Nvidia Tegra 3 (Surface RT)
I try to offer at least some information in my post.
Specs for the Sirius (left) vs Surface RT (right):
2.5 GHz vs.1.6 GHz
28nms vs. 40nms (more powerful, yet cooler processor for the Qualcomm)
0.35in thick vs. 0.37in thick
1.3lbs vs. 1.5lbs.
First, when talking about tablets, more specifically, Windows RT (ARM) based tablets, the talk legacy apps should stop.  Now, once we get pass that we can really start doing some fantastic comparison.  The biggest note to me is how much the 8974 processor kicks the pants off the Nvidia Tegra 3.  I enjoy my Surface RT, but boosting performance by this much is more than welcome.
Also, if the Sirius is $499 (assuming this is for the 4G LTE version), it would not be hard to imagine a $349 version without the 4G capability, so we shouldn't be too quick to whine about price.
- moxie

SteelSteve says:

I laugh at posts with people complaining that RT wont run their Computer software, and how fast ATOM is over ARM.  Windows RT is not ment to run computer software anymore than Apples IOS is ment to run MAC software.  It's a tablet not a PC, and it is ment to compete against other tablets.  As for ATOM vs ARM I don't see the appeal.  Non of us would want an atom powered Laptop or desktop PC running Windows 8, so why does everyone feel its such a great option?  Any software you would be able to run at any performance level would be basic at best.  In my opinion Microsoft should have never released a Windows 8 Pro tablet, and left that for the Laptops / Desktops of the world.

trivor says:

It's hard to see how this will have a better reception than Surface RT.  Surface RT is a beautifully engineered piece of hardware hobbled by an already obsolete operation system.  The NexGen atom (Haswell based Bay Trail) will have better performance under Windows 8, match battery life, have great performance for Metro apps.  Can't see it doing any better than the Surface RT.  It's a shame because they are just starting to get their financials in order with the release of the 520/521/620 budget line of Windows Phone 8.

jkrc717 says:

Wonder why they choose to call it Sirius. The radio? Taking a shot at apple's siri? Pretty sure they could come up with another name. Interesting.

wpdude says:

Why is Nokia's codenames for devices better than the actual names.

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