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Windmill, a simple yet challenging puzzle game for Windows 8

Windmill for Windows 8

Windmill is a puzzle game for your Windows 8 computer that doesn't have many bells and whistles but doesn't lack challenge.

The gaming screen is presented in straight forward fashion with a windmill styled grid of flour sacks hanging on a hook. There are 32 sacks with one empty hook. You're goal, jump the sacks to remove them and end up with one remaining sack hung on the center hook.

The game reminds me of those peg styled games that you find at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Just a little more difficult to solve.


Game play with Windmill is simple as well. Tap a sack to select it then tap an empty hook. The empty hook must be two hooks from the selected sack in a horizontal or vertical direction. The hook between the selected sack and the empty hook can not be empty, essentially jumping a sack which removes it from the playing board.

As you remove sacks from play, a counter will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. You win the game by ending up with only one sack left. The last sack must be placed on the hook in the middle of the playing board.


It's not in the Help Section but as long as I have jumps available, I was able to jump sacks over empty hooks. Not sure if that is a quirk in the game or a move that was simply not mentioned in the Help Section.

Regardless, Windmill is a challenging puzzle game for your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You may be able to remove all but one sack of flower but getting that last sack on the middle hook can be tricky.  I wouldn't mind seeing something added to give the game a little pop such as animations (sacks could explode when removed) or maybe a game mode where the game board rotates like a windmill.  Regardless, if you're looking for a simple puzzle game, Windmill is worth a try.

Windmill is a free Windows 8 app that you can snatch up here in the Windows Store.



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George not funny !! Dont be the low end reporter :P

walter1832 says:

I can't play this game.  I have Anemomenophobia.  A fear of windmills.  I'm shaking just typing this.


R42 says:

Feel Good Inc instrumentals in the background please

MooreHojer says:

An update has been released adding Undo/Redo and background music to the game.
The moving quirk allowing to move sacks over empty hooks has also been fixed :-)