USA Today Windows Phone 8

USA Today for Windows Phone 8 receives much needed bug fix update

USA Today is arguably one of the best news apps on Windows Phone in terms of design and speed. It’s so minimal in its layout that it makes Microsoft blush and the fast loading  times of the app and related articles is nearly unprecedented.

There’s just one problem though: the app has had quite a few bugs since the last release, causing images and even articles to load incompletely. Frustrating users, many have complained in the app’s review on the Store that an update is required.

Starting last night, version 1.9.2 has gone live in the Store and at least from our usage of it, we’ve had no issues with missing text or images (though we’re curious if you spot any). Under the app’s changelog it simply notes “bug fixes” and we have a sneaky suspicion that the aforementioned problems have been addressed with this update. Interestingly, the last update for this app was way back in December when version 1.9 hit the Store.

If you haven’t tried USA Today for your news, you really should. It’s free, has a nice Live Tile (with optional weather) and pinnable subsections. If you’re a developer, you should take notes on the design as the USA Today team gets what users want for Windows Phone.

Pick up USA Today, version here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

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HBKnight says:

After downloading the update last night, I noticed that it still deletes text I input when sharing an article to Twitter, leaving me sending a tweet containing only the shortened URL to the article.
Still an amazing app though.

sicnus says:

Do u think its related to the 140 character limit?

HBKnight says:

Not for the tweet I sent the other night. It was just the text "Here ya go" with the shortened URL to an article from the app. It sent the tweet but without my text. I have only tried to share perhaps 4 times from the app, and this has been the result each time.

sicnus says:

Love this app. Best news app I have found in design. Probably the best live tile I have ever seen. I proudly display it towards the top of all my tiles. To bad more apps were not like this. Even with the bugs of stories not displaying or pics being messed up, it was still way better than other apps. Glad they updated.

ibouchez says:

Agreed. My favorite news app. Not a day goes by that I do not open the app.
Probably the one of the best executions of the Modern UI I have seen to date. 
Glad they fixed the bugs.  Clicking on an article and only seeing the headline was getting a bit annoying though..

JoeDizzle33 says:

Love this app as well. O hated clicking on a story and only seeing the headline and the name of writer and photographer of the story.

sayonical says:

Great app. Wish it had comments from readers and the live tile is pretty useless. Instead of a collage of photos it should actually have a headline!

sicnus says:

A picture is worth a thousand words tho!

Sometimes an image will pique my curiosity and will cause me to open the app. In a way, it's better than just a single headline, which a lot of other apps do.

cdbstl76 says:

Im the same way. I see a pic, and think, I want to find that article.

waeras says:

Works here in Sweden too, so not US only.

Ever try editing your comment instead of posting twice? You should.

rodneyej says:

Daniel.. This guy is getting on my last set of nerves... But, as a regular community member I will try to whip him into shape.. Although,, keep in mind that I am only human........

K_lando says:

And the rest of us care because...?

AhmedAtef says:

hahahaha i really liked how you picked your main article image! :D

tbonenga says:

App store not as good as the W7 version. In there. W7 version you could hold down the big colored block( sports, life, money, etc) then a list of sub categories came up. In sports I highlighted NFL and it gave me alot more NFL news. The other feature was the live weather background behind the news when you opened the app.

TripsG says:

I'm hoping the "phantom articles" have gone away with this update. I've gotten all teased by a headline and, upon clicking, only see a lone picture and nothing else...sadness ensues.
This is my go-to app for news followed closely by NBC News which also has a fantastic looking app as well. Nice job, USA Today.

ricardios says:

Finally updated. My favorite news app. Love the live tile. NBC news app is also very good with lots of videos.

Faragondk says:

I like the app, but the bug where the app crashes changing temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius still exists. I told them about this bug months ago, and they promised to fix it in a future update...obviously not this update.

Any particular reason for the choice of news headline on the screenshot? 

Josh Harman says:

Only bad thing about USA Today was how some articles, mostly sports, would be missing content. Seems that has been fixed, I couldn't find anything missing.
I used USA Today up until the Bing news app came out and it is a great app, but I think I'll stick with Bing, I like having multiple sources in one place.
Oh and their Tech section is horrid, its all google, all the time... except when they are talking about Apple. When chromecast was announced they ran at least one article a day about it for 2 weeks. No thank you.

jlynnm350z says:

I love how google is prominent in the article picture. Subliminal messages???????

erasure25 says:

Really.  You're going to show an image with "Google" in the background?  B#&@h please.

Really, you're going to be so lame to complain? I mean, did you even read the title of the article? It wasn't flattering for Google.

I give you a -2 on this comment as a score.

erasure25 says:

Really? I'm not the only one to make this comment.  -2 on you.

Josh Harman says:

Did you read the entire article? It wasn't as scathing as the title suggested.

rodneyej says:

You know what app needs a much needed update to squash bugs❔❓❔❓ VOXER❗

Josh Harman says:

Wasn't it just updated a couple of weeks ago?
I have it and so do a handful of contacts, but no one actually uses it. So I don't know if it still sucks as much as it did a couple of months ago.

S_C_B says:

Love the app. The ABC and NBC News apps are even better, IMO.