GDR2 for the HTC 8X on Verizon shows up on support page, could be coming soon

HTC 8X on Verizon

Sorry friends on AT&T, no GDR2 today for your Lumia 920. Instead we’ve got some good news for everyone on Verizon with the HTC 8XGDR2 is coming soon for you. The little update that brings new features like FM radio support, improvements for Xbox Music and more is right around the corner.

We’ve already seen the GDR2 update appear for the 8X on AT&T and T-Mobile. Now Verizon is prepping to jump on the gravy train. We just checked with our 8X on Verizon and don’t show an update just yet, but the fact that a support page already has a little promo page ready tells us it’s coming sooner than later.

The PDF shows a software version build number of 3030.0.34201.605 and baseband of When you do update to GDR2 on your HTC 8X you can look forward to:

  • Make assisted calls more easily while roaming in select international destinations
  • Access song and album information more accurately with the Xbox Music experience
  • Enjoy better web browsing with improved HTML5 compability in Internet Explorer
  • Connect with greater stability when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype

New features to the 8X will include FM radio, group text (which will be off by default and you’ll need to turn on), and support for IMAP for email, CardDAV for contacts and CalDAV for calendar when setting up a Gmail account.

All these features will come when the GDR2 update for the 8X hits. Like we said, we didn’t see it on any devices we have, but will let you know when it comes.

Source: Verizon Support (PDF)

Thanks for the tip Derrick H!



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erzhik says:

Why the hell is 920 taking so long?

AT&T can go fuck themselves with a giant spiked dildo smeared in hot sauce

PeterFnet says:

It's a fair question. I thought Microsoft was going to streamline this and offer an optin program for early updates bypassing the carrier.
The problem isn't waiting a few extra weeks, it's 1.5 years from now when the Lumia 920 is a distant memory and AT&T will never approve anymore updates though the phone can support it.

Exactly. Where is the work around to skip the carrier we were promised, Microsoft???? The whole WP / Windows 8 thing is starting to stink.

SahilShah says:

Going to flash on the weekend if not there by Friday, which it won't be....

PeterFnet says:

:/ good luck. It's annoying to think that WP7's update architecture would let us update....

lubbalots says:

Its was in news couple months ago MS decided to handover updates back to carrier responsibility. Its a shame MS and their back pedaling. Hopefully, a new leadership will whip those employees back into shape.

Josh Harman says:

I don't remember the story, but they had to do away with that plan.

mister2d says:

How do you know that plan was done away with if you've never heard of it??

Josh Harman says:

I don't remember the story behind having to drop the plan is all... You know what, never mind.

We've always had exclusives and special stuff, so we are getting GDR2 late, meh. I mean I wish we got it already, but I'll just be happy if they announce it. At least I think they will support the 920, because they wouldn't be that dumb.

Omari C says:

How is that At&t is America's biggest carrier, and the 920 is the most popular window phone out there, but it still has no update?

Lumia 8x says:

822 is the popular Lumia in US

(Not more than the 920 I think, but Verizon is the more popular carrier by me at least.)

Josh Harman says:

Yes, in the US the 822 is the highest selling WP8 (period)

gar216 says:

AT&T is actually number 2 in the U.S. Verizon is the largest carrier, both in subscribers and in coverage areas. AT&T is clearly the carrier that supports Windows Phone the most tho.


dortyboy says:

What the fuck. I am kinda mad right now with at&t. Where is my 920 update. Tired of waiting

lubbalots says:

I facebooked ATT about it. No reply as I would expect. Though the majority of complaints I've seen so far is small. But the majority of hate and anger is "my god" high!

WP95 says:

finally! group chat!!!

SB5 says:

Damn no credit for the tip I sent this morning... :( its okay I'm still excited for group texting

Josh Harman says:

Just make sure you don't send a bad tip... you'll hear back from Daniel immediately. LOL

Prezdhill says:

Must have just beat you by a few minutes.

Fayez Chedid says:

Weird I sent in a tip about how GDR2/Amber update was available on Rogers' Lumia 920 and still nothing...

WPSteve says:


jlynnm350z says:

Ok, stupid question. What exactly is group text?

mrshamoozoo says:

Texting to a group of friends in one thread.

staticK78 says:

On T-Mo and still haven't seen it for the 8x...

Jackrichins says:

Doesn't anyone remember the radio problems on the 920 on at&t on gdr1. If it means it works the first time, I'll wait.

Noahma says:

Except the 1020 which only boasts more memory, different screen and the camera. Is already running gdr2 on at&t's network. So.... There is no good reason for a holdup

Josh Harman says:

Except that the 1020 isn't the 920 (different hardware, different details) and the 1020 came preinstalled.

walter1832 says:

Ooooo! Verizon is showing you up AT&T! What you going to do about it?

psychofox13 says:

FYI, my AT&T 8X has had GDR2 for about two or three weeks now. Of anything, AT&T is showing up everyone else.

Josh Harman says:

Ooh, I wouldn't go that far.

psychofox13 says:

On the 8X update, anyway. :P

joe_easton says:

Can anyone tell me if this allows the download of the new HTC camera app that the 8XT got?

dhoang0705 says:

Can't wait for GDR2 for my att lumina 920. Just flashed to ROGER rom and get it update.

Hey were did you download the rom from. I've been looking for it

kwambe5 says:

There is a thread for it in the forums.

Fiann says:

Gettin reaaaal sick of your shit AT&T. Starting to remind me of getting some of the updates for the Titan and Lumia 900. They've got a new darling now and are forgetting about us.

LostRiot says:

Finally! HTC 8X

Wtf, Verizon is such a looser. There would be radio available on the HTC but not for the Lumia 928

Josh Harman says:

Got it on my 822 too, wasn't it reported that the 928 didn't have some needed hardware?

RyanAMG says:

Yep 928 lacks the hardware

No l don't think it lacks the hardware.behind closed doors Verizon want to keep its 928 users using more data for streaming. On the Verizon and windows website it used to say the 928 supported radio,after the update they both changed it that it doesn't support radio.Bull

Josh Harman says:

Then why would they activate it on the 822 which sold much better? Seems if it was a conspiracy to get more data usage, they would have kept it off their highest selling WP.

why would they advertise it having Radio capability? if it isnt something to lure people into getting it. thats false advertisement. they should know what their phones are capable of doing before advertising. 

ddartman7 says:

"why would they advertise it having Radio capability?"
It's just a guess but I think a well founded one...

Given the most critical hardware for FM radio is having the necessary chipset (which the 928 does), I'm sure Microsoft looked at the device and made the assumption (just like the rest of us) that since the chipset is there, surely Nokia wouldn't cut corners on the rest of the build of a "premium" device.  Fooled me once Nokia... won't happen twice.

Josh Harman says:

To be honest, I have seen very little improvements to Xbox Music. As a matter of fact, even more albums are missing album art. Genres do seem to be correct though.
Syncing hasn't got any better at all and the Windows Phone app is still crap, it wouldn't sync a single song. The Windows Phone App for Desktop actually synced the songs, but still nothing syncs playlists.

silverbladex says:

Yeah the WP music app is terrible. Its appalling how bad missing album artwork is and syncing. As a heavy music listener, that stuff is extremely important

UzaiBaka says:

Agree, the last song of an album I downloaded from Xbox music randomly created its own album for some Obama music album. I don't understand it.

dbam987 says:

Windows Media Player does sync'ing of everything including music playlists. My gripe with the Xbox Music player is how lame it is in terms of managing playlists on the phone, and some issues with bluetooth connectivity preventing me from shuffling songs in a playlist. I hope those issues are resolved in this release. If so, I'll get onboard to the Xbox Music pass again.

MorganRW says:

I'm not upset about waiting as much as I am of the total lack of communication. Just give us a damn date for crying out loud.

damo579 says:

I know what you mean. I check the nokia page and it says the update is waiting for approval.....

Josh Harman says:

Verizon was the same way as far as communication. I was asking if they could confirm that it was actually coming to the 822 and made it clear that I wasn't asking for a date of release - just whether or not they planned on releasing it at all. They didn't even try to answer me, just sent me a link to their support site... that was just hours before they released it. Not sure if they ever actually announced it.

ebk14 says:

I'll be honest, all I really care about is the potential other storage fix on my Verizon 8x..

lubbalots says:

I'll be honest too. I just want the Amber update. MS hasn't given me anything to look forward too besides the Xbone and Nokia.

Lumia 8x says:

Avoid downloading Mytube, that app will eat your other storage like no other.

UzaiBaka says:

That and radio are the main things I care for

Voxophone says:

Same here, and maybe FM radio. I hope they include it... I wish you could listen to radio from all around the world (like TuneIn). I would use TuneIn, but the app is awful. I'd rather have a native solution.

jlynnm350z says:

Probably 24 hrs

jlynnm350z says:

I guess this is a window on how at&t is going to handle GDR3 an Windows 8.1 updates for 920, so I would get used to it.

MrVol84 says:

ATT is taking way too long with this gdr2 update for the 920..

Omari C says:

I say let's all burn At&t, atleast we will be getting some satisfaction

dortyboy says:

We should all leave at&t and go to t-mobile lol

lubbalots says:

I would but TMo has the worst reception of any carrier. And they're mostly an Android/iphone vender.

UzaiBaka says:

That's because they can't afford anything else

rysliv says:

I have great reception with them.

I think wpcentral isn't aware that 8x on t-mobile never received the gdr2 update, it was reported to come on July 22....still waiting :(

RyanAMG says:

Didn't tmo pull the update after users had problems.

UzaiBaka says:

No the unbranded/unlocked 8x update had the problems

WP7_Genius says:

ATT is killing me.....they better not get it before the 920....

When I heard ATT had a Uverse app and was getting the 920 I walked away from the carrier I was with. I got the Nokia 920 and love the phone... kicking myself in the butt ever since for leaving my carrier. ATT has a Uverse app, which they proudly promote working with iPhone and Android. They have other features too on the other phones. You need a PHD to find out how to talk to a human there.. oh and heaven help you if you are crazy enough to buy insurance with them. My son's Android crapped out, called to get a replacment.. um yeah.. might as well buy one new... some insurance. Yeah... come on contract and expire.. Going to Bob's phone service before I ever go back to ATT. Oh what the heck.. while on a soap box. Uverse.. Seems to go up over the months. Got a 250 month tv bill and don't even have all the channels. Called to ask why on TV they show commercials for things like 99.00. Told them I want that! Told me no way, that's for new customers. People loyal to them get the much higher prices... like double.  Okay, enought soap box. Sorry to vent, but I am flustered.

Gantoris says:

For those tv bills you pretty much have to call and threaten to leave every 6 months to keep the good rate. the only trick is you really have to be ready to leave them, because it could come to that. I know people that bounce between services just to keep the lower startup rate.

Credo93 says:

Still no update for me, using Lumia 920 German country variant :) Lazy germany

Vvillegas134 says:

When did the GDR2 come for the HTC 8X for T-Mobile? I remember they put it out there but quickly removed it because of the issues that arose. When I look for an update it says its up to date but I was never able to install GDR2.

jcjackjay says:

They didn't put it out for T-mobile 8Xs. They released it to the unbranded 8Xs and removed it due to the majority of users having problems with it. HTC announced that a T-Mobile version was going to be released on July 22nd, however, no update... Sure hope they're finishing it up and will release it soon :(

I need gdr2 att is really annoying

segadc says:

Great!   Hopfully it releases this week! :)

UzaiBaka says:

Same! I'm so excited!! :D

JLP says:

Finally some solid news about this!!

GR3EN says:

Have been checking the forum and net at least a few times a week for gdr2 news for 8x Verizon. Glad to see some confirmation it's still coming finally.

aitt says:

This is why MS needs a Surface Phone. They control it and have the OS the way its meant to be without carriers or MFR altering anything. Stock.

Josh Harman says:

How would that eliminate the need for carriers?

aitt says:

You ever heard of Nexus?

adrian1338 says:

does this mean all nokia unlocked phones got the update already?

aitt says:

No it means they have to wait till Nokia sends OTA. What made the Nexus series so great is they came direct from Google. No carriers. No mfr. Google. Apple gets updates straight from Apple. No carriers. IMHO MS needs a phone that gets straight updates direct from them. Surface Phone would be a great idea in that aspect. I would buy one in a heartbeat no questions asked. These kinda things is the reason I hate branded phones. If MS had a surface phone you would had GDR2 when it first dropped. It is what it is.

Roach26 says:

The fuck is holding up att with the gdr2. I'm getting sick of waiting...

SahilShah says:

Screw GDR2, I want AMBER!

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, for real for real

Voxophone says:

About ******* time!!

mrllano says:

Maybe they will skip GDR2 for the GDR3 update for those who are in AT&T, :)

DavidinCT says:

Man, I wish I never sold my 8X to get a 928....

MatsuDano says:

I can't even. Out of curiosity, sheer morbid curiosity, why?

MatsuDano says:

lulz, I was hoping so. My sarcasm font detector was disabled.

I'm tired of this.

dtjenkin says:

I tweeted Verizon a few days ago and this was the response

@VerizonWireless it's moronic that service providers regulate which phones do and do not receive updates. Still waiting for GDR2 on my #8X

@DJmichjournal We just want you to have the best wireless experience! All updates are not helpful. Stay tuned, bit.ly/n5snpq

rysliv says:

I really wish T-mobile would release the update, it is indeed on the htc support page from 6.22.13 yet still.. nothing.

cybermoose89 says:

Still need the update for CV GB 920 phones o2 networks getting it now despite it sais coming soon on the Nokia website

jasqid says:

I love how this is an article about Verizon and its GDR2 update but was hijacked with att and tmo comments. LoL

aitt says:

For real. This site has the worst bunch of crybabies I have ever seen.

Clavitox says:

I know . . . . I'm still waiting on att though :P

Xarok says:

Got the update this morning, htc 8x EE UK.

aitt says:

This is normal practice with ATT. They don't release updates when they got updates phones being released. Watch. They won't release the update till the 1020 shows down in sales and after the release of the 925. Prediction. 

I've got *.34101.401 which bumped after a recent post GDR2 update. This version is even higher. I guess Verizon is not only catching up but goes ahead of the unbranded ones.

Any news on this update for the 8X on Bell?

lancepr says:

Verizon has really impressed me with the GDR2 updates. Hopefully Nokia/Microsoft launch more flagship devices on Verizon instead of ATT in the future.

I've learned my lesson.

Microsoft is unable to deliver timely updates and features in comparison with the smartphone competition.

The fact that im waiting for GDR2 still doesn't begin to address the shortfalls of WP8 we have been asking for a fix since release.

iOS gets their new OS soon, and I guarantee that ALL their supported devices will be able to update the day of release. No AT&T approval bullshit. As much as I dislike Apple, at lease their experience is light years better.

Android is more iffy. The manufacturers are tye ones who deploy the updates. But if you get on a Nexus device or a flagship device, it seems the updates are available. And again, you don't have to wait for the carrier from what I understand.

But beyond updates, there are so many features MS should have addressed 6 months ago. And their sync makes me ill. Its so bad I started to think iTunes wasn't so bad. Seriously MS, your making an avid hater of iTunes into more of an Apple fan.

I'm crazy disappointed in Microsoft. Nokia, your awesome for trying so hard to make it work. Its a shame your partner can't seem to compete in the market.

aitt says:

Um MS released GDR2 months ago. Mfr and carriers are the delay... But I feel you. Its why I said MS need a phone they control.

Eurovillager says:

Got it 2 days ago on orange uk for my HTC8x but not really impressed with the UI for the radio.
Nice to get something at last for HTC wp

MatsuDano says:

Downloading Now!!!!!

SkredRick says:

Is there support for Call Blocking?