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Official ‘Copy’ app from Barracuda Networks offers yet another cloud storage option for Windows Phone 8

When it comes to cloud storage on Windows Phone, most users seem content to utilize Microsoft’s SkyDrive system. After all, it ties into Xbox, PC, tablets, Windows Phone itself, the web and it is constantly being improved upon by the company.

However, people live different lives and have different circumstances, including having job requirements that require access to other cloud storage options. So with that, it’s good to see Copy (, an official app from Barracuda Networks, land on Windows Phone 8 (they already have clients for iOS and Android).

Copy from Barracuda Networks

Copy is like most cloud storage in that it offers a free account with a generous 15GB of storage. From there, users can opt to increase that for what appear to be reasonable rates. The network is built by Barracuda, who have been in IT since 2003 and provide security, networking and storage products—so they’re no slouch to this business. Copy though is a bit new so the system is not a robust as competitors.

Copy's price range, including free 15GB of online storage

How’s the app? For an initial release (v1.0.0.12), it’s not bad but it does fall short of SkyDrive. Specifically the app only allows you to access your files that you have already uploaded but you can’t add new files from your Windows Phone—at least not yet. You can share those files by creating public links, which is helpful but without the ability add new documents or images, it’s certainly limited at this time. We bet Barracuda is just getting started though and they will begin rolling out features to increase the app’s usefulness.

Copy (initial release features)

  • Create and Login to a Copy Account.
  • On-demand browsing of all your Copy files and shares.
  • Thumbnailing and preview of all supported file types.
  • High-Resolution previewing of image file types.
  • Copy public link of any file. Multi-select supported!
  • View your folders in thumbnail gallery mode.

For now, if your company or personal network uses Copy from Barracuda, you at least now have a method to easily access those files. We’ll keep an eye out to see if this app improves in the future, but for now you can pick up the initial release here in the Store (or scan the QR code below). Thanks, zhoulhas, for the tip!

QR: Copy



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Fee 15 GB... Not baaaad!

schlubadub says:

No fee for me... All freeeeee :P

SocalTouch says:

Nice catch @schlubadub! The service seems to be pretty good so far and I even signed up for the beta app.

If you want to get an extra 5GB in addition to 15GB (for a total of 20GB!) space for both you and me, you could signup using my referral link -


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rodneyej says:

Your user name sounds like the title to some cool action/SiFi/thriller❕❕

icyrock1 says:

Use this link to sign up, and get an extra 5GB's free! ;)

Here's my referral link for additional 5GB:

bakgwei says:


I personally have been using for a while now and I am totally hooked! They offer much better features than than most other cloud storage providers. Goodbye dropbox...


For a limited time, if you use the following link to sign up for, you get free 20GB of cloud storage with them!:

pedro_ls says:

Yeah! It is great!
And you Win Extra 5gb If you invite someone...
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Thank you!

Eric Stark says:

...And EVEN better if you use my link! Get 20GB:)



jlynnm350z says:

There are so many different cloud storage spaces out there its confusing.

upsidedown says:

I just want amazon Cloud player

RyanAMG says:

I'll be interested when my pictures automatically backup to it like SkyDrive

CopyTeam says:

It's coming soon! We will be releasing incremental updates as fast as we can. If you're interested in testing out the beta version for our next release, send us a support ticket with "Windows Phone 8 Beta" in the subject line and include your Windows Live email address in the body. We'll add your address to the list of allowed users and send you a link to download the beta.

RyanAMG says:

Cool thank you :)

gamato says:

Hi. Why does your app have so many requirements? Do you really need them all? It feels a bit uncomfortable.

Ordeith says:

Barracuda... The slimy, American version of cheap IT.

Xpider_MX says:

While official app add upload option, you can use Woopiti app.

trincowski says:

Amazing news. Still, I'll stick to Woopiti. Why having SkyDrive, Copy and DropBox installed when I can simply use Woopiti?

SocalTouch says:

The service seems pretty good so far. I signed up using the referral link someone posted above in comments and got the extra 5GB once I installed the Windows desktop app.
If you want to get an extra 5GB (total of 20GB) space for both you and me, you could signup using my referral link -
If posting referral links in comments is against ToS, Let me know and I will be glad to remove it!

malih says:

Awesome news, I've been a registered user of Copy for a couple weeks now and it gets better with official app

CJ1derboy says:

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Detronator says:

They are absolutely cross platform - you can get their client on windows/linux/mac/android/iOS/wp, and the client is actually the best! (Even better than the great Dropbox client). So far I haven't had issues with their syncing (google drive for exam screwed all my files with their terrible sync algorithm) and a very nice fact is you can undelete files you deleted by accident.

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christine_19 says:

Used the previous link.
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Peter Brown9 says:

Great Online Storage solution

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Many thanks

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