Fetch your running shoes, Temple Run: Oz speeds past on Windows 8 too

Temple Run Oz

If you're a massive fan of endless runner gamess, Temple Run is widely considered one of the best. Imangi Studios has teamed up with Disney to launch Temple Run: Oz on Windows Phone, but they're not halting there as the same game is now also available on the Windows Store. The only downside is the price tag - $4.99.

Much like other versions of the popular runner already available on Windows 8, you're tasked with essentially "legging it" for your life, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and more. Just like the Oz version on Windows Phone, your eyes will be distracted by the HD graphics testing your willpower and making it seemingly more difficult to score those pesky jumps.

Temple Run Oz

Whether you're looking to kill a few minutes while waiting for public transport or are actively seeking a Temple Run: Oz counterpart for Windows 8 (or Windows RT - you can get those updates on your ARM tablet too), this is a highly recommended download.

You can catch Temple Run: Oz on the Windows Store for $4.99. Let us know how you get on in the hot air balloon.



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And they Temple Ran away from Xbox Live Achievements

Rich Edmonds says:

Wonder if they just got tired of grinding the game to earn enough coins for the Xbox Live upgrade? :-)

Clever Rich! Daniel is rubbing off on you. ;)

danj210 says:

Good. Least fun game I ever played.

ilumianate says:

any word on cross-platform syncing?

..everytime I see a game launch on both platforms I feel syncing is a major missed opportunity. I'd gladly pay twice if it were so..

Duffau says:

FYI, it's $0.99 with no trial on WP8. Odd that that wasn't mentioned in the article.

Why is that odd? It's mentioned in the actual article about the WP8 version...

Duffau says:

Ya, like I said in my reply, I hadn't seen the other article yet and thought this was for both. Sorry.

Duffau says:

Sorry, just saw the other article. The one time I didn't start my articles from the bottom.

jlynnm350z says:

Why is everything priced up on Windows 8

Eas195 says:

that's what I was trying to ask, up until now...

1 dollar is pretty cheap, I mean... come on..., if you really want a game and you don't have a spare dollar, you have bigger problems that should be solved.

jlynnm350z says:

I didn't say I can't afford it, in fact I can afford to buy 2 games. Just wondering why developers charge more for Windows 8 games than Android or IOS games.

Quhi says:

Wait, there is temple run oz on WP?! O.o

purevibz says:

It's not that bad just tried it...great to kill time, would have loved it to be Xbox live, but hell you can't win them all.

ricocchet says:

Great game! Instant purchase for WP8! :)