First photo of the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet revealed, dwarfs the Lumia 1020

The first purported photo of the rumored Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone with a 6-inch 1080P display

At the end of September, Nokia is reportedly going to reveal at least two new devices here in New York: their Windows 8 RT tablet, codenamed Sirius and the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet.

The Lumia 1520 will feature a huge six-inch 1080P display, a polycarbonate body (not metal) with a 20 MP PureView camera akin to the Lumia 925’s design, specifications that we revealed last week from our verified sources. The device will also feature a quad-core Snapdragon CPU and Windows Phone 8 GDR3 for the new 1080P support.

The image above was leaked to us and while we cannot confirm it, we have a suspicion that is accurate. For one, it comes with what looks like an optional back case with a front cover to protect the display. We also wouldn’t be surprised if it adds Qi wireless charging capability as well. It's placed next to what appears to be a Lumia 1020 for size comparison. 

The other bit of evidence is that the display and bezel appear to closely match that of a leaked bezel from back in January, back when Nokia’s intention of making a phablet device were becoming clear. Everything from the Nokia label to the sensor locations to the thin bezel at the bottom appear to correspond. While not a slam dunk conclusion that at least favors a positive interpretation of the leaked photo.

We'll also note the standard proto.nokia.com etching at the bottom, as found on all Nokia tester phones.

Finally, with the display turned on we can see that as we would expect, there are three columns of Live Tiles now, including the ability to fit one double wide next to a medium sized tile. That feature would be needed due to the increased 1080P support found in GDR3.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to land on AT&T under the codename 'Bandit' and other carriers by November.

Windows Phone Central has not vetted the source of the image, so we cannot verify at this time. We will try to dig deeper and see what we can find.



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AlexanderJJJ says:

Eh to small. Let me know when an 8 inch Lumia comes out!

WinFan1 says:

This looks awesome

Mike Gibson says:

Nokia is doing a great job. This and the 1020 are exactly the kind of attention-getting devices WP8 needs right now. The 1020 and 1520 will be aspirational devices for many people who can't afford them ... but it may get them interested in the platform and they will purchase one of the less expensive WP8 devices.

Nabkawe5 says:

I love how its big enough to run Windows RT :D 

Jeebus137 says:

Wonder if this will fit in my nice new CR-200 car cradle/charger...

OMG...I'm loving it. Make it high-end and I'm in.

JoRdaNeK says:

The end is high

Viipottaja says:

Note the apparent accessory cover that likely combines wireless charging and a screen protective cover!

inteller says:

when do small screens become fashionable again?  I want a 2.5" WVGA phone.

SocalTouch says:

I am not a fan of big screens either but no premium device seems to have a small screen anymore. I want a premium device with a screen no more than 4 inches. Basically Lumia 920/925 internals in a Lumia 620 chassis! Willing to pay Lumia 920/925 money for it

HillBillJr says:

Wish granted. Here is latest Nokia phone launched today. Nokia 515 premium build

scorp508 says:

I didn't read the comments, so this could already have been said.
1. No buttons shown or at lesat they aren't lit up.
2. Why is the home screen scrolled up so far? The little right-arrow should be in the lowe-right corner with tiles just above it if they have truly scrolled to the bottom of the screen. Ehh.. maybe the build of WP it was running just didn't have fit & polish ready yet.

inteller says:

I hope it doesn't have software buttons....

my other fear is that is where they have put the notification center, and as you pull the start screen up more your notifications would appear there. I sure hope not.

possumdel says:

I would prefer physical buttons.  I'm always hitting the search button on my 920 with the ball of my right thumb.  It's really annoying.  Also, any time I pass my phone to somebody to see a picture or whatever they inevitably grab the phone and hit one of the three buttons.  They always hand it back to me and say something like "Uh, oh.  I think I messed it up."
I don't like the iPhone, or even Apple for that matter.  But I do really like the feel of that Home button.  Or whatever they call it

  1. All Lumia button lights turn off at a certain time, so that means little
  2. The arrow is because nothing is pinned to the Start screen, totally normal. The arrow is not by default bottom of the display

111san says:

But the buttons on my 920 have a metallic coating making them highly reflective so visible even if off....or was this special to the 920 only?

True and interesting point. Hard to say at this point with one picture.

warmth says:

I exactly thought the same thing but now that I also have the 925, I can tell you it's not. However low & medium end Lumias look a bit different there, more cool white light but less noticeable within limited angles of vision. (e.g 520 & 720)

scorp508 says:

I've never notied my 928's button illumination turn off if the screen is still on, but I can't say that I've paid that much attention to it. Good call on #2, it's been so long since I've seen a home screen with no pins I forgot all about that.

NIST says:

AT&T exclusive.

i want that phablet soo badly!!

Jerry_K says:

I hope i can have 3 columns on my 920 soon, too!

Tjalsma says:

I am actually surprised. It looks very nice.

donkhalil18 says:

What is that thing written at the bottom of the phone???

DJCBS says:

This will be great for baking cookies!

(Nothing else to say as I abhor the simple "phablet" idea)

Tips_y says:

Great - I love cookies. Now I can bake them and eat them too.

I hope they don't just stick stock Windows Phone 8 on this, that would be a disaster. I'm expecting some stuff dedicated for the large screen like redesigned native apps. A stylus wouldn't hurt either.

Dazzi says:

Eh? What do you mean "stock Windows Phone 8". WTF -- this isn't Android mate! lol

JoRdaNeK says:

Stick touchwizz on this bad boy, i wants me some super-lag :P

You don't know what a stock build of an OS is? It's a build that comes straight from the developer with nothing extra in it. The HTC, Nokia, Samsung stuff you see on phones is stuff added AFTER they get the OS from Microsoft. So if Nokia is building a phablet they need to redesign Windows Phone to adapt to the large screen. Add stuff like a split screen keyboard. Just go use a Galaxy Note and you'll know what I mean.

Dazzi says:

Of course I do (I was being sarcastic), and like I said mate, this isn't Android -- WP8 is about stuff baked in, and not the shite you want.

WP7_Genius says:

I'd buy it, 6in is legit just wish it could run the RT version, that'd be legit

Wrong use of legit

Looks cool and a little disproportionate

MojoDoj0 says:

I really hope this is not true. Looks like a big Lumia 720. I have a black Lumia 920 and think the design is nice but I really want Nokia to make a new design for the phablet, an aluminum body would be really nice...

Skynetz says:

Those that ask if it will have a pen I can tell you that it won't, but maybe you will have a chance to buy one separately.

I'm as giddy as a school girl over this!

AMPed126 says:

What's with the butt plug? Hahahaha

jabtano says:

AT&T Again, seams to me that if you want a WP that is new you have to be on one carrier. or you get the 6 mo old tech on other carriers in 2014. I love WP but not enough to mover to AT&T I bought the L925 great device yes but it's still 6 old mo tech. I really don't think the exclusive thing is that good for the OS. but then Nokia is the only real player in WP.

husam2277 says:

It will be great if it can dual boot between wp8 and windows rt.....

kirklyt says:

Oh wow.! I LOVE IT.! This would be my next phone.! Glad to be on WP ;)

pookiewood says:

I wasn't that excited for this until now.

Ed Boland says:

So who's gonna hold that thing up to their ear and talk on it?

Josh Harman says:

That's how I feel about everything bigger than my 822.
I know this is the wrong place to say anything good about the iPhone, but I really like how small it is.
I guess I'm old school, but I really don't subscribe to these big phones.

marantaz says:

Bluetooth. Repeat after me...bluuuuuuuetooooooooth. Ohmmmmmmmm. Again... Bllllluuuuuuu......

Manny C says:

Actually looks pretty nice for a phablet, I think I'll stick with smaller screens though.

Duduosf says:

I really have no interest in having a phablet at the moment. My 925 satisfies me enough for now. My only concern is the Nokia tablet or the new and improved Surface Pro

YCSJ2980 says:

This will likely be my next phone.  Though I'm a little bit concerned at the size.  I've been waiting for a phablet with a 1020 camera and if the rumored specs are right, the camera will certainly be good enough for me.  I was really hoping for a 5.5 or so size.  6 might be pushing it.  I've been holding my nexus 7 and seeing if I could hold that as a phone and I guess I can so the 6 inch device with a smaller bezel should be ok, but I'm still a bit hesitant with that.  As long as they don't try to pull that 299 on contract crap with this one, I'll likely be a day one purchaser and keep my 920 as my backup.

Josh Harman says:

Surely they will produce something in the 5" range.

Credo93 says:

Let's hope so , i'm very excited about this device but i hope Nokia produces a Lumia with 5.5" screen and the exact same specs as this phone, quadcore fullhd etc, and i hope they will built in wireless charging, i hate covers so much ....

Tips_y says:

No built-in wireless charging for now till the industry can settle on one standard. The fruit company is going to use something other than Qi so we might end up with something else as the accepted standard.

pmich says:

Please oh please have wireless charging. Don't leave it out Nokia. This is my next phone

Tips_y says:

The situation with wireless charging standard is in a flux for now so it's not wise for Nokia to use built-in wireless charging when it could go Qi or some other standard. At this point, the swappable clip on is the wisest thing Nokia can do.

warmth says:

Today I got the wireless charging cover for the Nokia Lumia 925, if the rumors are true and the 1520 is spotting a wireless charging cover too I just hope one thing: that the Nokia designers fix the terrible error of blocking the phone speakers. For God's sake. I will be very hard on my review of the accessory if so...

It's not blocked...not really. Look closely and you'll see a thin channel to allow the sound to come out. 

warmth says:

I must differ on this one pal. If I learnt something from my mechanical design courses and my car system hobby was not to play with sound and thin spaces. A speaker that finds a very close interference make bounces over itself, making the sound to lower at least 40%, but the worst is the mechanical damage suffered by the speaker membrane that drop its lifespan incredibly. Not to mention how the equalization suffers.

Whether it is effective or not, I'm not committing to, I'm just saying Nokia took it into account and adjusted the design to allow the sound to channel out. 

warmth says:

Ok, then you are right but I also must say that it was poorly designed in that matter. Any regular decent sound engineer will tell you that at least tiny wholes (that won't mitigate the whole cover solid structure) would solve a lot of the forthcoming problems with the extensive use of the speakers. The tried to fix this by adding those 2 leveling dots around the speaker to create that channel you mentioned but that actually fix nothing but gives an incorrect security that the device is working at its best when it's not. That's all.

Tips_y says:

Then just bore tiny holes through it then - problem solved.

terrokkinit says:

Oooooh!!! Who loves me and wants to get me one? ;) that's pretty awesome

JG333 says:

Yep, can't wait! This is my next phone!!

sunbee says:

The photo look like fake because the arrow that we use to goto app list should be placed at right bottom and in the photo it is little above from the normal place like it was photoshop...

That's not actually true. The button is relative to the amount of tiles on the display.

silverbladex says:

I can't wait to get my hands on that phone!

Really loving my Lumia 1020, but the phablet is my Kryptonite. I ... Must ... Resist!!

monigal2 says:

My next phone? Hmmm..

Question, will there be an option to make the double wide tile a triple wide tile or able to cover the whole width of the screen as it currently does? I honestly can't stand the medium sized tiles and only use double wide and small. I love double wide covering the screen for tiles that live update such as Wpcentral's tile. Would be great to be able to get even more info on the tile with the larger screen and increased resolution.

ejlee072006 says:

Give it to me.. OMG I have been waiting for this to come out..

Dk92 says:

Most likely.

Tips_y says:

If it's going to have 1080p and quad-core cpu, and the rumors are all saying it's going to have those, then it can't be anything other than GDR3. So yes, GDR3 it will be.

Cristoby says:

The way the screen cover seemms to fold sugest a landscape oriented kickstand... will we gwt a landscape Start Screen with it?  Hmmm...

Samst22 says:

I'm thinking this is the 825 phablet not the 1520. Do you have any reason to believe that it is the 1520 over the 825, Daniel? It looks identical to the 820 only bigger to me and it looks pretty flat (no camera bump), although the case might be flush with the hump I guess.

Joel H18 says:

Will it come with a pen?? Not that its a big deal but it would be cool

possumdel says:

Well, if that is indeed true then my decision is an easy one... no stylus, no purchase

sManowar says:

The really interesting thing is, it looks like it doesn't have the typical three WP buttons on the bottom.

cgold1 says:

Now that we have the phablet category covered can we get a 4.0" lumia flagship with a 41 mp sensor. I'd get it in a heartbeat. K thanks.

Joel H18 says:

It looks so slim for a big phone also !! :)

JPDVM2014 says:

If this has a stylus, with a place to store the stylus, and some stylus specific functions. This will be my next phone. If no stylus, then the next iteration of the 1020 will be it.

akhanman says:

Looking at the folds in the cover, I bet the cover can be folded back to act as a stand for the 1520 (like the iPad)

Excellent observation, would be neat if it was attached via magnets, and could turn the screen on an off as well

btgusto says:

looks like a big 820 with an ipad-like cover.  I prefer the aluminum shell we've been seeing.  Especially in that concept pic with that gunmetal grey. 

Verizon exclusive plus worldwide release like the 925.

nanoware says:

Ok guys you ready to have your minds blownnn!!!!!????? It is going to dual boot windows RT /WP8!!!!!

Notice nobody responded to this... Troll.

restlessdan says:

That's awesome. If that's real i am sold already.

Robborboy says:

Expandable memory please. Oh what do I care. It'll be exclusive to fAilT&T for a year anyway.

Lewis Wilson says:

Does anybody else think 6 inches is a little too big? Then again I'm still stoked.

kidjenius says:

Call me skeptical, but I just don't think 6" is a good size.. 5.5" sure, but not 6 :(

davoben says:

I am a little skeptical. I am afraid it might suffer the 'hybrid' curse: the worst of both worlds. Too big to be comfortable as a phone, too small to be appealing as a tablet. Nonetheless, I am intrigued. I will definitely consider it once I get my hands on one.

I want the 1920 ❕❕❕✔✔;)

lerimer says:

Anyone wana buy a yellow 1020 with black charging plate and camera grip?!?!?! Lol

lonbraj says:

Ridiculous big. You failed this time Nokia. 5.5" would have made this phone a great addition to Lumia line though.

Oh snap! I've waited for so long to get a 5+ inch Windows Phone. Although it'll be exclusive to AT&T... Guarantee it

dertdog says:

Saving my pennies for the Verizon release date...

Fake. Note the blocky-ness at the bottom of the tablet... Photoshopped poorly. Oh well. I'm sure there's one coming out. But that ain't it. Isn't there someone out there who can check the pixilation to verify?

Rehan Saleem says:

Wow, My 620....you really got a BIG brother out there. Say , Hi!

MDak280 says:

I want this phone!

MrGoodSmith says:

Will the 20MP camera use the oversampling technology?

krigel says:

Missed opportunity not taking the pic with 1020.

Eric Romero1 says:

Coming from a HTC trophy, to 8x then to Droid DNA, I can not wait for this phone. I love my droid but more often then not I find myself using my wife's 822. They say that wp downside is lack of apps, but the truth is wp has quality apps versus quantity. Quad core and 1080 large screen is all I was waiting for to finally go back.

kc77 says:

I would love to have that thing! If its ever released for Verizon I'm getting one. Not that I actually need a phone that big. Lol.

uopjo6 says:

I'm loving WP+Nokia but...it seems they're stuck in a design loop.

Fndlumia says:

What unlike apple and Samsung? Nokia has the most variety and if you cry loud enough they will make it different (925)

Thank God, they didn't place micro USB on top. It would have spoiled the design. The device is amazing. Although its difficult to make out how thin bazel is. But hope the overall size isn't bigger than Note 2

dfeghali says:

Update it to 8 cores cpu + 8 cores GPU total of 16 cores advanced enough for the battery to last 12 hours in use 1 week idle on 1080p!!!
that will be awesome.

dfeghali says:

forgot to say add 4 GB RAM

mysterioso74 says:

Looks fake....why aren't there tiles all the way to the bottom...and the arrow on the bottom right isn't all the way to the bottom

Fndlumia says:

Something is dodgy about this pic for one the arrow for app menu is far too high and that light reflection should be partially on red phone too, I'm tipping a PhotoShop scam

fabianloing says:

This will definitely be my 920 replacement as soon as it is available. Combined with the Sirius, Perfect.
Cant wait for the official announcement! 
Go Nokia !

sumton says:

Hulk going to be happy to join windows phone camp XD
awesome phone

anurakr says:

Where are those standard 3 buttons? They gone missing.

Chef316 says:

I'd like one if a variant comes to T-Mobile!!!

ivo_apo says:

Not metal body? Disappointing.

Idzaudin Idz says:

proto.nokia.com guess what.. Its a prototype site! U guys should take a look at that webpage

Its funny how they still use a charging plate on a phone that size. Still I'm going to get one!!

dtails says:

Anyone know when/if it will be released in Europe?

eharris560 says:

Why is the arrow so far from the bottom of the screen?

Yinj says:

What is the release date for Germany?

Beijendorf says:

No Nokia, NO!
Those soft edges and the poor way the screen seem to match up with the polycarbonate makes it look like a budget phone! Either this is the 825, or they completely failed at the design department.
I was so excited for this phone when I first hear of it, now all excitement has been taken away. You can't make a flagship look like some cheap plastic crap with poorly matching edges and toy-like soft corners, Nokia.

Beijendorf says:

Accidental double-click. Please ignore.

philhachey says:

Will this support wp7

teaMJPx says:

I want this phone. It would make it so much easier to edit documents on the go. I won't lie, I use my phone for work a bit and have to edit/access many different documents and a PDF would look good on this. I still like my 925 so I may have to buy this separate and swap SIM cards when I need some MEGA help... jejeje

gerwp says:

Hope Nokia makes a phone with 5 inch display... That's my sweet spot.

Where is my stylus & 3000mah battery? 

navidee says:

If my focus didnt just die, i totally would have held out for this beast!!!! ill be purchasing a 1020 in the meantime. i cant deal with this 3 year old android phone im using in the interim...im in hell without my WP!!!

rysliv says:

The tiles seem rather small, though at least you can fit more apps on the screen. I wonder if there may be issues with mistakingly opening an app because the tile is too small, such as using a tablet with a Windows UI (not 8), a pain to be very precise on where you tap.

penetronn says:

Give me a microsd slot, and I'm sold

jlzimmerman says:

Because of its size it probably will not have wireless charging, although I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

b3rni3703 says:

"... dig deeper and see what we can find."

That's what she said..... = P

solidheat says:

This better have orientation lock! There's nothing worse than using my 920 while laying down only to have it swing landscape every time I move my hand.
Seriously apple and android have had it for years. Heck even windows 8 supports it. We don't need a massive software release to support orientation lock.

Talbot690 says:

I would just like to state that im still rocking a 900 because everytime im ready to upgrade there's a new lumia I was set on this 1020 now must wait and see what this 1520 turns out to be.

Sanjay Negi says:

Wow the phone looks awesome, Nokia is doing great.

Azurus says:

Where are the three basic buttons , the home button , the back button and the Bing search button ???

Dperks17 says:

Wow that thing is sick!!

Ouab Ouan says:

Why there is no light at the home button?

leo74 says:

This will be my next work pha... thing.... this and a smart watch and I will find myself in WP heaven.... just imagine my sharepoint form on that thing.... darn, I am starting to drool....