Cat video fans rejoice! myTube returns to the Windows Phone store


Some of us were stunned when myTube was pulled from the Windows Phone Store, with many wondering if it was a cease and desist request from Google. Luckily, it wasn't and the issue was simply a bad XAP uploaded to the store for consumers to update to. Thus the app was pulled while a patch was implemented. Here we are, the popular YouTube app is now once again available.

With this latest bump, we're now on version and as well as the fix being implemented, you'll also be able to create playlists from the "add to" screen (when categorising videos), which can then be edited once created (so fear not if you get the odd word wrong). Orientation lock also makes an appearance, joined by the return of Vevo video playback. 

If you're looking to help the developer out, there's always the myTube beta(access is granted through the app - using the app bar). If not, you can download myTube from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only, folks) for $0.99. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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DavidinCT says:

Is it better than Metrotube ? I love Metrotube better than any youtube app I have seen for WP
BTW...1st !

mrappbrain says:

I think that is a matter of opinion. You see, some people prefer mytubes UI and some prefer metrorubes's. In the end it all comes down to which UI you prefer since both apps offer similar features

m3kk says:

I personally think it's much better

DavidinCT says:

I'll check it out, crap, i still have $40 of my credit with geting my 928 to get rid of by the end of next month.
Thanks !

imZadok says:

That was easy!

sholokov says:

I like metrotube interface better. I think the text is too big in mytube, which gives it a cluttered look.

Background audio, faster loading HD videos, and way battery life. Nuff said

mrappbrain says:

I'm waiting for it to arrive on wp7......

aitt says:

And I'm waiting for my brain to explode

Ryken100 says:

Hey mrappbrain, the WP7 version is almost done. I was planning to release it in September, but Google has changed the code to it's authorization page which seems to make it incompatible with IE9. Because of that, users on WP7 can't sign into the YouTube from the app. Until I can find a way around that, I don't think I can release it for WP7 anymore :(

mrappbrain says:

How about releasing the app without sign in and including that in a later updated release?

Ryken100 says:

Well, that's if I can include it in a later update. If Google doesn't make their page compatible with WP7 again, I don't know if I can. I wouldn't want to release it without sign-in because it would definitely get a damaging amount of bad reviews.

soumitro316 says:

That problem seems to have been fixed.....it works fine now

m3kk says:

I personally think its much better

Hi all, unrelated question but what is the model of Nokia on the photo? The 720? And what is the model of the shell? I love the design with this shell. Thanks

baron1996 says:

Looks like a 925

Hum after searching, I found it rather looks like a 1020 with charging shell.

Yes, it is a black 1020 with yellow shell

paramsingh says:

myTube is probably the best youtube app available, I've used metrotube, which is also an excellent alternative but myTube's UI is just flawless.

LaNiQuE says:

I'm in the wp7 beta and I love this app and the developer takes suggestions seriously

tvolpe86 says:

i too think myTube is better than metrotube.  very pretty and very functional.  i think it may have more features than metrotube?  i'd have to double check and it may not be by much, but i tried myTube and never went back to metro.

wpgeek820 says:

Mytube is very smooth and soothing

The best YouTube Client so far! Smooth, beautiful and simple UI, Lots of feature, and great live tile.

aitt says:

Been using Metro. Don't really care where I watch the video from as long as I can see them.

rubenwidjaja says:

I Love mytube, get lost google,hehe

sholokov says:

Does "Play to" option doesn't exist anymore on YouTube or do these apps just don't have the option? It was neat to browse YouTube on the phone and playing it on TV.

I have both Metrotube and Mytube and honestly have no preference either way of which one I prefer. They are both as good as each other.

EJP86 says:

Interested in this app. 
Currently using TubePro. 

Clavitox says:

I like cat videos

uopjo6 says:

So how do you reorder your playlists? Can't find it.

Ryken100 says:

That's coming in the next update ;)

uopjo6 says:

Whoops I skimmed through the article and thought it was this update. Thanks :D

succubism says:

This is the best app on my phone now that it supports vevo playback. I can stan from my WP!! And the UI is flaw-free.

Nakazul says:

Yes! Cat videos weekend is saved. Maybe its time to film my own cat and upload some. Hmmm decisions decisions.

Wael Hasno says:

Enough with cat videos references.. I like cats and I like good video apps.. But linking any possible reference of videos to cats is just stupid.. This isn't Facebook or reddit so don't treat it like that.

nizzon says:

I still cant find it in the store (Sweden). It autocompletes in the searchbox but the searchresults shows all kinds of other youtube crap.

nizzon says:

Hmm, wasnt there a free version with adds? Just to be clear.. I already own it but I'm pimping it to my cheap colleagues. :)

Ryken100 says:

There's no free version with ads, but they can join the beta from the trial. The beta is unrestricted like the paid version :)

Andy Souw says:

why i can't play video with cellular connection? anyone with same issues and tips to handle it?

xdeathlordz says:

Hi i am having the same issue as well. It only play on WIFI

remmo says:

A paid app for accessing a free web page?? no, thanks.