Nokia Lumia 1520

Estimated size of Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet reveals it to be comparable to the Samsung Mega 6.3

Seeing as it’s the weekend, a holiday one for those in the States, it seems appropriate now to highlight some guesstimation on the size of the Nokia Lumia 1520. Sure, we’ll know more in the coming weeks on the actual dimensions but there’s no harm in adding a little math to give a rough idea.

Revealed in a photo earlier this week, the Nokia Lumia 1520 was placed next to the Lumia 1020 for size comparison. Windows Phone Central can now confirm that the photo is legitimate through a second source who attested to its authenticity. Based off of that image, forum member Cornelius took a break from his bachelor thesis to calculate the Lumia 1520’s exact size.

While we’re not engineers nor math buffs ourselves, Cornelius laid out his methodology, which seems sound to us:

  • Applied perspective correction in Photoshop to the leaked photo
  • Make some smaller corrections, to make sure, that the visible tiles are quadratic
  • Calculate the dimensions based on counting pixels

Based off of a 6-inch display, the Lumia 1520’s device size would be 169.9 mm x 88.9 mm (6.69 in x 3.5 in).

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has a smaller 5.5-inch display, comes in at 151.1mm x 80.5 mm (5.95 in x 3.17 in), making the Lumia 1520 12.5% longer and 10.5% wider.

But what about the even larger Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3? That massive device comes in at 168 mm x 88 mm (6.6. in x 3.46 in)—in other words, it’s fairy comparable, even though the Mega sports a slightly larger display. Surprisingly though, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 features only a 720P display while the Nokia Lumia 1520 will have a higher resolution 1080P one.

Samsung Mega 6.3
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

(Check out Android Central’s review of the Mega to learn more about that monster of a device.)

Either way, that’s one big device, folks.

Of course, the conclusion is only as good as the assumptions made, in addition to the math. For instance, in a leaked photo from January,  the Lumia 1520's display bezel looked to be much thinner near the bottom, which could alter the dimensions.

Do you think you can do better than Cornelius? Have some information that could help elucidate a better conclusion? Hop into our forums and add you two cents.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums | Nokia Lumia 1520



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rodneyej says:

We need big..

NIST says:

That's what your girl said.

rodneyej says:

No, that's what your mom said to me last night NIST❕❕... Anyways, NIST you're lucky you were even born with your dad's tiny.... LOL... I'm sorry, but you've had it coming for a long time.. I'm sick of your constant ridicule.. Lol❕❕❕❕

NIST says:

Lol. Yes I imagine my mom would still be saying that after meeting you. Lol !!!!

rodneyej says:

So, your mom looked down at me and said "we need big"???... That's hilarious.. Lol❕❕

Rishicash says:

Rodneyej - You and NIST remind me of the rather "colorful" relationship between Winston Churchill and Lady Astor. Here is one of the quips between them:

After a rather heated exchange...
Lady Astor, "Mr. Churchill, if you were my husband I'd poison your tea!"
Winston Churchill, "Lady Astor, if I were your husband I'd drink it."

rodneyej says:

LOL.. That's a good one.. I'm gonna have to remember that one..

MacDaMachine says:

Too much damn bezel

Don't buy this device then.

WPJanssen says:

The bezel itself isn't that big. It's the combination with the bezelf of the WP startscreen!! Kill the startscreen bezel!

You need a little space. I don't want my stuff all crammed up.

rodneyej says:

I really don't see where its all that big.. I think we should wait until we get some better, or official, pictures of the device before we start passing premature judgment about it...

noelwilliams says:

Guesstimation is one hideous word

Better or worse than Phablet? lol

baron1996 says:

Id say better i hate the word phablet

NIST says:

I thought we were going with LSD (Large Screen Device)

Abdul9 says:

Heck No. People might think its a drug!

BAP. Big Ass Phone

Duduosf says:

Hahahah I tried using that word yesterday in a conversation. The person looked at me with some kind of despise, I guess

rodneyej says:

There you go with that gay $hit again..

FeedTheShark says:

Why can't people just say Tablet Phone, it's really not that much effort and sounds so much nicer.

rodneyej says:

One less symbol.. Stupid lazy, fat, incorrect English speaking Americans.. Burn them allllll❕❕

soundguise says:

Mostly I just think it is the incorrect word. This is an estimate with a nice record of the assumptions made and methods used so anyone could do the same.

I'm buying it hope its on ATT but if it ain't I'll just buy it for WiFi

That's really the one assumption you can make. They always get the first shot.

Waste of money if you buy it just for WiFi.

Winnabe says:

Here in India, they would just say, 'you are very rich.'

rodneyej says:

What Darrell?? Come again..

Nankom says:

5.5 was the perfect big size. :/

Winnabe says:

I think the middle nos. between the 1020 and the 1520 will take care of that.

rodneyej says:

EXACTLY ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

Winnabe says:

Take a guess which no.will have the 5.5 inch rodney? ;)

sri_tech says:

I think they should have made a 5.5 inch device.

6 inch makes it a very niche device rather than mass market one. Thats a huge mistake in my opinion.

Credo93 says:

There is also a market for 6" device's but i agree that they also must make a 5.5" device, 6" would be so much for me ..

blackhawk556 says:

This phone is just too damn huge. Even if it had eight cores, 128gb, sd support, 4k screen I still wouldn't buy this phone.  

rodneyej says:

Why can't they make both?

Tragic says:

*La Bamba plays on trumpets in the background*

I have a colleague who wants to switch from a Note 2 because of this model.

rodneyej says:

To much for who❔

NIST says:

You have tiny hands Rodney.

rodneyej says:

Lol❕ But, I have big feet.. And you know what they say about guys with big feet... Just ask your sister,, I showed her last night.

NIST says:

You showed my sister your feet? That would be hella funny, knowing my sisters.

Winnabe says:

This is bromance in plain daylight!

jkercado says:

Include support for Bluetooth keyboard and this could be my next.

Bailey199719 says:

Tbh I couldn't give a damn. I'm happy with my 920. Still awaiting the GDR2 update. But apart from that I'm pretty happy.

MrGoodSmith says:

When the first 5" phablet came out people also said that was too much. I guess either people really don't know what they want until they see it, or that many people indeed want a 6"

Credo93 says:

I really hope Nokia makes one with a 5.5" screen, Cyan color & wireless charging built in, that is my dream for now :)

I have to see it first  to see how it looks but I think 6.3 is too big.

Off topic, when do you think Microsoft will hold their next windows phone event? The IOS 7 event was in June and Google I think July, what is holding Microsoft?

avigyan says:

+1 I am dying for that.

steveymacjr says:

In an interview with a few months back Greg Sullivan, the senior manager of Windows Phone marketing, said they were in "shut up and ship" mentality now. 
With Nokia being such a big seller of Windows Phone I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft used the Nokia annoucements to take the wraps off the next version of Windows Phone.
"We're not going to do this thing where we announce the next version [of Windows Phone] months and months before it's available," he[Greg Sullivan] said. With Windows Phone 8 only a few months old, Microsoft is in the middle of its product cycle.
"Over the course of the next several months, I wouldn't be surprised to see some exciting new devices and more interoperability before we start talking about what [opeating system] is next," he said.
Here's my source link:,2817,2416002,00.asp  but i wouldn't go there, they have the awfulest ad placement..

Winnabe says:

That is very re-assuring. Thank you for the link.

That sucks. Well WPCentral should post about this. Did you tip them?

Bloobed says:

iOS7 device(s) is expected to be revealed this month. WP8.1 devices are expected to be revealed during or after Q1 next year.

The Nokia Lumia 920's pago on Facebook ( posted this last night: 
Good news: Nokia’s 6 inch phablet is about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

"The Nokia Lumia 920's pago on Facebook ..."

You do realize that's not an official page, right?

Actually, I don't realise anything! WPCentral is my number one source of information and store :) . But, you asked about some information to elucidate a possible conclusion and it reminded me of that post... :)

IceDree says:

Damn that's Huge .

Gemini Ace says:

That's what she said...

NIST says:

I hear that a lot. You get used to it.

Rich White says:

Thinnest bezels I've seen--.2 each side. A 3.3" wide 6" screen including bezel  is State of th art. 3.5" polycarbonate more rugged.
Min Height is at least 1" over the min screen size (5.2") To accommodate front camera on the top and controls.  Usually .5 over the stated diagonal or 6.5" in this case would be competitive.
Take the 925 and use the same bezels and camera and controls  on top and bottom and you get 6.4" x 3.5" (rounding up). Use the 1020 and you get 6.5" x 3.5".
In short---I suspect 6.7" high is at least .2 off the mark. I expect 6.5" x 3.5".

So what's the cheapest way to upgrade to one with an AT&T account, if I signed a new contract last year when the 920 came out?

Gemini Ace says:

My question too.

JoeDizzle33 says:

The cheapest is probably the new upgrade program they started. Upgrade anytime.

jsnod25 says:

That's the fastest, but also the most expensive. If you do the math, you pay almost 2x the price vs just buying it outright and pay full price.

JoeDizzle33 says:

By doing that plan you end up paying full price for the phone if you keep it about 20 months or pay about half the price if you trade the phone in every 12 months. Its the cheapest if you plan on upgrading every 12.

jsnod25 says:

Your mostly correct, I was wrong. You have to pay the NEXT price for 20 months regardless of how often you upgrade. So it is cheaper to do it that way, but know that if you upgrade again in 12 months, you still have to pay the fee for an additional 8 months. Its 20 months of payments regardless.

NIST says:

That's not how it was explained to me by AT&T. After 12 months you can trade in your phone for a new one. If you decide to keep it instead, you continue with the remainder of the 20 months of payments. Your financing the full as opposed to the discounted price. You can pay the 299 up front or have it spread out over the 12 month time frame.

JoeDizzle33 says:

NIST is correct. After 12 months if you upgrade then you don't owe for that phone anymore. You just start paying for the new phone.

jsnod25 says:

Not according to the fine print at the bottom of the website at

JoeDizzle33 says:

I pulled this off of the website you posted.

Upgrade after 1 yr.: Req. min. 12 installment payments, acct. in good standing, plus trade-in of current device in good & functional condition & purchase of new device/wireless agreement & service plan. After upgrade remaining unbilled installment payments are waived. AT&T Next available only at AT&T owned retail stores & If device is returned, restocking fee up to $35 for smartphones or 10% of tablet sales price may apply. Terms subject to change.

jsnod25 says:

Pulled this off the site I linked, right under the price where it says "add to cart"...

*Req. 20 mo. 0% APR Installment Agreement and wireless service agreement (voice & data). Tax due at sale.

So not sure what that means...

NIST says:

That is the full term. You're signing up for a 20month payment. But at 12 months you can turn it in and get the newer device and start the 20 month plan again. Almost like a lease. If you can see yourself with a smartphone for some period if time, then it makes sense. However if you want to jump ship to another carrier, you'll need to finish paying off your phone. So you plan isn't a 2year plan its until you pay off your phone. Or just turn it in and get the newest. I can tell you, if a 1028 comes out next year, I have no problem resetting this phone and trading it in for the new one.

isi mcf says:

Its only worth it if its specs are truly 1080p/ quad core/ 20MP camera. It its specs are crappy like the mega then I'll surely pass.

Mulingo says:

7 - too much, 5 - standart, 6 - perfect!
Also, I'm waiting for some "neoAtom" Win 9 with phone function on the size, that will be fжcking awesome BOMB!!111

Everybody talking about phablets and tablets, but the 820 and 920 are 1 year old.When will we see their replacements? Those 2 are the core of the Lumia series.We should have got some announcement by now...

Rubios says:

What's wrong with a year old phone? Do we really need new models every month?

Been waiting for a Nokia Phablet since 4ever. I need more screen real-estate. This shit better works on T-Mobile US Network.

OMG55 says:

Honestly, if its that size, I think it will run RT

kirklyt says:

That would be a huge phone. BTW, I had a 7" Samsung tablet phone before, and honestly, I think I made a wrong decision back then. I would never use a phone with that size again. I mean, It just doesn't look and feel right using it as a phone, imo. 5.5in screen is as big as I would go for a phone and that's it.

Winnabe says:

Same here. 5 - 5.5 would be ideal for me.

DavidinCT says:

Yea, another week another Nokia device...ugh, getting old...
If this a phone, it's too big, some people might be happy with that size but, DAM that's a big phone.

DJCBS says:

And if the owners of this monstrosity ever run out of dinner trays or need to use it as an assault weapon, they'll be able to use this Lumia as a substitute for said items.

Arsenic17 says:

this guy should verify this against the 920 next to the 1520. See if the calculation provides the right result against a reference. Then we can get an idea of the uncertainty in the 1520 calculation.

JM_T says:

I had the same thought... Why was the screen size directly designated as 6" without checking against the phone next to it

riot9 says:

Exactly. They should be doing their math based on the 920 or 1020 (whatever it is) next to it, not the assumed 6 inch screen. This makes wmpowerusers article seem more reliable (surprisingly). It could also be that I want to believe it's smaller than 6 inches though.

JM_T says:

I'm wondering, was the 6inch measurement for the 1520 display size based/scaled on the 1020 (or is that a 920?) screen next to it (after corrections)?

dkp23 says:

Kill the bezel.

willied says:

I'm still waiting for a high end 4" WP.

Keep waiting. Its like waiting for a high end 2 cylinder car.

willied says:

I realize it's not going to happen, but that's not a very good analogy seeing as there are virtually no 2 cylinder cars.

Does anyone have any guesses if Nokia releases some new apps/experiences to take advantage of the large screen? Making a phone with a larger screen is nice, but I would say that it would need unique software to differentiate it from the Samsungs. Thoughts anyone?

I am very happy w/ my 920. I like the 1020, but the high end cam and extra gig'o'ram aren't reason enough for me, not to mention the not-so-native Qi. I quite like the speculated tech specs on the 1520... If they are comparable at launch then I'll just have to see it in person to decide if it's too cumbersome or a good fit. It just boils down to personal preferences folks.

el-ojo says:

Well, if the 1520 doesn't bring more than the 1020 in RAM, it would be a disappointment to me. That's what allows you to have more stuff running at the same time. You can have all the processing power in the world, but if you got no ram...that stuff would lag.

Tragic says:

Can we please use another word instead of phablet? It is such a repulsive word!

lucktr says:

How about MOBLET :D

Tragic says:

Lol I was thinking that but it sounds like a sanitary item for a women. I was thinking more of LSD or BSD. "Large Screen Device or Big Screen Device" something Daniel said to weeks ago during the Mobile Nations hang out.

CSJr1 says:

If the 1520 is physically bigger than the Mega while also having a smaller screen, it would be disapointting.  Hopefully Nokia is not getting complacent.   It is time for a new form factor.  The 920, 720, 520, 800, 1020 bodies were nice, but does everything have the same now?
Polycarbonate is getting old, how about a phablet with a little metal?  925 esk..

Loco5150 says:

What Im waiting to find out is how big is the battery. I think the device is too big for me, but if its the first gdr3 spec device with a big battery that gives really good running time.. I dont know, I might just buy one and use it with a earpiece. At least until something with similar spec and smaller screen comes out.

cesar ruiz1 says:

That probably will be my next phone if they don't screw it up

Winnabe says:

Might be a little off topic, but there is this Nokia store I have been visiting ever since I bought my L720 and I went there to see the L925 which launched here just a week ago. I was floored by it in the first look, and one of the store guys (who had sold me the 720 and with who I have developed a good rapport) made me a very tempting offer - exchange my 720 for the 925 for a reduced price. It is very tempting, but I told him I was waiting either for the 1020 or the next high-end Lumia with GDR3 and the Pureview camera. From the looks of it the 1520 is not the one I am digging. However all those missing numbers in between the 1520 and 1020 still has my hopes flying high. :)

P.S. : Over my last two visits to the store, I have effected one sale of a 625 and a 925, by giving testimony of my satisfaction with the WP OS and the Nokia Lumia builds. :D

el-ojo says:

Amen Brother! Spread our WP Gospel to the Masses!

They could make the 5inch phone for now we probably going to have this lets keep demanding it so they have phones in all sizes for every consumer! says:

One will be purchased on day one here... Waiting for it..

Rubios says:

Even carrying my laptop around and using Skype seems more convenient.

jason_tee says:

6" is too huge to my taste, would like to have one between 4.5-5.0 and the 41mp camera, wireless charging built in...

jfa1 says:

I like it but I'll consider it. I can't wait to play with one at my local ATT store

dbgman says:

Finally a bigger phone. Hopefully it will have wireless charging and longer battery life. I was missing my titan because of the screen.

nbolmer says:

The 1020 vs 720 arguments, applied to a phone screen, are completely daft.

maghedo says:

Ugly and too big. I love my 928 but this is not for windows. 5" and below.

maghedo says:

And Cesar they did screw it up. Its 6 inches....

bsd107 says:

The bezels are WAY too big on the Nokia - this kind of kills the device for me. Look how small they are on the smaller Note 2...

pkvillager says:

I agree partly... Top & bottom bezels are too big, the bottom especially. Way too much real estate dedicated to the standard MS buttons. Sides are fine though.

mukulvdhiman says:

Hmmm... Why didn't they use relativistic approach to it? Simply set the dimensions for 1020 and u'll know for the 1520..

sip1995 says:

I read so many comments about the size...this is phanlet=6" you can wait for lumia 825 with 5.2" if you don't want it so big.

cdb033 says:

I'm getting this. Holding off on the 1020.

Kollega says:

Oh c'mon guys, this is completely wrong. You do have Lumia 1020 on the same pic for comparison! Just measure it's screen size and extrapolate. This is basic math.
Roughly measured "Lumia 1520" is 152x84mm (+-4mm) with 5.7 inches screen.
Please add this to the article and stop spreading incorrect data. Thank you.

Cornelius says:

In regards of a 5.7 inch screen: I did that calculation in my post, too.
My result regarding width was about the same. My calculation of length however resulted in a  6.36 inches (16,15 cm).
Maybe the truth is somewhere between. However, we can't know from the leaked picture, if the phone actually has a visible polycarbonate bezel on it's top, and if so, how thick it will be.
Let's just wait for some official details from Mr. Elop. ;)


Kollega says:

Just checked the image provided in this article with the dimensions and I see where you went wrong in calculation of length.
You have incorrectly defined the screen area, it is actually closer to the buttons on the lower side of the phone. It is clearly visible on my monitor - a grey rectangle below your highlighted screen area.
You can recalculate your dimensions taking into account that this is 5.7 inch phone and that there is additional area of the screen below - then you'll get closer to my measurements.

Actual size we will know only after release... there is even a slight possibility that this is 5.5 or 5.6 incher :)

husam2277 says:

I think the calculations are not correct, the width will be approximitly 78-80 mm and the height 158-160 mm...
the lower bezel is smaller than he draw, its clear from the photo, look at the black level between the screen and the bezel...
also if i depend on your photoshped image the dimensions will be 153 height and 82 width.... you should always compare with the 1020 image and real dimensions...

Cornelius says:

I added an identical screenshot from Windows Phone 8 (in aspects of size and rows of tiles) onto the existing interface, that was included in the leaked picture. It fit perfectly well. I added the white halo, to show you, where exactly the screen would end.
If you add the buttons on the bottom part of the bezel, id say it's not too much at all.

PS: I added some additional calculations in my forum post.

rickc1961 says:

I have loved my 920 and am a Nokia fan for life. But, When I saw the Samsung Note last year i thought it was genius. Except it wasn't windows phone. Now I get my wish! I'll add the 10 inch Nokia tablet later and my toughest decision each day will be which device fits my needs that day.

Mike Gibson says:

Here's my guess as to the size of the screen on the 1520. I'm going by the original photo, not the "perspective-corrected" version. The base of the active screen on the 1020 is around 133 pixels. The base of the active screen on the 1520 is somewhere between 162 and 168 pixels (there's terrible JPEG ringing on the left side). I'll go with 165 pixels for the calculation. The width of the 1020's screen is 58 mm, which makes the 1520's width around 72 mm.
Given those measurements:
1. If the 1520 has the same aspect ratio as the 1020 (1.66), it would be 5.5" in the diagonal
2. If the 1520 has a 16:9 aspect ratio (1.77), it would be 5.75" in the diagonal
That's my two cents.

Holiday in Canada, too!

I really wish MS had brought QHD support with WP8. Perfect resolution for midrange, smaller devices. (3.8"-4.3") It's worked pretty well for Apple, and would've made the L720 an absolute must buy!

swirl253 says:

I hope Verizon gets it first because I am tired of waiting

goldenpipes says:

I would love a screen that big playing games and watching things on will be fantastic also using it as a GPS in the car. Its going to be weird to put that sucker in your pocket though.

Kevin Joel says:


Rich White says:

Acer just announced a 6" phone

Dimensions: 166 x 86 x 8.99 mm,

6.54" x 3.39" for us metrically challenged.

sinister1 says:

Seriously, what is the use of a bigger screen just to add more ugly tiles? We are aproching the year 2014 and still the UI has not matured at all. No new tile colors, no start screen picture background option, still basic black and white backgrounds; it's like all Microsoft seems to care about is more tiles. Hum, news flash!!! This is why you are still in third place.

sonic1519 says:

I'd need to hold it and give it a once over. But I'm betting it gives the note 2 a run for its price.
I could see trying it