Cortana in More Regions

Activate Cortana alpha version in India, Canada, and Australia


Cortana heads to the UK, China, India, Australia and Canada!

Windows Phone News

Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 630 get priced for consumers Down Under


Official BlueFly app brings a boutique fashion experience to Windows Phone


Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support


Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup


Windows Phone 8.1 reportedly rolling out on Vodafone Australia this month


Flipkart adds new features and improvements to their Windows Phone app


Bollywood entertainment portal, Koimoi, launches official Windows Phone 8 app


One Love to rule all your social networks on Windows Phone


Middle East's leading newspaper, Khaleej Times, arrives on Windows Phone


CNET comes to Windows Phone with all its Tech-Savviness


Tonido released for Windows Phone 8 for remote access to your home computer


Another day, another official app in India, Airtel Money arrives on Windows Phone 8


Bollywood Hungama makes a comeback on Windows Phone 8 for Bollywood fans


Boxcryptor comes to Windows Phone and Windows 8, allows you to encrypt all data you send to the cloud

Microsoft News

Microsoft scores Office 365 deployment with Australian local government


Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications


Fhotoroom gets an updated, adds in-app store and new editing tools

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Numerous new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps launch down under


Microsoft has announced a handful big names that are on the way to the Windows Phone and Windows stores. The same comment has been made many times before, "the Windows ecosystem is empty." Hopefully this collection of apps for Australia will help provide functionality and warm consumers to the switch. It's worth noting that we've managed to find a few of them on the stores already, but the rest may be stuck in store approval somewhere.



The Australian ticketing company ( is arriving on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, enabling consumers to go through booking and check out concerts, sport events, theatre and exhibitions with ease. You can download Ticketek from the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores.

QR: Ticketek


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

You know the drill when it comes to pizza apps. Already sporting an app for Windows Phone, Pizza Hut has unveiled a counterpart for Windows 8 for Australian pizza lovers to take full advantage of. Well-designed and optimised to get you through the menu and ordering process as quick as possible, it's well worth checking out when available.



Available on Windows 8 and the Xbox, Xpreshon is an action sports entertainment solution that combines the media with sport to wrap everything up in an easily digestible experience. See article lead image for a quick look at what's on offer and what you'll be able to do with the app. You can download Xpreshon from the Windows Store.


Carsales WP8


As the name would suggest, Carsales ( is a well-known Australian website and company that specialises in vehicle transactions. Offering an official Windows Phone app, consumers will be able to browse around and search for their next purchase while on the move. Keep an eye out for when the app arrives.



Page Up

Finally, Page Up ( is a solution for employers worldwide to hire, manage and monitor performance of employees and more. Training & development, the tracking of careers and capability framework are just additions to the functionality boasted by the service. Head on over to the official website for more details and watch out for when the app goes live.

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omersari says:

No comments for this article yet.

trickym81 says:

Now, do Canada! ;)

bilzkh says:

Good for Australia. Now if only Microsoft could pour some of that attention in Canada, looking for: Cineplex, Tim Hortons, Metro, Future Shop/Best Buy, Starbucks, Dominos, Pizza Pizza, etc.

trickym81 says:

I'd really like a Cineplex Timeplay app, but it will never happen.

Sicarius123 says:

IMDB app is pretty good for movie times here in Aus.

R0bR says:

No Timeplay, allows you to join in the trivia games while you wait for the movie to start. Of course that would be for WP not W8.

camptime says:

Well it's early morning here in Australia. The caresales app is fantastic as for the other apps have not tried or need them.

Rehan Saleem says:

Oh My, thought it was related something to global WP apps.

Where is Flipboard?! And all those other top apps they promised?

Charles Wang says:

Not bad I suppose, would much prefer to have all the major banks onboard though. But the momentum is gaining.

Now is time for some Latin love.

Gnarly. Nokia should do a green AND yellow 1020 to match the Aussie colours. Like the 620 shell. I'd buy it

xankazo says:

But, but, but... Where's my INSTAGRAMMMM!!!
Nah, I'm just f-ing with you. 6tag is awesome!

Jacob Heston says:

Car sales is a good one........ WE WANT AFL!

Josh Harman says:

I don't think the Arena Football League is doing very well right now.

stui83 says:

Wat? Aussie rules = AFL right?

lavo96 says:

Download Au Footy!  Great app, other than being behind on the live time (but weirdly the score is spot on).

schlubadub says:

Ticketek, carsales, & even Pizza Hut are pretty big names here. Good to see them supporting W/WP

Josh Harman says:

Throw another app on the barbie.

Vistaus says:

Now if only ABN AMRO would create a Windows 8 app. They had a Windows Phone 8 app long before the other Dutch banks but they're the only one on Windows 8/RT so far without an app.

MDak280 says:

Pizza Hut's WP app is pretty bad... needs an update. Glad to see the WP and Windows 8 ecosystem growing!!

Whatsup67 says:

That's great to hear but what about the gdr2 and amber update for unbranded phones would rather have that now instead of the apps come on

But what happened to the official Snapchat client that was promised by you months ago?

kimlo91 says:

YES! Carsales and Tickitek! This is awesome!
Now please bring an NRL official app.

singlefished says:

Need a Dominos app with notifications to compete with Pizza Hut... Their pizza is better and I could unsubscribe from the daily emails flooding my mailbox...