Xbox One ends up in leaker’s hands; video shows off Dashboard and gameplay

It’s been a busy weekend for unintended leaks of upcoming Microsoft products. First we had Windows Phone GDR3 and Bittersweet Shimmer, that was followed by an alleged photo of Windows Phone 8.1 and now we have the Xbox One.

The Xbox One was revealed in all of its glory months ago and since then, we’ve had a steady stream of official news from Microsoft on the product. Because of that, we’re not too sure this video reveals anything new. But it is curious because unless this is some viral Microsoft marketing campaign (don’t put it past them), the Xbox One hardware has evidently ended up in non-official hands, making it ripe for teardowns and tours of the unfinished hardware and software.

The video, posted by ‘Jackson Carter’, is just over 2 minutes long and is narrated. The video begins with the new Xbox One controller and they we’re given a brief tour of the Xbox One console, before going to the Dashboard (you can even spy the Kinect 2 below the TV).

From there, we see some navigation of the Dashboard and gameplay or Ryse: Son of Rome Demo, before quickly toggling back to the Dashboard. What’s really cool of course is seeing the game still playing the cut scene while minimized in the Dashboard, showing off the multitasking power of the One. The software is reported as still being “buggy”.

Overall, an interesting addition the weekend.  

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Jason L. (Twitter), for the tip!



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nokiauser911 says:

Before some troll comments that he is "first"

mjfadaway says:

U beat em to it

holmesr says:

And you're different how?

Ali Assaedi says:

he called someone else "troll" first.. 

_Emi_ says:

he is a nokia user? ;)

Shantek says:

Lol it doesn't matter how you word it.. You are no better

Daylife says:

Oh god that interface lol...Get ready for Ads for days!! lol 

nokiauser911 says:

Trolls get butthurt ,coz i stole there premium "first" comment

Agent-P says:

Such an unstable video. It almost seemed like he was hurrying to finish before Microsoft's army of trained ninjas broke into his house to stop him.

This has a kind of bad Bigfoot video, shaky UFO footage mythical side to it. Which adds to making it interesting. :)

sasukeluffy says:

Maybe P-Agents?

kenzibit says:

I pray and hope the new dashboard comes to Xbox 360.

donkhalil18 says:

Amen to that brother

Thank you for mentioning me as Jason l my twitter is @ultimatedeath91

So, what are the buttons that replaced Back and Start? I've yet to see it explained what their functions are.

I was not the one who posted this I just let WP central know about

They are swap and options. Swap can put two things on screen (game and Skype) and options is like the pause button.

Hey people please follow me on Twitter

Shantek says:

Give us a reason to and we might..

How did he even get it to run? I thought MS required a minimum a one time log-on to XBL servers. Hope he didn't use his real MS account.
... annnnd it's gone!"

ebradley says:

Getting this day one, but it is getting wrapped and stuck under a tree.

frugo says:

I can see all the future updates to the dashboards, first wide tiles, then mini tiles, then double wide tiles, then background....old story bro.

Hahaha then you have Windows One

codo27 says:

I'm impressed. still wont have any more consoles, but impressed nonetheless. massive upgrade from the atrocious garbage on either current console that as far as I'm concerned would have felt more at home on 16 bit hardware

MBaumi says:

Have already seen this Dashboard on Gamescom 2013. I like it, but think it could be more like Win 8.1 - at least its the same ecosystem.

onysi says:

slow weekend waiting for my surface rt.  thanks rubino

JamesDax3 says:

Video not working in app. nvm. Got it to work.

namflow says:

What a fool. He is obviously a Microsoft employee or partner and just to get credit on a "leak" he put his job or company at risk. Some people are so stupid

kidjenius says:

Highly doubt it's an MS employee since he outwardly stated Bing is garbage. I think MS employees either like Bing, or they don't publicly state their distaste of it because of their jobs

namflow says:

They don't leak information that they have signed an NDA for either if they care about their jobs. If he's not an MS employee or partner then he is the family member of one. In which case he just lost their job which is worse.

realwarder says:

I never thought I'd say this but Bing has been getting better to the point it is returns reasonable results. As a dev Google always blew Bing away but there's not much in it today, even for the type of searches required to troubleshoot bugs and PC issues

_Emi_ says:

well... he is probably just a son of a Microsoft employee, so imagine the trouble he could make just for this video? its the only possible way this was leaked... since its young (and stupid and probably dont understand why nda is so important), well I guess someone might get fired because this is a really huge thing, and I dont think Microsoft would accept it.

so it doesn't matter if he likes or not Bing (probably haven't used it), its obvious this guy will make someone get in trouble, older brother, father, uncle, friend.... boyfriend, whatever... and this leak is not a right thing to do.

peterfares says:

He looks young. Problem a kid whose parent works in a position where they can get their hands on one.

poiman says:

I'm probably going for the PS4 because of the exclusives, specs and price but I was impressed by the multitasking capabilities of the One. Anyway, hope that black backgroud can be changed! I hate that we only have black or white on WP8, hope Microsoft isn't making the same mistake here! That black and green doesn't look good.

Josh Harman says:

Aren't the specs of the Xbox One and PS4 nearly identical?

poiman says:

Nearly, but the PS4 uses most of its resources for games, while the One uses them for multitasking and basically for having 3 different OSs running at the same time.
Also, the PS4 uses GDDR5, while the One uses GDDR3. That can make a big difference, especially as this generation evolves and developers get more comfortable with both systems.

funkyGeneral says:

Sony also revealed that 3 of the 8 gigs of ram are dedicated to the OS. Everyone who has seen the systems seem to say these systems are the closest, spec wise, in amy generation.

expectafight says:

PS4 users GDDR5. One uses DDR3, not GDDR3.  I'm not even going to go into the differences between GDDR and DDR. 

peterfares says:

PS4 has a faster CPU, 50% faster GPU, and faster RAM.

XB1 has a Kinect.

_Emi_ says:

can you talk more crap please?
1. lawl please please dont make up things gpu is not 50% faster, and cpu is not faster either (it was even overclocked)
2. faster ram? lol please dont tell me you think 3 its better than 5 only because you see it? lol please. gddr5 is NOT faster than ddr3 plus th 32mb ESRAM it will have... please you clearly dont know about this stuff.
do you at least know why PCs memory are ddr3 (moderm systems of course) and graphic cards are the ones that use Gddr5? I bet you dont. but there is a reason, and Gddr5 wont be any plus in PS4 and it will not make the console faster either. again. stop talking crap.

Drewidian says:

Please post a link where Sony has even posted the speed of their CPU. I've looked everywhere for it and can't find it anywhere.
The GPU is not 50% faster either. Another thing, RAW HW does not mean faster or better games either. There is the OS, Drivers, and game 3D rendering engine to take into account as well.. MS uses Direct X 11.2 in their implementation which is a well known and significantly optimized standard. What is the PS4 using? A proprietary standard that doesn't necessarily make it better. It is afterall their first time doing this for an essentially x86 processor.
As far as the RAM speed goes, while the GDR3 RAM is slower than GDR5 in terms of bus speed, It also has a much higher latency which will add lag time in loading and unloading blocks of data from memory as well as doing calculations. Its part of the reason the PC industry in general hasn't adopted it, and let's face it everyone knows that PC gaming gives a better experience than consoles right? Yeah...
So please... stop spreading FUD without taking the time to think about it or back it up with real data.

remindmyself says:

I love all the hate you're getting. As a fellow Microsoft fanboy, you're all ridiculous for bashing this guy/girl for having a different opinion than you; have some class. If it's not for him/her, that's his/her choice. I will, personally, be getting both. Enjoy the PS4. It's going to be good

neo158 says:

Most of those "exclusives", Watchdogs is one that springs to mind, are also going to be available on Xbox One anyway. Specs look great on paper but that's all, real world performance is a totally different thing altogether. I actually like uniformity across the ecosystem and that "black and green" is used on Windows Phone as well as background and accent colours respectively.

poiman says:

I'm talking about exclusives made by Sony. They aren't going to be on the One. Games like The Order: 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall, InFamous: Second Son, Drive Club, etc...
Yes, the specs look great on paper. PS3 also looked great, but developers said that in practice it was harder to develop for it. This time Sony corrected their mistakes. Developers are familiar with the consoles architecture. If the specs are great and developers are familiar with them, there are no reasons for not obtaining the best results on the PS4, especially when the console focus most of its resources on games and not on many OSs.
About the black and green, I know that those are the XBOX colours, I know that they are on WP8 too, but I don't like them. I think it would be nice to give users some options. I've been asking for more background colours on WP8 for a long time. My LUMIA 920 would have looked a lot better (before it was stolen)...

sasukeluffy says:

Yeah, but if (and I guess this already is happening) MS can get devs to develop their games to One, and then just port them to PS4 (like happens this gen with 360 and 3), they'll look identical/better on One. I think that AAA devs prefer, and have always preferred, Xbox, because MS focuses on devs more Sony, which focuses more on gamers. If xOne would've had those DRMs, all AAA dwvs would've preferred One and so developed their ganes to One and then just ported them to 4, which would've ended on multiplats looking better on One.. So it's definetely not going to be the same.
Edit: Also, doesn't PS4 use 3,5gb RAM for OS and One uses only 3GB?

el-ojo says:

I doubt Devs prefer XBOX. Just ask all the Indies, they've all been thrashing how MS shoves it up their you know what. They have publicly stated that Playstation is more open to their ideas both financially and in regards to differentiation. Microsoft just has paid a lot of money to have preference to the BIG triple AAA developers such as those GTA guys.

AriesDog says:

I find none of the Sony exclusives compelling. Now on the other side, Titanfall and Dead Rising 3, oh yeah!

RolexDPracer says:

I'm with you, and if recent history holds sway, Playstation exclusives are usually pretty "meh". I take Halo over Killzone, Forza over GT, or Gears if War over Infamous any day of the week. The only exclusive I find compelling is Uncharted.

ncxcstud says:

Some Sony exclusives are good, Uncharted especially. The rest are ok, nothing special. However, I don't understand the positive point made of Sony giving more resources to games and not other things. Especially since it has come to light that the PS4 will have all the things that people were so incensed that Microsoft was focusing on.

I trust that Microsoft, as a software company, will be able to bring a more compelling solution of incorporating all of that into a system than Sony can.

If your going for specs buy a PC. Its what you do with the hardware that counts. Also, know one knows how both consoles will run beyond vague assumptions. PS4 uses 3.5 GBs of RAM for system resources- just as much or more than Microsoft is using. This is coupled with the fact that Microsoft has some of the best programmers in the world. You would assume they know how to make an efficient OS. Real world performance should be similar. Microsoft wouldn't make a console that wasn't competitive. No one except those that like bragging about numbers is going to notice the few differences between different versions of the same games. Exclusives wise- I haven't been impressed with Sony offerings.

XeroJC2000 says:

don't have 2K+ for a great gaming computer but hey the $500 I dropped on my consile money well spent #XB1FTW

kidjenius says:

To the person that posted this, Bing is not garbage.

sasukeluffy says:

Yup. I use it daily on my WP8 and W8, and it's not bad. It's not as good as Scroogle, but it's still good.

glassadam says:

I did that weird side-by-side blind test of google vs Bing and ended up choosing Bing for 4 out of 5 searches. Pretty impressive.

AriesDog says:

I genuinely like Bing better.

DarkKrystof says:

Agreed. I haven't used Google for over a year now. Don't miss it at all.

The best part of this video is that we see the speed is real and that its very fluid

adrian1338 says:

Fluid in the menue and tuning a trailer..great job they have done

dkp23 says:

Lulz. Bings garbage blurb

vukmania says:

Video seems to be down... any backup?

sasukeluffy says:

It worked fine for me 5min ago.

JLP says:

Bet this guy is the son of some MS/Xbox employee, and got some video without Dad knowing, if its not viral marketing as was suggested...

Zulfigar says:

That's pretty much it, so daddy may be losing his job soon as this is part of the contract they sign when signing up for the Beta program (to any software/ hardware). Poor daddy.

AriesDog says:

Agreed. I'm pretty sure this is a spoiled teen who doesn't care that he may get his mom or dad fired.

AriesDog says:

Someone's getting fired.

+1 (position available at Microsoft Xbox division)

Blu3V3nom07 says:

Yea, that's nice. That space is way too dusty and I saw a billion spider eggs. :/

jaethos says:

It was taken down before I got to see it. :(

Sicarius123 says:

Still there now.

Shantek says:

Nope its gone

I heard they were giving away a few X ones at gamescom. Either way, the dudes name is on it and he shows his face. If he were an employee he must have already been fired and never signed an NDA. Which I highly doubt.

Skiffle says:

PS4 canes this glorified digi box hands down.

sasukeluffy says:

Shoot yourself.

glassadam says:

Whoa there guy, that's a bit harsh.

sasukeluffy says:

So was Skiffles comment. I hate fanboys who bash those rival products..

Skiffle says:

Rival products? Lol.. I have an xbox 360 and have had one since release, however I also have a tv receiver and Skype on my windows phone and windows 8 pc's.. As a gamer not a channel surfer the ps4 is the clear winner. Couple that with no 'always on' MS/NSA camera and cheaper subscription fees and more free games, yes, ps4 canes this digibox that plays games too. And by your comment you proved yourself a fanboy son. Oh.... Also, the specs don't lie, ps4 is superior in every way, all the Xbox has over it is the 'potential' for cloud gaming.

Robborboy says:

You understand that Kinect is not even required to be plugged in, yes?

neo158 says:

How would you know, both consoles are yet to be released. Real world performance is a totally different thing to on paper specs anyway.

_Emi_ says:

because you say so? lol then it must be true! PS4 ftw /s
I love funny people like you with no functional brain over internet

Es yo says:

You don't have a functional brain. Go do your homework kid. You have school tomorrow.

lockload says:

Most likely the son of an xbox employee in the home beta program

johaas says:

I've never been able to understand the whole "Bing sucks" crowd. I've found that Bing provides largely the same search results as Google...what do they want out of a search engine? I just want someone to actually back up the idea that Bing is garbage - definitely willing to hear what they have to say.

adrian1338 says:

Hello from rest of the world to America

_Emi_ says:

I use Bing and im not in US and it works great, mr non-intelligent "rest of the world to america" stupid name person. :)

tommohammed says:

I try using bing in New Zealand and its terrible. Just gives me either American or Australian versions of stuff

Shantek says:

I keep giving Bing the benefit of the doubt, but here in Australia the results are terrible. Certain searched even bringing 0 results on Bing and google taking me to what I want. I would use Bing all the time if it gave me better results

luiislp says:

Even the new xbox one has notification and wp8 doesnt :P
wp8.1 needs to hurry up !!! :)

neo158 says:

I noticed the Notifications Tile as well, this might be an indication of how WP8.1 will deal with notification as well.

luiislp says:

I hope the notification center on wp8 is on the left of the main screen, because I would hate notification tile :P. If we get and notification tile, I hope microsoft makes quick settings on the left screen ( wifi on-off, airplane mode, bringness...etc) 

Zulfigar says:

Someone's going to get in trouble for posting this video, maybe even lose their job (or their parent's job). ;o

glassadam says:

Looks good but as an Xbox fan I gotta say that's a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for something a little... more than that. More social or something. I dunno. More than just a grid of tiles. I'd like to see MS release a target video of the dashboard the way Sony did a couple months ago for the ps4, where the dude was playing Knack and messaging his bro and all that. I just hope it's gonna be a little more lively and informative than that, because that looked a bit blah and boring, to be honest. Still gonna get one ASAP though! :)

pr0phecy says:

Some spoiled brats have all the luck. :P

Mik29 says:

I was really hoping for some of the system settings to be shown. Other than that, it was great. How did this guy get hold of a XOne anyway?, surely how ever he did, leaking it on YouTube it a BAD idea.

Hanhua Yin says:

waiting for the video to be taken down and a federal raid to this guy's home... or not

And the x box one has what to do with windows phone? Do gaming blogs post news about Windows Phone?

Shantek says:

Xbox for one.. Companion apps for another.. Its all tied in

el-ojo says:

If you count IGN posting a something about MS buying NOKIA, then YES!

ryaoni says:

I wonder if it's E's kid?

sumton says:

this video have been removed by user

I wanna say this was an obviously developer consul for the Xbox had some weirdstickers on it and was able to be connected to the net... I still feel like that dashboard isn't the final for it looks to desktop like, maybe a sort of developer only dash?

gsquared says:

Boy. You all think we fight as phone enthuistiests. Look at these cats go.

xankazo says:

Microsoft's trained army of pirate nijas took down the video. He should've known better.

MrGoodSmith says:

guys, search for "Xbox One Dashboard Leak" without the quotes and you will find the video in other places, including on Youtube and in 1080p. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link, though.