Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 rumored to launch September 26

When the Nokia Lumia 1520 launches it will be the largest Windows Phone device ever. It will be so big that it will sit comfortable in the category of smartphones known as “phablets”. Devices that are much larger than your average smartphone, but smaller than a mini tablet. It will go head to head with the very successful Samsung Galaxy Note devices running Android. These are brave new waters for the Windows Phone platform. And it looks like you might only 15 days away from holding it in your hands.

It’s hard to challenge the accuracy of leaks from @evleaks on Twitter. So when he says the Nokia Lumia 1520 launches on the 26th of September we tend to believe him. Curiously, that’s the same day that Nokia has an event planned for New York City.

What’s the Lumia 1520 all about? The device will have a 6-inch display with a 1080p display. It will be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm. Additionally it will have 32GB of storage with an SD slot for microSD cards. Pictures will come from a 20MP sensor that captures 5MP and 16MP images simultaneously. This will all have GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer as the OS powering it. Be sure to check out some of the leaked screenshots of Bittersweet shimmer. 

Thinking of picking one up?

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SleepyTheDon says:

Phablets is not a cool name. I do look forward to its launch though.

jaimeastin says:

It is a phone... I'm tired of these stupid names... Smartphone? Aren't they all???

Ok, who cares...

spyderzWPC says:

damn straight..does it make phone calls??? then its a phone, oh it doesnt make phone calls and it doesnt fit in your pocket then its a tablet... oh it fits in your pocket but doesnt make calls then its a hard is  this???

Acbuono5 says:

That's my birthday! Too bad I'm not up for an upgrade for a year....loving my 920 though!

Happy birthday! I care.

jayrod213 says:

I care about your birthday because it's also my sisters'. Don't let a douche bag ruin your day.

Your birthday ruined my day. I hate you all.

Mr. Tofu says:

WP cannot stand if its supporters are divided. Kumbaya.

teaMJPx says:

Kmon Tmobile... Get it and make me a happy camper... jejeje

SleepyTheDon says:

Im right there with you. Too bad I just got my 925 & its "rumored" to be att exclusive

teaMJPx says:

Yea, got my L925 a month or two ago and all I'm hoping (if it does come to TMo) is that my wife will take it since she really likes it so I can get this 1.

Aaron M says:

Oh I wish.  But I think chances of that happening are slim.

WilliamC1972 says:

I feel you there!!!! Damn T Mobile!!!!

sarim_xyz says:

With GDR3? Sweet! Hope we also get it soon.

Sam Sabri says:

Of course. The device wouldn't be possible without GDR3. The support for 1080p displays and quad-core processors are because of GDR3 :)

Adretheon says:

That too was my reaction considering that GDR2 just came to non-1020 phones. I didn't think they were ready for it this early.

jlynnm350z says:

Att should have gdr18 released by the time this comes out. There really good about releasing updates. Trust me. . .

bjax says:

Hmm, well I'm wondering if Att is just skipping GDR2 cause they know GDR3 is right around the corner. So that way they end up leapfrogging the other carriers cause they probably won't be ready to push GDR3 right away.

jfa1 says:

Its aupposed to be a short term exclusive to ATT then released by VZN

bguy_1986 says:

I"m going to be even more pissed off if I have to wait till the end of september, to get gdr2 and don't get gdr3 at the same time (or gdr3, skipping gdr2 if that's even possible).

Acbuono5 says:

Doubt it....925 I believe was the first phone with gdr2...and then the 1020....i have the 920 and am still waiting for gdr2.

Dre325 says:

Yeah, my wife is still waiting for 7.8 to replace Mango on her still under contract Focus S. Att sucks.

windozephone says:

I gave up waiting a long time ago and used the SevenEighter tool to get 7.8 on my Focus S I got day one with ATT. here's a reddit article with people trying it and the link to download the updater.
It was a little scary at first while it restarted several times but works great now!

lippidp says:

No rush. 7.8 slows down the responsiveness of the phone. Unless the different size tiles is important to her, stick with Mango.

god_forbids says:

^^^ Yeah, what they said. I used SevenEighter to update my HTC Arrive, similar class of device to the Focus S, and it is noticeably slower to respond on the Start screen. Loooove the Bing daily lock screen, new theme colors and new tile sizes though!

You mean 'bittersweet'?

jcrus says:

No that's phab, let the puns run through you. :)

theefman says:

The Beast is coming!!! :)

NIST says:

That's what she said. thank thank! I'm here all week! Try the meatloaf.

MilkyTee says:

Does this mean that GDR3 will be available for other unlocked phones before the end of the month?

Probably not?

toph36 says:

Considering it was almost 3 months between the release of the 925 and the Amber update, probably not.

pressstart says:

What's up with not including the premium 41MP camera from 1020?

Sam Sabri says:

Nokia has their reasons I'm sure. Plus it's hard to imagine a device that's 6 inches with the same camera buldge as the 1020's camera brings. This will be svelte like the Lumia 925 (one of my favorite devices ever!) or at least as svelte as a 6 inch device can be lol

n3rfh3rd3r says:

The reason for the omission is likely due to the fact that each device (620, 92x, 1020 and 1520) all cater to different audiences based on the included hardware.  I would think a device that is half phone, half tablet would not be ideal as a camera.  I could be very wrong though.

peterfares says:

I'd pay an extra $100 for the 1020's camera in a 1520.

darkoman4 says:

The device would cost way too much.

MrGoodSmith says:

No company with multiple product lines would ever make the perfect product because it would kill their other products.

peterfares says:

Not if they made the perfect one the most expensive.

ikissfutebol says:

No company can make a perfect product. The thing that is perfect for you likely isn't perfect for everyone.
Example: My last ATT phone (circa mid-2000s) came with a camera. I didn't want a camera, but that's what they were shoving down your throat. I ended up getting a camera feature phone for the price of a non-camera because I was so adament about it being stupid (at the time). It wasn't until my first Lumia that I actually started using my phone camera often.
Example 2: I think it is completely and utterly stupid to have a 6" device. It wouldn't matter to me what kind of camera, battery, resolution, etc. The guy across the street might think the 1520 as it is released is the best thing since Lego calendars (if you don't have one, you're missing out!).
As a (tech) society, we seem to get caught up in our tiny of a fraction of a sliver of a percentage of knowledge of the interests of the entire smartphone market. When in doubt, think of the pet rock (even if it was before your time). What person with common sense actually bought a garden variety rock that came with a short, fictional story with it? Trends do funny things to people. It doesn't mean that they really know why they do it, if they really want to do it or just fit in with a particular social group, etc. In my little bubble world, I seem to hear about people that bought iPads (rarely Android or Windows tablets) and never use them because of an assortment of reasons that come down to following the trend...even if they didn't know why they should follow it. In the "perfect" world, Nokia would let you customize your screen size, RAM, camera, storage, etc. like you would ordering a customized computer online. That way, John can have his "perfect" device while Bob can shake his head all day because his totally different device is really the "perfect" one.

jubbing says:

Simple. Why would they piss people off firstly by out dating the Lumia 1020 a month (or two) after launching it. By keeping it at 20mp, they still have an awesome camera (beaten only in mp size, which doesn't matter really, by the Sony Xperia Z1 and 1020) which up to date specs.

By creating a big phone, they target another audience. I just hope its thin and comfortable to hold because 6 inches is HUGE.

RyanAMG says:

LOL oh man you opened that door all the way.

There, there. I am sure the six-incher will fit nicely in your hands.
Kidding, so no need to get confrontational..

Lord Went says:

because taking pictures wth a phablet or tablet looks soooo  stupid..   also talking to a book looks absurd.
this is to put in your car for a map.  or play a game , watch a film.   

wpguy says:

Sure it would be nice to have, but most likely gonna pass. Unless it ends up on TMoUS and my wife wants one.

The sooner it comes out on AT&T the sooner we'll get it on T-Mobile USA. Lets go Microsoft/Nokia. Till then I'll be 'lovin' my ATIV S.

OMG55 says:

I'll wait a bit to see if at some point Microsoft decides to release a surface phone since they're now purchasing Nokia and it won't be considered a direct threat. I might just get this anyway though

pmich says:

That'll be well over a year. The Microsoft-Nokia deal doesn't close until 2014.

DJCBS says:

I hate "phablets" or "phonelets" or anything in that spirit. That said, I'm very curious about this and how will it fair against Sony's Xperia Z1

JRich442 says:

I'm upgrade eligible

kevin sledge says:

I thank att for their next program.

peacock93 says:

I am also! And I will be buying it as soon as it launches. Do you think it will be $299 on contract like the Galaxy Note 3?

The Note 3 is $199 so the 1520 will be the same.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Note 3 is 299.99 with contract or with Verizon bundle 599.99 with smart watch

Thought I heard $199 on AT&T?

cesar ruiz1 says:

sorry but it will be 299. everywhere.

It will be free in uk.

Jf.Vigor says:

Thats my birthday!
Plan to see kid cudi in Philly that day and was gonna get the 925 but if this comes out ill be getting this instead!

Kristijan87 says:

As we discussed many times here and elswhere, this device can hardly go against Galaxy Note unless something is done software-wise :) No doubt it will be gorgeous, fast, fluid and it will take fabulous photos but... Microsoft must pull all the stops on OneNote for Windows Phone. Rich stylus support, advanced note taking, running two apps side by side... You know, everything that makes a Galaxy Note Note. :) THEN I will go for it. I'm dying to get my hands on a phablet and I really want it to be a Windows Phone but not if it's just going to be a giant Lumia with features no different from my L620 :) 

Sam Sabri says:

That would be awesome.

di_Genius says:

Well said you feel my pain I have the L925 but still carry my S3 for those long needed apps and games,,, MS need to do a whole lot better.

jhoff80 says:

Agreed entirely.  Since I don't see any of that happening right now, I'm just hoping that it'll drive down the off-contract price of the 1020 instead.

That was a great post I agree.

Solid points. A Stylus would be the icing on the cake. But the way these things work is you add features ever so often. Nokia is just getting its feet wet and then next year it's on.

Great idea, probably in next iteration for sure.

kbilly70 says:

Very good points.

lippidp says:

I'd love to have stylus support back. Those were the days. Jotting down notes on my old WM was so easy and convenient. Now I actually have to go back to pen and paper. Fuckin WP...

henilp89 says:

Yaaaa I don't think many people would buy this.. Too big.. Plus windows phone 8 doesn't look good.. Its kinda messy!!!!

Sam Sabri says:

Guess what, you can make it look however you want. Clean or messy. 

henilp89 says:

but you dont want empty space on your home screen (plus windows phone 8 does not support wallpapers!) plus its too big! think about it.. would someone really want to carry that in your pocket?!) note II works cuz its android n you can truly multitask plus that pen plus theyve got all latest n greats apps in that marketplace but we dont have that many! (no yahoo football fantasy app! cmon! yahoo!) clean is too boring on WP8.. seriously i dont think this is gonna work.. im not sure why they went with 6-inch! its too BIG!

cesar ruiz1 says:

We are gonna have to wait and see cuz Microsoft and Nokia have been working really close if they at least make snap feature in 5.5 inch plus phones almost an rt version it will be great. but were gonna have to wait and see.

leo74 says:

I use sharepoint a lot since my business runs in the cloud and my company apps run in sharepoint. So for me, that 6 inch monster is EXACTLY what I need. It means more space for forms and sharepoint pages on the display while I can still put it in the jacket pocket of my suit... the only thing missing now is a smart watch, so I wouldn't even have to take it out of my pockets to see who called, texted or emailed...

Lenin17301 says:

Trust me, there ain't gonna be empty spaces on my 1520 homescreen, plenty of cool double wide and wide tiles to fill it.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Wrong on all accounts. I can't wait for this device - better than toting a tablet around.

cdbstl76 says:

That's not an opinion you'll find many people on here have.

fwaits says:

Let's hope that if this is coming to AT&T, then that is the reason they held off GDR2, and plan to release GDR2/3 around the time this drops instead so they don't deploy 2 updates so close together.  We'll see...

Jeebus137 says:

You forget they released GDR2 for the 8X on AT&T. My wife has it.

_Emi_ says:

These are just lies...... someone should burn this guys computer so he wont stop anymore crap!
nah, im kidding, i wouldnt buy this buy. but its nice if they released it. these phablets look really stupid, especially when someone small use them. like some woman from my goverment i saw last time... it was bigger than her head! so stupid looking. but if this helps nokia and microsoft with marketshare, its good good i guess. I cant wait to see what gdr3 have, since its easy to know, this phone will include it.

At my job, its mostly women I see using the Note 2 especially in my department. They love em.

theroyboy44 says:

I'm expecting GDR 3 right after that!

andrew120 says:

WP market in US is still <5%.
Microsoft continues to fail, especially with Blackberry death.
MS hasn't been able to get the ex-Blackberry users choose WP.
I really hope the whole internal reorganization, Ballmer leaving and Nokia Lumia purchase is what MS needs to bring Windows Phone on the track.
It would be pretty bad if even with all that Windows Phone doesn't get at least 12 - 15 % of US market by September 2014.

erzhik says:

WP is not failing, BUT it is lagging behind iOS and Android. This is the problem. I don't mean the apps, I'm not about actual OS.

toph36 says:

12-15% would be great by then, but not likely to happen... Maybe in the 6-8% range.

i think they will be happy with 12-15% by sep 2014. atleast i will be happy :)

toph36 says:

Definitely... That would be awesome. 10% sounds like the magic number for some of the developer holdouts, so if WP can get to there, jumping all the way to 15% could happen quickly. At the pace of growth until now, especially in the US, I just don't see it happening in the next 12 months. Let's hope I am wrong!

MrGoodSmith says:

"These are brave new waters for the Windows Phone platform"
 + 1520

Keep dreaming... Rogers doesn't even have the 1020 yet. Been waiting for a while now.

This phone is going to have an SD slot?! Shocking because it's a high end device, no?

peterfares says:

Maybe Nokia is finally getting it? There's no reason to leave out the SD card. NONE AT ALL. As long as there's enough internal storage the SD card is just an extra bonus!

DennisvdG says:

Great news! This means there may be a chance it gets released here in Holland before the end of the year :D

Beshoy Hanna says:

A hand-spraining 6 inches. Take that, Apple!

Cristoby says:

What about apps for that screen? I know that current apps will work just fine, but it'll be nice to use that screen to its fullest potential.

Would love to play forza on such a screen.

raul_junior says:

Since they announced new apps for windows phone for every big announcement (920, 520/720, 925, 1020) I wonder which ones will be announced at this event, any guesses?

pmich says:

Flipboard and Path will be announced at the show in New York. Bet on it. can't wait to see Flipboard on a 6inch lumia

benners76 says:

Ahhhh... Someone just beat me to it. Although I could care less, this device is rumored to include an SD card slot. Would love to be in on the process where these decisions get made. Obviously carrier availability, price point and form factor are all considerations but what in the world made them decide to include SD card on this device and not others???

Launched & announced on 9/26? That would be a new move for Nokia & WP. Maybe it'll be announced on the 26th, but I doubt it'll be available until October.

madmass says:

wil it run wp 7.8?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Or mayb windows 6.5.

I expect Official Instagram and Official You Tube announcements, and hopefully some entertainment apps like HBO GO, Gamefly, TiVo, SHOtime, DirecTv, Xfinity TV Player,, CW Network etc.

Josh Harman says:

I expect that you will be disappointed .

bahamut443 says:

Have a hard time believing Verizon will get this. Knowing them, they'll want a redesign.

I'm guessing there's no stylus involved... boo.

erzhik says:

Just use a fork.

andreirlopes says:

Still, sooner than AMBER. :/

KQ17 says:

Y u do dis, u dick

houtex2380 says:

Idk whether to big body 1520 or lil awesome 1020 hmmmm?????

Dare2Blink says:

Just ask yourself what matter the most for you, the camera or the screen? Also is having a huge device ok for your hands/pocket? For me the 1020 suits me better for I love taking pics more than anything, but if, for example, you watch videos most of all, the 1025 would be better.

But it is not all about the big screen alone! Its about the full hd displays and quadcore processors

I'm curious if GDR3 will bring anything else to the table for "phablets" except more rows of tiles. It would be cool if they could implement some sort of feature like snapping two "windows"/apps next to each other like in Windows 8.

Tjalsma says:

I'll upgrade when the next iteration has built in wireless charging and no bump on the back.

MikeSo says:

Can't imagine this will be available on t-mobile in the US at launch, so no, won't be getting one.

JG333 says:

Can't wait! Definitely getting the 1520 as I've longed for a Windows Phone Phablet!!

meathead88 says:

Verizon please!

RyanAMG says:

I Can only dream it will be on Verizon. If it is they can take my money now....

erzhik says:

I was just about to upgrade to 1020 from my 920, but if 1520 has Snapdragon 800, then I guess I'm going for 1520.

VernonEL says:

Don't forget the 925 coming out this Friday, and assumedly another 9xx sometime this fall.

houtex2380 says:

Ms should put a i core 3 processer in wp8.1 so we can run full fledged windows

erzhik says:

That's a horrible, horrible idea.

cdbstl76 says:

Why, you don't want 2 hours battery life?!

cesar ruiz1 says:

Wow your exaggerating 2 hours of battery life I'd give it 28 min. With WiFi-Bluetooth-lte off and screen brightness to 20%.

WaywardBus says:

Hmmm, might be time to pass the 920 down to one of the kids...

adv1701 says:

I made the same mistake last time and bought a focus when it came out. I'm always an early adapter. That 1520 looks nice.

I'm within my 30 day return policy and just might go get one and return my 1020.

blackhawk556 says:

At&t has a 14 day return policy

True, however, Microsoft store has a 30 day policy. :)

twelvetudors says:

I'm within my 14 day return period for the 1020 until Sunday, but I think I'm just going to stick with it anyway.

nantonlc says:

Yes, I very much WANT this Lumia 1520. Gotta start saving to get and upgrade from my Lumia 920.

coip says:

If this is another exclusive to AT&T I seriously have to question Nokia's strategy. They  made Verizon wait 6 months for their 'exclusive' 920-variation, made T-mobile wait 8 months for their 'exclusive' 920-variation (which is no longer 'exclusive'), and just gave AT&T the 1020 as exclusive. This exclusivity crap is really hindering WP's growth. Launch it on all carriers, at the same time.

VernonEL says:

If you were an Android user that envied the Motorola devices you'd be saying the same thing about Verizon. Exclusives are designed to get people to switch carriers.
Capitalism. Big corporate. 'Merica.

coip says:

Funny you brought that up: that was true...4 years ago. Now look what happened: no body cares about Motorola anymore. Android is all about Samsung and a little bit HTC. And both those guys are on all carriers. Here's why: people don't switch carriers. Everyone is embedded in large family plans where 6 other people are stuck in staggered, 2-year contracts, making it nearly impossible to switch. No one is going to ditch the killer rates they get on their family plan with Carrier A to go after some exclusive phone on Carrier B, paying higher rates and alienating his ability to contact his family. It just doesn't happen anymore.

ambroShuS says:

exactly!! if Nokia hasn't realized this then it shows that their primary concern in the U.S isn't increased marketshare

meathead88 says:

A simultaneous carrier launch would boost Nokia/Microsoft's rep even more...

VernonEL says:

This would be incredibly nice to see, but highly unlikely at this time. Give it another year, and I think we'll get close to it though.

Why someone would buy these monsters?

CSJr1 says:

Me:  Why Phone, what a big screen you have...
Phone:  The better for me to multimedia with you my dear..

Why not get a real multimedia device then? ;)

Dre325 says:

At last the Android fanboys will stop complaining about lack of quad core and 1080 on WP (even though they aren't needed on current smaller devices). Now they will just complain about stylus's and apps.

cdb033 says:

I can't wait to have this!!!

Dre325 says:

I think this is too big for me, but I'm curious what it will do to the 1020 price. I want another price reduction :-)

Dave Bhullar says:

When will the other Lumia 92x's get the GDR3 update?

rahul.sharma says:

We still waiting for gdr2 on att :)

Josh Harman says:

My guess, if the 1520 does indeed launch on the 26th, is that it will start trickling out in mid to late October and be completely rolled out by early to mid December. Just a guess based off of how it went after the 1020. Maybe things will go faster this time though.

Dave Bhullar says:

I can't wait anymore lol

clappenings says:

I'm ready. My finances are not. But, I'm ready

joanzen says:

I've been off-contract for 10 months, just waiting for a larger screen to replace my Titan. 6" may be too big, but I can't wait to see it.

Too bad it'll probably be some carrier exclusive crap -_-

laffnpanda says:

I greatly appreciate these releases, but I feel like this over saturation with products will stratify the base. it's basically HTC syndrome in the late 2000s. That could hurt their brand equity.

JamesDax3 says:

Working for samsung

amcalexandre says:

I hope some day they arrive in Portugal and....ooooh boy, and probably pay about 800€ for that amazing phone :S

ramrac says:

I was about to write that the name doesn't make sense, but then I took the second to convert 6 inches into centimeters, and now it makes sense.
This phone is the closest to a 7 inch tablet with WP that people who don't want Android or RT will get.

Brilliant point, never thought of that

Jf.Vigor says:

Oh wow. Nice find

Dre325 says:

Interesting thought. The answer to your math is 15.24 so it's close if you ignore the decimal.

TreizFaction says:


toph36 says:

Would love to see this launch on AT&T and Verizon at the same time. Alas, probably not going to happen.

Interesting that Apple allows ordering for the iPhone on 9/20, the Samsung Note 3 is releasing soon, I like Nokia's style, plucky and in your face, and definitely before the holiday season, I just hope for a global launch and no exclusives, that would be great.

Jazmac says:

You had me at microsd card.

+1, a high end Lumia with sd card, hope they throw in a 4000 mAh battery woot!

kbilly70 says:

Haha. So true.

kbilly70 says:

I had to call our business rep at AT&T a couples hours ago about some upgrades and while he was going over the account we talked Windows Phone. He's a big WP fan and loves Nokia hardware. I asked him if he had any info on the the 1520 and at first he said he didn't know anything. I kept bugging him and he wouldn't budge so I let it go. Later I was going on and on about how excited I was to see it in person and he slipped and said, "It's a beast." Of course, I started in again but he wouldn't elaborate. His last remark to me about it was, "Soon."
I took all of it with a grain of salt, but after seeing this story it seems he might have been serious.
The fact the rumored release is the same day as the Nokia event makes me think they learned from the 920 debut.

duk3togo says:

My only complaint is that it doesn't have a stylus built in.

ArchieVellie says:

1020 or 1520???? Big Camera or BIG PHONE???


:-D cant wait!!!!! Back then, My 925 was to small, so i returned it,, this is what im lookng for !! Nokia#1

JsLee14 says:

The specs on this phone is so beefy holy >.


And a same day launch?? Hmmm.....thatll be awesome

pmich says:

I'm so excited that it has SD card. finally can put as much music as I want

Josh Harman says:

That's why I got my 822 and added a 64 GB SD... unfortunately, with 10,000 and no playlist (other than some very generic ones made on my phone) it really sucks.

bono5112 says:

I just got my 920 in November, but I don't care in still getting this

Went to an AT&T store today to inquire about some things and noticed the Galaxy oh man, if this phone is slated to be the same size, then it's going to be huge. On another note, I mentioned the 1520 to the salesman, and he said a Nokia Rep was in their store yesterday showing it off...i called his bluff and turned out what he really saw was a 925 after I showed him pictures to compare, lol.

hal Turnage says:

Yeah AT&T reps are dumb as a bag of nickels. I always seem to know more about their own phones then them. Retards!

hamz375 says:

GDR2 just came out so I doubt their gonna release the 1520 this early.

Interesting. Do we really think it's possible they will be releasing this the same day they announce it? Would be unusual but a very welcome new policy as far as I'm concerned. I do however believe that it will be released before GDR3 is released for any other phones. As far as exclusivity, I don't expect that to stop until the merger takes place next year. After that, I believe MS will have the phones release on all carriers at the same time.
Curious about something though. Assuming it is for AT&T. That would mean they got the 1020, then the 1520. That doesn't even take into account that a 920 succesor should be coming out by the end of the year. Which leads me to my next question, why have we not heard any rumors about the next line of phones other than this 1520 since a few months ago? No rumors, no leaks, nothing. While I am excited about this phone and may end up getting it, I am very interested to see what is next and was hoping we would still have additional release's before the end of the year.

Isn't the Nokia Sirius tablet coming out end of this year? I heard that MicroNokia is planning a new release every quarter... Since they did not specify that its phones only... My money is on the tab being released quarter 4..

hal Turnage says:

I hope it comes with some unique compelling software to justify its screen size. I'd rather a 5" 950

I'm hoping the same thing...if they don't, then it's just a big phone and I don't think they could compete with the Note 3 that way.

DHHSMichael says:

I wish the LED flash was above the camera, so when you hold it with both hands it is not obstucted.

ltjordan24 says:

That is fantastic news because if the 1520 is coming out this month, it means that the GDR3 update can't be that far behind for the rest of us. And yes, I am aware that I won't be able to take advantage of the major features that the update will bring (1080p, quad-core, etc.) but I will in my next Lumia. 

AccentAE86 says:

If it is going to compete with the Note, then it's gonna need to have a pressure sensitive stylus.  Otherwise, wtf it'll just be a big 920 that doesn't fit in your pocket.

camptime says:

Same date the 1020 is released in Thailand trying to decide if i cancel my 1020 and wait a few more months for the 1520 or just get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is released around the world at the same time.

VernonEL says:

You have a good point there. It doesn't mean the carriers aren't still trying, though.

Man, sucks I have to wait another year to upgrade. Seriously love 32 GB with microSD, wish my 920 had that (and GDR2, haha). Good on them to finally give people the extra storage. The device might be bigger than I'd like (my 920 fits perfectly in the side pocket of my jeans), but the thought of adding microSD to the device is awesome.

EBynum says:

Looking forward to the announcement! Really tempting, but I can't imagine carrying around a 6" phone on a daily basis. I think I'd rather have a 7"-8" Nokia or Surface tablet. Hopefully one is in the works. I wonder if Nokia will announce the rumored tablet on the same day. That's supposed to be a larger tablet, isn't it?

marantaz says:

To tablet or to phablet, that is the question.
If the OS was the same in both (hint, MS, hint), then a phablet would be the long as you could Bluetooth a keyboard to it.

jassp87 says:

Now that this phone has a great specs. Im hoping that game developers will develop high intense games. Lets face it, the lumia 920 so good but when it comes in gaming its mediocre.

Who will carry this phone?

Josh Harman says:

So... With this launching by the end of September, going by what happened with the 1020, I'm expecting GDR3 to start slowly coming out by the end of October and hopefully on my 822 by mid-November.

Aryan Angel says:

Mid November? Don't get your hopes up because 925 came with GDR2 in June I believe, and you got your update this month.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Some of us haven't gotten it at all. :(

Aryan Angel says:

Yeah, exactly. I haven't got mine either. It will be weird to see some Lumia devices running GDR3 while we are still stuck on GDR1. These are minor updates, these shouldn't take 4 months to roll out.

MDak280 says:

So soon?! I think it will be announced on September 26, but launched a week or so later.
If this is the case, I really need to get a job so I can buy this lol.

DreadVenom says:

My 920 is currently in for repairs. I wonder if someone can make(wishful thinking here) a glaring mistake and send me the 1520. I do love my 920 but really, I wouldn't say no to this beast. Its the first phablet I actually like.

xcharles718 says:

Looks great, but would only consider buying if it's available on T-Mobile, the Spotify app on WP gets updated, and if it doesn't cost too damn much(>$650).

My Nokia L920 did die today :( So this would be the perfect birthday presant :D 

leo74 says:

My thoughts are with you... hard to lose auch a great friend.... and YAY!!!! Birthday coming soon :)

leo74 says:

I will definitely get one as soon as it hits the shelves... I am just not so confident about having it in my hands in 16 days.... the 920 launch memories are still painful....

ejlee072006 says:

Ait.. Release it to me please,my 900 is bleeding!!!

gibbage says:

It seems nice, but I'm very happy with my 925. I'm looking forward to seeing what gdr3 will bring me!

Sept 26th? My birthday too! Dammit,can't I win one of these? Happy Birthday to Acbuono5 too!

LiveTilesRus says:

I want 1080p.
I want S800.
I want GDR3.
I don't want a monster phablet.
I have a 1020.

robdmau says:

I'll get one if it comes to vzw!

Aryan Angel says:

So, people will have GDR3 meanwhile, some of us are still stuck with GDR1. :)

I have had my NL925 for a month and I love it but I would get another Nokia this year if TMo get a 1080 resolution phone.

Fndlumia says:

Needs to be made in a 4.5" screen option, 1080p, snapdragon 800, 32gb + SD, 2g ram and the 41mp camera.... Eos mk2.... Maybe full alloy body. This would be better than a huge phone

swirl253 says:

Yeah if Verizon gets it. I am for sure getting one

T-Mobile FTW. Would be cool on T-Mobile.

CobraJ82 says:

Please let it be world wide let it be released world wide I have money I want it NOKIA!!!!

chucky78 says:

I don't think this device is for me. After seeing the Samsung Mega today 6.3 inch, the 1520 is going to be a huge phone. This is definitely not going in the pocket.

chucky78 says:

After looking at the pics it seems the 1520 has a longer screen allowing a slimmer profile. got to wait and see.

deadwrong03 says:

So this mean gdr3 is launching this month

MrSimmix says:

Do you think it'll have a stylus?

ejlee072006 says:

Take my money...

So in my Opinion there going to lunch the phone the 26th of September and announce it the same day. Because theres a difference.

Paedin says:

"Launch" when is it going to be available...And is TMobile USA gonna get screwed like normal? I want this phone, and will probably end up switching to ATT if Tmobile isn't getting it at launch.

Rauliulian says:

I dont think Nokia will release a device with a 6"screen. I bet the whole phone will be a 6" and the screen will be 5.2-5.5". Will see :)

Kambel says:

Hope Nokia will release the 1520 asap in the Netherlands! In the mean time I will keep on rocking with my 920! :-D

SachinJagtap says:

Is there going to be any input method beside touch?
Its the only important reason of sells of note series.

Nathan Bael says:

Some quick questions:
1) ATT exclusive in the USA right?
2) Any rumor of a stylus?

mjrtoo says:

It's too big for me, 4.5 is pretty big too. But looks cool for those that want an actual sized banana in their pocket. ;-)

fireball24 says:

Is it going to come on verizon?