Microsoft launches new Windows Phone ads that target the new iPhones

Microsoft and its OEM partners (mainly Nokia) are not shy when it comes to attacking Apple, mainly because the two big tech giants have been jabbing one another for years. 2013 is no different, especially with the release of not only the Lumia 1020, but also the recent iPhone 5S announcement. Launching new advertisements, actors play key roles at Cupertino and poke fun at Apple's latest smartphone.

From covering the 41MP shooter in the Lumia 1020 and the 8MP counterpart in the iPhone to how Apple has released new colours for consumers to choose from, the advertisements are rather humorous and poke fun at improvements applied by the company.

"This new iPhone is worth its weight... in phone."

These videos are part of the #timetoswitch campaign. You can check out the full run through above, with cut versions available on the Windows Phone YouTube account.

Source: YouTube; thanks, lkwaijunior and Zeaneal, for the tips!



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Hahaha that's hilarious! And sooo true

"We can charge whatever we want"

We're giving the people the finger... Print lol

sepatown says:

Lol. That was the best line.

Sorry that commercial was horrible, no funny at all , Nokia can do better than that .

Hmmm other people enjoyed it... Weird.

tavisdunn says:

Hmm, lots of other people didn't enjoy it, even weirder.

So is it funny? Lol

the video is private??? errr

Whodaboss says:

You're right it wasn't funny!  It was HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!!! Side-splittingly so. 

vtective says:

I agree. Nokia has spent months building high quality polycarbonate (plastic) phones, and has rightfully convinced people that a phone does not need to be made of metal to be considered premium. This commercial undoes that. When two of the biggest design aspects for your flagship phones are color and unibody polycarbonate, it is probably best not to knock those same aspects on a competing phone as nothing more than an effort to save costs and circumvent innovation. 
Nokia's twitter ad, using the imitation is flattery line is much more compelling.

SteggyDad says:

They aren't knocking the plastic they ate mocking the Apple. You think Jobs would have gone this route? Nope, not at all.

Clavitox says:

Didn't jobs say they would never go plastic?

vtective says:

Line from the ad, "Did we have to make the new iPhones out of plastic to save money? Yeah, bro."
It doesn't matter what Jobs would have done (though, the iPhone 3G shows that he was happy to move from aluminum to plastic if it was necessary). What matters is that MS is picking on Apple for making a phone that uses the same design aspects of many of its own flagship phones. If they wanted to do that, they should have taken the "hey- they imitated our design" route.

NXH says:

I totaly agree... +920

kriz225 says:

I think the idea was more so to mock Apple's intentions behind what they did. Nokia never portrayed plastic as a sub-par product. Apple reserved plastic for their "cheap" iPhone. Nokia used color as a way to stand out from the crowd, Apple seems to have thrown it in as an afterthought to take thought away from the fact that the phone is plastic.

The gold iPhone 5S... well now that's just plain gaudy. Way to reinforce the idea that people who buy Apple products do it to feel elitist and superior.

At any rate, I thught the video was pretty funny. The comments made by people in iFriendly forums about it were even funnier. Essentially, several variations of:

"Oh, what is this? Humor? Nein! NEIN!!!!! ZIZ VILL NOT DO!!!!!!"

Duffau says:

Aside from what people said, this is not a commercial.

I agree. That wasn't even the least bit amusing.

Video is private now... Wonder why?

ralven2000 says:

Omg this so hilarious! XD

Adretheon says:

Wow that was terrible. Nokia, please show the MS guys how to make commercials. Thank you.

cyber_k9 says:

Ugh, yeah - I have to agree. The jokes - even the best lines - come off as rather forced. #timetoswitchMarketingFirms

sepatown says:

First off, Microsoft has made the 2 best Windows Phone commercials: "The Wedding" and "The Recital" and no, they were not by Nokia. The latter hit 8 million views in 2 weeks on Youtube. So you're wrong. Second, they were hilarious, you guys are missing the point, they're mocking the process that led to the new iPhones as rushed and not well thought out.

Adretheon says:

Not missing the point, I get it. It's just done badly. The Wedding/Recidal were funny, but they aren't selling phones(and this one does neither). MS has really only done the Ipad/surface commercials that were good commercials. They were both funny and they showed off the device and it's features making people at least consider that there is something to the device.

Other than that one, Nokia has really been doing the best with the Challenge commercials, and the ones that show off the camera vs others. Funny by itself won't sell devices when people still think the device isn't worth it. They have to keep showing off why the device should be bought, cause outside of that it looks likes the same "Mines better" that they are making fun of.

sepatown says:

Please. If Nokia has been doing such a great job why is Windows Phone still at 3.5%. You guys comment on here like you know what sells phone. Word of mouth more than anything is what does it. And those two commercials I mentioned does exactly that. It gets people talking about it to their friends and family. Because of those commercials airing on TV most people now know what a Lumia is.

Adretheon says:

No but my years of experience in advertising does tell me what people like more. Interest in buying a product that already isn't doing well doesn't come for funny commercials. Look at the Android and where it's at. It got as big as it is cause people got interested in them from the commercials. Most of which showed the amazing capabilities of a device vs the others on the market. Then you add the positive word of mouth and that number gets higher.

People aren't buying WPs cause they don't think they are as good, and no one is telling them otherwise(or cause they are already so devoted to the devices they have). Because we have morons that tell them that you can't post to instagram or FB, or that there are no apps for the device. MS needs to show the devices off, and more than just riding on the shoulders of the camera of one device.

Why should anyone believe this ad that doesn't own one? MS doesn't have a good enough mobile reputation to just show off a camera and tell everyone that these devices are great. They need to focus on getting rid of the preconceived notions that the OS is faulty. Apple can get away with it cause they are big enough, but MS isn't there yet.

Duduosf says:

You stole this line from my mind, didn't you?

evilrobot says:

Did anybody else notice that the back of the head changes to a completely different person at the very end of the video?

cyber_k9 says:

My "#timetoswitch" jab was meant in jest - and, admittedly, as I feel the video above fails to do, maybe wasn't overly funny.  Maybe even obnoxious.
I agree, Microsoft has done some good ads (the recent iPad-vs-Win8 ones are great, IMO).  Not all of them are good however.  Some of the jabs in this video are clever, but the presentation and delivery just don't work for me.  I'd rather Microsoft focus on the features and design of the phone (like the aforementioned iPad-vs-Win8 ads do) rather than solely mock the opposition.
(Some pokes at competition is fine. The Wedding & Recital ads do this - but even with those, there's little focus on what makes Windows Phone special).
Ah well, to each their own. 8)

I agree with you man. As a WP user, I feel embarrassed about this ad.. What the hell happened to you MS?! !!

Agreed. Probably one of the worst WP commercials I've seen.

Mark Cesari says:

Agreed, this missed the boat..

tracygee says:

I don't love this one.  The initial "imitation is the sincerely form of flattery" bit that came out that day was kind of cute.  But why spend an entire ad talking about iPhones.
Talk about Windows Phones.  This just seems petty.

TheZuneLune says:

We don't love it, but it works. It's what apple did with the I'm a Mac/I'm a PC. Microsoft hired the guy who worked on Bill Clinton's campaign. They have to do this. 

ninny1176 says:

Petty indeed - perhaps the targeted iUsers can relate better with "petty"

jmerrey says:

Embarrassing, plain and simple.

NokFromApp says:

Looks like a poorly shot home video..this one is better 

ahmedjan87 says:


jasonxz says:

Yes, that one is far better!
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Dude, omg, that beats the shit out of Microsoft 's ad any day, lmao hilarious

sholokov says:

This one is hilarious!!!!!

mohmia says:

yeah, this one is awesome. Already shared on my facebook. this Microsoft ad in comparion is stale and dumb.

ikissfutebol says:

It would be nice if the campaign had something outside of #timetoswitch to point you to Microsoft. Even if that is linked back some place as a Microsoft ad, someone seeing this might know make that connection. If it wasn't for being on WPCentral, I wouldn't know. It could be a husband and wife that are commedic for all I know. Does it mean switch to Android?

Sam Sabri says:

These are so bad. Cringe inducing to say the least. 

Duffau says:

Made me laugh.

iamoniwaban says:

I feel sad for Steve

neogodless says:

Yeah, poor taste...

Ridlah says:

Shouldn't feel that sad I mean even when he was running apple he made the 3GS which looked the same as the previous model just faster and came in white. The 4S and 5S are the same thing this time they just replaced the 5 with the 5C a colorful and cheaper alternative, i'm pretty sure apple has an intention to target 4S customers this year some 5, and 5 users next year with what ever they have to reveal.

azaright says:

Instead of the shameless tactics,they should work to make their os on par with iphone in terms of app ecosystem,functions and features

BK-one says:

Besides the hot girl, this is terrible.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

She could answer my phone anyday!

benners76 says:

No kidding... She is hot!

irvin792 says:

I thought how they name the colors to sound so fancy and the lady just calling them what they were was funny.....

aitt says:

And yet, the iPhone 5s and 5c will outsell any of the Nokia / WP phones out. Period.  While the commercials are great at wanting to poke fun at Apple,  MS better get their shit together like soon considering 8.1 will have features that Android and iPhone BEEN had for the last several years.  Love WP, worlds behind the competitors with simple features.

That's the point... They'll still outsell Nokia but make isheep feel stupid for buying one

cwbcpa says:

Not a fan of that one at all. If I didn't have a WP this commercial would not make me want to run out and buy one. That is the point of advertising, right? This doesn't do it.

Duffau says:

But this isn't really a tv commercial.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Too long, plus where does it say why the WP is better?  Say what you want about iPhone commericals, but they convey the features they want to push.  

Josh Harman says:

I liked it, but I think Apple has done enough of a fail themselves. I wouldn't give them any attention.

Kram Sacul says:

Calling these ads or commercials is a stretch. They'll never be on tv. More like web skits.

And they don't even really "advertise" Nokia or Windows Phone. If there was any reference to Windows Phone I missed it. An ad should at least give you information about the product being advertised.

RayWall says:

Agreed.  Looks more like a fan-made skit to entertain WP lovers or Apple haters.  Certainly hope they don't spend good money airing it on any kind of TV network.  Besides, I think Microsoft needs to be more concerned about Android in general and Samsung in particular.

NIST says:

"megapixels, we got em down to eight". Haahaa. This Tina Fey type chick is funny.

erasure25 says:

That was my favorite line! lol

tootallman13 says:

Wow, not good. Hope this never airs outside of YouTube. Comedy is about timing, which this ad lacks. Jokes (if you want to call them that) are repetitive and run on way too long. Leave this kind of thing to Nokia. They are the gold standard for taking on the competition.

WoodenStick says:

A little off topic but the videos are not loading up on my 928 but they are on my iPod what's up. Wit that help?

Aryan Angel says:

I still don't understand how bigger pixels means better picture :\

They should do Windows vs. iOS ads. I know they've done some in the past, but those were pretty bad. Do some that matters to people, like with Office and Flash and everything else that you get with Windows and miss out on with iOS. Show people the colors, show them the beauty of your product and how it compares.
If you can't brag that your product is better than others' products, it's probably not that good or good enough to be in a commercial.

Fade_z says:

Wp8 doesnt have flash either

Jaskys says:

Worst ad ever, i hope they remove it.

tacofiend says:

Yikes. That's pretty bad.

pqschipper says:

Agree!  Not funny.  Not even slightly.  Pull this thing before it gets used against us...

Jf.Vigor says:

Started off forced and corny then it kinda got funny lol

bpmurr says:

At least they get their phone updates ontime and at the sametime.

venu238 says:

This is more hilarious..check out guys!!!

infosage says:

That one is awesome!!!  Much better!
The only thing funny about the last one was the Apple Fanboys comments (before it was made private). 
They found making fun of another companies products horrible!  I guess they are all 14 and don't remember the PC/Mac commercials.
They thought the guy was suppose to be Jobs, and no one is allowed to make fun of Jobs!  I watch shows like Tosh.0, Family Guy, and Southpark, so making fun of everyone (including the dead) isn't an issue for me.  I guess the Apple folks hate those shows for going to far too. 
So, it was funny to see their self-righteousness, and literal religousness toward Apple and Jobs, in action.  Besides that though, I didn't think the video was funny.

soloDolo900 says:

Oh quit being little b*tches...i love this piece

saulgould13 says:

Not funny.. Bad actually

That was lame. The Nokia Lumia 920 commercial with the iPhone and Samsung owners fighting at the wedding was way better.

expresswagon says:

I love Microsoft and their products but seriously?

paravion says:

MS is going after the WRONG company- they need to target Google, not Apple. It's Google that MS needs to be concerned about.

WPBlox1989 says:

I think Microsoft better not piss Google off further with the Scroogled ads unless you don't want the Microsoft-made YouTube app get its developer key reinstated.
I will never use a third-party app to watch YouTube because I know Googgle will revoke those "unauthorized" developer keys and the Microsoft-made one also had its key revoked mainly due to the Scroogled ad campaign but seeing Microsoft are starting to make these ads of mocking Apple as a visual apology to Google since Apple sued their biggest partner Samsung for patent violations I have hope that the Microsoft-made YouTube app will be usable again.

StevePT says:

Here's an idea... how about stop targeting others in your ads and "target" the features in your own product in your ads. When you spend most of the ad talking about another product you confuse your audience what the ad was about in the first place.

Gold standard? So hard... so hard. 

Beshoy Hanna says:

I must have been redirected to Android Central.

agion1 says:

In my view, the video was too long, not terribly funny, and amateur in terms of production.  They should pull that off of the Windows Phone YouTube channel--post haste.

1101x10 says:

Absolute sh*t. Doesn't help that it looks like the back of Steve Jobs.

skshandilya says:

This is not good, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It's a cheap ad. The best was the Wedding and kids fest thing. I hope this goes not go on TV.

theefman says:

Pretty poor. And no mention of WP so whats the point? Microsoft is way too preoccupied with the iphone when its really not much more than a status symbol for apple cultists. Samsung and android are the real opposition, should be focusing on them.

explosive0 says:

Actually, this is horrible. Jesus. 

danielgray says:

Links don't work

xFalk says:

Loved it! The best was..."You know how we got the weight down?   Megapixels. We got it down to 8."  Hilarious!
Oh and to everyone who thinks this is a bad ad...IT's NOT AN AD...It's a jab.  Just a funny. Enjoy it and stop thinking too much.

I' m a WP8 user and this is pathetic as... Worst marketing i' ve ever seen.

MDak280 says:

The commercial was hilarious but it won't be effective. Microsoft isn't telling people why WP is better, they're just saying why the new iPhones suck. Still hilarious though lol.

MrGoodSmith says:

When I see professional people and organizations allowing themselves to go that low, it makes me wonder what happened to this world I am living in.

infosage says:

Seriously?  People are acting like they called in an airstrike on Cupertino.  
Again, I watch shows like Tosh.0, so I may be in the minority here, but to me they are only guilty of failing on a joke.  Making fun of another companies products isn't new.  In fact, I thought the Samsung commercials were extremely funny and effective.  
This one just wasn't funny, and you're saying "what happened to this world I am living in?"  Wow.

wtolbert says:

That was funny, :). At the end he said (that was a month work of work right there.)

Edwin Checo says:

Shit the video went private I cant see it

artzznyzz says:

<p>Ditto . . . </p>

anon5351951 says:

Yeah what the heck :( now we will never know what people were talking about!!! D:

explosive0 says:

Lol. They must have been so bad Microsoft had to pull them. Talk about desperation. 

Bobert_123 says:

it's private :/

fdruid says:

"This video is private". bummer.

It's playing WMpoweruser

carloswin07 says:

The video has gone private. Put it on vimeo please! :)

darionek says:

Dude, just type 

A fly on the wall in Cupertino
in youtube

brebo33 says:

It's gone. Link no worky.

allos autos says:

As I've said in a forum thread, I'm starting to doubt whether or not these were actually intended as ads.  They are completely out of character in relation to recent advertising efforts by Microsoft, and they are even missing any explicit Microsoft branding (I'm not counting the #timetoswitch tag).  Maybe this was meant as a joke between Microsoft employees as a "har-har Apple sucks" type-thing?  Just a thought.

allos autos says:

Oh, they came out and said they were serious.  Point retracted.

deloa84 says:

Sweet! Even Apple fans are tired of the iCrap on tv lol

Int3nsive says:

If you guys want to make fun about others, at least do it right! Because there's no fun here all all.
No wonder why its private now.  It's kind of embarrassing for Windows Phone users.

Fade_z says:

I want to see the ad but it is private :(

aitt says:

So MS pulled because obviously it was stupid. Get back to work and make WP great

keseroiz says:

You always know when a brand or product is a threat after a company makes a very poor effort at a piss take.


ErR0rPr0n3 says:

Thanks for the mirror, it was funny.  Said nothing about Windows phone which was good (and a lot like the old mac vs pc commercials where they never actually said that a mac could do anything that a PC couldn't, they just made it seem that the way it moved bits/bytes around was somehow more hip).
I can see how it would upset the Apple lovers out there but you know everyone had to be thinking it..."You mean you guys have been working on something for how long and this is what you came up with?"  At least that's what I thought.

mikroland says:

Video is down, please fix

Marked as private for me too?

Can't watch it. It is 'private'

sinister1 says:

How in the heck did you guys watch the video? I clicked on it and it says "sorry this video is private? WTF?

explosive0 says:

MS pulled the video and released a statement that they decided to pull them. 

HaibaneReki says:

that's a shame, funny WPCentral didn't report that yet ;)

Akshay15033 says:


Can't watch it as its "private"?

cnet2000 says:

Says video not found

ViktorG says:

Loving it. Sooooo true.

ViktorG says:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CjKAEFtF3U here is reposted ad, previously listed one was locked as private.

Microsoft made the video private? Why?