Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 - Two more photos of the 6-inch device leak from China

It’s an early Sunday morning but leaks are leaks and they know no boundaries. Tonight (or this morning), two more photos of the Lumia 1520, Nokia’s 6-inch phablet device due in November, have come forward from China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center—basically their FCC.

The photos themselves don’t reveal too much more on an initial pass, just what we already know: the world is about to gain a really big Lumia Windows Phone. The specs for the 1520 should bump Windows Phone into the forefront of large screened devices, especially with its 1080P display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 32GB of storage (and microSD). We recently revealed that the device will also feature an industry leading 3400 mAh battery to power the device for an extended period.

Nokia Lumia 1520Combined with its rear 20 MP camera (dual shot 16 MP + 5 MP, akin to the Lumia 1020), the Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to go on sale for AT&T in early November with a later release for Verizon. Since China is evidently testing the device as well, it’s safe to assume that this massive Windows Phone will launch worldwide in the near future.

The Lumia 1520 along with Nokia’s tablet were expected to be revealed later this month in New York City, but Windows Phone Central has heard this event was cancelled and now @evleaks suggests an October 22nd date. It would make sense for Nokia to announce the Lumia 1520 in late October with a two week lead before an actual release. That is how the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 were recently handled too.

Source: CTech, NewCellPhoneBlog; Thanks, et, for the tip!



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bpmurr says:

I want this phone in my life.

MrGoodSmith says:

Me too. This will be my first flagship in 6+ years

Ha! I get it. Your first flagship in 6+ years, and 6 inches. :P

sl#WP says:

your picture makes sick.

Don't you see he is holding a Lumia 1020? Don't worry, I'm not an iSheep.

Dude, you realize my picture is a joke? Because Steve jobs should be holding an iPhone 4 in that picture, but instead he is holding a Lumia 1020. I can't believe I have to explain this to you...

ArthJar says:

I admire you for having to deal with this, unstoppablekem.

sl#WP says:

You are execused, eventhough it still makes sick.

*woosh* that's the sound of the joke flying over your head.

Yeah, well said!! I hope they release this big daddy early cause I'm losing my patience here

Lumia 8x says:

Too bad all the YouTube videos support 720p

I'm sure the MetroTube developer will add 1080p support for videos that have 1080p.

rodneyej says:

Me too❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

MacDaMachine says:

Does the keyboard have to still take up 60% of the screen though?

LepantoESP says:

I've been waiting for the release of the 1020 in Spain (allegedly with a 64GB boost to boot) but I'd be tempted to wait a couple more months for this to supplement my current 720 ... Decisions, decisions ...

I hope they add another tile size. 1080p looks great but I think they could use a large 4x4 tile like on Windows 8.1.

I hope they do, but I don't think so. It will be longer though, like you can fit more on one row.

Josh Harman says:

I want some thin 1x tiles.

OMG55 says:

That is a great size tile

stridley says:

That's phab...

Andre Blonde says:

In my opinion it's ridiculous to release this as a flagship. It's far from "for everybody" smartphone. And i feel it is quite close to galaxy mega which looks awesome but in reality is a f***n' lame. It's about time to upgrade the flagship such as lumia 920. I love this girl in my hand and wont trade it. But still the new smartphone is got to be of a good size, give it slightly larger screen. The same 20 MP pureview, quadcore, 2 gig ram. And whole lotta other innovations. Make it power efficient and light. That's the logical thing. Otherwise it's just throwing down the class and compete on the very insecure market.

TheLiege says:

While I agree it doesn't make sense to make it a flagship I disagree with the comparison to the mega. The mega is a big screen device with bad specs (lower resolution screen, worse camera etc) than the S4 this is a big screen device with amazing specs. It's not likely to be "fucking lame".

Andre Blonde says:

Still Galaxy S4 is a reasonable size. I think this is more close to mega or note which is still quite big. Well in previous statement can swap mega to experia ultra, in terms of specs. Sizewise those two are same or almost same. I also agree that everybody entitled to own opinion.
On a bit unrelated matter i wish gdr3 would bring that 3rd midsize tile raw. I saved a picture from previous news bout screenshot on the 1520. With a lil bit of zoom it looked quite nice on my 920.

stephanemark says:

it's more close to the samsung galaxy note 3 because of nokia would like to compette with it

michail71 says:

Spot on. Other devices in this category have had poor specs as a tradeoff for the size. This is anything but that.

It should have the second best smartphone camera in existence next to the 1020.

RushilPa says:

Pretty Hot And Big? :)

I wonder if that will be able to fit in my pocket.

Yeah, I heard that you can fit it in jeans better than having an iPad around

Just remember to get a Bluetooth, don't look like those idiots with notes holding a tablet to their ear.

Josh Harman says:

So then you can just walk around looking like you're talking to yourself.

Andre Blonde says:

The Bluetooth solution does make sense. If you gonna talk on the device without it, everybody will make fun of you talking on a brick. If having a bluetooth, then only small kids will have fun thinking that you are a crazy dude/girl talking to yourself. Either way isn't perfect. Which in my opinion brings it to no point of buying this phone.

TheLiege says:

I love how people are deciding whether or not to buy this phone based on what other people might think of you. What is this, school? Buy it or not based on your own opinions and accept that others might disagree with you. I am sure as hell gonna buy it and am probably at some point going to make a call without a Bluetooth headset and I don't really give a shit if people laugh at me. If I really need to I have a 6" Nokia to hurt them with. :-P

Andre Blonde says:

Good point. Well 6inches still looks ridiculous. Though im nokia all the way and do support their decisions. Although instead of 1520 id rather see a 8.1 tablet(not RT) which would be 8.1'. And updated line of lumias like 920, 820, 720.

ravi.tandon says:

Very good point, an orange Mohawk may seem ridiculous to some, but for the one having it, its a way of life.

The person above and below me loves shit out of me!!

As of now no, it's 7am and college doesn't start until 8:30.

College classes start at 8:30 for you? I've never known a college class to start at anything but ten past the hour. Odd.

onysi says:

windows phone RT!!

Zulfigar says:

At least the USB slot is back on the bottom.

RyanAMG says:

Hey Daniel have you seen anything about a stylus coming with the 1520?

No stylus, sorry! Maybe later.

bpmurr says:

That sucks because I know it's a big selling point of the Note which this phone will be compared against day 1.

ravi.tandon says:

Assuming it having super sensitive touch, I still don't understand stylus need.

LepantoESP says:

Could you clarify this statement please? Do you know that there's no stylus or rather can't confirm whether it has a stylus or not? Don't mean to be an ass, but the whole stylus thing is a deal breaker for someone I know who's waiting for this device in case it comes with a stylus.

blackhawk556 says:

You mean like the 1020s?

myrandex says:

Eh I prefer it on top with the headphone port. That way sitting in a cup holder it can sit right side up with a car charger coming out of the top rather than upside down.

Can't wait to get this phone in my hands.  Have been waiting for a long time.  Come on Nokia, get this out to us quick.

SayMehName says:

This phone should be larger than usual since it has the mandatory capacitive buttons on the bottom. Looks really nice but 6" is just too big, and I have big hands. I wonder how the battery life is going to be with that beast CPU and resolution.

blackhawk556 says:

Well if windows phone really is as optimized has we've been lead to believe all these years, it should run for a lot longer than any Mega sized android phone.

Tips_y says:

According to some reports, the Xperia Z1 with its 3100mAh battery has a disappointing battery run.

blackhawk556 says:

I wouldn't be surprised at all if this were true. It's a big phone with Android shoved into it. I bet Sony didn't bother to optimize or tweak the OS.

Andre Blonde says:

Battery was always disappointment on my lumia 920. After Amber thins got a bit better. But almost any game on the phone can kill my battery in merely 3hours tops. 1 hour of uno on my 3g connection, i can throw the phone to a bowl of water to boil it. Freaking hot.

Shane Mayer says:

UNO is absurd, LOL
also check your background tasks. I turn off anything that is not pinned to my home screen. The Microsoft YouTube apps background task was a massive battery drain, ever since Google started blocking it. Definitely turn that task off.

Andre Blonde says:

Dont even have that app anymore. UNO is rediculous? Well i thought that too. Simple graphics not suppose to drain battery and considerable low data usage. I wouldnt believe how that thing noms my charge. Hell I played it while plugged in and in about an hour phone went flat. Never happened on my iPad though.

JoRdaNeK says:

Because ipads are made from rare whale tusks and male vaginas

SayMehName says:

Which is why they are so durable

Mark Richey says:

This phone is said to have a 3400mAh battery. That ought to do just fine.

The question might be how long until there is a charging case, as I see it is optional, not built-in like the 920.

Sell it to me already!

matfantastic says:

Someone has to come up with a better word for these things than "phablet". Unfortunately I have nothing to contribute!

Tips_y says:

Hate the word too but Oxford Dictionary has already added it to its list of new terms, which indicates the word would probably stick.

umovies says:

shorten the word to phab, for fabulious

AntonyJoseph says:

call it phabulous.

ravi.tandon says:

Time to bring Pocket PC back? Lol

Painbearer says:

Can't wait! Hoping for an international release in november, no more of the exclusivity stuff!

blackhawk556 says:

It's 2013 and people still take blurry pictures of leaked phones. Why!!!???

RyanAMG says:

Have you ever tried taking a quick picture when you're not supposed to?

Nik Rolls says:

Clearly not taken on a Pureview phone.

LastBattle says:

Its probably taken on the iPhone, galaxy or BlackBerry. If only its on the PureView :(

umovies says:

their using competitor phones

Painbearer says:

Will it have a built in wireless charging? *fingers crossed*

12Danny123 says:

Well since there was no metal connectors I'm sure it won't depending on AT&T required for the phone. But I'm sure the international version will have it

Josh Harman says:

Wireless charging doesn't require "metal connectors". That's just not how wireless charging works... at all.
If it did, you would call it a charging cradle or something to that effect.

My 822 has wireless charging, and not only does it not have metal connectors on the back, but I also have a case on it... and I use wireless charging everyday with the case on.

You should look up the process, you might find it interesting. At the very least, you'll have a better understanding of how it works.

That's not what he's talking about. He's talking about the metal contacts for a charging case like on the Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925. Since it doesn't have metal contacts, we can probably assume that wireless charging is built-in, rather than requiring a separate wireless charging case.

Josh Harman says:

Maybe he worded it wrong then because he's saying it won't have wireless charging since it has no metal connectors.
Then again maybe I'm reading it wrong because that's how it sounds to me.

You might be right because I read his comment really quickly. I think he meant to say no metal contacts = built in wireless charging.
And I think it does have wireless charging because the holes on top look like they're for a speaker or mics.

50000 says:

There are two versions, one without wireless charging built in, and a thicker model with wireless charging and larger battery.

12Danny123 says:

I said it will have wireless charging. But depending on AT&T's requirements it could be a different story. You never know

RyanAMG says:

Early pic showed the clip on charging case but the pic with Verizon logo looked to be thicker

Its not a clip on charging case, as there are no dots on the back of the device. Ergo its built-in or left out all together.

Mars2003 says:

I've seen pics both with and without the metal pins. Tom Warren tweeted the pic with the pins. Id be wanting the version with wireless charging.

Any chance you could include a link please? I can't find a pic with metal pins anywhere. I looked at the Tom Warren pics but couldn't see anything.

RyanAMG says:

Just search WPC almost all pic that are said to be ATT ver. Have pins or show the charging case. The only one without pins was one with Verizon logo

I can't see the pins. Where on the device are you seeing them?
Edit: do you mean at the top of the device on the back? They look like holes not pins.

12Danny123 says:

Now that Is a good start screen arrangement :). Love da phone by the way :)

blackhawk556 says:

Any word if GDR3 will make the big music tile live all the time?

RyanAMG says:

Verizon you can have my money already.

Borri says:

What's that little curly thing in the bottom corner?

Josh Harman says:

Probably a pube.

Tips_y says:

Yes, what is that  short curve line at the bottom right of the phone's screen in the second picture!

DumMetlHed says:

If you scroll all the way down below the last tile there is the right arrow in a circle that takes you to the list of all installed apps. My guess that that curved line is the top of that circle. It looks like the tiles are scrolled not quite all the way to the bottom

Tips_y says:

Oh you're right - that's it!

Borri says:

Pfff, you're right!

Sarang68 says:

I notice that the battery icon is being shown so is this a permanent thing or could this pic have been taken after pulling it down?

It shows up when the phone is being charged, and it is plugged in in the pic.

Ticomfreak says:

It's charging...

Skiffle says:

I don't see the point of this phone really, it will not fit in your pocket and you will look like a douchebag holding it against your head while calling.. Kinda like holding a size 9

Josh Harman says:

I feel the same way, but you know, different strokes for different folks.

Luminatic says:

Well, there are people who don't carry their phones in their trouser pockets.
Holding a huge tablet-like phone to ones ears might look weird,but don't forget eyes can get used to a lot of things. Plus, remember the first mobile phones ... They were enormous.

Nik Rolls says:

And Bluetooth earpieces which are getting smaller all the time. Would love one like the earpieces from Elysium.

Skiffle says:

Bluetooth makes you look like a nutter talking to yourself, acceptable for driving and stock brokers otherwise its a fail.. As for holding a ridiculous looking phone to your head Nokia should have learned from the taco that was the ngage :D

Nik Rolls says:

I'd rather use a Bluetooth unit than walk around with a slab against my face, but that's just me.

Skiffle says:

lol, a giant Cadbury's double upside the head...

stephking92 says:

Actually, I've seen people making a call on the Galaxy Mega 6.3 without a bluetooth headset, and it doesn't seem ridiculous enough for me to be bothered by it.

SwimSwim says:

 The more I see the photos of this device, the more it grows on me, simply because you get that extra app column on the Start Screen. Also, that 3,400 mAh battery won't hurt either.
One thing though, I hope to God Nokia includes a camera strap like they did with the 1020. Honestly, holding something that big and hefty, gravity will be lusting it a great deal. You;re bound to drop that thing sooner or later, one way or another. It'd be nice to have a strap to catch it so that you're fancy phablet doesn't die. After all, a 6 inche screen means 1.3" more screen to crack than other Nokias.

No split keyboard? Same UI stretched on a 6-inch screen? Yeah that's not how you do phablets Microsoft.

Are you blind? Can't you see the extra column of tiles? What split keyboard? In portrait mode? No

12Danny123 says:

He probably is ;). !!! . God... He's so dumb and annoying :) ... Split keyboard on a portrait view on a 6 inch screen?? Hahaha that was funny

You've never used a phablet so its pointless argueing.

Ever have anything positive to say?

Divjot Singh says:

That double arrow in suggestions seems new !

Fndlumia says:

20mp shooter to become standard on top tier series 41mp exclusive to L1020 and its future replacement. Imagine this phone with all its tech in a 4.5" display phone akin to the L925... That would sell but 6" phablet??? Useless niche device

mr toes says:

I hate the buttons so close together, it makes it look cross eyed :P

Abdul9 says:

Its ture i didn't even notice it till you said it. Maybe its to avoid mistakenly touching them while in landscape mode. Well it may look good when one sees it in person.

I prefer it like that. I'm sick of passing my phone to someone and they launch bing!

Was just about to post this, it looks "cross eyed" if you know what I mean, it's uneven.

cybermoose89 says:

When its out someone should do a pocket test demo if it fits like a glove then ill def have one!

manilabeans says:

I wish MS created new tile sizes. I'd love to have one that spans the entire 1520 screen, and maybe one that's wide but only as tall as the small tiles.

Skiffle says:

Or triangles and circles....

kimlo91 says:

I'm happy with my 4.5" 920. I'd like a 920 that's lighter and physically smaller by having less bezel. I know that sounds like a 925 but that's only a sidegrade from the 920. I'm waiting for a 8.1 phone before I buy again. I'm super happy with my 920, in fact it's the longest I've kept a single phone before and I've used all 3 platforms.

nokiauser911 says:

Anything beyond 4.5 inches is not for me!

Skiffle says:

That's what she said... Badaboom tish!

Muessig says:

I really like the look / idea behind the device and the widened start screen. My concern is I won't have enough apps or tiles to fill that screen!

JamilKhadem says:

not really a fan of phablets but gotta admit it does sound nice, just got my 1020 today in Australia. Im in love.

Beautiful phone! ❤

Well, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note series is doing quite well, especially in Asia so this one has a good chance to do well too. But only with the correct marketing strategy otherwise Samsung will continue to dominate.

dreonedon says:

I want a phone that's between 4.7-5inches I like the 6inch but its just too big for me.

theefman says:

Just doesn't do it for me, especially since its only selling points are its size, apart from camera everything else has already been done spec wise. An attention getter for sure but the 1020's camera is a bigger draw for me.

paulxxwall says:

Mr Rubino working overtime on a Sunday!

fung_hhf says:

I'm HK 920 user.we still don't have GDR2 update.what the hell of HK Nokia department

Tips_y says:

According to the Nokia update site, the update for HK 920 and 820 Country variants are already available. It's possible your version is from somewhere else other than HK.

marcoshow says:

If I didn't come with the pen as the galaxy note, plus exclusive app for phablets, as writing recognizer for sms, calls, etc., cannot fight the samsung

Jf.Vigor says:

Daniel, even for posts as simple and straight to the point as this leak of two screenshots, your posts are always rich with info

blackraid says:

Guys please what is the size of windows phone 8 gdr2 update for lumia 620, cos i have just been promted an wifi was recommended for download.

Terence_27 says:

After the update go check Data Sense and you will find their. For my 820 it is 141 or 241.

cesar ruiz1 says:

If Nokia was like At&t, HTC, LG, I wouldn't expect much from it, but Nokia hasn't let anyone down they make a mistake and fix it as fast as they can if Microsoft makes a mistake Nokia try's to give a solution so I'm sure the 1520 is gonna have apps especially for it. If not well I'll probably be getting the note 3.

Jf.Vigor says:

Nokia always supplement their hardware launches with software. Look at the recent 1020 launch as an example with oggl pro and pro cam

mingo3000 says:

Its great to see how Nokia pushed Microsoft to lower the specs for the low end devices. Now the latest update is for enabled better high-end units. This strategy is slow but, successful to say the least. Yesterday someone asked me "is that a Windows Phone ?" Two years ago it was more like " What kinda phone is that ?" I can't wait to get this phone .

clappenings says:

My hand(s) is/are ready

Myncai says:

If this were a little bit smaller, it would be perfect for me. I might still get it when it comes out for Verizon, though.

Somebody get a bucket there is to many leaks

Tips_y says:

I hope the AT&T and Verizon devices are two different models rather than an iteration of each other: One a 6.0" (1520) and the other 5.5" (maybe a 1320 or 1220) so we'll have two phablets. This way, once they get released unlocked, people will have a choice of either a 6.0" or 5.5" a phablet.

Jf.Vigor says:

The metallic variant is smaller. I think the polycarbonate Verizon/at&t ones will be the larger

Tips_y says:

Hope you're right. That smaller metallic variant is interesting.

From the leaks I dont see any stylus. A ptiy, something this size with pen input for onenote would be unbeatable

WaywardBus says:

Is that a 1520 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

4bh1sh3k says:

Choosing one between this and 1020 is getting so hard :(

MrTechRat says:

Nokia why you do dis?

bono5112 says:

That white looks nice

newfreeg says:

I cant wait to get this device and see what apps nokia provide aswell to make the experience even better

leo74 says:

This will be the perfect size for me. Right now I cary my 920 and a 7 inch tablet, since working on SharePoint forms is quite a bit easier on the larger screen. It works on the 920 though, but a little more space would just fit everything on the screen nicer. With this baby, I don't have to worry about a WiFi connection, cam leave the tablet at home and still do everything I need to do very comfortably. Release this beast and take my money already. As for a stylus, it would be nice, but is not a must for me. When Cortana hits the real world, I'll probably type a lot less anyway. Bluetooth or holding a 6 inch phone to my ear? I will probably end up doing both... All I would wish for on top of the 1520 would be a smart watch, so I can leave the phone in my pocket for things like checking texts and to see who is calling...

ivo_apo says:

Agree. Market has moved on and Nokia must moved on too to be competitive. Key aspect for flagship phone: light, 5' screen, minimum bezel, HD screen, memory slot. Nokia doesn't have such phone. Sad but true. The closest WP we have is ATIV S. Just don't throw 920 in the hat. 925 is good effort but lack screen size.

5 foot screen? Wtf?

neo158 says:

That certainly wouldn't be a light, pocket sized phone!!?!

saulgould13 says:

Gonna need a murse to lug this thing

Anyone who wants to preview holding this phone today need only go to an AT&T store and try to put the galaxy mega in your pocket

never been a fan the "phablets" but this has my interest. Only thing is i'll look like a moron holding that big slab to talk on lol 

LHAM13 says:

Improved Office2013 Mobile please?

mraiii says:

I want to get my mother a Windows phone this holiday to go with her Windows 8 laptop.  I was going to go with the 925, but seeing that this phone's specs trounces the 925, I think I'm going to wait and see if Nokia releases a similar speced phone at the 4.5-4.7 screen size.

saulgould13 says:

Well in one sense I can see we're slowly moving away from phone calls and more into the video chats, in this vain a big screen on the go for vidchats is welcoming.. However, rowesoft is right, I have actually tried putting the mega in my pocket hahaha yea ok.. As I said u need a man purse for this bitch

ejlee072006 says:

I will buy this when I see it live

Fuhrer D says:

Without a stylus, and adhanced OneTouch fucntionality, this is a waste.

xrs22 says:

I'll wait till its been out for a while and fiddle with it at Verizon. Not in a big hurry here.

ibdRAPHunv says:

Bye bye Samsung... this is my next phone. I tried holding out for the "next big windows thing" but it never got here. So I will be putting this focus s to rest, and heading to the best... The 5c of course! Its so pretty! J/K, 1520 all the way!!!

Dk92 says:

Haha, you had me fooled for a second.

vryque says:

i've got a name for it, ultraphone.

sinister1 says:

Too bad it's coming to Verizon. Hope it comes out to other providers because I'm not renewing my contract.

LepantoESP says:

My BIG question is whether this device will have the option to "write" with a stylus. I've convinced a relative of mine to hold off upgrading to a GNote for almost TWO years from an Windows Mobile 6.2 device, and he's now to the point of giving up since he needs stylus input of the kind present in both his aging HTC WM and the GNote...