Microsoft Studio plans to expand TV programming - will rule the living room with Xbox One

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has plans to grow its upcoming television programming selection beyond the originally planned Halo series on the Xbox One. Phil Spencer, corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios, declined detailed comments to Bloomberg yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, but showed Microsoft has full intentions to invade your living room.

Microsoft is aiming to arm its latest console with exclusive features and game tie-ins to dominate the market against their closest competitor, Sony. At the company’s Xbox Reveal event, it was announced that award winning Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, would be working with Microsoft Studios to create a live-action series based on the Xbox exclusive game, Halo.

While Phil Spencer declined to comment with any elaboration on what actually might be coming for the future of Xbox television programming, he did make a comment noting that “[Microsoft Studios has] literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now”.

Microsoft plans to grab an edge over Sony with its lineup of programming, but until we learn more, we cannot determine if the plan will sail with success or crash to the ground. Spencer did note that, “[Microsoft Studios] will have some new announcements for TV shows coming pretty soon.”

Microsoft’s first commercial for the Xbox One (see above) focused on the console’s ability to provide an over the top NFL experience with integrated Skype conferencing and a fantasy sports app that can be clipped to the side of your TV while viewing the game.

The boys in Redmond do not intend to leave gaming behind, but it is evident that Microsoft is attacking the full living room experience, and while some hardcore gamers might mock it – Microsoft now has the advantage over Sony with a foot in the door. Sony might rule gaming, but Microsoft will rule the living room.

Besides Microsoft’s Halo game series being transformed into a television show spinoff, what would you like to see coming out of Microsoft Studios?

Source: Bloomberg; via, Polygon



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Xsled says:

Stargate! Would love to see SGU revived, but a new SG in general!

Smg-Uk says:

SGU is boring SG1 is the best lol

Deus_Irae says:

Definitely up for more SGU, easily my favourite SG series. And it had just got REALLY interesting!

Xsled says:

Yes it did. Love all of them, watching Atlantis again now. But you are right, just when SGU started to get really good.

zigzagr63 says:

I personally didn't like SGU nearly as much as SG1. It wasn't bad but it just didn't have finesse and a little comedy put to make it that much more interesting. SG1 coming back.. Awesome. On the other hand though I would absolutely love to watch a Halo tv series especially if it was done like SG1. I don't think it should be exclusive to the Xbox one but to Microsoft OS products only.... Just saying.

peachy001 says:

The Event. One of the best shows I have seen for years. Just perfect.

bobsentell says:

Enterprise Season 5. (Pipe dream, but I'd welcome it)

John20212 says:

This just further proves that consoles such as Xbox or PS were never meant for hardcore gamers.

Xsled says:

I disagree 100%. Why can't it be both?

Drewidian says:

Exactly! There's no reason the XBox One can't do everything. It defiintely has the horse power and multitasking to have it do it all, and because of tech like Smartglass, It can work with a number of devices already out there. Just take a look at the new Tom Clancy Smartglass interactivity. It promises to bring a lot of new gameplay and capabiltites unlike the PS 3.5, which if they bring anything will only work on Sony devices. We just have to see how much of this gets implemented over time.


Rubios says:

With average looking games like Ryse only achieving 30fps at a terrible 1600x900 resolution the horsepower thing is pretty debatable...
Also I don't really care about tablet gimmicks but the PlayStation app worked on every iOS/Android device before Smartglass even existed, try to get your facts straight next time.

Aaron M says:

Because everyone knows that you can't chew gum and walk at the same time.  Its just plain impossible!

ade333 says:

Your PC can do more than a console, does that make it less able to play games? Your logic is flawed.

Rubios says:

It's definitely a lot less efficient at doing so, just because you can throw hardware at something until it works doesn't mean it's a good solution, a GTX 780 has more than twice the horsepower of the next gen consoles and yet you won't be playing next gen games at anything close to 120fps.

DirectX on Windows is a mess, AMD drivers are a mess, NVidia drivers are a mess, the 23842934 DRM systems are a mess, split memory pools are so last decade...

ymcpa says:

How about giving a reason. Does it not play all the games the PS4 does? The graphics are definitely high end. It's not like what Nintendo did with using very low end hardware in the Wii that made it impossible to have games with next generation graphics. What wrong with a device being able to both play hardcore games and provide general entertainment for the living room? Last time I checked, hardcore gamers still watch TV.

Rubios says:

Does it not play all the games the PS4 does?

Your argument is invalid.

Nik Rolls says:

Having to know the best hardware, keeping your computer up to date, drivers, the continual wondering about "will this run ok if I buy it" ... Thanks, but not for me; I'll stick to console.

MrSimmix says:

I still can't decide whether to buy the xbox one or the ps4. Decisions.... :P

Kormiko says:

I'm buying Xbox One to support 'murica business. 
Your country may vary.

I'll probably get both eventually though.

ade333 says:

What aspect of the PS4 has your attention?

MrSimmix says:

The exclusive games as well as the fact that it is cheaper. I would actually like to own both but at some point a decision has to be made on which one to buy first.

Nik Rolls says:

Yeah, I can't live in a world without Naughty Dog. Xbox One is very tempting, especially games like Ryse, but it will be a second potential purchase after the PS4, solely because the exclusives match my tastes in gaming better.

Rubios says:

You can play Ryse for free here.

Nik Rolls says:

Hahaa! Nice, made me smile ;)

Marcelo_M says:

A problem that I see with PS4 is the "2nd screen app" (like smartglass)... that we don't know if it will be launched for WP.. 
I know that will not be a dealbreaker but is something to check... 

MrSimmix says:

I forgot about that...thanks.

intrepid359 says:

I'm buying the Xbox One, and my wife is buying the PS4 lol. We already have the Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3.

WPCrook says:

I too have the 360, PS2 and PS3. Will purchase both the Xbox One and PS4 after wasting a year of my life on GTA 5.

Edit: could never "waste" time playing GTA. I meant "spend wisely".

el-ojo says:

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." John Lennon

WPCrook says:

Ah, yes sensei. Wise words from a wise man. How I could have forgotten that quote I don't know; I'm getting one of his quotes tattooed on me today..

retyler says:

Titan. Even though the game is not out I would like to see an animated series on this game. I would really love to see Shadowrun done, not that crap they tried to pull with the first person shooter they called Shadowrun.

Manny C says:

Something Alan Wake related would be pretty cool.

ade333 says:

I'd watch that

Bring back Firefly even though Josh Whedon is busy at the moment. Futurama would also be awesome but it probably has to go away for a year first

kathikibbles says:

+1000 for Firefly!!!!

Robot DeviL says:

Futurama needs a new home.  

RafRol says:

Love me some Futurama!

Drewidian says:

I personally am hoping for the XBox One to be offered by cable and satellite companies for say... $99 - $199 on a two year contract. It would stop cord cutting and the XBox One would have a much wider distribution for TV content and sales of games/movies/tv shows/ and music.
If they link this to the XBox TV app and have it synced to the Phone, Xbox, and Windows, it could be a get it everywhere dream I've been having lately. 
Hopefully it also leads to an Indie Xbox TV market as well where we see new studios open up and add live interactivity for TV content. There's just a million possibilities for this.

AriesDog says:

Dumb and a waste of money. Whatever exclusive they get, that they think people will be willing to pay for Gold membership to get, will be uploaded to YouTube for everybody to see within a day.

Want proof? Remember the Halo Legends animated shorts that were supposed to be exclusive, they were and still are all over YouTube.

Yet millions of people pay for cable to watch TV shows that they could easily pirate if they wanted to.. your argument is moot.

_Emi_ says:

by your logic cable companies would be broke... because I can easily watch illegal streams on internet. but still not everyone is going to waste time setting up a computer with youtube only to watch sometimes.
and anyway, is it your money? no. so why dont you ignore this news if it apparently affects so much your brain? you  know, apparently you didnt use it enough to think there are million ways to get stuff illegally free but still people dont do it.

bguy_1986 says:

They really need to make a cheap Xbox for Entertainment, or playing small games like angry birds to compete with boxee and googleTV.
Not worth paying for all that hardware for just skype, internet, and movies....

iZangetsu says:

Plus the fact u can do all those things at once WHILE playing next generation games. But I see ur point.

Rubios says:

So you want PS VitaTV?

bguy_1986 says:

ummm no.  I want an Xbox that hooks up to a TV.  I don't need a powerful gaming system, just something with about the same OS to stream music and video, browse the internet and have the TV featues that Xbox One has...

jayrod213 says:

Gears of War or a Fable tv series would be cool.

iZangetsu says:

Gears of War baby, I like ur thinking.

Reflexx says:

That would be awesome. Especially since the game series is done.

jml3_uk says:

Bring back SG Universe!!!

pbroy says:

Big Brother, Xbox Editon. Where everybody can participate.

Jack Larson1 says:

You will love big brother too.

I think what they should of done is added either a cable card from either Comcast or direct TV to work exactly as a cable box or make a cheaper box which plugs in with the cable box and can only be used to connect Netflix, have TIVO functions and have the XBOX Dashboard all while having Cable streamed through it.

Drewidian says:

Then it wouldn't work in other markets around the world. Doing it this way allows for those companies that want to implement it a way that  1) doesn't take revenue away from them (DVR and cable box) revenue, 2) doesn't have require them to make changes to their existing network, and 3) doesn't require updates to the their network and test the way phones require it when MS makes updates to the XBox One.  The way it is now MS can make updates independent of the cable/satellite companies. Logistically its better this way and it means that if those cable companies decide to offer the Xbox One as a service they can do so without hurting their own sales.

DreadVenom says:

Farscape please(dreaming i know, but one can hope). MS should also get some deals with some Japanese anime studios, Crunchyroll is good but it can be improved(wishing on this so i can finally see how Guyver ends)

jlzimmerman says:

Full blown box office Halo trilogy Movies (a la Lord of the Rings). Direction, effects, Storyline, and casting has to be spot on for the Halo fans to accept it official.  If not, it's just canon.

CX1 says:

Will only buy if my network tuners work with it. If I have to get a cable box i'll pass.

DarrenSproat says:

No preference... Just BRING IT!
Every content announcement just makes me want an Xbox One more and more. I'm in for the overall experience -- gaming, entertainment, news, sports -- just BRING IT! :)

iZangetsu says:


Nakazul says:

SVT Play and im all good. To dream of Live TV in Sweden is asking to much.

Skiffle says:

tvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtv.. So long Xbox, 7 years with you and now you try sell me a flipping glorified cable box. Sony can enjoy my cash this year as I am a gamer not a couch potato.. Besides, ps4 kills xboner on every level possible, except tvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtv

Jimmy Jangle says:

Bye then, we'll just enjoy most of the games that your PS3.5 has, plus more.

_Emi_ says:

cant you be more stupid? oh, wait, im sure you are more stupid that your comment already show.
but people like you are so funny, with no brain but still alot of words to comment.

but hey, I will try to help you, apparently you need it. did you forgot the E3 day when they showed ONLY games no? do you at least know what E3 is? I dont trust your intelligence honestly.

james v says:

I would say you r stupid for calling him stupid, he's right. Ps4 got lil bit more horse power than xbox1 and I bet exclusives will look better on ps4. But ported games would look almost same

SmoothDog says:

This screams PS fanboy trolling.

OldMillXxX says:

How about a Firefly revive.  Microsoft has the money and Firefly has a great cult following.  Maybe Joss Whedon can finally do what he has wanted all along...  Do it his way!

Reflexx says:

It would be excellent. The stars have other projects that they are working on though. So maybe it might have to be an animated series or different actors.

Reflexx says:

I could see some MLG stuff being there.

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I would love to see some MLG channels!
Halo, Titanfall, Ghosts, etc. :D

Rubios says:

You mean like Twitch but worse?

Mickey Dair says:

Bring back Chuck!

ErR0rPr0n3 says:

Loved Chuck until they pulled the BS with Hulu for season 5.  I'm over it (Chuck) now.
As for the other suggestions people have made, I think anything that's not animated and has been killed over 2 years ago, let it stay dead.  The actors have either aged to the point that the best they could offer continuity-wise is some lame filler to gloss over the gap, or just completely ignore it.  ST-TNG, Enterpise, etc are examples of that, and as much as I HATE to say it, so are SG1 and Atlantis. I'd love to see Atlantis come back but it would be strange (not to mention the ending was causin' me the brain pain...)
I want new shows based on either new IP or XBox exclusive games.  A titanfall mini series may be interesting (maybe 3-4 2hr eps with the possibility of a second mini-series if it does well) but I think it would probably drag past season one if they tried to do a full on series.  A Fable series might be interesting if they took the Krod Mandoon aproach (didn't take itself too seriously)
It would be even more interesting to have something where much like the game, the xbox watchers who watch the show the first day get to make a choice at the end (between A, B, X, Y choices, not too specific or else you'd have kids suggesting things that would make it unwatchable) and so you kind of get to shape the show a bit or something interactive like that.

Wael Hasno says:

Hardcore gamers my ass, you either are a gamer or not. And even as a gamer, I'm loving this.

Rubios says:

Are you implying there are not several different markets in the gaming industry?

Wael Hasno says:

I'm just saying that terms such as "hardcore" or "casual" should only refer to how much time and effort someone is giving when it comes to gaming and not like it's a freaking military position or something.

NIST says:

Fairly presumptuous to say Sony rules gaming.

T Moore says:

They lost me when I found out Xbox One could not be used as a Media Center Extender.
I still use satallite for standard def and OTA HD for my media center. I have too much wrapped up in that to change.
To slow an internet connection to stream.

joesc says:

What? Where did you see that quoted? If so, that would exclude me too.

ebradley says:

A series based on the game 'Timeshift'?

Rubios says:

Or they could spend that money on, you know... developing videogames.

hellodav7 says:

Will that Halo series work on the 360?

curly722 says:

Assassins creed!!!!! With somewhat different story line.

blackprince says:

-New season of Fringe or a movie based on Fringe
-HD remake of FF7 and Chrono Trigger
- A Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson science show