Deal Alert: FlashVideo free through myAppFree partnership


FlashVideo is a Windows Phone video player that taps into various websites to deliver movies, television series and live sports to your Windows Phone.

FlashVideo normally runs $3.99 but for a limited time only, through a partnership with myAppFree, FlashVideo is...well...free.


We've been told that the free offer begins tonight at midnight but in looking at FlashFree's Windows Phone Store listing, it's already free. We don't know if the free offer ends tonight at midnight or tomorrow at midnight.

So if you've been on the fence about picking up FlashVideo, you may not want to chance it. Go ahead and download that app now.

You can pick up FlashFree here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can also pick up myAppFree here in the Windows Phone Store. It too is a free app for all Windows Phones.

Thanks, Massimo, for the tip!

QR: FlashVideo



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jsnod25 says:

Really? I can't get anything to work.... Glad I didn't pay for it.

rubenbest says:

You have to go to the sites that work.. Like 1 channel or something like that.. Thats what works for me

thirdday2002 says:

Just my luck, I bought it last Saturday.

I almost bought it yesterday.

I just bought this app two days ago wow what a difference two days makes...could have saved a few dollars but still happy with the app for the most part

Fiann says:

Wait, is it Flashvideo or Flashfree?

Cool a must download for anime!

Zeroplanetz says:

Wow so I know I've seen myappfree before but some how my rock has kept me in the dark to long!

bayoeadjie says:

My bad, not available for indonesia

kurotsuki says:

If you use WP8, just switch region to US, restart your phone, and browse the marketplace again. It will be there to download. After you installed it, it's up to you to revert back to ID region (don't forget to restart the phone again everytime you switch region).

bayoeadjie says:

It works. Thanks

bilzkh says:

I bought this when it first came out on WP 7.5!

TechAbstract says:

I bought this a while back. Pretty good app. wpTorrent is still my favorate :)

Why does myappfree need to have access to your photo, music and video library? Makes me hesitant to download an app that asks for permissions for no apparent reason. Am I missing something?

ikissfutebol says:

I've noticed tons of apps request data or access to things that are totally unnecessary. I uninstalled myfreeapp for that very reason...plus WPCentral keeps me covered with links on worthwhile downloads.

This thing doesn't work. I downloaded it, and went to TUBE+ to try to watch Sons of Anarchy, and nothing happened. It's just stuck on a black screen.
What am I doing wrong? Guess it's back to dl torrents, convert, and transfer!

Josh Harman says:

If only it worked with sites in that I actually use.

astroXP says:

That UI is so beautiful.

OMGbrandon says:

Does any of the sports sites work?

psreloaded says:

It worked for me.. not all works though

Laura Knotek says:

Thanks for posting this article. I was interested in this app but hadn't bought it.

euichii says:

Tried it.
There seems to be a bug that when I download a video it say that I need to connect a charger to my phone.
But I guess it's better than streaming using internet explorer.

DreadVenom says:

Glad its free. It doesn't work with all vids on AnimeFreak but it does with the important one, OnePiece. Now with this and crunchyroll i am set.

I know this app is quite popular, but I couldn't get a single video to work. Not one.

coip says:

What is this MyAppFree thing? The publisher isn't Microsoft, so how are they able to offer free apps every day?

Hi coip,


We are not from Microsoft but we deal everyday with developers to agree free promotions for our users.

Give a try to our app and you will stay up to date with fabulous deals!

Massimo Caroli
get.myappfree.it - myAppFree

It's dodgy and dangerous! Keeps bringing up hard core porn and scam and spam sites! I'll stick with Netflix thanks!

jbrandonf says:

Yea I don't think so. And this app serves an entirely different purpose than Netflix.

DeacoN_Jo says:

HeLL yaaa !!! The Best app on WP has just gone Free, Thank God I didn't buy it....... RIDDICk !...here I come

Fade_z says:

Breaking bad time :]

RaRa85 says:

I have at least four good movies on my phone and got to watch much of the NBA Finals thanks to this app. It doesn't work 100% all the time but then again, it's the best that we have anyway.

ricocchet says:

Pretty poor to be honest, if i had paid for this i would feel ROBBED!!!