Bing increases search engine market share, ever so slightly

Comscore has released its latest search share data reports and while Google is still tops, they lost a little ground while Bing experienced slight gains.

For the calendar year, Google's market share has hovered around 66% but from July 2011 to August 2011, the share fell 3%. Bing on the other hand peaked in February at 16.1% and experienced a 3% bump between July and August.

Other key points from the Comscore report includes:

  • Month of August 2011: U.S. explicit core search was up 9% y/y for the month of August a deceleration from +10% y/y in July. Google search was up 8.1%, Yahoo! up 2% and Microsoft up 44%.
  • September Quarter (Quarter over Quarter) Pacing: We examine how the search quarter is pacing after the second month of the quarter. We define pacing as taking the reported period (month of July and August) and dividing it by the monthly average of the previous quarter. To that end, U.S. explicit core search is pacing up 2.7% q/q for 3QTD (vs. +2.8% as of July), with Google up 1.9%, Yahoo! up 4.7% and Microsoft up 5.2%.

While there is definitely room for improvement, the one positive Microsoft can take away from these reports is that there is some growth and Google's share for the market appears to be stalled. I'd be curious to see how much influence our Windows Phones have on Bing's numbers? As Windows Phones starts to muster larger market shares, could Bing see similar increases?

source: businessinsider



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GP07 says:

Bing will grow more faster after the new integration into xbox with the fall update and also the new round of Windows phones that are now coming. I expect that by this time next year Bing will be up around 20%.

1jaxstate1 says:

How does Ask even have that much market share?

selfcreation says:

Yahoo still exist? lol

Solidstate89 says:

Yahoo uses Bing search algorithms for their back-end. You're damn straight they still exist.