Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 preorders begin tomorrow, 8AM EDT

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets today. Starting at $449 for the RT model, Surface 2 and $899 for the Surface Pro 2 edition, both devices will be available starting October 22nd—a huge cut down in time of announcement to release.

Indeed, you’ll be able to preorder both devices starting tomorrow at 8 AM EDT from MicrosoftStore.com, Microsoft Stores, and Best Buy in the U.S. and Canada, as well as select retailers in most Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch markets.

So the question is, who’s getting one?



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Can the Surface RT 2 get out of its own way unlike the RT 1?

great job from microsoft major improvement from Surface 1 & surface pro 1.btw the price @.@

NIST says:

I certainly hope it has better speakers.

twelvetudors says:

They said it had Dolby sound.

jayrod213 says:

I'm definitely getting the 512gb/ 8gb Ram version of Pro 2.

John20212 says:

whats the price of that option?

L2nak says:

All the money. Get it done!

Calydus says:

the 512 is priced at 1799$.

jayrod213 says:

Not sure. There are 4 options. 64/4, 128/4, 256/8 & 512/8. I'd imagine each version would be $100 more than each other. The 64/4 version starts at $899. Preorders start tomorrow.

John20212 says:

If its just $100 more with each version then that could work. Preorders are tomorrow yet still no full specs and no full pricing info, what the hell is Microsoft thinking?

NutmegState says:

Go over to engadget.com

larspassic says:

Anybody know deets on cellular connectivity? They didn't mention it.

terrokkinit says:

Mobile hotspot with Windows Phone 8! ;)

Calydus says:

nope, there's none.

tcman88 says:

I'm gonna wait for Nokia's tablet

dinod says:

I thought Nokia's was only going to be the RT

NutmegState says:

Surface Pro 2 8/256 will work for me. 
I want to use Lightroom and I need it for Visual Studio Development and some MS Office.
This suites me just fine.  Just wish it had a SDHC versus just MicroSD slot.  I have to see if I can find a SDHC to microSD adapter for my camera that can still handle Class 10 speed.

mjperez100 says:

just get a usb 3.0 sd reader and you'll be set.

NutmegState says:

Agree, but was hoping to not have to carry around one more thing.

I will hand my SurfaceRT down to my wife, and pick up the new SurfacePro. Battery life is now acceptable!

Anthony Fear says:

Well I'll keep my surface pro 1 but add docking station and battery cover next year.
I am tempted to pick up the Surface 2 though.

ssapre says:

Looks nice options for me.

DJCBS says:

Unless they take my RT back and offer me a considerable discount on the new RT, I'm not getting one. Rather wait to see what Nokia will bring and most likely go with them instead.

WilliamC1972 says:

Why so much for the RT model? Damn!!!!

i think they want to make the distinction that this is a premium product. You can get cheaper and less well made W8 tablets by other OEMs. Acer comes to mind

david90531 says:

Why is there no specs/pics info but already starting preorder..? Did I miss something?

bb_gonzo says:

Sadly i think it's too expensive. $100 less and it would be a really good deal.

phatboy66 says:

I'm totally pre-ordering a 64GB Surface 2! Really excited about this product!

i'm interested in that new DJ mixing cover they have, i'm pretty my DJ friends are gonna like that 

i'm interested in that new DJ mixing cover they have, i'm pretty my DJ friends are gonna like that 

i'm interested in that new DJ mixing cover they have, i'm pretty my DJ friends are gonna like that 

meathead88 says:

We need more leaks on Nokia's tab...

ShaneRay says:

I don't think the $50.00 price drop from the launch price of the previous Gen is enough.  It may be worth that price, but I don't see these being any more sucessful than last time regardless of quality.  Microsoft needed to come in at a lower price point...

lovebill says:

True they should follow Google's lead. RT is Microsoft's Chromebook. (Chromebooks cost 200- 250$, they are not tablets, have less resolution but still they are the competition). Nexus 7 is around 200 USD. 450 (minus cover) isn't a smart price when you try to break into a new market. 
Still i want one..but alas i live in Europe so i have to wait. 

NutmegState says:

If you consider the 200Gb of Skydrive, Free 1 year of Skype (which gives you mobile hotspots), Free Office + Outlook someone on one of the live blogs said the price comes to -$29. Yes, that is a minus sign. You are getting a lot if you consider the whole bundle.

Reeves says:

That's technically true, but functionally irrelevant for most purchasers. If Office/Outlook is THAT important to you, you already have a copy. Skydrive storage is not worth a premium over any other ecosystem's storage. 
The less said about Microsoft's bungling of Skype, the better. It should've been a big deal, but likely never will be since they've implemented it so well for their main competitors first. 

_Emi_ says:

please dont do this again!... just stop it.
its for your good, dont waste your time with closed minded people that cant see no matter what, these RT devices include OFFICE and it costs alot for "normal" pc users. plus the other bundled things...
maybe Microsoft should make a version with no office and drop the price? maybe that way people wouldnt complain ike idiots?
oh wait, im sure they would still complain how tow RT is, since you cant install office.
so again, stop bringing the reality to these blind fools, its not worth it... dont waste your time!

jrod986 says:

Throwing in the keyboard for free would be a great idea.  Still excited about this though.  The only real fault of the first gen aside from price was the battery life.  I was close to getting the Thinkpad Helix but it's much more expensive and still rocks an Ivy Bridge.  The Surface Pro seems much more attractive this time around.
In other news, the RT still has no business existing.  Maybe if they knocked it down to 7" and a Nexus 7 price point it would be more attractive.

Doctor Pork says:

Every android tablet in the 10 inch range is priced the same and often higher for the same specs, and this includes the Galaxy tablets with worse specs, lower resolution and cheap plastic build quality... Seriously, it is priced competively.The only reasonable way to lower the price further without forfeiting any profits would be to use much cheaper hardware.

brorim says:

Rofl same insane price again.

yep pricing is off again, they well sell just as much as they did last time. They need marketshare with RT, not high profit margin. Should be starting at 349 with a cover. As for pro, get rid of the 64 option, and sell the pro starting at 799 for the 128 again with a touch cover, 20 or so more for the type, little bit more for the others. That being said I'm still buying a 128.

terrokkinit says:

Thoughts on the Surface from me? Apple, unless you start adding file management capabilities AND FREE (that means not paid) iWork with your iPad, you've got a major contender on your hands. People don't want just an oversized iPod anymore. *shrug*...oh yeah, and GO MICROSOFT!

sumton says:

i would get one if they are going to expand availability into more countries

stjimmie says:

The real question, HOW MUCH IN THE UK..! shall i bend over and let the thrusting begin?!?

BryanLM says:

I'm okay with the price, but no word on LTE. Please microsoft, Please LTE on the RT!

AndyD33 says:

My thoughts: meh, I'll wait for a clearance on the Surface 1 Pro and get a microsdxc to expand past 128GB.

Adretheon says:

Looks sweet, but still to expensive. Sorry MS, but I won't be getting one if you can't make one for people that don't have 900$ to spend on a device.
With that said, I look forward to seeing the Surface 1 go down in price, at least I hope.

Chemilinski says:

The only disappointment I have in this is that it isn't available in more countries.

jdawgnoonan says:

At those prices the keyboard covers should be included. Otherwise looks nice.

SwimSwim says: