Nokia updates Chat Beta for Windows Phone, while Samsung bumps its Video Trimmer

Nokia Chat

Nokia and Samsung have been covered by us on a continuous basis when updates have been pushed out for Windows Phone. Today we're looking at Nokia's Chat Beta and Samsung's Video Trimmer, available in their respective stores. Both apps have been updated, so what's new?

Unfortunately, we're not sure. Nokia has bumped its Chat Beta to version and Samsung's Video Trimmer has been boosted to, so we're probably looking at fixes and minor improvements. If you've noticed anything new in these latest releases, be sure to hit us up in the comments.

You can download Chat Beta and Video Trimmer (right QR code) from the Nokia Collection and Samsung Zone respectively on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Mohamed, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Chat     QR: Video Trimmer



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Kristijan87 says:

Well, it's refreshing to see Samsung updating their apps so often now. 

tavisdunn says:

My dream is for nokia chat to integrate google chat. IM+ is awful and GTalk seems to be abandoned.

Fade_z says:

What does Nokia chat do? is it like Whatsapp? and is it cross platform?

tavisdunn says:

I think it's only yahoo messanger or something crazy like that. Kinda useless but seems like a solid chat app, hence my desire for a IM service i actually use to be supported...

taymur says:

I don't understand the need for Nokia chat.

RiyanR says:

Wait, is Nokia Chat like WhatsApp but for Nokia devices only?

jswantek says:

While it's nice to see Nokia putting resources into something like this, I have a question.  What is the advantage of using an app to send messages over just sending a text message?  What's the difference?

luk3ja says:

You can talk when there is no mobile network but you have WiFi, it also saves costs if you are not in the same country as the person you are talking with and it also means you can send pictures for free

Schikitar says:

What we need is an equivalent to (or greater than) iMessage, seamless and baked-in.
Until then I haven't a hope in hell at getting my daughters to switch platforms.

Nokia need to remove Nokia from their app names as my app list looks terrible when you get to N

PB_H says:

I updated Nokia Chat yesterday but the version is still the same as the old one,
and not and it said UPDATE on my live Store tile...?