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Do not turn your Xbox One on its side or it will be “at your own risk”

Xbox One

Microsoft has sure been excited to show off its latest gaming console in hundreds of press photos, but have you noticed that the Xbox One has remained horizontal? According to Microsoft, that is how the unit is supposed to be used and if you turn it on its side vertically – you are on your own.

CNET’s sister site GameSpot sat down with Albert Panello, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management and Planning for the Xbox team, who stated that Xbox One doesn’t “support vertical orientation” and users who do it, will “do it at [their] own risk”.

Panello claimed that the unit was not designed to be placed vertically and that while “it couldn’t be a cooling problem”, “we just didn’t design the drive for vertical. Because it’s a slot loading drive, we just didn’t design it for both”. It certainly is an odd statement, as the PlayStation 4 (or even the last generation model) has no issue being on its side.

Will not being able to put the console vertically affect you?

Source: CNET


Reader comments

Do not turn your Xbox One on its side or it will be “at your own risk”


I was goign to say the same thing, old news....I was going to submit news tip but, they never put anything up any more that I send...so I dont bother any more.
I learned about this early last week....

If you go to the options, the first page has an option to view larger text. Also has a tip that you can pinch and zoom for larger text. Try it, it works... jejeje

I think you mean to say that the big pink button is a press or two of Page Down from the top of the page, on the right side. I don't think I have ever found the button at the top of the page. I wish it would be way up there, because I always have to scroll down to find the thing.

The original 360 could be placed either way. I still use the original white one. Used it horizontally and vertically with no issues whatsoever. Still no issues at all to this day.

So can the One. Panello (in the same statement, but not quoted in this article) said that the 360 was also unsupported on its side.

No. I accomodate for what the system needs. If it can go vertical, then I put it that way to save shelf space. If not, I clear a shelf and use it horizontally. Not gonna cry about it, but will make small accomodations when necessary.

It's strange,
- Cable box that seems to be designed to stay horizontal
- Entertainment system also seems to be designed to stay horizontal
- Most furniture tends to have openings to accomodate HORIZONTAL devices

Why is it a big deal? If you're worried about not having spave for the Cable Box, Xbox ONE is supposed to replace it anyways... I am confused as to why this is "HORRIBLE". Sure they limit you where to put it, but are people that serious about playing tetris with living room electronics?

Except that it doesn't actually replace the cable box.  You can run the cable box through the Xbox One to, I guess, control the cable through the Xbox.

Well, people like to complain about everything.  If they said it could not run without power, people would say what a terrible device.

It's only a matter of time until Sony, Nintendo, and PC Game fans make a big deal out of this and complain that MS is restricting them

They already have.
Go on the IGN article about this and see all the PS4 fanboys dissing XBone because of this.
It's actually quite funny.

Am I the only one around here that think MS messed up alot with the XB1 so far, don't get me wrong I'm a huge MS/WP/XB fan but I feel like they could've have done several things different IMO. They are dropping the ball and are suffering from their lack of ability to 1 up the competition in almost every area instead of server/ecosystem.

I have to agree with that to, the reversal on DRM was a mistake, they should've held their ground and made it the "producers ecosystem" that way they can attract more exclusive games and content which they could leverage over PS4. If I was in charge I would've made it so that you must have a disk inserted to play offline, have the APU in a socket or not soldered in so it can be upgraded later with a better APU (a bluray has enough space for at least 2 GUI to a game), give independent or small studios the ability to self-register and submit through a special "Small Studios and Independent Developers" portal, give the game stores and resellers the ability to deregister a user from a game if they're selling it and each game must have a unique product code, and have the selling point for disk be that if you buy and own a disk you have the ability to play offline as long you have the disk. I could go into a huge amount of detail but I'll spare everyone.

Microsoft has more money.. They can get any exclusive they want. Look at the GTA4 DLC deal they made.. Don't put it past them to spend a billion on just a deal for a game like GTA or something.

I would be happy if it had the same similar design, but had the internals of the One and just call it the Xbox ^2 or something.

Oh, and make it gold because that is what the "hip" color is now according to iPhone 5s buyers.

Totally off topic. Since you mentioned Crapple's iPhone 5S. I think it's absurd that almost everyone had their panties in a bunch when Microsoft mentioned the Kinect would always be on, not this guy though, and no one has any concerns with Apple having everyone's fingerprint. Perhaps in the future evolve into a DNA scanner. Ridiculous.

Wow Is right. You would allow this to be a deal breaker? That's the wow to me. we could go on all day about consumer electronics that don't sit two ways.

Don't see the big deal, its going to be place in the center of my media rig replacing my cable box. Good that PS4 can sit up as it will be tucked away in the corner as it will only be used for good Playstation exclusives,....meaning it won't get used alot. So works perfect for me!

Definitely what he said its not, something to do with cooling fan flow or heat sinks, vertical drive is just the little bearing cams that hold the disk... Fft

Oh well I just bought a desk specifically for the X1 with a veritical slot (where the tower for your pc rig goes), damm it lol. i guess I will just lay it on the top and move stuff around.

I never really liked the idea of vertical. I like it sitting firm horizontally. More ergonomic too. Besides, it's quite a big box to have sitting horizontally too. Ultimately, someone will place it vertically and it won't have any issues.

A deal breaker in Asia with limited space. 

Also, why didn't they just design the console so it cannot be place sideways. A lot of people won't know about this and screw up. 

I run all my disc based consoles vertically to save damage to the disc drive. The ps2 proved running it vertical saved the laser from heat based sagging. Done the same with all the 360s I have (there are rubber feet on the bottom to run it vertical or horizontal) and no problems.

This won't be an issue at all, I prefer the console horizontal and that's all I really have room for anyway. Haha.

Why would you ever want to stand your system vertical? Space issue? Just move it. Did you ever stand up your Nintendo? No.

Ridiculous - the Wii, Wii U, PS2, PS3, and PS4 can all go vertical. The Wii, Wii U, PS3 and PS4 even all do it with a slot load - so that can't be the excuse.
Will all the complaints about the XB360 scratching discs, why would MS risk a slot drive that can't go vertical?!?!??

He said that while they added a slot drive they did not prepare it for vertical placement of the console. He did not say that the console should not be placed like that BECAUSE it has a slot drive.