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Microsoft updates YouTube app for Windows Phone, apparently surrenders to Google as web player returns

Windows Phone users have returned to square one with the 'updated' YouTube app today

A few months ago, Microsoft and Google had a brouhaha over YouTube and Windows Phone. Microsoft appeared to play by Google’s rules in making an app for their customers, but Google said it wasn’t good enough. Despite the differences, Microsoft famously released the app anyway to see what would happen. As it turns out, Google was none too happy and remotely killed the app through its access key.

Fast forward to today, October 7th and the app has finally been updated to version 3.2. Unfortunately, the app has reverted back to its old web-player days, meaning if you click a YouTube link in email, MMS messages, etc. it will open YouTube in the browser. In fact, tapping the installed YouTube icon on your phone will simply redirect you to for that not so premier experience.

No more downloads, no more account management (without logging in), no notifications—just the barebones experience.

Google locked out Windows Phone users

From the looks of it, any discussions between Microsoft and Google may have broken down. As a result, we’re getting the most generic YouTube experience you can imagine on a mobile platform: a web player. If Microsoft is working on an official app, it may have to be in that HTML5 form that Google so desperately wants for Windows Phone (but not for iOS or Android). If that is going to happen, it could take months before we see it land on the Store, if at all.

For now, Windows Phone users are urged to use some of the excellent third-party options like MetroTube, myTube or PrimeTube to get a premium YouTube experience.

Head here to the Windows Phone store to get YouTube version 3.2, though we honestly don’t recommend it.

Thanks, Kevin B., for the tip

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kullkid92x says:

Yeah but that's like saying "you can find way more viruses on Windows than on OSX" lol well of course because of its market span. The only reason Google+ is as refreshing is because its not yet reached the population of Facebook get me?

Google+ looked cool but the only reason I didn't give in a year ago was because none of my friends were gonna use it -_-

I can see how that is a welcoming thing for professional users though, which i'll assume is your case.

klose91 says:

Well, that's true. But if you mention friends. Google plus is unlike Facebook not about friends. The focus on G+ is your interests. On G+ you're following interessting people, or sites which talking 'bout stuff you like for example a site that talks about tools, or news pages, tv shows, science whatever. On Facebook you can do the same but the focus is on friends and the likes, and that makes a hugh difference. And that's another, which I think is the most important reason why there's no alternative. (btw, dunno if people outside of Germany know that but I hate this "no alternative" 'cause our chancellor said this too often to political stuff..., but nevermind that. ^^)

Radeon7000 says:

Yup i like Google+ more than fb,don't why but i just like the white background and the feeling of modernness across all Google services.I would switch to MS but all their services are shit outside US.In my country Google provides a much better experience across their services than Ms :(

nifraxli says:

It looks like Metrotube get their share of the disagreement between Google and MS. Neither on my phone or on my laptop is the Metrotube app able to show my subscriptions. I have to go to the YouTube website to see them.

fwaits says:

I see subs on MetroTube just fine. Maybe you need to log out and back in, or uninstall/reinstall the app. I've never had a problem with it.

Ryken100 says:

There has been a bug with the YouTube API recently where it will randomly decide not to work for (usually) short periods of time. That might be what's going on.

aemond says:

Fuck you Google.

WilsonBlaze says:

I wonder how legal this is......what if MS broke Google's programs on the and anything else that runs through windows. I think they should try it and see, what's the worst that could happen?

realwarder says:

Google defines the terms and conditions of their service so it's legal.

Only response is to get users to move. But what's amazing is there is no real alternative other than Vimeo. Likely given all the copyright negotiations Google has had over the years no one else wants the hassle!

kbilly70 says:

I think that if MS did that DOJ would be all over them. I sure would like to see it though. Maybe for a week or so. Kill everything on Windows, block Skype, Office, everything on Android. I know it would just cause negative reaction to MS but would still love to see it happen.

mr toes says:

Aha yet another terrible website wrapper.
Thank you spammer, no free advertising for you.

Vociferous says:

I prefer Metrotube anyway. It's a really great app when I really have to use a youtube app on my phone.

DenniSundaY says:

Version 3.2 of a icon that is just a link to the website? Oke so everything is possible in this world

Solidstate89 says:

None of my third party YouTube apps are working right now anyways. I can't play or download anything in either SuperTube or MetroTube.

procen says:

My Metro Tube works fine. I'm watching videos right now.

Al_2 says:

Really makes me hate Google, but at least the web browser works. I can't believe Microsoft left the broken app available for download in the store for around two months. Hardly gives a good impression if you get a new WP and the YouTube app doesn't work at all. That's worse than an ugly but functioning web wrapper.

tcman88 says:

Who cares when we have MetroTube

In Limbo says:

Pretty much. I was a little upset, and then I forgot that I had a perfectly viable alternative in Metrotube.

RaRa85 says:

Who needs that crap anyway when we have such great options elsewhere in the Marketplace? We good.

procen says:

How do you like your yellow 920?

RaRa85 says:

I absolutely love it. People ask me all the time if its the "one from the commercial" referring to the 1020. I have all the space for everything I need and the camera is awesome. I love being part of the Lumia family. How's that 925? Still envy the design.

procen says:

Me too love being part of the Lumia family. My 925 is great and I love it also, but I have the wireless cover on all the time to avoid the len's getting scratch and it's a good protector since I dropped it multitple times.

In Limbo says:

F**k Google.

Pass it on . . .

Kadcidxa says:

You all got Scroogled! MetroTube ftw!

Prensescim says:

Metrotube is good enough!! So what if official Youtube app is not available for WP8? As long as I am able to access Youtube with a good working app all that matters. Just like instagram. We got 6tag and others which do the job just fine!!..BTW, if I could get rid of all my google services I would...

nsg1000 says:

What we need is an open video platform that has no app, just an api. Let the community write the apps. A level playing field for all...

anandv427 says:

HM..must be only my phone have the problem with fb chat...disgusting...

onysi says:

lets block chrome out of windows.

coip says:

Google are the ones being childish. Microsoft has done all they can. Personally, I don't use YouTube so I don't care, but what is wrong with using MetroTube instead? Windows Phone has way more benefits than shortcomings. Way better than iOS or Android

lubbalots says:

Do no evil...

redtidal says:

I seriously can't remember when was the last time I watched something on YouTube. I know a lot of people told me they still do. But I just don't find it interesting anymore.
Google is a leech. It is all about squeeze the money.

TJWINS says:

Metrotube is so awesome this news doesn't bother me at all. I too never switched to the official app even when it had all the features. Metrotube rocks!

JLP says:

Another reason I hate google...i dont even like it when my kids use their services...

iZangetsu says:

HAHAHA make them go to bed early if you see them on google, lol.

TechFreak1 says:

Haha, grounded for using google services... That sure would make the news somewhere -).

pr0phecy says:

Google still sux major ballz.

blasher4 says:

Again, the consumer always suffers for all the political jibber-jabber that goes on "upstairs"

I've just asked about that for you Daniel Rubino yesterday on twitter! Did you saw that?

msualum says:

Screw Google! Nice be nice to think you rule the web...

kryten100 says:

I deleted my Google accounts months ago.  They need to stop acting like spoiled brats.

I deleted all my google accounts 5 minutes ago ... I have this strange sense of fulfillment !

Rob41664 says:

It doesn't make them the best but MS has those little things called Windows on how many machines not to mention active sync

willboyce says:

Metro tube is very good. But one of the best things about windows phone to me is simply pin the real thing to start screen. Its the best. . Apps are are silly little things

Aldiggi says:

Sorry but c'mon already. How does apple have a solid YouTube app and windowsphone doesn't.

Just uninstalled it yesterday lol MetroTube all day!

Google has gotten arrogant, hope Microsoft and Nokia keep adding features and steal Android customers. We obviously know who has more pull, sadly enough. Microsoft is the underdog and got put in its place. Hope everyone here bans chrome and chromebooks as well.

iZangetsu says:

I would, but ever since I downloaded 8.1 Preview my IE wasn't nearly as good. While I was downloading chrome as an alternative, I cried.

Man, use opera Firefox anything other than Chrome. Chrome is the software that caused my Mac to go belly up, only software ever to have that honor. I won't install that trash on my windows or mac computers. Has to be another way.

iZangetsu says:

Once those bug fixes come in the official release of 8.1, I'm gonna uninstall chrome and celebrate with some KFC.

Arafat Sa says:

Same here. I need reason to switch from Chrome to IE. If IE is better, I will switch immediately with no doubt.

Radeon7000 says:

Chrome is the fastest browser on Windows 8 at least for me.Opera is now using Chrome engine and they don't even have the option to set the homepage to what I like so its just like a crippled version of,chrome.firefox takes too long to start.Hell I can start 2 instances of chrome by the time Firefox launches

RayWP7 says:

Um there are other apps. Plenty of support for these others except for the one MS built. This has nothing to do with Microsoft and mote to do with Google. They are the giant corporate behemoth they didn't want to become. Surprise, this is what happens. Look at Apple.

elangab says:

YouTube is the worst website ever. I know it's popular among others, but I can't find it useful. I don't care about other people's cats, babies and "funny" videos. Our current society sucks, so it will never die, sadly... They deserve Google.

Everything is cyclical, even what is popular. Agree as a society we deserve Google.

TonyDedrick says:

I find most of society (or at least the portion I interact with) to be rather pleasing. A bit silly to judge folks just because they want to watch silly cay videos.

You are lucky, seriously. No, Google is symptomatic of larger issues, me me me versus cooperation. Wall Street, our politicians, our leaders all have that attitude, the rest of us suffer. I am not impressed with Google. Google knows windows phone can be a competitive threat in the future to their Android juggernaut.

Where can we petition or complain to Google about themselves

Twitter usually gets their attention.

getalex says:

What a $ hit show this is.

Ken Heslip says:

Watching this spat blow by as I use MyTube. The way Google has behaved, the official Youtube app deserves to be a crappy experience.

neo158 says:

Except the official app was by Microsoft, not Google, if you want to Scroogle Google then don't use any of their services even though third parties!!

Ken Heslip says:

I know MS made the app...that's why it's crap. They said if Google aren't going to play neither are we. Never said I wanted to Scroogle Google.....I just don't agree with how they're behaving here.

jake69 says:

google has no regard to end users.

bilzkh says:

MS should make Chrome OS apps that make people use, Skype and Bing.

Radeon7000 says:

Lol no one uses Chrome Os.Google has become so desperate bout it that in the latest developer build of chrome they have reconstructed chrome os in metro version of chrome on windows LOL

erzhik says:

Both of them can go and shove it. I'm sticking with MetroTube.

FearL0rd says:

I hate Google!!! Suckers!!;

cybermoose89 says:

IM sticking to mytube then if there gonna be utter dick heads about it damn fucktards :/

nooryani84 says:

Don't forget that MS would do EXACTLY the same as Google given the opportunity.   History has a tendency to repeat itself, MS are no angels either ;)
I suggest either pony up for an Android phone, get over the notion that they're some how worse than MS or just be content with the unnofficial, yet high quality, Google apps made by devs for WP.


bilzkh says:

Really? Then why isn't Microsoft crippling Chrome's usefulness?

Just bought Google stock after hearing this news.

Traitor. You, are a traitor to your name.

Its why I use windows phone because Im not not bothered about the apps!!! Metro tube is great and even the web browser. Look bottom line is Microsoft wanted the apps just will cost more ££££ to developet it. Google or course will make em jump through hoops. Also official app needs to support ads really don't want em but pays for the service isn't it

WilliamC1972 says:

Can Microsoft remove Google search from all Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8? If so, that'll have Google looking at things differently.

Wael Hasno says:

I'm not going through the "1" update shenanigans again.. Uninstalling the app, crash and burn, Google.

@microsoft, I am not happy with how @google is acting regarding their @Youtube app on #windowsphone. Stand up for yourself! Google is evil...sent out on twitter

Josh Harman says:

Web browser works fine for me, in fact, I use the feature that plays a video to your smart tv/xbox - that's only on the web.

And people wonder why I still use AOL as my email, google is very childish and I don't trust them at all. If the videos I liked were on vimeo, I would've ditched it a long time ago

LDSBCfan says:

I use metrotube. It's a very well built app, although google still try's to screw with them too.

FearL0rd says:

Lets twitt #FuckGoogle

khipara says:

MS is winning this hands down. And Google is shooting itself in the foot. I'm withdrawing from Google services and got most of my family to use Bing and other MS services. But the best was when I got a friend to dump his Galaxy Note 3 and wait for the forthcoming Lumia 1520.

WP Ian says:

My mommy told me that the people at Google are bad people.

jlzimmerman says:

I would gladly switch to vimeo but it's work blocked :(

Micah Dawson says:

I like metrotube but I like watching a lot of Korean pop videos and I noticed that the same videos that are from Korean channels will not play for same reason

Case in point the music video growl by exo will not play from the smtown channel thru metrotube. Making it kind of annoying.

marantaz says:

HA! Screw Google! I downloaded the MS YouTube app just cuz! I don't use it for anything but being able to view videos which I rarely do and I don't care to use anything Google, so screw them and their tube!

migueli2 says:

Sad, ridiculous, brainless, Google, Inc.

I just wish any other video sites were as content packed as YouTube... I'd stop using the wretched thing in a heartbeat. Vimeo, for instance seems much better a lot more pleasing to the eyes...

Jazmac says:

If google doesn't care how its products are presented in public, google really has no class.

Read all the comments from the beginning. . There will come a day when fans like us will be laughing on android and maybe google ! #Fuckgoogle it is . . Chrome uninstalled. . I have already taken a headstart !

Jazmac says:

Make sure you got all of chrome. They have a hidden folder they continue to access your web activity if you don't uninstall that too

No interest. Deleted my Google account and not going back.

lubbalots says:

I can't remember the last time I opened it. Years ago I think. It has the worst interface and ugly as heck! I'm not sure why or how people can like it.

google will miss your data....sike

chezm says:

Ugh I can't even reach YouTube on the regular IE browser on my God I hate google.

etrosce says:

It's funny how Google is making same mistakes as MS (and others) made in the past.

Oh noes... My heart cries in pain... oh wait.  It doesn't.  Thank you myTube and MetroTube for offering awesome alternatives.  You guys will get my money in the future. 

neo158 says:

And they'll be blocked by Google in the future as well!!

tonyk79 says:

The problem is Microsoft have been late to the smartphone sector. WP8 is a great product but Microsoft need to get the big boys like instagram, sky tv on board, even if it means taking a hit short term to make profit long term. I know good 3rd party apps exist for instagram but its the official one we need as it would send out a statement.

I guess the increase in wp marketshare in itself is a statement. . !

Lee Juhan says:

Fuxk you google

Yay! Now we get such an amazing UI. Thanks Google! :D

Yay! Now we get such an amazing UI. Thanks Google! :D

lubbalots says:

What are we gonna do!!!!

patsfan06 says:

And one more reason I HATE Google! It is so unfair that MS has to build an HTML5 version while their own OS and iOS don't.

lomo1234 says:

Google does not have a public API for youtube.  Their only public API is an HTML5 one which you can then embed a viewer directly into an application.  So you can still build a quality app out of it but the viewer itself is a HTML5 viewer itself. Google used private APIs to create the official app for Android and iOS.  What Microsoft did was playing with fire and trying to tap into the private APIs as well to create their own youtube app.  The problem of course is that if Google allowed them to do this, they will never be allowed to change their own private APIs.  They have control updating the iOS and Android youtube apps, but not the Windows Phone one.
So how is this all of Google's fault?  Can Google try to use private APIs of Skype if Microsoft didn't release an official app on Android and then cry when it is blocked?  Can Google release an official a Bing app on Android using private APIs once again and then cry when it is blocked? Microsoft knew it was playing with fire.  They wanted to bluff Google and lost badly.
There's a big difference in support public APIs or private APIs.  Google clearly does not think that Windows Phone has enough market share for them to support yet.  Let's see Microsoft try to create an Instagram app using private APIs and then crying when the instagram app doesn't work anymore..

bilzkh says:

It is Google's fault...for intentionally ignoring some tens of millions of WP users and the interests of its shareholders for the sake of its personal pissing war with Microsoft. It doesn't take much (for GOOG) to build decent YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, etc. apps for WP. And it isn't as if WP is a barren market, there are tens of millions of users, poised to grow in the future...I'm sure out of 20-30mn GOOG can profit off them.

Dratwister says:

"Not enough marketshare"?? Then who cried like a baby and complained how Youtube app on WP removing the ads effects their income :3

CommonBlob says:

**** you Google

rocketboy says:

Continuing to find ways to cut Google from my day-to-day. Down to just signing in to google groups.

el-ojo says:

I've moved on from Youtube for a long time now. I usually just search for music videos anyways. I just do that on the VEVO! app.
Either way, there's lots of options on the marketplace for those that want the whole youtube experience. The only problem is that most of them are Paid :(

Bratnikola says:

Bye bye google. I hate you more and more...

bahamut443 says:

Google = Nazis

Literally Hitler 

uselessrobot says:

I just uninstalled that crap and replaced it with Vimeo. I know there are good third party apps out there, but they'll eventually break. So why should I continue supporting Google?

This will learn microsoft for thos 'Scroodled' ads. And honestly, with the way Microsoft has treated their own customers this hardly looks like a mean move.

neo158 says:

How is it the fault of Microsoft when the blocking of the WP YouTube app is at Google's end. How about this slogan for your precious Google, "Be Evil"!!!

gevabar says:

Microsoft should just buy metro tube....shhhhh don't tell anyone

david90531 says:

Google has lost all my respect over the past year. If your product is good, you don't need to jeopardize others to boost sales or stop competition. Good thing WP has amazing 3rd party apps for Youtube that are even better than Google's own youtube app on Android

ruddevil says:

One day.. One day.. Someone will bring google down. For good.

I'm really waiting for that! Back in the days I used to love google for their creative ideas but now I really think google is nothing but an evil organisation!

Arafat Sa says:

The best thing about Windows Phone to me is that it's faster than lagdroid made by Google. I'm happy with Lumia920. Just need a bit more features to compete with them.

doubledeej says:

"Don't be evil."  Ha!  
They never meant it.  They should have said "Be as evil as we want to be."

gouboy says:

Hey Larry! Don't be evil!

neo158 says:

I wonder where the supposed "interoperability between organisations" is in this!!

terrokkinit says:

Yet again? Love it...thank you Google. For nothing :). Metrotube, thank you for being my YouTube app of choice on WP8

Lets start a campaign against Google! I already did on twitter:

jabtano says:

Microsoft did it to themselves they have no one to blame they missed the boat on so much tablets mobile devices heck look at WP7 it came out and got bashed for not having c&p really how dumb. Updates are slow being in last place should make them move fast right? Nope not happening how are notifications working for us.

neo158 says:

WTF, how is a lack of a youtube app anything to do with updates to Windows Phone!!

Will an actual application comes out from doing this???

larrybon says:

I'll keep it on my start screen just to access my account in desktop mode. That's it. Which works really well!

goldenpipes says:

Google is a dickhead.

wshwe says:

MS should put the smackdown on Google. MS should patch Windows 7 and 8 to not allow installation of Chrome. Too bad it will never happen, but one can dream.

bahamut443 says:

Switched from iPhone to WP8 and at first I was pleases with the experience. However, I'm growing more and more regretful by the day. My live tiles stopped updated about two months ago and I receive no push notifications. If I do, they're sometimes days late. Don't blast me too bad though, I at least gave WP8 a solid chance. Live tiles are a good idea in theory, but unless Microsoft gets real and accepts the flaws of this OS, I don't see myself coming back to WP...

You know, I have a similar problem, I applaud you for trying new things and being open minded. I find certain apps the live tile works correctly such as the native calendar, photo apps, wpcentral, my stock portfolio. Certain categories I have no luck, such as weather, third party calendars, Bing apps. My notifications from Godville always come through. So I think some it is implementation by devs, other problems are indeed the structuring of the OS. All phones and technology exist to make our lives easier or better, and if they don't chuck it and move on. Good luck! One of the reasons I will stay is HD Photo Viewer, I take screenshots of my goals and have the app cycle through. Brilliant! I am not aware of anything in iOS that allows me to do the same. Maybe Android does, but that one feature is something I can never live without.

bahamut443 says:

Thanks for the positive response. I even went as far as making a dev account and publishing an app. I'm locked into a contract with my carrier, but I did manage to keep my iPhone. I'm not huge on Apple and have always been a big supporter of Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets. Sometimes though I get a little sick to my stomach seeing so much Microsoft fanboy bias - especially on this site. I own an XBOX and a PS3 and prefer my PS3. Its a solid and reliable console. I still own and regularly use my 2006 launch 60gig model. In the time since, I've been through more than three XBOX 360s. They may offer a better online experience, but I've given up the will to replace my last one... One thing I'll miss about Windows Phone is the quality of my photos and the ability to auto upload them to my SkyDrive. I'll also miss the ability to freely move media and photos between my PC and phone. Can't stand iTunes!

Of course, politeness, generosity and civility are some of the cornerstones of civilization. :) I can be accused of being a MS fanboy sometimes, I want a strong third player to keep Android And Apple in check. Don't have an Xbox or PS3, do want an Xbox but Sony makes good products. Each phone platform has their pluses and minuses, and pet peeves. You have to decide which platform suits your needs best. And I hate iTunes as well! At least you got the OTA update for 7.0.

panesar7 says:

It's a shame.

MrA2Z says:

I have updated it but now going to uninstall. Hate this attitude of google.

So Google just lost me as a customer.  How is that good for them?  These guys show over and over and over again they have no idea how to run a business (e.g. Motorola = $12.5 billion).  Management?  They couldn't manage a fart at a Boston baked bean eating contest.
Good riddance to them.

sharek77o says: much for the "Don't be evil " moto.

ejlee072006 says:

The web is a lot better than the app.. Just use METRO TUBE

Chris Yahya says:

I cant any video when in cellular. When clicked play, it shows loading bar (dots walking) about 2 sec and returned to main page. When connect with wifi i can play.... Halp me.

hellodav7 says:

Scrgoogled! Google sucks!

Chris Yahya says:

Honestly, shame google.

Looks like Google thinks apps for Windows platform is not necessary lol

TechAbstract says:

MetroTube, YouTube HD, Vimeo, and VEVO ftw

tvolpe86 says:

who cares. why would anyone care at this point? mytube and metrotube are better. even if a proper and official youtube app came out at this point I wouldn't use it lol.

Luminatic says:

Well, bye, YouTube, hello, Metrotube! I prefer Metrotube anyway - plus Vimeo for quality videos. And now that bing finally came out of beta in my country, I might finally be able to say goodbye to Google search. The last thing that keeps me going back to it is filtering my search results by age - is there any way of doing this on Bing somehow? Maybe with a parameter?

Voxophone says:

Again, block Google on the the entire Windows platform (for maybe just 24 hours or so) and watch them suffer :D They need us Windows people to survive. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Google...

Quin 2013 says:

I agree! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!!

Quin 2013 says:

I don't give a crap a googles shitty app, I have metroTube and that's all I need.

neo158 says:

1. The youtube app isn't Google's, it's Microsoft's. 2. Metrotube connects to the same service and will be blocked eventually!!

ejlee072006 says:

Why are you trolling??
What's ur problem?

Quin 2013 says:

So me not liking an app is trolling.

You're stupid as shit.

Quin 2013 says:

@neo158; Hopefully not. I really like metrotube.

I highly doubt they're going to mess with 3rd party developers, otherwise they would had done the same to them already.

"don't be evil" (quote)

I uninstalled Youtube a while ago, I always had a feeling the one update icon was not worth the wait. Using You tube HD and its great although I miss the Gallery integration that the original you tube app had.

minus365 says:

Burn in hell Scroogle!

Karanstyle says:

There are hardly any apps on WP8 like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Flipboard, etc and many other games that are paid here are free on Android & iOS. A stupid OS WP8 that a giant like MICROSOFT hell bent to get attention of Instagram & YouTube and all they get is shame in return Loser giant MICROSOFT have to cry/beg for app makers to make an official app for them.. HAHAAAA

neo158 says:

I think you need to go back to Android Central, let the door hit you on the way out!!

Karanstyle says:

1. You're no one to tell me to leave Mr/Mrs Neo158.
2. I'm already having an Android phone Sony Xperia Z1 + Apple iPad Mini + Nokia Lumia 820. I can really see how miserable WP8's condition is as an OS & their poor users. :P

ejlee072006 says:

Dude WTF are you talking about!

Karanstyle says:

WTF I'm talking about..?? 
If you didnt understand it then you're a technically challenged person or more of a person having English as their 2nd language(If so try reading again :) )

shukuist says:

Who cares, I don't watch youtube on phone. And if I have to, I have MetroTube

neo158 says:

That's alright, I don't use YouTube anymore anyway!!

dhruv07 says:

Just all google's selfishness and scare from windows phone budding out!! To be d next future

F**k off google just f**k off!!

envio says:

I've just uninstalled YT.  I won't miss it and this changes nothing since Metrotube does a great job for me.  It's one thing for Google not to want to support the platform - that's their choice but it's quite another to set such arbitrary conditions that aren't stipulated on the other platforms including their own.  I wish Microsoft hadn't created their own app in the first place, the resources need to be focused on the core OS and bridging the feature parity gap.

Villain says:

Someone needs to make a decent YouTube alternative and FFS Microsoft add search by date in Bing...

Clement 88 says:

Fuxk you Google!

If Microsoft ever did something like this to Google, those little panty waists at Google would send their anti-trust lawyers running to the EU.  Google is evil, and I avoid their products like the plague.

rfrapp says:

People can't just blame Google for this. It's Microsoft's fault too. You don't see google running, "switch from windows phone" ads. Microsoft is acting like a freakin politician (attempting to smear the competition instead of talking about your product)

<p>I think if google and microsoft work for windows phone app it will bigger success than Android phones.</p>

Arpit Mittal says:

really fuck off google..

Dean McCrae says:

There's no doubt Google nailed search before Microsoft had any idea of its importance, and Bing has been too little too late ever since. But other than that, I find Google, and its founders, just too sickly to take. Google - Search = 0. On the other hand, Microsoft - Bing = Microsoft.

DarthMengon says:

What a shame for Google. Cant anyone create a petition for this ?
@WPCentral / Daniel Rubino: isnt it possible for you to write (maybe together with other Windows Phone Communities) a email about this to Google ? I dont really think it will change anything, but at least its worth a try ?

Eas195 says:

Let's sue Google for its unfair competition. SCROOGLED campaign, chapter 2, who's in?

tapehead says:

I lost my respect for Google the second I switched from Android and got a good look at just how obnoxious they really are. They are competely synonymous with Big Brother at this point, their platform is bloated and buggy, and their smug attitude is enough to make me never switch back. Should I ever jump from the WP8 ship, I'll probably go iPhone at this point. Because at the end of the day, Google isn't screwing over Microsoft. They're screwing over their own users. Everybody uses YouTube. Not just Google brownnosers.

Zarnywoop says:

Google can go suck my boaby.
I've started using Bing on principle.  Will it make a difference? no, but its good for the soul.
Remember, everytime you use google a puppy dies!

WPBlox1989 says:

Google at their most evil. If they weren't supposed to be evil and be open, then what is this? Didn't Google reliaze that this action can get them sued? Yeah, Google can tell the judge that Microsoft is still the most evil company in the PC industry but that was long ago and they stopped that already while Google thinks they can act like they're the king in the mobile phone industry.
Google should know that without HTC and Samsung promoting Android, Android would be dead with Motorola being the only brand using that OS instead of being known worldwide. They should also know that if Microsoft blocked the first version of Chrome on Windows instead of allowing its release, they would be bankrupt as a ad and search company instead of being one of the richest companies on the planet.
And if this turns into a court case that ends in Microsoft's favor, I better hope Larry Page gets ready to kiss Steve Ballmer's backside in front of the Windows Phone Team, apologize to Joe Belfiore for attempting to ruin his greatest creation and think of a way to revise YouTube's Terms of Service.

Gemini Ace says:

Honestly I guess I don't know what I'm missing. I always use the mobile site. What are you people doing in these other apps that you can't do on the mobile site?

ejlee072006 says:

I said it before, METRO TUBE!!!

ejlee072006 says:

Ey Daniel rubino you should move the commenting part to DISQUS!!

tapehead says:

I just ditched Chrome and GMail. This move just pushes me further away from the Android ecosystem. Now more than ever before.

Williams_810 says:

This is just a disappointment from the likes of Google. It also makes me happy that I personally don't use the Microsoft-made YouTube app anymore. Then again, as someone who's used their products (YouTube, Chrome browser, Android tablet, etc) I have been constantly getting disappointed with what the company's been bringing to the table. Overall, I think after my knackered Thrive tablet is rendered inoperative (it still works, albeit with a cracked screen) I think I'm going to sell it for whatever it can fetch and ultimately replace it with a Windows tablet, among with a series of moves to further move away from them; especially YouTube for I don't really approve of how they've been working on the site (focus on big-name, but low-quality YT users; allegeations of diluting the "community" aspect; removal of video responses, etc). 

KelvBlue says:

It is no point to continue to circumvent the Scroogle restriction where they can change the protocol on a whim, and bringing down other third party apps as well. Microsoft cleverly put up a good show and now the blame is on Scroogle.
We now at a point with 3rd party apps with features way pass the official one. Other platform users are drooling with 6tag and the awesome developer is not stoping!!
I would love to see how long can Scroogle hold on to their dirty tricks, cutting off a revenue streams of their Youtube content developers by pushing us into a 3rd party apps that have no ads and can download contents.

giffis says:

Recently Google took away youtube account access from Sony blu ray player and some samsung tv. I think Google wants people to use chromecast for Youtube. They want to grab big share of the TV advertisment money by pushing people into chromecast and a Youtube which they control completelly. Big shift from Open Internet.

metsfan421 says:

How does Google allow MetroTube and other apps to work, yet the one Microsoft makes they block and make inoperable?

WPBlox1989 says:

Simple. Google believes 3rd party YouTube mobile app developers are small-timers and in a sense not totally bound to the developer's section of YouTube's Terms of Service and they can do whatever they want so long the YouTube app they created is not indentical to the actual mobile app for Android and iOS.
But in Google's eyes Microsoft, a big corporation must make a YouTube app that does not violate YouTube's developer ToS and since Google don't support Windows Phone but only desktop Windows for YouTube so Microsoft's forced to make a HTML5-based app for the YouTube service or it'll be blocked if it's natively-coded.

Charles Wang says:

I find it amusing how many people are abusing Google (and I agree completely) yet they turn around and use a third party solution. If you really want to abuse Google, stop using the third party software as well. Just don't access Youtube from anything, anywhere.

ahumeniy says:

"Don't be evil" they said...

this explains two things.  First this is why the youtube app was giving me vague "something strange happened but we don't know what" error messages.  And why the youtube "update" turned a nice dedicated app into a weak hyperlink to  you tube.  This is so lame.  figure it out guys!!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Remember when google use to say "Don`t be evil"??? Those days are long gone! Nowadays google is acting like a bully, way worst than apple. I gave up gmail, currently using the new outlook and my youtube account is next. I don`t need it to watch videos anyway. SOD OFF, GOOGLE!! Also, my android/samsung is going into the trash drawer very very soon and im picking up the Lumia 925 from Vodafone in Portugal (509 euros, 32 GB, no contract), in less than a month. Suck on that google!!

Seriously, this is Google's fault for killing the fresh YouTube app that Microsoft made for Windows Phone users. Microsoft just wanted to make a fresh YouTube app for Windows Phone users to enjoy. I liked the fresh YouTube app Microsoft made, but Google had to kill it and Microsoft HAD to play ball with Google and changing it back to web form. I will not stand for this. Microsoft makes good apps. When the new YouTube app was released, it was really good. Then Google has to interfere with it and kill it altogether. Then Microsoft got hate from some people saying that its their fault. Don't blame Microsoft! Its Google that you should blame! Someday, this squabble with Google should end with Google surrendering and Microsoft keeps the fresh YouTube app.

samer ahsan says:

What is the time for see the next update

ESB_NET says:

Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it that way.
In the end, users get the app they want...

ESB_NET says:

Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it.
In the end, users get the app they want...