Unannounced Nokia Lumia 1320 reportedly gets codenamed ‘Batman’

There’s not much to go on here…actually, there’s nothing to go on here, but leakster Twitter account evleaks has posted that there is a ‘Lumia 1320’ on the way and it evidently has the codename ‘Batman’.

What to make of it? The ‘1320’ designation suggests a new class of Lumia, positioned somewhere between the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020, perhaps something along the line of a not-so-big device i.e. less than 6-inches.

The codename ‘Batman’ could have all sorts of meanings, or none at all. The Lumia 1020 was called ‘Elvis’ on AT&T (and ‘Eos’ elsewhere) and there has been little correlation between those names and what the device actually entails. Still, ‘Batman’ is pretty epic sounding so perhaps like the caped crusader it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Specifications, a release date, progress of the phone’s development are all currently unknown.  All we do know is that Nokia (and soon to be Microsoft) will have one heck of a portfolio, akin to the range of Android devices but with less mess.

Source: evleaks; Thanks, everyone, for the tips



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erzhik says:

Maybe a new name for a Verizon variant?

Nah, carrier variants usually get off-numbered designations e.g. 928 (vs 920), 810 and 822 (vs 820), 521 (vs 520), 929 etc.

xx20 are main-line Lumias.

raul_junior says:

Evleaks just said its a world variant of the Verizon phablet

That'd make sense.

Winnabe says:

This makes absolute sense to me! This is one of my next phones- my next phone if I dont get the 925 in between.

Where/when did evleaks say it was the world edition of the NL929?

Yangstax says:

There should be just one 5.5" version L1520 for all carriers instead of multiple variants.  It should also have built-in wireless charging instead of requiring an external charging cover.  My L1020 weighs 183g with the charging cover and that is almost same as L920.  

rodneyej says:

No❕ That may sound good to us, but the carriers are in the business to make $$ You can't blame them for wanting different devices... That is THE REASON WHY ANDROID IS SO SUCCESSFUL❕.. Once WP is profitable for carriers then you will see devices being released on multiple carriers here in the US... And lets not forget that this is mainly a US carrier issue.. Seeing that WP MS is so low in the US the only way for Microkia to turn this around is to cater to the carriers.. A lot of things that Microkia does they simply have no choice but to do, and that's the cold reality of the market... Now, Apple is in a different possition where the ball is more in their court, but as the market changes Microkias way will prevail because the carriers are already getting tired of answering to Samsung, and Apple.. That's not a good position for them to be in... How would Bob Johnson Toyota be able to compete with Luke Roslyn Ford if Toyota sent the latter the all new 2014 Camry, and the Ford dealer could sell it for less... I hate exclusives as much as the next guy, but from a business standpoint we have to understand why they exist, and except it.

schlubadub says:

Carriers are the enemy. Devices should be released supporting multiple bands, available on or off contract & available in numerous retailers. It is completely baffling that US carriers have so much power. If they decide not to sell an item, you're basically screwed. For the rest of us we just shrug our shoulders and walk to the next shop to get it.

rodneyej says:

While that may be true,, IMO I don't see it changing in the foreseeable future.. Its because the US doesn't have very many carriers.. Look at how big this country is compared to Europe, and we only have 4-5 major ca carriers, with two of them almost creating a duopoly❕... They simply must find ways to differentiate themselves.. at&t is the prime example of this with them for a while being the only supplier of new WP devices here in America.. That's them trying to differentiate themselves from Verizon.. It's just a cut throat market, that's all.. We might as well complain about having to pay taxes.. Speaking of those fuckin taxes... BS❕... Lol❕

NIST says:

Oh look Rodney said something.

rodneyej says:

I thought we got rid of you...:-(

Have in mind Nokia is the most untrusted manufacturer in the US  market where CDMA is the dominant technology, and before anyone says Verizon, they do not represent the CDMA carrier community as a whole when it comes to standards.


sri_tech says:

I hope its global version of 5 inch Verizon phone

WinMaverick says:

Now this would make real sense

duk3togo says:

My hopes a 5" for T-Mobile, the 929 was a 5" for Verizon.

Rehan Saleem says:

Maybe a New Batman movie is coming and this phone might just have a deal with it. Like the 925 for Superman. :D

5" with 1020 camera.

I think 5" with 20 mp is more likely, or maybe aluminum like the 925, 1020 is still rolling out in many places.

TheContact says:

5" 1080p(not really necessary, but still..) Snapdragon 800, 41MP Pureview, Qi built in. One can dream...

muvig says:

i hope so, 

phing77 says:

Nokia Lumia Affleck

WPCrook says:


Nakazul says:

Nokia Lumia 23 Illuminate. "-Let the conspiracy begins".

Fishhouse says:

I like the Nokia Lumia Michael Keaton better then Ben Affleck.

RyanAMG says:

I had the Michael Keaton Bat Mobile at my wedding. My wife is a batman nut

Then you may have to buy the Lumia 1320 for her

RyanAMG says:

As long as Verizon gets it she will have it.

warrior006 says:

hhhmmm maybe for going against  samsung's note series.....

SchueyF1 says:

Curved screen Lumia?

We already have 2.25 and 2.5 D curved Gorilla Glass. Any more and you make the glass necessarily thicker ergo the device thicker. It's not the industry trend as this point.

Rem97 says:

Which WP8 devices have curved glass?

920, 1020, 925, etc. it's curved at the edges and designated as I stated above

nananananananananana... BATMAN!  Quick!  To the Nokia cave!   Maybe a TMO device again? 

WPCrook says:

Quick Batman, to the Nokiamobile lol

perspicuity says:

I feel like the LumiaMobile would be a Chevy Lumina.
Unless we're also making a pun off the fact that smartphone and mobile can usually be used interchangeably. 

Mark Richey says:

<Door Explodes>
Robin: Holy cow Batman. We could have been killed!"
Adam West (Batman): Or worse.

The batman phone is built around its sidekick smartwatch codenamed Robin

newfreeg says:

Would love this

F60Outrunn says:

that is a seriously cool idea

WinMaverick says:

Nay... Nokia should not make the folly of limiting the smartwatch to just a particular model like Samsung

Jas00555 says:

Batman = Dark Knight = best low light camera ever.

There, Daniel, solved it for you

Stevied1991 says:

Can't argue with this logic!

topleya says:

This makes perfect sense to me

OscarMaDi says:

Of course, and "lumia" it's just an anagram for "I am Lu".
You're welcome, Lu.

with Qi charging the next CEO will be Qi Lu

Similar what I was thinking, which is that bats come out at night.

Nawzil says:

Now I am confused whether my next phone will be 1320 or 1820.

Credo93 says:

I can't wait, really ...

ejb222 says:

1820??? Haven't seen that one. Do you know something we dont? :)

Corvodin says:

Sooo, maybe the male counterpart to Cortana will be Alfred. 

iZangetsu says:

Morgan Freeman would be better.

Mooncow27 says:

Christopher Walken FTW.

MrSimmix says:

Oh that would be awesome! Having Morgan Freeman as a personal assistant. Ha ha ha!

morgan freeman would beyond awesome lol

amcalexandre says:

Nahhh, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! Some quotes to be in Lumias assistance voice, "I'll be back", "Hasta la vista, baby" & "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle."

nokiauser911 says:

"I am not elected to read,I am elected to lead"

WinMaverick says:

Eos is the goddess of dawn... there is enough relationship with the camera phone 1020. Canon dslr line has the same name :)

F60Outrunn says:


Credo93 says:

Please 5.2 - 5.5" device with same specs as 1520, micro sd slot, nano sim, Cyan color and built in wireless charging!

This. ^ cyan is underrated!

Dre325 says:

Agree! 6" is too big, and I want something right in that 5" range on ATT. I'm tempted by the 1020, but want a new processor to support future OS updates and games. Can't wait to see 20mp photo comparisons to the 1020.

lippidp says:

"ATT" and "updates" do not belong in the same paragraph.

No, no, no!"
8" and 1920x1080 for me! A true Tablet-Phone! (more narrow than the Note 8)

Anything, less than 5.5in is simply unacceptable. I need a "True Phablet" like the "Note" on T-Mobile.

Not everyone wants a phone that you need two hands to hold it.

That's fine, that's why I have the Samsung ATIV S (its the biggest WP8 Phone), that's why Sammy is winning the android war by releasing 4in - 6+in devices for the many diff consumers.

Mark Richey says:

Agree. I loved the 4.7" Titan I had, but went with the 920 at 4.5" and hardly noticed. A 5" or 5.5" seems in the right range. I worry the 6" will be a mother to hold. But....

The 920 proved that wrong (too big, to heavy, yada yada)

Danlocker says:

How long is it until we get back around to the old names? The Lumia 3310.

pauleyKills says:

I wish Nokia uses the codenames as the actual phone name. Lumia Elvis. Lumia Sirius. Lumia Bandit. Lumia Catwalk. They would sound really intimidating! As the Lumia line expands/grows...the numbering system becomes inadvisable. Lumia 1320, 1520, 2520, 3720, 3520, 4520, 7680. See what im tryin to say here?

DJCBS says:

Some of the codenames would require copyright payments. It would be stupid to waste money on that just to call a phone "Batman" or "Rivendell".

Besides...Nokia has been using the numeric scheme for YEARS. It was never a problem ;)

Clavitox says:

But shouldn't this next generation use xx3x instead of xx2x?

Mooncow27 says:

Save that for WP9

DJCBS says:

Well, in theory you would expect them to launch the L930, 830 etc. Apparently they decided to jump to the 1xxx...

pauleyKills says:

I guess so. Its never really a bother for me. But for the "average" consumer...that maybe a big factor. My family doesnt wanna switch to a Lumia because they said the numbers aint that attractive as a name for a phone.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Lumia Jackson, Lumia 2pac, Lumia Houston, Lumia Sommers, Lumia biggiesmalls.

uselessrobot says:

Too many freaking models! Why can't they just cut it down to a few models?

Cheap Phone (520)
Quality Mid-Range (think 920)
Mid-Range with high end camera(think 1020, essential because it's Nokia's calling card)
High end phone (think Galaxy S4/iPhone 5S)
Big Phone (I think the phablets are ridiculous, but I'll concede the market exists)

That's it. Do a yearly release like Apple so that when a new model is released it is actually meaningful, and not yet another pointless iteration of the same thing. And this would allow Nokia to improve quality, instead of introducing annoying problems with all these variants.

Dre325 says:

+1. I like options, but my contract is just expiring and it's a constant battle of buy now or wait a month or two for a tweaked variant that may have a feature I want.

AccentAE86 says:

Older models get phased out as new ones come in.  This keeps Nokia in the press and keeps people hearing the Nokia name.  It's a marketing strategy.  Right now they gotta rebuild their brand awareness that they lost.  Once they have that, they could probably ease up a bit on the number of devices.  They're not gonna sell many upgrades, like a 920 user probably won't get the 925 etc... but for someone who's thinking of getting something new, hearing about a newly released model will catch their attention a lot more than a 6 month old device would.  Think about it, for someone in the market for an awesome phone who's keeping their options open, does a one year old Lumia 920 sound better, or a Galaxy S4 that was released 6 months ago, or a 925 released four months ago?  
Keeping the lineup fresh is their strategy at the moment.  They don't have much choice, really.

JoRdaNeK says:

Black metal maybe?



Because I'm Nokia Batman!


I am the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs!!!

I am the BATMAN!!!

I'm the movie Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs...right now. It's...it's complicated!

Hishe FTW!


Oooooooh you think darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it... I didnt see the light until I was already a man, and by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!!!".

Adretheon says:

Tom hardy was so underrated in this movie. It's a damn shame, cause he's such an amazing actor.


I thought he was great playing as bane!

Now not the time to be afraid ......... that comes later

xankazo says:

That's gotta be awesome!!! A codename like that sure has to deliver.

DJCBS says:

Well, when I was talking about my wish that the Verizon L929 would have an International Variant and that the L929 wouldn't be a variant of the L1520, I did pointed out the possibility of a L1320.

I'm very glad I was probably right.
It would be silly to release a 5" phone on Verizon and force the rest of the World to bare with the L1520.

I can say that I now have my eyes on this L1320.

5 inch screen wit 20MP camera on AT&T please! And hope they announce it at Nokia world!

jsnod25 says:

You can edit comments rather than post a reply.

Not when you post a comment on the app and try to edit it on the website.

jsnod25 says:

So new... I actually have never tried that, so that's new to me LOL

jsfx07 says:

I'm hoping it's some type of 929/1520 variant for Tmob USA

DJCBS says:

It's most certainly not. The L1320 is almost certainly the International version upon which the L929 for Verizon is based.

If T-Mobile in the US will have it, that depends on T-Mobile. But it is not designed for them. Sorry. (But hey, you can always get the international version ;) )

Credo93 says:

I really hope it will be a 5.2-5.5" screened device ... with all the same specs as the Lumia 1520 & built in wireless charging & Cyan color & Nano Sim because a few days ago i switched to a nano sim with micro sim adapter just to be 'future proof' lol.

DJCBS says:

Unless Verizon has asked to make it even smaller (doubt it), rumour has it the device will have the same specs as the L1520 but a 5" screen instead of a 6" one. (Think of it as the Nokia equivalent of the Sony Xperia Z1). And judging by the leaked pictures of the L929, I think it may have built-in wireless charging. I surely hope so.
Cyan...well...who knows. I never really understood the colour policy (never cared much since I only like black phones).

Nano sim...no. No one uses that apart from Apple.

Credo93 says:

Lol i was talking about the Lumia 1320 not the Lumia 929. But hey! 2 weeks and we are gonna know it, can't wait! 

Credo93 says:

I think you are wrong, the nano sim was confirmed for the Nokia Lumia 1520 in the leaked pictures that TheVerge received, if you look close you'll see that it is a nano sim instead of a micro sim :D.

DJCBS says:

Well, we didn't actually saw the tray did we? Besides, don't forget that the phone is considerably bigger...which means a micro sim will look smaller than when you put it besides a L920 or a L620. Don't forget proportions.
Let us see. I don't like the L1520 (too big) so I don't really care. But putting nano-sim trays would just be another entry obstacle for people. The day Samsung (being the biggest OEM) starts replacing micro-sims for nano, then I imagine others following.

I don't think they would go that way. Carriers around the world hate the nano sim on Apple devices. The last thing I think they'll want is the disease to spread. =P

cesar ruiz1 says:

T-mobile doesn't care for wp8 every kiosk or store you go in your option are a galaxy or an iPhone, if they have a Nokia on display and ask for it they'll just say that's an old phone but the iPhone 5s is the best phone around, best camera best display, if you ok but its too small well we got the sg4.

NIST says:

Snap in utility belt? Maybe a batarang?

funkyGeneral says:

I was hoping for built in Bat-Shark Repellant

squire777 says:

Maybe released around the time Arkham Origins is released, or some kind of tie in?

bodha says:

I was thinking of this as well. The Batman: Arkham Origins video game is set to be released on 25.10.2013 while Nokia is holding it's next event on 22.10.2013. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will deliver a nice surprise.

Fellipe Abib says:

Maybe coming to show up on the new movie batman/superman...

EraserX8 says:

Nokia Lumia phone with a cape cover that charges the phone too. Or the phone acts as a batarang and you can throw it at bad guys.

Please please please please be a Verizon verson of the 1020. Batman would want 41 megapixles on his phone camera. 

Nope. As has already been explained, if the number designation ends in 20 it will be an international variant and not a carrier specific model.

pallentx says:

Hopefully a 1020 with the 1080 screen and the 1520's processor.

california86 says:

"What kind of phone is that?"

Meagey says:

Exactly what im waiting for hope it comes out for tmo!!!

jasonlacarl says:

They had me at 'Batman'!

venom5150 says:

I am no longer a Sprint customer nor do I plan to ever returning to them but still no Nokia phone???  Seems like Nokia and Sprint should iron out a deal and release the CDMA variant (Verizon Phone).

Clavitox says:

Sprint doesn't like windows cause they got in too deep with apple

Mooncow27 says:

So deep its protruding from the mouth I hear.

If that was the case, how come they're carrying a mid range named the HTC 8XT, and a high end Samsung ATIV S Neo?  Way to go on making unresearched comments.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Samsung mid range HTC low end sorry they carry it cause there cheap variants and yes they have iPhones so far up there asses they don't know what to do with them.

Actually Cesar, the Ativ S Neo has similar specs to the Nokia Lumia 920/925/928. Nokia may use better lens, but the Neo has the microSD slot which adds 64 GB for storage (yes, I am aware you cannot move apps to the microSD card).

And if you still think Sprint paid up 15.6 billion dollars to Apple at once, you need a new strategy to bash them, especially when Sprint pays the SAME EXACT PRICE PER UNIT other carriers are paying, and those payments are made in the same way other carriers do. Your analogy is absurd at the very least.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I'm talking about the phones they have and I know they all have almost same specs when the ativ s and Lumia 920 came out at I saw them not a high end device but more in between mid and high and I'm sorry but the HTC 8x to me was more mid range. I know the device per unit is the same as every other carrier but why did they buy so many they made the same mistake Verizon made, lets buy alot cause that's what everyone wants, they both have a huge room full of iPhones and don't know what to do with them. Not bashing sprint all carriers make the same mistake, tell me if I'm lying when you stop at any of the carriers and ask what's new the first thing they offer you is an iPhone.

You are failing to understand the deal is for the five year commitment Sprint made with Apple.  They only have to sell 22-25 million units on their brands (including the ones sold at Virigin Mobile and Boost at near full retail price) within that time frame for which they are well ahead of meeting that goal on just selling them on Sprint alone.  That argument of having millions of unsold units at their warehouse is silly because no carrier will have so many units of any device.
The 8X also has similar specs to the 920, which is still a high end device from HTC (8S is low end, 8XT is mid end).

cesar ruiz1 says:

Sorry its leap wireless everywhere I read sprint/ leap wireless and sprint being the bigger name never said leap my bad.

cesar ruiz1 says:

That was on July and everyone new iPhone 5s was close so it stopped.

dbam987 says:

It would be cool to get a premium looking phone like the HTC One on Windows Phone. I'd get that in a heartbeat.

paulxxwall says:

Hope it doesn't cone to att

Mooncow27 says:

Needs more shark repellent.

Duduosf says:

So let's do some math:

Only one more to smoke out of the curtains...

DJCBS says:

Do not expect Nokia to announce the L929 there. Doesn't make sense to announce variations of phones dedicated exclusively to US-carriers in Arabia.
It's more likely to be: L2520, L1520, L1320, L525 and another 4 Asha phones.

If the 1320 really is an international version of the 929, then 1.) Why the hell isn't VZW calling it the 1328. 2.) NOK can announce the 1320 & say the 929 is coming to VZW.

DJCBS says:

1.) Why should they? The L1020 was supposed to be L909 and it was changed at the last minute. For all we know they could call it L929 and change it at the last minute to 1328. Besides, Verizon can decide to have their own naming system. Yes, it is a weird choice based on tradition. But so is calling Eos "L1020" when it's nothing more than a L920 with a better camera.

2.) Indeed they could say. But they won't officially announce it. US-Carrier-exclusive phones are announced in the US. Because only in the US will they sell and only in the US will people care for them.

Duduosf says:

You got that right. But what makes you sure that it will be 4 Ashas? I mean, based on that it will be, like, 8 devices in total. Weren't there 6??

L925 with a better camera.

There's no reason that they can't announce the NL1320 and say, oh and by the way, the largest carrier in the US (arguably the most advanced smartphone market) will be getting an iteration of this phone as well, called the NL929.

Duduosf says:

Yeah, like
"Oh and btw, there will be a sibling to this one in the US. Stay tuned for more info in our twitter page!"
Seriously, man?

Because This lumia is The high end Phone that USA deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt it, because it can take Because it is not a high end. He's a silent phone, a watchful camera...a dark Windows Phone

Duduosf says:

Hahaha I had to read it 3x times to get it. Lmfao!

stjimmie says:

They should name it superman, seeing how much Nokia paid warner bros to have their products onscreen every few mins :D

dkp23 says:

Is this the phone we deserve, but not the one we need right now?

I would be shocked if this was a model designed for Qualcomm CDMA 3.0 or higher carriers like every CDMA carrier in the US MARKET outside of Verizon (more specific for Sprint, US Cellular, C Spire, Open Mobile, and a few more).

attract says:

Nokia should stop producing so many devices. The market for windows Phones is not so big compared to android. What about Samsung or HTC?

bjax says:

Lol, funniest thing I've read all day! Thanks for that.

Fuhrer D says:

International 929.

jlynnm350z says:

I'm ready for a design change or enhancements on the Lumias, they look great but I'm ready for something revolutionary! Yes, revolutionary.

attract says:

What do you mean with " revolutionary "?

Arango0818 says:

Hopefully T-Mobile since Att and Verizon are getting theirs

paulomalley says:

Really? You don't get the reference for the 1020 being codenamed Elvis... The King is back, baby...

If this is the 1520 with a 4.7"-5" 1080p screen then it'll be an instant buy. 

MDak280 says:

Can this please be a new flagship for T-Mobile? :(
If Nokia isn't going to bring one device that's the same across all carriers, I hope they at least give Verizon and T-Mobile a variant of the 1520 at their next event. Let's see here. Apparently Nokia is revealing 6 "devices" at their Abu Dhabi event. Lumia 1520 (AT&T/Global), 1320 (T-Mobile/Global), 929 (Verizon), 2520 tablet, and 2 Asha phones?
I sure hope so!

Blu3V3nom07 says:

That's such a good name. I'm really hoping there's a suped up 5.2 inch that's coming to T-Mobile. :D

tacofiend says:

I wish instead of all these carrier variants (920, 925, 928, etc) they'd stick to a leaner naming structure, as much as I hate to say it, like the Galaxy line...the Galaxy S4 isn't the Galaxy S4 LTE MAX on 1 carrier and the Galaxy S4 CDMA PLUS on something else. Keep it simple stupid!

rodneyej says:

It really doesn't matter because people like us aren't confused with the naming conventions of the devices, and any average consumer who goes into a store will have only 4 very different devices to choose from.. If a consumer walks into a store, and sees 4 different named devices, with 4 different sized screens, at 4 different price points, they should not have a hard time deciding which one is for them... And, price is a much larger deciding point than numerical designation for consumers... They might think of the 1020 as a higher end device than the 925, but when the see that it cost $100-$200 more they will adjust accordingly.. That is why it's so important for WP to have much more bang for the buck than the competition... Another thing is that if you ask most consumers which version device they have they don't freekin know❕... I've met girls with 920's and they could only tell me its a "Lumia something"... Some people don't even remember the "Galaxy" part of their Samsung phones.. These are average people we're talking about here... Now, what's important are things like the signature look of the back of the 1020... I bet if you made a totally generic, identical copy of the iPhone5s, called it a mePhone, and loaded it with some random version of Android it would sell like hotcakes... Sheep don't read WPC❕... Lol❕

tacofiend says:

Though that may be true that a lot of people do their research beforehand, there's also a lot of people that check out their options if they're thinking of switching carriers and will want to know the difference between say the 920, 925 and 928, and might get frustrated when they finally figure out they're pretty close to the same but not exactly. Some people want a definitive "which one is the best?" and not want a rundown of tiny differences.

rodneyej says:

And that's where price comes into play.. The 920 is older, and is priced less... You don't argue how people tell the difference between a 2013 mustang, and a 2014... The 2014 mustang might appear to be the same car as the 2013, but it may have some new features, and a slightly higher price.. So, if someone does their research then they should be able to tell the difference... So, the point is that if someone does their research then they shouldn't be confused, and if someone doesn't do their research then they wouldn't have anything to be confused about in the first place... There is not an issue❕

rodneyej says:

So I'm at the airport right now, and it's funny because this guy sitting next to me looks like some really intellectual, modern, dude.. That's the first thing I though when I saw him.. Then I looked down and he's using what appears to be a Surface Pro tablet.. He has a few peripheral devices attached, so I'm sure it's Pro.. I guess my point is that I thought he looked smart, then he confirmed it by having that Surface...
He was some Lens Crafters commercial lookin ass mutha F'er❕.. Lol❕

dosto says:

Although I'm happy with my 925, I'd like to see a spec bump: 32/64 GB, 2 gig RAM, 4.7" screen (in same form factor/casing), faster processor.  

maceball2 says:

A grappling hook, it has grappling hook.

brebo33 says:

Here we go. Finally, smart phones will come with a utility belt earning the name 'super' phones.

rodneyej says:

I like that.. "Super Phones".... Sounds better than Phablet... "Super Phone".... I like that a lot.. You're good.

Bee Mon says:

Maybe when you need help you can call Batman by using the phone to make a batsign :)

romeroha says:

I'm just excited for the next-gen 920...the 925, 928, and 1020 all brought something different but I want the snapdragon 800 variant to be announced. 1080p for me is not a big deal for me on a phone as I am happy with a 4.5 inch screen and do not need a 6 incher...Please nokia give me the 1020 with snapdragon 800 asap!!

teriansilva says:

Wayne enterprises buys nokia! Every phone will assist Bruce and Morgan to catch the Joker by emitting audio waves... sure

aeonstar says:

Exoect the 1320 to be the true successor to the 920. The 1020 was the tease whereas the 1320 is the end result of perfecting their technology for the line. 5" 1080p amoled screen, snapdragon 800, 20mp cam, 2g ram 32mb internal storage with micro SD, wireless charging, all while shaving weight and. Increasing battery life.

hasanmj8 says:

Batman 1320? So there is gonna be Robin 1300 :-D

phasar says:

After this L920 experience it doesn't matter what they make, I wash my hands of WP! Can't wait for the Surface 2 though.

John Gmt says:

1320...I wish 1320 is upgrade version of Lumia 1020. I want 1020 with snapdragon 800 chipset and 1080 hd display.

ejlee072006 says:

I think this will be a bigger 1020

Beijendorf says:

If Nokia maintains its numbering logic, this is likely to happen;
Nokia Lumia 1520 → 152.0 mm = 6 inches (5.98)
Nokia Lumia 2520 → 252.0 mm = 10 inches (9.92)
Nokia Lumia 1320 → 132.0 mm = 5.2 inches
Then one can always debate the likelihood that they’ll go with the exact decimal conversion. It’s fairly certain they wouldn’t just randomly name a unit Nokia Lumia 1270 just to match a 5″ screen size.
Regardless, Nokia is truly keeping their promise from the time they said they'd have a whole lineup of 1080p-devices in the making.

BfnC says:

this wouldn't be maintaining their numbering logic but rather inventing new numbering logic - this numbering by size only works with soon-to-be-released phones and doesn't work on any previously release phone model. However, it is a good idea except I don't like the larger numbers, need to be 3 digits or less