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Reuters poll suggests the future looks dull for the Xbox One

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but PlayStation 4 is beating down the Xbox One in consumer polling. Reuters asked 1,297 people how likely they were to purchase an Xbox One or PS4 – and the results for die hard Microsoft fans – are disappointing.

According to the poll, 26% of individuals reported that they are likely to purchase a PlayStation 4 from Sony; this is in contrast to the 15% of individuals who reported that they are likely to purchase an Xbox One from Microsoft.

Reuters has pointed out that the poll was created with a “limited sample”, but it is hard to argue against the idea that the polls may be foreshadow for Microsoft console sales.

Sony had announced last month that they had already received over 1 million preorders for the PS4. Microsoft is declining to give an exact figure, but states that preorders for their new Xbox One have already surpassed those of their Xbox 360 launch.

The Microsoft Reveal event for Xbox One was essentially a flop and may have served as the beginning of a shoveling grave for the company’s latest entertainment console. With DRM confusion scattered everywhere and consumers unsure if they would be able to sell used games, lend with friends, or even keep the console offline – an aura of “hate” quickly rose for Xbox One.

To this date, many people I speak to are still unaware of the changes Microsoft has made to Xbox One – a detrimental sign that Microsoft isn't getting out there and correcting their mistake. On the other hand, some people I have spoken to have simply and honestly said that they like the PlayStation 4 lineup of games better. Others cite that they feel more of their friends will be on PlayStation 4, so they will head in that direction too.

Are you an Xbox One fan – or has Microsoft let you down with their latest creation?

Source: Reuters: via GameSpot



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bobsentell says:

Funny, I've read two reports that Xbox One could end up outselling the PS4 this holiday and one analyst was predicting a 2:1 advantage for Xbox One on supply chain management.

In other words, if there are only 1.5 million PS4s and 3 million Xbox Ones available this holiday, Xbox wins by default.

Also, this was an online poll. So you can take those results and use it for toilet paper.

rahx says:

I initially wanted to get an xbox, but now, looking at the hardware specs I'm not too motivated to so. Especially not for that pricing. I really like the idea of voice control in the living room, but I won't believe in it until I see it work flawlessly in person.

Daniel_H_UK says:

Preordered mine after E3 as i waited for the price just a shame i didn't wait for the forza bundle got stuck with fifa

Zenpharaoh says:

Xbox one. Nuff Said


Pre-order the PS4 mainly because I had a playstation 1, 2 and 3 and want to extend the family.

one defo a flop, therefore bought new video cards for my tower. Better investment I think.

crazygonzo says:

I don't see the 'pro side' with XONE. Backwards compatibility, DRM or always online policy was a bad start, Live Gold subscription fee, also the design doesn't excite (a huge black rectangle that doesn't work on it's side), but the final answer lies in the price - NO.

Whodaboss says:

Pre-ordered! In a month or so it will be my hands. I don't care who doesn't want it. NO ONE IS ASKING YOU TO BUY IT!!! That will provide someone else the opportunity.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Actually Microsoft is ASKING everybody to buy...

Whodaboss says:

I stated "no one", how soon I forget the Supreme Court has ruled corporations are people too!

My 30th next march I'll get what ever system comes out on top my then

Laura Knotek says:

I wonder if the game console itself is a dying form factor. I believe tablets are on the way toward killing consoles.

JoeDizzle33 says:

For very casual gamers maybe but tablet games don't compare in terms of game play mechanics. Can't imagine playing Titanfall or GTA V on a tablet right now. Maybe in a few years...

TheDarKnight says:

I think the Xbox one is going to be a big hit, but i am sticking with playstation for a few reasons: the exclusive games, PS plus, the controller, remote game play with Ps vita and finally the lower price, i bought an Xbox 360 thinking that Kinect and Xbox smart glass would give me an awesome experience besides gaming, but I used them for a few months and just got bored with them, I still like the Xbox experience on surface and WP and I think that's all the Xbox I need now.

diod123 says:

To each his own for sure, but you really shouldn't base your opinion of Kinect on the first version.

MrSimmix says:

I think Microsoft should start focusing on PC gaming more. They can still have the Xbox by all means, but they should also start connecting PC games with there Xbox games. What I'm saying is that exclusive Xbox games should also go to PC (Where the Windows operating system is dominant.) That way they are going to start excluding Playstation from gaming, since the PlayStation will have less exclusivity against Microsoft (Xbox and PC).

busngabb says:

Very, few people buy PCs of the quality needed for proper gaming, so its a smaller market than consoles. Laptops must account for 95% of PC sales these days and most of those wont be used for gaming. If people do go expensive it tends to be ultra books rather than gaming laptops.

dreonedon says:

Xbox one for me

elangab says:

Xbox is a Microsoft product, thus the press see it as pure evil. Once it's out, it'll be better.

jcar302 says:

While i preordered an xbox one, when i talk about it with people, the cloud of negativity has not worn off.  
You never get a second chance to make a first impression cleary the xbox one's first impression was not good.
Add $100 to the ps4's price and making everyone buy a kinect that a good portion of people don't want isn't helping either.
I'm hoping we will get a free game, but on the other hand the only game i really want right now is BF4, so giving me a game i don't really want may not help ease the $100 price difference.  We should get to choose a game.  Of course we could sell it, but just imagine how saturated the used market is going to be on a game that came with a system.
I truly feel that MS in this situation pulled an Apple, telling us what we want instead of asking.

Xbox controller... Can't play games without it. Playstation is shit IMO. Had a PS3 and got a 360. Not much of an avid gamer, but most will agree the controller feels better and online experience is better. And the PS4 looks like the XBOX One after being run over by a mac truck... Lol

Tyradius says:

Won't be getting either for a long time. But when I do finally bite the bullet, I will get XB:O first then ps4. I still have way too many games to play on the 360 and ps3 to keep me going for a few years.

walter1832 says:

Agreed, although for me, I'll retire from gaming with my PS3.  I'm getting to old of this.  I've also been slowly turning into a cheap skate, and can't fathom paying all this money for gaming.  I"m telling you, don't have kids, they will run you dry!

DreadVenom says:

+1 I feel ur pain. ;)

jake69 says:

cheaper always sell more...just look at android.

LadyRocki says:

I have plans to get an Xbox One eventually. (ahem, Halo 5 ). All the games I love are there.

MikeSo says:

I will wait and see how they work in the real world. Might get both, or neither. To be honest, I don't really see a good reason to upgrade my 360. It's a great little machine - and has WMC integration, which Xbox One doesn't seem to have, sadly.

raul_junior says:

Windows phone has won so many polls by a huge amount but you don't see windows phone with 80% market share!.... :'(

diod123 says:

Not in intent to purchase polls they don't. In user happiness, yes. The discrepancy is somewhat baffling, but is mostly due to late entry and lack of marketing.

Niavlys77 says:

I preordered the Xbox One, but will likely get the PS4 eventually. The only reason I'm more excited about the One is it offers far more than just video games - which I've always been more inclined to play on my Windows PC anyways. I want the box that makes my living room more alive.

Also - the Xbox One controller is just far, far more comfortable to hold for me - makes a huge difference imo.

MikeSo says:

I also think the HDMI passthrough and cable TV functionality could be a huge mistake. Most people can barely connect their cable box as it is, now we're asking them to add this complexity as well? Will see how it turns out, but it seems like a feature that nobody really wants, yet MS was touting it like crazy during reveal.

I'm getting the Xbox. Why not a ps4? Because of better exclusive games. All that indi stuff is also available on your phones and tablets. Also because of better servers. Lastly better controller.

I came here just to say XBONER

Bacchus1976 says:

I will never buy another Xbox console so long as XBL Gold is required to use Netflix, HBO OD, and Hulu. 

Pre-ordered my One as soon as i could, could not be more excited! 

Pete C says:

Xbox One has no chance of beating the PS4 worldwide in sales. It is impossible with that $100 price tag difference. Not enough people will see the value in Kinect to pay an extra $100. PS3 recently surpassed Xbox 360 in worldwide sales, and the 360 has ALWAYS had a price advantage over the bloated PS3. Now PS4 is cheaper, at least as powerful, and has the Playstation brand which is better right now Xbox after their PR nightmare. I love my 360, and will contine to game with it for another year or so. At that point, I will probably purchase a PS4.

Zeroplanetz says:

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm not getting either. I'm gonna do PC this generation. I'm not for any one game, I'm not for online gaming, I don't have cable, most my tech stuff is MS though so Sony would be out. But the One has so much I don't want or need I think me personally I'll get what I want from just a PC with my Xbox controller for gaming.

DouttJ says:

I would like to see a pole on who really is buying packaged games anymore.  These are next gen consoles.  I'm never buying another package game again.  This is the future, no more buying packaged game media.  Xbox was trying to get people on board with this, but it came out all wrong and then they backtracked and they shouldn't have.  Everyone is buying movies and music online, it's time to start buying our games online, and then we can sign into any console and play our games we paid for anywhere we go.  That's how Microsoft originally had it set up and then everyone complained that had no clue what the future should be like, so they gave what the dumb people wanted.  I'm upset at Xbox because they should have stuck to it and explained it better.  I'm still getting a Xbox One before I get a PS4.  That's my rant.

I agree I felt like I was one of the few people who actually loved the original announcement of features. Here's hoping they can integrate some of those features back one people realize they ruined everything by putting up a fit on the internet.

What really drove me up a wall was the people complaining about the once every 24 hour check in for "DRM" were vocally complaining about it ONLINE! they cannot even begin to say that they don't have internet for a "Check in" bunch of haters. LOL there is my rant.

Xbox One Day One edition pre-ordered since June. Looking forward to it. Only getting BF4 at first...$500 is a bit pricey!

DavidinCT says:

Getting just COD: Ghosts.... Maybe Forza but, after I get the system...
Picking it up the 360/one combo when it's released. There for I can play multi player on the 360(have friends who will have it) and do the single player game on the xbox one...

I been reading the comments here. And from what I can tell almost everyone is going for the Xbox one. So how did they end up with the results? When we are all clearly going for the Xbox one

Obviously no one asked us. Tbh, media said the same thing about the 360, fast forward 7 years, and 360 entered the gamer lexicon.

MikeSo says:

Sarcasm? Of course members here are more likely to give preferential treatment to a Microsoft product that will heavily rely on integration with other Microsoft products.

georgeambriz says:

You're on a site that writes articles on Microsoft's products, OF COURSE people will prefer Xbox on this site just like if you went to a Sony site, they'd prefer the PS4 there. SMH

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I already pre-ordered one. Can't wait!

JasonG83 says:

No axe to grind here. I live in a mostly Microsoft ecosystem, but I own a PS3 because back when it came out, a stand-alone Blue Ray player was $300. I probably won't get either system at launch, but I am tempted by both: the PS3 because it is cheaper, and the Xbox because of the ecosystem and the TV integration (assuming Comcast will even permit that functionality, which is probably a pipe dream... F&*@ Comcast btw). I only have room for one system in my budget, so it will come down to how each one performs in the long run. My PS3 is still kicking for now.

DreadVenom says:

At this moment in time im not getting either. The ps4 does nothing new. Its essentially a 360 with better innards. I was dead on to get X1 until ms reverted its changes becoz unlike the dumbasses on the internet, i saw the potential of the digital age MS was trying to pioneer. As it stands the X1 is a 360 with better kinect. I will in the future get the X1 because the ecosystem ms is building will become a beast and overall it offers more. Also for those that think the ps4 power adv has won. Remember, this a war that ms doesn't intend to lose. Finally ill point to two examples that show power isn't everything, the 360 and the iPhone.

Games? PS4 doesn't have any games... I don't know anyone getting a Playstation. Honestly I think polls like this are likely skewed as most Xbox fans seem to kind of be "staying at home". They preordered their console and are waiting.

swizzlerz says:

Who cares.. Let them buy it. They may come back.i had both last round. Now I only need one!

rreszler says:

Pre-ordered a month ago!

toph36 says:

I never owned an Xbox or PS anything.  However, I am very likely getting the Xbox One, primarily for the entertainment features, then the gaming features secondarily.  I just think that a lot of people who don't read blog sites don't really know much about either the Xbox One or PS4 at this point.  However, I think a lot of non-gamers will be very interested in what the Xbox One has to offer.  The NFL integration is huge.  I haven't ordered the Xbox One yet, but I will eventually pick on up. 

And even as a gamer that will dump 30hours a week into gaming, and most my friends the same, often times you signin and "Watching Netflix" is 90% of the statuses you see. My big draw is the gaming, but I'm excited to finally have Blu-Ray, and I'm a big sports fan so X1 seems to be the better experience for both gamers and casual/non-gamers alike.

IzaacJ says:

I've preordered X1, but since the release in Sweden has been postponed until end of Q1-2014 I've been a bit sad. Luckily I found out that the store has decided to import X1 for all the preordered ones :D So not so long until I get it anyhow :D

Pre ordered an XBox One Day One Edition the day of E3. Cant friggin wait. Also pre ordered Forza 5 and battlefield 4

NiteCourt says:

I'm hoping the price of the 360 goes down so I can get some for media center extenders.  I hear the one won't work as an extender so I won't be buying 'one'.

topleya says:

I'm so uninterested in Playstation that I don't actually recall ever touching a PS3 and I have no idea what the specs are on the PS4.

I'm a very happy Microsoft fanboy and I preordered my Xbox One in June, no price, no release date and without even thinking about looking elsewhere.

For me the Xbox controller is the perfect controller and I won't ever change away from that.

Plus the exclusives, media content and from what I'm told a much more reliable online world.

DavidinCT says:

I'm a HUGE MS fan no question and getting a Xbox One on release day but, You missed some unreal titles on the PS3....A few titles like Uncharted(1,2,3), The last Of US, Beyond....There is NOTHING on the 360 like these games.
If your a gamer and want the best of gaming, IF you can afford it, buy them both, you will not be disapointed...

xboxonthego3 says:

Xbox One Day One Edition since the beginning of pre-orders. I never doubted it. And didn't have a problem with what they were originally going to do. I love the controller and believe Xbox Live is and will still be superior to PSN. Also I don't care for much of the games on the Playstation. I find the games more appealing to me on the Xbox. Those are three factors that made my choice very simple. Also I have had Xbox Live for about 10 years now. I believe the decision should be based on what console gives you the best experience and games for you personally. I can care less what everyone else decides to get.

SteggyDad says:

Microsoft needs to do a better job of communicating. Commercials stating what you can, every public event talk about the changes

georgeambriz says:

Pre-ordered PS4. I'll get the Xbox One whenever the next Halo comes out. And a lot of my friends have chosen to switch from Xbox to PS because of all the DRM shit that Microsoft originally had on it and because they don't wanna pay $100 more when they won't even use kinect

thekonger says:

I think people that say they won't use Kinect are thinking games, and that's the real differentiator with the One: it's a true next-gen system that goes beyond gaming. It controls your TV, channel surfing, stereo, volume, on/off, video playback, etc. Want to pause a movie? Just tell the One to do it. Want to change channels? Tell the One. Want to raise the volume? You get the picture.
I really don't care what others get, but I am getting a One for this reason. I have a PS3 and a 360 and aside from better graphics I doubt the One or PS4 will deliver much more in the gaming department (although Smart Glass has some potential).
If you get a One I think you'll use Kinect. And if it's what MS says it is and what I have seen so far it will be a big game changer. At least I hope it is.

stormhit says:

The reveal was or wasn't a flop depending on what sources you read. The perpetually angry "hardcore" gaming blogs wanted more game trailers and become enraged at any mention of other entertainment options, while the "mainstream" tech press was quite impressed with the television features while they wrote off the PS4 reveal as 'merely another gaming console.'
This poll isn't any different.  Most people that are ever going to purchase these things aren't going to buy them in the first run at full price.

Paul Acevedo says:

No, it went pretty poorly. Anything nicer than flop is just being generous.

stormhit says:

The hardware reveal?  Check out the NYT entries about it, or other newspapers, or mainstream multi-content websites like Slate. The narrative was that MS was showing Apple how entertainment and owning the living room is done, because linking everything to Apple is what those sources are primarily interested in. 

Paul Acevedo says:

What did people who actually know about videogames think about it? What did people who live outside the US think about it?

jasqid says:

Not getting it. I need media extender for my ota tv. Until they do something about that or silicon dust makes an app for my HD homerun, I'm out.

MaulerX says:

You guys should add this to the report:

Lately, angry and jealous Sony fans have taken to the interwebs down voting Xbox One videos and typing derogatory comments. What happened with the Toys R Us YouTube video was downright embarrassing.

The only thing i think that's making people turn their nose up at the Xbox One is the pricing and that's it plain and simple Lol, people like to make a saving or think their making a saving, I'll be getting the Xbox One that's for sure!

JoRdaNeK says:

Can i install a PSfan-boy to constantly send a cooling breeze to my Xbone? :P

ajvanbreen says:

I'll just stick with my Wii U for now.  Next year I'll think about which console to get. :)

Sunofabob says:

I'll be grabbing a Wii U either this winter or early next year. Holiday sale or something. That way I can enjoy some upcoming mario games and possibly a new Metroid.

Big Supes says:

One - preordered. :)

Dave Bhullar says:

I think the credit goes to bad marketing by Microsoft, ignorant customers who listen what the majority says around them and ps4 fanboys bashing everything about Xbox one. One of the funniest things I've ever heard a ps4 fanboy say is that he is relieved that ps4 doesn't have tv. Wtf. Since when did more features become a negative point?

HarisA1 says:

Many people are waiting for the slim version of both consoles Microsoft has time to show how good the Xbox ONE truly is

SaucePolicy says:

Pre-Ordered one, dead rising 3 and watch dogs. Can't wait. It's a shame the Xbox One was subjected to ignorant hate based on confused, misinformed gamers.

FearL0rd says:

Let old games play and they will have all users

EchoOne30 says:

Honestly, good article. Well-written and unbiased. Yes, Microsoft dug their own grave this generation. Spycam, always on, treating everyone like thieves. It blows my mind that it didn't occur to them, but whatevs. I have no financial stake in it at all so what do I care. This will be a lesson in business classes for years to come.
I've been a 360 guy for years, but I am most definitely going PS4. Sorry MS, I don't want a box to "take over my living room", I want a video game console. Stop trying to be something you're not.
Not to mention, with PS4 I won't have to -pay- money to use netflix or other services.

stormhit says:

You're also evidence of their poor marketing, because you're saying stuff that isn't and was never factually accurate.

EchoOne30 says:

Spycam was a thing. Isn't now, but the damage is done.
Treating everyone like thieves. Making it call home to verify games, no lending.
Always on. Having to call home once every 24 hours or it wouldn't work.
Those were all things that existed before the backlash. I didn't exaggerate anything.
Oh yes and paying for online services. PS4 is free to use netflix and what not, xbox costs money. Also a fact.

el-ojo says:

Yeah, that's one of the things that really UPSET me. The fact that you had to check in every 24 hours. That to me feels like you're paying for a 60 dollar rental of your games. I don't mind going digital, but I want to feel like I "own" something, instead of leasing it.
I have PS Plus and I know I don't own any of the games I get with it, but even then I don't have to check in every 24 hours. That is preposterous. I know that has changed now. I probably will get an XBOX ONE eventually, but the first console of the next gen I'll get will be a PS4.

Jombib says:

Oh for f@ck sake the 'Spycam' rubbish you're spouting was a bunch of hyperbole spread by ignorant media in response to an OPTIONAL function of Kinect that could monitor gamers response to content which could be sent back to providers. This was always going to be opt-in or opt-out. As for the 'Treating people like thieves' for crying out loud they were going to let you share and access digital copies of you physical game from any sodding XB1 console. For that to work they needed to ensure you still owned the physical media. Is that really so sodding hard to understand??? Here's the thing, stop getting your information from half-arsed websites and media outlets trying to make a 'story' out of a press release and just read the facts.

ResonantEcho says:

I'm a happy XB1 preorder owner.

I'm probably buying a PS4 if anything, even though microsoft pulled back most of there DRM, I'm still insulted that not only did they try to implement such intrusive garbage.. but they sold it as something everyone should want and be excited for, DRM is what it is. It's insulting to try and sell us it as something different.

EchoOne30 says:

That is a great way to put it: insulting. And it's probably why I detest the notion of owning an xbox one so badly.

bforster says:

Xbox one No doubt! all ready Pre ordered on Day one!

Plan to get an XB1 in 2 years...Waaaay too many 360 games in my backlog and I'll be playing GTAV and GTAV Online for a very long time...I personally feel like the PS4 will get a large lead on the XB1 but the console race will eventually be a tie for this generation.

patsfan06 says:

Having already played both consoles, I'm still getting just an Xbox one. The added entertainment for the X1 makes the console a much better value since the majority of the games played the same of each console. Plus the fact that I can use smartglass on almost any device vs having to buy another gaming unit (vita) is a no brainer.

el-ojo says:

Sony will also have a "second screen" on other platforms... just sayin'

navidee says:

I want both Xbox 1 and PS4, but do not plan buying either until most likely end of 2014 or 2015. I'd rather spend my cash on a surface pro 2 and buy the systems when they have dropped in price.

jlzimmerman says:

MS has nobody to blame but themselves with their very typical poor PR handling and trying to strong-hand gamers/consumers into something that they think is best.  Add to that miniscule things that really don’t amount to anything real (supposed inferior DDR3 RAM performance), mandatory Kinect garbage, and MS has another recipe for disaster.
I will get the XBOne because it will still be a superior console with superior online content/front end, superior server infrastructure, superior controller (PS controllers always feel like crap to me), superior MS ecosystem, and superior exclusives.  

ramonq619 says:

Xbox one! Better games and more features than the ps4

jabtano says:

I'll be getting the X1 however Microsoft did muddy the waters being honest my kids are somewhat Leary of the X1 about game sharing and such..

JoeDizzle33 says:

I have the Xbox One preordered. Been a PS fan for many years but I feel that the PS4 is Sony playing safe. The Xbox One is taking gaming consoles to a new level. Say what you wanna say about Kinect but I for one am really excited for the potential it offers for game developers and gamers. Give it a year and I think Sony will regret not including PS eye with every console once they see what developers are doing with Kinect that they can't do with PS4. Microsoft is taking a huge risk but with huge risks come huge rewards.

dmkke says:

I would love to buy a Xbox One if Microsoft dropped it's price to compete with Sony's PS4. Also upset with Microsoft getting rid of the Xbox live family plan. There is no way I'm paying $60.00 a person to play the games a have already paid full price for, to play online. I love my 360 but $240.00 for online play NO WAY! Microsoft rep said just spend $499.00 for the Xbox One and every body on the console will be able to play online for only $60.00. That is why I'm switching to PS4.

xboxonthego3 says:

Ummm.. I don't think there is a family plan for Playstation network. So you are going to end up paying quite a bit of money for multiple accounts still. 

mikewp says:

Whatever. I have a PS3 and can't wait to get the Xbox One.

boovish says:

I would get the xbox one if it had backwards compatibility, but it doesnt

JoeDizzle33 says:

PS4 doesn't either.

boovish says:

I don't own a PS3 so that doesn't matter

Giddora says:

If Microsoft could ever avoid looking lost during and after the announcement of a new device, the situation would be the opposite.

Have an Xbox 360 now and may possibly switch to Playstation for my next console. Maybe.

cybermoose89 says:

Polls are bull i judge for myself

Lenin17301 says:

Gonna pick my Xbox One hopefully on a midnight release on Miami, let's wait till January to see the real numbers, and ignore the FUD.

MarkTurbo says:

Did they only poll gamers!? What about casual gamers like myself that mostly want a very capable entertainment center first, then a games machine? The XBox One is the better machine to put into my entertainment cabinet.

Conasca says:

I have an Xbox One on preorder

gsquared says:

I wouldn't put too much faith in Reuters. They have unfortuately become a pen for hire. And as someone else here mentioned Sony isn't bringing anything new to the table.

Conasca says:

The Kinect technology alone is worth the Xbox One purchase over the PS4

Xpider_MX says:

Xbox One Day One Edition here.

Lenin17301 says:

Folks at WPCentral, let's try to get this article to have more than 1297 unique (and hopefully real of course) posts of people stating that they are getting the Xbox One, it would be a nice, if not entirely accurate, counterbalance to that crappy poll.

Nik Rolls says:

I will be getting a PS4 first, but not because of anything Microsoft have done (or not done). I simply can't live in a world without Naughty Dog!

However the Xbox One is the first Xbox I'm planning on purchasing (my current one was a gift), and that's saying something considering I'm such a PlayStation fan and buying both is quite expensive.

MorganRW says:

I ordered one from Amazon and the other from Best Buy. I plan on keeping one and giving the other to my ex so my son can play at both homes.

BKsInBarre says:

Dang Morgan that is about a thousand clams....I am 47, can I be your son?? ;-)

reb31 says:

Typical long post - already pre-ordered XBone with Forza - XBox Live is far better than the PS Online

ExTrAbUtTa says:

That's not much of a poll. I mean they polled about 1300 people? I could essentially poll some people and end up the other direction with Xbox One dominating. Either way, a poll would never sway my decisions on what I buy or like. There are plenty of people who enjoy either console and both will be doing fine well into the future. For me, I'm buying both and already have a Wii U and PC game rig. Games is what I do and I like all of then from everybody.

NarcoSleepy says:

The future looked bleak for PS3 and they did fine, so will XBox One.

BKsInBarre says:

Missed out on the Day One Edition, but will get an Xbox One. The games that are exclusive for the PS4 look surprising bad... MS has a much better entertainment infrastructure than Sony.

SDKevin says:

I've been trying to find out if it will work with at&t U-Verse like the current 360 does. If not that's a deal breaker. If yes I'll take 3 because they replace the cable box.

DJCBS says:

Not surprised. I predicted this would happen after the flop of the presentation and the Requiem sung by Sony in their presentation of the PS4. The best Microsoft could do was to prepare a big launch with a big press conference before to clarify their changes of policies. Otherwise, the damage they done with the presentations will take a long time to heal the hound, if it ever heals.
I'm honesty happy with my PS3 and I don't intend to buy any new console. But to be honest, if I did, I would probably opt for the PS4. I like the games better, I like the hardware better, and most important I like the price and the fact that they aren't imposing a product I don't want - Kinect/PS eye - for 100€ more, better.
I'm only a big fan on Sega's Mega Drive. I never had strong feelings regarding PS v. Xbox, though I admit I do have the PS2 and PS3 but never got the Xbox nor Xbox 360 (I never liked the controlles)
Also, without any certainties regarding the future of Nokia, I'm not that willing to give the Xbox One a try. If Nokia is gone, since I'll eventually jump to Sony's Android once my L1320 warranty expires, I think I'll be better served with the PS4 as I have the conectivity through the smartphone (yes, I know, I also have Smartglass on Android) and the dedicated apps.
If Nokia survives Microsoft's attack, then friends as before and I'd be willing to give Xbox a try since I'd be keeping WP with its Xbox games anyway.

MSFTMatt says:

Xbox one! The PS1 was cool, but I never bought a ps2/3 or Xbox 360 as I am really a PC gamer. Kinect and Wondows 8 as the core of the XBO is what draw me the most. As a media center to my tv itbwill replace my RaspPi and have content for my toddler to interact with. And overall Xbox experience for me has been hands down better than every other console I have owned. My OG Xbox still runs great

denzilla says:

I'm not buying a One simply because they screwed me out of all my digital XBLA content that I spent good money on. I knew that the stuff wouldn't be supported forever, but c'mon, one damn generation after??? They need to realize that these aren't cheap ass mobile phone games and if they're intent on doing away with physical media, they need to give some long term value for the purchaser. Keeping an old 360 hooked up to play these games isn't an acceptable solution., especially since they put the 360 on a 3 year death watch. I thought these games were developed in some sort of portable language? Seems like I read that a long time ago.

michfan says:

360 to XB1 is not directly portable, different architectures.  Same thing with PS3 to PS4.  Both will likely have emulation solutions.  Sony is closer with their Gaikai service.  I don't think either will allow you to transfer ownership from previous generation to current generation though.  Technically you still have the legacy games in a playable format on your legacy console.

FearL0rd says:

the 1st XBOX(Intel) also and 360(Power PC) and the made the main titles run in 360

chucky78 says:

Since you have a 360 I don't see the problem. This is a new Generation dude. You expect a game made for the 360 to work on the One. LoL

laserfloyd says:

A generation that lasted, what, 7+ years? Just keep your old system and your problem is solved.

hal Turnage says:

Well a few of my friends with Xbox 360's are leaning towards the ps4 but I'm hard at work convincing them to stay with Xbox ONE!

MrGoodSmith says:

I ordered 2 Xbox One regardless of their DRM policies.

DMuela says:

Xbox One its a lot better.. i already pre order mine

thekonger says:

And a nice nod for the One posted right here on WPC: Xbox One wins Popular Mechanic's Breakthrough Award for 2013. I really don't cae what others get, but I have no plans to spend $400 and get a .5 uppgrade to my PS3. Heck, I don't play games as much anyway these days.
But getting the One and being able to use gestures and voice controls for my TV, cable box, and entertainment systems? Count me in. The One is the true next generation gaiming AND media device.

joeynox says:

The ps3 has gestures and voice controls as well. Don't know how good they are but it has those features

diplomat696 says:

Yeah but no gestures without the eye which then brings the price point very close together plus the eye vs Kinect is not even close in what they can do. Personally I would say I prefer ps over Xbox but I'm holding off on which I'm going to get because I like some of the features the xb1 is going to provide like Skype in my living room, cable tv overlays and controls as well as integrating with WP.

laserfloyd says:

Take it with a bucket of salt. Sony's fan base is much more prominent in the web space it seems. I think it was yesterday they went ape on a video that Toys R Us posted regarding XB1. Ignore the poll and buy what you want.  XB1 should do fine, IMO.

joeynox says:

In all seriousness the Xbox 1 is over priced when compared to its competitor. Sony took everything the XBOX360 did right at launch and applied it to the ps4. MS took everything the ps3 got wrong at launch and applied it to the Xbox 1. MS made the Xbox much larger,weaker,and uglier than the more powerful,smaller nicer looking ps4. The Xbox 1 is doomed and will unfortunately. Fail due to its costing $100 more and being significantly weaker.

minus365 says:

Xbox One for me.

If i want to play a game i will play monopoly or something. Couldn't care less about game lists. The XBone has a much more compelling feature set as well as a much stronger ecosytem to draw from though. Sony's vision is weak.

its pretty simple to me anyways. MS is trying to force me to spend an extra 100 on the kinect, which I dont want or need. Thats a game right there. If the 360 was made obselete with the xbox one then I might just say screw it and get it. But it will still play Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon video plus GTA was just released now with Online so its even better. Whats the incentive for getting a new xbox. I think the xbox one will do ok but I think the PS4 will do alot better. 

coip says:

Bundling in the Kinect is what will ultimately win the console war for Microsoft. It was a smart move. You will find yourself using it all the time, if only for voice navigation. You'll be glad they forced it on you.

inseyven says:

Maybe that will happen on English speaking countries, but it won't happen in Europe or other places in the world, do you know why? Simple, because it's NEVER optimized for other languages :D

chezm says:

Meh im still getting an Xbox One next ps4 for me

Thankfully I still have my Atari Jaguar.
Do The Math!!!!

Let both come out and then after a year we will see what they both do as in features and gaming

Sonicbeef says:

What's a playstation? I love my Xbox, love my Xbox 360 and "Can't wait" for my Xbox One.

glassadam says:

Gonna get an Xbox one. Most of my friends are probably going to have one so if i want to continue to play with the same crew I'll head that way, too.

millercrew5 says:

I cannot justify buying a new console because I don't game much and my 360 works for me. If I were to buy a new console it would be an Xbox!

WhoRUx3 says:

Launch day and afterwards will speak by itself. There's nothing out there compared to Xbox live and the slew of services that Microsoft is bringing to the console. Its,going,to be a repeat of what happened last generation.

onysi says:

Im not a bandwagon the same day original Xbox came out. I bought it for gaming and online gaming. LIVE Is more superb than the other competitor

Azurus says:

To be completely honest, I am with Microsoft in everything (windows phone , windows , surface , tablets etc;) but I always find myself attracted to playstation more than Xbox . Its just more appealing in its way

dk_banaah says:

I'm a PlayStation gamer through and through, but the rest of my tech is Microsoft oriented. Ever since that 3 Screens and a Cloud was mentioned I've been all for jumping on the XBox but figured I would wait until the next generation of consoles came out. The PS4 preorder was a no-brainer for me. But eve since all that controversy with the reveal of the XBO I've been on the fence. A couple days ago I said 'F*** IT, I'm always gonna tell myself "what if" so the hell with it'. I still think the PS4 has a better line up but oh well. I have them both preordered so I ain't gonna be missing out on anything.

Gaming FTW

MrDiamondJ says:

This is probably the result of launch price more than anything, and that will come down over time. We'll see what happens when Titanfall is released, and Halo 5 after that. Still a long ways to go.

MAX1MIZE says:

I'm slightly confused as to where they're pulling these voters from. has The Xbox ONE currently at #7 in terms of "Best Sellers" in "VideoGames" and has been up there since launch. PS4 however is currently at #1,815 in the same category. 
Any ideas why this may be the case?

Jack Larson1 says:

I won't even consider a ps4 with those controllers.
PC ≥ Xbox360/1>ps3/4≥trying to figure out how to play MC with apple's one button mouse.

sholokov says:

What were the preorder numbers for 360?

Neither all I play is Skyrim and GTA 5 can't forget super mario

mtimbs says:

Lets just see how the DDR3 vs DDR5 ram goes in the war

coip says:

I see no appeal in the PS4. A subpar online gaming network, no Kinect, a myopic focus on one entertainment medium, less appealing exclusives. Xbox One seems way better.

inseyven says:

Not appealing "launch" exclusives, but hey! Which console had better exclusives in this era? Wow, it was PS3... Hmm... That's weird, don't you think so?

Smg-Uk says:

It was PS3 in your opinion but not everyone else's, I haven't seen a single Sony exclusive that makes me want to buy a PS4.

Pre-ordered an PS4 a few weeks ago for launch week. XBOX is one side of Microsoft I'm not really a fan of.

heda_p says:

Reuters gonna retire after seeing X1 sales figures.....

inseyven says:

I still prefer PS4... The reasons? It's more powerful than XO, it's got better exclusive games, they have and had the idea of what they want to be this console and what the consumers want, they didn't have to change their politics.
I'm not interested on Xbox's exclusives like titanfall(XO/Pc) or the sh*t that became Halo and will still become.
I don't hate Microsoft, I have a lot of it's products, but I don't want a "media hardware" I WANT A F* CONSOLE! With good specs, good politics, and GOOD games! And without paying the obligatory Kinect. I don't play with it, I don't want it and I don't have to pay for it.

ACtrip says:

Like my Nokia Lumia 925 but PS4 all the way.

ACtrip says:

The only thing I want on Xbox one is Titanfall, and it seems like that's just a timed exclusive.

drg says:

I don't get why certain things MS says or does creates so much hate. They're just a company who provides a product. You don't want it you don't buy it. Its really not that hard. People who speak out are your typical gaming nerds so I suppose it won't change.

Keith Porria says:

So 26% PS4 and 15% Xbox ONE.. What about the rest of the pie? Is that in not buying a new console? If so wouldnt that be dim for both sony and MSoft?
I preorderd my Xbox one and can't wait for all the intgration with Windows 8 and SmartGlass!!!!

I was going to get one for the streaming content, but honestly, since I don't game at all, I'm probably better off with a much cheaper Apple TV, plus I don't have to pay for Xbox Live to watch Netflix and HBO Go.

Jazmac says:

Our XBOX One is pre-ordered.  What is this penchant these wild-eye bloggers have that we should run to one product and if we don't, we are missing it? Seems to me they are looking to be validated but we already know what's up with XBOX One so we chose it. And its boss as hell.  Let's see em use the Playstation tablet to watch movies or schedule with their Playstation smart phones. Seems that ain't happenin'.  

kappa2010 says:

Well! Too true..

pr0phecy says:

Already heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, so the Xbox One is only a logical choice for me. Pre-ordered mine on day One. Bring it. Don't care much for the PS4 tbh.

depeche242 says:

Own Windows Phone and PCs but I stick with PS for gaming. Have since PS1. Mainly because that's what I know. Bought a 360 for Kinect and never use it. Use all 3 PS3s all the time. So yeah, getting a PS4!

kappa2010 says:

I am an XBOX one user through and through....whether or not they pushed it to the masses in a flashy enough way doesn't change what it is and is capable PS4 for me...Xbox is just better!

lemonsteveo says:

Windows Phone users - no point getting a ps4 over an Xbox one seeing as they will never support your phone with supplementary apps. Easy choice here.

hardcoreplur says:

This is the same thing that happened when the PS3 came out.
I have one, that's why I am getting an Xbox One.

pwrof3 says:

Eh, the hardcore gamers bitching about the Xbox One only did so because they didn't understand it. Although MS is also to blame for not explaining any of the technical aspects of the console. Kind of like Nintendo and the Wii U

Sunofabob says:

I like the Xbox ecosystem. That's where the future is people. A better ecosystem just means that even a group of products that are inferior in their respective markets can be much better as a team. I'd have my WP8/8.1 connected to my Xbox One, Windows 8 desktop and Windows 8 tablet all while they're connected to skydrive and sharing music across all of them. But, that future is weak because MS won't deliver me a solid gaming system first. I'll be waiting at least 6 months to purchas the next gen console of my choice. I want the PS4 because I know it will be a better system. I want to stay with MS though. In the long run, if MS keeps up the BS I will be going with PS.

Smg-Uk says:

I'm getting my XB1 day one can't wait have no interest in getting a ps4 though the games and controller are meh.

venetasoft says:

Just pre-ordered a second xbox1 after reading this :)

In the end, when it comes time to swipe the debit card and purchase a console, all the Xbox haters will buy one anyway because Xbox is better. Period.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I don't know about you guys but how can anyone trust Sony PlayStation, they can brick your console with half a day updates, they leave you without psn access for a complete day that's if its not hacked then it will be a couple a months and now you're gonna have to pay for psn when it sucked for free. XBOX ONE FOR ME....

Olly Smith says:

Dang bros one hell of a counter got my 920 when it was considered high spec (besides the processor not being quad core and higher ghz but meh) and sort of regretting surface rt but the reason i used 'retard' for your information was to see how many people i could piss off by being an outspoken contradictory mong. Still getting the pc, but the xbox one seems like a good product for those who want either integration with windows products and ecosystem and/ or a high powered games console but lower spec than ps4 better optimisation higher price. Anyhow, I was insulting him because the ps4 is not a .5 upgrade, arguing such a thing is applicable for the xbox one as well, although the latter has a few innovative features besides spec boost. My argument for high spec low optimisation (which by the way contradicts wp, but it is really good for budget devices because of spec optimisation and my l920 despite spec difference to htc one still runs about the same, but better specs at same price is better value for money, htc one £32/month several months after release on 3 unlimited data 4000 minutes 4000 texts my contract 750 mb 2500 minutes 5000 texts at £36/month. Began contract sort of time after release when compared to the one).
Imagine there is equal performance in two products, but one has worse specs but is better optimised for those and the other opposite, but they are priced the same. Which gives you better value for money and which gives the company making it a higher profit margin?? I know higher profits equal more money to invest in their product lineup, but sorry if I blasphemed by suggesting an equally good alternative to boosting micro$ofts profits. The power of fanboys, considering I was one once...

Paul Acevedo says:

You need to remember to use paragraph breaks, bro. Nobody can read that wall of text. ~ ~

miiwp says:

Xbox one, Xbox done. :)

Ntropy99 says:

After looking at the PS4 and Xbox One, how many will just buy the much reduced priced Xbox 360? I want to take the gaming off of my PC (spending more time on my Win8 tablet). I would like to get the Xbox One (didn't call me), but I am having a hard time spending $499 for game console. I know they will continue to add features for the Kinect, but don't actually care about it now. Because we have 3 WP8's, a Win8 tablet, and Windows 8 laptops, PS4 is not really an option. I like the idea of being connected. But is it worth getting a 360 at this point?

I would say spring for the Xbox One only when your finances allow. I think it will last you WELL into the future whereas the 360 is on its way out. Its a great gaming system, but with Xbox One running essentially Windows 8 as one of its three OSs, I can see some great interconnected apps and services in the near future between WP, Windows RT and Windows 8 devices.

I think the Xbox One has much greater potential to grow proverbial legs in the future. It's a gaming system, for sure, but you also have tue bundling of up and coming Microsoft services. I mean, I'm a casual gamer and there was still enough for me outside of gaming to justify preordering the One. Skype, Kinect 2.0, Blu-Ray (oh the irony) player, Xbox Music, and the potential for apps to cross from WP8, to Windows 8 to my TV make this a must own for me. If you want a spec bump and save $100, go with PS4. It will sell very well undoubtedly. For me, that extra $100 was more than justified. Very excited for Day ONE. (zing! Oh I kill myself...)

Talbot690 says:

Not trying to offend anyone but i find talking to americans online kind of strange... If you talk about cars its all american muscle yeaa but they hate on my jap sports car? Xbox is american why no love? Ffs im pretty sure toyota builds alotta thier cars in U.S. While Chevrolet builds most in Mexico now. Like i said im not hating but what happend to all the patriotism for american companies?

Coreldan says:

I dont think those numbers are that alarming. Its also good to remember that the PS3 was considered probably as a bigger fail during its launch than Xbox One now (since backtracking has "helped") and yet by the end of generation it managed to draw even with 360. Launch means almost nothing I feel, as opposed to whats the potential of each device a few years down the line and I think X1s potential is far greater than that of the PS4

Dean McCrae says:

I am surprised that Microsoft could mess this up so much, especially since Sony have essentially gone to sleep for several years with the Playstation, and the Xbox has been so popular. I find it hard to believe such a poll but then I don't know what the Xbox One criticism is all about.

murani says:

Im amazed at how short sighted and uninformed "gamers" are. Very few consider the financial state and pressure Sony's electronics division is under. Its like buying a BlackBerry and not knowing if the division will be around when issues arise.

sie282 says:

Ps4 FTW even though im a Microsoft guy. Just prefer the playstation

peterfares says:

These comments are funny

Pedro Hicken says:

Agreed i have zero interested in the new Xbox and have had my PS4 preorder since June. I cant wait.

erasure25 says:

Wasn't PS3 polling dead and now it has sold about the same as 360? The thing I hate about PS3 is the terrible multiplayer support, PS4 doesn't fix that. So I'm switching to One to play with my friends.

clanMOH says:

I know this story is old, but obviously less than 1300 people were polled, and some haven't even bought an Xbox 360 or PS3 yet. This might not be the best "sampling" group to choose from. The Xbox One is tracking far ahead of where pre-orders were for the Xbox 360, which had a great launch itself. 

graigsmith says:

i like the controller better.  the camera is an option.  apparently you can play ps4 games remotely on a sony vita.  so if i am in a hotel room. i can play ps4 remotely.