Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in GDR3 for Windows Phone?

Update 3

Poll time! Earlier this morning Microsoft announced their brand new Developer Preview Program. You can think of it as the enthusiast program that was announced a few blue moons ago. Shortly after that, any registered developers could download GDR3 to their Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s been a busy day and a lot of you are now running GDR3 on your handset. What’s your favorite new feature? Take the poll below to answer. 

Don’t forget to head to the GDR3 Preview Forums to interact with fellow members running GDR3. That’s also the place to go for any questions you have or issues you encounter. Did we not list your favorite new feature? Sound off below. 

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Rotation fuckin lock

Probably the x for closing apps and the program itself.

di_Genius says:

Custom notification tones, better storage management and rotation lock.

Binson#WP says:

While I have no problem with having the closing the app from multitasking window ability (I think its good to have rather than not), I fail to see why it's so important. It seems to me like most people want it because it is something other OS's have and they are used to being able to do it. Despite the reality that apps behave differently on Windows Phone and there is not really the need to "close" those apps that much to keep them from eating up resources. Does it end the background task as well? It doesn't seem like it does. That can be done in the setting as always.

Am I wrong? Please let me know.

DalekSnare says:

You are right, I guess the only point is to make it so apps you care about don't fall off the end of the recent app cards. Still, it's way more micromanagement than I'd ever bother with. I don't get the fuss.

DaiaX says:

There is many case where program itself got hang, may due to on connection problem, heat, etc. And user can not quit the app, they can go to start menu. But can not use the app again because it still hang or loading, unlike wp7 that run new instance of the app if run again on start menu. This solve that problems.

TonyDedrick says:

I never had much of an issue with using the back arrow to exit apps (Not suggesting the gripes against it were silly). But I can see why a simpler method was requested. Its a nice feature. And the custom alert tones is nice as well.

DarwinPurol says:

Since gdr3 is already out for devs, how long the phone enthusiasts will wait for the update?

RaRa85 says:

My favorite feature is that I didn't have to wait on AT&T to get it. Yes.

Cyruss1989 says:

Feature wise I couldn't care less, the developer program itself is awesome though!

Favourite has to be finally having custom notification sounds at last for txt, email etc...

hopmedic says:

No more whiners about not being able to (unnecessarily) close apps in task switcher, no more whining about custom text ringtones, and no more whining about rotation lock. Basically, best new feature: Fewer excuses to whine.

Pazuzu195 says:

I'm not sure it was an unnecessary complaint.  My messaging app usually gets stuck at least once a day loading whenever I switch from an individual conversation to my list of conversations. 
Also these are things IOS and Android have had for awhile so that just brings Windows Phone closer to winning people over.

hopmedic says:

Android has plenty of spyware, too. And a lack of uniform design language. I don't want to bring those features over. I'm no fan of copying features just because they're on another platform. There's no need for closing apps in the task switcher. The others I mentioned above, fine. Not something I'll probably use, but some will, so great. I'm just glad that there's no more excuse for the incessant whining.

Pazuzu195 says:

But there is a reason to force close apps. Sometimes they get stuck in a loop and won't close until you reset their phone. Maybe its just my 920? But I've had this issue with the original 920 I got and the 3 replacements since them.
Nobody said anything that WP has to copy everything, but there are some basic functions that people want. Obviously spyware is not one of those.

Paul Acevedo says:

Like Pazuzu said, there's a good reason for it. You should be a little more open to change. New features that don't create any negatives are nothing to complain about.

MediaCastleX says:

Oh trust me...there will always be SOME reason for a whiner to complain like, "oOohhh, nNow we don't have ANY reason to complAin anymOre..." lol, classic SNL =P

teaMJPx says:

Man. I updated but its eating at me slowly that I won't get Nokia Bittersweet Shimmer.

teriansilva says:

Yes Nokia should release this as well.

Ticomfreak says:

You will when it's officially released.

teaMJPx says:

So I'll get it once my phone gets the official GDR3 update. I read up on it and I believe that's how that will work. Hope the update can be pushed out like this was because it was smooth.

wetworker says:

Screen rotation is my #1 pick then closing apps.
I would have prefered to swip up to close apps. Swiping down takes more effort than swiping up.
Btw, Have you guys notice the flashing X when you cycle through open apps.
I also live that they made the theme colour darken in multitask mode.

Fndlumia says:

The new tile layout.... Oh wait

MediaCastleX says:

Not for nothing but I would REALLY have loved it if the true layout of the larger screens just made WP8 look like WP7 with the carefully designed spaces on the right...lol bringing it back! =P

Fndlumia says:

Lol, always get a laugh from u cheers mediacastlex

dpiranda says:

The 3 title thing that didn't come... Damn!!!

pookiewood says:

All about the tones for me!!  The Program itself is a second though.

Paola1993 says:

Can I change the sound for WhatsApp incoming messages? I changed the sound for IM and is still sounding the same..

Fndlumia says:

Seriously though the progress bar under the spinning cogs

I'm surprised more people didn't go for better storage management. I'm thinking that it will fix the "other" storage bug that's currently robbing me of 7.2gb.

Fndlumia says:

Wrong only a hard reset will fix it

TK2011 says:

Guys, there is new a setting in the Cellular settings that lets you automatically disable *background* data usage on cellular networks. Should come in handy for some people with limited data or just to save battery when you are out.
Can't wait for the Bittersweet from Nokia, particularly the glance screen with notification. That would be epic because I still miss Blackberry's notification light.

Fndlumia says:

Cheers for the tip, thought I'd say thanks as no one has mentioned this till you

kinaton says:

Would be great if they could have added a turn off cellular data if WiFi network is connected and visa versa.

Munkeyphyst says:

The "always restrict background data" will cripple the live tiles and not update incoming email. The "restrict background data when roaming" only works when your not on your own home network and you might incur unexpectedly high data charges, i.e. "roaming".

teriansilva says:

What about bt 4.0? A Bittersweet shimmer thing?

MorganRW says:

Nokia will release that at a later date.

N8tiveT3ch says:

Text tone is my favorite feature, now I can annoy people. "look guys its a classic 8 bit tone"

firehouse31 says:

I have a Lumia 520. Has anyone else noticed its much faster on gd3

TK2011 says:

My 920 definitely feels snappier.

mgkeath says:

I thought that I was seeing speed improvements on 822, but not sure yet if it's wishful thinking or actual.

outback15 says:

X app definitely. For non-techies like me, assures me that app is closed. Something to do with fear of battery drain if  I forget to close an app.

Setting custom ringtones for text messages for sure is my favorite. I could do this with all my old phones (even flip phones) and it was always so dumb that windows phone never had this feature.

16jwilder says:

Being able to x off running apps

iamoniwaban says:

My ativ s boot up is 1000% faster after the gdr3 update. And no longer re-boots three times in a row. This is pretty high on my list.

MartinKSmith says:

I'm new to Windows Phone. Coming from Android, a couple things that stuck out to me as 'missing' were rotation lock and custom tones for SMS. 
Both of which have been added. It's nice that I only had to wait a couple weeks. 
The added X for closing apps is nice. I didn't mind pressing the back button, but X just simplifies everything. 

MorganRW says:

Status bar on the gears screen was huge. Without it there was no indication that the phone was doing anything during the upgrade. Very happy that the enthusiast program is finally here.

brandoshido says:

Custom text tones. I can finally use the 1up sound, Legendary Diablo III Drop, and Hadouken sound bytes i've been holding onto

InlineV says:

Storage usage reporting in system settings. No more, "other" category.

Different sound levels per function is not until 8.1, isn't it? Can't wait.

hellodav7 says:

The X, which is dumb, you should just be able to swipe it up off the screen to close it! like webOS

kinaton says:

I agree on that. Thought MS was trying to make surface, pc and phone 8 versions to be uniformed.

lubbalots says:

Try X'ing with your thumb on a phablet. Not happening. Swipe down down would have worked perfect. Who is the numbskull at MS.

My favorite feature in GDR3 is the 3

texas713 says:

I'm tied between custom text/alert tones and closing apps in task manager

Tyetus says:

Rotation lock and the 'x'

erzhik says:

I find it funny how people get excited for custom ringtones feature that was present on Symbian phones for at least 10 years now. By these standards, there is nothing smart about smartphones.

mgkeath says:

People always get excited when they get a new feature that they wanted. Whether or not others have it isn't really important. Every OS goes through the steps of adding functionality and keeping up with the Jones', so I don't really see the humor.

iainberryman says:

I do love the "X" to close apps but I kinda wish it was a swipe up or down to close them. The "X" seems a little out of date compared to swiping.

Custom sounds & closing apps woo hoo

Tianfu says:

Closing apps

wadedx says:

Tie between the new phone storage options & customization of sounds. It's also a nice touch that in People an update you reply to uses a smaller font so as not to monopolize the screen.

davidblouin says:

Progress bar under the gears

rikycaldeira says:

Screen rotation lock!

ralexand56 says:

No one likes the new feature of being able to connect to your phone for internet sharing from your 8.1 device without having to even take the phone out of your pocket.  That's by far the coolest thing.

ralexand56 says:

Connect your phone through bluetooth to the win8.1 tablet and whenever you want to connect to the phone for internet sharing, just choose the name of your phone in your network list on the win8.1 device.  No more going into settings to turn on internet sharing.

FrankEpr says:

The live tiles seem to be working a lot better now...they keep updating constantly now!

If these are all the new features this update is going to bring, then wtf.
iOS and Android have blazed the way for what consumers want, MS should be able to realize this, copy and improve upon their ideas and implementations and gain some market share.

wadedx says:

I read this as "Windows Phone blazed the way to what consumers want, but consumers all generally have already used iOS and so they expect Windows Phone to have copied its pedantic behavior instead of addressing the root of the problem." To misquote Henry Ford, "If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse."

Paul Acevedo says:

On the other hand, we should have had custom text sounds long ago. Like when WP7 launched. It's not as if they were just added to iOS and Android last year or something.

mgkeath says:

What people seem to forget, is that ios and android went through their growing pains as well (and still do.) Yeah, yeah, I know, WP doesn't have that luxury as much as they did, but hey, that's how development works. You live, learn, receive feedback and improve. It's never perfect or equal.

wadedx says:

The fixed "find my phone" setting subtitle (used to say "off" when it was "on") is also a nice touch. Lots of small changes in this release vs GDR2.

kinaton says:

Ive used fix my phone. Sadly it tracks by cellular number not emsi number. So if you lose your phone, if simcard is taken out, you cant track
Something i hope they may sort in future updates

Munkeyphyst says:

Is the "save my phone's location...before the battery runs out..." a new feature? What a smart idea. Lost phone and Battery dies while lost? now it saves a location. Cool.

errole says:

This update need,to fix the back button, issue when you go to other apps. I can't stand it backing you out. But auto rotation rocks.

wadedx says:

No thank you. Dead back button is one of the major flaws in Android. That isn't how web browsers work and I can't recall anyone ever complaining about it wrt. web browsers. (Now, browsers do tend to have a forward...)

bubbagti says:

I do like the X for closing, but it doesn't close the music app.  I X out and the music is still going.  I go to the start screen and use the volume rocker...yup it changes the music volume instead of the ringer volume.  Looks like I still need the "Stop the Music" app until that's fixed.  It was easy closing out of Explorer though. 

That's by design. Music runs on a separate background process from apps. You close the app, but the music process is still running.

goldenpipes says:

Was the backround data restriction thing always there? Kind of a neat feature.

chuey101 says:

Am I imagining things but is scrolling tweaked in ie browser? Try scrolling down a long list of comments in desktop mode the scroll follows your finger much more closely. Try scrolling and them adding some right to left motion it is like one to one tracking, was that there before?!

Ticomfreak says:

If you enter a URL the refresh button now hides as well. :-)

Why is more live tiles, Quad core and 1080P not listed? It's still included with this updat even tough we won't get it.

Josh Harman says:

Music app loads my songs instantly now.
When sliding through "Albums, Playlists, Genre, etc." it would freeze on "Songs" for a fews seconds while loading (10,000+ songs). No lag whatsoever now.

Wouldn't doubt if they held some features to include in 8.1 so it seems like we get more when they decide to advertise it. Considering how slow they are, they could use that extra boost. Whatever. Nokia is at least trying.

yashshah7197 says:

Progress bar at the spinning cogs screen lol :P

doubledeej says:

I didn't see an option for "fixes broken live tiles" anywhere.

Ask this again 2 months from now when AT&T releases GDR3.  *sarcasm*

UnnDunn says:

This may not be a "feature" per se, but background processes work on my phone now! That is the biggest thing for me.
For months, background processes simply weren't being run on my phone. Live Tiles weren't updating unless I opened the corresponding app manually. I wasn't getting notifications.
Now they're working. I'm ecstatic.

elfallous says:

Attach docs on emails, but still not found on my gdr3update

coeus89 says:

I just got gdr 2 a couple days ago :(

drg says:

Well at least you can get GDR3 NOW!!! Yay!

X'ing out of apps for sure, although the whole preview experience is awesome.

Nitro40 says:

So far, the best is that I can now play .wav files from my work vm system!!!

Choco22 says:

Progress bar on the spinning gear

JoRdaNeK says:

My favourite feature is the fact that its a one button, dual-antenna cell phone that can only place calls and has only enough battery power to make one call. Due to its high operating temperature, it comes with a tube of cooling gel that can be applied to the face. Endorsed by Ed Begley, Jr.

Fayez Chedid says:

Glad I have a developer account :3 GDR3 is awesome! Can't wait for bittersweet shimmer!

Panik21 says:

How can I get my update?

For those of you saying the "X" to close is unnecessary because WP8 will allocate resources as needed, here is the reason so many people request it:
Better multitasking. It has nothing to do with managing the hardware or software capabilities of the phone. It has everything to do with multitasking apps for the user interface. Just like the taskbar in Windows and the dock on the Mac OS, being able to quickly switch between apps is the key to efficiently using many things at once. If there are too many open applications or too many icons, it becomes harder to locate what you're looking for in all the visual noise. This is even more important on a tiny screen like a phone, where space is at a premium. By being able to close apps you are no longer using, it makes it easier to switch between just what you need. It's the equivalent of clearing junk off your desk before starting a new project.
For example, due to the issues with Wi-Fi calling, I often go into the settings to turn it off and then switch back to the app it was interfering with, before turning it back on again. If I return to the start screen rather than use the multitask screen, I can launch settings again and navigate until I get to Wi-Fi and then turn it on or off, however if I use the multitask screen, it is still open to the same settings without having to navigate through so many menus. The ability to clean up the multitask screen makes this process more natural because it is easier to find what I was looking for to begin with.

Closing Apps and Driving mode. Bit does anyone miss the Data Sense feature on AT&T.????

Cur2thapur says:

Install worked fine with my 810. Prolly 20min total

phasar says:

Would be nice if you could hold the X down to close all apps.

That's a good idea! Or maybe after the last app screen on the far left in the multitask manager, there would be one final "X" that if clicked would ask, "Do you want to close all apps?" and would only leave the start screen running.

reckoner04 says:

Do you still get glance?

Ed Boland says:

Of course. That's an Amber feature. All of the Nokia Amber features remain exactly as they were. This is a Microsoft update only. No BitterSweetShimmer and it doesn't change anything with Amber.

thaman04 says:

FYI... it's called "Update 3" not "GDR3" anymore.
My fav (announced) feature is definefitly the X on the app switcher and Driving Mode and custom tones.   If the 3-column resolution is part of this update then that's definitely a fav too... but I think that's a Bittersweet Shimmer thing.

WoWNyx says:

Screen rotation lock!! Finlay! Can't belief it took a whole update revamp (wp8) and 3gdr update to get it.

chimom79 says:

Ohhh, I look so forward to the rotation lock!

slap0rama says:

Screen rotation lock

dalydose says:

I'm going for the program itself. To me, this is a HUGE step forward for the audience that knows what's coming and hates the carrier delay.  This is a brilliant move and I hope the carriers don't play bully and take it away.

migueli2 says:

Drive mode not enable!

slimshady97 says:

Multitasking for sure!!

mwgeek says:

Be careful if playing around with new accesability features, I'd recommend turning off password and Bluetooth, o almost got stuck where I couldn't unlock my phone

lubbalots says:

Something is definitely wrong with Bluetooth. My phone froze and even rebooted because of it.

BigWeeze says:

I like how it tells you the name of the app below the background apps

sdreamer says:

That's been there. The new addition is the icon being next to the name.

Munkeyphyst says:

mobile accessibility is a new feature. Luke a completely new OS for the visually impaired

sdreamer says:

Custom tones probably. I haven't tried it but that's the one feature that I'm looking forward to the most. I'll be able to use my Sonic the Hedgehog "ring" sound again :D
Has anyone tried flashing back to GDR2 to see if that would "revalidate" the warranty? Losing warranty I think is the biggest downside and I just went through a few refurbs already.

Graven Pshya says:

After the preview is over, the warranty will be okay from what K read from the official post.

nath520 says:

Well, closing button may help, but is that BS will available om my 520? And how long it takes to get that update?

fbendotti says:

At least they should have put the x in the bottom right. :-S

I use phone with my left

dreamora says:

The real question is: which still missing, barebone basic feature, totally annoys you.
There I could, without thinking about it, vote for 'Microsoft cripples the calendar API on purpose for non Live Accounts just to force users to use their horrible calendar' due to the 'not live = private' error they introduced on purpose.
They either need to fix that one and that fast, or they can take their OS and throw it down the toilett as its impossible to use it for business if it operates that arrogantly against even outlook exchange standards
Regarding fav feature: the app closing and once released the bittersweet shimmer additions from nokia. Bluetooth tethering too if it really ends in GDR3 but thats about it. The rest is basics that should not even require discussion

pogi920 says:

All the new features are my favorites..back to Nokia classic tones..lol

TheRem says:

Got my SMS on Standard Nokia 5110 tone. :)

fbendotti says:

Calendar search works awesome!!

BlackbirdArg says:

How can I do that??

Graven Pshya says:

That's what I want to know!!

marantaz says:

I think this was an attempt at sarcasm. But why can't the search button be used to search in an active app as in W8? That would solve the calendar search issue, wouldn't it?

SujithPerla says:

Rotation lock, closing apps...

dfeghali says:

Still Waiting for GDR2 here in Colombia, wtf is going on here?

Lumia 8x says:

Surprisingly other storage is so useful now.

ebk14 says:

What do you mean?

Lumia 8x says:

Color coated so music is displayed with blue color, apps are green and so on. And my other storage is at 500 mb after gdr3 when I had 2gb of other storage before.

myrandex says:

The link doesn't work on Windows Phones. It doesn't support the JS file.

lubbalots says:

My fav, everything is just faster and smoother. My SkyDrive just zips open. My storage also improved dramatically!

phasar says:

Closings apps is still as annoying as ever. What's the difference between tapping on a bunch of X's and tapping on the back button, which is closer?

TheRem says:

Custom SMS tones! :)

eugie says:

It's awesome,i like it x close app in just one click, since i can't close six gun in a second it takes 20 second.

Tbh the orientation lock is most important for me.

mptxnismo says:

Text reminder alerts and custom tones!!! I was starting to lose hope in the windows phone until this update was announced.

nez99 says:

Kind of annoying that we finally get custom message tone but not Other Reminders when this is the most common sound the average phone makes

chienwei92 says:

Is it just me? i think the yellow tints after you took a picture is not that obvious already?

Lumia 8x says:

Wow you are right.... What phone are you using? I got HTC 8x. They are so yellow

michaelaf says:

not sure if anyone has noticed yet but double tapping the back button now closes the current app

Flagz says:

Thank you for telling me this! This is amazing! Seriously oh my god dude you're a lifesaver!

marantaz says:

I don't think it does...if you use IE and go to several different sites and then try the double tap, you just go back two pages...the app doesn't exit. The X to close apps is #1.

aavz100 says:

Idk if anybody has mentioned it but the cursor also changed when you try to go in between letters! Its cool :)

WaywardBus says:

ironic how the polldaddy link doesn't work via a windows phone

bkydcmpr says:

My favorite part is, it seems they fixed the in-car Bluetooth Music playback problem. I've tested for about 1 hour and no track was stucked. Another thing I care about most is the over heat issue, a little bit tricky to test though since I don't know what exactly trigger it.

Sarang68 says:

WiFi before log in

Ezhik says:

Closing apps because it's the only one I found :v

skshandilya says:

I liked the fact that the "Update preview concept" itself came in second place. It is what Android did not get right. You have the mods available for most popular handsets, but you risk breaking firmware features like phone, camera, wifi and all that stuff when you flash a mod, and you have the bootloader locks.
What I like here is the firmware is seperate from the OS. Is it the same with Android?

tpesa says:

*sigh* still no IM popup block. That is a basic and much needed function.

rastanac says:

Looks like GDR3 fixed the annoying unstable Live Tile updates on my Lumia 920! Woot!

jbz7 says:

Not impressed with an update that just adds an 'X' on background apps. They literally take 2-3 years to put a function that's as common as windows 95. If the wp8.1 lumia 1520 doesn't have anything drastic, im jumping ship. Been waiting way too long while other platforms are way too far ahead for wp8 to even get close

lubbalots says:

Its funny how MS wants to combine wRT with WP yet, wRT uses swipe down to close and WP X. That's two different gestures. I don't get how the X came about. That's old PC style. Joe Bilfiori needs to pay a little bit more attention.

jbz7 says:

This is what shits me. So many employees at Redmond doing fuk all


Watcher Ter says:

IDK if anyone noticed, but this update has no new texts/missed calls notifications on glance screen. Although, it was on the list with this update....

ebin5 says:

Everything as it makes wp closer to droid and ios.

sephiroth111 says:

Close button only? Why microsoft doesn't included minimize and maximize button?

anky17cool says:

I am an indian user..here v dnt hav any mobile carrier phones..v hav unlocked phones..how does d warranty gets void on unlocked phones..??...i have a lumia 820...how does d company comes to know that i used the preview..nd so they would void my warranty..

amyunus says:

Swipe to close is better. But nevermind, tap `X` to close is welcome.
More please. Battery meter, default app for recording, and extra information of a file (e.g. size)
And one more thing. I can find crop feature in image editing, but no resize feature? And please when I click save, make it to saved picture, not replace the original one. Or I can choose whether to replace or new file.

anubhav756 says:

Hey..does it cost any battery if i dont close any app..just press start...and when im free i can X X X to close all apps later...??

eruptflail says:

Orientation Lock. Period.

I am really looking forward to the screen rotation lock, I remember back when my Nokia N8 had this feature. I used it every day! Haha, thanks MS for bringing this in. I wonder if it would be possible to only turn it off/on for certain apps on your device?

phito says:

The best is the dev program because if the program not exists no body have the update.

sumton says:

All of them :)

Flagz says:

Text tones, finally one again I can rock my Power Ranger communicator text tone and the Kim Possible communicator tone for the fiance!!

mgkeath says:

Honestly, I find all the new features great. Regardless of whether people say they should have been there all along, implemented differently or are unneeded. What's unneeded by one person, is very useful to another. I'm always up for new new features, even those that don't necessarily appeal to me, because others may find them useful.

Closing apps with x

Corvodin says:

The tap x to close out apps is cool, but I got so used to the old method that I forget that it's there.
Talk about first world problems.

Kanpai says:

Closing apps and message ringtones :D

cris arman says:

what about  " notification center " ?

chrobakos says:

Where is notification center?:-/

Where is custom sound levels for ringtone, alarm and music????

Corvodin says:

Does anyone know a battery app in which you can use custom notification sounds ? 

Javad Alan says:

I just need to install my games in SD

toph36 says:

My favorite "feature" of the update isn't really a feature, but it is the performance boost this has given my Lumia 822. My phone was getting a little buggy, apps were not loading or taking a really long time to load or resume. So far, apps are loading or resuming fast, so I am loving the update. It is great that we can now get these updates day 1. When WP8.1 hits, the only thing that might be missing on day 1 are the carrier updates, but those hopefully will be minor. Oh yeah, having the X is cool too!

Would be custom text message sound but because we all love windows limitations like the 10 sec lenght. Why cant it be atleast 60sec. Dam i miss my old Nokia phone where message sounds where the lenght of the sound file

K_lando says:

I know everyone is different, but I hate long email/text alerts. Some of the stock ones are too long for me even. You get 3 or 4 texts in a row plus some emails and its repetitive madness. Like water torture.

Corvodin says:

Custom notification sounds is the s**t, next step, enabeling all sounds to be customized. 

K_lando says:

Awesome idea...  can you imagine if, when entering a new calendar item, it asked what sound you wanted to assign that specific item?  

smartfonefan says:

Best feature is that the live tiles have started working again...apart from that X to close and custom ringtones although I thought we where getting battery percentage as well but that might be bss....

K_lando says:

Not so much custom notification tones, but that I can assign specific tones to specific contacts.  I've never owned a phone that could do that.  (Last time I had an Android device, it was Cupcake/Donut, where i could have a custom notification tone, but not individual ones based on the contact).  
So.... I'm that geek that's going to rip audio from movies and TV shows and will pick and choose them based on my friends (like...that 'ch-ch-ch-chhh.. hhhaaahahhaaha' sound from Friday the 13th for every contact named 'Jason').
The closing apps is non-essential to me, but very much appreciated.  I get why others find it most important.
And a driving mode that kicks in automatically once I turn on bluetooth is totally awesome.  I tried putting an NFC sticker in my car to kick in the CarStand app I use and using NFC doesn't automate things, it only trades off a couple of steps for a different couple of steps.... and hence I never use it.
Completely off topic... but I had this idea a LONG time ago (how long? Back when I was carrying a Tmobile MDA aka HTC Wizard) about VIDEO ringtones.   Seriously... let people save short video clips to their phone and assign those to contacts so that it plays the video when they call... I thought for sure we'd see something like that by now from somebody.

j Lewis6 says:

Fav feature, and the most useful in both Gdr2 and Gdr3 is the one that only lasted 1day after the Gdr2 update and is no longer available: glance screen notifications. Unbelievable.

uberlaff says:

Does anyone else think it just feels faster?

MikeSo says:

As an obsessive app-closer I an happiest that I don't have to keep backing out with the Back-button anymore. But none of these feature are huge improvements individually, taken together they are a nice upgrade though.

rhythm215 says:

Closing app and the option to auto rotate
I was just so sick of this auto rotating shit -_-

Attachements in emails was not on the list, but ring tones are important to me for on-call.

tomj315 says:

My favorite feature is the new glance screen because it's really helpful. I think that closing apps isn't really good if there will not be an option of limit apps, because then it will be as annoying as the multitasking on the iPhone, that you need to close tons of apps before you can just turn it off and get it out of your hand.

Chris Yahya says:

need improvement about screenrotation.... aint nobody got time for opening settings for ALL time...

ErwinEscara says:

Can anyone confirm if these are new music+video features as part of Update 3?
- "new" page that lists newly added songs
- delete songs
- play songs by genre

Or maybe I just didn't know that these existed before? ;)

wulf Alpha says:

The progress bar on the gears screen, and the x for multi tasking

Whats "Connect to Wi-Fi in out-of-box-experience first"?

SleepyTheDon says:

New feature: Stream Movies right from SkyDrive!!!!! If its not new it never worked for me before.

FBirraque says:

The best thing about this GDR3 update is the Developer Program Preview itself. I just wish MS uses it again for future updates.

revoltamba says:

Is lock signal 3G Works on GDR3 preview?

revoltamba says:

Is locked 3G (##3282) Works in GDR3 preview?

We still aren't getting option to add documents to mail as proposed in gdr3. Y is that? And i find battery empties thrice faster

EVERYTHING!!! Like the fact you can set certain tones to texting, email, voicemail etc.... It works on the Samsung Ativ Odyssey i930!!! It is also great that you can stop the screen flipping by having the option to turn it off!!!! Great job Microsoft!! Keep it coming!

Has anyone noticed that you can assign text tones to your contacts now?

shree22 says:

The sensor doesn't seem to be working when making calls. A major bug.

Pat18 says:

Closing apps should have been gusture based :(

RodPre says:

My favorite new feature fix is not listed as an option. 
"Connect in a different way to use the Speech with Bluetooth in my car"
Kind of a funky name for a new feature, but it resolves the biggest issue I have had with Windows Phone.  I can FINALLY listen to my voice messages over my car's bluetooth connection  (VW JETTA with hands free BT).    I couldn't get my voice messages without turning off bluetooth before this update.
I like all the other enhancements too, but this is BY FAR the biggest improvement for me.

Tom Simeone says:

I'm not sure why closing apps is such a big deal, It really isn't?? why does it matter to you

I like multitasking app closing by "x" button.....
Lot's apple geek n others demanding it 2 closing by swipe ....but wp8 is different n unique they r not copying ios or android so i m happy