A flying fox joins the cast of Sonic CD

We’ve already mentioned that the upcoming Xbox Live remake of Sonic CD will have several improvements over the original, including a proper widescreen aspect ratio and the ability to switch between two different styles of spin-dashing and physics. But today Sega knocks off the socks of Sonic fans everywhere by announcing a completely unexpected addition…

Sonic’s sidekick Tails is an unlockable character in the new Sonic CD! The two-tailed fox debuted in Sonic 2 but didn’t show up in the original Sonic CD due to the two games’ simultaneous but separate development. Now, for the first time ever, Sonic CD players will gain the ability to play as Tails after completing the game once. It’s an awesome extra that should lend an already fantastic game even more replay value. Somebody find my socks.

Sonic CD has no official release date but we hear it will spin-dash to all platforms in December. The Android version, however, is available right now exclusively at GameStop, where it’s packaged with the Samsung Galaxy, Acer 100, and ASUS Transformer tablets. Hurry up and release some equivalent tablets, Microsoft! In the meantime, feast on the first mobile screenshots (above) or check out the latest trailer.

Source: Sega Blog



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Jf.Vigor says:

Buying this game IMMEDIATELY when it comes out

KeegdnaB42 says:

Me three....on WP7 and Xbox

jchapman01 says:

Dang it! I just ordered my Transformer through overstock.com this morning! Oh well... I'd d/l to my WP7 any way. Can't wait for this to drop!

Paul Acevedo says:

Yeah, GameStop would not be my normal place to buy a tablet either. But supporting the WP7 release is good!

Rico says:

Tails - in my Sonic CD? DO NOT WANT.

Paul Acevedo says:

Extras are good, Red Ring Rico.

tsume says:

Would be nice if they would fix the Sonic 4 game's problem where it will repeat the 1up sound over and over and over on mango... Been a looong time still no update...