Xbox Live Countdown to 2012 Sale is live and fairly festive

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The annual Xbox Live sale (aka The Countdown to 2012 Campaign) is now live. On Xbox 360, a variety of Xbox Live Arcade games and avatar items are on sale. But Windows Phone gamers haven’t been entirely left out of the festivities, as three mobile Xbox Live games just went on sale as well.

The sale games:

Naturally I already own them all (jeez my phone is drowning in games). Still need to go back and finish off Fable Coin Golf, but the others are in the bag. Will you guys be picking any of these titles up, and how do you like them?

The Countdown to 2012 Campaign runs from December 20, 2011 to January 2, 2012. May these cheap games help keep you warm during the holidays.



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DarkSynopsis says:

I quite enjoyed Fable Coin Golf and love me some Fruit Ninja but I already own them! From the trial of Hydro Thunder I played awhile back I will be sure to pick it up!
All games worth owning! :D

dvdmanpa says:

I just got my WP7 today so I will be picking all three of these up, in addition to a slew of others! lol.

sayonical says:

yay just in time for my $25 app card :)

Trib#WP says:

Already got Fable Coin Golf when it was game of the week (love it), and Fruit Ninja was the first game I purchased when I got my phone (its still one of my favorite games).

nrask7 says:

I'll get Fruit Ninja.

DavidinCT says:

I have been thinking about Fruit Ninja for a while, just never grabbed it, for $2, it's worth it.

jm4cc says:

Does UK not get any sales?

cyrilk says:

Pleaaaase don't tell me i'm the only one who thinks fruit ninja SUCKS on windows phone! on the 1st gen, at least. It's really bad on my HD7! it's just slow, the framerate is too low..and why haven't they updated it to mango yet??? argh
is it the same on the second gen phones like, say, the lumia 800?