Microsoft launches Bing Rewards on iOS and Android; coming soon to Windows Phone

Bing Search

Microsoft has a Bing Rewards program set up to enable you to earn credits by simply using services available. By earning said credits and redeeming them for rewards, you can pocket awesome items like gift cards for Amazon, Xbox, Skype and more, or even donate your hard-earned credits to schools or charities.

Previously, Bing Rewards was only possible through web browsers on a laptop or PC, but Microsoft has today announced that the program will hit Android and iOS today and soon Windows Phone.

For the time being the experience won't match what's possible on the PC, but the team at Microsoft will ensure that all Bing Rewards features will be available on mobiles over the next several months. By signing into your Bing Rewards account on your mobile device (again, Windows Phone support coming soon), you're immediately greeted with a new mobile optimised dashboard, displaying offers tailored for you.

We're not just talking about the same offers you'd normally find on the PC either, Microsoft also bundles a new mobile-only search offer, providing you more credits on the smartphone. Should you utilise the search engine often on your mobile device and/or tablet, this is something you'd definitely want to take advantage of. 

Bing Rewards

Microsoft will next add the ability for you to redeem credit balances in a mobile version of the redemption centre so you can easily use digital gift cards and coupons while on the move. Currently, it's only possible to do this on the PC. This is just the first step for Bing Rewards and mobile phones. We're excited to see what Microsoft will introduce in the near future.

It's a downer that only iOS and Android can access said feature for now. Since this is Microsoft and Bing is integrated into Windows Phone, we would have expected the company to at least have a simultaneous launch. Alas, we'll let you all know when Bing Rewards comes across to Microsoft's own mobile platform.

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Kieta says:

Maybe..just maybe we'll get a much better app than the other two which is why it's not ready yet. I'm trying to believe here people!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes, like Skype is sooooo much better on WP than ios or android. And Santa Claus is bringing it in his magic sled.

reda igbaria says:

How could they do this?!?! , they must launch it at their OS and then at ios and Android!!!

mwright53 says:

They should be at least slightly embarrassed by this.

kenzibit says:

Windows Phone.....always the last, even with Microsoft....smh

RyanDaLyon says:

Their new slogan.

MadSci2 says:

I doubt we will see it. MS doesn't need to incentivize WP users to choose Bing. Google phone users, uhhhh, yes they do.

RyanDaLyon says:

Well I'm jumping ship! I literally posted a rant on the windows phone subreddit yesterday about this shit cause I was browsing at the IOS marketplace and seen the game "tentacles" which was taken off of windows phone marketplace, and now its on apple. This is not a great start to the idea of "Microsoft's one vision" I'm out guys.

I usually don't understand this, like Skype being better on IOS. But this time I find it fine, as it will probably be integrated with 8.1.

erzhik says:

You sure about that? $5 says it will be integrated only with WP9.

I'm pretty sure, but not 100% sure.

borasar says:

based on what? 

Craig-Aus says:

Then they should have held off this release and release it with 8.1. Surely that would have made more sense?

MikeSo says:

Why would this be integrated? Makes no sense. It's not some sort of core function.

PG2G says:

Bing is integrated so functions that exist within Bing are integrated. Most likely they will de-integrate Bing in WP8.1 like they are de-integrating Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

uselessrobot says:

If I end up not getting another Windows Phone device, crap like this will be why. It's not even that I would necessarily use Bing Rewards, but the principle of the thing. Microsoft doesn't seem invested in their own platform. This is evidence that things haven't changed at Microsoft, that there's no overarching, unified vision. Each division is still doing it's own thing and outside of the core divisions, Windows and Xbox, every one else continues to get screwed.

It's really the same old Microsoft; they come up with something great, but botch it in some fundamental way.

Luminatic says:

Well, as a poor non-US citizen I don't get the Bing rewards anyway, so ... *shrugs-shoulder*

Dadstar0410 says:

Will/does this only work if you gain points with your Microsoft account as opposed to a Facebook account? And another thing, is there a way to transfer points from my FB account to my MS account? I don't want to be gathering points through Facebook, I want them through Microsoft.

Ken Heslip says:

Bing Rewards don't work in my country anyway.

Google does not want to be YouTube in windows phone but Microsoft... it's just stupid and they are publishing apps like Xbox... SkyDrive to all plataforms... it's just a joke? srsly Microsoft? Hating your OWN plataform? OMG...

kenzibit says:

Very true, I always say this in forums. It's a very big stupid idea for microsoft to be doing this. It makes no sense for us to be on this platform cuz If am on ios or android, I'll be enjoying all microsoft goodies without a hustle. Google don't even wants us, still no youtube, google+ etc. Google don't even recognize WP. But Microsoft soo stupid to be seeing them and developing even beautiful apps for them. Now of u say MS is doing this cuz of money/market, what of google? Are they not interested in that as well? It's soo stupid on MS part to be doing this.

throws2000 says:

Good point kenzibit

Cristoby says:

It only applies to USM (the United States of Microsoft, 50 states + DC).

Micah Dawson says:

As much as I love windows phone I believe this is slowly pushing me to an iPhone tbh. Even blackberry seems to at least support their dying platform before pushing features over to competitors.

MrSimmix says:

What pisses me off is that IOS and Android get certain Microsoft services before WP8 and Windows 8. And have more features!

Craig-Aus says:

First and best on Windows? If it wasn't ready for WP then why was this even released! MS, is a few more Bing searches really worth pissing off your own user base?

Talbot690 says:

Microsoft as a company reminds me of that meme of a dog doing a human task with the words "I have no idea what I'm doing"

jlynnm350z says:

Lol, they (Microsoft) just don't get it. I don't think they ever will. PS. My moto x is fabulous and my 920 is collecting dust in my drawer.

Mik29 says:

Windows phone last???? Idiots

LucasLumia says:

I bought a 1520 (and a 920 before) because I trusted Microsoft to give extra integration with its services when it turns out iOS and Android (Office, Xbox Music...) gets them sometime later or before in this case and in Age of Empire's case. If I learn that they bring the OneDrive extra features to other platforms first. I'll swear I'll buy a Note 4.

SleepyTheDon says:

Slap in the face!!!!!

Sin Ogaris says:

I couldn't care less to be honest seeing as Microsoft only has eyes on the US anyway. Even if this came to WP it still wouldn't be available to me.

ahardin says:

One Microsoft.  Except for WP.

boxa72 says:

The fact that iOS n Android get it b4 us is almost just cause to leave the platform! Wake up to yourself Microsoft!!!

cannon#WP says:

Really MSFT???? REALLY????

iamtheking93 says:

fuck you microsoft, and your OS!

It's an incentive program to use something we already use because it is a major part of the OS. I'm not surprised and maybe in 8.1 we will get a Bing app that can be updated easily for things like this instead.
If it upsets you all so much just download an alternative browser for your PC, do 30 searches in different tabs, and then set that as your home pages. Bingo! You have your points in a double click every day.

Souna Habib says:

Microsoft might released it on other platforms first,to test the app first on competitors,so when they bring it to windows phone it would be more stable and optimized! :)

Marco Gomes1 says:

LMFAO!!! Really?!?!

Kage Maru says:

Even though this may be the works of their Bing team and not the WP8 team, it's still bad when any team within the company won't support their own platform first.


How can MS hope to convince other companies to give equal support to WP8 when they won't even do the same?

atkichr says:

Eat it WP user's lol. No surprises here

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Eat a d!@% buttmunch

hs k says:

Fuck this, all I want is: Bing rewards y u no work in India?

wonder1070 says:

They're prolly building it into the system since almost every WP user uses it as default. Makes only sense to do tht. I use Bing all the time and never get reward points for using it on my phone so they're prolly integrating it into the system.

sickleykey says:

Next we will hear Windows 9 available for Mac, coming soon on Windows...lol

Kadcidxa says:

Haha. This is why I never upgraded to WP8. I knew they would still treat their own platform like third class. When Windows 9 comes out, all WP8 devices wont be able to update.

Mike Glynn1 says:

This is plain stupid on Microsofts part. Whatever challenges they are facing getting this onto WP, they should have made sure this hit WP at least a week ahead of the competition. This sends the WRONG message to both their loyal customers and anyone considering buying intp the WP ecosystem.

wozburger says:

What happened to "first and best" on WP?!

db4williams says:

How the f@ck is this not on WP first?! Really?! WTF!

Who understand the Microsoft?

eharris560 says:

They need to hurry up and get their house in order. This is really starting to look bad. @wpcentral can we do any thing to expedite the change in how they release in house apps?

WAT? I cash in my rewards points from my phone all the time! Use IE in desktop mode and it works just fine. A mobile app, or better intergration would be nice, but you can use rewards site today just the same as you can on a desktop.

Put away your pitchforks!!! There is nothing to see here!

iBandar says:

Are you fucking serious

RyanDaLyon says:

Wpcentral: regrets that they posted this article.... WP stock just went down...

Marco Gomes1 says:

Their stock might actually go up, for the time being. The WP OS on the other hand...

ttarbuck says:

How about making it available for people who are lucky enough NOT to live in the US! How does Microsoft expect Bing to become popular if they don't have the good features of it world wide? Here in the UK the only thing that's ever changed since launch is the logo. The rest is all exactly the same as it was a few years ago.

Shimoner01 says:

Microsoft is a joke.

yuvii007 says:

On the other hand "Skype" is so much better on other platforms and it sucks on wp,biggest mistake of my life by wasting 17k on L720

pierrerv says:

Seriously? Coming soon?

ChrisPS3 says:

Some true assholes at Msft. This is why Ballmer must go. He fractionalized Msft and set off turf wars all over the company.

Pacus1x says:

This is the result of 2 divisions working in two different directions... no comunication and no coordination at all. The old Microsoft policy of fighting divisions at it's finest and with this, shit always happen... like this today report.

This is serious bad stuff, so better for MS make damage control before things go out of control (If already)

taymur says:

Seriously this is like 3rd world parliaments! We vote for a couple of people, who as soon, as they get to the chairs, they ditch the voters!! And the country, and their values, and run after money.

conansaga says:

After some of the basic & essential Skype features (sms) were not present on MSFT's own mobile platform (not mentioning remote app and others on IOS and Android and other MSFT flops) this is also a sign for me that MSFT doesn’t care about us, its own platform supporters. I really dislike Google and Apple (a bit less then Google) but unfortunately MSFT’s behavior is pushing me towards competitor platforms as I really don’t like being treated as second class citizen.   

DMTurner85 says:

Second class citizen? Someone needs a history lesson and context.

conansaga says:

Enlighten us please.

mswindows101 says:

Calm down people.. Calm down. I was upset at first too. We've been here before,and kept moving along. Let the other OS's work as test dummies so to speak. Besides it may end up better on WP. Does it suck? Sure. However I still would prefer WP over the others. Hell look at what Google is supposedly doing,selling Motorola to Lenovo,what message does that send to people who just got Moto sets?

Marco Gomes1 says:

I'm dying to see msft doing a better job with Nokia than google is doing with Motorola.

x7sage7x says:

iOS and Android first?? Ha...... Better late than never I suppose. This will be great though. I don't max out my 15 searches on my PC, but this will do the trick.

gravage says:

This is both hilarious and depressing at the same time. Even Microsoft released apps on iOS and Android before Windows Phone. Ha ha ha *sob*.

freshfelicio says:

I cant access it anyway because Microsoft is only doing this in US

irsyadhhs says:

How will devs support WP? if msft itself doesnt give their own OS a full-support! What thee

ortizang says:

That is an insult, they should do things for us first, no matter what! If that is the way ms want people to switch to windows phone, they are ugly!

Duduosf says:

That was where Nokia compensated. I'm afraid that Nokia's support may vanish as it is bought by Microsoft

Duduosf says:

That awkward moment when Microsoft gives more of a crap about other companies OS's than its own... Then again, both OSs have waaay more users.

this is a total shame, MS itself dont care about its OS..WTF is that? if you dont care about it, give it to Nokia, they care about it more than you STUPIDS...

Don't use Bing anyway, it's shit in the UK. Google wins hands down.

ltjordan24 says:

   Could someone please explain to Microsoft that part of the benefit of having a great ecosystem of devices and services is that you update your own stuff first and then you update everybody else. Google isn't bringing any of their services to WP8 anytime soon. HELLO!

HeavyHanded says:

Yep. We deserve to be treated like this because we allow ourselves to be treated like this.

I'd rather not one day be saying "I picked up an iPhone because Microsoft support for that platform is far superior to any other platform!"

Come on Microsoft, support those who make you relevant in the non-enterprise PC space.

How in the hell does it come 1st to other platforms and not WP users! I'm happy its coming, but what the Fcuk!

dalydose says:

#MobileEquality - Tweet it to @Bing and at @BingRewarda. Oh, the sweet irony.

armandolara says:

MS are you fucking kidding? Been a loyal WP user for the past few years and you do bs moves like this? I think I might switch to Apple/Android.. I mean I prefer WP but not even MS own apps can come to its OWN PLATFORM first. Just pathetic.

armandolara says:

Un-fucking-believable. So disappointed MS would do this to it's own loyal customers. Go fuck yourself MS. My next phone will be an iPhone as much as I loved leaving it in the first place.

throws2000 says:

This in no way changes the fact that I'd rather use a Windows device over Apple or Android. I'm not happy but wouldn't it be better to know why they did it this way instead of assuming? And if this is seriously enough to jump ship as some of you say, then maybe a different OS is more suitable for you.

el-ojo says:

The "Why" does not matter. It sends out a wrong message to people wanting to jump onboard the platform. It also provides fuel for the "enemy."

btgusto says:

Didnt i read something about microsoft saying something like "Better here first" Meaning they would release their services on windows phone first and with a better exxperience than the ios and android version. 

eruptflail says:

I don't get why MS doesn't support their own OS... 

el-ojo says:

I share the same sentiments. That yet to be released big screen iPhone is looking mighty fine at the moment...

Too bad ,Bing Rewards will not be available outside the US.

RaRa85 says:

Just when I get excited for Windows Phone this title just about sums it up: Microsoft supports their competitors before their own loyal fan base. It must be love to keep me sticking around with Windows Phone.smh It must be love.

Mike Marvel says:

How about Microsoft making it right for WP users?

Let's ask Microsoft to give WP users maximum Bing credits for everyday that the WP version is "coming soon". #WPMaxBing

How can we blame other developers for not bringing their applications on windows phone when Microsoft itself is doing the same.

link1873 says:

States only still?

Flavio76 says:

Rage rage.

What a bunch of lunatics we are supporting this phone

boxa72 says:

The more I think about this the more it pissing me off! What honestly is the point of supporting this OS if Microsoft won't support it's user base! MS u have lost the fuckin plot n now wot was mere idol curiosity about other platforms you've turned into desire!!! I may as well buy n Android coz I'll get services 1st according to MS:((

MaurizioXX says:

I have tons of bugs on my Lumia 620 bought a year ago. 12 months and we haven't yet received a decent OS update. I'm starting to think bad.

handybres says:

This isn't the first time Microsoft has launched on ios and android before WP. What is wrong with this picture??

Farcical really. Also comes as no surprise. Getting very sick of this.

Jack Larson1 says:

Can't wait, I've add some money to my acct through Bing rewards

DavidinCT says:

What a joke to Windows Phone for a MICROSOFT app to be released on other phones before it's own.....


What kind of message is it senders to developers when Microsoft themselves make an app for there rivals first and give their own OS the usual 'Coming Soon'. Going for the larger consumer base rather than looking after there loyal followers......typical !!??!!??

caesar500 says:

One step forward, two steps back. In house apps are released or updated on other platforms first and my 1020 and the OS still have issues. Where is the gain? Unacceptable.