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Vodafone RED Box advert with Yoda shows off the Lumia 800 [Video]

Vodafone has always been creative when it comes to television advertising, whether we have bees walking into shop windows, or someone taking photos of himself and a sleeping lady on a flight and getting caught in the act. In the above video, we have a couple preparing to enjoy a meal and are joined by Yoda (a powerful Jedi from Star Wars). He offers to transfer the man's contacts from the old mobile phone to the new Lumia 800 Windows Phone, using the force.

The advert's message is covering contact transferring that Vodafone can do in-store for customers (RED Box service), but it's good to see a Windows Phone being used as prop.

Source: Youtube; thanks Relief for the heads up!



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densbucs says:

Awesome. A commercial like this would go over great in the states.

Arun3 says:

Awesome Commercial!.. I don't really know why there aren't as many, if not any, cool adverts like this in the US. Mobile carriers should take note....

MannLou says:

Strong in the marketing skills this. Top shelf.

Curtieson says:

Sooooo...theoretically can back up a windows phone now or is the commercial really just a stretch of the truth?  I get the reason it is featured on this site but contacts aren't stored on the phone, they are stored in your Email contacts like GOOGLE, LIVE, or nothing Vodafone is doing has any affect on that really.  Plus, I guess this means there is no such thing a the Red Box movie rental overseas, hahah

nizzon says:

Well.. didnt the commercial imply that they just helped with importing contacts and stuff to his new Windows Phone (ie. Live Account) from the old phone?
Nothing special about that, but a good service for many.

Nataku4ca says:

if you think feature phone then you would know what they meant...

NaterBater says:

Yoda and Windows Phone is a win in my book.

montel1978 says:

Wow I love it, great advert now bring this to the US.

Renigade16 says:

Love IT! =D Yoda +WindowsPhone = Badass =D

Gunzta says:

What a totally pointless advert to use on Windows Phone!! I've had several Windows Phone devices now, and I've NEVER needed a pointless service such as this Red Box rubbish. I mean you just log into your new phone with your Live ID and bingo, all your contacts appear when you do your first Hotmail sync! same with your inbox. Am I missing something hear or is someone at Vodaphone missing something? lol. Face Palm!