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Tips_y says:

Good point. But it needs to go beyond Verizon (even if it's the no. 1 carrier in the U.S.) to across the globe for it to help raise market share and user base.

Dean Lewis says:

That can be true, in like saying Americans ALL say ya'll... only true sometimes.

An Australian accent would be great, need to be done well, not by some yob, lol.

firesword9 says:

I would love if Kate Winslet would do the Cortana Voice for the UK

xFalk says:

While I can understand a lot of people prefering a Jen Taylor voiced Cortana as opposed to a localized accent version, most people don't really know who Cortana is and probably less know who Jen Taylor is. Therefore while fanboys like myself might prefer a Jen Taylor Cortana, I believe (not that I know much) that the majority of the Windows Phone public outside of this forum would rather have a personal assistant that is like themselves, thus with a localized accent.

Exactly it consumes data & battery obviously

ULOP3Z says:

Well I guess you've been TROLLED

mistagreg says:

They are totally dismantling Windows Phone. Why should I continue fighting the fight?

WPenvy says:

As someone who lived in England for the first half of his life, America for the second half, sounds "British" to Americans, and American to the British I can relate to both sides of this.

No matter where in America you're from you can usually understand another American talking to you (I've worked at a timeshare and the Disney resorts, so I've had my share).

I used to live just outside London. I have no problem understanding cockney and people from my area, but I struggle with people from Northern England - including Scotland, and even sometimes people from Liverpool.

The average American, having mainly only seen Harry Potter and the occasional Bond movie, simply doesn't get British customs or our humor. No we don't only eat crumpets and drink tea. ....Although I still drink Tetley when it's 90 degrees outside.

Vinit Pratap says:

Btw have a look at bing search results in image.

Vinit Pratap says:

So our language (not accent only) changes every 20km.

procen says:

Wpcentral better fix this reply issue, because we don't know who are we replying too.

@ procen I was replying to Vinit Pratap Obviously... Thread is too long for replies to be "shrunken" even more... i get email notifications from people who don't reply to me as well.

And if you don't know what I mean, then just look at your own comment. It looks like you just replied to yourself right now...

tbonenga says:

I had a 920. One of the worse battery life of a phone battery I ever had. I wish it had a removable battery. A spare would've been handy.

Alex Fanelli says:

Lol your kid is awesome! I'm tired of seeing 6 year olds holding iPhones whilst whining about how their parents never get them anything. I never had a smartphone until I saved up and got it myself, that's how kids should be taught. Earn it.

leokid says:

Wow this is soo helpful do more articles like this

No it's YOU who don't need an external drive. I do. And I'm sick of people telling others what they need and don't need. This is why I don't use crApple. If nobody needed external storage they wouldn't make it. I'll simply get Samsung Ativ for my next WP, unless Nokia releases a device from 900 or 1000 with a slot. Simple as that.

vakama94 says:

My 520 still has Amber but I have the Developer Preview. Can't wait for Update 1 to be released. Those live folders sound awesome.

Vinit Pratap says:

I don't like Sasmung. So plz Sasmung do something for the sake of my like.

No. As MS claims it be the personal assistant, the accent should be UK in UK.

ArchieVellie says:

Having a choice is the American way.... But since they're not jk jk jk

vw1610 says:

Where s the music update? It was supposed to come out today.

SeraphX2 says:

My point is you don't *need* an external drive. If you can't adapt, that's not my fault or Nokia's, but don't expect companies to sink money into things that aren't necessary just because you can't give up your SD card that is needless.

Vivek Rai2 says:

Yes it is down for me too

Vinit Pratap says:

peoples who own 1520 don't say its too large but its the people who don't own yet but always criticize peoples who own it.

Razdek says:

Daniel you always ask such weak questions and I know Windows Phone is what you do but these guys should be grilled harder on why after all the updates the app is still shit. They want developers to start using the APIs and stuff but they can't even get their app to work properly after all this time. What a joke this app team is they should all be fired.

Tips_y says:

Then I guess you need to learn from @Tafsern because you actually sound like a troll ;-/

Benny1434 says:

Here's my guess, they removed it because they were planning on reincarnating it with the introduction of the 'innovative' new WP they were planning on introducing, which has now been cancelled.

I would like to think that they are still planning on bringing it back, hopefully sooner than later. It's pretty ridiculous about the timing. Right when another phone is introduced with features that WP has had for a long time, they now don't have them. 2 steps back no doubt.

I've been using the Preview for Developers program since 8.0 GDR3. I'll just enjoy the OS upgrades when I get them and I'll let the firmware come on it's own when it's ready. My phone is still working fine with 8.1 (12400) and Black.

There isn't a need to fuss over Cyan. Just wait.

Ryan.o says:

I dig it.  Literally just finished the Raid 2 right before I hopped on here and read this.  The fighting makes my bones hurt.

Good. Unless Nokia releases a phone from 900 or 1000 series with an SD card Slot, my next WP will be Ativ, because 32 GB is way too little.

Actually, it's called the Sectera Edge and it runs on the old school Windows Mobile 6.5. Just Bing it or Google it.

Maybe it's just me, but when I think of Southern Americans I think of oil tycoons or big ranchers (albeit also fitting the overweight, ignorant, redneck stereotype) rather than in poor people.

Razdek says:

XBM is the biggest piece of shit app that they have ever produced and it's a wonder that anyone still subscribes to their music service. If the people making the app don't know what people want and after all this time still can't get the performance up to speed should all be fired. They should have looked at what made the Zune features popular and what was in 8.0 and just made that and I think fans would be happy. This team is retarded and should all be fired.

You'll be thinking about it soon enough or the person who buys you phone will when he can't get more than a couple hours out of a charge

Vinit Pratap says:

Samsung is too plastic for a lot of people. Samsung store is waiting for you sir.

Alex Fanelli says:

Reset my phone to 8.0? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

ULOP3Z says:

It's all sarcasm, don't take things too seriously, I can't believe people can't tell when someone is just joking around, now I see why people on the internet go around trolling, people just take things TOO SERIOUSLY

Harry Wild says:

Let see if it is offer to any other carriers like T-Mobile!  If not; then it is a conspiracy.  Verizon gets all the high end WPs. 

hs k says:

Sam, do you listen to Ozric Tentacles?

WPenvy says:

Someone get me his vitals!

vkelkar says:

I wud prefer that they should work on both regional and original.... People shyd have an option tp switch over as required... For example people here who are Indians and have worked for US and UK processes both have issues while pronuncing it cud mix up.. US or UK or sometimes Indianism.. So regional is good but they shyd keep an option to Opt for original or universal rather who can recognise all accent and respond in Jen Taylor's voice and accent..

hs k says:

Lol, while you are right, maybe kids don't need a smart phone that distracts them. I got my 720, and have never been more productive in my life. It's all up to the parents.

Lately one year ago, I was frustrated when I bought a windows phone due to lacking features, apps, games. But now after 8.1 dp update and major apps landing to the store, I'm comfortable with wp. I can now happily recommend wp to someone which I lately couldn't

kevC4D says:

I would chose to skip Jen's voice and use the UK version! And I live in America. I've always used the UK voice on the Nokia Drive app.

MSicc says:

It is in the Family Safety settings in your MS account.

gerzhwin says:

Regional accents for the bigger picture! It's all (future) WP users we are talking about, not "us" only ;)

Yeah IE is all I care about in Update 1. I don't care about the folders since I haven't changed my Start screen since 8.0. Heck, I haven't taken advantage of the wallpapers in 8.1 and I don't plan to either.

NightWatch71 says:

No if you're going to complain about it. It is an experimental program. There is always a possibility of errors. I see way to much people just completely forget that.