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I3unny says:

I do have some glitch while scrolling on my L520

vkelkar says:

I guess it is due to preview version

moc426 says:

When I see WP8 with 2 columns of tiles, it makes me feel like it is old. Like the transition from WP7.5 to 7.8/8.

Ichigo says:

then teach men. :D

vkelkar says:

Are you facing lags on both of them??.. If yes try hard reset.... And try disable background tasks for apps not required...

Yes. Very much. Simply because SD cards can be bought everywhere. Looking to buy a 32GB SD card for my L520 now!

Switchfoot3r says:

I upgraded my L520 and my sister's L720 to WP8.1. My sister's phone performed nice from the very beginning. However, my L520 started having lags and some other issues like apps lacking sounds or not working quite well. Facebook Messenger, for example, stopped having in-app sounds and there were delays at receiving messangers and when I went back to the chats list and then opened a conversation again, it was all mixed up, disorganized, not in the right order (yeah, I'm being kind of redundant. Also, Facebook was not loading right and its Lockscreen Background feature was simply not working.

I performed a hard reset and lag is gone (it seems faster actually, no joke), Facebook is working better than ever and Facebook Messenger has in-app sounds again. Nevertheless, I still see problems in the Facebook Messenger app regarding delays and disorganization, but I suppose it has to do with the fact that this app is pretty much new and it needs to be optimized for WP8.1.

Having said that, I am confident to say WP8.1 causes NO LAG on devices running on 512 MB RAM. However, if anyone is experiencing lags, a hard reset will certainly fix it.

rodneyej says:

Plug the phone in... Go to desktop mode, open the device folder.. Make a new folder, and copy all the files from your old card into that new folder... Now, install the new card into your device, with the device shut off, boot up, and drop the files from the new folder into your device with the new card... Simple!

I3unny says:

What about games???

RafRol says:

Me neither.

strikeswp says:

I'm lovin it! I will confirm that it was a bit choppy when I first installed 8.1 DP. I performed a hard reset, reinstalled all my apps on the SD card. Everything is awesome now.

HTC 8XT - 1GB RAM, 1.4Ghz Dual CPU, 8GB stock storage, 64GB SD Card.

vkelkar says:

I was not aware we can manage apps installation... Wow its more and more awesome....

Anguis says:

No lag on my 521

lemonsteveo says:

You'll need to use that Nokia restore application on a PC, can't remember the name.

I3unny says:

I have a class 4 and class 10 memory card.

vkelkar says:

No glitch while scrolling.
Yes it is a new feature of 8.1 and fb is updated for that.. Back button won't close apps it will suspend it... What's app yet to update...
Battery drain ur location wud be on.. Check battery sense and disable which are not needed... Heating is an issue... But reduced on my L820

NOLATechy says:

Ha ha ha!!! LOL  That was funny!  Siri will NEVER be better than Cortana because Siri gets her information from Bing Search Engine at Microsoft and Wilfrom Alpha.  Cortana has direct connection to Bing Search and has access to areas of Microsoft's servers that Apple doesn't.  Apple can currently do things that Cortana cannot, but only because Cortana is still in BETA.  Her full functions have yet to be released.  Once they are...Siri who?

I3unny says:

I use 520 too.. Sometimes I really feel like switching back to wp8(if it was possible)

xxxneoxxx says:

Lol, schooled? 1 person with a different opinion, not blindly following the allmight Nokia (which by the way, released intentionally crippled phones one after the other) gets shot down by 50 Nokia fanboys/trolls like in every Samsung thread, and he gets "schooled"..? Seriously? Guess that makes you kind of unschooled.

ChiquiTolky says:

The start screen and this keyboard I'm using to type this message is great, I'm surprised how accurate is the perdition

ja_izzy says:

You should remove your settings tile like I did since you can get into "ALL SETTINGS" with a quick pull down of the notifications/action center.

majic1 says:

Well I'm running the 520 with the 8.1 update touch wood no problem's at all love it.

Well, I'm a proud owner of the L520, bought it in Indonesia, an emerging market. My budget for smartphone isn't much. When I went shopping for smartphones, none of the android phones please me, so I grab the L520, which sits slightly below my budget. It costs me 1.850.000 IDR (around 162 USD) unlocked. As you can see, it's more than double of the price you stated, even though it's the same phone. And, people don't buy phones with contracts here.

Aashish13 says:

WP will have different UI. U can say WP 8.2

peachy001 says:

Just bought the game..... It most definitely does not maintain a smooth 60fps. Damned shame. It looks good, but 100% smooth, it isn't. And the text on the mini leaderboards is difficult to read, and my tv is not a small one.

SO I went to my local Bestbuy to see the ATIV SE and also the Lumia Icon. Phones were not in the Verizon display of phones they had. So asked one of the staff to see the phones and she had not heard of either phone. She asked another staffer to look them up on the computer. Turns out Bestbuy does not carry either in the store. They could order them for me. I just wanted to see them. How will someone even consider buying them if they can't see the phones in the store. Have not been to a Verizon store. I wonder if they have any shelf space at the Verzion store. MS needs to fix their retail relationships. No good for someone to sell the phone if they don't have any retail space. MS can make all the OS improvements they want but will still get creamed in the end if they don't have retail partners that stock their phones. Very bad for the phone sales unless MS plan is to only sell their phones outside the US.

Ordeith says:

Nothing like that. Just me poor coverage and prematurely EOLing the phones I used. I stuck with them for the cost and suffered through it. Then a better option came along.
What about you? What explains your Stockholm syndrome?

rodneyej says:

Yes❕ .. Most definitely... The first one is to configure the device for the second one... Weird, I know.. But, this is typical of WP updates.. Do the second one and you're rockin baby❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

ven07 says:

Lol yea but I thought it was the logical step.. Don't regret it tho

Tegument says:

yes actually, you will die, once shes enabled she hooks into parts of your brain, disengaging her conciousness will also cause your life to cease.

reckoner04 says:

I would like to see better integration with the software and connected windows mobile device. Control music and video content through the individual apps on my computer. IE the way Zune software worked. I would like better Zune pass integration with Xbox music software I'm tired of trying to sync two different devices on two different software's... I would like to be able to connect and sync automatically. I'm beginning to think that Microsoft doesn't even use the own software because if they did they would see how frustrating these apps are and how not user friendly they are... I hope they do something soon!

ven07 says:

Oh I read sth else lol.. Putting them on the phone should work yes.. I wonder I the backup option would help... Not sure tho

NOLATechy says:

Been using Cortana since I got the update and to be honest I have noticed a VERY slight increase in battery usage, but that is to be expected when you use your phone more often during the day.  Lets face it, we all gotta play with our new toys, A LOT!  But to give you an idea of how little Cortana actually uses, in my Battery Saver app, my Words With Friends app is using more battery than Cortana is.  I've unplugged my Lumia Icon at 5:30 this morning as as of writing this note at 1:30 p.m. I still have 62% battery after heavy usage.

vkelkar says:

What is your memory card class??

DreadVenom says:

Agreed with all you said except ie10 issues as mine never crashed. The feature I love most about ie11 is the page pre load also the swipe navigation.

ammoiz says:

And i feel that it is the best phone i ever bought

ade333 says:

Here's a suggestion for them. Turn on a Zune HD and port all that functionality over. When that's done, you'll only be 5 years behind the curve.

Houdani says:

I wouldn't mind if all apps were listed in one place if we also had the ability to create additional "panes" to create custom groups of apps.

•Swipe left from Home screen to see all apps (just like today).
•Swipe again to see your custom list.
•Swipe again to see your next custom list.

Allow us to make as many custom lists as we want, with the ability to easily change the order they appear.

I call each one of these custom lists a "pane" to keep with the Windows theme; and this can easily stay within the Metro design language.

cybermoose89 says:

Seems alright even on my dads 520

itzdannyv says:

Please remove the games from the apps list...

lemonsteveo says:

I guess it's more of a principle thing - if MS doesn't support them, then they'll stop support of the app.  But MS is in a no win situation here, they have no real choice but to respect copyright/trademark issues and follow procedures even thought it is obvious trolling in this case. 

ammoiz says:

It's amazing i had a 16gig card unused and used to use a 4gb one since the update i have installed the bigger card and installing all apps in it

Seek in the songs without using buttons, that would be great

eduardopl says:

Yes! My 8x gained more than 1 GB after 2 days. I used to have 800 Mb of free space, after WP 8.1 I have 2.25 GB

rodneyej says:

NIST... No Insurance Some Times❔

Marco Gomes1 says:

The future might be looking bright but the present not so much. If I knew I'd lose the games, music and photos hub in exchange for the no Portuguese swipe keyboard, notification centre (which is very very very plain) and new start screen...

itzdannyv says:

I don't like it. And there's already a Games hub.

Moiz Mian says:

Could you or your staff write an article about the complaints of lag on lower end devices? I personally think the speed isn't 100% on 820/92x/1020 as well, some hangs and delayed transitions, but if Microsoft is aware and able to optimise more for low end in subsequent patches, last year's high end phones should get a speed boost as well. 

rodneyej says:

Now, I didn't think of that.. Good point.. So, theirs hope yet?