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Its nice but people are doing it wrong they really should be using the queue list on the website

malbendsouza says:

There is a special article dedicated for it. You'll have to download the Nokia Software Recovery tool and then proceed. Read the article.

chrgeorgeson says:

It pains me to say it but I agree with you.

This is depressing and honestly I'm surprised if Dan and the gang are really that excited for this announcment. 

I could be wrong of course but these are people who love phones, the latest and greatest, and while I appreciate hitting every market with all price points, (which is what MS/Nokia have been doing now for a while) they seem to be forgetting about the high end at a critical time in the USA where it is the most important time to have one. 

This is the pre holiday season that is why these announcments happen in September. Now MS is going to have to go without a high end phone which I have a feeling they will try and state these Lumia's as high end phones that everyone can afford. They are doing this right before XMas. 

I truely hope they have another one planned or atleast another even planned in October but I doubt it.

My Lumia 920 is on the verge of death with a poor battery and a camera assembly that is breaking down as well.


I might be leaving soon...

Where do you see ESPN integration? I only see CBS and

Sam Sabri says:

Too bad there's no Yahoo Fantasy support! That would have made it killer. Played with the app on Windows 8.1, like it so far!

wpfan1995 says:

Any news on Windowsphone 9?

omer620 says:

I like cheese

wplee says:

It's been over a year since the 1020 correct? In the next 7 days Samsung are gonna reveal the Note4 while Apple are gonna reveal two iPhone flagships. Can't somebody at WPCentral reach out to Microsoft to see where their 2014 Flagship is????

wpguy says:

+925 Producing a true flagship-level model available on EVERY carrier isn't just about appeasing the admittedly small geek crowd. A flagship phone is really about advertising that generates word of mouth interest in the entire line. (And if the carrier won't promote its respective flagship WP phone, *cough* TMobile 925 *cough*, Microsoft will have to do it. Must do it.)

So they've stopped updating the black based codebase its expected

arn6735 says:

Daniel, I'm very excited for my new phone. Enjoy and have a safe trip guys...

Sin Ogaris says:

I wouldn't have thought a snapdragon 800 was midrange.

sectime says:

Enjoy your bromance 

MikeSo says:

That's great. It will be nowhere to be found in US stores where most people buy phones. Until Microsoft solves this problem they can keep putting out phone after phone and it doesn't matter.

Noticed after the update MS news and sports app are acting weird. Not sure of that's only for me. :s

I got all excited when I saw that Netflix has its new logo on the One M8 because I thought they had finally updated it. Alas, twas not the case

Eric_J says:

Those two aren't comparable. Apples to oranges. XPS 15 and 13.

Awesome! The fact that they support all the major Fantasy Football Leagues is just awesome. For once the NFL doesn't stand for No Fun League!

Bruno Sain says:

Go to bed get some sleep your small brain is tilted,take care of your mom and sister they are a good income for you.

davo_svk says:

HW buttons! Thanks GOD !!!

Rawliglat x says:

Do you know what a mid-range device is? If it gets 40mp, the price goes up considerably (possibly taking it out of mid-rang price).

As for the camera hump, lets call that a design philosophy thing. Personally, its what attracts me to this phone, it makes the phone unique and memorable.

Ready for the hate and yes I did reply to myself

felickz says:


The whining is real, I mean come on. What you describe as a "mid-high end phone" is simply a high end phone. You literally (yes literally in this situation) just described a Lumia 1520 minus the removable battery or the Icon minus removable battery and SD support. I'm also not really that convinced that SD card support or removable battery = high end as many phones now a days are high end but lack sd support and removable battery. To top this all off, you are complaining about a phone that has not even been announced. Go find something better to do with your time than spending all your time wishfully thinking about your perfect phone. If you are able to do that, then I can quit wasting my time getting after inconsiderate and selfish people that expect companies to design phones perfectly for each individual person

/end rant

lippidp says:

LOL, that's what I thought. I wonder if this cat has pics of Rubino on his wall... Hahahaha

Sakitumi says:

Storage sense seems to load alot faster, maybe this is one improvement added through extra's

Peter Thorpe says:

This will almost certainly be the case as the ARM v8 instruction set is designed for backward compatibility with 32 bit ARM similar to how we transitioned from x86 to x86-64. It means all existing code will run and you compile to 64-bit if you want to take advantage of it.

Racioli says:

The link doesn't work, it gives page not found on the nokia website. I managed to download before, but it dos not install on my computer, gives me the error 0x80091007.

asturides says:

yeah, the Start Screen has the same functionality and then some. When I use a Win7 it feels plain.

Ushae says:

I hope they evolve the modern UI, especially for tablet and windows phone. Desktop should gets its own environment but keep what makes the unified store unique.

bbqrooster says:

You post your own question. Why is that so hard to accept WP OS is better than Android?

That's a cool story Monkey.
Are you using Bing translator or just smashing your face in the keyboard now? You should totally change your avatar from an apple to a banana now!
Ok really gotta go now...
Windows Phones don't buy themselves Monkey.

DontHate707 says:

Just wondering are these devices coming to the US? Hopefully no exculsives my 925 got stolen so I'm in the device hunt again

hs k says:

Thank goodness, I thought it was just me who used that phone

looking for something to replace my 1020 so this week will be great, really not thinking about going back to Apple but the Note 4 is a serious contender come on Microsoft please at least say something of flagship quality is coming in the very near future

ladydias says:

Ouch, that start time is way early, 4am for those of us on the east coast. I'm only checking-in if my newborn decides to wake me up, otherwise I'll read it when I wake up normally.

asturides says:

Fully agree, Win8 is awesome, works great, has a some new beneficts for the power users, Start Screen is beautiful, you can use the same system on a desktop PC and on a Tablet, etc.

Trey Abel says:

BORING! Bring me flagship!! 

Sonu K says:

Well Said my friend. We need bigger sensors too. :)
It will make photos better.

Racioli says:

The Nokia Care file is not working. Does anyone have a link with the file that works??

Aanze says:

"than", please "than"

puru1234 says:

Not this time bro

ChinuKabi says:

Micromax does volume based business, but is more value for money than Samsung. Go on, make India proud

YanivC says:

Cant for for some Lumia Love! What about the wearbales? Wheres the watch?

asturides says:

There is something for you, it's called Windows 7, or Win8 + many free apps that bring back the Start Menu

Anirban Das says:

I don't understand why the Extras + Info app's size is 15MB while the other system apps are generally abt 3MB. It just shows some data basically, doesnt really do anything unlike other system apps :O :P

vk1971 says:

I doubt it's real logo. It's too ugly. It doesn't look like "windows", it's rather skyscraper to be demolished.


thundr51 says:

What? no lumia 1525 rumors?  After when happened to Leo, not so sure I want to go the 1520.3 route.

puru1234 says:

Mmmm hows the weather there.