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peachy001 says:

Couple of points, yes, you owe it to the community to do a full review. This is a Windows Phone after all. Now I am no Samsung fan, but the IR blaster is pure genius. A truly magnificent feature that I would have over NFC any day. Really wish Nokia would consider this feature. Keeps the crap out of putting in a damned heartbeat monitor from the S5. Great to see a good size battery too. The only down side for me is those wretched corners, too rounded by far. It is like they are trying to ape the first iPhone with every phone they release. The rest of the specs surely give Nokia a bit of a kick. iR blaster and a great battery are the killer features here for me.

Wasn't the official start menu announced?

Tether-X is a rock solid godsend. When I moved and didn't have internet yet - but did have unlimited Sprint 4G - I must've burned through 50GB the first month. It would stay connected overnight and all day.

I'd recommending using Tether-X in conjunction with Proxifier. 
Proxifier enables all your standard desktop applications to use the proxy, NOT just the browser. (Torrents, etc)

However, Proxifier still won't work for WindowsRT apps, and for that you'll need 8.1 and then configure the Proxy settings under Network in the Modern settings app.

In addition to all this, to make creating the ad-hoc wireless network A LOT easier, do yourself a favor and download PC Remote Server (pcremoteserver[dot]com This is the server-side companion for the WP app PC Remote [Pro]). This will give you a 1-button option to create the ad-hoc network with the password of your choice. I have this on my laptop for when I'm traveling in hotels because it lets me use my phone as a remote for it when it's hooked up to the TV across the room.

If you don't like having that app on your computer, there are a handful of other standalone apps whose sole purpose is creating the wireless network in the same way. After trying handfuls of these apps (there are a lot of junk ones), there is one in particular that is reliable and provides a client list, but I can't remember the name atm.

Also, if you're running WP 8.1, make sure you allow Tether-X to run in the background.

Karatheodori says:

I am using Cortana in Greece and she is wonderful. No issues with reminders, but...

1.  Why on Earth isn't she replying on time questions?

2.  When I ask her to convert money units, she tells me the answer. When I ask her to convert measure units (meters to feet etc) she presents me the answer but doen't tell it to me.

3.  I asked her to give me directions (to drive me there) to one of my contacts (I have her address sved in that contact) by telling her "Drive me to "Contact name here"". Instead she gave me directions to a beach that happened to have the same name as my contact.

4.  How do you compose a mail using Cortana?

5.  (Not Cortana related) Since yesterday, I updated "Games" and now it doesn't load any of my ganmes. Instead, under "Collection" I get the message "Couldn't open that. Try again."

JohnStrk says:

Best thing about this phone is it's not taking up 9GB of your storage with lagwhiz. Nice to have some latest hardware choices from other OEM's using WP. Can't wait to see what HTC and Sony release later this year. But sticking with Nokia for a while..

joanzen says:

Works fine on my Icon.

No, they don't and no, I don't.

My point is that either they'd give them to everyone who has a Lumia or not giving them away at all. Discriminating like this is just lame.

HellcatM says:

The thing I found interesting is that they didn't let the Windows button also be the power button.  Maybe press it twice quickly then hold to power off or something, then they could have put a camera button.

Nokia phones do look better, but this one looks ok.  

The question I have is if you install 8.1 now instead of waiting doesn't it void your warrante?  Thats something people should know because if they install it and their phone breaks they're screwed if it does void the warrante.

Micah Dawson says:

I have a 1520 so I have a nice size battery. But aside from a lack of an add SD card, what other features is the icon lacking.
And please don't give me something bogus about the glance screen quality mess. Seeing as the same specs exist on my 1520 aside from my screen and the 1520 is not outdated yet.
The functionality I can get but aside from a lack of an ir blaster and SD card, the icon is not as outdated as you call it and whatever Nokia adds tends to add functionality that Lumia owners tend to prefer.

Dean McCrae says:

Works ok. Also asked her to remove the same alarm and she turned it off.

groom3 says:

Worked fine on my HTX 8X in Milwaukee.

Windows 8 was already keyboard and mouse friendly... It's just a matter of taking the time to learn as to how... The kids only want the Start Menu back since that seems to be the only way they know to Shut down the computer...

icthusman1 says:

Sadly, my Ativ S Neo on Sprint is missing both the Voicemail tab AND the Block Number option. Of course, since Sprint doesn't support Windows Phone's visual voicemail anyways....

Nabkawe5 says:

I use Rapidialer for that the folks who develop it are very smart and it gets better with each update. try it. ;)

nejad81 says:

Nokia 1520 and i get 20£ yessssss

PeterFnet says:

It should be mentioned that a future update will bring back a native start menu.

Tense says:

This. Seriously, I can't believe so many people here prefer how the outside of their phone looks over specs and features.

scdkad says:

And for someone wanting to switch from an S4 Android to WP and likes the S4 look this is perfect.

DenisJ says:

Ok, got it fixed! I had installed the 6.27AM app - which is fantastic, but it somehow kills Cortana's ability to set the regular alarm. I didn't even uninstall it - merely set all of the alarms off, and Cortana started working again. 

I had a daily alarm set in the 6.27AM app.

Kanpai says:

Curse this fucking shit, im changing to android.

The incoming call interface is very poor. Two huge buttons. Looks very bulky and ugly. The should rethink about it.

Artur Linck says:

No problem here... But I thing that Cortana is draining my battery... Im doing a test: She is disable for now... Lets see what happens

Benny1434 says:

Works fine for me, 920.

Fail_Safe says:

No problems here in Chicago on 1020 or 920

toninad says:

Lumia 520 - works perfect, no problems, no issues, just fine, btw its not lagging or anything. I'm surprised with Cortana - Lumia 520, Croatia Osijek

zealout says:

I've used it once with no issue.

Do the rest of us that like Windows 8+ get to cry about the old Windows, just like that tiny portion cries about the stupid start button for 10 months?

xankazo says:

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm very fine with Windows 8.1 way.

Micah Dawson says:

LMAO if the Icon is ugly,then the se is an abomination

Step by Step says:

We already know about your love for Nokia. Don't have to show it on every damn article.

Works great on my 1520, in the US

Kanpai says:

I wish i even had the goddamn 8.1... How long we need to wait here in Finland?

Ticomfreak says:

Works fine for me

Nokia Lumia 1020, AT&T, California.

Nikhilarthan says:

No issue for my Nokia Lumia 925

doomtuba says:

Some people value removable battery and microSD, and design tastes are subjective. I'd love if Samsung would actually put some of their marketing power behind WP8.1. It would be really good for the ecosystem.

Step by Step says:

Dumbass Nokia fanboy

antivirus says:

Looks like the Nokia Lumia 900

runner3333 says:

Daniel - Did they use a usb 2.0 or 3.0 connction?  Any chance Samsung included Ant+ service?  In regrads to the IR blaster did Samsung include an app for Tv control?


Oxymoron428 says:

No problems here

DenisJ says:

I'm in Swe and have the problem on the 925. I'm afraid it is not regional thingy, likely a glitch in code or smth. 

gomab357 says:

Question. When I used my old HTC Radar on WalMart Family Mobile I had no problem tethering. With my 925, I get the error message. Besides Tether-X, what other options are there?

Kenny Pea says:

I might just get this. How can people say the icon is not ugly? It is one of the most bland phones there is. All it is, is a rectangle. I've never had a Samsung, loved my trophy, and my 822 isn't bad. I'll probably wait and see if HTC comes out with because getting the icon just doesn't seem like too much of an improvement from my 822.

Torsten D says:

But I have trouble to get playlists played by Cortana...

no issues on my 920

Finidel says:

Oh.... I have the 1520

Finidel says:

Cortana sets an alarm for me..... I said "Set an alarm at 5:30 tonight"...... No problem.

bhast2 says:

Works for me

ArcticUK says:

Works for me. Lumia 1520. UK.

Torsten D says:

Tried it by using text input, works... Germany.

Chesmez says:

But it can't predict who I am calling when I am typing the number. It was the feature that I was waiting for because sometimes I only know the beginning of a number and I don't want to go through my phonebook to find the number.