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Reeves says:

Cool article. It's a shame that in FOUR YEARS, we haven't been able to even nominate much less choose a Windows Phone for BEST WINDOWS PHONE AVAILABLE ON ALL CARRIERS.

Not one Lumia. Not one HTC. Not one Samsung. 

Such a huge stumbling block for a nascent platform. 

Toan Le says:

Yes, you are.

But if your not into photography but want a high ram spec phone this is it

Bryan Suazo says:

dust and waterproof indeed

Ben Sailors says:

Because its not on ATT, its on a carrier that overcharges, doesn't have talk and data unless the phone specifically supports it. Its Meh because it required too many sacrifices to get it. Not because of specs.

MrVol84 says:

I've gotten the silver medal + a score of 1098 with my 1520.. And I have the screen shots to prove it! :D

mswindows101 says:

The results in the picture show the 1520 scoring 1033,but the "results" below it show 1015. Anyway I'm happy about having the HTC One for Windows Phone on our side. However I'm very happy with my 1520 being a companion and upgrade for my 920. If I were to get a phone today,that were other than a 1520,it would be the One or 930. I think all 3 phones would be a solid choice.

mihir306 says:

I use Lumia 820 and I feel its best mid range smartphone.

Thank you for speaking for every Windows Phone user.

2tomtom says:

Loving the 930 ❤

glibous says:

I want to know the same thing. If the phones are identical hardware wise lets see which OS is less taxing on the hardware.

nelsonecm says:

Because you can get the HTC just in Verizon right now and the 930 is available in other countries.

The ativ se has ir(correct term for these is consumer infrared as it doesnt support irda) aswell

NOLATechy says:

Looks like my Lumia Icon beat the 1520 in everything but "System"…

Overall - 1049

System 955

Memory 1446

Graphics 1455

Web 603

My Icon is running WP8.1, Update 1 (with recent update) and Lumia Black firmware (because I still haven't gotten the Cyan firmware update from Verizon yet!   HELLO!!!   VERIZON!!!!)

I will run the test again after I receive the Cyan firmware update, maybe sometime around Christmas at this rate!

HyperKid says:

I might change from Nokia to HTC.
Lets be honest here,has anyone even seen the speed of HTC camera APP? It's way faster than Nokia camera.I mean ALOOOT OF RESUMING IS BEING SEEN IN THE NOKIA APP WHY???? Then comparing 5MP vs 4MP, picture taking speed is also way faster too. At first i though it was due to low hardware in 1020 but even in 930/1520,there is slight delay but it ain't important factor for me.
Then HTC exclusive apps, we got Blinkfeed which is great,HTC CAMERA too,A storyteller like application too just I don't remember the name but there is one. And finally creative studio alternative too. When you take a pic,there is Ufocus effect,filters etC. EVERYTHING IS THERE. MicroSd card, a great battery.
I am getting this bad boy once it hits international!

At least not yet! I'm hoping for a Canadian release as well, if not an International version that supports the 1700/2100 MHz that my carrier requires...

BlackGoku says:

Just installed it now!Hope it fixes the lagging problem after the live folders update.

rubenbest says:

I am going to play with the M8 for wp in the windows store i just dont like its camera

Rick_Air says:

All Lumia's as expected. Although after all this time I, and I bet Microsoft, thought they'd be more manufacturers battling it out.

Me too. If they could make a 5 inch screen phone with better specs and 925 design, that would be great. Oh and if it wasn't exclusive to a carrier.

In all fairness.. its quite the common occurance...

Barry Weston says:

Camera. The M8 is nice and all, but the camera is a let down for a platform that has some of the best imaging out there .

BlackGoku says:

Unless Nokia or MS don't release a new phone this is my favourite phone for now even though being a Nokia Fan.

Novron says:

Coming from an Icon to the M8 today, only categories Icon wins on are camera and screen.

Alright, I've chosen wisely!

I wish I had a 1520. Sigh.

STXVI says:

Good point about the ATT neutering of the wireless charging. That now makes the 930, if it was to come to ATT, way less desirable in comparison to the HTC One. For us first adapters of the L920, when our 2 years contact comes up in November we might not have any other option than the One if we want to stay with WP.

madeirak says:

I think that other brands flagship android phones should have a windows phone version. Then we would see a  fair performance comparison 

Roger Nunez says:

Hello Daniel,

Interesting comparison, would be more interesting if you compare HTC One (M8) with Windows Phone againts HTC One with Android, could you please do that? I want to see what is the best OS with the same hardware

InlineV says:

This should make things interesting with Android to Windows Phone performance comparisons. Wasn't HTC caught with inflating benchmarks on Android? They were detecting common benchmark apps and then throttling the CPU accordingly. This result seems legitimate but A to B comparisons will be tough with the original controversy.

jeffro02 says:

Not that I've seen.

But is it the 2nd fastest smart phone in the world? Probably not lol

Would love to hear your thoughts in more detail at the forums! :)

It must be upsetting for Nokia fanboys to see a non-Lumia phone get so much press at WPCentral.

NokianWP says:

I want to see the WPM8 vs android M8 on a speed test

Sulslim says:

The best SoC has HTC M8 :  Snapdragon 801.  And this is unique windows phone with Infrared

Why does the L930 beat the new HTC One?

matfantastic says:

I own a Lumia Icon, am I the only one who thinks its the ugliest Lumia they've ever made?

I'm buying the 1520. Maybe HTC M8 later.

OhNokiaDidnt says:

Anyone know the score for the HTC One M8 for Android? I am just curious if there is a big difference in performance between platform/os.

Cool...Now lets get to the 1525 everyone is waiting for and causing many of us to hold off on this HTC thingy-magingy.

I can't live without my Nokia apps, Glance screen, and better camera. I asked Nokia to include Glance on all Lumias, but they just said "Noted. Have a great day!" I appreciate them replying, but it sounds more like "yeah whatever." Oh well, at least it was worth a try.

TechFreak1 says:

Haha, that possibly could be the trigger :P.

madmass says:

920, have no money : (