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hwangeruk says:

Sounds like an angry Internet-tard to me. Overly emotional, flambyant language based on something they read on Engadget whilst torrenting and rooting its wazdroid phone.

darthhen says:

Regardless of personal opinions whether it is gimmicky or not, I have to say that people are really creative to make wallpapers that takes advantage of the app.

TheFFK786 says:

@tardixmatrix Yeah my father's iPhone which needs to be charged in every 1-2 hours.

hwangeruk says:

Why? Back up this point of view. What can you do on a full Windows, that you can't do on RT?

krish1112 says:

haha...athu kalakki..

hwangeruk says:

I will take Mouse + keyboard input with my RT Surface 2 over any Android tablet any day.

The mail app, IE metro are all super usable with touch for those of us with big hands ;)

I will also take the quality of Windows Store apps over fart apps in the Google Play store.

Chalk and cheese. One is a cheapo tablet OS with a clunky Java VM with horrible UI widgets, incosistent look and feel and tacky. One is a classy / glossy proper tablet OS. IMHO of course LOL

Bruno H says:

I completely agree. What they are doing right now is a joke!

KM2612 says:

Man some of the images are just pure a few....goong in again...

aryadeepak says:

Integrate this with 500 background...

Anguis says:

Absolutely great ideas, looking forward to more

THG M says:

lock mix in the app store..

Jules W says:

Yeay Betty is comming to the UK later this week.

Next weekend all set up to go through the hassle of resetting my Lumia 925 to WP8.0 to get Cyan, WP8.1  and then Betty.

The designs are awesome now whats left is for tbe app to improve the picture quality for the lockscreens

...and when new ones become available you want me to constantly update the file for you?

nmercy says:

I was under the impression that these APIs would be opened up for developers so awesome lock could use these designs or make their own... I thought these were just demonstration lock screens to give a sample of what is possible.

ricardito90 says:

Crimson dragon! Nice :) the same game on both platforms it's also very nice

GigiBN says:

Who needs a commercial or new website, how about just having the product

NH3MAN says:

I'm already jonesing from Destiny Beta cutoff so I'm gonna try 'Strike Suit Zero' even though I know nothing will fix me until Sept, LOL...

Mrun4Nk says:

Here in India, CN needs to promote such great show. Adventure Time is as good as CN's 90's shows but kids won't realise that :/

roguecroce says:

What is? Northern Ireland is a country so that's an accent... A dialect is from a region of a country.. Like Brummy accent... That would be good, an Ozzy Osbourne sounding Cortana that swears at you...

theoldwolfus says:

Finally! I've been doing P90X (on Week 10 now). I've been using the two workouts that are available on Xbox Fitness (the Plyo X routine is particularly awesome), but I have to use DVDs for the others. I'll be buying this and rolling right into it once I've finished week 13 of P90X Classic.

Bring it!

aman0412 says:

Join my clan ..." INDIAN HEROES "

roguecroce says:

Ohh... Cortana sounding like Sherlock Holmes... Now, that's cool...

Steve Clews says:

I would like to see an animated Cortana speaking in the future as opposed to a circle. That would be cool. I changed my region to US to give her a spin and asked her for the nearest restaurant that does gluten free. She did a spot on job and I live in the UK.
So what day do you think she will released in the UK, I think this week and am purely guessing but going for Thursday

Zarnywoop says:

I haven't got a problem with having an American personal assistant.... as long as she understands what I am asking, and gives me information in the way I expect.  


I understand that by definition, other languages would have to be "recast", but whats the problem with English speaking countries.

roguecroce says:

And guess what? It does work with 512MB devices, which is a relief since Microsoft previously said it would require 1GB of RAM or more at launch. Enjoy! MS know nothing...

Kyorin says:

I also prefer Lockmix, at least for the moment, as I can display more info with it. On my screen, I have the weeks weather, my next upcoming appointment, an "in case of emergency" contact number and also a countdown to a specific event such as a holiday (currently set to countdown to curry night with the boys).

Of course the time and date is shown in the usual way along with notification icons for missed calls, text alerts and no. of unread emails etc.

The app definitely has potential and I do like it, but needs to have the option to display more information.

patiua says:

Plz. Just enable Cortana in English, regarding of our region setting. I want Cortana and can speak to her in English, but the disadvantage of using a different store and so on is too big....

ali27677 says:

I want that coffee cup wallpaper..?

rzkwp8 says:

My lock screen shows "Resuming..." on opening it. Ridiculous as well as hilarious!

The fine print at the bottom of the blog post says that after 1/2/16 your high speed data cap will drop to 1 GB of data per line.

Pavan Kunala says:

Are you taking away the colorful circles in Poki 2.0? I really like the circles to be colorful indeed, otherwise it just looks bland.

Any improvements in Internet Explorer since the DP release?  Just curious.

Kkim0615 says:

Not of the Note 3, the S5 or even the Ativ S.

Kkim0615 says:

Obviously, but it's not a good example. Samsung phones, whether they run Android or Windows Phone, have the best battery life on the market.

montel22 says:

Yes it is, it works very well if you dedicate yourself, but its all about eating right.

Xsled says:

I could be wrong, but I think the point is that the APIs are available for devs to use. Hence why Rudy did it and not MS. Again, I could be wrong, but that is how I understand.

She actually can't

theos101 says:

Not bad MS is handling Cortana pretty well considering the fact she beat Siri hands down in their latest video that's proof that she is Good...
I still can't get her to type the word"say" s she keeps typing "see" as "say"

Kkim0615 says:

True, but the 930 has a 2420 mAh battery only and its battery life is very short compared to other flagships. Look at the S5 (2800 mAh), I'm pretty sure it lasts as long as the 1520 and it has an efficient battery saver mode.

Xbox one ? why the hell is this not available for windows phone? This gaem si available for IOS and android. One seriously doubts microsoft's commitment? The pace at which games have been coming for windows phone is glacial whereas for windows 8 its virtually non existent. Just some gameloft titles apart from that nothing for windows 8.

j3angerz says:

All of these awesome wallpaper are for 15:9 . Too bad for 16:9 like me :((

100rabh G says:

How to download them

That's just crazy talk. Microsoft having their own products work together? Crazy! They have not bothered in the past so why start now?

I have downgraded from developer preview and update my at&t Nokia Lumia 1520 using Nokia recovery tools.
My question is
Can i again sign in developer preview app and get more updated as it came for battery and many bugs, as we got within months after getting 8.1? On developer preview.
Please revert

2tomtom says:

They offer a 2 year warranty in addition, so an excellent deal, imho.