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Jass91 says:

Are they trolling us -_-

Yakko Warner says:

They should, because if those 3 are vocal enough to clue in the 7 about how badly they support their customers and encourage them *not* to be customers any more, they could end up losing a lot more than 30% of their customer base.

psoham777 says:

Yes, apps like WhatsApp do work in dual sim phone, & also you can have 2 accounts at the same time! WhatsApp messages would be sent to other people via the number with which you have registered!

Tragic says:

I knew it all along. I just knew T-Mobile was gonna pull this bs move and for that its the last time I'm buying a carrier device. From this moment forward I'm only buying unlocked.

Residing says:

TMobile is the epitome of an undesirable. I don't care how cheap their rates are, I will never choose for myself, nor recommend them to anyone.


plasmid_uk says:

Meh, Virgin Media phones are generally sim free. Job done.

psoham777 says:

Phone shutting down due to heating! That has never happened with my 1320, my phone over heats only due to online gaming(on mobile connection) that to while charging, otherwise it heats up little!

I've got developer so I'm not trippin.

MsWinafan says:

Certainly is an awesome, creative and useful gadget. I like it a lot and encourage Microsoft to adopt it for its devices. Of course is an indispensable complement for this phone.

Welcome to the Uncarrier

hs k says:

Fear not comrade get to the forums before your phone dies of flu

Jawahar Livi says:

In my mobile it show only is to update.

Jawahar Livi says:

Did any one get cyan update for 620 in India?

psoham777 says:

If a winner is announced, it will b shown in the news update! I hope you daily check wp central!

MMissionary says:

Alpha UI solves a lot of frustration problems

deloa84 says:

My Nokia 925 has 8.1 preview and has Wi-Fi calling..

Legoboyii says:

Plus all DPs will get Cyan from MS once bitlocker bug is dealt with

Legoboyii says:

521 with 8.1.1 DP and loving it.
I don't care if it voids the warranty I'm careful with my things. Plus ill be buying a 1520.3 in the near future from newegg or eBay, I doubt they have long warranties :P
Their 30$ prepaid monthly plan is unbeatable by all the other us carriers I'm aware of.

phillip1230 says:

Why does T Mobile take forever to send out updates?! I guess it doesn't matter I'm running Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 on my T-Mobile Lumia 521.

shiva484 says:

Hi, George
My Lumia 925 is suffering from fever ( hot! Hot! Hot!) and severe loose motions ( battery drain).
Help me. Is this the same with yours?
It wears Lumia cyan.

Lol discontinued mid-2013

Inexpensive my ass

Praxius1 says:

I personally would pass. I am pretty careful with my phone that a nice silicone backer is all I need. This amount of protection is a bit overkill for my needs and does not balance out the 80's alarm clock look it has, especially when the phone is designed so nicely.

Vinit Pratap says:

"milliseconds mean life and death"
God I'm a PC gamer and I live it.

mmmdonuts says:

What's the deal with the unlocked phone comments? TMO gave me the unlock code for mine but that won't change the update schedule.

spartegus says:

That app shown in the image Wi-Fi calling....can't find it in the store

theefman says:

So far the only Lumia models that have failed to receive updates are carrier models eg the T-Mobile exclusive 810. Unlocked models may get their updates later than others but they will get them. Unlocked is the best way to go.

dby2011 says:

At least Tmobile acknowledged the tweets. Verizon has been asked numerous times about their current phones and have yet to give an answer.

NIST says:

I just wish I could stream my OneDrive music collection from Windows Media Player in desktop mode on Windows 8.

Xsled says:

Obviously there are positives and negatives to each platform. The grass is not always greener. While there are things that WP is missing, doesn't change the core experience. The experience that brought me here in the first place. To each their own....

They're advertising phones with 8.1 preinstalled.

majic1 says:

I understand what you're getting at but this Console is on a different level we will just have to see but I think they will be ok

That's why I updated mine and my wife's phone on the developer preview. T-Mobile is the absolute worst at supporting Windows Phone. Too bad they are the cheapest and have fairly good customer service otherwise.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Don't tell me you're with t-mobile cause they are cheap, my cousin hasn't left them cause they're cheap even though he doesn't have service at is home,work,moms house, grandparents house, beach house, drinking spot, my house, front yard and many other places. The uncarrier or non serviceable.

ricardios says:

Just gives us the HTC One M8!