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Yes finally basketball season is upon us. Bout to run around with James Harden and Dwight Howard. ROCKETS TAKE FLIGHT!!!

Wanted this for so long my daughter is a gymnast... All the other parents have this on their ipads and iPhones... Now I can join in...

It goes away somehow after a few minutes. Have not figures out how to do that or make it stay gone short of auto hiding it.

If you really sit down with it like you said starting next week, Do you feel there's any chance for the WP version to come out before end of this year...?

You load the media in the properties on your vm in hyper-v. TechNet is a good place to look if you have anymore questions about hyper-v they have great tutorials. Also you just need the ISO no need to put it on anything

Again, it's cheaper because Google sells them at a loss. I wish Microsoft would do the same to try and gain some marketshare, but they don't, so you can't compare the two when it comes to price. As I said, the price should be lower, but it's not horribly out of wack. I was expecting $300-$350, so while I wish it was less, it's not shocking like $500 as some people expected would be.

If you want a Nexus 5, go grab one. Great phone. If you want a Windows Phone, you're stuck with the price points Microsoft has to set to make a profit.

Even after changing to start screen, I am not able to activate the charms on a desktop. Not installing this on my SP3. You have some steel ones Daniel.

Anyway, very disappointed by not having my charms. Grr. Anyone know of a way to turn them back on?

I can't imagine how I could use 100gb a month. I stream Netflix and music ALL THE TIME and use about 8.

Thats a great video. I'm still having trouble with the installation media. Do I have to just copy the iso onto a flash drive then try to setup the vm?

I'm sure their readership is largely US based. You shouldn't be surprised that they report on US news more.

What do I think? I think I need to know more about what the problem/s these consumers had with their devices.

Im honest when I say if doing this means they recoup cost by laying ppl off then I don't want it

This is awesome for the platform and proves that even complex, proprietary apps can be ported.

First! Before anyone says that this isn't relevant news, msft individuals are interested in more than just one thing... GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Another reason for me to wait is because in a couple of months I may have to go outside of Canada (which i really hope not) for a few years. So, getting an official Rogers phone right now doesn't really make sense, specially on contract.

Why is this news relevant here? Are you also going to list rate plans from all Indian, German, Brazilian, Dutch and Russian providers, just to name a few? Or is wpcentral intended for usa wp users only?

If someone releases firmware for a new OS that has issues with an old OS, rolling back isn't going to work.

I want a list of 64-bit processors on which this thing won't run. I won't be able to upgrade until later tonight but I have an older x87-based Intel processor and want to know if it will work.

So what happens in April 2015? Can I roll back to Windows 8.1 or does my PC become useless?

That will depend on how well their 635 sells if not you can always bring a rogers version to fido without an unlock

If your CPU has the horsepower, than yea. But I've found VMs never quite run smoothly from laptop Pentium processors with no dedi graphics