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Sigh... TMO needs this asap. But... Im worried ill buy it and miss out on a Lumia. If MS is releasing a phone shortly after they need to market it before the m8 is on TMO... So I dont waste my money.

I tried the app and for me it makes my phone run hotter when doing on screen playback. Anyone having this issue?

The app lists most models; but now that you've said that, I'm wondering if the app doesn't show the US store.

Only two things that HTC One m8 do better than my Lumia 925, Panorama and selfie.. Both I rarely do. For the rest of the things, my Lumia 925 are so much better let alone Lumia 930/icon/1520/1020. Furthermore, I think if we compare it to Lumia 730/830 both also will be better than HTC One m8 in rear camera comparison.

I doubt it entirely that it will be more. Than 399 here. I also bet that bell will be the only non big three to have it

Remember that the iPhone 6 has about the same screen size and resolution.

Hopefully some actual reviews will be able to tell us if the screen is good

I'm surprise either testers sleep during testing this product. They can't find prominent bugs.

Yes, can't wait! Just need to buy my Netgear NAS device and a new 4k 70" TV to complete my home theater.

Glad something is on its way. I'm tempted to complain about higher end but I won't buy from carriers anyone anyway. Got my 1520 from Mississauga by way of China. Will continue doing that. Not giving up my plan for subsidized and not waiting for phones to cross the border officially.

Why dont they scrap this app and use the WinRT codebase of Windows 8.1? Universal Apps! hello Microsoft?! I can't believe they urge Devs to rewrite their Apps to Universal ones but don't do that to their own.

off to a bad start, doesn't allow install to a SD card. will have to see what other gotcha's are there.

Xbox Music is my music app of choice.  But I wish they would bring back the Album year. 

Well, it is a start and at least it is something. I was sick of walking into the break room at work and seeing an instruction sheet on the door showing how to access our netbenefits on Android/IOS with no mention of WP.

Other than the gpu it technically is, better cam(from what it seems) and SD card, bigger screen and other options.

I'm using the modern music app...i keep coming back to see if after update if ms has made any real headway but still a ways to go!

About time.. MS employees used have Fidelity netbenefits for their retirement and such... Dont know if they still do, maybe MS is applying some pressure to close partners? Naaah....

I would prefer something like the 1520or 930. 

Microsoft needs to do a better job with devices in Canada.

The whole Xbox music app experience on Windows phone is still embarrassingly awful. There have been improvements, but these improvements are like the kid at school who kicks you in the balls and steals your lunch each day deciding to no longer wear steel capped boots

Maybe I'm being nitpicky here, but photography is my thing so...

on the 28mm vs. 26mm lens focal length. Besides the typo of the 26mm being wider there is other things to consider.

Sensor size (film size as it were): It doesn't matter what lens focal length you have if you are not comparing apples to apples. A larger sensor with a 30mm lens may still be wider than a 20mm lens and a smaller sensor. We see this in the digital SLR world these days. Everyone is gaga over these 'full frame' sensors. Basically that means the sensor is somewhat close(er) to the old 35mm film format. For argument's sake, lets say that is true, here's how it plays out: Traditional dSLRs have a smaller sensor sizes that we call 'APS-C', and to determine the 35mm film (full frame) equivelant we have to multiply by 1.6x. Without getting too technical, a 28mm lens on an APS-C camera = roughly 45mm. The exact same thing applies to camera phones. You have to know what the sensor size is to make any sense at all of what the FOV will be for a particular lens. sorry if that was too much there, but apples to apples!


Great app. thanks developer. We most definitely know who made the app because of the watermark. Phototastic still ranks #1 so far