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MaMojo says:

I can't believe how bad this app is considering how long its been in the pipeline. It isn't even close to beta standard.

What's worse I've uninstalled it and now the traditional lockscreen gives me the 'resuming' lag for a few seconds every time I go to unlock. I might have to roll back to to 8.0.

Its game from Indian air force to encourage the young people to make a career in IAF..

sarim_xyz says:

Me too.. Except I didn't appear for NDA and I'm a grad student now. :)

J_steezy369 says:

New lock screen is sick. I can only see this getting better and better and better with each update.

em1ke says:

Same question!

SAM 77 says:

Too bad India can't compete with China where it really matters.


Creating instead of buying/leasing tech from Russia

riteshpande says:

Once i gave exam of NDA but haven't got my result... Anyways I'm Mechanical Engineer :)

nokiageek says:

On Nokia Lumia 920 quite laggy, but looks nice, like the screen with the yellow writing. Hope they cure the lag though the beta testing

jaywinjv says:

+1020 but it looks pixelated in the WPCentral app.

TheFFK786 says:

But I feel that it's similar to Live Wallpapers on Andro so the big problem is it uses a lot of battery.

I'm glad you're such an optimist, brother. :)

Steve Clews says:

Nice game and good graphics really especially for free

This is good news for al those 512MB RAM babies! Yes it works on cheap devices also!!!

This with the recent 40(!) games released with 512MB RAM support should shut you all up for good ;-)

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riteshpande says:

More than developer, its IAF :)

You're not missing anything special. "Dhoom:3 The Game" was a good indian movie game though! You might check it out: and you don't need to change your phone region to get this game :)

(I'm from India)

ajit920 says:

Truly awesome..

riteshpande says:

India still love Nokia than any other brand... Nokia ka bharosa ( trust of Nokia) :)

matull68 says:

Need more update and improvement

em1ke says:


One more from Indians... Super cool

Toan Le says:

Me three :)

TheFFK786 says:

I was also a NokiaFanBoy but it all ended when I got the Lumia710 it had a lot of hardware problems in starting.

you lucky you don't buy it. I think it was a fake product. if you don't believe see comments below the phone on flipkart here it is

Blunder !!! Its not a windows phone

Its is a gross error that they are mentioning its a windows phone. I placed an order yesterday and the phone received today is an android phone with same number and model. I was shocked. Be careful before placing an order !!!


be careful about this product maybe company cheating us. I also love this device.i decided to buy this. but watching this I will never order it online. I check it personally and confirm. i definitely gonna buy it from a shop and never from any online store. hope you too

LOL!!! Agree with you about the indian action movies and I'm from India.

Hrvoyay says:

Instagram is still "beta" and advertised everywhere by Nokia and Microsoft, you know, to get new users on board with WP. Or are they actively looking for more testers?

Think slapping "beta" on something has become an excuse for sloppy work. Sloppy as in slow or buggy, whatever.

David P2 says:

I think it's more a temporary placeholder - Whatsapp, Instagram and email all show icons on the normal lock screen, but not yet on the live one.  I'm guessing that will come in time, or the final release.

jatum says:

I am loving it in my Lumia 630 :-)

Exactly! I may sound rude and offensive but its due to overflow of huge amount of madheads all over the country. Other examples are Kites, Guzaarish, Life of Pi...

josonjoy1986 says:

If Nokia lost fans, that is only because they didn't come up with a real Android phone like what their fans were expecting..... We may not like IT. But IT is the fact.

Ticomfreak says:

Do NOT uninstall it, that'll lead to some issues.

Pranjal Rai says:

Sure. Go ahead. Good luck for that. :)

fobarina says:

I think it was a little over hyped myself. It has potential, I always wanted something like the Android live wallpaper on Windows phone and can see this evolving to something like it just poorly executed transitions in my view for the supposedly number one software maker. I know it's beta but transitions are a bit of a let down. Hopefully they can come up with something that will wow

Finally! A home automation system for Windos Phone has arrived. I've been waiting for one for quite some time. 

Insteon did a realy great job on their app, considering it is a 1.0 version, and the fact that they made it availabe on windows phone and windows makes that much easier for user to control their chosen "appliances" (i.e. Ligths, Garage doors, Sprinklers, Ceiling Fan, etc.).  

Can't wait for Cortana integration, that will just improve the useablity of the whole system and will aslo make everything more fun.

Maybe Insteon does need to make a few tweeks here and there (on the thermostat mostly) but overall nobody can say that this system is not good, when in reality, it genuinely is a very good home automation system.

rjfw says:

Was having issues with it so I uninstalled and reverted back to the stock lock screen, however now whenever I wake up my phone it displays "resuming" before showing the locksreen or sometimes doesn't show at all and goes straight to the homescreen....anyone else having this problem? L920

Jan Tomsic says:

I uninstalled it in 5 minutes, it's slow and laggy and offers no extra funcionality over normal lock screen except that the phone takes 2 more seconds to wake up. I know it's beta, and righlty so, I will check it out again once the final is released.

I'm getting pissed with WP a little, it's slower every day.

TheFFK786 says:

I don't think so bro there are very less Nokia fans left now

Voluntary says:

Is it going to crash?

UchilHasmit says:

Have to uninstall something :( .. Goodbye bola soccer.

Ticomfreak says:

The star symbols a notification from an app w/o lock screen notification.

Lol in the Game description there stands :"the most realistic and graphic rich mobile air combat game on ANDROID"

Downloaded few mins back after seeing a forum post, I liked the game so far. Really amazing game.I love the graphics and the sounds and the voice commands of course! :P :)

TheFFK786 says:

I think a lot of members of WPC are kids only......I had a dream of becoming combat pilot. And maybe I will try once for IAF.

josonjoy1986 says:

India likes Nokia more than Microsoft or Windows phone you fool.....:/

anirban130 says:

Proud to b an Indian.. Salute IAF..

Cool app...not liking the fact that it disables kids corner...hope they fix that soon...and I'd like my notifications to not be displayed as stars...

hipporama says:

Try downloading and launching the app. That usually works.

ToonU says:

Use Nokia recovery tool, if you look close enough there's a article guide somewhere on WPCentral

eddieDOTexe says:

Its kind of a let down to not be able to have Weatherflow on my live lock screen.