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umangpop777 says:

Why this < 1 mb app requires 1Gb ram ???? :'(

umangpop777 says:

Why the hell

Arpit Mittal says:

Please come official wp8.1 OTA with Lumia Cyan in India on Lumia 720 asap as all are wating for trying these new awesome apps like lockscreen, files, reading list, movie moments

Lumio says:


How is that NOT "throttling?".... Just because you set up parameters that only effect a certain group does not change the definition of throttling. Yes, Verizon you most surely ARE "throttling" by every definition of the word. Throttling is throttling.

Arpit Mittal says:

Please come official wp8.1 OTA with Lumia Cyan in India on Lumia 720 asap as all are wating for trying these new awesome apps like lockscreen, files, reading list, movie moments etc.

Novron says:

I'd rather have this.

poken1151 says:

Love the idea, but like some of the animation items in Windows Phone 8.1 It's a little bit of a slow down for some of the options. It's not to say the items themselves are slow, just that the way WP seems to work is that animations are easily interruptable by other tasks.

So pulling down the notification tray while an app is loading or resuming means it will consistently close until the app's located. Similarly this lockscreen app doesn't allow me to unlock easily while it's loading. It's quick, but definitely not quick enough, it will continuously close as it loads the animation. So some are fine (like the sliding diagonal time) are quick enough, others (like the clock) shows this issue. 

But!!! This is on my lumia 920, I've no idea what the newer phones' speed and processors are doing (from the video's they seem capable).

That said, I hope to see more options and details and apps like this come through, more API access and so forth. Why? Because as long as it's optional, optimized and done right, most people will enjoy being able to have this kind of thing, and it will help the OS grow for those who love personalization. Many die-hards may dislike things like this, as they do indeed tend to slow the OS down if used. So having these kinda things as an option are welcome, in my opinion.

Tepid says:

Now you are just being ludicrous.

It works with 512 MB suprise..!!!

Novron says:

Not really. Verizon is LTE now. It only drops to CDMA when you go into a non-LTE covered area. Don't think there are any CDMA only areas left. Verizon just uses oddball LTE frequencies so no, it won't work on that point.

So much this. It actually scares me that Microsoft seemingly don't care about having a slick UI anymore. Everything's just got laggier since 8.1.

Beta is beta, but something like this should never be so slow, certainly not on a 1520.

It's really cool. But still in beta, when are we expecting the official app?

cmy102 says:

Thanks for the effort of the update. Btw, the fonts look,a little too big on my Lumia 1520. I have to scroll much more then before just to see the same amount of data as I would have on the previous design of the website.

Harry Wild says:

The password is very hard to get correct since it is 16-32 alpha-digits long and you have to enter it correctly! Make a mistake and you back to the beginning.  This first time I unlocked my phone it took a good 4 hours since I had to take breaks.  I think it nice that they gone back to all digits now.  LOL!

Vinod me says:

Yes you are right friend

Novron says:

Not the reason. But no, 1520 won't work on Verizon.

chris2304 says:

Horrible update, lost functions (red eye) and is not longer special. Shame to MS to offer this cabbage. It was very nice before the update.

Wp8.1. :( When will you come for 920..

Harry Wild says:

Better get the unlock phones when the bill is passed and signed in to law!  It only good till 2015 so that give the consumer about 6 months left to purchase unlocked phones and then it goes back to the standard locked phones forever!  LOL!

ArchieVellie says:

Not available on Lumia 1520 running Cyan in the United States

Extraneus says:

So, parents selling their children into slavery would also be fine in your book, I guess? All in the name of freedom of choice...

IFLYME says:

Awesome Lock is a way better app.  Posts more information on the screen such as app notification, news clips, weather, stock market, Currency exchnage, etc.  No lag at all.  even on 512GB phones, either.  Also allows you to pick from lock screen bacground pics on device or Bing.  OK, so Awesome lock is animated.  Big Freakin' Whoop: how many of you actually care that the clock moves when you are unlocking your phone?

MS missed it with this app, IMO.

Extraneus says:

In Denmark we have a 6 month cap on carrier locks.

Sam do you know how this can be extended? When API gets released, would the new designs from 3rd party devs show up in this app or as different app in applist. I think it would be latter but hoping for former.

Asceish says:

Are APIs too released for developers...??? Or just an app has been... ???

Acceptably smooth on L820. Thank god for that.

Rex Xu says:

To avoid the probelm (since it's not a fix), disable "show now playing on lock screen". They seem to function under the same principle and conflict.

Asceish says:

Its not actually taking time to unlock but taking time to resume apps... When unlocked...

darthhen says:

It's so so. Interesting idea.

lubbalots says:

Do you get freezes. IE froze on me and the same with Cortana. Glance doesn't that well also. Double tap doesn't work.

lizziej says:

On my 8x the lag is very noticeable, between 1 and 2 seconds between pushing the power button and the screw being ready. I thought I'd like it but I've gone back to Simple Calendar lock screen instead.

spazzmeister says:

Buttery smooth "

ali27677 says:

3 out of 6 are just same with a different font

Neither of poki or readit use segoe as primary font. And they are some of best designed apps on store. Just  saying :)

Black Lumia says:

The battery app may not have updated. Just saying. Anyways, for me, me dayGlance, Wpcentral, and Battery performance app widgets turned into stars. Only my email didn't change.

True that! WP was always the best looking OS. Awfully open nature of android has kept their boat floating so far. You can do anything with a lagdroid. It'll probably just run slow.

drachen23 says:

Not really feeling the Amazing Disappearing/Reappearing NavBar up at the top. I mind don't that it collapses. I've seen it on other sites and it's convenient. I do mind that it disappears and reappears. It's rather distracting for this BIG PURPLE THING to appear at the top of the page suddenly when I scroll up. I find myself scrolling down just a bit to get rid of it. I think it would mind it less if it was always there and a bit less brightly colored. 

Also, I'm sure you're aware but the three buttons on the right don't work in Chrome...

And in place of WhatsApp notification icon it is showing some star. Did anyone noticed?

Daxpert says:

I personally do not watch much media > than 15 mins at a time on my phone (Lumia 920).

I leave that for my surface 2.

Aman2901 says:

tch..little bub!!

Asceish says:

I too didn't expected it to be arriving till months from its release to 1GB RAM devices...

kylecpcs says:

So backup, downgrade, upgrade, hard reset, and restore of all files and apps and settings went off without a hitch.  Was able to adjust sensitivity settings from high (default on reload) to normal, and it seemed to help with accidental clicks a little, but not completely.

STILL no fix for the multi-folder email issue, though.

Also has a NEW issue.  When taking a screenshot, it locks up the touch interface where you have to reboot the phone to get it back.  Does it every single time.  **sigh**

Greg Hartman says:

Thanks! Agreed!

Daxpert says:

Guys sit back and enjoy what's coming to the few of us this holiday season. MCC might just be the trend setter that we (the consumer) have been waiting for. (content Vs. Cost)

Black Lumia says:

+822 all the way

Tejas Javery says:

Doesn't lag for my 720 at all. :)

Fndlumia says:

Pmsl, I think they use us to find bugs etc. Instead of paying their developers to make it solid they use us wp users. Shit app anyway, the app awesome lock is far superior and has zero bugs, NIST have u tried awesome lock?

Asceish says:

Nice move by Microsoft to release it as Beta so that 512MB users aren't disappointed as well as they will atleast stop criticizing about its lag...