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Is this update any preparation one for the Lumia denim update or WP8.1.1 ?

Not yet, but still: Fingers crossed for Miracast support.

Stuck with PlayTo for now. :/

I have just installed  it (64BIT) on one of my laptops. The installation is super quick & smooth. GUI looks slick: a combo of win7 & win8X as M$$$ has promised. I will be the first one to get it.

Portable chargers are so handy.  The 6k is great and the price point for a "branded" MS product is ok.  Definitely picking one up to replace my fully functional other one that I've used twice (for friendstraveling with me).  Its a nice thing to offer idiots who don't keep their shizat charged when they have a chance.

I guess I missed where he said that was the ONLY serious problem...

I assume they mean Windows Phone 8.1, seeing as that's the version supporting Miracast?

Not sure how they'd pull it off otherwise, especially due to Windows Phone API limitations.

A Lumia 830 costs only €360 inc. VAT.
It looks beatiful, works fast and fluid, has a gorgeous AMOLED screen readible in sunlight, briliiant camera with the newest Nokia features, wireless charging and it wil be updated with new OS and firmware for at least another two years.
What the frack are you complaining about?

I would definitely buy the 830 if I hadn't purchased the 930 already.

And if you are looking for even more "value of a dollar" the Lumia 730 cost only about €250 with tax. That's like 2/3 of the Lumia 720 launch price. Windows Phones have never been cheaper. You can easily afford to get one every year on an average wage. Unless you go and throw away all your disposable money every month.

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Generally I get 1.5 days out of my 1020, but since Age of Empires Castle Siege I'm playing for a few minutes before work, a few minutes at lunch time, touch base at supper time, and then turn to my Surface Pro to play the rest of the evening. Needless to say, my 1020 doesn't last as long as a result, so I could use a charger like this DC-21 to keep me playing AOE longer.

I'm sure it's not THAT easy - I don't think they're deliberately "playing" a silence in between songs, any more than they're deliberately playing a .1-second clip of the previous track's end during that silence.  There's some finessing involved - what they're doing is probably something dirt-simple like this:

  • play track A
  • track A ends
  • close/clean up/whatever track A
  • check the current playlist for the next track
  • open track B
  • play track B, etc.

What they *should* be doing is probably something more like this:

  • play track A
  • check the current playlist for the next track
  • some number of seconds before track A ends, open track B
  • as track A ends, play track B
  • close/clean up/whatever track A while track B plays

It's not trivial, but it's not rocket science either.  Whatever the actual implementation is (and I could be TOTALLY off-base on all my guesses above), it's a problem that's been solved on thousands of devices, on pretty much every platform - iOS, Android, Symbian, Palm, Blackberry, Windows, Windows Mobile, Zune (pre-HD).


We know it's not technically impossible, because several apps on WP8.1 can already do it, with varying degrees of success - Spotify Premium, FLAC Player SD, Subsonic Music Streamer, maybe others - but their usefulness is limited because they can't access the actual Music library.  But while possible, it's probably not as easy as "various bug fixes and performance improvements," either, and they don't seem to have tackled any HARD problems in any of these updates, so I'm not holding my breath...

I guess you did not realize, though, that I was talking about them calling from the US to their families back home? :) Plus, was talking about Cricket plans, not T-Mo.

Just tried to see if I could get it working on mine, i dont have the screen mirror option on settings on the roku and neither my Surface 3 nor Icon seen the roku at all (which i assume it wont be until i can enable it on the roku).... either it hasnt rolled out yet, or I need something else. I have the Roku Model mentioned 3 model 4200X

I'll take the charger for $20 you reviewed just a few days ago, thank you very much. But looks pretty, though!

You can essentially skip using the installer by using the WAIK tools, but you need a little bit of knowhow. There's tutorials for Windows 7 that should also apply, just make sure you are using the latest deployment kit.

White will suite me fine, just send it on over. My 925 is very excited about meeting it's Burst-Amp Turbo-Tethered Eco-Reinforced Yetling (Battery).

I have tried others and they went useless after about ten times charging my phone. I could not recharge them anymore. Hope this one lives longer...

I also have a 520. Sure it's slower than my 1520 but i wouldn't say it lags. The Phone OS performs similarly. Games however are noticeably slower but that is expected.

I would try one, since all the other ones I've purchased have not worked the way I want. They take forever to charge. Are extremely bulky. So I would love to try the new windows power bank. Ps my fav color is green :)

No need for that with a Lumia 1520. Battery lasts well over a day with heavy gaming/data usage.

If those menu items, task bar and windowed modern apps (on tablets) remain, this is shaping up to be another 'Windows 7 Tablet Edition', and we know how well those sold.

I get that this is only a beta preview, but the UI needs a lot of improvement.   A LOT.

If I didn't know any better, I'd be guessing that Microsoft is backing away from Windows on tablets.

Need to get the wireless one... I just got two from Costco, 2800mah w/ flashlight for 30$, then I realized how much I dont like plugging in my Lumia 920. Luckily normal days I dont need to.