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It's also in the Netherlands as "Office 365 Pro Plus"

I already bought the University pack last year, so it isn't for me.

Sorry I reporterd your comment by mistake.  But my main poin is; are you aware tha Whatsapp is avialable in WP right?

Yeah bro it is indespensible for me.. I have heard a lot of people saying that it is unusuable ..... :/. Where do u live?

Ehm, had funny parts but didn't find it that awesome. Still, it was different :) I liked that

I use whatsapp everyday. I honestly don't see what the problem is. People talk about it like it's unusuable. 

All docs/photos/videos/music/ringtones can be sent. WP it's the most security OS out there (thanks god) and because of that you can't hmmmmm access your entire phone (like a Android kingofmalware) and send all kind of files. 

The "normal" files, that a normal user need, it works fine. Just read the reviews of the app.

Have you even installed the app and tested? Or you just read what someone said?

It holds up to the Madden video. Not fair to either one to declare a winner.

Wtf? Do u know that whatsapp in middleeast which i live in is the most important social media app ?! :) and u suppose to rncourage me to use wp not to make me ditch wp ... Btw windows phone is my favorite and in middle east very few people use wp .... I feel lonely but i cant help it ... Love wp platforms than others android and ios....

Genius! Get em' while they're young! Seed the next generation of fans and loyal customers

Is it harder for the developer to make Windows phone app than making Android app?

Metrotube wouldn't play it. Rebooted my phone already.
Is it cos it requires age verification?

I have a question. Are the app developer for Android or iOS having hard time doing it in Windows phone? Or do they have to study or learn something different when making app for windows phone?

Not too shabby but I wouldn't call it the "best ever". Decent, though. Still not as fired up about this game as I probably should be... MCC is more likely to sell me an XB1 than this title, honestly.

Severyly off-topic, But if WhatsApp is that important to you then you probably shouldn't be a WP user. Life is too short to be putting up with half-baked solutions and broken promisses.

I didn't say anything about Achievements. Did you mean to reply to IzaacJ?

Achievements are great and fun to unlock when they're present, but I agree that playing for fun is far more important.

I would agree if this were an official app which it is not. We've had unofficial clones since it's inception in 2010

haha, well that's why videogames and dreams are made for, where you can do stuff and never get hurt.

The SP3 looks nice, it would be nice if they bring at least a Sunset Overdrive mini game to Windows Store (nice dream for sure)