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tkdmacgeek says:

Seriously?  New Lumias give me a boner!

jojoe42 says:

According to others the s400 is actually less powerful than the s4 plus in the 920, 1020 and such. But the extra cores allow it to do other fancier things faster like sensorcore and always-on listening

Lipe13 says:

We are gonna know for sure once we get an in-depth review of the device. I don't think it will take long ^^

You need to go into the tile settings (pin button) & select the transparency option

jojoe42 says:

Does it have the Nokia Cyan Update? Any changes we know of other than the ol' camera improvements on the 630?

HM02 says:

What a waste of a processor though. They should've used the quad-core on other flagship lumias. Like the 1020 or even the 920, 928. Not an entry-level phone.

Loving the new packaging!!!!

asylumxl says:

Does it have Nokia Cyan firmware or Black?

Plz help me i got cyan update file size is 20mb while starting the download the file upto 50% is downloaded after that download is stopped and shows an error like 8808 wat would be that plz help me someone am eagerly to use the cyan update plzzzzz

Now am using black update and my mobi is lumia 620

Lipe13 says:

The 630 looks very pretty. I liked the virtual onscreen buttons too.

rain620 says:

We hoped so much for a 630, but this is such a let down.

onysi says:

Not 8.1 ready?

Mristian says:

Does anyone know of any phones from other carriers or unlocked versions available on Verizon? My brother in law works for them and keeps telling me everything has to be bought unlocked or on contract from them or it wont work... For example, buying an off contract Lumia 520 and using it on Verizon for my sister, etc? This whole not being able to buy a phone and use it wherever the hell you want is making me regret living in the U.S sometimes hahaha.

sholokov says:

Actually I found a problem. I locked my screen with it running, my glance screen went upside down.

Wait for the 930 in June.

Mristian says:

My Weather Flow updated with a live tile and set itself as transparent with the logo, but when I went to unpin and pin it to reset the tile view, it went back to full display? Anybody know if transparent is there, we all just have the wrong settings? Cause I just saw it. :/

JaykayMani says:

Not connecting to my (stand alone) laptop using IP address. Keep getting 0x204 (timeout) error. Can someone help ?? On my laptop, I use Win 7 Home Basic and on my L1520, I'm on WP8.1.
Pls help.

Ordeith says:

I haven't had an issue with other storage sine GDR3.   on any WP8 device.

arn6735 says:

Great Daniel...but i will just add this to my DREAM List and not even my wish list 'coz its too pricey for me...LOL<..>

dp84 says:

I have tried a Kensington Bluetooth keyboard on my Lumia 1020 with wp8.1 It didn't worked . I can't believe how Microsoft doesn't fix this yet...

daredevildan says:

It's a big phone (and I'm coming from a Note 3) but it's pretty awesome. Go play around with it at the store and see if you can handle the size. If so it really is the best media consumption device out there.

thaman04 says:

UPDATE: It's officially a universal app in the Store!

Ordeith says:

T-Mobile throttles to 60kbps.


fwaits says:

Make sure you choose the accent color tiles not the graphical tiles when you set that up.

SPProducer says:

FFS. Why couldn't you have posted this a week ago BEFORE I bought the RM937 version from Amazon >.<

I'm wondering if its better to just wait for a new WP on t-mobile at this point, my EDGE/3G speeds leave something to be desired...

subscription? no thanks

jwinch2 says:

Agreed.  We really don't have a comprehensive weather app on WP, unfortunately.  As it stands now, I have to use 2 or 3 apps to get the info I should have on one.  

Xeion says:

While it is unfortunate this is only happening in the US (for now), I am glad that some company cares about schools and such. Working for a company that sells web filters which has schools as one of the primary customer bases, Google has made filtering of searches on their site (Search and YouTube) a complete disaster and near impossible for appliances that are out-of-line. Making everything HTTPS is obviously better for the normal consumer market, but makes it so kids in schools can basically search and do whatever they want on Google sites and services. I am glad Microsoft is working to make Bing more school friendly, because Google is making it harder and harder to do even the most basic control of searches on their sites.

leadwrist says:

Still waiting for a weather app to show weather front information, high and low pressure, etc

pentecost says:

Many thanks, it's a beaut.

I'm heading home. Will test it out as well

schlubadub says:

It's a lot more difficult to cram everything into a small form factor, therefore more expensive. Phones have multiple antennas & SIM slots, that also cost money... Tablet models with built-in 3G & LTE are always more expensive than their WiFi equivalents. $300 is either for a very old model, or one subsidised by your contract - so you pay more in the long-run instead of more up-front... I bought my mobile for $600 and pay $20/m for service, my mate bought the same phone on contract for $75/m & $0 upfront. You do the maths, but I'm well ahead at the end of his 2 yr contract.

danielgray says:

It disables app notifications with out you doing anything. So even if you show calls and texts or is safer.

Corepc says:

Wow an update . Just need radar

ebk14 says:

Referring to mr. Rubino, not you

Daniel knows a lot about everything but you should still direct your question to Nokia.
Don't know how Daniel can be much help without holding your device and really look at it - at least Nokia could replace it if its defective.
Kindly and Daniel don't mix lol jk but seriously

danielgray says:

All app notifications are turned off by default in car mode

b23h says:


I am happy you enjoyed your experience with your 620 and wanted to get the 1520.  It's great news that you are seeing a lot of Lumia's in Saudi Arabia.   Windows Phone is not doing super well in the US, it's pretty much got some of its lowest market percentages here, but at least in the short term I am not terribly concerned about that.   All I really care about is that Windows Phone increases it's market share no matter where.  If that increase is largely overseas that's still fine, it will just take more time for that success to trickle back to the US....

I like the 1520, but it's too big for me.  I wish they'd shrink it down slightly which is pretty much the 930.  However, and this is a huge big issue for me, the 930 does not have the SD Card slot the 1520 does...

mondokjm says:

If anyone is on the fence about this I highly recommend doing it. I bought mine two weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I get LTE on AT&T, wireless charging, and I have a 64GB SD on top of the 32GB inside. I loaded the dev preview onto it and have only had minor issues here and there.

rluka says:

Windows Phone for the front end (user interface and relaying user input to the apps), apps for the back end (getting the input and communicate with the server while staying invisible).
Let the apps return a standarized feed + formatting template and Windows display the content into People's Hub

Why can't Microsoft make it like that ?
Plug-in based OS rather than apps based.

leadpoizon says:

I think you should get off your high horse and accept some facts. He simply corrected you on the misleading information you provided. Even the price remark doesn't seem to be "smarty", but then again, when people get defensive, they go all the way and assume stuff. If I had bought the phone after reading your information (Though, I'm not one to buy without doing my own research), I would be quite frustrated. That's just my opinion, and as you said, I'm entitled to it. ;)

Still wondering how difficult it must be to import all the features from the Zune HD 2 into the Xbox Music App...

HeavyHanded says:

I've lived in Japan for the past 8 years. Microsoft's relationship with phone carriers is much worse than the XBOX issues. You can at least buy an Xbox in Japan. You cannot buy a Windows Phone though.

Rad Matic says:

The one with the weather DID NOT WORK.  Be glad he went back to the orginal design. It's 12mb but down from 24mb, at least.

Weather clocks are a PITA, in general. You have 20 weather apps to choose from so why not use the one you like the BEST?

Kleen Jimi says:

that app actually isn't doing the transparent tiles. I updated and all that. any one else having that problem?

Thank god, I've been plagued by that for months. Also Vodafone UK. I'll switch off to check.

Edit. Yes! :¬)

TofuDelight says:

Darn. I read that as word flow with background images.