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You can use remote desktop to your PC from your Surface. If you want to get fancy, you can set up wake-on-LAN (easier on a local network, but a pain through many consumer routers), or even throw an 8.1 enterprise edition evaluation in a compatible PC to take advantage of RemoteFX (if I have the name right). YouTube has some demo vids showing a Surface tablet running some decent games remotely off a RemoteFX host. Sad it is only an enterprise thing. I should check if that's changing in Win10.

There's no English version in Germany :p.... . So I understood the story . But its still like bob said : Halo 4 sucked and it was the worst of all halos

No, not really :). I think the whole point of releasing yet another watch among "billions" of others is exactly to offer Windows and Windows Phone compatibility on day one of release, because hardly anyone else are. This should be a selling point for WP.

Probably needs at least Cyan to run, I guess ICON users can't play even if it is cool... :(

Guys thats not The whole ending ;) and i shortend it :D just keep playing and You will shiver of excitement at the end *-*

But you can maintain a price and draw your profit while the cost of production decreases especially if you can get better economies of scale. Also Microsoft could use this as a loss leader to push people to Windows 8 and Windows Phone if the experience is superior on those devices compared to Android and iOS. Lets face it Microsoft need a successful consumer product to improve their image, pricing it low helps.

I have been waiting for REAL WIndows convergence on a phone for years.  I love the idea and hope it is well implemented.  


My concern at this point is Windows support for a Hulu application.  My HTPCs are long in the tooth and I am looking at replacing with Nexus Players since Media Center does not have a Hulu plugin and Hulu desktop is no longer supported.

But it is how division of R&D budgets work. Working on one thing means you can't invest in something else. Nobody has an infinite budget to do all at once. That's how all companies work.

I'd really like to buy three... right now, not tomorrow or next week, right now. Oh well I'll have to wait.

The phone and tablet are showing as out of stock on their site. So, they've either sold well or the stores have not received stock yet.

Possibly designed to go on the inside of your wrist/arm so some sort of sensor is near your pulse.

No idea if any heart sensor technology actually works like this, but if it does the back of the face could have whatever required sensor is needed.

Only one character in Killer Instinct is free at any given time. Right now It's TJ Combo.

The Season 1 characters are the only ones who can currently be played in Arcade mode. The Season 2 characters will gain Arcade mode support at a later date. With the current free character, you can play Survival Mode or multiplayer.

Wanted to change my phone from nokia 920 to lumia 930 as i am windows phone user for a long time, but changed my mind and will go for Samsung  Alpha, main reason is VoIP dialer is not working in windows phones therefore i have to carry one android phone along with me to make VoIP calls, as in android and iOS so many good voice VoIP dialers are available (macdailer, iphonedailer, etc), in windows phone only one working dialer (itel) is available and quality is shit. In middle east (gulf) no phone will move(sell) if cannot make VoIP calls

Best Football Game for 512MB RAM version .... Thank You for the Game .... Love it .... (*Facepalm* FIFA 14)

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So I installed KI2 for free last Weekend just to get cockblocked when it came to actually playing it.

Whenever I made a Character selection ( 8 from S1 / 2 from S2 ) I was prompted to shell out money OR was informed that the Character Story was not yet ready.

Did I miss something?

I agree. We won't see anything substantial or a "real" smartwatch until Windows 10 now. I can't see them investing in it running on Windows 8.1, and I can't see consumers, other than early adopters buying a Windows Smart Watch when they know Windows 10 will be around in the next year or so.

Out of interest, have you got a link to the Video or Interview where Nadella said that about Windows Phone? I would be interested to hear exactly what he said.

I can't think of many things Windows Phone can't do in Microsoft built apps these days. But back in the Windows Phone 7 days I was really disappointed by the Skype app (Which they did give an actual technical explanation for eventually)

I'm still on Windows Phone now and really am a big fan, but i've had WP since WP7 first came about. If something comes along that I prefer I would consider switching though. The availability of smartwatches has started to make me look at Android as an option, but i'm not sold on it as an OS to be honest.

You guys think Skype on WP is bad? Try BBM. Compared to Android and iOS, it's barely functional. No wonder I can't give up my BlackBerry Q10 for my L930.

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I'd love to believe it was coming in a few weeks, and would go out and buy it as soon as it's available in the UK as long as it does more than just fitness tracking (i.e A fully fledged smart watch inc. Fitness functions) but I can't see either being the case sadly.

I don't think we will see a true Windows smart watch until Windows 10 now, a generic fitness watch maybe which this seems more likely to be if it's truly going to work cross platform.

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It looks kinda like Apple's.
Kinda wished that it'll be circular, like ordinary watches.

im over here laughing and patting myself on the back, happy i made the 1520.3 purchase when it first dropped! still #KingOfTheHill

Hudl is Android on an ARM processor. This Bush tablet is Intel and can run full Windows software.

The good news is that unlike other smartwatches today, the Microsoft-made smartwatch is described to get two days of battery life.

Pebble says hello.

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If it's meant to be cross platform it should be able to handle WP8/8.1 and W10, and waiting for W10 won't be necessary or even make sense.