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Cuz there easier and cheaper to make the regular programs are think about it when you can make one app with one set of code that works on three platforms instead of just on it makes alot more since then let say making three separate versions and wasting money plus with window 10 the merging all windows together that's means a combined market share witch is good

I'll install it on my dekstop when I get home from work.  I'm not ballsy enough to install it on my Surface Pro 3 yet :p

Microsoft just announced another Miracast adapted without NFC for $59 I believe.

How is this not as good? All you have to do is tap your phone on the disc and everything you see on your phone is now on your TV.

I am installing...62%. Living on the edge...haven't created any New partition nor dual boot just updating my primary computer with W8.1..wanna test it in a battle conditions :P

Yes, have installed it on Hyper-V and tested it a little bit. So far it's great, and I love it that I can use the start screen (the first thing I changed after the install process). The windowed apps is for now a little bit weird, but we'll see if you can get used to it. Multiple Desktop is something I still don't get quite when it comes to "for what should I use it?^^". The only complain I have so far is, that the windows of normal Windows programs are lacking borders. The windows seems cut on the right and left side, they must increase the border thickness a little bit.

Using it on a desktop, I am still annoyed by those changes. That and charms being gone with hit corners. I agree with you 100%.

I have a doubt, does this stream through wifi or Bluetooth? If Bluetooth, will this be good enough for movies and gaming? Without lag? Does this support Dolby digital? Can we use this with laptop?

Err...thanks, I guess.  If you were trying to inform me that different people have different preferences...I got the birth, or thereabout.

Why windows has a bigger market share aleast in PC so when windows 10 is released and its adopted by all the PC users and that's like 90% of the world all the developer will have to develop for it so guess what when they do it also goes on the windows 10 for phone and tablet one store remember plus if you really wanna run android apps on windows you can with the new chrome just download third party plugin configure it and then you can run any crapdriod apps you want even tho I cant think of wann app that's on android that's not on windows of some version

Sorry for my English.
The first I have seen when i used it for the first time is in the desktop application and ie are really faster than in windows 8(.1). Even on a very very bad computer with just 1.83GHz processor, 1Go ram and a very old and apparently slow HDD of 64 Go

Saskatchewan is about 3,000 km from Atlantic Canada. It is in the middle of the country.

I read somewhere that you won't be able to reclaim the hd space used as a partition when you want to rid of the preview and revert to one os utilizing the entire hdd capacity... If you CAN merge a partition with the original os again after deleting / formatting the windows 10 partition then I'll get it. Otherwise I'll consider using hyper-v or similar. Don't wanna see screw up my sp3 so vm probably the best easy for me I guess.

C'mon...of course I can look at the taskbar.  Did I not express myself clearly?  I want to always see it, without having to do anything.  Like good old Windows 7, when the time was always present, and it was impossible to obscure.  I'm looking for a way to have the time always present, like now as I type this in internet explorer that takes up all of the screen, which I like by the way.


You sound like the doctor who responds to "It hurts when I move my elbow like this doc" with "well don't move your elbow like that".

I remember standing in line (it was actually only me) waiting for AT&T  to open so I could get the Samsung Focus and test Krashlande on it.

Seems forever ago.  

Hope you guys like the new version. If not let me know what you didn't like. Possibly it's something I can fix.



Yes... Didn't have time to play yet. The installation was very easy on vm using hyper-v

If it works on Rogers then it will work on Telus.. Thems da facts.... Has something to do with shared tower access... Same with Bell.

How does Apples' Air Play work? And why is that better than a device based on Miracast? Just curious here...

I think it I worse in some ways though. If you want to run metro apps in full screen then you cannot snap them. As well, charms can only be accessed from ctrl+c on a desktop. As of now those items missing may be a deal breaker for me. Charms more than app snapping, but both are very frustrating as of yet.

Yeah, dropping on the Surface 3 when I get home.

Could kick myself for leaving it at home today!  Running on my main work PC though without a hitch.

Saskatchewan. Rogers coverage map looks like it's from the year 1986. Partial "GSM Edge" coverage along the major highways. I don't even know what that is, but it doesn't sound good.

They will get my unlimited data from my cold dead hands....yes, this good but u only use 5-10gb a month, so I am not one of the big hogs they are taking about...

More interested in when we will see Cyan or Denim for the ICON...

I had a Hyper-v error maybe it's the same as yours. But, here's what I did:

Search for "Turn windows features on or off" 

Untick Hyper-V


Re-install (W10)

This worked out for me

Edit - I used VMWare to install W10

Why would I but this when I could just buy NFC stickers and the new Microsoft Miracast dongle?? FYI it's been announced a long time ago

Installed and running on a VM, pretty smooth expereince so far. Liking the pop-out metro apps and the multiple desktops. I'm glad that the "Turn start menu off" option is available

With modern apps, developers can target all Windows devices. Phone, tablet, PC, Xbox. By using win32 apps, they limit theirselves to PCs only.