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Those flipping makes the Start Screen lively/active. That's one of the reason i love WP.

asylumxl says:

I think that MS may want the team to either join them or suggest changes to WP to make it more popular.

Maybe this corrolates with that evleaks rumour of an android lumia?

it makes sense just sayin.

Thanks for the heads up - next week looks exciting!!!!

chipeast says:

1020 uk cv is available, hell I would rollback and get it Lol!


Having Age of Empires with achievements on Xbox and cross platform play would be great imo. They just make the other versions without Xbox achievement support.

Cortimi says:

What I see coming from this is a software layer that brings compatibility of Android apps to Windows phone. That is the single greatest advantage of Android over WP, taking that away would be crucial.

rchardo says:

Another Aussie, what is iceTV? and why would I want to pay for free to air channels?

bilzkh says:

Honestly, if Microsoft were truly interested in acquiring Cyanogen, then it's likely that they're hedging their bets.

Think about it, Cyanogen is a very mature sub-platform of Android. A lot of time and work has gone into making it a pretty good build of Android and it's pretty clear that many within the Android world like it. I am 100% sure that a Lumia-like device with Cyanogen would be a hit with the tech press and many Android enthusiasts. It would also raise Microsoft's standing with its shareholders.

Now how this would help Microsoft against Google is another question. I don't think Microsoft would want to push a product that lacked the essential Google apps and services users have come to expect from Android. And I am not sure if Google would be enthusiastic about letting a build of Android come to the market with a strong emphasis on Microsoft's services instead of its own whilst still benefiting from the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, it might be much easier for Microsoft to release expensive high-end Cyanogen hardware in the North American market, thereby giving it a shot at selling hardware at margin and possibly even volume. It can use that to buy time so that it can gradually integrate its own services into the OS, especially OneDrive, the Microsoft Account, Office, Skype, etc.

dalydose says:

Will the Jags ever play Denard Robinson?  Granted, I don't know what I'd do with him. He's too short for QB or WR.  He's too thin for RB or slot receiver. He's just so darn fast, though. There has to be a way to get him the ball to take advantage of that.


rubenbest says:

Yup cause we all got over the world cup so it cant possibly be about soccer wouldn't make sense. Only logical.

dalydose says:

I'll get off too. I feel uncomfortable up there anyway. :)  I'll leave that to the bitter and hateful and I wish I wasn't so easily drawn in by them. 

I said above somewhere that we Americans get accussed of arrogance for a lot of things.  Some of those things are legitimate questions of our self view.  The use of the word "football" to describe a sport, to me, isn't one of those things to be called into question. 

I appreciate the exchange of perspective even if things appear to get heated. 

Cheers and happy holiday weekend to you!

dalydose says:

I'm shocked you aren't offended by "huge bummer" because us arrogant Americans use the word "bummer" wrong. 

Nice condescending finish there. Unfortunatley, that doesn't make you right and only adds to your air of superiority.  You win though. You're awesome and anyone who thinks differently than you, just sucks.

A895 says:

I am ignorant? That is rich.

dalydose says:

Play starts with a kick-off. Scoring includes: field goals (Kicks) and points after touchdowns (kicks).  If you aren't able to secure a 1st down, the team punts (kicks). After scoring, just like the start of a game/half, the scoring teams kicks off to the opposing team.  Lots of kicking going on in football.

pbjr92 says:

Porque você usa a Store brasileira? Muda a região para Estados Unidos e seja feliz!

pooh40218 says:

Just one more reason to drop Microsoft

dalydose says:

We can be called arrogant for LOTS of other reasons, but I don't think this is one of them. :) 

It would be hilarious if MS and Cyanogen announced a Windows Phone installer for Android phones. That would be worth some huge lulz as people ditch the Droid and get WP.

Hilarious and AWESOME.

Geddeeee says:

Erm.... No!!! Definitely not!!!

rodneyej says:

I took you long enough to finally understand something..

exkerZ says:

99p? 99 pesos? Haha xD

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WDavis4692 says:

spot on, Kem.  This exclusivity nonsense needs to come to an end.

I like it I can make the sites I use more often bigger :) 

WDavis4692 says:

"24% out of the 2% of smartphone users with a windows phone. Wow, that must be like 2,400 people in the world with 8.1."

Please remember that your country is only 5% of the world's population.  I know you didn't mean it, but your comment inadvertedly came across as if the world revolves around the USA because you took the US market share and then used the words 'in the world' :P

Market share may be 2% over that side of the ocean but in many other countries it is gaining market share faster than the competition.

No matter what you give them, people will find something to complain about.

rodneyej says:

Lol!!.. What?

And once again ol' rod doesn't disappoint in being the rudest comment on mobile nations. I'll just stop talking coz your kinda keen of taking this conversation to a very unnecessary personal level...

Lumia 925 and old 800. Main reason for taking the 800 is as a backup if I get stuck on the motorway and cos I am rather attached to it as I somehow managed to replace the broken usb port, not an easy task!

Geddeeee says:

This guy gets it...

The most intelligent answer on this so far. Thumbs up!!!!

I just find it unnecessary for a bunch of Phone enthusiasts to be rude to one another just because they have different opinions. But yeah lets stop here.

rodneyej says:

You're saying that I said that Google has the upper hand over everything MS does?... Wow! You really are imagining things.. I see.

rodneyej says:

Don't all emotional on me, dude.. Come on. We don't have time for that this Saturday afternoon..
Just stay on topic.

SwimSwim says:

That assumes you're perfectly right and he's perfectly wrong.

Not at all true for a subjective argument. I agree with the points you're making, but I don't like it when people have a "holier than thou" attitude.

I disagree with him, but to say he's ignorant is a bit much, seeing as his argument isn't unknowledgeable, just different.

Everyone knows what the HTML5 test is. As you can see, even Chrome 18, Chrome 18, has a better HTML5 score than IE11. IE is behind on HTML5 in all of their versions, their desktop version, tablet version, phone version, and even Xbox version!

Is not part of my argument, is just apart of the part where I inform him how very unpleasant of a conversation this was for me because of his ignorance :)

Jazmac says:

My facts are not wrong but again, wrong is relative.  My stats come from Tomshardware. The standard on the net.

The point is still the same. Mine is anyway.  Its just preference and what you are used to. I'm good with that.  If all browsers do HTML5 as well as web designers can write the code, what makes chrome better? I have yet to visit a website my browser could not render. I block ads and view content. If the web designer is smart, they will write code for their target audience. That doesn't mean only those with high end processors or those running the latest version of chrome.   Anyway, I seem to only be debating what year some test was performed. Chrome 27 or chrome 31. Neither has changed the HTML5 standard and render as intended. JUST LIKE IE11 Safari and Firefox 30.  End of story.

Yeah sure, 18 year old white male from South Africa doing a bachelors of commerce in business management and marketing, not sure how that would help you but lets get back to the point.

In not replying to your original post, I'm replying on the conversation that sprang from that post, specifically in this case from sunnyspecv talking about how MSFT actually has the upper hand and not like you said "google has the upper hand over everything MSFT does"

SwimSwim says:

Calling someone ignorant. That's always a rational argument.

Novron says:

Who said anything about removal? The premise is, if Google withdraws because of MS software going on there too, Google will get sued and lose.

Steve Adams says:

It is a perfect tablet for anyone actually. Well besides those looking for installation of full windows programs.

Why you bashing at me now? Common rod?

I wouldnt say a 20 MP Camera on the 1520 is on par with any other smartphone. An iPhone 5Ss camera pales in comparison to this beast. Shoots the competition out of the water. I've used the 5s camera and let me tell you, its nowhere near the same experience and the post editing on WP is great too. Nokia Camera Beta is the way to go.

Dude its completely relevant. 1 was to your statement that it would never be dais in a conversation so i have you an example of how it would be. 2 was to explain to you that there's a huge difference between 3 releases back and "3 years" back like you claim.

It is very clear to me that your an ignorant person by your above comment. Anyway, it's late in my country, have a nice one. Thanks for totally not contributing to this discussion. :)

rodneyej says:

Because I'm too busy trying to explain common sense to you... Lol!!!

monigal2 says:

I think ios and androids ESPN score center app was updated and is now called ESPN sports center. Why not WP? This os is always behind

Another Australian here and I have never heard of iceTv really strange