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Genuinely have no idea what you're saying.
All I can say I that while I don't like iPhone's they made well and the software most importantly is slick, even if a little dull for my taste. All the apps are on iOS and everything on it is as smooth as butter in terms of functionality. Not to mention everything being optimised to perfection.

I love Windows Phone for the OS design and hardware features. While I have all the apps I could want they really aren't optimised well enough and take a long time to be updated (low market share problem).

I'm happy using a Lumia though, but most people just want everything to work. That's what the iPhone does. It just works.

The 10 M number is without sales in China, unlike the previous record last year, which did.

So even though black market sales account for some, it is still beating last year's record, even with back channel sales in China.

The only good thing I see from IPhone is the huge amount of apps, but isn't a break deal for me. My Lumia Icon satisfy every need I have. From my camera thru apps and OS. iPhone is too expensive, cheap construction and no storage enough.

but come on, plz, I can get unlocked 930 for the contract price of iP6P (ew) my point is only the price, I have always admired android for its copleteness, but the price :/

I've got filling that once they completely stop with Nokia branding they'll just focus on their own models with Microsoft software and hardware only. Like Apple has just;iPhone 6 and 6 super, Microsoft will have just two or maybe three to four, flagship models. What will they be caled we don't know yet but certanly this would be a good move. We don't need 10 different WP models, just 3 would be enough, One flagship pro model, one medium range model and one budget model and that's it.

WP just needs apps, and there actually needs to be phones in stores. WP 8.1.1 is a fantastic OS, so that's no longer the issue.

Apps! Phones in stores!

There. I solved it!


difference between ios and wp. 

if i buy an iphone i will get all the apps my friends use and games they play. i will get a device that is easy to understand, and works the way i expect. and if the phone doesnt work i can take it to an apple store in  a shopping centre no further than 45mins to an hour from me and if i have waranty im likely to get a replaced or have it fixed in a week. 

as a customer i've just described why i would buy a phone and apple tickes more boxes than the rest.

But as you know, the biggest factor is popular sub-culture and vanity. 70% of iPhone users buy these phones just to say "I've got an iPhone. The most expensive phone." These days, your phone is who you are, right? This is why iPhone has that market share...

iPhone was never the best phone. iOS is a great OS. But iPhone is just a luxury phone that drives iOS, that's it.

I wonder though if Windows Phone will ever have a really killer OS that wows people. A lot of it is catch up, except for Cortana which I think bitch slaps the other assistants. I won't be leaving windows phone but I feel like the next upgrade is just gonna catch up to what ios now offers or android offered a year ago. We don't even have baked in GIF support. I wanna see windows phone succeed.

You can't see how MS has dumped the 1020? It has reached End Of Life status, meaning they don't produce any new ones, only selling old stock.

Essentially, the 1020 is dead in the eyes of MS. Hope they drop that 1030 soon, as I can't go back to a lessor camera now.

I couldn't give a stuff if Apple sell 100million, I'm not spending £500 of my hard earned wonga on a phone that smashes when dropped! I'll stay with my 630 fanx.

Sure its their choice to be stupid/ignorant to buy a phone for that price when most of them would definitely be better served with a WP. I would laugh in the face of anyone who says that its something to buy a WP solely because of its low market share, since that is the dumbest argument ever.

Me desculpe se pareci arrogante, quando redigi o comentário não estava na minha melhor hora. Compreendo as suas preferências. Há diferenças mas não são impossíveis de serem quebradas essas barreiras.
E sim, ficaria satisfeito com a Cortana falando Português Europeu. Afinal, compreendo bem o sotaque, sei "imitar" e gosto de ver programas portugueses, às vezes assisto programas da SIC Internacional, já ne habituei ao sotaque e a forma que falam.

I am a little surprised at how well the 1520 holds up compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, which is brand new hardware and software. The 1520 has a larger screen, expandable storage, an arguably better camera and possibly better battery life. There is nothing about the 6 Plus that seems revolutionary and the UI continues to be minimalist to the point of boring. I do think iPhone is clearly the winner when it comes to number and quality of apps, plus the plethora of accesories available. For me the biggest advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus is that it is available on all carriers where 1520 is exclusive to AT&T. I could save money every month by going with a different carrier.

I was asking because the large number of two day sales can be misleading if the phones are being purchased just to be resold.

Hey dude, just get what you want. For me using an iPhone makes me angry, so I have WP which makes me happy.

I read the entire 7 pages. I saw that it didn't mention which phones were getting it. With the way they have handled this FW release, no one believes they can afford to be so vague about it. This is why the sheep have always gone for iDrones. They flock weeks ahead of time to get the next version and they push updates directly themselves without carriers saying a damn thing about it. You must be using an HTC device, since you apparently don't understand the frustration.

I have just received my update with Cortana on my Lumia 930 an hour ago. I'm in the UK on EE and I am loving it!

Meh. It doesn't matter how well the current Lumias hold up to the iPhone since the market simply doesn't care about Lumias. Partially because MS themselves can't be bothered to actually advertise them. I can't believe that there is no high end Lumia for this holiday season. All I want right now is a true high end Lumia that is actually worth upgrading to from my 920.

On a sidenote that finger print sensor is actually way more useful than I thought it would be. Especially in iOS8 since it's now available to 3rd party apps like 1Password. Hopefully MS implements something like that in the future. 

I use my calendar a lot.  I'm in an appointments driven business. After using Android for several years and then switching to Windows for a more usable tool, I have now instead switched back to a PAPER calendar.  Here's why:  1.  I have recurring appointments.  But if someone wants to CHANGE that appointment going forward, it's not possible unless I rewrite past appointments.  I then have to make a Sophie's choice of changing everything so that my calendar is correct, or creating a second appoiontment which then confuses my calendar.  I need to refer to past appointments on my calendar, and that info has to be correct.  2.  Like most people in myfield, I have appointments that are scheduled at regular intervals.  On Android, you can set the native calendar to a default time period, which is enormously more convenient than Windows.  It doesn't seem like a lot of time, but when you book half hour appointments and you can have 15 or 16 in a day, well ain't nobody got time for that!  It's actually more time efficient (I timed it!) to use paper.  3.  ...There was a third reason, but I can't think of it offhand.  Not only am I switching to a paper calendar, but I'm switching back to Android for so many other reasons.  Anybody want to buy a Nokia Lumia 1020?  2 months old!

Great Article Daniel!! Very well drafted... Especially like your honestly, giving your opinion about Apples products... I'm not a fan of the Iphone, actually never likes me any of them. But have to admit that it have a great design.

But if your like me and most away from the "time emotion", and you chose something that fills your day-to-day use, you definitely going for a Windows phone (My case, a Lumia)

Being an owner of the Lumia 1520 and long time WP user, I appreciate an honest view of iPhone and WP. I can certainly agree that WP cameras, while they take great pictures, are.very slow to launch and shutter speed tend to be rather slow. Resulting in often missed moments. Hopefully, the Denim update will correct this and add other little tweaks to the OS.

All those people standing in line to buy the iPhone reminded me of something.... Hummm... Rymes with bleep... Ah right... Sheep. My 1520 blows it away.

The problem with Apple and their products is they're closed, hard to customize, lack variety and diversity, slow to changes in the market, and highly overpriced. But if you're not a tech savvy person and want everything done for you its compelling I suppose.

People complain about everything.... RAW files in Photoshop takes long time to open (on a PC) ... And you expect a phone to open it in what, one millisecond???? You got the only phones that shot in RAW, now the only app that opens and edits RAW ... Stop complaining and be happy!