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Mirtul says:

Getting random reboots after 8.1, cortana location based services aren't working, IE11 seems more crash happy, spotify has stopped working, the app list has become sluggish after adding all the games, Cortana starts up randomly when I turn phone off, cortana insists on picking the closest store every time I try to tell her the name of a place with the word store in it. All in all could use some loving before mass market release. Also seem to be able to add reminders etc with Cortana but not able to remove them.

Edwardlb20 says:

Have to go to settings -> start + theme, switch to light background color

Yep that works. Still opens up the panel but it is quick enough

Edwardlb20 says:

I can't get WPCentral to appear in the action centre settings :'(

Sergio0694 says:

Great, thanks for your answer!
Cheers :)

That's still counter intuitive to the separate controls. Everything about 8.1 is about one finger operation now except for sounds. If your phone is on the table, you can do everything with one finger like I am typing this now with Word Flow. But I have to physically hold the phone to access the volume rocker. There should be a global mute in the notification centre next to all settings or a repeat of the volume sliders.

prothor says:

Samsung Ativ S: I have experienced battery drain as many others. The past week it has been 4.3-4.8% pr. hour in standby mode - twice that of my previous WP8.

Then I did a hard reset yesterday, and now the standby consumption is down to 2.5% pr. hour again.

After the hard reset I’ve had problems with the automatic APN setting not working. So I manually set it.

I also found it stupid that in order to reinstall the phone using a previous backup to OneDrive I had to get a security code send by text message – but at that stage in the process network connection is not established! So I had to first void the backup – get the security code – hard reset again, and then use the previously acquired security code.

As others I miss more shortcut toggles in the Action Center. Four really is not enough.

And I've had some problems with the responsivness of the home-button, as others have reported.

Quiet hours doesn't silence the phone it prevents disturbances.

pr0phecy says:

If someone would ask me "what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear"

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Microsoft

my personal answers would be:

1. Overpriced
2. Privacy concerns
3. Cares about consumers

I guess that makes me a MS fanboy? ;)

Kram Sacul says:

Yes. Now it's righties who are getting screwed.

Need a global mute icon next to the little arrow for perfection.

Chef316 says:

You mean...button was on the top right corner making it easier for *right handed* users using the phone with one hand...

Chef316 says:

People ask for updates, more control over volume, more features.....and then complain when they get them!!! Yeesh!!! Can't believe some of the comments in here! I love the new ways of controlling volume! VERY EASY!!! Thank you for the article!!!

sharathu7 says:

Thanks Jay.... Hope it comes soon...

Sledgehamma says:

Awesome work guys :)

unknownguns says:

If you haven't got 8.1 that might be the problem as they would be currently working on WP 8.1 bugs (not sure though)

Kram Sacul says:

Besides the seperate volume controls it was better in WP8.0. You were able to cycle thru silent mode and ring/right+vibrate(if you had vibration enabled) and the button to do it was on the right side making it easier for one handed use. In 8.1 everything is on the left side which is a step backward.

The design of the volume controls in 8.1 also break MS' own design guidlines. The bell and music icons should have circles around them to indicate that they have a function.

It should also be noted that the expanded sound controls in the Preview For Developers is missing the silent mode and sound settings options that are seen in the WPCentral video and various others from Build 2014.


Amos Mwangi says:

After 8.1 update, recent texts are now mixed up with other old texts, recent calls are now on the bottom instead of being up on the history page....very annoying



Annoyed dude from Kenya

Happy Easter WP Central team

Wevenhuis says:

Nice. So how is bluetooth working out so far in 8.1? Can I finally use a bluetooth keyboard now?

Wevenhuis says:

Cool, now let's hope microsoft, facebook and other apps do the same by activating the option of a transparent live tile.

Haha is there any option to throw a user out from wpcentral....let kick him out..

Gilda675 says:

Yes sorry I meant the start tiles and how they were placed. I am using a lumia 620 with Lumia Black and 8.1 developers preview. Happy Easter guys.

Converted007 says:

Hi, is there a possibility to make a white theme for the app? Cant seem to find the settings for a white theme as shown on the pics in the store? Thx for the help

^ This is exactly what i did. Once i received the phone i called and cancelled my service. They waived all the fees and charges. Got to keep my phone at the promo price. You don't have to pay the activation fee or first month fee to get the deal. :)

najmu nazeem says:

Hi Satish. Kindly follow the link for the detail on how to download preview for developers.

Nakazul says:

Lately!? It's been like this for months. But everybody's been waiting on 8.1 and the tools so hopefully it will get better. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Nakazul says:

No, it's a wierd bug. Just turn everything on as in the article. Then wait for the first post from WPC. I can't set notifications for individual apps until I recived my first message/notification.

wukong187 says:

Great stuff MS

Jay Bennett says:

Yep that's a bug I need to fix

Jay Bennett says:

So you want a tile without that image on it? I'll see about that for the next update

Jay Bennett says:

Yep a new situation with windows phone 8.1 I hadn't considered, will be fixed next update!

Nakazul says:

Thank you for the tutorial!

Nah .. i lost hope of HTC For a windows phone.

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah a situation in Windows Phone 8.1 I hadn't considered! This will be fixed in our next update :)

Collin009 says:

Hello guys I have a question yesterday I downloaded the new WP 8.1 and I don't know what means one notification under the time section. For example it's now is 4/20.
Can you help me in this question?
Thanks in advance.

najmu nazeem says:

Thanks for the reply. I also got cortana.. And its working amazingly.

WPcentral app doesn't show up in notification center. Do I need to reinstall

blackdaemon says:

Quiet hours will not silence your phone completely. Not if you have defined inner circle and some people can ring your phone.

LOL Agree! Those flash ads, they ruin the whole web.

Sergio0694 says:

It's happening to me as well, it's really annoying

amitnahar says:

Glad, you like it.

It's tiny. Less than 1mb. Make sure its not the fake one. The real one is developed by Microsoft corporation not wp diagnostics

Sagar Limaye says:

Hi Sam, do you know where we can send diagnostic data that's locally saved to the phone?

lowrider2107 says:

Matori, I asked myself the same question. Trying to turn Wi-Fi off in the action center is all but quick and comfortable. Especially taking into account that they got it to work for switching it on.

Yes. The real one is published by "Microsoft corporation". It's bad that if you search for it in the store, the fake one comes up but not the real one.

lowrider2107 says:

Daniel, quiet hours is nothing I can utilize for business meetings. My schedule changes rather frequent so a real quick setting would make me happy. The current solution went just in the other direction

lowrider2107 says:

Agreed to the initial posting. Totally. It's not minor.