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Megsh says:

I think a person should never a buy a windows phone other than Nokia....bcoz Nokia offers the best windows experience one can ever have on a WP.

aldofarias82 says:

We need hyperlapse, official or made by Rudy Hyun I really dig that app

Luca Mars says:

He should get a new one, I suggest to wait for the new 730.

Aman2901 says:

Well 920,,520,,620,,720,,1520,,1020 were launched in the same 3 months after and later....And except 1020 and 1520 all of em are having successors now!!

Kaymd says:

Interestingly I prefer the clean and opaque theme of Win 8 to Aero, coupled of course with the lovely way it changes color dynamically with the desktop wallpaper. And the opaque theme is a salute to XP lol! Anytime I boot my Win 7, the Aero theme now feels so noisy and distracting and somewhat unnecessary. Of course I won't mind options, but I don't think I'm going back to Aero!

psychotron says:

I'm still wondering what this new OS will be based on. They tried developing a national OS called Red Flag Linux some years ago and eventual discontinued it because nobody wanted it.

iamakii says:

A 5" 830 is enough for me, hope it's AMOLED like 930.

TheFFK786 says:

I started believing that we are not going to see this device being sold in market but this came as a surprise when I gave up the hope of this phone. I wanna try this out.

Megsh says:

Wish this phone would have launch after 6 months..... I've just purchased a Lumia 630.

RaRa85 says:

When it comes to 5megapixel ffc, does it really make a difference in Skype/video chat services or is the quality indistinguishable?

Tan Tran says:

For me is pretty obvious what China is doing. They have a pointless farce trial of MS for having a market monopoly (without making any money from it because Windows is all pirated in China anyway). Force MS to come clean and divulge their source code by court order and raiding MS China offices. To of the OS and release their own Chinese "Windows" compatible OS and mandate that to all Chinese state entries or companies dealing with the state and bye bye MS...

Novron says:

Works for Big Mac too.

Novron says:

Yes, Euros are just as bad if not worse. The European version was just a money grab.

andresalviar says:

Windows Vista's aero theme was much cooler than 7's and rest. Miss the concept, it was gorgeous :'(

malbendsouza says:

I think flash and ram are the two main problems.

dbcontext says:

1) Dedicated camera button

2) Ambient light sensor

3) Flash.

They're all missing and I miss them :(

ladydias says:

Actually they did. It was weird when the European government did it and it's weird this time too.

booog89 says:

Nope not me. I support Microsoft as they're are the pioneers. 90% of the world needs Microsoft. To bring them down is not easy. Newbie OS will have a hard time to keep up if the Pioneers don't give up on upgrading. Tech will evolve faster as long as there are rivals around. Go Microsoft! :D

taraque20 says:

How do you even smash a Nokia phone screen? Virtually impossible!

daftrobo says:

Please tell us that you were joking.

Robert Grant says:

I reckon Apple have got this right. Very cheap/free to upgrade the OS means people are much less likely to lag and create long term support drag on the company. If you could install a separate IE6 on Windows 7 I'm convinced 90% of corporates stuck on XP would switch as well.

Bought my daughter a 520 gophone when her 920 was cracked. $50, swap SIM, done.

wuiyang says:

screen crack only at LCD/LED panel? legit

ladydias says:

Yeah.... No.

JackDB says:

Same here!

Frere Jacques is hilarious!


TechFreak1 says:

Right now, after work all I do is gym, eat, study and sleep otherwise I would go nuts from the boredom lol. Soon I won't have any more work.. as most the users that I taught are now incredibly proficient. The most insulting thing is - they take my advice and then go to PC world for upgrades and get ripped off... some even pay for tech support over the phone T____________________________T.

Aman2901 says:

1020 failed due to it's slow processor!!

booog89 says:

Wow!!! Is that pic really from the front cam of 730??? Damn!

Windows Threshold is awesome...just wait a few'll see (but you don't get it)

Mark Richey says:

Nokia Care tool tells me there is no software update for my phone. I can't even back it down to 8.0.


There lies my question. Mine was an unlocked AT&T 920. But for Amber I flashed it with a French ROM. Two weeks ago, I reset the phone to try this and ot that response, so I simply rebuilt the phone from my back up. It still tells me I have the French firmware.


My best bet is to wait out this Dev Preview update, but I am with everyone else, this is getting to be ridiculous. I am hoping with the new software, and supposed monthly updates that we can circumvent all this baloney once and for all.


iPhone is on practicaly every carrier in the world with no less than 6-7 phones. How is it when they update iOS, thre isn't this "wave" of updates taking months? Surely the carriers have things they "test" on iPhones?

I did Hard Reset and the problems vanished

vhin1216 says:

Why can't people just stick to the article?! Smh.

Funny enough I'm not awaiting any of the upcoming phones at all. 920still kicking strong. And I got myself a broken 1020 to play with and repair, the phone I always wanted but didn't get.

Happy to see that so many are exited for a new nokia. Hope there will be some killer flagships in the near future to replace 1520 and 930

chao cui says:

so you guys feel the same way when European Union did that to MS or just when it comes to China?

Aman2901 says:

I would prefer polycarbonate and rubber Lumias over the high selling plastics!!

aemehran says:

Windows 8.1 is awesome. FTW

lum5 says:

Wow great image quality

AesonAus says:

MS should just geoblock activations from China for the 20 days... Then 3 days in when everyone's Windows stop working that'll teach 'em :)
Also what the deuce with the comparability 'issues'? Since when do they have to make their stuff compatible with other Office products?

wps81 says:

If they ditch metro UI and become another android-like OS, they drop to near-zero in no time.

Novron says:

What you get dealing in a country with a communist government.

wps81 says:

It is mostly about those stubborn/rigid enterprises, not home users.

jlzimmerman says:

It is purely a witch hunt. All other major platform manufacturers bundle in their products with their OS's.

Everyone hates xbox even if they don't have a console, everyone hates on Windows 8 regardless they have it on their PC and they call it "complicated", everyone makes fun of the lack of apps and how nobody uses windows phone. The general users out there think windows phone users are weird and that internet explorer is a meme center that is going to last forever. Nobody uses or compliments about MSN, Bing or any micrsoft services, because they are too busy using google services. The surface have gotten seriously bad reviews, and RT itself is a massive joke to most people out there. Everyone keeps whining on and on and on about how MS is about to screw up the Nokia division and name. You may not think so but im speaking from all of the comments ive seen. 

Aman2901 says:

Ye using PFD??

Aman2901 says:

The pain of what?? Vista going down or ye not being able to upgrade??

jlangner says:

Since no high end Lumia coming, guess I am going HTC one.. So no selfie phone for me