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psychotron says:

Have to do a lot better than that to hurt my feelings. Your comment on its face just sounded a bit hypocritical. Unfortunately humor doesn't always express well in the written word and can be easily misinterpreted.

Ordeith says:

And the coverage is night and day better. Jumping through hoops to maintain some wired kind of one sided loyalty is lame. And switching carriers is much less impactful than switching platforms. Go where the phones are.

trekgraham says:

Sweet but T-Mobile don't have cable TV or cable internet lol

D3V011 says:

Sweet!  Just ordered two 64GB's for the two 1520.3's I ordered yesterday.

stjimmie says:

A load of rubbish, f1 is the pinnacle of motorsports!

InlineV says:

Isn't it easier and more functional to use Cortana for, "to do" lists and reminders? Rarely use that kind of stuff in a calendar. Normally, write up task lists in OneNote myself.

Zuchit says:

Honestly, I'm very bored of this game! Don't even care to know about it.

poddie says:

Everything is a tradeoff obviously. I have 2 360s, but an still buying one of these because I am interested in the speakerphone functionality. In addition, I think it looks really cool and would far rather lug this around than the 360 (which really is MUCH larger). I think what you should be saying is that "compared to the 360, this speaker is a bad deal for ME."
For me, there is a certain level of sound quality that is "good enough", when I factor in all the other benefits. Btw, one point in the 360's favor you didn't mention is the replaceable battery... I love that.

Billy3010 says:

A nicely designed speaker and the sound is good for the size/price but i'm disappointed with my Windows Phone and the lack of bluetooth support for being able to alter the sound/equaliser.  So basically you are left with one sound setting, like it or not.

I paired it with my LG G2 instead, made some sound alterations and it sounded stunning and more to my liking.

garvits05 says:

It's great to know about these type of gaming updates.. Thanks kiloo !!

koolyoyo6 says:

I heard that tmobile Germany was trying to sell off the US part so they can expand into Europe, and that's where all these bids come from. To me Iliad buying T-Mobile USA makes a lot more sense than sprint who uses cdma and is a crappy carrier buying them.

Guytronic says:

Sounds like a heck of deal to me!

Parazels says:

Why is the news here? Just a one more multiplatform game...

Nimdock says:

1. Yes, you just swap the sim card. Although this uses a nano su you will need a new one or to cut the one from the 920 (they sell tools for this).


2. No, you won't get updates from AT&T. You would get updates whenever the Latin America CV update is released (cyan was released already for this phone).

abdhoms says:

Yeah, no. Sorry to say but you failed this math exam. Try harder next time. :p

Nokia Boy says:

i got the 2010 one and it sucks,hope they improve em

p.vivekkumar says:

After the hype created of RIM working with MS....i thought bbm would fill the gaps of other chat messenger present in WP....but nothing great in this messenger.....gone are those days when bbm was a pre recorded audio and video sharing........when I purchased wp, I have read in many forums that developers are not supporting wp. I am surprised, none of chat messenger are able to provide pre recorded audio/video sharing ( WhatsApp only support video sharing, no audio). Hike, We Chat, Line....i feel problem is with wp.....MS should work on their policies rather than spending money in analyizing the reason of their failure. People are still waiting for 8.1 release, Xbox music has problem, one side headphone problem has not being solved yet, notification/action center still broken....and they are working on lockscreen.....bbm....etc etc etc.....they should first solidify their foundation then try to build new building......the way MS is going.....i fear....soon WP will become past.......

TechAbstract says:

You're old. Nobody cares about you and nobody wants to play with you. lol

iamgrv says:

Wait for Cyan. Most probably it will be available by the end of the week by Sunday or Sat night. Then switch back to DP and Update it.

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asylumxl says:

If you really want a good racing sim - Assetto Corsa is miles ahead of everything else.

kurtd says:

Sounds good but why dosent Tmus should buy themselves out?

VS729 says:

Mate. You need something to make you 'cough'... :D

InlineV says:

Very cool.

raycpl says:

two tin cans and a taut string

_Emi_ says:

if kmplayer had a WP app I would agree, but Potplayer has many better features and updates, I agree there are nice little things from kmplayer I wish potplayer has but not enough to think kmplayer is better than potplayer

Xsled says:

I have never seen a stat that shows tmob has the most active WPs. Do you have a link?

fwaits says:

Check out Effectual.  Has cloud syncing with the W8 app as well.

ricbon says:

its a disgusting app

busngabb says:

F1 is so dull to watch until people crash then its great fun. There should be an arcade more where the objective is to crash.

Having said that the race last weekend was said to have been the first good race in years ago maybe its improving.

iamgrv says:

Public Beta version has been improved a lot. The app works smoothly now! Way to go Blackberry, but its too late already.

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deMaelstrom says:

If they succeed, expect to pay between 16 to 20 bucks a month (possibly less) for a plan with unlimited calls plus sms and 3Gb of data, possibly free calls from specific countries abroad...
On the cable side, it also means a cable modem that will double down as a set top box with added services that will come free with your subscriptions (Free/Illiad is the company that first introduced this).
That's the kind of things that appeared in France with Illiad/Free.

Fiann says:

Huh. TIL.

Hi im using lumia in still cyan not available in qatar only few meddle east countries got the update??wen it come to qatar

Luthfie_Mpy says:

Yes for lots of people. Especially for people in my country (I'm from Indonesia by the way). BBm is quite an excellent messenger rather then other messenger that exist. Whatsapp is good, but lots of people is more comfortable to give other people their BBm pin rather than give them their phone number

TechAbstract says:

+1 for universal apps.

Xsled says:

Exciting! Now we just need a NASCAR game!

kennedyk24 says:

isn't working for me either (after upgrade only). Have tried three videos they all end up with colourful diagonal lines across the whole video for the entire duration. Lumia 920

Sucks when I open it closes

Didier3001 says:

I love this idea. More choice for consumer. No one force anyone to take it. Because I already bf4 I will not take it but as soon as they add a game I want that I don't own, I will take this subscription

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iamgrv says:

Codemaster's Game Engine is really one of the best out there. I'm sure they are gonna present it in the best possible way.

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vk1971 says:

Did I say money is most important thing in a life?

It just makes the world go round

Jakeway says:

Yeah game company working on game is hardly phone news. Slow day I guess... Clickbate.

sachamo says:

Mine is 7d4658b6

sundawg#WP says:

Need more Dirt. And not like Showdown.

iamgrv says:

Its not that easy to code a game which requires 1Gb and still they are providing it for 512Mb devices. Give it some time they will fix it. Developing is not an easy job. Good Job Kiloo.

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Ankmeyester says:

yup had tried it..i loved tiny do though...but need a better app..

kenzibit says:

And for ever remain in beta and not going Gold. Such is life on WP.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Chromebooks are basically chrome browser

dalydose says:

Yeah, but does it work?  If they took the 4 letters B+E+T+A off the title and didn't change the app at all, you'd be happy?