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Ecurb87 says:

Lol. That reminds me of the remote control watches from when I was a kid and we would turn the tvs on & off while during class.

MaulerX says:

I know it's already been mentioned.... If you have an Xbox One with Kinect, the Smartglass app extends this functionality to every phone that is capable of downloading the app.

Those of us who actually own a Windows Phone can give the device to someone so that we can promote WP! Someone from our family or a friend ;)

Greece2014 says:

Both are great but 620 is better.

SwimSwim says:

Amen to naked phones! Smartphones and tablets are becoming so beautiful and well designed these days, why hide that behind an ugly case?

Nakazul says:

Just had to create a Twitter account!

James wolfe1 says:

How do you uninstall camera app.  When I click on camera app it doesnt give me an uninstall option.  Im also having same issue after getting the windows cyan update.  Thanks for any help.

Ecurb87 says:

The support worries me too. I've decided to do the AT&T Next program with this one.

Etios says:

Fuck the USA carriers, most of the world buys phones off-contract and pays for the service. They can release it internationally and on Amazon for USA customers.

ZenTurtle says:

I got mine for £80

Listen. I used to have the Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G on Sprint. That was the first Galaxy phone on Sprint and it was a variation of the first line of Galaxy phones that were made differently for each of the carriers. This was just plain stupid. I loved my full keyboard at first but eventually loved the swipe keyboard even more. Anyway, the best thing that Samsung ever did was release the same phone on all carriers with models of the Galaxy line.

Eroneko says:

I own a Lumia 820... I NEED BETTER BATTERY!!!!!

QuentinJ says:

carefully re read the post and realised that so i edited the comment... sorry for that and thanks for the reply

cannon#WP says:

Nice! RCN in that list of providers! I cannot wait for this to come to AT&T.

Sam Sabri says:

Why always complain???

Sam Sabri says:

Same contest, this is a reminder post.

Sam Sabri says:

How is it so hard to make a throwaway Twitter or Facebook account that you use for contests?

I think AT&T has the best selection but Verizon always seems to get timed Halo: Spartan Assault and now the M8...No big deal to me but I think WP is best served on all carriers at the same launch time for everything.

QuentinJ says:

fingers crossed to upgrade my 8X!

Ecurb87 says:

The more I see this device in action the more I want it.

Chef316 says:

Feeling lucky...punk?

Etios says:

LMAO you must be feeling like an idiot now, Lumia 820, 822, 925, 928, 1020, 930 all have Super AMOLED display.

conair346 says:

I use the Luna headset in Cyan. Works a treat - never runs out. I charge the pebble/case once a week on my drive to work and otherwise the earpiece stays full. And it works with Cortana quite well to recognise my commands (with my dodgy accent - Northern Irish that gets confused with South African, Australian, Canadian and American). Only looked now on Amazon, didn't realise that the Luna was as expensive as that; mine was a gift from Nokia.
I had a parrot installed a long time ago and it just doesn't cut it these days, so the Luna is perfect. Also have a Belkin Car Connect but it sounds like I'm eating gravel so its only useful for music streaming to my Aux port (gone through so so many 3.5m M-M cables over the years, none are durable enough).

Saibot 2011 says:

Why always twitter???

That is actually a very cool feature! I would like to see someone demo that on video.

I really want (need...) to win this... Thanks for having a nice global competing!!! Have more like this!!!

tangledW says:

My next phone, unless rumors of a full high end Nokia come out soon.

TkdMacGeek1 says:

Nokia only contacts you if you create a twitter account to contact their stupid NokiaCare!

DVELOPinc says:

Rather it be Twitter than Facebook. Not all of us use Facebook.

SwimSwim says:

That's because it DOES. The HTC One has kind of a "meh" camera. Not necessarily bad, but not crazy good either. Meanwhile, PureView devices have REALLY GOOD cameras, tough to beat.

downup says:

Done and done

I expect the next lumia will have this feature

My concern with on screen buttons is that they will have lagging issues or there will be occasions where they do not respond properly due to too many apps running...etc....I'm willing to try it but I probably would prefer hardware buttons.

tangledW says:

Just as my 822 was at the time, upper/mid-range. Spec wise, the only difference between the 822 & 920 were screen size & resolution I think.

TkdMacGeek1 says:

YAY!  Not just open to the US! lol

True but at least they are showing how the WP operating systems is waaaaay more efficient on the same hardward when compared to Android.

Great deal says:

would be great if you can create macro blasts, eg close curtains, lower screen, switch on projector, av system, tv box, maybe lighting in future too.

Narr says:

Correction to the article, it looks as though they'll only support Outlook and Gmail out of the box not Exchange. Too bad as I really need Exchange support, and a client that I can attach office docs to an email.

GOingMADd says:

Did I mention I need a new phone.

That's how I feel whenever I see the Facebook contests. I'll never have a Facebook, those guy are just Google Jr.

NokianWP says:

Cool feature.
Those on screen buttons are shown when a screenshot is taken...

I feel that my 920 has a better camera than the M8 as well which is kinda sad since my phone is nearly 2 years old!

usman567 says:

Nokia should make headset like LG! That headset was amazing !

neil0311 says:

Why would I waste my phone battery when I have a remote control that does the job better? Maybe I'm just old, but I don't feel the need for my phone to have an app to wipe my butt when I poop and toast my bread for breakfast.

ejabbabaje says:

I hopd amoled display

usman567 says:

Does this function require WiFi to use ?

Yeah good luck to those of us who actually OWN a WP, now unlike me those people can enter to win another one. -.-

SwimSwim says:

If you can control your media center via IR Blaster, you /might/be able to manually set it up. Can't say for certain, though, seeing as I don't have it.

NokianWP says:

I wouldn't mind if it meant removable battery and micro SD. (on a high end 6in). Nokia/MS know how to make quality phones.