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spectre51 says:

These things look like a lot of fun. Not sure I would want to be holding my surface pro to pilot it...a WP app would be much nicer. The tricks it can do are pretty sweet too.

Not bad guys. I'm not a fan of purple but the rest looks great, although I'm not a fan of that menu bar coming up whenever I scroll up.

Great job guys.

It looks really fun and amazing to play with, but the price is the only offputting thing about it though

I find a good option for you

Nokia 105 it has 128x128 display and 800mAh battery with 840 hours standby time

future phones use solar display to harge batteries

you don't need to charge your phone.

Adreno 430 will be awesome on 2K display

display is a part of quality.

The_Lord23 says:

What do I like? Well... It's a drone!! (my neighbour's dog won't be bothering me again). What don't I like? The lack of a Windows Phone app is a slight annoyance and 15 minutes of flying time isn't ages but that's to be expected for such a power-hungry device. To make it better? Fix the above! xD

george1027 says:

Very cool. Can't wait to see what Go-Pro uses for their next product. I gotta imagine they are already working on expanding into this market of integrated cameras/drone devices. Right?
I Would love to have one of these either way, camera looked good enough to me. Good enough for a drone selfie! :)

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Jf.Vigor says:

Nah purple is the business Dan

Two things:

1) What happened to landscaping typing in the WPC app?

2) Would be nice to have a better notification system on the app and website for comments. Email is sooooo.... 2002

First of all, I'm not trying to be rude I'm just noting my response to the website. I know it's just been up and I'm looking forward to the final version.

Here it goes, these is my first reaction. Not a huge fan of the colour but I might get used to it. The colour scheme is all over the place really.The links up top could do with some spacers (lines in between each other. Like you;ve done with the banner on the home page.. with the Lumia cyan coverage and 8.1 stuff etc). WPC logo looks nice but I thought it was pink/red? Just find the spacing of things a little weird. Since you've done icons for Forums and Shop you might want to keep it consistant with the other links.

Loving the drop down hamburger menu! Actually, liking all the drop down things. Also the scrolling headlines is neat!

KidX says:

it looks cool, but a little bit lagging for me

This new design is ugly :C

SK_Lynch says:

I wonder what that phone is

The_Lord23 says:

Indeed. I live in London and one would expect the first store to open there...

Please add feeling's!

Tran Viet says:

Awesome, we're going to have tons of sneaky shaky videos :D.

The_Lord23 says:

Wow, whereabouts are you?

Even the non-beta app on WP is much faster than the official one on my iPhone 4, although this update makes the app even faster (they finally fixed the slow pictures scrolling).

sayedqd says:

A $300 toy. Damn.

Pankaz Kumar says:

Why beta not shown in store... Or its just for me .

powerd says:

Is this waterproof or rainproof? I would like to be able to fly it without having to worry about rain messing the circuitry.
Also can it float if it falls in a lake ;)

PS: Make it work with Cortana in the upcoming windows phone app. It would be really cool to be able to say "let's fly home" or "Cortana, land the drone".

unknownguns says:

You need to calm down... It's not like Microsoft went "lets put a hold on preview customers just for the lols..." Instead its that they have found a major bug and have decided to fix it... In your eyes they lose either way... As if you was able to update and it messed up your phone you would complain... But now they are trying to fix it... You still complain... When developing games, apps and especially OS updates, its not gunna be a bed of roses... Your gunna come across major bugs.

Well.... Yes, that is exactly as i want it

salcie says:

Cool gadget, but usualy theese remote toys are a hard compromise between different features. For me, durability would be the most important feature, together with how expensive replacement parts are. And a WP app, but that is in the works..

Saad Azhar says:

I think this is a waste of money based on my previous experience. I got a flying disk two years ago and it crashed from about 6 foot height. Unfortunately it died on the spot. Don't know about this one though, as you said in your article that you crashed it sometimes. This one feels a little unreliable. But the windows support, the cameras and the 165 for height is what I like.

jgpatricio says:

Choosing the color option would be epic!

drewsuruncle says:

I'll stick to the WP app on mobile.

owww I like it.

Putting it down for my WP users out here in Canoga Park!!! Woot woot!!! Can't wait to stroll through the Microsoft Store, right across from those Apple pickers, its gonna be so damn great!!

Benny1434 says:

Completely agree 100%! Love my Lumia 925, it's an absolutely perfect and great looking phone!

spinzeroWL says:

They get all sorts of user interaction and telemetry info.

majic1 says:

Daniel sorry to bother you but I sent you a question last night regarding the 8.1 preview for dev & 8.1cyan & taking phone back to factory state with recovery tool to reinstall cyan update

AndyM72 says:

Dan, this isn't an issue as such, but can you suggest to all the other members of Mobile Nations that to the right side of the Mobile Nations icon in the top bar, you put an M and N in the Mobile Nations logo typeface.

It's currently too easy to miss.

sharadh says:

amazing interface! new color options will sure be cool to have although this one is not too bad either! looking forward for more changes! gud luck:)


jojoe42 says:

Good on the developers for being so open and releasing on all three platforms simultaneously!!! Proof that some of MS' hard work will/is eventually pay off :P 

Nezzox says:

Well my feed is still cluttered with all kinds of shit that was hidden I my android version. That is what I think should be addressed first.

Me_Will_I_Am says:

The app itself for sphero doesn't work on wp 8.1 dev. preview. Downgrading to wp8 might to the job!

O_Ramos says:

Guys i think theres some lag playing it with moga.

Nothing for Montreal....

abduz says:

You can go to calendar settings and uncheck one of them

Asceish says:

I will better get a cheap Drone and hang my Lumia 720 to it... It would still be much cheaper and better HD video recording along with the sounds...

cybermoose89 says:

Anyone here from the UK get the cyan update for there country variant 1520 ?

How about they improve viber already ? (Love new facebook update though) 

Thelmie says:

I used to think these "toy" Quadcopter were the business. Especially when looking around seeing "proper" quadcopters costing silly money of $1k+ even for a small, basic one. 

Then I found a chap from England on youtube called Peter North with his shop,, who offers "proper" individually built and tested quad or hex copters with full GPS, customisable waypoint navigation, return to home safety features, and the ability to attach gimbals for GoPro's and the like. Obviously the more you add the more you spend, but they start from $450.


After finding that I can't see any value whatsoever in these toys anymore. They ARE fun, though.

Asceish says:

Same here... Would be rusted till developers get to WP... Better I shall buy a remote controlled drone with my Lumia attached to it...

Zohaib ZJ says:

Oh come on still missing so much features...still showing maximum 25 notifications i cant get my all notifications it just shows only first 25...please fix it post from friends in news feed..we want a complete perfect app that fulfills every one's need..please make equal and same to same app for windows,ios and android..

armagezon says:

Such a huge company and has stores only in the US (and Canada, Sherlock, ok). On the other hand, Apple has stores even here in Greece, so we shouldn't wonder for some bad facts about MS.