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FacilisDK says:

This baby runs smooth as butter. I made a port forward in my routers NAT to my pc's IP port 3389, and woilla. Even runs good over 3G❕

Wael Hasno says:

Sweden here, also a Day One Edition owner. (grew up in Greece by the way, so we're kind of neighbours!)

tochmi says:

Thanks!!! but deactivating and reactivating the glance screen then too. The problem occurs every time I open a remote desktop...OMG flip glance screen!!

Ahmed Rih says:

well, I can't do that since I'm at work. also the public IP is shared among the network users ( NAT i guess or ...)


Can I get it to work with lan? Like I have a computer and my Phone using the same router. I want that my phone should be able to use desktop using lan because its faster and wont use any bandwidth.

Wam1q says:

The credentials you use to sign in on your PC. If you have a local account, enter your account name and password and if you have a Microsoft account, use your Microsoft credentials.

Teamviewer has done the job for me for many years, Microsoft has come late to the game again and again, hope Microsoft reads all these comments and step into the game

Its says Verizon has 13.4 then 2 sentences later Verizon has 13.7...just wondering did you me T-mobile has 13.7?

Cyruss1989 says:

I rather wait and use it on my HTC One where it is availeble for me ;)

It would be awesome if they brought all them features in the Middle East, Microsoft is like everywhere in the Middle East

nameisak47 says:

Always... For this too

przemo_pl says:

no workee at my side as well: not found.

thanks anyway for your reply!

Wam1q says:

Change your region and download.

venetasoft says:

Happy to live in Italy and to own the day one edition ;)

Cyruss1989 says:

No luck - thanks anyhow though

theflew says:

Selecting "All Settings" will prompt for password. Some quick settings will prompt for password and some don't (e.g. brightness will not, but wifi will).

kenzibit says:

Why can't they just make this connect straight away with just a few simple steps? I've tried everything but still can't connect and my PC Remote Pro that I bought can even no longer connect again. I've f**ked my my PC settings now. :(


UPDATE: Now under credentials, what is the username and password? The same as my Microsoft account?

Wam1q says:

It doesn't toggle flight mode when your phone is locked. You need the password to unlock and toggle it.

xxxneoxxx says:

Lol, and within the hour:

Should've posted this rant sooner! :D

Wael Hasno says:

Most of the Bing services are unavailable to most countries. Same goes for Surface.

Wam1q says:

Flight mode cannot be toggled without the password.

ashokpun says:


Wam1q says:

Asks for the password. Doesn't automatically unlock when the ' All settings' cogwheel is tapped.

paulheu says:

Make sure port 3389 is open for UDP traffic on your router to access from the internet.

mike_msfan says:

Completely supporting your opinion. Dont force such numbers on user MS. Let them choose.. then those who need only 4 will be happy and also those who need 10... Empower the user... let them choose.... 

India is a larger market.. Sadly MS overlooks it so many times !
First surface (all), then Xbox one.. And not to mention, most of the bing services..

hethler says:

Wow, Philippines now included on AdDuplex's data gathering. With the release of dual-sim Lumia 630, I hope Windows Phone will be able to lure more users :)

pauljrtz says:

Good for them

Wam1q says:

Not there on my 1020 with show more tiles enabled.

Ahmed Rih says:

Finally it worked .

the problem was that I was using the external IP , once I used the internal IP of my laptop in the network it worked

alokinalset says:

Using this app and the same other remote desktop app give user name and password error even im using the correct one.

Wam1q says:

Nope. Asks for the password.

tpitts15 says:

I've used PC remote for years but I'm about to delete it as this is much more fluid, functional, and better designed. PC remote was a great app for me going all the way back to the wp7 days, but this finally trumps it.

Nik Rolls says:

It's to do with the screen size rather than the resolution. 6" and larger get the extra quick setting.

Cyruss1989 says:

Doesn't work in Germany either.

Tomasz S. says:

Won't connect.
Error 0x207 - session ended because of a protocol error.

theflew says:

Actually any appointment that has an address associated with it will cause Cortana to show drive time.

paulheu says:

If you're going through the router make sure port 3389 is open for UDP traffic

Will6371 says:

Some people are just stupid. If you could find the option to turn off notification banners you are either blind, stupid or you didn't look at the settings.

tochmi says:

Glance screen is 180 degrees rotated after the install this app!! Resolve plz!! Lumia 1020 with 8.1 and Glance background

przemo_pl says:

Damn! Is anybody having 'NOT FOUND' in the store after using link from the description?

Is this preview limited only to some regions? I'm from Poland and usingg wp8.1 dev preview on my 1020 and it says 'not found' o.O

The_Lord23 says:

Oh XP, how we love you so!

I ❤ windows phone

Elton LAU says:

I get the same problem here. Actually I use the school's Wi-Fi network. But I've opened the remote function even for the public/work network. How can I fix this?

Phone: 920
WIndows 7 (Package 1)

mike_msfan says:

I was having the same concern as rndtan and have been asking many, but never got a clear response... Thanks for the reply alvinsfb... have u used it? and seen it asks for a password... Also another user says that one could tap on the settings cogwheel icon in the action center and the phone unlocks even if locked with a password... is that true???

Musicman247 says:

So why didn't you? ._.

Conan143 says:

Anyone how to configure it ......

Edwardlb20 says:

Nope, using WiFi