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Viipottaja says:

It. Not her/you. :)

Samsung Captivate, a Galaxy S phone.

Dropped it in a pool. Took 2 days but if finally got to working. I don't use it anymore but I do play around with CyanogenMod nightlies and not one issue.


Hope you liked my story.

Amazing list. Gonna use all of these!

xankazo says:

What does the verb "to dish" really mean? I think I have been misinterpreting it my whole life. I thought it meant something negative. English is not my native language btw.

Soble says:

I said cortana she said yes chief

Sin Ogaris says:

So you won't buy a high end Nokia then seeing as they are frigging plastic (except the 925 from memory).

Very well Mic... why should I pass over the Ativ SE?  It's got more of what I want, exclusives are likely going to go away as MS works to integrate the entire ecosystem, and garner more OEM support.  Samsung is generally well regarded in term of hardware.  My 810 hasn't exactly lead me to believe Nokia plastic is better than Samsung plastic. 


Right now, the 930 and the Ativ SE appear to be near identical in terms of specs and features.  Biggest issues being that Nokia lacks an SD slot, glance, or even style at this point.  Since Samsung hasn't really changed the design all that much, it does appear Nokia has slipped.  The Icon/930 is a step back from the previous flagships as far as I'm concerned.  I have no reason to only look at Nokia alone anymore.

wolfgangjr says:

Game hub is useless in 8.1.

Fritzly says:


wolfgangjr says:

No. Makes a mess. A game hub was and is intuitive.

Steven Curl says:

I wonder if I can get my Xbox one to have a conversation with Cortana, that would be pretty rad.

MarcinKe says:

Worst idea ever. It was good, games were kept separately. Why change something that worked so well?

danielgray says:

Maybe an option to hide the games in the Sapp list would be good.

Never played with the Trophy, but I know someone who uses one til this day. 

My cousin had the Surround and sister had the Quantum. At the time all 3 of us had all the WP devices AT&T had to offer with my Focus. I liked the Surround's functional LED notification light, handled text messages and missed calls, was very handy.

RobinhoSpink says:

That free £20 got me Trials Fusion on 360. Lumias Rock!

wolfgangjr says:

Soooo you made your own limited hub. Kind of pointless had they kept the old hub and improved it Instead.

Steven Curl says:

Have you posted on the forums, because it seems like this is an issue with your WiFi, not necessarily the phone hardware or Cortana? I can't imagine Cortana using anything other than 80 or 443, but its always a possibility.

Kram Sacul says:

Suddenly having games in the app list is so dumb and backward thinking it shouldn't have made it to any release. A lot like the new photo "hub" and not having the system tray hide anymore.  Make it an option at least.

MrGoodSmith says:

The way Windows 8 displays installed programs is a step backwards from Windows 7, mainly because it loses the sub menus when you install bigger software, not to mention the inconvenience of scrolling horizontally through a long list of bigger icons.

I was able to create a new toolbar in the taskbar and point it to the start menu folder, and then minimize it and place it beside the start button so that when I click on a small arrow I get the old programs menu without a third party tool.

Sin Ogaris says:

For me I much prefered the Games Hub, I have been rather vocal about this already.

I liked the fact that it listed your most recent games at the top, I liked that it separated out Live enabled games. I also liked that I could quickly check my achievements and swipe across to the store link.

The Xbox has games separate to apps, my computer I have actively separated games from applications (Windows 7 still). Work and play are separate things so I much prefer them to be separated.

The current games hub I completely useless they might as well have just removed it and put the games in the app list. I used to ha ave the games hub on my main screen but not any more. Now it isn't even pinned.

SwimSwim says:

Seems like a great choice. I'll still take Nokia, but options are always great.

Mark Richey says:

I have been listening to Haunted Empire. I had forgotten that Siri was far from a great success when she was ruled out. It is great to see Cortana step up with far more on board than did Siri right out of the box.

rollindadice says:

I installed the Developer Preview on my gf's HTC 8x, she's in love with it, she told me how she set alarm with Cortana  among many other suff, no issues for her, I'm due to get my Lumia 1020 within 2 weeks time,  can't wait!

OMG55 says:

That's weird, I have 2 HTC 8x's, 2 920's, 3 Icons, 3 Lumia 928's, 3 Lumia 822's, and none of the has given me issues!

They light up when you touch them. Otherwise it's hidden.

ttarbuck says:

Trust me, it looks horrible. It was the first thing I noticed when I updated my phone and my instant reaction was "WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE?!"

wolfgangjr says:

Wow. It's amazing how the itards and android users completely killed the neat hub experience that 7 and 8 had. Now we conform to the lowest common denominator. So what exactly makes a windows phone unique?

mjrtoo says:

I do not like it.

No not at all! Why is Microsoft trying to take away their glory of hub.. The best part of windows phone is lost.. And there are no games in the newly updated games hub!!!! S so boring and awful..

TheRem says:

I love Instafont. :)

tallgeese says:

I haven't had any issues with setting or clearing alarms via Cortana.

wpn00b says:

Thanks for the proposal but I have to say I feel contrary to that Android mindset of "just install this to do this". I'd rather pressure Microsoft to put in the work to perfect this operating system. I hate that people think being able to have 1600 applications installed equals a superior OS.

mrllano says:

I don't want it on my app drawer

Ticomfreak says:

I think it makes the games more discoverable...

I was confused when I got my first Windows Phone, back during the NoDo days.

TheRem says:

It doesn't bother me.

Steven Curl says:

This is the one thing I can't figure the motivation for. This is just not a necessary change. I understand the need to appify games, music, video, Bing, etc, but they need to make sure this doesn't impact the user. Making an app that can be updated independently does not mean you can't make it a requirement on the phone, so its not like users will uninstall games and be unable to find their games, it will always be installed, just updated on its own.

OMG55 says:

I love windows phone and cortana, but let's just be glad we have a competent assistant and stop bashing competition; let the greatness speak for itself

SwimSwim says:

Huh, wish this guide was around before I got a Mobile Share plan. When they first came out, they unaffordable, but now? Only decent way to go if you're on AT&T, and it includes tethering.

Still, nice for people putting up with the evil taint that is the carrier.

freshfelicio says:

Of course only in US. We, the minority, in such underdeveloped countries that are not worth supporting, dont even have this "search results while you type" thing. Nor a decent Bing Maps. Nor Social Search. Nor offline language packs for Bing translator. But thats the price for living outside the US.

cknorthpole says:

Works fine on 1520 under wifi.

Jim Bob4 says:

Had no problem last night on t-mobile USA.

Ticomfreak says:

Lots of people using 6.27AM....

I remember when that was first featured :-) I had it and it was great, but I needed the space :(

marcodci says:

I like listed have walppaper too and the games in the games not the list and list more organized white icons Moore practice. Lumia 925 WP 8.1

jcrus says:

No idea what problem you're having, works for me just fine on my 1520

wpn00b says:

No sir I don't like it!

lippidp says:

I'm saying IR blasters were standard on all mobile devices back in the early 2000's.  Then they were dropped for some reason and are now making a comeback.

MarkTurbo says:

Rubbish! Cortana works fine on my 1520 while on Wi-Fi

tbonenga says:

Dude if you don't like the SE that's cool. Grab a Icon. I just agree with the interviewer. It looks sleek and impressive. I wouldn't get one though. A NO CAMERA BUTTON is a NO BUY for me.

fdruid says:

Works like a charm, I'm setting alarms all the time.