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thakur_68 says:

Still says parsing error. It says open the article in browser and follow the link from there.

bawajose says:

Bad request.... my bad!

Edit: Searched in the store and got it! Thanks!!!

nuna12 says:

It's strongly advised an account is set up during this stage for previously stored backup to be applied and loaded, but do note that you cannot change the Microsoft Account on the handset. Penis Enlargement Bible Reviews

i want to know that when my 720 will get 8.1 update ... plzz tell me .. how much time it ll take to roll out india .. ??

There are SO MANY banks and their branches in India!

Will see if we need that. Other platforms, yes.

N0ki4N says:

Is there an universal version on the way?

My bad. The link has been fixed. D'oh! I had to do it with my app. :-)

Either of GOM Player and KM Player would be better suited to your needs then. Both are excellent at what they do. Try them out.

Why the app size is 12 mb, it is meant to be a text database of codes.

Parsing error in link plz fix dat ..!! :)

Sawan Soni says:

Where to upload link plz??

It says parsing error

Link not working for app download

sidn625 says:

Link to download app not working, it says parsing error

rudedog1979 says:

Hmmmm, looks pretty much like the Google Adverts (Google Now)... even the animation, is OK do!

:D I vaguely remember from my student days as a photographer that is difficult (impossible) to tell the difference if there arent any visible signs such as mist. Is there a way to do a timestamp? Or we could look at the date and time the file was created?

This is an example, can you guess if it was taken in the morning or in the evening?

anmol_112 says:

The download link needs to be fixed :)

praveenchand says:

Link not working even after opening in browser. I downloaded directly from store(search"INcode")

Good to see you come out with your own app Abhishek.

By the way, the link is not working. It says :

Bad request

Something happened, and we're not sure what. Make sure you've got the right URL.


pg2900 says:

download app link is not working....

David P2 says:

Check in Excel (on a desktop) for any strange/outdated/complicated equations or functions - Excel on the phone doesn't like those - DATEDIF in particular (as I've found out).  If it comes across any of those it just opens it in readonly - so it's not a bug in the firmware.

umangpop777 says:

Good work :)

App download link is wrongly inputted. It's not working.

Wow your first app? Cool. Although don't have any use of it, since not from India. But still, Good work.

Wielbladek says:

Who cares about flipboard anyway ? It's not a productivity tool and have a lot better alternatives already. 

andy-hcn says:

I'm not a good photographer,but I will try my best:)

Rockartisten says:

Premenstrual syndrome laugh?

No? I have a separate folder where I put my videos and MoliPlayer plays them.

ajit920 says:

I use km player in that case..

palmujukka says:

No, Bing it.

SumairB says:

Wow. Brilliant fan video.

marcos86 says:

VLC is a good player, but it has awful subtitle rendering. Mpc-hc and Potplayer have a far, far better subtitle rendering. In VLC they look like old DVD subs...

Do like everyone VLC team ... BETA !!

Paul Dale says:

Its a really cool vid Microsoft should air it :)

praveen9779 says:

ya bro,wish flipboard comes to windowsphone early it's going to b 1yr from the day it was said to b released 

Badcard says:

Well done!

Samir Shah1 says:

I use desktop VLC exclusively under Windows 8.1. I will start using the Modern UI version when it comes. I should be ready when my Kingsing or equivalent tablet comes (Windows 8.1 tablet) (no sarcasm). I fully second Gaurav Bhattacharjee.



Jan Marcelo says:

Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.Chat heads PLEASE.

LSDigital says:

Only 7% after 4 hours of wifi streaming music? + bluetooth? are you sure? well, gotta try that...

Natsuga says:

Ok. Thnx guys.. I got it. Its all about binary

I am guessing if Cortana doesn't understand your accent when you use US, I doubt UK will either. I travel to ZA quite often and have many colleagues from ZA, but even i struggle a lot with the accent. US and Canada is really easy, NZ and Australia is also easy, but ZA can be really hard for a human, must be really hard for machine too.

pogon says:

Moliplayer can only play from camera roll, that is one major problem I have will the app.

Aman2901 says:

Anytime broda!!

rollindadice says:

Fan of windows phone now because of video or fan of guy who created video? For me it's both

So professional creation of video ..!! WP8.1 aint lame ;)

rollindadice says:

Yeah same thing I wanna know,we can use it ourselves to promote the platform