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1IV54IV3 says:

Is sbdy needs a perfect case for the 930:
IMHO this is the best case available. You can get it in black, green and orange. The colored part seems to be made of polyurethane, the clear part of polycarbonate. It looks great and is really high quality ;-)

Fndlumia says:

Really? Next time you post a comment try switching your brain on first...... Wow

Force2Reckon says:

same here on my own 620

when scenarios that you need to put out and take emergency shots i use the native cam, but when im not in a hurry and just want to take some shots, i then use nokia camera app

Moaske says:

Finally, after about 50 mins, my new backup completed without problems.

I'm on a Lumia 1020 (EU) with the Dev Preview up to WP8.1.1
Seems this tip resolved the issue after all... Ow; and I deleted Live Lockscreen already some time ago: it's a horrific resource hog that slows your phone down and doesn't add enough added value at all for me...

Hoekie says:

W9 will overshadow iphone for sure. At least outside of the US. Like to see it happen. Just 1 hour later :)

TLRtheory says:

Nothing really... it was actually a labyrinth of subdirectories and inefficiency that I only really dealt with because it was mandatory at the time. By all means, the Start Screen made everything I used to do easier to access, and it's the first version of Windows to feature something comparable to the workspaces Linux users brag about.

The key here is that it was familiar... and people do have a right to get upset when their familiarity is taken away without Microsoft letting them know how to use the medium that replaces it. That's why I honestly don't blame any of the people who made the switch to Mac when Windows 8 came out. A simple tutorial of a couple minutes that has enough promotion to impact the masses would've done wonders... but all we get is a "Help & Tips" app that is hilariously easy to overlook...

exkerZ says:

Hey I'm on your side about this. It just takes time. And siri doesn't handle your language? Which one do you speak?

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vjollila96 says:

I agree with u

monotheist says:

Since the day i updated to 8.1 Update 1, DP , my camera has just stopped working. I see many people posting about this in WP forums and also in msdn, WP needs to do a story on this. There is no work around/solution in sight. :(

vjollila96 says:

Upgrade to 8 it's way better than shitty 7

Force2Reckon says:

check the WP store

HenkW says:

Agreed 100%.
Do hope such fix can be applied without needing the backup.
For unknown reasons my 8.10.14147.180 install fails to see the next 8.10.14157.200 build. Seems like not only the backup-, but also the update mechanism is broken?!?

vjollila96 says:

For me start screen is bit awkward to use on tablet. For me it works best with keyboard and mouse. Windows 8 is my favorite windows

IlkkaV says:

It doesn't even have to handle my language. Siri doesn't, but it doesn't prevent me from using it here. Why couldn't Cortana do the same?

Dazzi says:

That's what I thought, and by his other comment above this, he seems to be trying his hardest to bullshit people. The question is why? lol

Piyush2997 says:

U can stick to any surface as mentioned by #mohitjksharma above Windows 9 will be free for surface owners....

Ivan Hristov says:

Nokia Camera Beta on 820 :)

SwimSwim says:

No way that's the logo, too ugly.

Mayur says: has 12 windows :/

I agree the Nokia app is so slow to launch. Thinking of switching back too. 1520.

exkerZ says:

Okay fair enough.

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mwindows8 says:

IOS is about falling,Android is about boring,WP is about waiting....

We'r waiting.

exkerZ says:

Very good point, but it doesn't change that cortana still cant do other languages. But soon...

I wanna practice my many languages with her xD

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TLRtheory says:

I've actually found that metro is easier to teach people who aren't tech savvy.

Being that a lot of my clients just want to have email and get on the internet, I've found a lot of value in the Start Screen for them. They don't have to bog down their system (and get the typical slew of infections) with weather software because the Start Screen simply shows it... in fact, everything is one-click accessible, they have a direct mail client right there so I don't have to fight with outlook's bullcrap, and the Windows key takes them home. Teaching my grandma how to use Windows XP (then 7) was hell... but my session teaching her 8 was painless :/

The exception to this are the old timers who just want things to be familiar. Then I just install classic shell, get their outlook express running and call it quits.

Coman Bogdan says:

100% right and wtf was so special about the old start buton that every1 cries about?Some1 englihten me

exkerZ says:

Trade offs.

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HenkW says:

Have the issue here as well on my 1020 8.1 update 1 preview.
Seems the problem started after the 8.0 roll back to get cyan.
Also deleting the backup through OneDrive webinterface does not solve. However the new created backup fails at 98% there seems to be quite some settings stored at OneDrive.
Lock screen image or Lock screen app beta ruled out as a cause.

Dhanush STR says:

My Lumia 1520 is Sleeping on its Speaker

Giddora says:

Doesn't matter... I do NOT want to be profiled by a company that earns money by profiling... In my world it's worse than governments profiling their citizens since it's for profits. And giving services I don't use access to my profile/information... Nah.

TechFreak1 says:

HAHA, good commercial... shame Cortana doesn't sound remotely like Cortana at all in the UK... T_T..

exkerZ says:

The person's att rep doesnt care to sell windows phone since the money is with android and iphone considering they sell better and.. Well less chance of dumb customers returning and saying "my windows phone doesn't have -insert app here- so i prefer iphone or ill fall behind on kim kardashian" or something.

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SwimSwim says:

Well, seeing as this is a US commercial, selling a device that can only be bought by people in the US... I'm going to have to say the gripe about "US only" is not valid in this instance.

This commercial isn't trying to sell internationally, so limited international Cortana support is fine.

LyLgoesWP says:

I prefer Nokia Camera Beta on my 1020! It seems to me much clearer than the standard one

samicp says:

Btw, there's a new extras+info update

Max Monteiro says:

What an ugly logo

TLRtheory says:

If you truly care that much about the ability to resize a modern application, get ModernMix and be done with it like so many others have (and before the generic retort comes up that companies would be opposed to a third-party solution, keep in mind that Lenovo and some other OEMs already bundle in start menu replacements like Pokki).

Also, what makes you feel that zooming to a category is pointless? In practice, that actually does give the solution to the problem you present... how people could lose the name of something they know the location of is questionable enough, but zooming out to see categories then clicking on the one you want does focus your view area directly to that.

Charms are a dumb idea for a mouse, but a mouse also isn't the ideal way of using them. Given that you know about Win+C already, you should also know how much more efficient it is to tap Win+C, then use arrow keys/enter (not a mouse) to navigate that area (ftr; I'm not entirely favorable of charms being tucked away in that sidebar - I'd rather have them aligned at the top of the screen where we have search and power).

There's also something of a contradiction in this thought process... you say things like "You have to do some silly gesture with a mouse." when you know Win+C debunks that... for every "fancy gesture" you dislike, there's a more traditional shortcut... and just as a principle of design, elements of certain environments will disappear and thusly be hidden simply so we don't have persistent bars hogging up the real estate of our interface.

exkerZ says:

Lol for the first time i will say this. Your information may be sold, but it is anonymous thanks to the coded advertising ID they generate for you. So no matter what, even if your info is sold...

No one can tell the difference between you and Bob.

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MartLea says:

This advice 'tip' has been around for ages now but in most cases for 8.1 Pre f Dev users it just does not work. Backups always stall at around 96 or 97% with the "There was a problem ..." error message. Checking OneDrive backups seems to show some sort of backup was taken but it is still a risk deleting and and we continue to wait for MSFT to fix this issue so that WP has a backup/restore process that is reliable and works properly.

HenkW says:

Same here

Daniel Yei says:

Can't wait!

Piyush2997 says:

Same here me to using Windows 7 and thinking to upgrade directly to Windows 9


Try setting an out of office rule in the email client for iOS. No, you can't but apparently there is an app for that. WP can do it natively.

iamakii says:

Good times ahead!

cnathcb says:

Nokia Camera Beta (Y)

jomarr says:

They should make Metro a tick in settings. They should have the desktop by default. I love Windows 8 but for people who aren't tech savvy, they should prioritize them as they are the majority. We are in the minority. The modern start screen should not go away but they should make the desktop the default.

psychotron says:

Why would they ask this in China? Aren't they trying to drive Windows out of the market?

TLRtheory says:

The lapse in logic that sends this entire train of thought crashing down is your assumption that I'm opposed to anything but MIcrosoft thowing away their integrity to backstep... and the consequential assumption that I think nothing but perfection of W8.

Sorry, but that's simply incorrect. It was a cute attempt at irony though.