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The lag in the system is not very consistent from device to device, perhaps due to OEM optimization or lack thereof. But the idea that a Windows Phone can lag, even if it is just a problem with a particular device, is bothersome to my conscience.

Take a look for yourselves -

Um... the average consumer isn't buying Nokias.  That was the problem.

Viva Windows Mobile & Lumia!!! :)

Looks like it does better than Storyteller with landscape vs portrait photos. Storyteller cuts a lot of the pictures out....bad formatting.

I still have have a theory that Nokia will buy HTC once Nokia and Microsoft's agreement is complete. When Nokia and HTC settled their IP dispute, I just got the feeling that there was a little handshake wink wink agreement going on. HTC and Apple (and maybe Sony, now) are the only companies that can rival Nokia's build quality and craftsmanship, and HTC has been underperforming in the sales. Along with the money Nokia received from Microsoft, they're making money off of licensing, and they haven't been spending all their money on research and development. Nokia and HTC would be a great combination that actually makes sense.

So will we get a full review of the M8 soon? Have you experienced random reboots like others have reported?

No, that was fine. It's acceptable to rave about the Zune on any site, at any time. Carry on.

Microsoft Mobile has replaced Nokia.  Lumia is still Lumia.  Microsoft Mobile is the hardware manufacturer.  Lumia is the brand.  And Windows is the OS.

I hear so many new and unknown apps here like liveleak. Liveleak is something I haven't heard before and I think sobering that has nothing more to offer Mr from YouTube, dailymotion or others

Lumia name is probably gonna leave too in replacement of Microsoft mobile, because there wasn't an agreement completed when Microsoft tried to acquire Lumia website which owners didn't agree to sell

Been a Liveleak member for 7.5 years, so this is awesome. But I wish I could log in and save videos to my account favorites. That's close to a deal breaker, but at least the app works faster than IE :)

Lumia babe is probably gonna leave too in replacement of Microsoft mobile, because they're wasn't an agreement completed when Microsoft tried to acquire Lumia website which owners didn't agree to sell

I hope HTC releases the ZOE app for the One for Windows soon, It's a cool app.

I still have a dvp(factory unlocked att spec) I use when I travel but since a few months ago the icon with a carrier locked ativ s as a backup is what im using

One theory I have is really dumb: I think it is easy to get fingerprints on the lens of the One, which causes blurry/dull photos if not caught. I know it seems silly, but I tend to wipe my lens before taking a photo.

Other than that, literally nothing unique was done, no tripods, no mounts, etc. Just handheld and snapping.

I don't agree. If anything, Nokia is Mercedes and Microsoft is Yahama. The first an old renouned phone brand. The second a old renouned brand but with zero expertise and experience in mobile phones.

I like the HTC M8. The problem is HTC support on their phones, it's always a blockage for me.

Never knew anyone can get Daniel ticked, now I know. Show him Danny boy.
To be honest, I was very surprised and very impressed with the images you got out of that HTC.
I have wondered though why HTC did not demo shots like you did or why most other analyst or end users were unable to get those types of shots consistently?
Once again, I loved those shots, but I will still stay with Lumia, they have not given me reasons to leave Lumia

LOL Oh boy...I hope you won't miss me too much for I should start to be around here a lot less from end of next week/beginning of October... ;P

I still don't get what support they are talking about when they haven't released any OS updates to 7.8 in over a year. What have they been supporting?

It's pretty simple, until there's proper extension support like Chrome and Firefox, I will never use IE as my main browser.

Maybe that is when they will introduce a new Lumia device. Like a successor to the 1020. Fingers crossed.

All signs suggest nothing big from Microsoft until spring, timed to Threshold :/ Wish I were wrong on that, but with McLaren canned, the HTC One is 'plan B' for Microsoft.

@DaveGx I was a Verizon customer for 10 in a location where we might get 3g if the wind is blowing the right direction. Bought their $300 booster - doesn't help. I just left and went to TMobile - who's service isn't any better but the ability to call and text over WiFi is priceless! Actually making calls from my cell phone while at home...what a concept!

I do like it a lot, much more than I thought I would, TBH. Combined with the fact that this is the only flagship for the fall (unless Samsung has something), the One is really the next-big story, especially if it goes global.