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I had the overheating issue, and it was resolved by removing the cortana tile from the start screen...
That was the problem for sure

Not much.
Read by searching WPCental the features of denim. But it will bring a whole new Lumia Camera (rebranded Nokia Camera) with some niche features.

Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.

MS is respected? Time to get out of that bubble you're living in. MS is like shit in front of most people.

I told my friends that I am buying a Lumia. Their reaction, "Dude! Are you crazy or anything? Windows Phone sucks." 

Well they take only 8mp and 5mp shots so it's not a big deal. Any camera would be fast in those contitions.

Also Ms's next firmware will improve drastically the camera speed especialy for the S800 Lumias. 

Having issues with Kogan warranty, not sure I would like to purchase anything from them. This phone has less redundancies to wake, was saved by the camera button after the switch fell off. No more soft starts. N625

Let's hope that it will be less than 20, 000.
It will definitely (i think) be more than the 720s launch price. So I am guessing somewhere near 25, 0000. But well, I am just speculating.

Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.

Keeping this comment related to the article, the "Cyan ramp-up" sounds promising for us Verizon customers. He may just be talking about non-carrier unlocked phones though. All we can do at this point is wait...

I think it would be fair to say that the top end iPhone camera is now vulnerable to the mid range Lumia camera of a year ago. The top end Lumia camera (1020) still outperforms it and the top end camera from two years ago (920) can probably still give it a run for its money, as can the low midrange camera currently being launched (830). So, take away, way to catch up iPhone... Until the next high end Lumia camera launche and you are again a generation or two behind ;)

Well you are wrond.

Without all the "for me" and "seems" the 1520 definitely takes much better photos in low light. How can the i6 surprise more detail with it's 8mp camera while not beeing able to balance corectly the ligh in bad condition is beyond mee. 

Aussie reader here. I don't comment here much but I almost religiously follow WPC via RSS daily.


Moving on, I'm currently sporting a Nokia Lumia 520 and it's definitely time to upgrade. I'm not really interested in the 730/735 so I'm hanging out for pricing of the 830, which is essentially a cheaper version of the 930.

Nope-HTC M8 has reboot issues and I am still not sure of how it will get supported, same.issue for me with the Samsung ATIV SE, Icon has no glance and sdcard slot, and the 928 has no sdcard slot. There is nothing at Verizon that has glance, wireless charging and a sdcard slot. The closest I can get to all three is actually with a Galaxy 5s at the moment.

You confused the pictures probably bucause in that particular case the 1520 is much better. You can clearly see that the picture taken with the 1520 is brighter, has more detail and less noise by a large margin.


And even the 925 will take better shots in low light than the i6+ especialy if you play a little with the settings.


I'm an Aussie and I'm saying the 930 is where its at. I'll think about the 1020 replacement when it gets here.

400 AUD is still cheaper than the Lumia 720 when it launched in Romania ( ~510 aud) 

Nokia Lumia 930 user from Pakistan. I am still at version 14252. Just tried checking for updates and my phone is already up to date. No update available here. Any idea when will the updates be available for users from Pakistan?

That's probably because of local taxes and custom charges. You know how much greedy governments are both in India and Pakistan. We have to pay around $750 too for xbox 1 :(

Well asked a retailer today, 2nd October is the release date for India. 730 and 830. 735 won't be available.

Or alternatively they just handle whatever you need to do better than WP and Android devices that look better on the spec sheet. I have a Lumia 925 as well as a Nexus 5, so it's quite a bummer that I have to carry also an ancient iPhone 4 with me to have reliably functioning Bluetooth audio in my car and be able to stream hockey games to my TV with decent quality. Nexus+Chromecast just doesn't cut it with choppy and pixelated playback and for WP there's currently no proper client for the service I use.

Like I had said, for a sub 50k build, you'll need to go the AMD route, which you did. Windows 8 piracy, that's classy. Talking about it on an international forum, even better. And as far as med settings outperforming console performance, that's just insane. I have a PS3 and I prefer my PC. I am not inclined to start a PC vs Console war with you. All I meant to highlight was that you don't get BETTER performance at 40k. The amount of peripherals needed are also high in a PC. And the best part about a PC is UPGRADABILITY. To keep the cost down, you have given it a much inferior MOBO, which might not even support the upcoming graphics or processor. The A97 that I had mentioned at least has the ability to do that, apart from SLI I reckon. And you excluded a bluray/dvd player. I guess you are planning to steal games too, even though PC games are significantly cheaper than console games. About fx6300 being powerful than the consoles' processors, the PS4 has an eight core processor from AMD, with separate cache for vid memory, and Xbox also has a beefier processor. The advantage on PC is that you can alter your settings, which you cant on a console, but you do get 30fps+ consistently. Video editing and 3D modelling would require a much beefier CPU with better single core performance like the i5, preferably the i7. Coding is a more CPU intensive task than gaming. And I didn't know that you can't browse the web on a console. Heck, you can use your phone as a remote, a trackpad and a keyboard. Lastly, I built a PC myself instead of buying the PS4, and I know its better. But don't go around shoving your opinion down everyone's throats, and especially not when you start your argument with an i5 and end up with a 6300, which I mentioned in my comment myself. That's a 5k difference right there, and even then you exceeded your budget. And the 11k core i5 is the basic one, which you cant even overclock, and I guess it runs at a modest 3GHz. So I'd suggest you check your facts first. Have a good day mister. I have better things to do that beat my head on the wall that you are. Didn't mean to be rude, but cant help it. Ohh and yeah..the 60fps in 1080p for BF4, good luck with that. :)

I am from Pakistan and I could go along with many things but I simply decided to be mature and report both of you. This is a place for Windows Phone. Either post accordingly or don't post at all.

Thank you.

I actually agree with him. Printing from a device is a pretty fundamental OS feature and really ought to have been there from day one. The iPhone introduced airprint about 5 OS iterations ago.....

That then at least the preview usesr with a 8S, like myself get the updates, and that the everyone else stops complaining, because they know they don't get it, so microsoft and htc do it for the preview users :)

It's expensive cuz of Australian warranty and 14 days no words money back. All devices are expensive in Australia. But grey market stock will be cheaper.