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Peg Leg says:

Been saying, make the low ends only 4gb with SD card and we have no problem with storage. They could even make special purchases where they throw in 16 gb SD card for free and it all looks much more enticing and the free SD cost nothing in comparison. Might help to have FULL SD support right on marketing materials so people get it.

The most beautiful update.

Usually the weakest outfielder plays in left, so seeing him doing something weighs be a surprise

weaverly says:

imdb can suck my Instagram!

Hmm it is time for Flipboard to come to windows phone.

stjimmie says:

Codemasters need to fix the issues with loading, it takes about 10 mins from putting the game to and actually start a race.

regi7 says:

BBM looks so much cleaner than the other messaging options.

You could just flash your phone then.

smoledman says:

AT&T is the only carrier making multi-billions in quarterly profits.

Why don't you just flash your phone?

percistratus says:

IMDb is still available on wp

borasar says:

I haven't noticed any differences yet, but for me the open beta take way longer to load for some reason

p.vivekkumar says:

Dear....without MS acceptance and would anybody launch their app on WP platform.....

Boom boom boom. The more, the merrier

Kkim0615 says:

Iliad has already drastically reduced other carriers' profits here in France so I guess if they bought T-Mobile USA it would be a good thing for American mobile subscribers and for the French economy.

Mohd Saif says:

Codemasters graphic are sharp and awesome,remind me of (burnout dominator and black) ps2

Peg Leg says:

Said = well

borasar says:

I was simply making a joke that these comments are just as annoying as "what does this have to do with tech?!" and "you should rename your site to everythingCentral"

Sorry if your feelings got hurt man

jgbstetson says:

I'd prefer this to a Sprint merger.

Luthfie_Mpy says:

Is the closed beta has the same UI? What's the difference between the open beta? Thanks for your info

garry bryant says:

What about getting a good f1 game on windows phone although cant wait for the next installment, cracking games.

KMF79 says:

Formula 1 is awesome! It's been a while since I've bought a racing game though. I'll keep my eyes out for it because I do love F1 racing.

Peg Leg says:

+1520 with Cyan

MadSci2 says:

When, oh when, will Microsoft give us a decent app to sync Exchange To-Do lists with Windows Phone? The bare bones POS in the calendar ago is an embarrassment and worse, it's not very functional. This is a huge mistake by Microsoft that Lumia adoption by enterprise as many people in Companies rely upon their Outlook ToDo lists

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1thedavehall says:

The Icon is an amazing device! Top notch! Enjoy it and definitely get a good case!

horbeme says:


roguecroce says:

Is this yet another America centric article? I presume so as the currency is the $. Can I write articles about UK Amazon prices..? What about the rest of the world WPC..?

wanzul88 says:

try create a wpcentral's group on bbm..maybe interesting :)

ricbon says:


Ankmeyester says:

Need a good to do list app after tiny do stopped getting proper support on windows phone in recent times. feels rather buggy

Deaconclgi says:

Why? Windows Phone runs smooth on every processor that Microsoft has certified for public use. What make you think that Microsoft approved a processor that cannt provide a consistently smooth Windows Phone experience? Microsoft controls the processor requirements for Windows Phone. This isn't Android.

lawalhu says:

Add me:7f36299d

Bruno Lemos says:

Seems nice! But as a developer there's just a "little" problem: Everyone can submit any Beta app to the site, even if the app is not theirs. So, people will click to join the beta program and this strange person will receive theirs e-mails, not the real app developer. (They are already doing it in the site)

Suggestion: Just the real developer can submit the beta app (associate the appid with the microsoft account, it possible)

Al4video says:

Just wondering because of your name.  I'm from New Orleans but live in San Diego half the year.

Wunderlist? I thought it said Waunderlust, witch is a Indi game. I was like "Really? Cool." Lol

theefman says:

Yet they have an app for chromebooks and from all reports their marketshare is so low they dont register on quarterly reports.

psychotron says:

Now who's not letting it go?

Jag Mann says:

I don't use Wunderlist but IMDb is very disappointing.

riteshpande says:

I guess 530 as well have 4gb internal

dani sorin says:

It's worth the wait :D

roguecroce says:

I think it's strange that there's over 300 comments here, & nobody has actually written any sort of review about BBM at the Store...

clappenings says:

Hmmm. The Iliad didn't end well if I remember correctly

CSJr1 says:

Ok, here is the skinny. You have to have WP 8.0 and installed DP to get 8.1 Gdr1. But if you have Amber, you can't get Cyan unless you DP up to 8.1. Those with Magenta are advised to downgrade to 7.9 in order to get Black after Blue on 8.0. Then you follow the carrier update process to 8.1 instead of DP 8.1. After the carrier process, go ahead and re enroll for DP to be eligible for no firmware upgrades. When carriers launch GDR1, go ahead and make sure your firmware is not hot Pink. That is all.

NOLATechy says:

I'm everywhere bud!  Geaux Saints!  lol