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FetroMetro says:

Sexism, sexism, sexism. The reality is that sexism is not a issue. There's nothing wrong with not having women in tech because I don't see why we need women in tech.

Sh4mo says:

And the icon! Bad minimalism! It seems like some Publisher '95 clipart gallery picture!

Valkyrie-MT says:

I don't understand.  The part of Nokia that is not sold to Microsoft cannot make handsets or tablets.  So, this factory is useless to them.  It will likely be shut down if it doesn't transfer to Microsoft.  This is a real bone-headed move by the India government.  Of course, the U.S. government makes plenty of bone-headed decisions as well. 

Xpider_MX says:

Well, you can use Pocket File Manager, you can copy anything from and to Onedrive.

lordbebech says:

I Wonder when they finally combine the great power of Facebook and Bing make possible sharing articles with others -_-

FetroMetro says:

Sexism is a non-issue. If Saudi Arabia can get by with what the West calls “sexism” than the West can learn some lessons from Saudi Arabia on how a country runs perfectly fine with “sexism” in place. (And WPCentral could also learn some lessons from Saudi Arabia too.)

Paulpb says:

UHD.  Not 4k.

matro says:

seems faster!

ymcpa says:

I don't really remember the conversation about 720p being pointless. There is definitely a noticable difference between the 720p phones and the older lower resolution phones. The difference between 720p and 1080p on a phone is really not noticable.

Duduosf says:

I read somewhere that HTC was planning on buying that factory. Does anyone have any word if that's true?

Valkyrie-MT says:

Too bad this wasn't the Nokia X factory.  :P

ChrisFricke says:

Sure they did. Microsoft enterprise/business services and software revenue far surpassed Apple enterprise/business services and software. Microsoft gaming console revenue was also way ahead of Apple :)

As of 13 February 2014, it was 9.85GB compressed, and 44 uncompressed.

terrokkinit says:

.....I wanna cry. Dang!

erzhik says:

Never going to happen. Nobody can buy wiki

Xpider_MX says:

Windows Phone 8.1?  Force the search for updates in settings. If you can't find the new version after that, go to the store and search for OneDrive, at the bottom, there is a button called "View", select and then open OneDrive app, then press back to return to the apps menu and back again to return to the store, now, the "View" button will say "Update".

Joeul_Ramos says:

Hope they bring it over to Windows Phone 8.1 also!

irsyadhhs says:

I have installed zedge. But, I'll try

iamakii says:

This should replace the Wiki app.

CJ Thunder says:

Bingapedia? Wiking?

On a serious note, how much data does Wikipedia consist of. 10tb?

Schikitar says:

Yep, well I'm not buying one until all the promoted services are available in Australia. They can't even pull that off and we're very closely aligned with the US. It seems the worlds oceans slow them down.

irsyadhhs says:

Does it mean WP 8.1 supports Usb Otg or usb tethering? If yes, just wow.

jorime says:

Unfortunately it's not syncing between WP8 and Windows 8. You even get separate achievements for both versions. But it's fun!

I picked up one for $199 on a black friday sale last December from a big box chain store that ryhmes with Rest Fry. 

The deals are there to be had, just keep an eye out for them


Still can't download videos locally to the phone from OneDrive

traceamar says:

Microsoft should buy Wikipedia and for once be ahead of the game... It will be an excellent compliment to Bing.... And provide something that is better than google for search

pexbirdxd says:

I like the Rudy Huyn's app, but the power of Bing and Wikipedia is so awesome :) Microsoft has combined this in a beautiful app.

kenzibit says:

Yeah...will follow that ;-)

caliborn says:

This is true.  But let's roll with it since he works for a tech company.

davidbeahero says:

Can anyone please tell me when exchange accounts will let you view and edit office files in one drive on Windows Phone.

planoman says:

HPQ had a good year.  Stock price up almost 60% in the last year.  

afgzee says:

But still no passlock. What a joke.

Reebs Reebs says:

It's not universal. I even uninstalled the Wikipedia app, still, universal search results would open in IE instead of this app, Sadly, it has to be uninstalled. No need to have 2 Wikipedia apps. 

Anyone knows if it's possible to configure default apps for universal search?

jhoff80 says:

... Too bad this isn't supported fully in Bing Smart Search, meaning that if you want that search to link to a Wikipedia app, you still need the official one installed.

illidanx says:

I think you are probably confusing between the dimension (in MegaPixels) and the file size (in MegaBytes). A 38 MP photo has the size of 8 to 10 MB. A 5 MP photo has the size of about 2 MB.

A895 says:

Jesus. Can't have one proud moment.

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planoman says:

Lol!   +925!

drguetz says:

Si, no hay problema :)

A895 says:


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DJCBS says:

You are not the only one. The Nokia L930 will be my last Windows Phone unless Sony steps in.

And I'm not even sold on the L930 because of the lack of a microSD expansion slot and the fact that for some stupid reason I can't opt to use only 2 columns of Live Tiles on that phone (yet I'm allowed to jam a 3rd column on the 920).


The only thing I'm sure: I'm not buying a Microsoft produced phone. Specially not a travesty of a phone pretending to be a Nokia when it isn't. I'll gladly stay with Windows Phone but only if another good OEM (aka Sony) steps in. And that OEM isn't Microsoft for sure.

Maybe they meant April 22nd of 2015? lol

planoman says:

I hear you!  

TheRealSel says:

I remember this back from my samsung focus days haha

blackhawk556 says:

Lol hahahahhaahaha :)

m231 says:

4Blend HDR updated to 2.0.0

What's new:
° New amazing post-process filters
° Improved Bokeh filter
° New tutorials: main, bokeh, gamma
° improved sliding value settings

° crash on low end devices when setting high exposure time values
° minor fixes

Update issues:
Some users face off with store installation issues. Please try to uninstall the app first then trying again installation from the Store.

What will come in next releases:
° Performance improvements

Shantek says:

Yeah don't get me wrong, totally agree with being proud of a nationality and what not. But for me, it just comes down to performance

DJCBS says:

That percentage is sold thanks to the "Nokia" brand, not the "Lumia" brand. And the "Nokia" brand they'll be forced to drop because they weren't wise enough to try to license it at least until 2016.

ricbon says:

yeah unlike that fake ass flipboard app that popped up

DJCBS says:

By that logic, so would a Jolla be a Nokia.

It's designed and made by ex-Nokia employees, in a company funded by Nokia, and uses an OS Nokia helped create.

Actually, scrap that. There's more Nokia on a Jolla than there will be on a Microsoft produced phone.


No, Microsoft phones will NOT be Nokia phones. First, not only not all the employees accepted to move but the one that designed the most famous Lumias left Nokia the day after the deal (since you talked about design).

Having ex-Nokia employees making the phones will NOT make those phones a Nokia. There are ex-Nokia employees working for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Alcatel etc. It doesn't make those phones a Nokia just like it won't make anything Microsoft produces a Nokia.

planoman says:

Nothing wrong with being proud of someone of your race/national orgin etc.  As I recall plenty of Indians sounded off proudly that the new CEO was Indian.   Competence is key though!  Results is what matters in a for profit corporation.