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Sweet price! I picked up a 930 for my sister for £349 on Giffgaff, in the UK! Prices are coming down, albeit slowly.

It really is faster. Working nicely with 8gb library. Oh yeah, rocking a L1320 8.1.1 pfd.

the reason for lag is 2 OS is running at the same time, Windows 7 use about 800MHz, Windows 10 use 1GHz, and each Windows use at least 10% of GPU speed (depend on the GPU).

Running OS in VM is like burning your computer, I recommend you to create another disk sapce for Windows 10 and run it by itself ( dual boot )

You realise a contract is often more expensive than buying outright, you just pay every month so it doesn't feel like as much...

It's still annoying. When scrolling from right to left the Massive and I mean massive sign" Xbox music" does not scroll correctly so on the second page we have the delightfully titled ox music.. The shuffle on all songs is still crap, playlist interaction is still crap. The screen still has more unused real estate than New Orleans. That said its better than it was (Which lets face it was a crock of crap).
But out of all the platforms when comparing any mid high end phone from at least 2012 the music app on our beloved WP is an embarrassment

I care more about having a phone with the latest apps. I want a phone with apps. All the apps I use on WP are out of date and buggy. Still no profile support on the Netflix app, the kindle app is bare bones basic, audible is just buggy and hasn't be updated for at least a year. The devs don't care about WP, and they never will.

Because my cousin have a 720 ( ips) and I have 820( AMOLED) when I see the 720 screen it's awful man !, is the 830 screen better than the one in 720 ?

My biggest bug bear when using it on the surface, is that you can no longer slide down to close an app, something ive become very used to. I imagine this will come back in tablet mode, but at present with the keyboard attached I still do a half and half approach, using the screen for scrolling, closing and opening apps etc, then the trackpad for drag and drop, or selecting text, so for me The way win 8.1 worked was just about the right compromise. Im hoping tablet mode when it arrives will bring it back to that kind of operation.

They've had 'gapless' playback since the 8.1 app was first released. They simply solved it by inserting a pop/click sound instead of having a silent gap. Maybe we should have been more specific! ;)

It's not Microsoft's fault your $40 phone isn't a fashion accessory. It's your fault for being cheap. And if you think the Moto G is gonna make you look cool your mistaken. Bro you need to spend like x15 times the amount you spent on your 520 to get a fashion phone (iPhone/Galaxy) lol

Lumia 730 should have been equipped with a camera button as it is being marketed as a selfie camera phone.

I seem to have a different experience on the surface pro 1, for starters I had the modern start screen by default and had to follow your trick to get the start menu, rather than the other way around. I also have no issues with the onscreen keyboard popping up automatically when my keyboard is folded back. I also uploaded a photo to an email on a modern app yesterday, ill have to check it worked but im pretty sure it did.

Ever since the Google data mining scandal ive used IE and Firefox. IE is annoying though because you forget how many adverts there are on the web these days

Seems seriously!
No resuming shizzle more..but im testing it! Ow man! This would make me so leats a little bit more

Honestly I feel there is no more point in Microsoft pursuing the consumer mobile market so vigorously. Just keep enterprise satisfied and pay token attention to consumer. But stop pouring billions into R&D for phone & tablet stuff.

Crisp colors - LCD
Deep blacks, great contrast colors - AMOLED

Not sure if that helps lol, it really all depends man. I heard HTC's super LCD 3 screen was one of the best in the business.

Also keep in mind plus the screen technology, nokias clearblack polarizer can also make any screen look so much better

My XP hard drive is intact, somewhere. Do I feel like upgrading, nope 600 picture elements a handicap so far. It will be rectified along the way given Nokia 520 will be supported!

I just really want this phone on Verizon from my Lumia 928... Its perfect and I'm loving the orange, literally all the specs I need..

The problem with this now is because its so focused on mouse and keyboard a majority of feedback will be based on that. The problem will now be an un optimized touch experience because that's basically the last thing on their minds now. This entails UI language, how to approach this problem; can't swipe from top and bottom for app commands anymore, and some have the app bars on the bottom like mail which looks weird on the desktop. All those universal apps look weird. Not only do you have this juxtaposition of UI experiences, now irs up to devs on hoe to approach. Right now mouse and keyboard are a majority so why bother making touch centric interfaces and spending resources on that when everyone can just mouse and keyboard again.