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ITMedCEO says:

Let me put it to you this way... There is no way in Hell that I'd move where you are

Medwynd says:

I wish you could block a developers apps from appearing when you search. It would stop me from having to sift through piles of app garbage.

WDavis4692 says:

boom.  Unlocked EU version.  I checked the frequencies and it should be good on LTE with T-Mobile or Verizon for LTE, and all networks for any slower speeds.  Ship it over and you've got yourself a 1020.

Only catch?  The warranty probably won't be valid.  So it's still a risk.

Maybe you are using the wrong link? That lead image for the article is not faked. Running Drive+ on the HTC One with no issues, no tricks. This isn't news, as it was officially announced back in April.

Does it matter?

sheldonch says:

Yeah its kind of embarrassing how many of those apps exist in the store..

bitwise says:

And the store is now down to 150K

ITMedCEO says:

Dude... should I send you tissue???

kurtd says:

Obviously you don't do much Skyping. 1.2 is garbage. That's what most phones have on the front and the quality is horrible.

I think the market has shown that being first for hardware advances e.g. PureView, ClearBlack, Super Sensitive touch, 41 MP camera, RAW support, Wireless charging does not automatically translate into explosive sales, so I question your assertions as the solution. There is more to it than just specs.

Even when Windows Phone gets put on a flagship Android devices, sites like Engadget and the Verge still criticize it.

"what about 4k video record capabilities"

Hmm ;)

The app store cut in half. On another note, when are they going to fix the Windows 8 marketplace app issue where you cant select an app and have to relaunch marketplace to get it to work? Waiting for fixes on issues like this, for over a year, is what kills windows and windows phone. Lazy crap.

rtojohnny08 says:

Finally.... Now if I could just remove apps I have tried and did not end up using from my app list I would be happy

Microsoft, walaupun harganya cukup tinggi, tapi jangan lupakan Indonesia :), saya yakin ada harga ada kualitas

dippy_deep says:

They thought we are dumb...stupids

mfrljak says:

Did i missed something, because i can't download here drive+ for free? Htc 8s with developer preview 8.1.

ahkyu9 says:

Re: current location checks timing out

The timing out issue happened before I turned live tile on. So I changed to a fixed location. Then I enabled live tile. It was my way of "hiding" the issue. I just went back into Settings and changed it back to the current location. Yes indeed the live tile helps to avoid the timed out issue. So far.

Re: sunset/sunrise

Yes! Now I see it. Thank you!

One more suggestion - make the first run tutorial available either in "about" or "settings" as it would have helped to refresh my memory of swiping left to Today page.

dippy_deep says:

Thomas Nigro your complaint against fake vlc player in store is live. Finally they are really talking.

Viipottaja says:

True, but presumably - or hopefully? - they did not buy Nokia for this point in time. Therefore, I hope MS keeps developing some NEW exclusives, or timed exclusives. And not just in imaging.

4 fun says:

No way....

Every appname that includes iPhone or Android should go. I hate those apps. 0 downloads

I LOVE this. It's about time.

Ordeith says:

So you can blow though that 5gb monthly tethering cap in 30 minutes?... Uh.. Congratulations?
And have you added root metrics to your devices yet? because the only one reporting 60mbs in your area via root metrics is Verizon. T-Mobile could use your help.

WDavis4692 says:

Nokia have always been like this; they've preferred just churning metric ****loads of different devices (with TERRIBLE numerical names that confuse the average consumer) out in vast quantities.  For instance by the time a 940 comes out people will still assume my 1520 is better because it has a larger number. 

You cannot deny that releasing fewer yet more targeted approaches would be a better option; plus it'd allow them to consolidate their efforts.  It's a lot harder to shoot down bugs and errors when you have a massive range of devices to support compared to a smaller range.

coby5555 says:

Fuck "telegram features" or snapchat features... You know what I'm talking about

Not so much exclusive apps, but Microsoft will continue to differentiate themselves through hardware and software advances. OEMs can do the same e.g. HTC's Dot View case.

Pacherecords says:

I think that this "new" device is overrated, WP ecosystem is a recyble bin for HTC?, no good sales with android as they want and shazam.... a new WP device (M8)!!!! well i think this device looks like a wanna be iphone, WP needs better devices with waterproof capabilities, better camera  and some real inovations, sapphire protection, QHD displays, 64 bit processors, as of today the technical specs of this "new" phone are already obsolete, i am not feel confident with HTC quality and support, and this is a recycled device. what about 4k video record capabilities??

dkp23 says:

They love to boast their app numbers, but a ton of those are trash.  Just type in a well known app, you different un official variations of them.  Finally, this is brought up in the media and the now they take action.  Massive clean-up is needed. 

rav4kar says:

I await L730.

armyvet66629 says:

Time to repost that forum etiquette article that you featured me in....that should be a requirement to read before being able to join WPC

apoelin says:

I just wish they would ban web wrappers. Or maybe rank them lower.

xandros9 says:

so hows that refund thing going to work? "hey Joe, you bought this thing, have a refund!"?

Kenny Pea says:

Won't miss a thing. Mine is currently being sent

Splashstav says:

I bought this device for less than 100$ in Russia (brand new). This is the cheapest Windows Phone ever! Even new WP market players like Prestigio and Fly offer phones for more!

"Don't you think Microsoft would like to give people reasons to buy their own branded hardware as well? "

Exactly. They want the Windows/Microsoft ecosystem everywhere. BUT, they want the premium/best experience on their own hardware. Look towards more exclusive/premium features soon, they are not stopping now that they own Nokia's smartphone group.

WP8dot89 says:

About time! Get rid all those misleading and useless apps.

Talk4Lig says:

Finally, hate all those fake web-wrappers apps...

heickelrrx says:

Now They're talking

dreonedon says:

Ok kool! I never knew that. I really need to upgrade.

wariscoming says:

Sigh.  Yeah, that's what i figured.  I thought maybe at the Berlin show next week Nokia/Microsoft might surprise with another flagship product for the holidays (aside from the 730 & 830). Oh well, 1520.3, here I come.

Well, McLaren was that phone, but it got canned (though the tech may come back in the future). Also, most Windows Phones sell in the low to mid range, so that is where many are focusing.

Still, there is hope. If HTC does well, no reason that LG or Samsung may not port over their Android flagships, right? Plus Threshold in the spring and before then, the new 'D' series Lumia firmware will keep things exciting.

siero2h says:

This is right.

DER1996 says:

About F***** time !

ITMedCEO says:

Yes... Fios Internet and Good Tmobile Coverage where I live and work!!! You are correct.  To bad that blow up doll of yours couldn't give you any advice!!!

korg250 says:

Not available in Brazil :(

Ordeith says:

T-Mobile's coverage area was a major criteria for where you got your house? Talk about an unhealthy relationship with your carrier. Does your wife know about you two?

Micah Dawson says:

What a surprise you are replying to me again. But no surprise lol. I like what I like and I chose the proven OEM :) oh well

Jas00555 says:

Somehow I feel that chuong could've described Microsoft in a better way that's not "the Windows-maker" XD

Micah Dawson says:

It's funny these people wanting Lumia stuff on their non Lumia phone aren't calling for exclusives to be dropped.....nope they think it os okay for Lumia stuff to come to them but not the other way around.

Is this unlocked for tmobile?