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Windows + Tab does something with the desktop switcher, but I can't identify exactly what. I think it just zooms out so you can click another one, but occasionally it also switches it. Odd.

I, for one, am disappointed at the direction MS seems to be taking, here. I *like* Windows 8 and even more after the 8.1 update, which solved *many* of the desktop "issues." I agree, there are some flaws in the Start screen--like, wth is my app?--but bringing back the Start Menu and persistent Task Bar isn't the answer, at least not if I cannot suppress them! I mean, who really drills into the Start Menu, anyway? And why? Just start typing the name of the application you're looking for and off you go!

Chrome have coded this specifically. Along with their hopelessly terrible Android-esque text selection and context menu functionality. Why they couldn't just replicate the way Windows does it I don't know.

Do you really think the SP3 can serve as a primary PC?  I'm going to get one, but considering how much it throttles the CPU down under load I can't see it being any use as a desktop replacement.

Just got it installed; looks good. The longest ever install (2 hours); it went through 100% 5 times and then had to install apps. LOL. I know it is a preview and also I have a really old machine upgraded from XP to Vista to 7 to 8 to 8.1 and now 9, uh, 10. One reason I installed it was if it kills the machine, I can get a new one. I opened the new Start window and got a window to report how easy it was to use Start. Well, didn't do much with it, but it was easy. I gave it a 5.

Actually auto-hide taskbar works pretty well because it's mouse activated and almost impossible to trigger with touch. So as long as you don't want to use it via touch it will stay hidden until you hover a mouse to the appropriate edge.

Also remember that the taskbar can go on any edge of the screen. On landscape 16:9 screens I always put it on the right edge so I don't sacrifice any of my limited screen height.

Ahaa, I see what you did there VlC team. My first anime I watched after 7 years later of the last time I watched anime.

In 5 or 6 months time I would guess.  Microsoft traditionally release the beta version of their desktop OS about a year before the final release, but the phone OS won't need anywhere near as much testing so if they plan on releasing both at around the same time then I don't think we'll see the WP10 beta until about 6 months before final release.

That would be best. Their current concept video for Continuum shows the taskbar remaining, but it's only a concept video so who knows.

I used to be able to play MP3 files from Xbox Music or Nokia's MixRadio (I can't recall), but now it seems neither have this option. I have some MP3s on the cloud, and I would like to add and play my whole collection, but it seems like almost no one makes a simple MP3 player, only radio stations.

Does anyone know of an app to play MP3 files stored on the cloud (as a playlist, not just one at a time)? I tried "Sky Player (Free)," but it wouldn't show the directory my music was saved to. Can anyone help?

"Alt+Tab" brings up the Task Switcher, no idea what (If any) the commands are for switching between desktops.

If your tablet uses a x86 processor (basically if it has Intel inside) then yes (Surface Pro, Pro2 and Pro 3 for example)

It's beta software, if you install it you really should be prepared to wipe everything and start again if it goes wrong.  Beta testing an operating system is really for those that know what they're doing.

Its functionality is terrible at alpha release but the UI I great. Just looking to help make Windows better with feedback

I suspect they will still properly suspend in the background in the future, as long as they are invisible. Eg, in windowed mode when they are minimised or on a different virtual desktop, or when not snapped in tablet mode.

Works fine on my i5-750 in Hyper-V so it must be those Core 2 CPUs that aren't working properly.

Got it. Step 1 was GET START SCREEN BACK. Why on God's green earth would anybody want to make their shiny new Windows look like Windows 7.

The preview doesn't include the continuum feature yet. That will arrive later. So, it's not odd at all that the surface would work as indended using the preview. This was designed to let enterprise IT people test it out so they might upgrade from win 7 or XP when it is released.

If it can still run Office programs, then I might give it a try, since I barely use my surface as a touch device

The tech preview is largely a dev-focused build, all about features and functionality. Designers still haven't had a big chance to go through and update everything.

Note that you may not get a full suite of modern icons in the preview at all. Windows 8 CP desktop looked almost identical to Windows 7, and they made most of the flat UI changes in the final release.

If you're new at all this then you really shouldn't be considering installing a beta OS, it really is for people who know what they're doing and don't mind if it all goes wrong and you have to wipe everything and start again.

Nah, waiting for a successor to the 1020 before upgrading (assuming the successor will have great specs and features) I'll stick with my 920 until then (hopefully the successor also works on WIND Mobile since it sucks my 920 doesn't :( )

They specifically said this version is intended for laptops and desktops. They are still working on continuum which will fix the issues with the touch interface for tablets and 2-in1's.

Did you have to do this to partition the drive. I new at this but it does not seem the Pro 3 will let me "shrink volume" to create a new partition. I have the 256gb and plenty of free space but it will not shrink.

Wow good eye that's interesting to know. It appears there might be an iso for ARM after all ;) Either that or they made a mistake :P

your files weren't deleted? i'm still downloading, i had a trauma when i installed the preview for 8.1 a few months back...i'm just making sure

Don't have it in front of me, but you can likely turn on the auto hide feature of the task bar. Not the solution you are looking for (hide taskbar when modern app is full screen) but its something...