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Satish Singh says:

Lumia 1520 is the best Lumia device. And your tag line is just awesum!

"Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. - Étienne de La Boétie"

Satish Singh says:

Instead of using this approach, you could have compared the two app stores on the basis of uses and then checked whether any app is there in the store to do that particular task. And if it is there in both the stores, then which one is better. While deciding this, make sure that you take LIVE tiles into account. An EYE OPENER for you :P

happytoon says:

I've got mine in the UK via amazon...

happytoon says:

I've got the md-12 in white in the UK a week ago on amazon (and a treasure tag!)... Not that difficult to find this side of the pond!...
The Md-12 also have a MIC so that he can be used hands free for call and Skype etc...
A real little gem.... Works very well...

This app is a bad joke, just like its sister app on Windows 8.

I have never seen an app that does not offer notifications and multiple account support even in its heavily overpriced PAID Version. I would expect this from a paid app. Besides: the FREE native twitter app has both. The user Interface of Tweetium is completely overloaded and just spills things on the screen without any care. But, not enough: to get notifications and multiple account support, you are invited to in-app purchase a SUBSCRIPTION! This kind of rib off is very hard to top.

I wonder what has been done to authors who frenetically support this app and regularly write hilarious things about this app and support this modern way of piracy.

And, folks: the beta is neither limited, nor private: as always in Tweetium, you just need to pay for the Windows App to be included. The idea behind is very simple: the more often you get upset about missing notifications (and this is the case if you use it on more devices), the more likely it is that you buy a subscription.

The developer is more of a marketing guy than an app developer. In case, you did not know: one can get reimbursed by the store if you have made a mistake while purchasing an app.

psykojello says:

Ok I tried it out. Not bad. But why is she killing peacocks with boomerangs?! I'm a little concerned about the message they are getting across.

What game are you talking about?

Was it even ever updated? The store says version :P

No it's only available in China

Looks like they forgot they've an app in WP store... Time to remind them

Lumio says:

How it is different from twitteR?

Mike-J-G says:

I got one a month ago shipped to Canada from I have never had a problem with it moving, not even a millimeter, and I've used it on various surfaces. I think for volumes that don't push it to its limit, and music without thumping bass, movement is a non-issue.

M_Lyons10 says:

Not even a little. This App is really pathetic...

It is a waste of time to even download it...

mimishak says:

bollywood sucks

Wishes for more battery you understand as a wish.
How about combining the Qi cover and the battery grip cover?
It's a wish. I'm not going to tinker them together.

Totaly agree with the more battery part. 1000 mAmp isn't enough. But how would the Qi work? 1020 doesn't have wireless charging built into it. 

I like it a lot

Would be awesome to have it inter changeable like other Lumias...

GuitarKit says:

YEES!!! Finally, APT-X!!

I've been waiting for so long!

Abrar Shaikh says:

It uses proximity sensor of the phone to switch profiles.

Greg Hartman says:

Daniel - Does the MD-12 have a microphone, *or* is it just a speaker? There seems to be conflicting information on this feature, and firsthand clarification would be appreciated.

daredevildan says:

I'm not sure what people were expecting from this app. You like it, use it. You don't like it, don't use it but give useful feedback other than "it sucks and Rudy sucks."

I would still stick to white

hey guys plz what should i do my sd card wont be recognized at all it's phone storage only

agrum says:

Agree 101%

dkxs says:

Metal rim works better with black and white in my opinion. I've played with green Lumia 930 and don't really like the colour combination

Never enough battery power.
You need to make it more flat for the Qi to work.

Geronimo928 says:

It's not even about the's just a boring app for being "live" and it seems half baked.

gcdc_lumia says:

whoever that person names Rudy an amateur will get throat slit like Catelyn, head crushed like Oberyn, and gets thrown off the moondoor like Lysa!


jayant_daga says:

Usually we say that app have bugs.. But in this case bugs have app. So many bugs that you'll not be able to use it like a proper app.

Shai Petel says:

Apt-x support!!! Yeah!!!!!!

poddie says:

Thanks for the note about the speakerphone quality.  I will definitely pick one up when MS gets them back in stock!

Geronimo928 says:

I feel the app was over-hyped and raised expectations too high. At this point I'd rather MSFT tell me they're going to cancel everything and then surprise me with an average to excellent app. Furthermore, id really like to see a contextually aware lock screen app. Do it!

ReprobusR says:

iPhones sell because of their marketing.  Never was an Apple person, never will be, as for Andriod, well not particular of the OS nor the phones.  From what I know, most Andriod phones are sub-par with only a few that are good.

Apple never did have to give you power under the hood, they could give you half, sell for more, market the crap out of it knowing it would sell. Wait for iPhone 6, the Apple Store will have line ups.

I used Macs in school and didn't like them as a kid, in the 90's and Windows grew up with me so, if that is biased or a fanboy, the same can be said for someone who only uses Apple products.

arn6735 says:

I like the app but I'd noticed that my battery drains so fast...

abdhoms says:

Alian invasion. Take cover everyone.

Vinit Pratap says:

Why should I follow bollywood celebrity

Toan Le says:

Xbox... is... dead... Don't ever hope for another Xbox title, until Microsoft simplify their Xbox certification process... But if you want to ignore many good games, just because "No Xbox, no buy" or "Where is Xbox Live" or whatever, that's your choice.

Not sure if you know, but there is a battery iside the grip already

jbowyer1 says:

Is it waterproof?  Wondering if it'll work as a shower speaker like these:

Also, your second link in the article is broken, pointing to a local file.

ReprobusR says:

Hahahaha, join the club.

Hazzan Zia says:

Yup that's right tweet it to Rudy he'll fix it up ;)