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joeonsunset says:

Soooo.... That feature you still like, even though it is a "redundant, neutered and less functional" version than the timeline in each of the apps?

Novron says:

I have one game that crashes every time I switch to it from multitask, Throne Wars

felickz says:

Qi won... It is in my home, in my car, and at work. Not switching out any chargers sorry. Yes for some people Qi is a killer feature, and no I would not buy another phone without it

joeonsunset says:

I dunno. Facebook and Twitter have been around, and doing the same stuff, from the day Windows Phone 7 was announced.up to today. The big social networks may be fads, but apparently not on the timescale of phone OS updates! The fad seems to be Microsoft's vision for Windows Phone, which is changing more frequently.

Can someone please tell me how to turn on the word flow keyboard.

joeonsunset says:

Awesome, this is like the second time that Windows Phone has redone everything because the previous stuff wasn't "sustainable in the long run.) Last time I got. This time, how about: add the new stuff, deal with the overlapping for awhile until you get the new stuff good enough. That would be far better than to stick us with this slow, ugly, 1/3-complete system until however long I takes to make it useable.

As an aside: The. New. Cursor. Is. Killing. Me.

Anyone having apps just closing for no reason??
I'm in the middle of a web page or game and then it just disappears and it's not on my multitasking section -
Or it doesn't launch from the notification center. weird...

Geronimo928 says:

This morning cortana told me when I should leave the house to get to my job by 8:30am....:-O taking into account travel time...after I confirmed I was going to work it brought up waze....awesome!!!  true story



SinisterDuck says:

Common sense isn't very common.

pookyjoralyn says:

나이스! ល្អណាស់!

Novron says:

I believe it might. I haven't fully flushed it out yet. Only place I have commutes setup is in Here Maps. Unless she's stalking my GPS routine, it's the only thing I can attribute that she's pulling from.

Reach4zasky says:

The article stated that an update will be released on the 22nd. Then biweekly updates after that.
1. You should read the article again.
2. Who says I can't go off topic??

joeonsunset says:

Oh my god, yeah, I am just assuming that it's because the OneDrive app needs an update to plug into the new "features."

(I cannot believe they have driven me to becoming the person who would write "features" in quotes. I hate that.)

Winnabe says:

Well 1 to 1.5 million downloads is some crazy shit given how this is just an enthusiast program. ...And a program in which you need to take a few perceived risks (re warranty) and the extra effort required to do the update. ...and not to forget, it's been only a week of the program!

Darkgift says:

If that helps u get by. To me its people realizing the crap update, and getting rid of their phones. Hell, my 8x with 8.1 is goin up there soon. Help pay for the Icon I just got with 8.0.

WPit says:

Word flow on lock screen password? Would this be useful?

joeonsunset says:

Lol, I thought I was the only one who feels crazy emotional over this. It's funny because when I use the phone now I catch myself absolutely FUMING.

You should have seen me the other day when I wanted to add an appointment to the calendar and tilted the phone to see the month fill up the screen and nothing happened. Lol. (BTW the Calendar looks like crap. Fyi.)

thexenyth says:

Ya, I've always had this problem with it. Too bad, if it worked through the lock screen, I'd use it all the time, with Flattr's set up and everything. 



Lumia 920 Amber/GDR2

Mine quite the opposite. I've been home 5 minutes after taking off my suit & putting stuff away... And after reading your comment I noticed that my Wi-Fi had turned on - not sure how quickly it did it but it was within 5 minutes after being home. I'll pay better attention next time.

Ticomfreak says:

Microsoft is on both sides...

Novron says:

It means running your mouth then being proven to be utterly false and a moron.
Another version, is like running your mouth off to your boss then having to go back and beg for a favor or raise shortly after.

Jupast says:

Action Center > All Settings > Mobile and Sim > Sim Settings...then tick 'Don't use so many bloody exclamation points'.


It's funny because you're so right about the way Apple treats its customers, but it's sad because it doesn't seem to slow down sales at all.

joeonsunset says:

This is *exactly* what Windows Phone does in the Photos app and no one seems to mind that one bit. In fact, it was a hailed feature when it came out.

As far as Microsoft's vision here, what IS that? How can SEF and updates to these apps result I more features than there are right now? All this is is deep-linking, and it would require an OS update to add anyplace else for SEF apps to tie into, right? Sooo... How does that speed anything up?

i dont even think you guys finished reading my comment. Im less worried about microsoft being apart of the aliance, an more worried about att. I am an att customer and It seems that verizon is a strong advocate for qi wireless charging however att decided to make the choose of taking the qi charging out of the 1520 and put in pma. My worry is that all "at&t" windows phones will have pma" Im sure that international phones and verizon phones will all still support qi.

Ticomfreak says:

MS is part of both Qi and PMA...

zorb58 says:

Then disable them...

Ticomfreak says:

What if the next Lumia had both PMA and Qi?

thaman04 says:

Nothing wrong with options dude.  I actually prefer this option because I don't want my notifications over my lock screen, I'd rather have a nice Quick Action Panel on my lock screen like that and if I truly want to see my notifications I unlock it.

WRONG! The opportunity to make lots of M0NEY is what makes people want to develop on your platform. M0ney comes from market share. Market share WAS growing because WP offered something better and different, and people were catching on. It's not better and different now. So market share growth will slow and start shrinking.

Nobody bought a windowsphone because it was the SAME as android and iphone, they bought them cus they were different, faster, more integrated, beautiful and visually, the first interface that was actually designed FOR a tiny phone screen, as opposed to iphone and android which are just shrunken-down versions of their PC desktop interface designs.

Hubs, live tiles, and the iniversal visual beauty and consistency of metro were the reasons to switch to WP. This update has killed the hubs, made metro an uninteligible design MESS, and, by enabling clear tiles, spawned a whole slough of apps that kill live tiles in order to let people see their wallpaper, which will kill everything that made Start a cohesive brand, even while it allowed so much choice and customization. Now "Start" loses its entire brand identity and becomes unrecognizable if people want:

Will people start developing for WP if the market share stops increasing and starts decreasing? Aboslutely not. And WP is visually and intuitively destroyed, so kiss that growth goodbye.




Novron says:

No, they could release WP 9 this fall and invalidate the entire store and WP 8 hardware.
Never underestimate MS' ability to shoot themselves in the nuts.

joeonsunset says:

I dunno man. This system right now is not a well-designed system. Also, what's wrong with: Default to the fast, fluid, beautiful system, with a link to open the app right on that screen. There is nothing ill-designed about that.

Guess who already uses that model? Windows Phone. When you view a photo, my friend, and can use the regular OS features on it. Or, tap Open in Nokia Camera, etc, and use the extended app features on it. Would it be harder to accomplish in Messaging? Yeah, maybe that wouldn't work there. But, everywhere else, it makes perfect sense.

And as far as messaging integration, Windows Phone is now the one platform without it. How friggin awful would it be to integrate Skype into messaging, for texts, with a button on the app bar to open that conversation in Skype, if you want to do things like start a call. It would not be ill-designed. It would be convenient, useful, and give users a fast, fluid, beautiful (you call it neutered) experience and a quick option to elevate to the slow, ugly, but more feature-full app.

thaman04 says:

You're obviously not paying attention.

1. The update is coming sometime this/next week, with bi-weekly updates during the preview. 

2. This article isn't about that.  So ask that in the appropriate WPC article from a few days ago or the forum.

did you finish reading my comment? I said "I get that its not offical, that all phones will have PMA"

You can also use wireless charging with the 1020 but have to buy an adapter to put on the phone because of the camera bump.  It has to sit flat on the charger.

CervezaFria says:

Settings: Notifications+Actions: Turn notifications on or of ... choose whether to see banners at top of screen. From there select the app and select whether you want the banner to pop up for that app.

WPit says:

Word flow on lock screen password?

bleargh says:

It means when the wildlings take over Castle Black they're going to eat Jon Snow and his friends, right? He knows nothing anyway.

okay let me retract what i said and elaborate. My options for pna wireless chargers are dramaticly reduced. I like having a car dock wireless charger and granted I can only find like 3 or 4 that support qi, but thats 3 or 4 more that I can find for pma. not to mention that actually flat chargers. I can find hundreds of qi flat chargers and like 4 pma ones.

Ignore this person. Just an old troll that's been going by different handles every few months since they repeatedly get banned.

erzhik says:

Get a Lumia 1520.

Novron says:

It's reaching parity with Samsung and iPhone. A shitload of those on eBay too.

erzhik says:

Wouldn't that make notification center kinda less useful? I've only used notification center when my phone is locked, because it saves time without the need to unlock the phone. If you really hate people looking over at your screen, either don't read the notifications or get a privacy screen.

icyrock1 says:

Give it to someone 15-25, and see if they don't. Hint: they will.

Novron says:

IPhone doesn't have NFC either. There's a lot of things it doesn't have really. My Icon has FM, and I love it. HD displays aren't necessary either but it's also great to have too.

You may not need it but I bet it also wouldn't get in your way, so what would be the point of disabling it?

Shantek says:

The whole wp7 not upgrading isn't as bad as you think for a developer. Obviously a little more work maintaining 2 branches of the same code, but it hasn't changed my opinion developing. I personally will continue to support wp7 for a bit longer. The only thing I wont release on wp7 is the unity game I'm working on, as its obviously not supported. You need to remember without doing what they did, they couldn't of made as many changes to wp8 as they have. I for one am happy with how it went.

I agree with everything you said.  Let's hope Microsoft does too.

iyae says:

Solution; make it a standalone app like they did with music. They didn't need to cripple it

TheRem says:

The Nokia version sucks!