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Nuno Silva says:

This is handegg not football, misleading title.

I gotta say. I want to nominate this as comment of the year IMO

Sonu K says:

Thank you

Much better chance now that it's going to be on 3 carriers. 

a5cent says:

Umm... except that is exactly the deal Google already has with all its OEMs. Remove any one of Google's services, and lose the right to all of them including the play store and the right to call it android. This has been so for years already.

glassadam says:

Nothing will ever beat "Football Live" for webOS. It leveraged the excellent notification system to provide updated scores and play details every couple minutes as the drive was happening.

fredlacroix says:

a dual booting wp + cyanogenmod htc one m8 could be a dream come true!

Big Supes says:

"Football" because players use their feet to run around and kick the egg? Ridiculous. :D Roidheads would be a more appropriate name, I think. ;)

Big Supes says:

Nice logic. They should have called it bodyball as they generally use their entire body to play the game; why not call it eyeball, instead?

Melvinizer says:

It's a RTS game.. So you have to connect online to be able to play it. Kinda like cloud raiders and clash of clans!

You know why xda-developers is named as such..? ;)

Eas195 says:

correct! 100 points for you, dude! lol

brebo33 says:

I really want a good tux racer port to universal app.

Aman2901 says:

Rod ye talkin about NIST's stupid little brother who has never seen a $100 dollar note and never had a gf??

oddom says:

Ok Microsoft I respect you but please leave my favorite mod community alone..its kinda a shinning beacon of the android world And you have a capable OS as is so just keep on with that :D

If it's to improve windows phone I vote yes...

itsbrandonyo says:

This was always my rom of choice when I was on android. Samsung was talking to then awhile back, which made sense because they were both android. But Microsoft talking to them? Now THAT raises a few eyebrows.

deebee_433 says:

Agreed. That isn't to say there aren't people who do use IceTV, but when I was using iOS I didn't know anyone, bar my sister, who used it. Still good that it's there, though.

For me seems that ImNotRPG has abandoned reason for madness.

HansTj says:

I see that you are the "think outside the box" kind of person. But I think you are way too far from the box.

MMissionary says:

I use it for spacebattles but that's about it. Its a good browser I let my dad use it.

So tell us what sets windows phone apart from android

caresrg says:

Do we get to keep Xbox Video purchases forever yet?

I agree 100 percent

I am primarly a football (soccer) fan mostly because the american version is not very popular here. But I am getting into american football and even find it more amusing than soccer these days.

pooleyjnr says:

George, George, George look at what you have done. And i think you were aware of what you were doing all along, you tinker you! I have even joined in, shame on me, as I was also disappointed to see that an article described as "football" was actually about grid iron! I believe one would be best to differentiate the next time round to which football you are referring to, American or the International one!

So at last someone understands. 520 upgrade to 630, 620 to 730, 720 to 830. 820 and 920 are tricky. Feature phone to 530.

arnieman says:

I'm one of the very few Aussies awake. But I cam tell you there is not one person I know who has an IceTV subscription or uses IceTV at all. Good that there's an official app nonetheless. What would be nice is a Foxtel Go app.

MicrosoftFan says:

I find the title of this Article as click bait .It should be changed to American Football.So it doesn't draw confusion with the actual sport and America's version .

hdnguyen82 says:

So excited for this game. Hope they release it soon.

Yip. If it has a pureview camera

spazinvader says:

Well... To make Google play fair, pissing it off is the right way :-) MS already asked Google politely to make an app. And the answer is still NO. Then why take that path??? If we can reduce the usage of Google in Android, Google will definitely look for increasing their usage in other platforms for sure.

sotoy_yuk says:

I believe wp central also featured on appdeal a couple weeks ago? CMIIW

panda_mode says:

Would be nice if they helped with software design for WP!

who woud like to see thi inspirational story for the wekkend

Take the cyanogen framework for options and features and port all that into wp - so no one can argue features and options are missing. And get openvpn supported.

Enlighten me oh wise one.

hwangeruk says:

We care. Hence the comments. You minority yanks should call it its full <stupid> name, "American Football", the word "Football"  on its own refers to the game we in the UK invented. Not your nonsense game.

We care cos its plain wrong. And it was stupid. As stupid as "The World Series" which is only played in yankie land.

TechAbstract says:

It's true. For Microsoft to succeed, they need cool factor from the like of Apple and Samsung. Low, mid, and high end phones at every carrier. Salespeople need to help push Windows Phone and not just steer you to iphones or Android.

TechFreak1 says:

Here is another interesting read,

Thanks goes to unstoppablekem for the link :).

pooleyjnr says:

^ this, not bloody throwing the ball!!!!!!

rodneyej says:

No, no... KKK is what racist DJCBS says when he can't get the latest WP device made by Microkia Mobility.... Lol. :-)

hwangeruk says:

Its not elitist, its just not right. The whole world knows what football is, yanks dont. Its why everyone in the world thinks you're arrogant :)

hwangeruk says:

Totally isnt football. Its rugby with massive shoulder pads for ballerinas. Proper game is rugby.

Football is played with your feet, the clue is in the name :)

MrWhiteman says:

You will have to buy a £10 or £20 top up with it. The real price will probably be £50

rodneyej says:

Why would MS want to do that?.... Sounds like a overly biased, sheepish, WP fan comment.. Just stop.