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apocacrux says:

I find it annoying as well. I never had an issue with forgetting call volumes and in fact I would usually just turn the in-game volume down as opposed to the system volume. So, now its more of an issues because I have to be aware of what I'm about to do and alter that volume level specifically.

link68759 says:

There's an entire article about how they do nothing.

ebin5 says:

3 on my 520 with 3 column view.

neonspark says:

because saying column is too much effort.

CeeGii says:

is it 4/20 alraedy where you are?


anandv427 says:

definitely....a higher class sd card working smooth...thanku so much for this feature....

neonspark says:

you pray for WP9

neonspark says:

I like the article uses pages.... except pagination is a concept that so far elludes the WP designers. which is too bad because it would help you find what you need much quicker than scrolling a mile and missing the one little tile 3/5s of the way down. 

The phone app remembers what pivot you left it on so if you only ever use the speed dial pivot it will launch back into the speed dial pivot. If you switch to the history pivot though to look at a missed call and then leave the app it will launch back into the history pivot.

walter1832 says:

Wait?!  There's a 620?

fwaits says:

I think it's referred to as a low end device based mostly on simple cost placement in the hierarchy of WP devices, not because it's looked upon as a weak device.  We all know that one of the great tings about the WP platform is that even the "low end" of devices perform really well (especially relative to other phones in the same price range).  I don't think anyone in the WP techie crowd uses the term "low end" in a negative way at all usually.  That's my take on it anyway.

Joe Tindall says:

I would like to be able to play songs I've got on my onedrive. If someone could make an app for that which actually works it would be very popular 

Zulfigar says:

Cortana's a hog because it constantly calls for location. x.x Not sure about Wi-Fi Sense, but I've noticed the hog as well on my 920.

Sam Sabri says:

Do not listen to cnet... Listen to us :)

hphbp says:

Lumia 620 here, currently downloading 8.1 . Will tell you when it's finished. Been at installation setup for half hour now.

ebin5 says:

Takes a bit more time(about 1 to 2 sec) to load apps in class 4 SD in my 520 otherwise no problems.

link68759 says:

Sorry, you're crazy or telepathic.

dlalonde says:

Oh I did as well. I was just wondering if there was a reason given in the past that I wasn't aware of.

Dk92 says:

Check out gomusic in the store.

Durishin says:

Now that we have the "Action Center!" I have need for fewer live tiles - and some of the magic of Windows phone is gone...especially when friends pick it up and say "Oh! Cool!" as they realize how well those tiles serve the user vs. anything their start screen/notification center might have. So, several LT's have been placed into an App Folder for two-touch access instead of the previous single-touch (Live Tile) access.

I hope they change their mind about it and have access to the "Action Center!"  come from a left-to-right swipe instead of a pull-down, then scroll-down. I think that would be more in-line with the WP design idiom.

I have stuck Cortana up there, pulsating away in a medium-sized tile on the first "page" of my start screen and I am anxiously awaiting Amazing Weather HD to deliver an update with a transparent tile option so its background flows into hers (Cortana's).!22442&authkey=!AH2eGq5Xuj-1HpA&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

DonnaxNL says:

Even my 820 has only 8gigs, so installing apps on a SD was needed.

Downside; I used a 'non-branded' SD-card, which I had some conflicts with my phone and the apps I installed on it.

paras chugh says:


i opened the article just to type the just feels so androidy ;) but i truly hope it goes away after i do a hard reset after a couple of days

They are missing two major things for me to renew my subscription:

I need to be able to upload my own music to their 'cloud' like I can do with Google Music (20,000 songs uploaded and hosted for free, listen wherever you have an internet connection)

I need to be able to manage what songs are sync'd and make sure that the meta data is correct - no more partially syncing albums that I have a complete album of or matching some of my explicit songs to the edited version - if I have the explicit version it's because that's how I want to listen to it so don't change it for me unless I ask you to.


Other small stuff would make it even better but those two things are really the crux of what I need.

kurtms says:

Same. The 521 is a great device and it actually lets a lot of people who would otherwise be on flip phones and laggy third party android phones to have a great up to date phone that works as well as any high end phone save a few things like high end gaming etc. And honestly, its what's keeping windows phones alive right now since it is easily dominating the WP market.

dlalonde says:

Yes finally! I've had no problem, no lagging and I can finally install all the apps I want on my HTC 8s! This was an awesome move and I love it!

Sam Sabri says:

Yeah sure, but the this is a "preview for developers' and Cortana at this stage is only expected to work in the United States.

sanshiro says:

I turned off Cortana, resent, turned Cortana back on, resent again, and now it's working and am able to set alarms.

vuducdong says:

My SD card is 16Gb class 10 :D

revamp says:

First thing I did after upgrading to 8.1 on my Lumia 810!!

Anyone know how to do the thing on Paul Acevedo's picture? The "switch to "Skype during phone call"?


Edit: Found it

kaynachtsman says:

Not only low end phones are better now, i switched from a broken 920 to an ativ s this week because I needed a new phone with no compromises I wanted equal or more storage and 1Gb ram and same screen size so the ativ was the only option and I love this device.

Sam Sabri says:

Then, IMHO just skip it. This is for those that just want to play around.

MadSci2 says:

Looks like you guys will become gamma testers for the rest of us! Thx!

DeriQuan says:

I'd reset my 920. Only installed those apps and games I want. Those I don't use much I did not install. Available storage from 5gb, now becomes 20GB+. Since then, I have installed the WP 8.1. It runs buttery smooth now. No lag or whatever. You may not like it but resetting the 920 works wonder. With the 8.1, now I preferred using it compared to the 1520. I did not installed the 8.1 on the 1520 as I'll do that when the official version is out.

Typhoon87 says:

It did. If you paused a song the artist picture would continue to animate on the live tile.

tpitts15 says:

Can I have your 1020? Haha

nizzon says:

Companies pretty much dont care about developing for WP or Win8 but they sure as hell look for apps to sue. Fuck off.

Loco5150 says:

Whats the big deal here? They will change the name and its back on.

Anyway Weave is not as good Nextgen, now that Nextgen accepts MS login. I bought Weave for the insane price because I hate adds in my phone. Felt screwed over really bad.

rculver9056 says:

So how the heck do you get more than one page?

Any performance issues noticed after moving ?

ebin5 says:

Apps works nicely on my class 4 SD in my 520. No lags or hangs.

John Lampard says:

I hate it when every time someone ignores the beautiful 620 :'(

MadSci2 says:

That's not the issue here. Its MS' cowardly reaction in support of a simple assertion of violation without any due process that has decided there is one that is the issue.

Duduosf says:

Mine seldom lags... If ever!