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Kit Fai Ho says:

Nokia's Care Centre are the best. I had a button issue with my phone and sent it for repair. They only took a day to repair it and replaced a brand new polycarbonate shell(L1020). The staff are smiling and patient. From Singapore.

By all means. I'll drop you an email through the app.

Novron says:

No, there are two levels, basic insurance and total replacement by Verizon.

ct_gabriel says:

I cracked my Lumia 1520 too. I sent the phone to be repaired twice and they gave it back with issues every time. My bluetooth and wifi are so weak, I can't use them... The phone will never be the same... :(

sHAYM4N says:

I feel for you

The Dane says:

I'm pretty sure this won't work in Starbucks Denmark. Since they don't have apps for either IOS or Android.

When Cortana will available for India??

tag12895 says:

I'd say replace it. Happened with my N9 just before the 920 launched. Was horrible using it for two weeks with the cracked screen.

scdkad says:

91? Has to be major dents and chunks and gouges. Use a case!

scdkad says:

I use a case-these Lumias are too slippery as it is. The only time I'll take it off is in the safety of the home!

sso-li says:

On my Lumia 920 I replaced the display, but it's true what you say about the feeling. With my Lumia 1020 i did not. I use it now with broken screen and screen protector as camera only and bought instead a Lumia 930. That time with insurance ;)

Almost same story is mine...

Jim_MAY says:

Receiving error for Flipagram download.

Jim_MAY says:

Apple is not picking up new customers sales are dropping. Will be interesting to see how well the iPhone 6 really does.

rdubmu says:

Its crazy as the market share for windows phones in Seattle is much higher than the national average

Harry Wild says:

We in the U.S. should know on Sept. 4th or a little latter on.  I would think it about 90% T-Mobile will carry it in White only!  But I will just wait for a couple of months to see what else is available before I jump in!

What a amazing and unbelievable news ...
I have bought my Lumia 520 in April 13, since then it has been dropped 91 times(sometimes very harshly)... Yes, i am counting... And it causes minor scratches around the body hardly visible + removal of 'A' from logo NOKIA at back.
I think the reason is that i don't have a gorilla glass on my Lumia..
What you think!!!!!!!

rdubmu says:

Dunkin Donuts is missing from the Seattle Market

overzenith says:

Hi, I just want to know whether any of you ever got a problem when uploading file (photo) to OneDrive?
It happens to me 3 days ago.
Please let me know if you have suggestions or solutions for my problem.
This happened to me since three days ago. I cannot upload one single photo to my OneDrive folder.
I try to upload from picture folder in my phone to a destination folder on OneDrive, it failed. The message I got is the process keep uploading without success and I need to stop it by holding down the back button and swipe it down to close app.
I tried the other way around opening a folder on OneDrive and try to add a photo from my Windows Phone. The result is the same, it is failed. It says Couldn't Upload. And when I clicked More Info, it brings up the name of the failed photo file, which is actually not a name of a photo file. Instead, the name is something like this: C_Data_Users_DeffApp_App (the rest cannot be seen).
Let me show you the screenshots

Please let me know what is happening and what is the solution. I need to be able to upload photos for my job to be done.
Thank You

Any update on the availability of Lumia 930 in India?

ayaankhan4g says:

My phone was dropped from my packet and got a crack on right bottom of screen.. But it working fine.... So ...i m living with cracked screen since July and now waiting for 730 as I m using 720.....

scdkad says:

Then what is it? I rarely go to their shops but it's all I use at home. Pike's Place is their best imo.

What a stupid comment."What's the use in giving Indians something they can't understand" I pity you 

ArthJar says:

There actually is an official one, though only available on many countries.

Makm says:

I cracked my 520's screen once, badly. I went to Nokia care, they fixed it, and everything was just like before. No change in the responsiveness of the screen.

ricardito90 says:

Sprint's Windows Phone deductibles don't go over $100. Very easy too.

Mihai Adrian says:

I've replaced manually my LCD and screen glass witch 60€
{Lumia 520}

rponting says:

I cracked my 520 few months back. LCD was fine only digitizer was damaged. I replaced the digitizer for 50$ at nokia care. I had bought the phone for 200$ off contract so it was pretty expensive.

Slovenix says:

Yes, it is faster, try doing it yourself or I guess it's up to the user's speed of doing it. Cos of lack of camera button on new phones I've have tested how fast is it to get to the camera - depends on where you put your Camera tile. It takes like a second.

M4MF says:

Waiting to play GTAV again, this time in XO.

FH2 is also worth playing in it.

But, FM5 was and still is above all of the titles.

sachinrex says:

I like the fact that it is currently avail. Only for Windows platforms !! ;)

F3rzz says:

it's transparent

F3rzz says:

yes please

nbaliga says:

Um.....You wait a couple of weeks to see whether there is something to this Sapphire glasscoming out of Cupertino.... I was very disappointed with my L1520 screen that shattered with no drop whatsoever...cost me $250 to repair.

thankfully my phone still works after the screen cracked...

The WP8.1 version will do exactly that :)

My brother threw my phone across the room one time and it hit the edge of a staircase. Every time you touched the screen weird rainbow fuzzy lines blocked the entire bottom of the screen. Also there was a huge crack. lol

SvenJ says:

At least for some you can buy interchangeable backs for the device, 520, 635. AT&T had yellow 1520's, and there were blue and yellow 8Xs when those came out. Maybe we will see some more color options in the US.

upsidedown says:

You must live in RI

SvenJ says:

Really? It is faster to hit the one button, swipe up the lock screen and tap the camera icon, than just hit one button? How does that work? Now I know both iOS and Android have adapted and allowed openning the camera with a swipe/gesture after you have it the on button, and so does Win8, but I find it hard to beleive that one button is slower than a button and a swipe, or a button a swipe and a tap.

JohnnyCanuck says:

Working fine in Canada

TechFreak1 says:

Looks like a decent app for the caffeine addicts :P.

sir x wing says:

As long as they don't touch the coffee I don't give. A coffee period.

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SvenJ says:

I sense sarcasm. Hope I'm right.

sir x wing says:

Really jackass? Let me know where? Ok try again lameass bafoon.

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SvenJ says:

Except this is a MS/Nokia device. Are you suggesting they might be intending to load Android on it? I get that relaxing the requirements to allow manufacturers to load WP on what is currently Android based hardware, but leaving WP differentiators off of Windows Phones makes little sense.

waynejk says:

I highly recommend placing a strip or two of wide, clear packing tape over your cracked screen to stop the little glass shards from falling out. I replaced my Lumia 920 screen and it was a bit of a headache but I'm glad I did it. If it happened again I'd probably just buy a 520 or 635 for cheap until my contract was up.