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Also hoping we get  a feature similar to OSX/iOS where you get notifications on OSX for text messsages, phone calls and can do both through OSX


Both windows phones looks great and i like the fact that you can hide navigation bar on both of those, that's the main reason why i want to upgrade to one of these be cause i don't have this function on my 630 :( its wasting of 16-9!

Will we have a choice in deciding if we want 730 or 830?

I thought 730 was more balanced phone with its price. My only grudge with it was on screen keys but that is totally subjective.
But, now that some of us will get them as a gift, I'll prefer 830 for its superior looks, a little better camera, a little larger screen and capacitive keys plus camera shutter button ofcourse. It does have OLED screen though which would mean no glance and less battery efficiency. But still, a gift is a gift.

If only Southwest Airlines would make an app. I fly with them weekly and the mobile site works horribly on Windows Phone.

They can subtly push WP through minecraft. Bam, 100M potential buyers within the next 3-5 years.

Well I already have regular update of wp 8.1.

Will i have to revert back and make a dev update?

And will it ever come to regular 8.1?

Paul Thurrott ordered his today, per his twitter post.  The review should be incoming once he gets it.

how can i prove my love towards windows phones.... <3 ..swifty functions, lovely UI, an eco system growing day by day.... #windows_rocks

I so wish the lumia 830 could be mine. I am sick and tired of using a samsung galaxy grand duos, I really love the lumia phones, my son uses the lumia 820. Simply beautiful !

No secret. Not all headsets/headphones are mic compatible. I just like the fact that when I want game only, I can do it with my headphones. For chatting, I'll use my stereo headset