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Hey Daniel, Microsoft website says bay trail dual core 1.8Ghz and you are saying Quad-core. Which one is correct?

RiseUpGames says:

Did someone say custom filters?  ProShot is doing it first :)


BadIntentVG says:

Yeah, there's almost always a significant wait for the high end games to land on WP. I'm on Gameloft's side, though. To everyone complaining about waiting 3 months for a game without Xbox Achievements, consider that you would STILL be waiting if they wanted this to be an Xbox title. Apparently the certification process is that bad. I don't blame them for avoiding it altogether.

It also supports flash, so online gaming, Hulu, HBO go, etc., will work wonderfully.


I'm having a problem with their 8MP assertion. The main page says up to an 8MP camera but the spec sheet shows it as a 5MP camera. I don't know if they are using some kind of software enhancement to obtain that number.

Dagnir says:

The Surface RT, now called just Surface, has a tegra3 which is somewhat slow. Surface 2 is twice as fast. But the problem with Windows RT is apps. It isn't a true windows build, by that I mean it doesn't run legacy software built for windows. It can only get apps from the Windows Store, and even then Windows 8 and Windows RT have separate stores.
MS tried to have its cake and eat it too. They wanted to ship a significantly different OS but still call it Windows. That is why Surface RT failed. And why WinRT is almost dead.

Blacklac says:

Lol. I think about this happening anytime I upload a pic to a social service.

TrustySnooze says:

Does this mark the end of Xbox titles on Windows Phone?

dreamfly says:

I actually blame him for the slow ass progress on wp8.  There are lots of lots of common sense things that he didn't do most of the sutff that's in GDR3, the WIFI issue with enterprise users...people still can't connect and it's just a logical thing to fix in order to replace blackberry.

Trading in my Blackberry 9810 (I know...) for a black 1520. Call it a steal at $99. Hallelujah!

clappenings says:

1. Go to wifi-current network-proxy-URL should be Port should be 8888

2. Back out of wifi settings. Switch to USA location if needed.

3. Use bing vision to scan qr code from WP central. Hit install.

4. Switch off proxy wifi & retry to download the app

tgr42 says:

It's not a bug, it's a feature!  Haha.  Major props to whoever wrote that code.

rx74ray says:

They offered me $53 for my HTC 8X 16GB, booooo

That is too low.... find out yours here:

and please post it here so everyone can see...

Fellipe Abib says:

Great chance this app come to Windows phone 8.1


The Lenovo only has a 5 point touch screen compared to the 10 point screens of the other 3 tablets that are or about to be released. Dell has the worst processor of the bunch. At least the Lenovo will have a 3G version at some point. I'm waiting on the final specs of the Toshiba Encore. It has dual mics, stereo speakers, and the longest reported battery life of the four. I think the Acer Iconia W4 is also a better option to either of these. Both the Acer and the Toshiba also have HDMI.

gravage says:

Doesn't matter how cheap it is if I have to set foot in a store with a bunch of psychopaths and stand in a long line. I'd rather pay full price and wait for it to be delivered to my door.

N8tiveT3ch says:

With this deal I might do it and get a 1520...impulse buys. Am I Right?

uselessrobot says:

Looks to me like you'll still be $100 poorer and stuck in a new 2-year contract. And you'll be stuck with a novelty-sized phone.

I really struggle to comprehend the appeal of phablets. A month ago I met with some sales guys and he pulled out his Galaxy Note 3 so that I could speak with one of his contacts. I almost laughed out loud when I saw that thing and felt ridiculous using it myself. Phablets are clearly a stopgap technology.

Then again, my problem isn't so much the existence of the 1520. It's that Microsoft/Nokia seem to be embracing Android's model more than they should. And I don't like the trend at all that the biggest phone should be the more powerful flagship and smaller devices suffer compromises. As far as I'm concerned, the Lumia 920/1020 is the perfect form factor. The bezel could be thinner, but I think the Galaxy phones overdo it. You need some amount of border so that you can hold and use the thing effectively.

I'm yet to understand why is the Windows app made by Facebook but not the WP version... Specially since they're basically a Copy/Paste of one another.

bguy_1986 says:

I'd take that anyday over this IBM Smartcloud butsqueeze that our IT director decided to use (and I have to support).  Doesn't even compare to Office 365.  F'ing shoot me!!!

aschettler says:

There is. I don't remember how at the moment and can't check (I'm away from my computer) but I believe it is simply in the store settings.

E Lizzle says:

If there was some sort of bigass bug in it, it may have been temporarily removed.

pewp_taco says:

I don't have a receipt, but can't they look it up and see I purchased and activated it in October 2011?

jattsober says:

Yes the default setting is to auto update the apps. You can change it by going to the store then open settings and from there changing Update settings to manual.

ketpetje says:

@Rotmm use the charmbar when you are in the Store (and select update apps)

Im_Q says:

I don't know when this was removed, but the share contract is gone as of last night for me. For at least a few days, I was able to go the Share charm and be able to share to Facebook's app but when I checked last night, it was gone.

Feel free to verify this for me in the current version if anyone wants to.

texantony says:

I bought both as well and the Miix 2 display is way better, too. Very bright and clear. The Venue is soft, warmer. Sound... this is where Dell wins and why i prefer it,... speaker on the venue is really loud. Even louder than the Surface Pro. If open sound wasnt that important i would definately pick the Miix 2.

You are blaming Microsoft for Square not having a backup feature for a game?

It is available, in store..
Settings > App updates > off Automatic app update

mmar1974 says:

I actually asked this very question in a different forum... and yes, updates are automatic... if you go to the store app you can change the settings like I did... ;)


strikeIII says:

Aren't they supposed to come out with a 3G version in the US?

E Lizzle says:

I have two RTs and the first one I bought was bought for exactly that use... it sits in my kitchen, where I use it for IE, Kindle, OneNote, and Remote Desktop.  The kickstand makes it take such a small amount of space.  I have the touch keyboard and I have Win set to auto-login and to unsuspend when I fold the keyboard down.  So I just fold it open and it unsuspends instantly and is ready to use.  It's definitely a "consumption device" but the only thing I use my Nexus for these days is playing Pinball Arcade, which I'm guessing will never come to RT, and the only thing I use my full PC for is Photoshop.  I really thought the Surface RT was going to suck but I ended up using it so much that I bought a second.  At the retail price it's not worth it, at $199 it's nearly a must-have.


aaa6112 says:

Yes, there is.

EzraWard says:

If I had to guess, they ran into issues with the feature. Probably a bug or something and we'll see it return soon.

Yup! I'd experienced this. Hopefully not awkward this time.. :p

Kieta says:

I'll have to check when I get home. But after installing 8.1 my apps have been updating automatically. I'm guessing theres an option in the settings to turn that off, there better be.

QilleRz says:

Looking forward for the next update after this one. Hope it come fast. :|

Ability to share any post directly through message is also removed!

vinxent10 says:

If a different pic is uploading.. It'd be akward ;)

Zune user since the beginning, had every generation of devices and have no problem saying Xbox Music > Zune.

rama42 says:

it just makes no sense.
why is having a 2.5GB game on a 8GB phone pointless ?

Rotmm says:

Silly (probably) question. Since the update to 8.1 I haven't seen any update notifications in the Store. I'm assuming that apps are now updating automatically without me needing to accept them, but for the life of me I can't seem to find an update history, so I don't know which apps have or haven't updated.

Any help on this would be appreciated :)

wpdude says:

If Amazon was a physical store it would be required to sell to us for the price. The luck few first customers will get the special, and the store caught on the mistake they would post it as a incorrect price and will not honor it in more. Watch your black friday adds, there is going be at least one of these adds somewhere.

DiGzNY says:

Microsoft is on a roll today. WOW

eolorvida says:

maybe to fine tune this feature... :D

Yeah, good point.

It was seen buggy & hence removed! I noticed if u attach pic in msg, different pic is uploading! Location sharing in messenger is also not seems to be working!

Sam Sabri says:

Maybe they had some errors and wanted to roll back? 

Clint Curry says:

very true!