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At the time of leaving my final entry comment, I currently have a 1 in 11,977 (or 3 in 35,930) chance. Not great odds, but better than 0!

Thanks for opening up to international entrants too, since we don't usually get included.

3. The Type Cover trackpad is finally useful. The clickpad worked well at both left and right clicking, and the smoother surface really improved the feel of navigation.

2. Screen size is HUGE compared to the Pro 1&2. It looks a little bigger in photos, but in person there's really a lot more room. Holding the Pro 3 in portrait and taking notes was comfortable and felt completely natural.

Went to the Microsoft store today to try out the Surface Pro 3. Three things worth mentioning:

1. The new pen is excellent. The hover distance is a little less than the Wacom technology, but accuracy of inking, especially on the edges and corners is awesome! Two buttons on the barrel is also useful.

I got this game about a week ago and went hard grinding on the same map till I earned a cool mil in cash and then got bored with it lol.
I play it here and there, its decent but the controls are just a mess.

i don't understand the formalities of commenting when it's blatantly obvious they're just going to give ME the Surface Pro 3. =)

Unfortunatly ,i don't have melodia installed ,and i still dont get notification or sound tone ,or just ramdom it works :(


I still can't download any of my tv shows, I can download any movie that I bought, and I can download the tv shows on my w8.1 tablet still, but not on my wp8.1

Wow! I've never seen a worse game review in my life.

The rules were obvious in the first 20 seconds or so, when the game takes you through the tutorial.

Somehow, the reviewer managed to still not get how to play the game. :))

The past IS the past stop with the old stuff they used to do,(new CEO new structure new way of thinking) and look forward to the future, if my phone isn't upgradeable,I'll wait for my contract to be up and I'll upgrade and done.Guys we have famlies, friends and work to worry about stop worrying about things you can't control,let's grow up a  little and roll with it baby. 

Music app remains utter garbage. Needs to be thrown away and written from scratch. Look at the Google & Apple Music apps for inspiration.

Try Toy Soldiers: Cold war on xbox 360 then :D
It's a good mix between both tower defense/fps