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saahil687 says:

I just want to win it.

lemonsteveo says:

True, maybe ok for $50.

But from doing some other research online and looking at some other reviews, it doesn't seem to be an issue.

duk3togo says:

If the bezel is small enough you can have a 5" phone for perfect in your hands.

TechFreak1 says:

Sweet, I'm looking to switch to three in October. Anyone used roaming in the US?

coldside says:

And the last.

monton1999 says:

I would love to have my own Surface 3!

childsplay08 says:

The pro 3 has finally become the one device does all.

GioF says:

and for the third comment...
 good luck to all and thanks to WPCentral :D

BrandonTeoh says:

One comment among a sea of comments. It will be a small margin but one can hope for the best. Why RT when you can go Pro.

totoro0106 says:

3rrrrrrrrrrrrrd comment

Will6371 says:

They should say that it won't work with wp

As an artist, I initially had reservations about the n-trig digitizer.

monton1999 says:

Hope I did...

Azhar Mohd says:

Keeping my lumia 1320 in pocket is tough job and this huge device is impossible for me..

i think the best size of a phone is 5-5.5"..


GioF says:

I'm working on my thesis for exam and can not wait to start the next one on my surface pro 3, but just because it is a surface :P

Achike Da says:

Because of the size and business functionality of the WP8.1 OS (office, onedrive etc), it will (also) work well as a mini tablet/computer and will be great for watching videos too:)

nathcb says:

wanna Get one! 

GioF says:

endless wait for this device!!!

Going to the Austin Microsoft store tomorrow. Tomorrow will hopefully be the day I can truly see if I can replace my Lenovo Laptop and my SurfaceRT with this machine. I hope the employees don't mind me being there for 2 hours.

monton1999 says:

Hobestly, I have no idea if I managed to publish any comment...

totoro0106 says:

well the chance is thin but still, 2nd comment.

My 4.3" 8X is pretty decent, but I really like 5" phones like the Lumia Icon, Google Nexus 5 and HTC One M8

Fatfox G says:

6.45" is a tiger?!
Then my 3.8" L620 has to be a kitten :'(

totoro0106 says:

want a surface pro so badly that I comment 3 times

childsplay08 says:

Would definitely replace my laptop

Sobr0801 says:

Here is a comment, I want to win.

jaimeastin says:

WP support or not... Just a waste of money... And this coming from a gadget whore, lol.

LaNiQuE says:

My 1520 is already just a little smaller than my delll venue 8 pro I seriously don't think a phone needs to be any bigger might as well just make a tablet you can make calls on

m0rf3us says:

Chicken dinner makes me a winner, winner :)

Ma1dere says:

4.5-4.7 I would say, but with small freaking BEZEL.

Skunkwurx says:

Hahaha oh...

jomarr says:

I thought 4 was perfect until I got my Lumia 920.


I thought 4.5 was perfect until I held my dad's S4.


I thought 5 inches was perfect until I held a 1520 at the Nokia Store.


One thing's for sure, this isn't my phone. or is it?

Fritzly says:

While the 930 has some interesting improvements over the 920 the drawback are there as well. Personally I like the polycarbonate body, a full metal body could be an option too but the mix of the two is a solution that, again personal preferences I really dislike. No Glance, no SD card.... No thanks. Shrink a 1520 to a 5" size and I would buy it immediately while waiting to see what Goldfinger, if it will ever materialize, will bring to the game.

Here goes nothing

crabychg says:

Good morning

TechFreak1 says:

Honestly the amount of people whinging the ps4 has more graphical grunt the x1, forget these are consoles made to enjoy games / play games, have fun with friends + family and not look at every single frame in freeze frame slo mo. Where is the fun in that?

Furthermore the better looking titles came at nearer to the end of previous Gen console's life cycle as better tools were released and devs gained more knowledge i.e. GTA4 compared to GTA5, Uncharted 1 compared to Uncharted 3. So we have a long way ahead, its a marathon not a sprint.

Sting921 says:

I feel my 4.3 inch lumia720 is small.

chad08er says:

My 1520 is it.Anything bigger wouldn't be pocketable.

lol. you speak your mind i like that. definitely important for writers.

Would make a better rt tablet then a phone has the industry not learned from the dell streak"s failure

jaimeastin says:

Just not needed. I hated 3g on my iPad 2 in the past... So one dimensional...

Using my 920 had a been a dream... No dongal and no mifi to keep remembering to charge... My phone is always charged and a I have a portable battery. I only turn the feature on when I need to share it with me or others. surprisingly, the battery does not drop like a rock... Gps/Nokia drive is worse on the battery than sharing data... I refuse to pay extra for 4g when I have a solution that works best in almost all cases. It may be nice, but the benefit does not not carry as much wgt for me.

MrA2Z says:

Don't wana see Daniel using 'I' while announcing the winner :)