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Ashfaq Gazi says:

i use wp8.1 developer preview .

A895 says:

The question remains how is the quality of the device? If I remember correctly I used to see comments of how Acer cutomer support is horrible like Asus. I prefer Dell and HP when it comes to computing.

Pondiki says:

Good occasion for all to switch to Telegram!!

Well, it is working well for me though. I've been using it since the update.

Conasca says:

Hike is the best

I Know I Know...

spinzeroWL says:

So it's basically an Asus T100, but released six months late!

aaa6112 says:

Love the support Scott (dev) provides. Worked with me over the weekend to fix an issue I reported. The optional sync to Microsoft makes this super awesome, a must-have app.

Arka1412 says:

1st it was said they were keeping it for the release of preview now they are keeping it for official release..

Conasca says:

Works fine for me

AV2RY says:

I did also. First reply from them said it is my phones problem. But I sent them link of "official whatsapp thread" on wpc forum pointing them directly where ppl were complaining about delayed notification (pg 92 -X). Then they changed story, said .. "When someone sends you a WhatsApp message, WhatsApp server sends a notification to your phone via Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS). Then MPNS manages to send the Toast notification to your phone. Currently, all of our servers are operating and connecting to MPNS normally... Blah blah blah"

Fndlumia says:

SMS ftw. These are phones ppl.

cyborg4 says:

Uhh... Yes.

DieNadel says:

No problem at all.....WP8.1 NL925

pan ps says:

i am facing the same problem. i need to check the msgs. late notification of msg received.

Asim Musaad says:

I believe that this is might be on specific devices.
I have HTC 8X unbranded, and my wife has a NOKIA Lumia 1320,both with 8.1 but we've no problems what so ever in Whatsapp.
And no delay on notifications at all.

Bashfu11 says:

This is where acer needs to live if it wants to re-live its netbook glory days. They have always done a great job at making cheap stuff. Then suddenly they declared they were a 'premium device maker', which they are not in any way.

Acer makes cheap stuff and that is what they do best. I am glad they are starting to embrace that again. Is this going to turn heads? It is not, but it will sell alot better than their attempts at those that do.

SQLvariant says:

WhatsApp on WP 8.1 is a big disappointment so far. I have been using Skype more frequently since I upgraded to 8.1 but I agree that even Facebook Messenger is more reliable than WhatsApp right now.

I like Voxer... Its been stable for awhile now

My WhatsApp working fine on WP 8.1 preview :O

lerimer says:

I use voxer. Also Facebook messenger. Cant wait for BBM to arrive.

Outside usa, very few will get your joke :P

aswinbarathb says:

Oh thank god I'm not alone!! Seriously WhatsApp should not focus on android and ios alone! WP still sucks even if the beta version has a lot of features that the public one doesn't have. Audio sharing and a better video sharing feature, hiding the last seen time, custom backgrounds, etc must come to WP

Paritosh Rai says:

It's been very unreliable as far as notifications are concerned. Sometimes I get them on time, other times late or never at all. I am on the 8.1DP

Abdal says:

Lost complete interest in WhatsApp now. Hardly using when notifications resurface in notification center !!

psychotron says:

Sounds decent enough for my needs. The tablet portion sounds as though it has about the same hardware specs as my Venue 8 Pro outside of the display so I'm sure I'd get along with it just fine. The fact that it's a convertible is just a bonus.

Sagar Limaye says:

A really really really long time

Notifications are coming late, man..... or never coming until you open Whatsapp.

dkp23 says:

Whatsapp has always been broken on wp8.  Battery draining, late notifciations or old notifications all coming in at once like an hour later.  I've read about issues with whatsapp on wp7, but in my experience over two devices for wp7 (focus S and lumia 900), whatsapp worked great and in real time. 


ONce i got to wp8, it was a horrible experience and to the point where i just abandoned it myself and ended up getting unlimited texting. 

Also, group me works better as well, real time notifications and notifications that actually use the action center. 

So whatsapp was pushed aside awhile ago and never looking back. 

sundawg#WP says:

I was never even under it ;)

Abb4d0n says:

Hike is working really great. Messages are received instantly. Pretty smooth :)

Alycidon says:

Now this is a piece of kit I could do with!

See forums. See the rest of the comments here. See beyond your own experience ;)

My WP has got to be magic cause Whatsapp is working just fine for me :D

Which is weird, because MPNS is actually really good from what I hear.

Chemilinski says:

I get that too. Very weird..

efektos says:

I have a 1520 and experiencing the reported issue, so there you have it...
Btw, Battery sense says WhatsApp is eating quite a lot of battery, so this might be an issue as well (and might even explain the increased battery drainage after updating to 8.1).

2tomtom says:

The more options the better really.

adi1437 says:

Since fb has bought WhatsApp !! I don't think thts the problem!! The problem lies with the dev !!!

neel desai says:

I am having notification issue since last few's completely irritating. Hope they fix it soon.

The popup is only in the beta.

leadpoizon says:

For people who have the issues with Skype: Have any of you been providing feedback from the link in the app? You get there by tapping on your profile icon on the top right > tap three dots on the bottom > tap "help" > tap "send feedback"

Maybe if enough people send feedback about the horrible Skype experience on WP, they might improve it. People who haven't had a bad experience probably are not using it on a regular basis. I have had problems on three different phones in various situation.

For those on 8.1: enable pin lock on your phone, make sure it's locked, then initiate Cortana to call someone. Cortana will say she is calling and the pin lock screen pops up and nothing happens after pinning in. Let's chalk that up as a problem that needs to be fixed before 8.1 release.

richddr says:

oh snap, i must've toggled that option by mistake. Thanks!

astroXP says:

Hold on right there, you use Facebook Messenger? I thought you said you don't have a Facebook account; unless you meant you don't use it as much. If so, this is breaking news!

KKRLessey says:

It's annoying when there's a group conversation and you get the messages 30 mins later. It's getting better for me though. Battery consumption needs to be fixed!

indieimprint says:

What are you taking about? I've been using whatsapp on 8.1 since day 1 and it works fine

Bryan Suazo says:

We've been waiting the WhatsApp update from a long time, wallpapers... And better looking and working app.. Far from that they are very quite but hopefully its because they are working on a very big update (we wish)

raiinman says:

It seems like these heavyweights just don't care for WP platform anymore. Instragam is still in beta as well but luckily there are other alternatives. Wish someone would build a third party WhatsApp client.