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I think they had a web wrapper app before.  Their mobile web app is actually really nice. I've used it.

Love it. This is the type of video that actually sells product not some boring technical one, just ask Apple.

Agree with you... But these handsets are for those who wana upgrade from asha phones to windows phone os...Yea they have tough competition frm indian brands which are much cheaper but their customer service centres suck... I have experienced myself... They even dnt knw how to repair phone without damaging the fone... I m willing to pay little more if i get good customer service support which in my case always got from nokia.... Moreover built quality of nokia is far better... But lets hope for btr phone at cheaper rate in future... More OEMs more competition more cheaper phones with gud quality... Good for us :)

I know people have already harped on this.  But they need to offer non-tablet users a non Windows 8 App client for music syncing OR expand their APIs such that Windows 8 Apps can become as full features as a desktop client could be.  WE MISS ZUNE AND ITS FUNCTIONALITY.  Ahem, let me correct myself, I DO.  Please bring back usable playlist management, wireless sync, and beautiful cover art dominating graphics while in play mode.  I know these are tall orders given the "we opted to go file storage rather than propriatary" with USB modes, but still. Also, get rid of download caps for purchased music.  My "wishes" as it were. Thanks for reading! Hah.

I got the surface 2 last year as a replacement for an ageing Toshiba netbook... And I love it.. Can't recommend it enough 10hr battery life,25 second startup time and very light..... laptops? Who needs them

They better keep it up. I love the service since its hard to find torrents for the music I like. If they could include video I'd pay for that too. An all in one service like Amazon prime would be killer, throw in some Ms store rewards and you have a killer combo, I'll stop shopping at best buy.

You could say that if that was the only service they were offering. But, as I package, it is pretty good. Also, it probably depends on your music style.

I have Amazon Prime for the shipping and have found that Instant Video has a little different variety than Netflix, so I watch both, even though some would say that Instant Video sucks compared to Netflix. 

From that perspective, I have also been checking out Prime Music the last week or two and already have a 100 song Classic Rock playlist and a 100 song Rock playlist. Sure, they don't have everything I wanted, but it's nice having playlists that I can just turn on in the background when cleaning or whatever and it's included in a service that I'm already paying for.

Now is it just me or that Poki tile, which is usually transparent, sometimes becomes non-transparent?

This is awesome. Have downloaded, pinned app to start, signed in and have deleted the Uber web app I've been using for almost 12 months! It feels nice to be official :)

Woah, that's too US centric for me. What about the rest of the world, like the majority of the planet. Unless MS is going USA only, now there's a way to streamline!

Uh, the *default music player* for playing locally stored content on your WP device is, wait for it, Xbox Music.

Anything else is a paid service.   Or do you think that out of the box, a smartphone shouldn't be able to play local music and video files.    That's a current show stopper on their phones, amongst many (with the Hubs removed in the 8.1 update, WP devices are now terrible at social networking).

This blows both 530 and 630/635 out of water...only if it's also available outside of India...

I was just coming over here to mention this was available.  Nice to see I was beat to the punch!  Now to see if there are any drivers available where I live...but i can finally do that on my WP :) Doesn't have the universal app icon though :(

I totally agree. The 925 was the phone that made me recently switch from Android (once i knew it was getting the much needed features in the WP 8.1 update) but i still had to buy a sim free phone so i could get the 32 gb version!

I just hope that they don't limit the storage, it should be at least 32 Gb for everyone, anything less is unacceptable for a flagship these days. Wireless charging would be nice to have but i would take a bigger battery instead.



Perfectly timed advertisement; I was looking into using Manythings to make a simple security cam system but this seems much better.

Lets wait for their response first :)

I'm sure they'll find some solution. And if by any chance they can't have the off-carrier phones delivered, we can ask for the tablet at last ;)

My guess is either the soc wasnt thoroughly tested since its draft ac enabled or because of it requiring an extra antenna for cdma the wifi wasnt a priority so they put it in an useless position as mentioned months ago when it was published on fcc's earlier then it should've been

Now that there's an app, I'll actually use them next time. If the mustache folks made it first, I might've gone with them despite the dumb mustache.

Great to see them back on WP. Even without the features they plan to add in the next month this is a nice app. It is way better than the old version.

Hi Chris, There's an error in the post.

I think this should be "OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business" instead of OneDrive vs. OnDrive for Business.

I dono why Microsoft is encouraging the other mobile brands with their would be so nice if they confine it to make only brand with multiple choice of budget unlike Apple...:)

Have you tried Waze? It works great in my country (Guatemala) and like yours, we don't have here maps/drive support.

Microsoft's future in enterprise and back-end services is bright, and their future earnings can increase many times over this past report.

Microsoft's future in consumer facing products on the other hand---namely Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, and even their relatively new retail stores----looks extremely sketchy and uncertain.

Thus far, Nadella has proven to be a cost cutting hatchet man type of executive, with a background from the cloud computing side.   I suspect he won't have the stomach for another few quarters of low selling Windows Phones and Surface devices.    Without any big flagship devices on the horizon for phones, the best Microsoft can hope for in the near term is to maintain that 3% global share, and not slide backwards.    Gaining share looks pretty much out the window.........pun intended.

Yeah. I'm really afraid that they didn't understand what I replied (above) :| However switching now is still not too late lol, just kidding :)