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I wouldn't count on it, Sony owns several studios.

bshu55 says:

So your gonna like to watch tv on your tv with your tv??? How does that make any sense?

Please post an article about the snap back app that back in the app store as an open beta and why does it say I don't permission to download?

Rubios says:

I said it months ago, it was crystal clear for everyone except blind fanboys in denial.


The whole "you are a Microsoft hater" thing was pretty amusing though.

psiu_glen says:

Yep, that will be broken too. Obihai posted on their site about it.

Dazzi says:

This doesn't affect me in the slightest, as Skype fills all my needs.
Furthermore, I only have a google account for University, as it's used for proof of Identification for me to get discounted products from Microsoft etc.

Diego Rico says:

I already submitted by refund request for the $1.99 I paid for the ad-free version. Oh well, it was a decent app while it lasted. Windows Phone 8 Support says I should receive my refund within 72hrs.

freshfelicio says:

Yeah, its really not thought very well. If MS wanted to be the same console, but a bit better, they should have matched the price of PS4 (even if that meant they sell X1 at a loss, like Sony does). It should have had the same specs but slightly more features and better integration with MS ecosystem. Xbox fans would have bought it. But now they made a higher price, which makes you think the X1 must have better hardware and software. But hardware is actually worse than PS4 and games run not at the same quality. If they knew that they should have done it the 360 way, having a smaller price to attract more customers. Because in the end, most consumers decide because of the price.

dbam987 says:

The title of this article should read "Xbox One's uber-awesome features may be bringing down its resolution".

Edit: And no one will notice the resolution difference, unless your sitting very close to your TV; like two or three feet away-close.

Ticomfreak says:

Or perhaps, the game was written really shitty...


Freak google let them cut off everything the more we use our services the more richer we grow with them same with google but Microsoft is not stupid enough to cut off services so we grow more but MS improve this shit a more often rather then rushing to make apps for the iPad make our windows phone and windows 8 apps and OS overhauled that store needs way more improvements like wtf they doing

lesd777 says:

I think there are many that will be switching platforms due to this, which sucks as I haven't been able to find a PS4 preorder available at launch. Guess I should have preordered months ago.

NutmegState says:

Nobody is gonig to see the difference between 720p and 1080i -- Nobody!  There was a great Ars article with screen shots asking which was which.  Unless your nose is right up against the screen and your pixel peeping, most people will be looking at the action and WILL NOT notice the difference.  Our brains do not work that way.  You will be tunnel visioned for your objective and will not notice the difference.  The whole argument is stupid.

Just like many other internet myths, this one will force a change by Microsoft for absolutely no reason than to shutup the internet engineers.  I am willing to bet there are some tweaks that can be made to achieve whatever Infinity Ward wants to do, but nobody is going to see the difference in game play.


bshu55 says:

Exclusives always look the best. Ryse is 900p 30fps not 60fps

gsquared says:

Given the overall market for console games has been in a downtrend for several years, making the XB1 a games-centric device would not have been a good move. It also alienates a lot of potential buyers. This may end up being the PS4’s downfall. Sure it can play games like nobody’s business, but the bigger picture shows overall that less people are buying console games.

Such a shame it's only an accessory rather rather than having the ability to store and play your music locally (specifically local files and Xbox Music) without a phone nearby but still, it's better than the setup I have now so it'll probably be a purchase. Colour dependent on what phone I end up with next!

Rick Smits says:

Don't forget party chat, Xbox live (which did not go down for 3 months), exclusive DLC, new IP's, Skype, multitasking, and Kinect. Xbox far beats the PS4 imo. PS4 is losing more exclusive down the road. Its been going this route for a couple years. For example Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is now on Xone instead of just PS4

Lundon44 says:

Not a deal breaker for me. If I want to do serious gaming I do it on my PC. Xbone is meant to be more than a gaming system which is exactly why I pre-ordered. I appreciate that it can do more than play games. And if it can upscale to 1080p without any visible notice then what do I care? But 2 things to be aware of.. Firstly there are infact games releasing at 1080p which tells me the devs are still learning how to develop on the Xbone. Secondly, remember how crappy some of visuals are on games that were released in the first couple yrs in comparison to the games 3-5 yrs into the life of the console? It's almost night and day. 

Antluv82 says:

Watch MS move now. They going tu be strong in a year. Just sit back watch

bshu55 says:

Its cause forza is a first party exclusive games. They always look better

SaucePolicy says:

Tempest in a teapot.

joeynox says:

The Xbox is running 3 os's 10% of the gpu is used just for the os/kinect . So an underpowered gpu is now being cut 10% more.

Joe Tindall says:

Woah massive increase from last year 4.2% to 11.4 in the UK??

AnkelBiter01 says:

I'm not concerned. I currently own both a PS3 and 360 - yet I find the Xbox my go to console. I don't have cable anymore, just Netflix and Hulu, but the Skype calling while gaming has me intrigued. If the internet browsing is quick and simple, I can see not needing to open my laptop or L920 to find how to beat difficult parts in games. It's about the whole package.... oh and maybe that streaming over my network PS4 isn't supporting....

Flavio76 says:

It a beta, hope he succeeded.... Will support it, thanks for the development

joeynox says:

Im glad Microsoft is gonna take a beating this generation. They deserve what they get for trying to turn their game machine into a media box that plays games. They handicapped the xbox1 spec wise and are charging $100 more than their competitor . Foolish .

bshu55 says:

Their CPU and ram can handle it. Running at 1.75 the cpu isn't fast enough

danielm298 says: with Lumia 920 also

lippidp says:

Good. Maybe Santa won't feel pressure to waste more money on game machines this year. Bah freaking humbug.

Matt Sharp says:

The difference is Google builds first party apps for IOS and Android. There is zero first party support for WP8 thus the third party apps are necessary.

bshu55 says:

If Microsoft didn't spend so much money on the Kinect they could have dropped the price by $100 and added better hardware but the downside of the X1 is that the CPU only runs at 1.75. Many phones now a days have better that

MilkyTee says:

The most ridiculous reasoning I have ever heard. smh

NutmegState says:

Try as an alternatives

The YouTube music awards did not do so well.  Only 220,000 viewers.  It was a big Google flop!


Skype to Skype is free.  You only pay if you need the premium features or want to call Cell Phones or Landlines directly.

If you simply want to call friends, you can do so via WiFi and Skype all for free.  I call my family in Italy all the type with Skype via broadband data and it costs me nothing except my broadband connection.

Ticomfreak says:

That doesn't even make any sense, Xbox OS is lighter than PS's.

It would take 5 minutes to make it in 1080p, just automatically downscale when CPU usage is high...

ncxcstud says:

The fact remains - racing games are always (or at least have been for the last few console generations) used to showcase systems because they are not as taxing as other genres on the system.  Though, I do understand what you're talking about...

But, I will say that as a launch title, this won't be indicative of what the system can do.  Go look at the launch PS3 and XBOX 360 titles and you'll see a huge difference between what developers could only do at launch and what they were able to get out of the systems at the end of their cycles...

bshu55 says:

The cloud cant be used to improve hardware its not capable of doing that. Thats the misconception of the cloud.

freshfelicio says:

Microsoft should really have put enough hardware into the Xbox to handle all the features. I mean, 1080p @60 fps is standard now, but in 5-10 years maybe 4K @ 200 fps is standart. Microsoft really should have known this. Xbox One comes at a higher price, so you expect it to be more powerful, both in hardware and software.

CobaltDragon says:

Yeah, more and more the content is less and less about WP itself.

MSkulker says:

"A: The Xbox One Operating System System"?

Jazmac says:

Yes. I do like tis one. It could replace my 920 and AT&T all at the same time.

neo158 says:

I couldn't edit my first post but I'm now google free, just transferred the last of my accounts from my gmail address!!

bshu55 says:

I'm no fan boy of any system im just saying that the Xbox one Is a 50/50 system half gaming half entertainment thats why some of its games are struggling to get to 1080p while the PS4 is around 80/20 gaming and entertainment. Me personally I love gaming im not gonna use all those features that the X1 uses. But one of my friends told me that if your not a fan of any of the exclusives on X1 why get one. See im not a halo fan or forza fan I like multiplatform games like BF4 and madden so to me why pay more for a system thats just half for games.. Thats just my thought on it all..

ImSoWade says:

Lol well said. I think its good for consumers to know the limitations of any system, etc

dbam987 says:

Maybe in the bear future they can utilize the Xbox One's cloud processing capability better to achieve the 60 frames per second @ the 1080p resolution. Limited development time could be a factor since they wanted it to be a launch title, considering its also going to be available for the 360 / PS3 systems as well. Targeting four platforms at the same time is a challenge, especially when two of them are brand new to the market.

AlexC00L says:

In the future i see a "game mode" on xbox one then disable the multitasking system.



david90531 says:

I think the best alternative right now is ICQ, i didn't know the app support gtalk and fb chat as well. Working nicely including notifications and file sharing