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Same here, coming from a lenovo x200t with windows 7 to lenovo helix with windows 8, my workflow has improved and I'm touching the screen quite regularly too.  Very natural.

" Bing Rewards for Windows Phone features mobile-exclusive offers that you won't
find on the PC." Really??? Like what? Is it worth getting the "app" for these
exclusive offers?

You're not alone, got this for the first time some days ago, hasn't happened since luckily

Is windows phone ever going to be officially released? Or is it just going to remain this mythical entity?

Hey. I've been using 925 since the last summer and I love it! But I would advice you to get 930, it has 4 cores and 2gb RAM. Much better hardware after all.

If you go to I see $96 for 'Sony PS3 - 160GB Slim +  2 controllers'. But only half for the cheapest 80GB model. Sure you can get more selling yourself.

I don't see why, even if there are problems with taxes and whatnot, bing rewards couldn't be released worldwide in a limited form that would allow us to at least redeem things from Microsoft only, i.e. gift cards, OneDrive space.

I have stated this sometimes back that everyone is copying Microsoft in all ramification.

Tried the update check on my L925 in USA... I know its not out yet but... Can't blame me for trying anyways... jejeje

Today is a very special day for all Nokia Lumia 925s. Why? Because if you flip the 6 vertically then horizontally, you will get 9/25. :D So, we all might start getting the Cyan update later on (fingers crossed).

True. But since you own all devices, would you think getting the next Moto X is good? I like stock, and the next Moto X seems to be cool. But why will it have a S800, versus the newer ones? Should I just wait for the next Nexus?

Yeah, I thought 1520, Icons were up first since they have more of an ability to utilize..

I can understand why you'd think that way, brother. For me, I chose Windows Phone, because it's exciting to use an operating system that hasn't matured yet. It can only get better. Not that Android can't get any better, as we've seen from watching Google IO; but it is rapidly reaching a point of maturity, hence the copying of design elements from the Modern UI.

There is another not so well known fact that Nokia (Ericsson as well) is doing great when it comes to the implementation and maintenance of various technologies behind mobile networks. One of my childhood friends is working for Nokia networking division and they don’t seem to be very upset with recent MS/Nokia merger. However, I could read between the lines (from some information he has told me) that we should never exclude a possibility that Nokia might return to smartphone world one day and surprise everyone.  I guess that might be the one of the reasons (beside the additional cost to MS) why Nokia has effectively decided to keep Nokia branding for themselves.

However, leaving the decision to the Dev team would mean thaat everyone will have to use a phrase that appeals to the hypothesized majority. Allowing the users set the phrase not only makes the phone more personal, it also just makes sense for a larger group of users.

I don't think so. I choose to use Windows Phone because it's different. The UI and experience are a lot smoother than Android, in my opinion. 

As for Chromebooks, I've used a few of them, and I can honestly say that they don't/won't compare to laptops or the Surface series, even with the inclusion of Android app functionality. Android apps on the desktop!= Windows.

Perhaps Microsoft chose to roll out Cyan in Finland first because they want to show some respect to a nation that felt they lost something important when the shift went through.

In Android, if you don't like something, you can just change it. Be the Launcher, the icons, the Lockscreen, etc. I'm not telling that's the ideal, but you have choices.

Rest in peace, Massimo Vignelli. He passed away a month ago tomorrow, survived by his wife Lella who was the other (mostly unsung) half of the design duo.

Ha ha ha, you're too funny mate -- keep up the good work. I think WPCentral needs more people like you to brighten up my day ;-)

I'm not going to get an Android tablet or chromebook, as I love my surface, but for phones, I might get the next Moto X. As I have two upgrades, I'll get that, and also get the 1020 successor. :)

you my friend must be mistaken.. If you're in India you generally get all updates asap, because therre is no carrier bifurcation here. Simply put, we get the update as soon as they decide to make it availabe to unlocked phones in our country. I think they might release it with the lumia 930. which I hope is soon, lots of people are looking forward to it launching but I hope they market it properly here as the middle/upper class masses are just iphone/android sheeps and need to know what these phones are capable of..