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Lol It is true, we do "pride ourselves on our accents", fair point, but i would like the choice to hear Jen Taylors voice speaking from my phone, its awesome! Especially if you are a halo fan.

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You could also buy a power pack and use it with your current and future phones. With spare batteries you will have to buy new ones when you buy a new phone. Just don't drain your phone fully before plugging in the power pack, then you will not have to wait for charging. I use a NL620 with replaceable battery, just never used that option in favoure of a power pack. No need to open it up or to restart it, all time wasted.

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Replaceable battery or not, there are a few options like the Nokia's external battery charging unit, the DC-16...Duck the Samsung and their phones forever.

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As a long time Halo fan and early adopter of the US Cortana App, I'd prefer to stick with the American accent.

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Agreed. While at it, they could also implement an option to enable Cortana for those of us whose regions are probably years away from being supported. I'd be happy with any English variant of Cortana without having to mess around with my regional settings.

Does seem a bit odd. You've got all these news articles saying they've named her after a character from Halo and then half the users are going to get a different voice. So its like having something called Cortana that isn't Cortana.

How you ever meant to trust your phones personal assistant if she's obviously an imposter!

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But what about project Adam and deep learning maybe it has some connection

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You change it. It takes just a couple of minutes.

Sure, it would have been a nice plan to rty that out and if it didn't help then flash it back and ask for help. But you couldn't possibly expect them to fix the phone in less than an hour. So why even try to ask for help without even flashing it back? You story does not hold my friend.

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Hechi "H"! Most responses yeah!

I noticed that too but wasn't sure. I hope they revert some of the unnecessary removals they made.

I thought it was weird when siri came out with a different accent, so I say keep her original voice. Half the people we talk to each day don't have an English accent, our call centers are all indian and our tv is largely US, so so what if the personal assistant in your phone is American.

Part of the problem to me is they've given it a name. When Siri spoke in a different accent it was weird because it was like it wasn't Siri. Cortana is going to be even worse as its an existing character that already, so maybe they should change the name too. If your trying to add personality to these things, making their voice change ruins it a bit.

Also I assume in countries that don't speak English, a different actress voices Cortana in Halo? Why not just stick to those actresses?

What will be worst though is if they've given her an American British accent like Siri has. Nobody sounds like that over here. Why actors in American programs have to do this dodgy British accent that doesn't exist I will never understand. But having it on your phone too would be awful.

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What i'd like to know is whether moving to Update 1 would potentially cause problems with the Camera quality? I rolled back to Windows Phone 8 and have upgraded successfully to Lumia Cyan on my Lumia 1520 and though I would love to take advantage of the early release of Update 1, I am a left wondering what it would mean for the new algorithms that Nokia (apparently) included with Lumia Cyan and if they'd remain intact with the move to Update 1.

I believe most 1520 users would agree that moving from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1 DP caused a certain blow to the capture quality of images via the camera, especially in low-light conditions. I even did a comparison of some shots by capturing similar photos on Lumia Black (8.0) and DP (8.1) and both were different with the latter being lower in quality.

I guess this would only be answered when Update 1 does roll out? Given that Lumia Cyan's already applied to the device, I would imagine that moving to Update 1 wouldn't cause any problems with the quality of photo capture.

What do you think?

Extras+info might need updating; that could fix it to say Lumia black.

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I love PFD...please update PFD...

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Am I right in assuming that seeing as tho the official version of 8.1 n Cyan are available for me that it wont really be a downgrade for me, the Nokia Software tool will just give me whatever the official release is available to me. For clarification I have DP8.1

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After reading this article my phone seems faster

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Can't wait to tell this news to my frnds who uses galaxy :) ... Go to hell Samsung.

It doesn't.  Have taken pictures with my brother's and they are better than what I take on my 928.  There are a couple advantages too.  The second camera on the back allows for faster focusing and the ability to refocus images fairly easily afterwards.  It's not the 1520 or the 1020, but it's better than most cameras out there not made with Nokia tech.  Battery life is excellent.  The phone is thin and light.  Beautiful design.  I'm leaning towards having it replace my 928.

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Not available for India? :-/

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microsoft is a catastrophe when it comes to choice and region matters - that stupidity that they arent considered a gps-like solution to choose from a list of voices still proves the company is run by old yankees who dont know the difference between a world map and a middle earth map that comes as bonus for lotr extended

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Can't they just tie it to speech settings rather than region. Choosing either speech option makes her Jen Taylor or someone else?

my Lumia 520 with wifi turned off, no cell service, lowest brightness, and battery saver, can last up to 25 days on a full charge. ANY phone can last a long time, it entirely depends on how much you use it, and what features you use or avoid. 

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Didnt everyone across the world want the voice assistant to be named Cortana because of Halo. Id think they want her voice as well

Its all interesting really. (wall of text incoming)
Holding conversations can be odd sometimes. I can hold a conversation in my usual NE accent, but while I'm talking to customers, occasionally I'll being to pick up their accent myself. During work, I can have a bit southern accent while serving farmers in my area, while I'll switch based on how they speak when ever the enter the store. Not a mean thing, just a subconscious courtesy thing that I'll do without thinking. Like I'll go from saying, Have a great evening, to Y'all have a great evenin or you guys take care. Speaking with customers that know English as a second language (or are using "broken English") I'll need them to repeat things a few times over.

Occasionally, I outright cannot understand some 'thick' accents. I could have a conversation with someone over Ham Radio speaking to someone in England or Scotland and I'll have to admit to them that I couldn't understand what they were saying. Its not an issue of hearing them. Its just I can't make out the words and I clear off the air because of self-frustration, occasionally they will continue "rag-chewing", but I'll have to repeat my self and admit to them even though English is my only language and my vocabulary might be diverse, my capabilities have their limits.

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And yet the BBC somehow manages to get along just fine. It's great that you're enthusiastic about your chosen field, but don't be like a first year undergrad who just learned a new word. You keep harping about how it's so different over there but you never answer the question, "so what?"


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Or Jimmy Nesbitt :-)

bigstevenc says:

And Northern Ireland. The UK is England, Wales, Scotland (for the time being) and Northern Ireland.

Vertego says:

I don't really care, as long as I can understand what is being said.

The US is larger, both in size and population. No doubt, regional dialects exist. The UK is much smaller in both respects. There is no such thing as 'British english'. Regional dialects exist and are seemingly so different that TV presenters nowadays are encouraged to have local dialects, and not just for programmes broadcast in the regions from which the dialect may be predominant. The so called 'BBC english' or Queen's english nowadays seems to be falliing from common use.

There is also a rather annoying (to me) habit for some TV programmes to display english subtitles when someone is speaking...english. Most can determine what is being said in your native language without the presence of subtitles, even with strong regional dialects.

To me Jen Taylor means nothing. I had not heard of her until all of this about Cortana. I don't associate with Halo either and the name Cortana is just that, a name (which does make me think of the rather old Ford Cortina).

I accept that MS is American, that WP is American and that Cortana is American. I don't get worked up by the voice of Cortana having an American accent and don't expect a British english accent any more than I expect an American TV programme or movie to have British english voiceover soundtracks. However, some will.

Regionalisation of Cortana is important but I don't consider it essential that it MUST go as far as including dialect. I just look forward to UK Cortana with or without British english.

YeMan says:

I feel lime were making a big deal about cortana and after like a month we aren't even gonna use her....

Maxwell Fong says:

Hues is definitely inspired by Threes...

AntEv says:

Pretty sure you can't get a GPS unit with a Welsh accent but you can get them with the Welsh language. In my opinion having something speaking English with a Welsh accent would be pointless, why not go the whole nine yards and have it using the Welsh language!

Iam sticking with dp 8.1 wait for bit locker issue to be fixed by Ms.

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I have kids, and he loves that he has his own corner in my phone, but kids corner need to improve, like use different PIN to unlock, and support live lock screen.

MikeMc71 says:

Oil tycoons and ranchers would be Westerners, not Southerners. In America, Southerners are generally thought of as from the old Confederacy (basically from East Texas all the way to Florida) so if you want to think in stereotypes, think cotton plantations, and Colonel Sanders.

If you know your old cartoons, Foghorn Leghorn was a southerner. Yosemitee Sam was a westerner.

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Have lumia 525 and not changing to 530

Good phones always in dp mode and care wont any problem with warranty when using dp....

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I keep coming back and looking at the huge M8 on wpc mobile....amazing. Gorgeous phone and slick design with WP Os. In love.

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I have the htc m8 and the camera is not bad at all until you zoom in and crop.  As far as a dedicated camera button, you can assign the volume button in the camera settings as the camera button to snap a pic on the m8.  Don't know if they will carry that over in the w8.

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And family room

The new tile isn't very nice imo

Need help, if i un-install the private beta & install the public beta (with same BB ID), will my Pin change?? Because I want to install new version & donot want to get my Pin changed...

That's not windows fault, that's your computer, there's is no conflict with windows 8.x with Zune

Snowpiercer was ok, but feel it would have been better as tv series with different boxcars in each episode.