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I love the Microsoft Passion on this site. I'll pass on Windows Central though. Its not much of a change from the current website name. Its time for a new direction. I'm feeling Windows One. Wouldn't you agree fellow Windowians? Or how about Windows Life cuz we bout that life! Lol

Its one phone, which you can get a non AT&T version to fix. I suspect they won't do that again, but we'll see.

Windows One it still has number at the end. We're all completely know the number always keeps changing year after year in Microsoft ecosystem (and other giant companies) because of the new discovery in technology. And we want to change our apps name because of the main reason is 'Phone' I guess.
Windows United sounds a bit better than the first one. But the term United is very familiar with The United States, we're not hate this word but our app is being used globally. So the name should be
Windows Central as we are very familiar with the term Central for ages.

It should begin with windows and end with central.

Add either one or united :) I like central name

They would have announced by now that current WP devices will support Windows 10, I can only expect bad news

Windows One sounds to abstract. Coul it be associated in people's mind with One Drive? Windows United sounds way to square to me. Windows Central all the way. When it is not broken don't fixed it...

If you look ahead in say 5-10 years time, when  the fact that the different platforms will have been just one, united ( indeed! :-) ) for that period of time and that it would be just a fait accomplie that there is only one os, the names Windows One and Windows United could sounds ancient. No need to state the obvious people might think. they are not time proof in my view. 

Again Windows Central sounds great!

Windows Central really is a much better name than Windows One or Windows United. Please reconsider.

Try these names if you don't like windows central: Windows Bar, Windows Corner, Windows Parlor, Windows Hangout, Windows Joint, Windows Club, The Windows Gang, Fools for Windows, Clean Your Windows... Anybody for WINDOWS JOINT?

So  WO  och WU is better?  

Windows Central is the only name that sounds any good .. 

Windows One would suggest it is support ing an age old OS, or just falling fo the stupid trend of calling everything "One"   

Windows Unity or Windows Unitied sounds like a huligans football club


Hi. What a great day for us . I knew this name change was inevitable.

I would prefer WINDOWS CENTRAL any day as it simply fits the bill no matter how obvious and boring it might sound. It just feels right.

I request Daniel Rubinho and team to seriously consider WC. It seriously is a wise option.

Meanwhile, Windows One is not bad either.

Forget about Windows United.

Windows united sounds like ugly and windows one sounds weird considering that the os will be windows 10, I don't know if you get my point. I would prefer something like windows world. (Xbox, computer, phones, etc.) .

You might want to wait a couple months then. This is a much earlier release of Windows than what they usually put out. The consumer preview isn't due out until early next year.

well I thought windows central before Daniels post..and still think windows central after..sounds good..

And what so bad and boring about "obvious"? Sometimes obvious is the best. I would abbreviate it as WinC or WCE or whatever. I think it's uch better than Windows One and Windows United. Although I'm sure someone will come up with a better name than Windows Central below.

Windows Central sound ok, it is only one word short from windows phone central, besides starting mid 2015 everything will be around Windows

Windows One until Microsoft get bored of the One branding and use something else.

Should about a week away

WindowsU (even shorter to say or to type)

Stands for Windows_You or Windows_Us

or even United

They'll keep 9 out because every second Windows is good. Windows 7 was very good and then 8 was good but to be honest it's have some very stupid aspects, and now... oh wait... 

Windows X sounds nice. Though that would put you in a tight spot once the next iteration of the OS is released.