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sholokov says:

W530. Meant for CAD, but can handle many games flawlessly, especially with the video card supporting PhysX, etc.

aitt says:

That's what happen when waking a giant up

DarwinPurol says:

More drugs dude

aitt says:

That's a great turnaround for one year!

Sam Sabri says:

Probably, we're assuming 'Surface revenue' means anything Surface related. The tablets themselves + accessories.

rcballa12 says:

OneDrive allows multiple documents to be attached to emails, yes.

dkp23 says:

damn, hoping for a surface fire sale... guess not ;(

Cryio says:

I barely found out that too

k0de says:

Nice. Growth every where.

¿Y Xbox Music? ¿Para cuando papa?

dkp23 says:

perhaps the surface 2, but not RT since they wrote that off last year.  My assumption. 

dertdog says:

Nice numbers. Now wait and see what the M$oft haters has to say!!

anonymfus says:

These settings are not hidden in the emulator.

See USB item?

Prince#WP says:

That's good news. I think they overreached with the first Surface' expectations. They have a proper handle on it now

gajomau says:

Still there is one thing missing, the ability to set the background on one drive black.. I hate the white background.. Or even better, to set a background wallpaper on the app, or automatically set wallpaper from favorite photos..

Thank you Nik :) actually I read it in previous comments

aitt says:

Sam is that all Surface devices including RT?

Slovenix says:

Well transparent tile option would be welcome too :)

samy_a says:

Yes, that's how it works now. Was quite handy to be able to open another account in the app, though.

MatthewMcD says:

Does for me with Word files. Open from OneDrive and chose save, then change the location to Phone or leave it as OneDrive. It may depend on the file type or client app.

jfreiman says:

Yes, you are correct. This isn't anything I would use.

gwinegarden says:

Why do you care?

DennisvdG says:

We still can't download videos from onedrive???

xajuan says:

but you can add the place to favorites and it gets saved in cortana's memory and you can give it a nickname and call it later so that jimmy johns isnt showing up in your people hub lol

MonteJ says:

I recently played Tim Schafer's "Broken Age". I love the Rayman games and also a lot of the Metro casual games.

Nik Rolls says:

Not all versions are released externally. This is quite common in software.

jfreiman says:

I rarely save businesses to my Contacts anymore. It's much simpler, easier and faster to add businesses to my HERE or BING favorites.
Once saved there (cloud) I can access them, sort and search them based on my location or needs.
Much better than digging deep into your Contacts and finding what I need.
Save to Contacts is OLD SCHOOL.

Nik Rolls says:

Central login now, these apps pull the login credentials from your phone's account.

raul_junior says:

I really like OneDrive but box gave me 50 free gbs of storage so I use it instead

nanoware says:

Just checked... and NOPE! Cant attach anything other than pictures in emails?  Wow! Daniel, will this be added later on?


EDIT: Seems like for some reason Microsoft didn't add the file picker to outlook. I can go to office apps and share attach from there. And they are not attached as one drive links but actual attachments.

Nik Rolls says:

Everyone knows this is possible, their problem is that this doesn't help for existing email conversations (replies and forwards).

Nivananca says:

Ich will das Update für die Musik App!

Wevenhuis says:

I don't use my surface pro often for games. It's mainly a productivity, notetaking or media cinsumption device. The only game I play often is wordfeud. Sometimes wordament and occasionally Armed! Wordfeud and wordament work perfectly. Armer has issues that live posters are hard to find and takes ages to load. But I think the issue is more serverside than on the app or surface pro. Windows phone has similar issues.

How do you upload multiple photos at once? Or is that feature only for those with 8.1 preview?

Darren Walsh says:

Yeah I can upload tunes alright but I can't seem to download them to my phone!!

IMStrugglin says:

Send me a Surface Pro and I will let you know!

nadr_xd says:

Lumia 930 is a Flagship device like the Lumia Icon.
But Lumia Icon isn't available globally whereas Lumia 930 will be,
so Lumia 930 is a global version of Icon


seattlebob says:

I play alot of civ v and Diablo 3. some bf4 as well.

ScubaDog says:

And I feel sorry for you.  But thanks for helping screw up my user experience.

themichal007 says:

Why can't they just add a transparent live tile?

Nimdock says:

Hopefully this will stop the "can't upload to OneDrive" threads at the forum.


Although I expected Music to be updated first.

If you didnt know Bing maps is powered by NAVTEQ(Nokia here division) so nokia is still licensing access it just may not be in their own app but in the ms app which has different direction algorithms

kostiraimo says:

Aaaand it still resizes photos (other than those in camera roll folder) when downloading them, even if my settings tell it to download original.

illidanx says:

On WP8.1, the phone automatically upload high res photos with no option to upload the low res ones.

TechFreak1 says:

You can, use the office hub however imo your better off sharing OneDrive links.

chad08er says:

Finally!OneDrive for WP is better than the IOS version :)

lubbalots says:

What you smoking?

sholokov says:

Halo Spartan Assault, Asphalt 7, Asphalt 8, Hydro Thunder, Reckless Racing, Six Guns, FIFA 14, Zombie HQ, Guns 4 Hire, Armed!
All these run on Surface RT.