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pr0phecy says:

No more pink! yaay!

tcbl50 says:

Very very annoyed at this app skipping some posts!!!


Though I found out that to get my 1020's NFC to work is kinda tricky (location of the chip etc.) and I think I'll stick to the card, it still would be awesome if you could use your phone instead of the card... and people that buy tickets from the driver are extending my travel time, wich sucks, so I'm down with that idea :)

mils2381 says:

That's a pretty cool technology.

Vega625 says:

It's fresh and new, it looks good :)

NOLATechy says:

Metairie, Louiaiana is located in the bordering Parish to New Orleans and I can't wait to visit this store.  There is also an Apple store located in the exact same shopping center, but I REFUSE to even step foot in that place.  I will, however most definitely be visiting the Microsoft Store frequently!!!

NathanDuarte says:

Wow, it looks awesome. The app should look like that :O

rockstarzzz says:

Govt doesn't care where you go.

gar216 says:

Definitely seems faster.

Bar0n says:

Although the built-in camera should be enough to do some fast landscape shooting, it wuould be perfect if it hat a Go Pro stand so you can put your own mini camera. That would be perfect since Go-Pros are so good for these type of things.

Nice toy, but too bad for the battery. Where are the new gen batteries people??

11B1P says:

My first thought when I loaded the page was "Crap, what's wrong with the internet? WPCentral is not loading correctly." Nice and refreshing.

The purple is fine.

thettk says:


Looking awesome

Marees123 says:

Buying an unknown brand from India is highly Risky. I sincerely advise you not to do that as I can gurantee if any issues, you wont find any support for XOLO in Italy.

Another issue, seems to be that XOLO is having issues with 720p Dragon Tail screen. So the phone is perennially out-of-stock and now they started selling Android XOLO Q900S with lesser resolution and without Dragon Tail. which means reliability issues in the Win Q900s screen have not yet been resolved. So stay away!!!


I like not having to scroll (as far) to get to the first story. I see a color change in the logo (don't do that - you have equity in the current one) and, WOW, that is not a color pallette that reflects the sophistication of the site's editorial content or - me thinks - its readers.

Change is change, Daniel.

Change does not necessarily always work, nor - certainly - is it always good. But it doesn't make itself, so...

I just wanna say that the new look is amazing, there is definately a Windows Phone feel about the and the colour of the header bar is great and makes everything 'pop'. Obviously there are little niggles here and there but of course it's a work in progress and i'm looking forward to seeing what's coming next.

Keep up the good work guys!! :)

theblankat says:

Right? What's the problem with a store in Manhattan?

Nice to see a new design of the website, was on my recomendation list back when WPCentral did a survey. Still there are plenty of ads that are placed right in the midle ruining the modern/premium look. I've added block lists to IE so I don't see the ads, I know this hurts the website revenue but if the ads were placed more carefully I wouldn't have to block them. (or for those who use chrome the Adblock extension is a must)

conair346 says:

I used to put my Oyster between my Mozart and silicon cover to give the illusion of my phone operating the barriers.
Damn I miss the Xenon flash.

And one more thing, besides beeing able to bring this to a party for indoor use, I think this is less likely to kill someone or something since it doesn't have those big blades that the normal copters do.  I do wonder one thing also...  How far will a WiFi network actually reach ?  I mean my WiFi at home hardly reaches to all my rooms, this is a thing that you would like to fly away with at least 300 feet...

Niavlys77 says:

Yeah, sucks. Even one in Kitchener/Waterloo would be nice.

infinidim says:

I think it is great that they are updating the system. I have used an Oyster card for ages now and it is so easy. I would like it if my Lumia could be used (NFC) as well.

chrispyogurt says:

Nice toy to experiment with!

JakCampbel says:

Is it legal to fly these drones over cities and crowded areas? 

nasellok says:

Really still no store in NYC. All they have is a kiosk in the Time Warner Center. They had that great store in Times Square that they closed, and never opened anything else.

The only thing I can think of to make it better would be IR/night vision camera and glow in the dark bodywork. Sighting of UFO's around my neighbourhood would increase 100% ;)

I was thinking I'd love to use it to get some footage of me and my friend when we go kite-flying, but then I remembered it has to be quite breezy to fly a kite...


I got a friend that has one of those normal looking helicopters, but he needs a freeking airfield to take it for a ride...  This would be something to bring to the next party, since you can show it of inside !!!  And now for Windows, I love it.

j_jabbar says:

Another way for the govt to keep a tab on you

abond32 says:

Updated my 1520. After downloading update to tablet with phone connected I got a failed attempt. Changed my usb cable and rebooted phone. Update worked fine erased SD card (option) got all updates fine. Hard reset phone logged in and restored. No issues no worries. I browsed through settings and don't see many changes but I do see a few. Motion data appears to be new with a few UI changes and options in other settings. I haven't noticed the display brightness delay yet but may be to early to tell. The wp8.1 dev preview was an option. We all understand when you're the first to jump on an update or beta you take the risk of going through what most are complaining about. I dont like it either but wp8 had no issues.

baboss says:

Looking forward to better battery performance and more robust fuselage in the future. If you want to experience the ultimate in flight get your pilots license and fly yourself. Nothing beats it! Remember to obey all rules and regs concerning altitude! Thanks and happy "flying"!

Nokia Boy says:

Uhm,is it going to available for silver members?

SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT!! why there is no stores outside north america?? we are costumers too you know?? time to wake up!!

MatchAttax08 says:

Do you have an xbox ome

Who loves purple so much at wpcentral? :P I already hate the purple colour in that 512MB supported banner(although it is pretty helpful) and now the website also in purple?

MatchAttax08 says:

You already can. It came with the June update. Up to 16TB and must be USB 3.0

Have they updated the app detection

MatchAttax08 says:

The crucible. The planet on the right. You need to pass level 1-5 in story first

titoyees says:

Hate it! Those girls colors! It looks like a teen party.

Richard_Indy says:

Getting it on my L1520 updated with Cyan and my SP3. Can't wait to play it.

MatchAttax08 says:

Saturday night

MatchAttax08 says:

Fuck scroogle and crapple

How do I downgrade without pc?

They are adjustable. It can be adjusted the same way you use pinch zoom.

MatchAttax08 says:

Just search destiny beta or click the large tile on the store front on Xbox one

MatchAttax08 says:

Search destiny beta....

Edosa Elaiho says:

The AR.Drone 2.0 seems pretty cool. I always wanted one of those airhog copters as a kid and this appears to be a major step up from that. And the app is simple enough to passively use and understand.

MatchAttax08 says:

For 2 days xD me too...

Looks good...but needs more Metro Magic !!
But that's a pretty poor choice of colour...almost puked when i saw the screen 1st time....good thing i use the app more than browser.

Adopting the WP themes would be a nice idea

purevibz says:

The banner at the top does not scroll smoothly when using touch.

MatchAttax08 says:

You get free Xbox One amd Xbox 360 games with gold which make up for the price