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Luminatic says:

India apparently isn't in the hands of that fruit company. Unlike my country, the country of cheese, chocolate and *cough* fruit.

Seems faster............

aromal_tc says:

Can't download it showing not available for your phone iam usin wp8.1dev preview with us as region to get Cortana ,is the app region locked or do not support wp8.1

Well Lumia 520 has been greatly popular here. It's not just windows but even new entry firms like micromax and lava etc are getting love from people. It's a huge market.

Microsoft can further promote the phone by just showing them that windows has everything. A lot of people here have misconception that windows is inferior to android or iOS. This view has to be changed.

CageJ says:

if u guys have issue, switch your SW firewall off..

Yes that's true, for local content it's really useless.

dhruv07 says:

Agree completely..!!!

Yes you're right, I hope the Cortana rollout will solve this, but it's long overdue... if Cortana would use the Bing Beta (Live Search) she would be pretty useless here..

Didn't know that. In that case I'll keep it on both.

PepperdotNet says:

Universal apps are not supported on WP8, require WP8.1

Pranjal Rai says:

That's a mature reply, unlike many other users who just blabber all over.

Chandan Hati says:

Unfortunately those who have changed their phone's region to US for the love of Cortana won't get this app. I tried to download it through my laptop but it said this app isn't available in your market. Well once Nokia brings in the much awaited GDR3 update with Cortana maybe then can give it a whirl. But as of now I am too happy with Cortana to part ways

Ahmad Hamza1 says:

Daniel,kindly tell me how smart sequence in Nokia Camera app works? i tried it millions of times but tapping on the screen,makes it more says something went wrong while saving the photo take a new photo and try to use smart sequence any trick?

I agree 100% Although I understrand it. I dont like it. I am keeping my main phone (lumia 1520) on 8. I am testing 8.1 on my 920. The experiance is why I switched to Windows Phone. Some people just get it and others dont. The ones that dont will never move to the platform, so dont change it up for the prople that DO get it.

Reebs Reebs says:

Should be easy to add a feature allowing it to be activated via NFC tag.  There's a similar feature on the Nokia Car app. Also, I'm hoping this will integrate with Cortana. Certainly a logical next step.

S Vaibhav says:

*Clap Clap* Magic.......Lol ;):D

kev185 says:

Since joining the bata for xbox one I haven't been able to talk to my friends is this normal

Paul Acevedo says:

Unity doesn't deal well with 512 MB devices yet. Also it's much harder and more time consuming to scale large games down to work with 512 MB devices.

Paul Acevedo says:

Your cat, what?? Your progress on Android would be shared with the WP version, so you shouldn't lose out by playing on both platforms.

HarkAtYou says:

If you buy a Garmin head up display it will work when it sees that as well. The Bluetooth works strangely with my car, when a txt comes in without driving mode on it makes the car think its in a call for a few seconds.

Hey, did you see that Apple just submitted a patent for their version of this... Crazy!

Aanze says:

Looks beautiful, will give it a try hoping it's not another pay-to-win disguised into a "pay-to-accelerate"..

I miss the good old times when I could give 10 box for a full game with its full content and updates.. 

Reach4zasky says:

It amazes me that the same Microsoft who made Zune could make this crap for 8.1. Amazing!!!

faalil says:

Xbox Music

If I squint my eyes and ignore what I see... I guess I could read it as "Nokia cyan update"

Pranjal Rai says:

Why are all the new apps and games requiring 1gb ram?? Really pissing me off. And don't anyone think about telling me that I should have bought an expensive phone. You people can't understand the pain.

Reebs Reebs says:

Funny how the addition of one work, like "lol", gives a much different aspect to a comment. Did you really laugh out loud when you read the article? Most likely not. Granted the info provided is relevant and true, the lol puts people in a defensive mode.

So my cat won't talk any help? Also I'll just keep it on my Samsung galaxy note 3, for my progress. I did download it and rate 5 stars to show support.

astroboy#WP says:

Works great on my Ford Fusion.

welsbloke says:

My Phone...

"I have turned driving mode on for you"

My Boy...

"Thank you Tom Tom"


King's Bounty was the prototype of Heroes of Might and Magic series. Later some Russians bought the title and released sveral games which were pretty good. I hope this one is good too.

Unity... 1gb ram... Not available in Brazil...

InlineV says:

I wonder if Satya will use these when he goes home to visit family and friends.

freshfelicio says:

Could you make a tutorial please on how to set it up?

aldofarias82 says:

I love WP but driving mode is simply STUPID, I mean Bluetooth devices are made to help you use your phone hands free. PERIOD. when I don't feel like answering a message (or ever look at it for that matter) I just don't do it. I drive, hear a call or message, ignore it, stop my car, take care of business,easy right? Even easier with a car with Bluetooth built in Or a Bluetooth earset. AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHI THINKS THIS IS NONE SENSE?

kenzibit says:


Yet, they don't want to update their HERE City Lens app with Full HD Support, so lame... Get moving Nokia...

Pj Holt says:

This still only turns off sms and calls. What about other things that catch your attention, whatsapp, facebook etc? I personally wouldn't turn off calls as has been pointed out I can talk hands free, but no point in turning off sms only for other messaging apps to still be able to distract my attention

WinMaverick says:

Correction: 630 dual sim. 635 is the LTE variant with single sim for US/UK markets.

Yeah weird. This Nokia update article mentions nothing about Xbox Music? Good catch.

fooKing awesome! 8-)

saimohan35 says:

i am using proxy network for internet connection... for that i set up my lan connection with some ip adress and dns server..... it is not connecting to pc with any ip address(my proxy ip and system ip and system name)..... i have turned on everything related to remote desktop..... any one please tell me how to connect to remote desktop in proxy network......???

shosansharma says:

More hands are flashing Windows Phone in my town in India!

Mihir Kandoi says:

I'm just sick of developers making good games for 1 gb ram phones

Mr Lebowski says:

Maybe the ability to pin it to start screen happened with 8.1, but you can't with 8.0...