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Sam, you were just dying to fit "nudiustertian" into a sentence weren't you? LOL. Still nice to learn a new, if incredibly obscure, word. :-)

Then again, the coding schemas used in WP and iOS have far more similarities with each other than either has with that appalling, old-fashioned JAVA script-kiddie rubbish used in Android.

In many ways it's similar to the old battle between Microsoft who supported development in C and Apple who tried to push Pascal.  At least this time Apple is using a C-derived variant.

These translation utilities have their place, but obviously not for professional software development.  What's great about it is that in a few months we'll have thousands of WP apps that can make fart noises.

$25? Jesus.. I love TD and the first DG but that is crazy. Steam at least gave you the first one if you preordered early enough. Rather spend that money towards forza. I'll wait for the 33% off for inevitable deals with gold


btw: How can you find a player that you want to attack him?

For example I want to attack to my friend but I only see the "Visit" option :(

I mean I don't want a random player, I want to attack X player. Is that possible?

Actually, both Portuguese as well as Brazilian academics beg to differ ;)
Eu também preferia que fossem separados, apesar de ter o telemóvel em Inglês por falta de uma versão em Português correcto.

Rod, suppose you have $99.00 to spend max on a smart phone per kid would you get yourself into a payment plan to give your kids the newest iPhone? NOT happening here, I can tell you that,. Apple might have got themselves a nice 10 million sold phones weekend but things will change, apple lover or not, you have to pay the bills, they are getting more expensive instead of cheaper, rowing in the wrong direction if you ask me, I am even further away of getting kids an iPhone (unless they pay themselves of course)

They really should release a lot more of the single player campaign missions. Those are fun and tuned to be a good challenge without being impossible (as opposed to attacking other players' castles, which can be super easy or almost impossible).

Good. Well done & thanks for the filters. Judging by the response maybe not such a small minority of people appreciating the change.


You never play any online game with clan features? Didn't touch any mmo at all? Even Minecraft server?

...and where is the Lumia 930? Often it is forgotten ladyes and gentleman! It is not top WP???

I don't think you can. This is my MAIN gripe with the Windows Phone app. It makes using the app pointless if I can't see everything, in order. I'm tired of being forced to only see what they think I want to see.

She calls me by my name with this command "Say My Name" before it would just give me the search results for the Destiny's Child song.

But i agree with you guys, Cortana needs to dictate her results.




Seriously, this kind of articles is getting tiring, boring, irritating. I (We) love windows phones and don't need anyone else telling me what's what. Apple can suck my #!@$ for all I care. I used Windows phone because of Nokia, and fell in love with the system as a whole. Stop the bullshits

$ thanks. I will enjoy the first which was $10 and free on games with gold awhile back.

I haven't spent a dime or even used any gold and 90% of attacks fail against my defense and I'm in age 5. It's more like "pay to not need to wait" so it's a good game for when you don't have time to play it much and just log in occasionally. But yeah, they should make a paid single player version with less silly wait times so you can just keep playing.

But this Facebook app by Microsoft corporation isn't Facebook app by Facebook Inc.
I want to use Facebook app by Facebook Inc.

935 should've been launched day before iPhone 6... I have a 925 and will only switch to something similar... None of the current WP phones appeal to me... I want a 925 with full HD Glance screen, best processor available, 2gb ram, 64gb internal storage (no SD if it's going to affect thickness), 20 mpx pure view 4 k video recording and xenon flash and 5 mpx ffc, same form factor but all aluminum (back included), wireless charging (again, if not affecting thickness), waterproof, IR (and make Logitech develop a Harmony remote app for WP), keep it thin and top 150 grs... Deliver multicarrier worldwide

As Phil Schiller says... "it just works" and he's right. It's their chip, their software, their hardware and a unified product without compromise. They defined the smartphone market and own it. There are alway going to be alternatives but Apple is the one to beat and no one, not even Satya Nadella, would deny it. You can knock and ridicule Apple all you want but at the end of the day their selling the products the public wants and that is all that matters.

Yes.....frustration growing daily. I already have my kids to drive me nuts, now it's Verizon!

I think in terms of os, each os has its own merits. What WP is losing is the variety of apps it has compare to its competitors. It's a chicken and egg thing, when market share low, developers will not spend their time developing and maintaining their app; without support for variety of apps, buyers would choose those more mainstream os. I think MS is trying to get out of this vicious cycle but not successful yet.

You are seriously calling iPhone fans douchebags? I worked with a guy who was the biggest douchebag I ever met, and he was a WP fan boy. According to him, everything MS touched turned into gold. He converted several people over to WPs, but now those people have gone back to their iPhones cause they hated the platform. Point is every platform has them.

Yes,yes,yes. Was addicted to those games. Always sad when mac agree reached, nothing more to do than reset data and start again.

Amazing game. My only gripe is that notifications don't work 100%. Hoping that in major update they add notification for when resources are ready for collection.