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Aaron M says:

Ah okay. Well damn then, I'll probably stick with T-Mobile since I'll only be paying a little bit more and they now give 1GB of data at high speed.

willied says:

I understand that, but according to the article the live tile is also supposed to show percentage, and mine doesn't.

bjbaylor says:

Awesome! great app

Sam Sabri says:

Ditto on Trials Fusion!

Aashish13 says:

Its sometimes smooth sometimes not coz it still has bugs we devs are facing that's y dev preview is required before the final version. Be patient there will be one more update to the dev preview and then later officially with cyan

Madhu T C says:

May be your app is not updated

ScubaDog says:

Tile transparency is NOT popular with me.  It ruins the look of the Start screen.

Bro! I m from India too. I installed windows phone 8.1 as soon as it was available but didn't get the Cortana. Can u please help me out?

WRider says:

Downloaded all onto my 1020, will see which ones stay, but thanks for the games Nokia!

hprvez says:

anyway, now in wp8.1 background agents and push notifications are both intended as "background", in fact now you can block those apps you weren't able to in 8.0... because you couldn't block push notifications with the previous version

Paul Acevedo says:

Nokia doesn't have to give you or anyone free games. Try not to feel too entitled.

Marco Gomes1 says:

If there's one thing HTC is good at is copying the best features from Nokia and include them in their phones.

I'm so getting Trials Fusion right now....awesome series.

LasDivine says:

thank you kindly fellow window phone users. Rookie question.

DennisvdG says:

yes it does


Aashish13 says:

So we might start getting updates from next week right?

omullins says:

IM+ Pro would be my number one request for this app - it has such an ugly tile LOL

(Then Vieather!)

ScubaDog says:

Why would I want to ruin my Start screen?

anmol_gamer says:

I was searching for this kind of app. Thanks for it. Please add support for more apps such as People hub and Photos. I can compromise with static tiles.

Dean McCrae says:

Hi Fela. Have not had chance to look at the new SDK. How are they limiting what you can do in a 1 minute background task?

Baffled at an article doing very well for traffic and an app that is garnering high interest? This is our 2nd most popular article right now for traffic. Yeah, I'll stick to having these articles written.

It's no sweat off of your brow, so you can worry about other things in life ;)

Aashish13 says:

First we need update though still twitter is running well with 1 update till now compared to fb app. We need twitter update as first

Onenote, Office, or Onedrive would be a good one if possible.

Dean McCrae says:

Good point about the tile flipping...why though did they not allow this before 8.1, hardware is the same? Guess its just maturity of the API. At least, I hope it is open to 3rd party apps...Will soon know.

Pranjal Rai says:

What is your version no. Mine is 2.0.1404.11000

23232harshad says:

Its just a beginning, beware hangdroid

Kashyapjani says:

I can confirm that it isn't.

DJCBS says:

Nice! Hopefully developers will start updating their apps soon to bring transparency to the tiles.

vikrant6 says:

Try iconic tile from the settings..

Open the camera and use the Bing Vision Lens

twelvetudors says:

Not quite, the image does move, but much slower than the tiles.

vikrant6 says:

Pin the iconic tile..

TechFreak1 says:

Wouldn't call the new update an "update"..

bulgar4e says:

unless you want the ATT network coverage at a great price. There's no contract so if they do something stupid you can leave whenever you want.

Pranjal Rai says:

Same prob here too. try using the app list for the time being. It won't be long before they release a fix for the bug.

Novron says:

It's a lens option in the camera.

Arsenic17 says:

Cool we have the same Surface cover? Is that a coincidence? Or is there only one decent cover out there for the surface!

Just happened to me

vkelkar says:

+820 ... I thought less people use 820.. But there are fair amount of people using it.... 820 and 920 were building pillars of wp8...

Serpentbane says:

Hate that games are moved out og Game Hub in 8.1. I have a RT tablet also, and it's a total mess with all The games. Yes I inow we cam make folders, but The hub wad perfect. Pretty much atleast.

Novron says:

Just checked for updates, none available. Hub still works, games still listed.

horbeme says:

i thought toast notifications is a setting within the app (which you can turn off or on) and has nothing to do with it running in the  background? example like the groupon app, is blocked in my background task but i still have toast notification still enabled in the app, so i still get toast alerts.

Does anyone else miss the old music integrated app? I miss the live tile activity I would get when I played an artist. The stand alone app doesn't do anything...

myoujin says:

Just redeem mine because last time I bough L1520 no free gift flip case on december (Malaysia).

But start Jan~ Feb have promotion. So I claim this as my free gift. 

Facebook & viber

Feel the same way but love the options

Loco5150 says:

Start camera app and change lense to the reader

EDIT: LOL many replies

Arsenic17 says:

So something that WPCentral always seems to claim is that if an Xbox game has a different store page (an App ID?) is that the games will have stackable achievement lists? Is that the case here Paul? I highly doubt it is, but havent tested it.


EDIT: Just tested with Shark Dash. Nope, no more achievements. It will sign into your tag like normal and show the achievements you already have as unlocked already.

NIST says:

Thanks for the link!