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cruelvaldez says:


Xbox dev team is on a torrid pace. Hoping this is the new Microsoft culture.

AndrejG says:

Using 1520 and 710.

marcodci says:

I have 3 phones L1320,l630 and prestigio 7500 great phone shame is android whit have windows phone is great I like that phone a lot. My primary is L1320 but sometimes prestigio l630 is more for my road bike rides. Many phones and I had L820,L925 that is amazing and L520 and S3 so many phones lol.

jerome snail says:

Hope I can participate to the next one...

bobsentell says:

I think you misspelled my email address. ;)

Where is the friends tab on spain Xbox One dash?...

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Boot to TV. I like it!

sixseven says:

I hope so.  I think they are trying to kill media center, so I am doubful.  I'll find out later tonight.

swizzlerz says:

Got it she's running great!

Zeroplanetz says:

Even so. The companies should pony it up so they can guarantee themselves sales. Sales are what keeps them going anyways.

Schnydz says:

I just purchased an XB1. Almost went with the PS4, but after playing around a few times with both consoles I realized the difference in graphics was negligible at best. Sure it could be just the caliber of the games out right now. But, I feel with MS being a software company and their commitment to updates, that the XB1 will improve much much quick than the PS4. At least that was my reasoning.

I've only had it for a week. But, wow! It truely is a great system.  

poddie says:

Yes, for the love of all that's holy, yes. And more importantly for the other Angry Birds games!

I got the lumia 1520.1, and I carry the Surface Pro if I need to work on most of the days... My 810 is collecting dust but it's ok for emergencies.

Mr_Drewskie says:

Basically what that does is roll back your OS to WP8 then gives you Cyan and then puts you back into Preview to get 8.1 update 1. 


I don't want to lose certain apps that arent available anymore nor do i want to lose data that i cannot back up so I'll wait til they fix the update error and allow for cyan on preview devices

Zeroplanetz says:

And there's cheaper straight phone services too. My point still stands.

I downloaded Diablo from the Hong Kong store and it only cost me £23.11. I get most my games from the US store though.. Cheaper than buying a disc, don't have to go out and get it and I have no intention of trading in.

Arka1412 says:

*Doesn't support..not supports..

It did natively work on 360 so why not b

SwimSwim says:

Thus far when a Developer Preview program has been live, since 8.1 (before it starts rolling out to devices), there have been two updates per month.

If anyone is in the Xbox One Dashboard Preview program, could they invite gamertag: BootsMcGuinness?

I'm actually not sure. I play games the old fashioned way where I exchange the discs if I want to play another game.

omagic82 says:

PlayTo is great except you have to initiate the play from a different device. I'd like to be able to browse my movie library stored on my PC from the XB1.

Stuifieee says:

I use my old HTC Trophy as my portable movie player. Zune ftw!

Schnydz says:

Anybody know if they made any changes to the audio decoding on this update? 

Currently I use 5.1 uncompressed, but I notice that my Denon receiver still displays the incoming audio a mixin and not doing the DTS or Dolby digital decoding at the receiver. Must be still happening up stream at the XB1?

Yousef Kawmi says:

Huh ? where ?

Parazels says:

Ive watched the video. I mean if you are saying Nokia 530 performs better then I want to see how faster it works in reality. Opening apps and so on.

Such a rapid release cycle. The augudt update was out only 2 weeks ago. Guess they will spend some time on other stuff until october since this is the september update

AccentAE86 says:

I currently have in my collection a 1020, 920, 820, 810, 625, 620, 520, Galaxy S3, and iPhone 4s. 

But I never carry more than one around at a time.  It switch it out depending on my mood.  Ironically, my favourite is probably the 810, though I don't use it much because Tmobile decided to stop supporting it.  :(

mook6_99 says:

I have my Icon and traded my BlackBerry that was work issued out for my Lumia 822 that I got free from developers convention! Love my Windows phones now just gotta get rid of this nasty work iPad LOL

I got the 1520.1, and I carry my Surface Pro most of the days as well if I need to work on docs (not always).

AesonAus says:

Hire a marketing person with a clue, and hire a better telecoms relationship manager.

Then you know - start advertising the crap out of the phones, while doing the utmost to get the phone companies to actually push the phones in their stores.

Or MS could just keep sitting on their hands hoping organic growth continues.

crise says:

Two updates per month during preview period...

sectime says:

Lots of cheap bastards here, love it!!

frett says:

I'd love a wireless Qi case.

Warren Dance says:

I'm sure you hate some games I love, doesn't make either of us in the wrong. If it doesn't look interesting to him he's perfectly within in his right to feel underwhelmed. Having a pretentious prick tell him he is wrong won't change his opinion.

I wish it  happen, Zen Pinball is one of my favorite games that I play on my other phones. The graphics are incredible.

Why dude?? Why??

EspHack says:

It means you can play with people on android or ios? Or just between wphones?

Nope.  When I was testing the media player last week I tried both a 32GB USB 2.0 drive and an 4TB external  USB 3 drive.  Both drives worked fine.  The ony issues I did have were with mkv format.

And this is why I will give my playstation 3 to my daughter and get myself an xbox one

xsictransitx says:

It doesn't work with a north of 7 accent.

I don't get it. I don't have the friend section on the home screen. I don't have new language options. The new features there are supposed to be are unavailable to me. Now what? Do I have to reset the console to factory settings or what?

Rem97 says:

Are you still able to invite people to the preview?

coip says:

Me too. Best $15 I ever spent. Loved it.

nasellok says:

Now, all we need is WatchESPN to come aboard the Windows Phone Train.......................

Sam Sabri says:

Doesn't look like.

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