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Anyone else notice that the on screen keyboard is no longer displayed on SmartGlass devices when you enter the Search menu in the Netflix app?

What is the difference between an icon and a small tile? The small tile is a bit bigger, but you are also getting a full screen so you see more of your programs before you need to scroll. If you don't like tiles, just make them small and they will be just like icons. I really don't see the advantage of the start menu over the start screen. The good old windows 7 just presents rows of icons like ios and android. The only thing they really need to do is make those live tiles actionable, like the demo from Microsoft research, and they will become very useful even with a mouse.

I doubt it but at least they don't have to worry about Nintendo this generation. There's no way they'll win at this point. At least they moved up one spot from the last generation. Alot of people don't realize that the 360 was last place. But it was number one where it counted, the US. Well number 2 that is.

Anybody in corporate america would have heard of this.  GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Lync are the major players in web conference software.

I don't understand how much time do vault's games lasts in my collection...I think new games for the vault will replace old how long can I still use BF4 and Madden? :-\ Great promo btw...

They could give a $10 pm or $50 premium EA access and launch it earlier. Win-win for all customer tiers. Have bronze, silver and gold service levels. $100 per year for launch day availability.

That would be my next phone. Maybe a 5.5-inch display. I've been spoiled by the 1520.

Have had the Nokia Lumia 1520 since December 2013.  I now have 3 cases!  Here's why...

1. Nokia Lumia 1520 Protective Cover CP-623  The thin one you see on the commercials.  I like it when going out dressed up or in a suit.  The flap isn't obtrusive, but the prop up sideways function is silly and floppy.  Keeping it propped up all day while on your PC is just not feasible.  :(  The case obviously protects seeing as I've dropped it twice onto concrete!  Yikes.  Still, I think I dropped it because of the minimalism of it...not grippy at all.

2. Minisuit Rugged Hybrid Kickstand case.  Have had this one since March and the function is pretty good.  It compliments the original minimalist case well because it has ridged on the side that make it easier to grip.  It is my go to case whenever I'll be doing photography.  This case really allows you to control the 1520 for minute adjustments.  The covered power & volume buttons require extra pressure is the only drawback. The horizontal kickstand works MUCH better than the Nokia protective cover horizontal stand.  The USB or charge cable sticks out to the side on a 1520, so it is fine for all day use.  It really is a tailored suit vs. the Amzer which is more of an off the rack type of fit.  Both work.  Would buy this case again, no doubt.

3. Amzer NL 1520 SKU 96986 (subject of  this article).  Had this one for a few weeks already and it has become my go to stand when I'm in the office and plan to use my phone during the day.  The 1520 is a vertically oriented device and so is the kickstand on this case!  For that reason it is a must have for me.  The buttons are much easier to press vs. the Minisuit also.  The minisuit is a tighter fit overall BTW, if that is a concern for you.  The Amzer is more like a comfy pair of XL board shorts by comparison.  When plugging your phone (on the bottom of a 1520) in to charge or USB it can be a tricky exercise because of the phone vertical orientation.  It can hang off the desk (could fall easier) or I often just tilt the case onto its back while working.  YMMV.

While 3 cases can seem silly, I like the 3 different personalities they give to the 1520.  And considering I paid substantially less for these 3 cases vs. my previous iPhone Otterbox, ballistic, or Mophie's...I'm one happy Nokia customer.

Carry on!   

Like I said in another comment, at least for the US market it doesn't matter what they announce, since hardly any store where people normally buy cellphones will sell them.

Since this is not announced in the US I guess it's not for the US market though.

Microsoft is really putting the cart before the horse in the US at least.

Lol, exact same boat. Now looking for a good deal on Diablo. As soon as NFS is added, I will get EA and sell Forza 5 for that price. Will get Horizon when its out.

Thought that would be the case, too bad. Would have been too good to be true otherwise :)

Same here, was debating then went and played Titan Fall. Glad I held out too!

Completely back you on that coip... A totally uneccesary lead was given to PS4 which there are celebrating now... The media makes a big hype about PS4 being selling more than XBOX ONE for 7 months now... Have they forgotten than XBOX 360 has a 36month unbroken streak over PS3... Such a big delay is unacceptable... If sony could do it... MS really needs to retrospect its internal working to see why it cant do it... For i cant see any subtansial reason other than management lapses...

Yes, this. Why wouldn't they develop a flagship phone that has the look of their Surface devices?

This is the phone I want and I assume it will be coming to AT&T. It has everything I wanted in a Lumia phone. I use a L820 now and love it. I find the 8xx range of Lumias to be the best for me. I don't need the most high end specs considering WP is designed to run on low end hardware. What I want is higher end specs with the expansion card slot, and removable battery.

Nokia Camera. Even despite slow loading time, mainly because I like tweaking brightness and focus with each photo.

And, no one has said otherwise. But, that doesn't mean that Microsoft should ignore the high-end segment of the market.

I never understood what the 830 stands for, really. How can it be a "premium mid-ranger" with specs that match those from a flagship device? Think about it: A mid-range with the same internals and camera as the flagship (930), only in a thinner body and possibly SD expansion. That would be the death of the 930, especially since it's gonna be cheaper. Microsoft could well be coming up with its own 'Nexus' product here, but that would also mean that the number representation doesn't mean anything -- otherwise, the 830 should be inferior to the 930 spec wise. If the specs match the rumours (and that means the 20MP camera), it should be called the 935, in my opinion.

I am waiting for them to start selling cards in Amazon. I don't want to subscribe.

Does someone know if and when FIFA 15 will get available in EA Access? I don't mean the demo, I mean the full game. Thanks in advance

As far as I know anyone with Access gets 10% off... Not just people that play the demos as the article seems to imply.

Makes sense. I have been saying, and thinking, that the MP count for this device would be between 10-16. I would assume its still a Pureview camera. This is the perfectly balanced device with everything I have hoped and waited for (if the leaks/rumors are true).

ACtrip, there is no right or wrong about which selection of games has been better. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Clearly, PS4 has a wider selection of games since the 'bone only gets one game in months like this one. That said, your taste seems awfully limited to me. Guacamelee and Super Time Force are both excellent games IMO. Halo: Spartan Assault is indeed a mobile port, but an improved one and still worth playing.

Like wise, I have used both. But bare in mind, team viewer is a package, Citrix separates all their products, which is probably why not many people even know about this

Capy works with a retro pixel art style; that's all their games. Note that STF actually looks much, much nicer than any 8-bit game and can have like 60+ sprites on-screen in many situations. The text-heavy dialogue and story is part of the retro charm, not that I wouldn't mind actual voice acting.

Most people who actually like run-and-gun shooters like this will be open to and/or fond of the pixel art. It's more of a retro genre to begin with, albeit with new and unique time mechanics in STF.