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bulgar4e says:

unless you want the ATT network coverage at a great price. There's no contract so if they do something stupid you can leave whenever you want.

Pranjal Rai says:

Same prob here too. try using the app list for the time being. It won't be long before they release a fix for the bug.

Novron says:

It's a lens option in the camera.

Arsenic17 says:

Cool we have the same Surface cover? Is that a coincidence? Or is there only one decent cover out there for the surface!

Just happened to me

vkelkar says:

+820 ... I thought less people use 820.. But there are fair amount of people using it.... 820 and 920 were building pillars of wp8...

Serpentbane says:

Hate that games are moved out og Game Hub in 8.1. I have a RT tablet also, and it's a total mess with all The games. Yes I inow we cam make folders, but The hub wad perfect. Pretty much atleast.

Novron says:

Just checked for updates, none available. Hub still works, games still listed.

horbeme says:

i thought toast notifications is a setting within the app (which you can turn off or on) and has nothing to do with it running in the  background? example like the groupon app, is blocked in my background task but i still have toast notification still enabled in the app, so i still get toast alerts.

Does anyone else miss the old music integrated app? I miss the live tile activity I would get when I played an artist. The stand alone app doesn't do anything...

myoujin says:

Just redeem mine because last time I bough L1520 no free gift flip case on december (Malaysia).

But start Jan~ Feb have promotion. So I claim this as my free gift. 

Facebook & viber

Feel the same way but love the options

Loco5150 says:

Start camera app and change lense to the reader

EDIT: LOL many replies

Arsenic17 says:

So something that WPCentral always seems to claim is that if an Xbox game has a different store page (an App ID?) is that the games will have stackable achievement lists? Is that the case here Paul? I highly doubt it is, but havent tested it.


EDIT: Just tested with Shark Dash. Nope, no more achievements. It will sign into your tag like normal and show the achievements you already have as unlocked already.

NIST says:

Thanks for the link!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Finally! When I suggested this feature a couple of months back I was almost crucified on the comments but as it turns out a lot of people find it useful.

nakialj says:

Love customizing my start screen it's awesome!

unknownguns says:

In the more section click show in browser, then at the end if the article the last line is as a link to the app :)

DennisvdG says:

I had the same issue, it turned out my school wifi was the culprit, when I got home the issue was gone

WolfRamHart says:

All my live tiles doesnt work anymore????? Nothing is changing, no counts...ive 15 apps enable in battery saver. Reseted the phone then normal restart and nope nothing. Gf's 920 is all good. I reallllly dont know what could cause that i have tried everything. It was fine yesterday. Anyone have the same problem?

Kashyapjani says:

Hehe nice idea for an app

eduardopl says:

Does anyone knows a weather app with transparent tile?

bulgar4e says:

bing vision was always just a camera lens, it's still available through the camera app

Studio384 says:

If it support the use of the system color, yes.

Dexterrino says:

oh. thanks! inboxed where? in my yahoo email?

nlm says:

This is exactly why prices are relatively more expensive; larger infrastructure costs but with a lower population/market share base.

Already have it.

Static Tiles. The opposite of Live Tiles.

pwachleman says:

Setting this up now for my wife and I and you're right becomes just one auto pay discount. Still not bad!

No. It was a technical issue with Drupal and the text editor that wiped the hyperlinks. It's now fixed.

rockstarzzz says:

There won't be any more features in the final build.

JNeail says:

Yes, same here... Tried power cycles and soft reset (power+volume down) no change.. Hope for fix or even Nokia Firmware when 8.1 is general release to solve!

TechFreak1 says:

They don't update and they just become shortcuts to launch the app or hub.

nakialj says:

Awesome app.

sanshiro says:

BTW today's US Bing image could make for a seriously good background. 

Jaskys says:

FB will still show notifications on the tile?

Check the app again in a few minutes to let the CSS refresh. We had an issue on the backend that wiped the URLs. They are now fixed but will take a few mins to propagate to the app.

Tigueron says:

I believe in the people hub when you edit contacts, nickname is one of the fields you can edit. Not sure if it is the same nickname field that Cortana uses.

Pranjal Rai says:

I don't know if you've downloaded the latest update or not but it apparently doesn't show your games collection itself in the hub. It shows completely empty. And also it's always up updating whenever I open it. Please tell me how is it an improvement? The previous games hub was a billion times better.

Aman2901 says:

Then the Glance would not be using up a lot of battery life..As it's only refreshing..IF The sensors don't take up a lot of battery..

leoniDAM says:

No because of the acrhitecture of Windows Phone.

The push notifications have less to do withe bakground task.

But there is many apps that i don't want to run in background becouse i don't care about the staff that do in backgorund but i want to receive the push notification.

That's the way i use Onefootball (previusly named The Football App) that download the latest news with a background agent and update the live tile but i'm not interested about that so block the background task so i can reduce the power consumption, but i still receive the push notification of the scores

NAMISH says:

Perfecto...! I hope that developers start releasing updates for their apps with transparent tiles or the option to use transparent tiles! (MS should've given transparent tiles for all their apps with 8.1 to begin with...)

Arsenic17 says:

I actually did find a link to the terms and conditions for this promotion the other day. I cant come up with it now, but is said Gameloft game promotion was valid through June 30, 2014. Along with a whole bunch of other cover their ass stuff.

rockstarzzz says:

Hit camera, open lenses, choose Bing vision.

Novron says:

Still works fine on my Icon.

TechFreak1 says:

Metrotube is semi transparent :P well not really semi, its the small rectangle in the logo that is transparent.

sanshiro says:

Bing vision bro.