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toraji says:

Exactly swimswim

aZarules says:

Love when they refused to comment about the game releasing,for ios or android,we usually get this crap from ios/android developers,now we hold the upper hand

SwimSwim says:

Cool story bro.

which are .appx (instead of .exe)

I would still like to see 14nm Atom used on Windows Phones

mweinand says:

This is my bet.  The Cyanogen team knows how to get an OS running on a lot of Android hardware, they can probably pretty easilyl write an interface for Windows Phone.  Microsoft allows Windows Phone to be installed for free on any unlocked Android device, and wins over some power users who might turn into vocal advocates for WP.

Forc3 says:

that is exactly what Microsoft is looking for, talents with deep undestanding in Mobile Hardware and Software.

Or maybe the writer of the article could mention that in the title, right? Just by doing that, we would probably avoid so many comments about american rugby (or football) and the world football. But I agree that people usually don't read the whole article before commenting. :))) 

Mobile not smartphones, feature phones Nokia ruled in.

Aashish13 says:

Want bing sports to show more detail news.

Aashish13 says:

Universal please will love it

Will it have 512MB RAM support?

Sonu K says:

=2540 :)

nanoware says:

When is the release date?

I said "around the globe" right? :) Last time i check USA is not on Mars, lol 

Hisham Ahmed says:

Age Of Empires: The Conquerors made me fall in love with history, something my friggin' textbook couldn't do

I would. But the alarm clock on my wp doesn't work.

8 GB Minimum, typically 16 GB with recovery, hyernation & bloatware

That means the Minimum RT Phone should rather have the current high end specs + SD card
e.g. 32GB + SD for another 32, 64, 128, (256) G for documents
Any FUTURE RT could have more, O2 in Germany had Lumia 1020 with 64 GB in 2013

2015 something like that is even easier
Would you buy an RT phone? 

kurtd says:

I know, that's not the point.

monotheist says:

Yes the Conquerors expansion is the best

ristk says:

512 mb support pls

Very nice extension, I like it :)

Read the article and find out :)

Stargen says:

1) Imagine: MS buys cyanogen. Every superandroid user in the world suddenly has a MS product.
2) Start lolling

Aashish13 says:

Play frozen free fall. It has one drive integration too.

x I'm tc says:

My guess: MS is looking to take Windows, at least in part, open source.

Will it be Xbox live enabled?

fernancgf says:

I'm intrigued and concern about this. If the idea is to improve windows phone using Android experience I'm fully agree, that company has one of the best Android Roms with a lot of customizations and hardware compatibility... If the idea is continuing Nokia X or starting a Microsoft Android line I don’t like it at all...


Microsoft need to fully backup Windows Phone or they will send the message to OEMs that they don’t trust the OS... Windows Phone is not the best or more growing mobile ecosystem, if OEMs are giving a shot is because of Microsoft... Microsoft could be a full alternative to Apple (desktop, tablet and smartphone) and android will never be (is just mobile) so in the long term Windows Phone could be a really good option even if now it isn't but if Microsoft doesn't trust Windows Phone others won't do it...


Besides, CyanogenMod is a good company, but is only an Android rom, obviously based on Google stock Android... If in a couple of years Google decide to ask for a payment or not to give an open source version of Android to other companies CyanogenMod is dead and considering that all the OEMs (other than Apple) are almost or more than 95% dependent of Google OS and Services even if Google does this bitchy move al the other ones will have to accept this... Right now Samsung or HTC or LG are fully depending of Google OS and Services and even if they choose to use Windows Phone they will face the App gap problem and the lack of Google Services support...


Bing sports is my favorite

Sin Ogaris says:

I like that you can get gold from attacking players, how it should be, so dedicated players will benefit just by playing the game.

rodneyej says:

Google doesn't have the upper hand as far as their services go? Lol!! That's dumbest thing I've ever heard... Even MS would disagree with that BS...
Yeah, and MS can fund all if WP's expenses off of Google, but still can't get over 5% market share, or turn a profit.. Get real! We can be hardcore WP fans, and not be blind sheep at the same time..

Slovenix says:

This is what I want

Tragic says:

Handegg Ball

dkxs says:

My favourite game, Age of Empires the Conquerors expansion. I've been playing it for at least 12 years

zombiekillin says:

They do kick the ball with their foot though.

Hatedknight says:

At&t, how about making a app for U-verse?! Than I can just watch my live TV on my 1520?! Than this app wouldn't matter! Lol

MikeSo says:

Even I could go for Android if that happened...

Nakazul says:

Or they could just bring back the hubs and make a lot of new WP friends.

considering its a 'selfie' phone, users would orobably use the onscreen buttons anyway

unnatixlr8 says:

Sir you own the internet for today.

Google has done nothing but throw dirt in Microsoft's face and more importantly, ours as well. They do not hold the upper hand as MS can probably fund all of their WP expenses off of what they make from Android royalties from OEMs and still profit.

Nakazul says:

My thoughts exactly.

ladydias says:

You are absolutely right, WPCentral is for WP fans around the globe, America included. :P

Nakazul says:

It's mature enough to pay patents to MSFT?

armyvet66629 says:

True, but the core OS can be closed, but it can be partially open sourced, similar to MIUI