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You seem faster! :D

odoggyfresh says:

Royal revolt 1 might be more up your alley if you only want a single player experience

Aashish13 says:

I want Microsoft and insomanic to make sunset overdrive available for windows 8 with Xbox chintit controller support

odoggyfresh says:

Been playing this daily for the past couple weeks! Fun stuff. " O Doggy Fresh" if you can find me

stuart green says:

How do you turn it off before uninstalling it I have the same issue as you with my 930

carltech515 says:

Yeah, that's why I transferred my account from windowsphone to Android

P.s. No offense..

JoRdaNeK says:

32kb (same as an empty word document approx)

Th3_Fr3q says:

Um mal einen Kommentar auf deutsch zu hinterlassen. Funktioniert, nur bei z.B Zeitgleicher Musik wiedergabe wird der normale sperrbildschirm angezeigt. Es hat bei meinem L920 auch hin und wieder ladezeiten für den homescreen (die uhr oben rechts ist dann länger nicht zu sehen) aber ansonsten KLASSE und an alle die diese BETA noch testen: MSFT lebt hier von den eingesendeten Bugs also auch mal einen einsenden ;-)

I am not able to pass on from 2nd level(s.o.s) to 3rd in single player mode feeling pissed off!!!:/
Anyone knows why???

poddie says:

Nope, that does not work. Something is definitely "stuck".

Correction: Changing from a different app did seem to work... I enabled Facebook lockscreen and then disabled, and so far it's back to normal. Thanks!

hopmedic says:

No, he doesn't pay extra. In fact, he had switched to Windows Phone, but then switched back to his Android because he didn't want to pay the extra for the hotspot feature. I have no idea what all he does online at home, but I know that sometimes he works from home.

Chandan_dave says:

Seems like IAF has got better devs then microsoft.... Hey can u build a music app for us.

Just a thought ;)

Vanezzable says:

He didn't specified Xbox, he just said Windows Phone games, even if those were actually Xbox

wpn00b says:

Its a moving target. As much as people think they use a certain amount reach month, it actually varies.

docarchy says:

Just like others have mentioned, you can restore your game on another device by contacting support. They will help you restore your account from where you left off. Still wish they made that process easier for us to do.

Guys, please vote for Microsoft Flight game

Flight guys aren't using their Twitter for quite sometime! Don't know who to ask to bring this game to Windows and Windows Phone stores. LOVE IT !

wpn00b says:

You have a lot of free time.

It was my favourite cartoon during my childhood days. I loved Razor's bike too. It was awesome ! :)

rodneyej says:

No.. Lol!!! But, what happened with that❓❓❓❓

Geddeeee says:

Finally.. someone with a sense of perspective!!! This only takes a couple of hours of your life to do. Constantly blaming MS and trying to lay blame on everyone except yourself for installing a 'Developer PREVIEW' is counterproductive!!!

rodneyej says:


rodneyej says:

Yes it would, and we'd have way more options to choose from right now...

A895 says:

No he didn't, why would someone who advocates Xbox Windows Phone games, recomend a non-Xbox game? 

Played with it a bit; not a fan. I do, however, understand the appeal.

Nathan Bael says:

It's the difference between Usain Bolt and Usain Bolted to the ground!

Kritshaurya says:

1.7 on my 620

Geddeeee says:

Well, this proves my point.. You didn't get the sarcasm that was intended...

Americans use the word sarcasm, but on many occasions confuse it for irony. It was just a sug-jestion

Oh the irony.....

Nathan Bael says:

Sadly NZ law is different than USA law. Also, while I don't know about NZ, the USA is a government of the company, for the company, and by the company... or is it bought by the company?

crisszac says:

I really enjoy this game. I play it almost every day on my Lumia 520. Some things if like to add: Customer support is actually pretty good- I had to hard reset my phone and, obviously I've lost my account but the support team was kind enough to restore it. Secondly, the lack of facebook integration is an disadvantage in the tournaments. I've contacted the developer team and they said that it's a restriction placed by Microsoft and there's nothing they can do. Frankly I don't get why they said that, knowingly other games have fb support on wp. Anyway it's not a big deal for me since I'm planning to delete my fb account. To much of a time waster.

Liam Bryce says:

Its a low end phone. If you want 1gb buy a 7XX or 8XX. What you want litterally exists. Honestly I don't get why so many people are complaining. Its like complaining about Apple because they offer an i5 verison of the Macbook and you only like i7.

Nathan Bael says:

Hell, you don't have to face it, it is us Americans that need to face it. Curious, how many carriers do you guys have? We only have 4 real carriers, so that lets them screw us over fairly well.

RAkova says:

Beta but it really needs performance and battery enhancements.

Paul Acevedo says:

The game literally wouldn't work without that requirement though. It's multiplayer only, for now.

I live in Frisco and still avoided the MS kiosk in Frisco.

if i can put a micro spy camera on it, and then spy my kids(if i have any). evil laugh.

chad08er says:

Alot of lag yesterday.Today way better.Don't know why it's smooth as butter today.

What happened to the windows RT version

Nathan Bael says:

Sadly it isn't that hard. It will become even easier as youtube gets higher and higher definition. Part of the issue I have is that I only have wifi available at home. I mean, it is available at work, but it is less than a 2 meg connection for the entire office, so we already struggle at a snails pace.

PoohGQ says:

Personally, I like the new menu but dislike the image filmstrip thingy! I would have preferred the images maintain sort of like the Tile effect of at least a filmstrip with padding between the images or a thin (micro) black stroke. Yes, and do something about the logo color, PLEASE!

I hope you'll make this a completely "Responsive Website Design" by completition ofthe new redesign..!

Vinit Pratap says:

'Physi Bricks' very good game.

uopjo6 says:

You should dig back WPCentral articles. They suggest you update it and it is for everyone to update with no hassle no problems. 

MS wants you to do it, that is why it is so easy to sign up for the DP version. 

toyotast165 says:

I still get a kick out of the rack that Gmail was in beta for like 5yrs....

Just remove the internet connection required rquirement and I'll play it everyday,that's the only thing that's holding me back :(

Nathan Bael says:

Agreed on all points except maybe the amount used for streaming. I haven't had Netflix though in a long time so I am not sure how optimized they are compared to other services.

this is cool stuff, Count me in. Hopefully they can make the remote app Universal App, so WP8.1 can use it too. 

uopjo6 says:

Crybaby? LoL you don't get it. What I want for MS is the BEST so more people get on board. More on board means more support from others.

These kind of mistakes, including the broken Calendar earlier, slow updates and extra hassle is what hurts the platform. MS has been roaming around 3-4% for a couple years. 

There will always be bugs, but that is why you get to UPDATE to squash bugs. Not revert back to an older version to avoid it. That's bull.

nicopunktse says:

Well, let's hope so!
It really isn't a bad game. But it does leave a sour taste when developers cut out basic,but important, functions (like Facebook-login and cloud sync).
This review though is awesome!

Vanezzable says:

Imo you forgot MonsterUp Adventures

Nathan Bael says:

Does he pay extra for the hotspot feature? If so, he has a right to be pissed. Still, he must be a light user to run his entire house on 30 GB a month. I pay an extra $20 with my cable company just to have my limit up from 300 GB to 999 GB, though it does come with a doubling of speed as well. I was considering upgrading from 50meg to 104 meg, but found out that the monthly cap is still 999 GB, so no reason to upgrade other than to pour water out of my bucket faster.

I agree! Skype needs to follow suite. I've been waiting forever for a transparent tile for skype. I hope they provide us with a transparent tile for skype.