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I'm starting to think there's something behind Whynn.

Their phones aren't banned in the US, Cricket Wireless sells a ton of them. I have one in my junk drawer somewhere.

BadIntentVG says:

Agreed 100%. Hit the nail on the head.

Yaw Agyei says:

That won't be bad.. I also don't why MS hasn't included the ability to assign static IP to Wi-Fi networks already. I seriously need that feature to connect to internet at work.

Ken Xia says:

I think INSTEON is offering a great home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use everyday, work together. By integrating everything from lighting control, climate control, security etc, it creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience, and peace of mind.

IMHO it's there already, but it can always get better. I've been to a new house with full home automation built in. It's awesome! For others like me who don't have home automation, you can start small by automating with specific rooms or go big with the whole thing. Just built to grow as you go. Once you have experienced home automation, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. It's so convenient. Okay, sometimes it's just easier to go and switch on/off the lights yourself ;-)

Heav3n says:

Looks cool but pricey. Would like to give a try though.

Darren Walsh says:

Is that the free one we get with the 930 ??

It's like that scene from the movie Scanners...


I have heard of that company before. Yeah, adds color, keeps it thin...god stuff.

darth3pio says:

The fact that my android toting colleague has added it to the list of reasons why he is considering Windows Phone for his next handset, I think it's lived up to it.

Yousef Kawmi says:

The funny thing, people need apps and developers won't give us apps until we have a lot of users.
it's like taking a new job, you need a experience to get a job and you only get experience from job.


Eric_J says:

I don't have a problem with Verizon only releasing 2 color options but it would be nice to have additional options with them that can be selected through their website or Nokia. That's a win win.

psykojello says:

Black works as well :) I was toying with both options and finally went with back

Yaw Agyei says:

I share that same opinion. Two OSes (Metro and Desktop) running under one roof.

CJ Thunder says:

Or the lower bits...

I mean, it impressed me enough that months later i was randomly searching one to buy. Whether it holds up to my initial impressions remains to be seen, so if you want to hold on for a few days, I'll have a better idea. At the time though, I thought it was pretty kickass.

Ed Boland says:

So do you buy two of them to have stereo sound?

CJ Thunder says:

What happens when you put it on your head?

Kzchy says:

I like WP the way it is now in terms of feature set. But I honestly dislike the UI. Not tiles and the whole concept of Modern design, but the very interface, graphics, transitions. It just feels clumsy, not polished.

Just many little things here and there that ruin positive impression... For me at least. And to tell you the truth, I used to like nearly everything about the OS in earlier versions of WP8, cause it was actually much more clean.

So I am eager to see the full change-list... Hope there will be something related to the UI.

Stravincy says:

Is it available in Europe?

mike13ftw says:

I think Microsoft has some problems with availability

cbshd says:

Like many others, I really look forward to using this technology and adding to it over time.  Hopefully they'll keep adding support for other home automation devices, whether they are more thermostats (Honeywell) or LED lights (Philips), etc.

We ran into a situation where having the ability to remotely set the thermostat would have been incredibly useful.  Having left the air on at a comfortable setting, we travelled to Michigan from California, and California had a nice heat wave, which pretty much kept the air on 24 hours.  Luckily we had family who were watching the house for us and were able to come by and fix the situation.  It would have been awesome being able to crack open the app, see the current temperature in the house, and current thermostat setting, and raise it a few degrees, or shut it off completely, potentially saving over $100 - yeah electricity Tier 4 in California is expensive.

I really hope Microsoft keeps a close relationship with Insteon, and mutually build and develop this area even more.  Flood sensors would have come in handy a few years ago too :(.



MilkyTee says:

Is this the same one that comes free with new purchases of the Lumia 930 (for a limited time)?

I should be getting one free gratis very soon in that case.

PolishHitta says:

I got to Europe with my Icon and I do have LTE here

Heav3n says:

I have a GoPro but I'm missing this. I do want one now :) It's a cool gadget.

Tim Bearden says:

That's the one I wanted too. Hope it comes in an update.

irvin792 says:

That would be awesome

pookiewood says:

Yup. So ugly! Red, blue and yellow are just so much better.

shaggydave says:

Awesome. Is is loud compared to others for its price Daniel?? Cause i might get one! :)

SocalTouch says:

And what would that cool thing be Dan!

rodneyej says:

I can't believe these guys.... Lol!

rodneyej says:

He just told you, MR. asky pants....

R0bR says:

The majority of the people buying smart phones want the same apps available if they switch platform, if you think their decision is based on the coolness of the lock screen your nuts. Until there is app parity WP will continue to struggle. Many of the people I know like WP and they all have said if their unique apps were available they would consider WP, none have said they would switch if there was a more awesome lock screen.

Not sure about exclusive but that sure would be convenient, yes?

It isn't great app without colour pop & background blur with zooming

satycool says:

Its nice but lacks the options of the superior Lockmix app

nothanks91 says:

All of Nokia accessories exclusive to wpcentral store? :P

Tansen says:

Frankly it is a good first effort,   but it has alot of work to do before it can replace the default lock screen. If the custom lock screens could be every bit as fluid and smooth as the default, otherwise indistinguishable,  then it would be a definite plus. I think that in time it will be improved very much.

Zulfigar says:

Random English comment passing by.

nothanks91 says:

How can i get one in Pakistan?? :(

korhoden says:

When are they going to start carrying the Treasure Tag in MS Stores?

I can only think of one thing cooler than the Microsoft Store picking up all of that inventory for Nokia accessories. Might have to do with our Store...

Michael99uk says:

USB Host ,WI-FI Direct with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard windows phone needs this to properly compete with android.

ektosknot says:

Yeah, and i,m still waiting for that cyan. This wait is just pathetic.

JunIzNumbah1 says:

Seems cool to get I might order one I never tried Nokia products before besides their phones