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When WPCentral has a write up about an app with the title: "Get This Now" I am very likely to give it a shot.

neonspark says:

ultimately irrelevant. The MSFT phones (lumia or otheriwse) won't give nokia a dime for anything beyond what their purchase terms under MSFT's deal demand. I suppose what may happen (and nobody knows because the details are confidential) is that the Lumia post MSFT will be basically HERE-less which is due to the fact nokia owns the services even if not the app itself. So in fact bing will go back to being the primary provider for all that here used to do.

The service-less apps, proably will end up in the redmond turf so they will likely just be renamed and released under the MSFT corporation publisher. MSFT doesn't offer any app for free that OEMs don't also get for free under windows 8. There is no reason to believe they will start this war with OEMs now, specially when they are begging for support. If they are not part of the deal, I suspect if nokia starts asking for $ from post aquisition owners, they'll just die off as nokia has zero interest in WP development at this point and MSFT will just re-create them better and free for all.

Either way, I think we're seeing the end of this fragmentation which IMO is excellent. I much rather see essentials like navigation and things of the sort be addressed by MSFT and not an OEM. Maybe it will make MSFT improve the services and make bing maps, suck less.

Maybe it could be Dan's voice saying, "Read the Article"

DJCBS says:

Yes. I want a recording of Jay saying "You goh' a message, Gov'na!" in the thickest Cockney accent possible :D

One of these simple throwaway apps. Very good.

DarwinPurol says:

By this app, other developers will give idea on how to explore sounds for the apps


Is mommy not giving you enough attention so you have to come and troll for it here?

peachy001 says:

I would like the xbox sounds. Like the achievement sound, or some of the old notifications.

DonnaxNL says:

Haha xD Maybe the last piece of the WPC intro of videos. If you could rip that.

Yeah, it's the loud ones that make the most noise. Unfortunately, that also means they perpetuate the stereotype among the less-informed. Growing up in the rural south with overtly racist and sexist grandparents tends to shade your perspective. My parents still don't understand why I have more than a bachelors degree. But being on college campuses I've run into more than my fair share of militant feminists. I took a semester in the Masters of Social Work program and that was probably the worst. Looking back you could say I was probably asking for it but I had high hopes of egalitarianism. I guess having hope often means giving into naivety.

Wael Hasno says:

Rockstar don't give a fuck and they get $800M in one day for it. Others should follow.

2tomtom says:

Plantronics M55. Use mainly in the car as traveling lots.

Get the watch idea, and that would work sooo well. Hope MS are reading this.

Pete Almanza says:

The hardest thing you will do all day is try your hand at Eruption by Van Halen. There's no mercy when it starts going, none. 

neo158 says:

What would you rather I call you then, a dumbass Lumia fanboy?

Good, Samsung apps don't need input from you anyway!!!

HaibaneReki says:

Heheh ^_^ but that's for Rooms' chats only. Pity, no attachments in Skype..

papanoongaku says:

5 minute google search of your user name =/= stalking

you should know there is a guy with your user name creeping out over a virulant racist over on Pam Geller's blog. serious creepy calling a total stranger beautiful and sexy and talking about wearing a dress for her. really creepy stuff. easy to find. just type your username in google and go to the 2nd or 3rd link. it's all over the internet. good thing it's not you, because that would be totally embarassing and creepy.


TiLoBrown says:

..... Yea, I chuckled

steve_w_7 says:

Nobody got your point...

aitt says:

This to a point. Hipsters like trending things.

I am not getting notifications of WhatsApp in action centre. Moreover image folder of WhatsApp is not visible when I open from WhatsApp chat.

Oli Gordon says:

Woh, woh, WOH. Hold on a minute.

Remote desktop streaming as a universal app? So an Xbox user could NATIVELY stream/use their xbox as a "second monitor" for a PC?

If that is true, SteamOS is absolutely 100% dead in the water if that is true. Valve's in home streaming is pretty darn inefficient, and if MS make it so you have a games console that can play the exclusive console games and do various console things, then let you natively stream your PC...


realwarder says:

web link? harder to scan barcodes these days...

Micah Dawson says:

Nah, the non Lumia owners do that when they keep asking for our apps.

tkdmacgeek says:

have you seen what they do with the hookers in that game?!  WTF!

The new one is much nicer. Doesn't sound like I've knocked a bellringer down a hill.

josonjoy1986 says:

You didn't get my point Dan..... Never mind....:)

papanoongaku says:

"I keep hearing tho lately, adults are taking traditional teenage jobs and complaining they can't make a living."

that's because there aren't enough jobs!

"There's also the obvious question... Why does a woman working poverty level jobs have four kids?"

i don't get what youre asking. are you asking "why would a women take a job to support her children?"?

neonspark says:

There are many apps which aren't services. Off course the Here services stay with nokia (the backend). But what about the front end? Does the billions include the right to offer the front end apps on the WP platform? The development team for these apps is likely redmond's now, so it is unlikely nokia will care for the panorama app, etc, when they don't even sell windows phones any more.

If access to the here services isn't universal on all WPs, I see these services basically dying off because MSFT has bing maps which will go back to being the default and the android crowd will stay with google.

kenzibit says:

To answer question in the article, I want a notification sound for WPCentral :-)

HansTj says:

Or maybe swipe up from the Windows button? It would be a little bit less straining for my thumb, since I have short fingers. Still love it nonetheless.

Chris_Kez says:

Maybe they're saving left-edge-swipe for multitasking view a la Windows 8?

Tahiti Bob says:

I'm pretty sure the Whatsapp Whistle is rather the Samsung whistle.

tkdmacgeek says:

I don't use twitter or instagram.  You're a stalker.

teranceo says:

I meant doesn't mention anything about Rabbids but as you said it does have it for Wordament. The store does not mention it for Rabbids. The Windows store app also has no mention of the universal app for Rabbids but the Windows store online webpage does mention it.

I also checked on another computer and store account and it still shows up as $1.49 for the Windows app of Rabbids. The account I checked with has not installed it on Windows Phone.

Gigantuouse says:

I'd like that too. Getting the ESPN news ticker sound whenever the app gives me an alert would be nice like in iOS. 

Slovenix says:

Yeah but not in EU or at least my country :) its real pain in the ass looking on my phone for all kind of routes and traveling options in HERE Drive, Maps (walk,car,train) as on my Nexus, It shows total time, length of traveling including walking from start position, trains left in the day, train stops, everything you could imagine, it also knows where I live, work, shows up with traveling directions at the time I usually leave, all this without adding any information in my device, they can steal all my data, I only care that everything works perfect.
And yes all these features are already here and for free
and yes I know, but maps are so much needed :)
I love my Windows Phone, but all this US only and useless services are making it useless..
If Nokia made Android with 41mp I would sure go and get one, as Google services are just too powerful and easy here
Plus it would most likely get more attention and gain money than selling the best thing they made to MS
About PC MS side, its Windows and only Windows, no comment on that.

neo158 says:

Not really hipsters are generally fanatical, just look at the Apple Hipsters!!!

jhoff80 says:

I use a version of this myself for MLB At Bat and NFL Mobile (I had planned on using it with the actual ESPN app, but I don't find that to be reliable).  Got it from partner site Crackberry:

The_Lord23 says:

Hmm. Either poorly executed humour or deliberately inciting conflict. Which to choose...?

Chef316 says:

Just sayin...I think food service as a whole is still a male dominated industry. Far more applicants for cook positions are men than woman. Most culinary schools are 2-1 (men to women) some are even 3-1.

HansTj says:

Then, just go back to WP 7.

goldenpipes says:

Which headset do you use? The one I have doesn't work well. It has very bad lag when it comes to voice commands. Also I'd want a watch because then I could see visual alerts w/o having to take out my phone, also if I needed to check the time its right there on my wrist. Don't have to dig in my pocket for the phone.

jhoff80 says:

Well, partly true.  In 8.0 GDR3, the developer did have the option of changing their sound.  8.1's implementation is far better though.

Novron says:

Of course they get paid less in the averages. It's been repeatedly shown why that's the case and it has nothing to do with discrimination.
And since when did working McDonald's constitute a viable career? I keep hearing tho lately, adults are taking traditional teenage jobs and complaining they can't make a living.
There's also the obvious question... Why does a woman working poverty level jobs have four kids?

abhishek8605 says:

Thanks, going to give the Twitter one a shot.

SamiSaifDine says:

Twitter goes TWIT .. Facebook Goes TUUT .. WHAT DOES WPCENTRAL SAY ??