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tkdmacgeek says:

Not yet I don't want my 1020 to have issues. I'll wait for official release.

Nik47 says:

Anyone knows how does this compare with "smart sequence" of Nokia camera?

vakama94 says:

That happened to me yesterday twice. I locked the phone and when I tried to wake it I had to either press the power button twice or wait a few seconds.

Rem97 says:

Is this better than Nokia's smart sequences?

terrokkinit says:

Ironically, I have a problem with mine not accepting a charge to even charge my tablet. I have to wiggle it and turn it a few times to get it to start charging my 2520. I may have to call them sometime this week...yay for warranties.

jbrandonf says:

Not happening. I had TMo several years ago and coverage was perfect, I live in a semi-metro area of the Northeast and signal is great. Their speeds are terrific too.

Only reason I left them was because I had a nice discount on ATT when I started working there.

Arsenic17 says:

It does apply to retroactive purchases. However like it was mentioned in the article, you can only currently get the winphone version for free. The win 8 store needs updated for it to work. So even if you buy WP version today or a year ago, it wont work for W8 version. I know a few people that grabbed win 8 version mnths ago and were about to get WP version now for free.

Ahndz says:


jbrandonf says:

Someone with such a personal vendetta against a company makes people think you're a shill. Good luck with that.

LTTG says:

I'm loving burst mode!

Zomby Jeezus says:


CCAZPastor says:

Wondering the same things! Maybe just Beta problems?

DaiaX says:

Prefer burst, it is start right away when you set to default camera and burst mode. The default camera is faster than Nokia Camera.

LTTG says:

Burst is way better!

Same here on my 928..... I'm loving everything about it! By the way, you have chosen a nice time to post :-) [9:28]

ZuLuuuuuu says:

Do regular micro USB chargers charge 2520? Like the ones that come with phones?

And maybe this is asking too much but can you photograph the part of the charger that might come loose which is mentioned in the announcement? I'm an electronics enginner, I wondered the design decision that causes this hazard.

bhalasundar says:

Yep. I am haing 1520 the same result. The power button is not responding and it is going blank screen some times

CCAZPastor says:

I can not find the answer to that anywhere!

AleksanderB says:

Also present on Lumia1520 with wp8.1, Just experienced it twice today.

Rebooting a phone worked

jdawgnoonan says:

I hated the hubs and do not miss them.

poddie says:

Everything I use is working great on my 1020! Wouldn't trade it for the world!!

SEKKDS says:

To burst or to Blink......? Which is better?

tkdmacgeek says:

Can't wait for 8.1!! 1020

STXVI says:

Dude, I'm with your sister on the notification thing. It really should have been a tile. This swipe down thing is so not counter intuitive to using WP. In fact I haven't used it since I've set it up. A tile with a little number letting you know how many notifications would have been better and would have continued the flow of the WP experience.

Love just about everything about WP8.1 except for the addition of games to the app list. Are games apps? Yes. But we have an Xbox/Games Live Tile to keep them centralized instead of growing out my app list.


Choice would be nice; a checkbox in the "Settings" would be a worthwhile option to consider...

jsiddle2025 says:

Really? this article exists? Your complaining about a command on a beta digital assistant running on a developers preview os that isnt out yet?

jiggaman135 says:

Phones working fine with 8.1 but battery is abysmal.....920

chrgeorgeson says:

Not sure what to say to this? Stupid? I asked exactly like you said and it gave me a Bing search result for his age. 

Was that the point? 


Either way I'm glad I have Cortana. It's pretty cool, especially for a non 1.0 product.

Eazy123 says:

Mine had a hard time waking up until I rebooted a couple of times.  Now it wakes fine, but the music app seems a bit slow and I think my battery is draining faster.

schiznatch says:

I liked it better separate, but since the update, my Games hub has been slow and laggy; scrolling thru the games is kind of painful and some parts of the hub never load. So, I used Samsung's App Folders to create a "Games" folder on my Start Screen. I already had a folder for "More Apps" that held all of the rest of my apps that aren't on my Start Screen, so I hardly visit the app list anymore. 

It's not something I'm going to complain about, but I did notice that right off the bat after upgrading. The app list is way more cluttered this way, but I just find ways to work around it, especially with the Games hub being messed up. It also doesn't help that they removed "Recent Games" from the Games hub.

do you experience any lags with your 620? im still on the fence about updating.

cruelvaldez says:

I see what you did there

gmlongo says:

Huh?  Games ARE, music, and email are not.

barttool says:

hey guys ;) look at me I'm a sassy smartass cunt who is way more mature than everyone else because I don't give objects "she" or "he" pronouns. I also like to use emoji to make my comments feel confident and condescending

Paul Acevedo says:

I can tell the difference between 30 and 60fps. Just move the camera quickly and see how smoothly the screen updates. Also, I disagree about the laziness thing. That's a very naive way to look at things. Games have a specific schedule and budget and they have to stick to those things. The Xbox One development tools are way behind the Playstation 4's (especially up until the last month or so), which has hindered performance that developers could get from it.

Forza 5 has had a much longer development schedule and higher budget being a AAA first-party game. Apples to oranges.

shmsnh says:

The first sentence of the second paragraph is weird/incomplete.

shielah says:

Batter life @ 88% after 1 hour of full charge on lumia apps running in background except battery and facebook , what's up with that?? I'm not playing on it..6 hr battery life not gona work for me...

Rich Edmonds says:

Fixed. Cheers, people! :-) #powertothepeople

Paul Acevedo says:

Watch your language, and please try to make more valuable comments in the future.

jsiddle2025 says:

I experienced this with my 1520, but after I got back into the phone after a soft reset, I changed the brightness from auto to medium, and havent seen it again...

Figured it might be a glitch turning the screen back on from standby to auto brightness...

Reasoning: when id hit the power button and not see anything, i would slide up, and hear the unlock noise, meaning the phone technically "came alive" just screen unresponsive

Paul Acevedo says:

It's certainly the best one available IMO! :)

Rich Edmonds says:

If only... :-)

Paul Acevedo says:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Windows 8 version of FIFA. Sucks that it lacks controller support!

dungnq says:


larrybon says:

Set your preferred apps to run in background within the battery saver settings. Each one needs to be addressed individually. Many I had set to off were automatically on. Great improvement here!

Paul Acevedo says:

I wasn't able to test the experience for myself because I already owned all mobile versions of both games that switched to universal. I'll try to remember to stipulate that it needs to be bought after the switch in the future though.

Lenin17301 says:

No, that would be Siri, Cortana is a much cheaper Magic Eight Ball, you don't need a 700 dollars phone for it to work.

anirban130 says:

Dude u need wp 8.0 sdk installed in ur win7 or win8, n then visual studio update 4, in that u need to register your fone using ur Microsoft email id.. And then come back to fone and install preview developer app n click the box to start recieve preview update. Visit for further details