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jacob114489 says:

My friend is a die hard x1 fan, he talked me out of buying a ps4 (same boat as you) and told me to get a x1. He recently bought a ps4 and would recommend it over the Xbox. He said his only plans for his xbox is Halo MC collection.

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BanSama says:

I have a 925 and my old 820. The sim that I am using for my 925 is my personal line while the 820 is my office provided sim. Retired my 710 :)

Can you invite me too? GT is Sameer Smash

Music is not working for me with the 8.1

Kronus24 says:

I notice that a few days ago, too. Can't wait for her to sing them :)

coip says:

You could've done that without the homophobic comments. So STF is fun and I'm excited that other people get to play it too now. So what?

coip says:

Then you will have made the wrong decision.

waeras says:

As long as the app forgets what I'm watching and where in the episode I was after alt tabbing (which kinda worked earlier, until they removed the resume thumbnail) I refuse to use that piece of shit app. And to think that the app is the default video player on a fresh install before windows media player which actually works is beyond me.. The app is so annoying that it has forever turned me off ever paying for the Xbox Video service. (And why should one, with the pirate bay alive and kicking, or Netflix which actually remembers what your watching and your file position...)

charlyc311 says:

She has a pretty great voice in the songs that she can sing.

aliencatos says:


but you have to admit, Microsoft is geting bether in update speed...

they update, windows, Xbox and windows phone verry fast now, ok, you have to be in the preview for devloper to get the windows phone update faster, but it's a easy way to bypass the mobile provider...

TechBell says:

What's the argument for buying a Windows phone over a comparable Android or iPhone? Don't respond as a tech geek or an insider but as someone making the case to the average consumer picking out a phone to buy - and live with for two years. What's so distinctive, so unique, so distinguishing that someone would be sold on it? 

Zeroplanetz says:

No what I'm saying is that for instance if I was a feature phone customer id be really hesitant on getting a smartphone because of the difference in plan cost. IF I got a smartphone and new I was gonna be paying more anyways id certainly spend 20$ more for a phone that would be better. So a 630 being on 20 ish more would get my money before a 520/530.

jimm69 says:

Thanks for the offer!!! jimm69 is my gamer tag.

Dave B2 says:

Figured that out, using OneStart Pro, so, wasn't really paying attention to what my theme color was....

aliencatos says:

the Media Player app is good but will bw bether with the DNLA and MKV support...

the Xbox on for french canada is verry good to

AlexanderJJJ says:

They will. It has HTC Advantage and part of that program is quick software updates.

loofmodnar says:

The music update was for both 8.1 and 8.1.1. The lock screen feature is just requires 8.1.1

Ro Kil says:

I'd love the charger. My nokia charger needs to power a RaspberryPi :/

wpguy says:

Your theme color wouldn't happen to be blue, would it?

Saiflowrider says:

Hey add me in ur XB1 my gt: Saiflowrider need more friends

mfrljak says:

I know it's not news, but tried to install several times, from two links. One said it's not for my phone, the other isn't free..

TheBadGuy_88 says:

Werd! No scoping returns! But their next update should add tumble weeds! That games gonna be desert town when halo comes out. LOL

I carry a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

RobinPaul says:

I can confirm that the app is no longer available. Winphonesupport on twitter just tweet me about it. To bad tho, really liked the app

I carry an ipod touch to support whatever apps my lumia 920 is lacking

industry86 says:

Now only if they would pro rate tv seasons if you happen to own episodes of that season already.

exkerZ says:

I think im perfect :)

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exkerZ says:

I dont see what android has to do with his post.

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She sang she sang!!!!! :D

How about getting it to do something without needing the fucking internet all the time. Useless and switched off.

aerosmillie says:

The song is called 'auld Lang syne'

TechAbstract says:

I've been asking for pilot-only mode since release. Finally.

exkerZ says:

I think i get your point but im not too sure.

You're saying that it is dumb to pay so much more for contracts when you save so much more by buying your phone straight out?

If so. I half agree.

But my problem is.. I dont understand the connection to the 630

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seita says:

I would get the BodyGuardz HD Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz and the Seidio LEDGER Flip Case with Metal Kickstand~

spcdog says:

Someone with the user name "soulcancer" complaining about fun & playful things that aren't all business. Who didn't see that one coming? :P

Gesh75 says:

Yup packing my Ativ S and Lumia 1520 -Ativ S for typing messages, 1520 for music and Video.

SomeGuy11 says:

Yep. A 1020 & 925. One is my "affair phone"

Use a 930 and 1520.The 1520 is awesome!

RobinPaul says:

not talking bout the battery app, talking bout the Windows Phone Insider app which you can use to download ringtones / wallpapers / ect.

exkerZ says:

So.. 13000x8?

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jacob114489 says:

That spaghetti song... priceless :D

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ChrisP1 says:

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." Sang very robotic

Bardi Golriz says:

You get it, my friend. You get it.

I'm not rich by any means. But if I come across any app on the Windows or Windows Phone Store that clearly demonstrates the developer didn't knock it up carelessly over a few days, I'm thrilled to take out my wallet because unfortunately this doesn't happen as often as I'd want to.

At the end of the day, what is an expensive app? $4? $5? $10 even? How much is that really out there in the real world? A bad lunch. I appreciate there's a lot of psychological elements at play here, but I hold people in general in a higher regard than that. That's why I decided to charge $4. Not because I'm being greedy. But because I'm of the mentality that people will pay when they feel something will return necessary value to justify the premium. That's what the 3 day full trial is for.

There's a lot of people, both here and elsewhere, who say $4 for a weather app is far too much. I don't understand that. I once challenged a person how would he feel if I charged him $4 for a service he will use every day. He had no response. I know, I know, he could get a similar service for nothing too, but what is an additional $4 over 365 days for a better service?

Thanks for your support man. Hopefully more people like you around. That's what I am banking on ;)

Nitaino says:

Can you play with android users, yes or no?

Same here :-) 1020 as my main phone and an iphone 5S for facetime with family and friends abroad. I get at least 1 facetime call per day and if i dont carry my iphone with me I lose these facetime calls.

rebirth82 says:

Congrats. The 1520 or a 1525 is what I'd really love to win.