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How can you compare different OSes as if they were actually comparable, just like that? It's just a matter of taste.

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Yes, there's nothing wrong in having an opinion, and that cannot be seen as fanboyism.

It becomes fanboyism when one states his/her opinion as a fact though, as he/she did.

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Yeah,nothing of what you stated,but it sells,try selling a Lumia 930 after two years and what you get is a kick in tha ass :) and by the way,with 64gb of memory you don't need sd cards !

I didn't know the calendar can do screen shares and collaboration with others and teleconferencing :)

Check the site on the browser :)
this app is great ! i had it since its first beta release and it's great 
even the developers of the official pushbullet said they are happy for it, but yet they didn't make it lol 

Agreed. If Microsoft combined Xbox (Arcade at least) & Windows Store and release a Wii-U-like hand-held 7in device, I would be all over it.
Since Bill Gates stepped down Microsoft is trying to "keep up with the Jones's" instead of being the "Jones's"....smh

They have. It's the 930. And the upcoming HTC M8. You have two flagships on Windows Phone already. That's already better than last year at least.

I've been a beta tester for this app and I've seen its ups and downs. I can say that this app is awesome and I have put it to some good uses! I would recommend this app to anybody purely because it's so easy to transfer data from PC to phone in 1 or 2 clicks :).

Microsoft has nothing to do with this update. Cortana has her APIs already open to any 3rd party app. It's up to those developers to integrate their app with Cortana. And Lync 2013 already has Cortana integration.

GMT is the standard. As is the metric system and the Celsius scale. And the word "football" for that sport played by 22 players with a spheric ball. 


But go tell that to good old 'murica! lol

It would be good, less data usage on page display is the biggest adavantage to have opera mini.. But ie10 currently very good

Warframe is excellent, totally took me by surprise. I was anticipating Dance Central, but have played more of Warframe.

I use Opera mini on my old feature phones where it's way better than those built in browsers. Will be interesting to see how it will be on Windows phone.

** Ppl say it'll use the IE Trident engine... This is false. You clearly haven't used Opera before. It is rendered on their servers and then the cloud servers send you the site pre-fabricated. They have a nice little picture to show you if you still can't understand online... Thanks! **

Talk to your government about importing regulations, etc and ask them to wave want restrictions.... Good luck with that!

It shouldn't. Opera mini renders on the server and passes you the image from server. The server is rendering with presto. So that's doubtful.

Here's a strategy: stop calling Micro-Nokia to something that is as much Nokia as Apple is Nokia just because they hired Ari Partinen.