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If you have connections...tell the ufc their WP app sucks. I always use Rudys Wikipedia to get information about ufc fights.

Silva is still the best. He shouldn't have goofed off in the first fight. The second one was just unfortunate.

windows phone market will grow and grow everyday.

but we need some kickass device soon to replace 1020.

i know that mid-low level market is good. but hey, what about the flagship?

How much live programming do you get? Also, is there a decent backlog of fights as well?

Them there Nokiar number phones sure is nice! MMMMMMmmmmmmm sure is nice...

Ima git cha!


As I say, it's not important to YOU, it is to ME (and judging by this forum, many others).
It was also a feature that Microsoft deemed important back in Windows Mobile 6.5....
So yes, defend MS all you like. That does not change the fact that Bluetooth HID is important to many of us.

Remember this. Just because it is important to you does not mean it is important to the majority of people who wouldn't even think to try and add a Bluetooth keyboard to their phone. What you are wanting to do is specific to a niche and no matter how invaluable or useful this capability may be to you, it does not take away the fact that the majority of people don't want/need it.
You also can't speak about productivity and trying to type word documents on your phone at the same time. It is the least productive way in order to type up a word document. It is the hardest to be accurate with the least amount of accuracy and speed. So Microsoft not supporting this is not that great of a loss because in all reality you shouldn't be typing up a word document on your phone no matter how Convenient *that's the word you are looking for* it is for you

Set everything up per the article and queued up forza on smartglass. When I got home forza was waiting ready to install but did not install. Now I have to wait for it to

Actually it will still be referred to as Windows phone. Not Windows Phone however.

At least in his statement you can still say Windows phone 9. Because in reality its ONE Windows but there will be a phone version of it.

And well i would like an 830 lol the 730 is nice too as i think ym lumia 920 is starting to glitch, have camera focus issues and more sigh ... good luck to all .

Except its far too often that ms either doesn't implement something until later (alot of times MUCH later than it needs to be) or we have to wait forfreakingever for support to show up. Then they also update their own apps on other platforms first while their own platform languishes with either good enough or barely passable.

I am using Nokia from past 10 years. I really wondered the way they create hardware integration with OS. Presently I am using Lumia 720, and I am looking for flagship model to buy. That will be 830.

I have a Lumia 625 but I wish I had waited a few months for the Lumia 830. I bought my phone in June 2014. The Lumia 830 it's the ideal phone and I really want one. I'm from Trinidad and I bought my phone on Amazon and got an Indonesian phone I would love to win one of these.

Still rocking the Lumia 800! Dropped 1000's of times, nearly still works as well as the day i bought it... Friends tried to pursuade me onto an iphone but cant stand its usability! Confuses me everytime i pick up my GFs... But Lumia 830 could be the phone that finally sees me upgrade...

Excellent analysis! Apple had a head start. Samsung actual started small and later built one high-end phone to set the domino effect forward- the galaxy S. HTC did it right initially but eventually was choked on by too many devices with different names. If they built upon the evo line, with continued support and upgrades like the galaxy S, I bet they wouldn't be where they are today!

This is what I thought it did originally when I downloaded it. Very glad to see this update.

Fix the mentioned bugs plus the back button issue as well, often get the "you cant go back" popup.

And do add me guys (2nd name on the leaderboard photo LOL), I will generously give out energy.

Exactly... We have over 30 OEM's right now that we know of so, the awareness aspect is about to change.... Just think of how many OEM's their are that we've yet to hear about who have plans to support WP... 30 more?

I have experienced it this... by experience and my dad had hard time getting a job.

so why are you talking if you don't even know about it? my dad has been fired unfairly just because people didn't like him for being a worker not a lazy person and finding weird things in their business.

so what? I still understand why these layoffs happens, you know why? because Microsoft shouldn't waste money paying 18000 workers that can be fired. it's not the same as being unfairly fired (which I have experienced as I told you) it's just a mass layoff becuase Microsoft doesn't need many people, in the end, Microsoft bought nokia part of the technology, patents and key people, not because they needed many more workers.  


and what do you want this person to tell to the families? it was known before this would happen, and only because Microsoft is big, it doesn't mean, they have to carry people Nokia hired and never fired being in bad economy situation.


it's not like these people will not be able to get a job again. again, you don't even know what is unemployment so you have no idea what you are talking about. because one thing it's being fired for unknown reasons, and other for known reasons.