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Sarang68 says:

Good. Already got cyan on my 1520 & 1320. Looking forward to the 720 & 520.

goyde says:

My greatest concern is allowing them access to my email and text messages. I have my work email (outlook) on my phone. I am sure my employer would not want Microsoft harvesting information from my work email. And as far as 'google's worse' comparison it doesn't matter. I just can't see people willingly giving Microsoft complete access to not only who they know, but also what communications they have with who they know. Cortana reads your text messages and emails ! I like the idea of cortana, but I'd rather have a digital assistant that does what I tell it to do, not scan my life and make suggestions. Regardless if it is MSFT or GOOG or AAPL.

dhanachevli says:

When update Lumia 920 in India sir pls.inform

phasar says:

Day one WP buyers of the 920 make up a large chunk of the WP base and are eligible for upgrades in November. I think most will leave WP, including myself. Microsoft is a dinosaur, and has no clue what the consumers want. Nokia sadly hitched it's wagon to Microsoft instead of Android sealing its demise. The 920 was announced with so much vision and promise , and Microsoft and Nokia eventually proved why they had become the dinosaurs they've become. A 4.7-5 inch iPhone is now a dream device. I'm sure Microsoft will accomplish it's goal of having the best selling phones at the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores.

NOLATechy says:

Sorry, I was mistaken.  She can only handle "remind me to turn on wifi when I get to work"  My bad. :-(

rzruzz123 says:

Keep waiting for my L520

I think they need to do what other oems do with low end releases dont over dramatize the announcement instead keep that kind of event for medium - high end handsets

still unable to see recommendations and feedback form in cortana.

Pakistan , region is US , lumia 520

pinto123 says:

Lol...ha ha..

Studio384 says:

Nice, looking forward to the other models. :)

b3rni3703 says:

focken EXCLUSIVE man... SMFH.

Sahil Raj1 says:

Hopefully, Superman is gonna be Lumia 730 as if anyone noticed both 710 & 720 were designed for late teens for whom a phone with social skills matter a lot. And, with a 5 megapixel FFC, Lumia 730 will redefine that approach. Further, chances are it may be powered with a gig of RAM. It also can be offered as dual-SIM option since it still be a mid-range device.

The other mid-range device seems like 830, which was leaked earlier June. It again can feature great features like a design approach similar to Lumia 930 & also PureView technology.

So, finally these awaited devices are likely to become reality. Sweet! :)

Winnabe says:

LOL'd at that one. :D

psychotron says:

What a lame excuse. Since when has the Chinese government been interested in making sure things are "fair"?

irsyadhhs says:

620, won't be the last again, please!

borasar says:

Are you willing to pay for your WP if it's going to cost double or triple what it is now? TV? Most appliances? Can an average American afford doing so?

It's funny you bring up cable companies, but most of their activity is actually US based, perfect example of how staying at home or bringing stuff home doesn't solve anything.

It's all about competitive advantages, US needs to increase innovation, by investing in it's people, which means making things like healthcare and education more affordable and accessible, both of which you've failed to mention. You are quick to point to corporations earning billions and ripping people off, look at what your universities are doing and look at how much their senior administrators are getting paid. Then look at where US is in terms of reading, math and sciences.

You won't solve economic problems by simply bringing back blue-collar jobs back home. There is no point in bringing back things that other countries do either better or cheaper, that's not where the competitive advantages lie.

bcr8tiv says:

Just checked Cortana on my 1520 here in Bangkok Thailand and the nearby location recommendations is working perfectly!  Now if I could only get the Lumia Cyan update (they're slower than molasses in the dead of winter here when it comes to releasing updates)!!

Xalifer says:

Wow!!! That was bad... just terrible... 

Desean00 says:

What about the windows 7.5 and 7.8

azcruz says:

At where I am, Foursquare has better POI than HERE. Even Waze can use Foursquare POI.

DVDPT says:

It was our mistake when updated the app to only Windows Phone 8, we only use pretty much your data connection. 

steve_w_7 says:

Windows Phone is going to get steamrolled this fall.

kb4000 says:

The whole idea of the notebook feature is you can choose that stuff and a lot of that info is only used locally on the device.

erichunt says:

Well you never could because of the dust build-up...

JimmiJimmi says:

Microsoft please make a surface phone not exclusive to any carries like how Google does with Nexus series!

what is the size of wp8.1 update ? can any one tell me if they have track it ( my friend told me its around 200 MB only but I doubt it must be around 400-500 MB) 

LSDigital says:

Microsoft, ear me out: Portugal loves you waaayyy more than these stupid chinese government, so please release Cortana here instead!

What is needed right now

Price in brackets rupees.

60$(5k) 430 3.7 inch dual core (September)

70$(5.5k) 430 dual sim

90$(6.5k) 530

110$(7k) 530 dual sim

140$(9.5k) 630

170$(10.5k) 630 dual sim

200$(13k) 625 succssesor/1130 4.7 inch 720p, 1 gb ram, 1.3 mp ffc, 8gb (September)

270$(16k) 730 4.5 720p, 1gb ram,snap 400, 6.7 MP rear, 8gb,micro sd (August)

300$(17k) 730 dual sim

400$(23k) 1330 6 inch 720p,2gb ram, snap 400 equivalent, 8mp rear, 1.3 mp ffc, dual sim, 8gb,micro sd (November)

450$(27k) 830 4.5 inch 720p, 2gb ram, snap 600, 8mp rear,2mp front ,16gb,micro sd (August)

550$(35k) 930

600$(40k) 1520

830$(49k) 1030 1080p/QHD 5inch, 3gb,5mp ffc, ram, snap 810, infrared blaster, heart beat sensor,fingerprint sensor, 32/64gb (December)

750$(46k) 1530 6 inch QHD, snap 810 ,3gb ram ,32gb, infrared blaster, heart beat sensor,fingerprint sensor,5mp ffc,micro sd (January)

700$(40k) 940 5 inch QHD, infrared blaster, heart beat sensor,fingerprint sensor,5mp ffc Threshold 32gb

500-550$(30-35k) maybe

OMG55 says:

Samsung says it's battery saver as reflected in the latest ad even though we've had that since WP 7

wp8-1 says:

So I get from it that they wanted free stuff as in the "other" things confiscated. Make illegal copies!!! Screw china. Honestly though, whatever they are doing, it isn't right.

NOLATechy says:

Don't know for sure, but I believe that is exactly where Cortana is heading.

emjey says:

The Data networks in India suck ! 

The only allowed monopoly in China is the goverment´s one............

Please be 730.. :D

Any idea on when it will get patches for dev. Prev. Owners and be released for them?

They are not commies anymore.........

A895 says:

HERE Drive ain't exclusive. The camera apps are and Mixradio.
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Wrong information...not rolling out in the UK

treetownal says:

precisely.  Anything less than a flagship all-carrier device means the platform may not be around in 12 months except as a low end alternative to a feature phone.

OMG55 says:

Spot on dude! They want free software and if they can't get it then they will harass you until you give them what they want.

jtbarton says:

COOL! They gonna get cancelled too?

offbeatbop says:

Wow you people have short attention spans

treetownal says:

If they don't release a multi-carrier flagship phone in the short term I don't see much of a future for the platform. 

WP handsets are at the bottom of every carrier's device list and are about to become even more of an afterthought thanks to an adult sized iphone finally being released.  MS needs to be bold and universal fast. 

xFalk says:

Hoping for a new flagship by December when my contract is up.  BUT, by that time if it's only a few more months until Threshold, I'll probably just wait to upgrade.

AlFaEU says:

Germany not branded 920: i
I did get the 4square recommendations today!

offbeatbop says:

Good to see they're finally addressing their marketing issues