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We have a list of tested heart rate monitors here: , the H7 being one of them. Without endorsing any product, in practice you may be more concerned with the strap - is it comfortable, easy to wash and durable? - than the monitor or the brand itself. Let me say that as someone who has been testing a large number of these devices over the last months.

Best, Sarah (developer)

expectafight says:

All I want to do is bother my sisters dog with this.

The ramps and missions seem cool but imagine if there were mini games that took advantage sensors on the phone. Like standing over it with the camera active and the screen having a UI that looks like a level. The object of the game would be would be to move and tilt the phone so that the "bubble" of the level (which is really the center of the camera) stayed on the middle of the sphero.

Guess that's why these things can be upgraded

SAM 77 says:

Awesome idea I don't have cats but I have a friend who does.


They would be the 1st test subjects if I get my hands on one for sure lol


DoctorSaline says:

When Nadella first started his rant about Mobile first cloud first, I thought he was talking about mobiles as in focusing on mobile(phone/tablet) hardware and software. Now it seems he was going on about mobile services/cloud services as a platform to enterprise. Essentially dropping the "devices and services" moniker meant dropping the "devices" from their company motto only. Sadly, the fun in Windows phone probably died with Nokia's acquisition.

SAM 77 says:

Super Cool!!!!

What a mad new way to annoy friends and a great toy for playin with lil kids.

Would be cool if it had a speaker and you could transmit your voice to super spook out unaware folks.

Big thanks for a worldwide comp.

Jazmac says:

I got 3 lines on AT&T with 10 gig Mobile Share and pay 150.00 What's 5 lines on Tmo run?

Cookie5000 says:

These are the next generation father/son toys (or mother/daughter or other combo!). So entertaining to mess around with together!

Ali Farhat says:

Would be interesting to know what the battery life is like and if the battery is even replaceable?


I dunno about the $120 price tag, but wouldn't mind getting one as a prize :)

Jupast says:

Y'know i was really hopeful when this guy took the reins.

But some of the decisions and work coming out of Microsoft since has been...concerning, to say the least.


zoowater says:

Seems like it would be a passing fad. A rolling ball? I'm bored with most games after a few weeks and I didn't pay over $100 for it.

gsritchey says:

It's good to see some of these new systems have a windows phone app. It is very encouraging

Jazmac says:

Unlikely as hell that happened.

deMaelstrom says:

Trully impressive interface and one nice original toy... Too bad it's a bit pricey especially if it's to use it just a few times.

Looks like a promising technology that could have other applications (no pun intended). That being said, how aout getting this for golf for instance.

gsritchey says:

I would really enjoy this product. It is one of the best home automation systems I have seen.

Ruufus says:

Seems pointless and very fun.

gsritchey says:

This sounds like a cool little gadget that would be fun to show off

Jazmac says:


Makk West says:

Id love to play around with that shaved ball. But can it roll by itself when you leave it? Because it would be nice to play in a mini putt.

DoctorSaline says:

After recent news, rumors and these kinds of analysis, I don't know what is Microsoft's stance on windows phone and co any more. Too enterprise-centric for my liking.

Amarmol88 says:

I have been wanting to test one out since the original was released. This seems like such a fun modern day toy for both children and adults. I know my dog would have a blast chasing this thing around.

anmol_112 says:

This is a cool one. I loved the concept of it. The execution of the concept is good. They have really changed the meaning on Remote Controlled Cars which we used to play in our childhood. I really loved this one. No complains on this. This is a awesome product. It costs $120 and I think it is a bit expensive but from the technological point of view, this show future of RC Toys and how can smartphones be used to control almost anything.

xrs22 says:

Guess I had it the whole time.

The more I read about this, the more I want it. I feel like the novelty won't wear off too quickly and would be a lot of fun.

Deth8ball says:

I really like the idea of controlling the lights remotely or timed - faking you're in while on holiday.
(typed this once but it didn't seem to post)

jloschiavo says:

Sphero 2.0 looks awesome!  The app interface and product appears to be well designed, but I would have to test one to develop a full opinion. The high price is a turn-off...around $75 would make it more appealing. I hope to win one of these! Great review.

prune_face says:

must be really fun to own this.. very futuristic...

upsidedown says:

This looks great and i would sure have fun....if I won!

coip says:

Mavee responded to a comment about Uber, in an article about Uber. You brought up Waze. I pointed out that Waze is evil and not like Uber.

Pratik Mehta says:

The app concept is good.
The app is buggy.(DP)
And for this app you have to buy the ball and it's not available worldwide.

xxcorpxx says:

Sure, I needed this ability last night! Lol. Couldn't have Destiny Beta ready and waiting for me when I got home. Only got to play for a few minutes this morning.

jaded skies says:

OMG, YES!!! And yes, it really is that big of a deal.

jdv.seishin says:

Nice. My little daughter and I will have a lot of fun playing with it.

I want Sphero.  Looks like it would be a ball!

nadroj915 says:

Racist? Careful, I happen to be a Canadian living in China, and my wife is Chinese.

This is great! I can't wait to get a kit up and running. This will be perfect for my home theater and shop. I would like to see an app for the Xbox w/ Kinect voice commands.

I really appreciate the independent developers who created apps for it on wp you guys should support them check out (sphero control - sphero drive - ball control - iBall) I'm sure that even more sphero apps are coming out like ones where you can use your camera.

txDrum says:

Because AT&T doesn't control the iPhone updates :P

Deth8ball says:

I really like the idea of being able to control all the lights in the house remotely or timed - A bit of faking you're in while on holiday.

mgkhin says:

Perfect for my puppy. 

K_lando says:

You know what you wont see? The Destiny companion app for mobile phones..
which my Android friend was telling me about. Sigh.

Cough cough

mgkhin says:

It looks cool but a bit pricey though.

Ecurb87 says:

Nor on my 1020

ethos83 says:

I think the most fun will be creating obstacle courses around the house or the office. Then you can award teams of employees or your own kids for successfully navigating them. Good way to create a fun escape or team building exercise. If for work... Get the employee relations budget to foot the bill!

mdb17 says:

I find the idea interesting but I feel like some of they stuff is over priced

mbkrezania says:

I suggest that sphero can be musical and it can able to have some of cortana's abilities. sphero can say its emotion and change its colour to red or other colour after knock to the wall or droping down. 


zhris says:

The colour change thing is nifty. I can put it on my Skylanders base and have a disco!

DewMe says:

I had one of my IT customers get "recruited" to work on this project. It was about 2 years ago and we were discussing the possibility of WP support. Glad it came through!

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Yes, one that didn't quite make it out of the ball. You could call him StuckInIt-mon. Lol

mtiede says:

Hmmm.. So I seem to have the most recent Xbox version, but the smart glass app didn't connect anymore. I rebooted the phone, but it didn't help. Then I rebooted the Xbox. Then I was able to connect. Go figure.