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Viipottaja says:

Here is a small comparison between 525 and 530. They also did one on their cameras (or maybe 630 vs. 525 camera, cant recall):

wpguy says:

Why is this article on this site?

  1. Because the PC looks alien, and
  2. There are aliens in The Dome (the book for sure, maybe coming in the show), and
  3. Characters in the show use the Surface and Windows Phone devices (Lumia and HTC),
  4. Therefore, the article is relevent to a web site devoted to Windows Phone that has also stated repeatedly that it covers the entire Microsoft consumer ecosystem

Aashish13 says:

I will surely buy it if its a universal app

There's nothin to It bro. Glad to help.

No, I'm guessing you use the disk as a "regular" user, not connected to any enterprise system or such? Then there's nothing to worry about, with Fatx(exFAT) you are good to go. Store your music, files, movies and such on the FATx (exFAT) drive and almost any OS will be able to read it (won't pleadge to Linux since I have'nt tried It). Regarding read/write on Win/OSX it's all good.

ronaldme says:

My Lumia 920 is faster yet, 516 overall, 952 memory and 362 graphics...

Everyone complains there's no backwards compat, then when they bring 360 games over people get mad.

aryadeepak says:

True, are they a short of Design or just wanted to copy like an ape...seriously MS needs to think further to take devices business further and actually a decision to sell of Nokia to MS was really a bad bad decision....

KMF79 says:

Of course there's no release date or price. You'll end up loosing time (from the alien abduction) and wind up in bed, only to awaken and find one of these PCs on your desk along with an organ missing. That's the price for one of these. You gotta give up a body part to own one. As for the design, I love it!

Aldenone says:

630 of course, the price isn't bad at all, but a front facing camera would seal the deal. So, I am unhappily looking at the 730, so much more money just to get a dual simm with a front facing camera. Almost makes me want to turn to a BLU Android phone.

nelson799 says:

Sometimes I wish Microsoft would use their muscle and handle the updates all on their own and not let carriers muck it up.

Ordeith says:

"This is the most insidious type of net neutrality violation, because it’s being pitched as a benefit. Most users stand to gain from the free data, so they may not even care about the slippery slope they’re on."
"T-Mobile tries hard to look like it’s putting an arm over your shoulder, but “music freedom” is actually more of a stranglehold."
-Jared Newman, TIME Magazine.

Then there is no 1gb phone coming for price like 525. Wait for 730 to release, when it comes buy using emi options, It Will be useful for u.

biodeena says:

Updates Welcomed!

Say that to everyone here who does it. And I think it's cool. If you don't like it, too bad. I'm going to keep doing it until the new commenting systems comes in with REAL likes and dislikes, and filtering out certain comments.

That is the right price for that phone. Asha price. Hope it stays that way. I'd pick this up for my mother but no flash means no torch so she will have to wait. There may be a 730 on the horizon ;)

aryadeepak says:

I think the strategy should not b to switch androids to Nokia as like they should b different. And camera button and Glance screen is actually creating a difference in Nokia..they must follow some standard rules which is and which was an amazing features.

Fiann says:

Oh yes. It will probably cost as much as three ps4s and 3 Xbox Ones combined too.

mdram says:

Remember MSN network?

nelson799 says:

I guess I should have left the 2% part out knowing someone would actually go and do the math for my joke. Oh well, I'm just grumpy because 8.1 on my 935 is an absolute buggy mess. Hopefully cyan or something will help out once it's released for my model.

Dave47 says:

Thanks for the benchmark tests and a comment on 635 prices, from my experience.

I paid 99 bucks for my 635 at ATT about a month ago which was not a sale but the "regular" price.  I believe it's 99 at the Microsoft Store too.

And BTW, I am very pleased with the 635.

pookiewood says:

Can y'all compare these to the 620?  I love the size of the 620 and was hoping for something similar size wise. 

Kram Sacul says:

920 ugly? Yeah, right.

twelvetudors says:

This +phonehere thing is still stupid.

Kram Sacul says:

It's kind of refreshing to see a new Nokia device that doesn't look like a brick or a soap dish but the lack of camera shutter button is beyond disappointing. Such a dumb move by MS to remove that requirement.

aryadeepak says:

Not required if nokia's camera button is not available...

Sounds like Candy Dragon

You are correct sir with that terrible math, Nokia alone sold over 100 million WP 8 phones...2,400 people is absolutely correct. You are so smart!

SIMONator24 says:

What happened about the fix for error xxx308 for updating from WP8.1 DP to Update 1?

Ed Boland says:

On a somewhat related topic, why does this "Basemark II OS" benchmark app say my 1520's screen resolution is only 720x1280?

CobraJ82 says:

I am alienware

sugamanand says:

Why doesnt my Xbox video app show videos on my phone?

Buy that's way too pricy.. nearly double than that of 525 .. That's really a concern f for me as I'm just a college student ..

Sp12er says:

They're again... Another console x PC arguments... Would these outsole stop it already? Each person has their own preferences for everything... This is no exception

Nerdy Woman says:

Umm, you misspelled grammatical, FirstWorlder.

Three points (1) We generally have had consistent results with our tests (2) I am not aware of any other benchmarks to use to evaluate (3) We talk about real world usage to respond to such criticisms

Daniel bro please read my big comment a little below and please reply .. And if you had really done a comparison of Lumia 525 with the others like Lumia 630 or Lumia 530 then please send the link .. Please ...

malbendsouza says:

If gaming is a priority, stick with the 525. If you really need to upgrade, wait for the Lumia 730. :)

ed1444 says:

Real "Word" Usage. Thats a typo

anirban130 says:

Ab toh Dhanteras main 735 surely hoga mere pocket main

You realize that it will burn a black hole in the pocket of the general populace, right?

anirban130 says:

Yeah same I m also curious about, may be at the eve of diwali

alv3st3r says:

More like "L Guard"

Aashish plz do read my comment above and please help me out my doubt

Ordeith says:

Day after Apple event... * suspicious*

Aashish13 says:

Skype works good for me. Just tue main problem is it takes 7 seconds to open. Ret everything works fine. Hope they make the opening of the app faster

Guys its a request please do make a comparison of the rare Nokia Lumia 525 and the Lumia 530 or the 630 ... Having the 1 Gb Ram does the 525 gets an upper edge above the other two or does the dual core ruins it's party and makes 530 a winner ... Please I need a comparison... As of now I'm a 525 user on India... So please should I exchange it with the 530 or should I go for a 630 ..... Please guide me.. Playing games like FIFA 14 or gt racing 2 are my priority.. So wont the 1 gig help me .. Or is it quiet possible in the 530 or 630 also...

terrokkinit says:

That is true.....hmmm