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Nigell Pacle says:

Is it country variant

Nimdock says:

No problem! :)

jabtano says:

They love me on twitter @tmobilehelp every day three times a day I ask the question when will we get the WP8.1 update and when will you carry a high end WP8.1 device.I even have the folks in work who have WP to start hounding them everyday.

theefman says:

Funny thing about all the whining is after this update is done it will all start again for GDR1, then the update after that then the next... Why don't people just relax and wait, the rollouts are ALWAYS slow, but they get there eventually making all this stress absolutely worthless, cos you're going to go through it again soon enough....:)

Mik29 says:


Cleavitt76 says:

True, but he was talking about "super capacitors" which would be used in place of rechargable batteries.  Therefore, the phone wouldn't have batteries to fry.  The super capacitor technology still isn't economically feasible though so your "hold your horses" statement would still apply.

vhin1216 says:

Still not available in my country. So, I don't give a shit.

shaggydave says:

So what do you prefer to do? Wait till they fix it with the patch? Or downgrade and then get update?? :)

Remy_S says:

Nope. You have to wait until the euro version is updated. I have a similar problem, bought my 1520 at a Norwegian retailer (CDon), but it's Singapore CV. Very annoying since Norwegian CV is already on Cyan. I don't understand why they have all these country variants when there is no correlation with the country they sell the phone in.

psykojello says:

Came here for the Qi. Stayed for the Cheese.

There is OneDrive integration on Mac OS X as well, and the next Office for Mac is coming soon.

The more MSFT delays when they bring back the Start Menu, more and more people hate Windows 8. Windows 9 better be a free update for Windows 8 users...

dalydose says:

They aren't saying that Rudy was slighted out of a job in favor of Angel. That was not the scenario. The problem seems to be that the big company (Beats) sent a C&D letter to small guy (Rudy) over his 6Studio company naming. Usually these things end up with the little guy giving in because the big guy can afford to keep the fight going in the courts. Bad PR is usually the only thing that stops them. If the terms of that letter have not been retracted, then I say keep up the bad PR.

carlson03 says:

Sure does look like HP is still going strong :)

Interestingly enough, CyanUpdate app still shows "under testing" for my US AT&T 520....

MIGHT not leave WP, but probably leaving Windows and moving back to Mac.

Jason Wun says:

.....Lumia 1020 keep waiting

KMF79 says:

I'm curious, what do you use the ir blaster for?

navidee says:

Love this comment.

irsyadhhs says:

Guess what? Likely 620 would be the last again. Since 520 and 625 have been getting Cyan. I wish 820 were the latest one to get. Lol. (520&720 are the latest to get when Amber, and 620 in Black)

Glad for this, experienced similar issues, but IE is still does what it needs to on my L520

iyae says:

Its not really hating. Beats headphones are terrible in terms of accurate sound reproduction; they are too bass heavy (fact). I'll take a pair of KRKs any day over beats. A fifth of the price and more faithful sound reproduction (fact).

mrdeezus says:

No, I have a 1520. I would like the 1520 with a 5" screen.

ridge53 says:

I am having two issues after installing windows 8.1 on Lumia 520 - 1) Battery saver shows as installed, but can not be launched or updated. Due to this, I can not change any battery related settings from Cortana. 2) All the push notifications - skype, whats app, kik have stopped.It might be related to first issue.

Anybody else having these issues?

Can someone help me out with the country in Middle East this is from? 'Rm937_im_mea233'

Just to be clear, is the WP8.1 Update 1 bringing the fix for DP to normally update to Cyan? If not, I have some downgrading to do now...

irsyadhhs says:

Look sexy. Both. Lol.

Avik Biswas says:

Mind telling me where is the sync feature located in IE11 (desktop)!?

iyae says:

"if they chose angel over Rudy"??? What the flying fox are you talking about? Are you flipping high?

Rockartisten says:

Isn't pop culture about being the most popular stereotype of them all? If the general consensus becomes that it is popular to think in a certain way, then the popular starts to think that way. It's the most easily manipulated culture on the planet. It's not stereotyping, they are stereotype. :)

spizzlee says:

More titans!

Spotify ride or die.

Sergio0694 says:

A good old 920 :D

JamesDax3 says:

Wish they would add more campaign missions.

plsbru says:

What? How is 930 not a high end phone? Please, explain this to me.

Duffau says:

The article is talking about making sites think you are using a different browser to allow it to render correctly. This is a limitation on the site's part and not IE since IE is still doing all the rendering. This is what google used some time back to limit maps on WP; you could manually change the string and still get to the maps. I have to use the developer tools on my surface 2 for a couple of sites that say I have to use a different browser (and make it think I'm using firefox/chrome). After this change, the sites work flawlessly and it's still IE doing all the heavy lifting. IE is actually really good now.

plsbru says:

Would that kind of deal be actually legal..? 

offbeatbop says:

If Google bought beats Justin would be collecting a severance package and the WP app would be collecting dust on the shelf.

bilzkh says:

I think there are quite a few people who think Microsoft can still do well with Windows Phone, and the Lumia business in particular. Despite this past year's hiccups (i.e. Nokia X, merger, lack of Lumias pushed to market), they still did OK with selling around 8 million handsets.

If Microsoft and Mobile Oy get their house in order and make a serious push, they can easily cross 10 million a quarter by Q4 2015. Combine that growth with a push of low-end handsets from local OEMs in India, Russia and Europe, one could see well over 50 million Windows Phones sold to the market every year.

Sure, it might still be 5-7% of the overall market, but when tens of millions of new prospective users (per year) are in question, it's never a bad idea to invest. Seriously, how much does it take to make a good app and maintain it with regular updates and fixes? Rudy Hyun and many other WP developers demonstrated that it takes one committed developer, cue Apple/Beats calling on Justin.

And yes, I'm writing this under the assumption that with Apple's might and resources Beats' international plans will see serious momentum. And it's no secret that in some markets, WP is more prevelant than iOS.

spizzlee says:

I got back into it, also have the season pass so i might as well play. Its pretty populated still, you wont have any trouble finding matches.

Shehabdemoon says:

This shit doesn't work in Egypt

nanowerx says:

But the profit margins on the 520 are razor thin, they made much more money off the 920 and 1020 per device.

Peg Leg says:

No, go into settings and tell IE you want desktop. Now, when I go to amazon, them fools give me mobile anyway. I scroll down and tell it desktop - shouldn't have to do that step, didn't with WP 8.

I have a 925 on T-Mobile. There are many great things about their network, from cost structure to better call quality to Wi-Fi calling, but timely updates and Windows Phone support are not among them. I would be very surpised if T-Mobile updates the 925 in the next month, even by the end of the summer would surprise me. Since they don't even sell the phone new anymore, I'm hoping they don't just end-of-life it like the 810.

coolbreeze78 says:

(I'm obviously being curt...but it's close enough to your specs)

Cleavitt76 says:

Same here.  I don't recall ever hearing that name. 


Ah, Bing shows pics of some guy in a football uniform.  Not every US male cares about professional sports, but I don't doubt that he is very famous.

Mechuna says:

It's at 1:55 for those who don't wanna sit through that mess. :D Should've included that bit in the article tbh.

wpguy says:

What terrifies me is that my chainsaw won't start in time to defend against a shark.

WP95 says:

Well I got the season pass, so I might as well try it out.
I shouldn't of expected much with the season pass being only $20. But I was somehow hoping foe a bit more then just maps.
First dlc wasn't bad though. Enjoyed the maps.

Mechuna says:

Then again, hipsters could probally help propel WP into famedom. Ugh. Damned if you, damned if you don't. :(