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@eddp77 isn't it a forum rule NO NAME CALLING? Its you then that should leave not someone expressing an opinion, not that I agree with the op about it not being relevant as I think it is but name calling that's just wrong!

y wil Microsoft compete with android devices coz they ewrn from android. that's y they keep price little bit high so that their android royalty business should also run will. the Minecraft purchase was like a gift money Microsoft received from android. so their equity funds didn't get affected though market capitalization is little bit low. Microsoft will now focus marketing in windows as whole so they must hote better marketing team and make threshold a super hit

Nothing is going to release after 730, 735 and 830 at least this year from Microsoft.

If people are having problem buying 735 or 830 because of the price. Trust me, they have the same issue with iPhone 6s and Note 4.

Was it Lumia 830 and 735 announced ahead of iPhone 6and 6+? And iPhones are already being sold in the market? Why the hell 830 and 735 is still on pre-order?

Last time I checked UC Browser was developed by Chinese folks not Indians. Get your nationalist out of here!

It's just like any other job. You give out your resume and cover letter explaining why you should be an author for WPCentral, where you send it however I imagine it's at Mobile Nation and not WPCentral itself.

This is not great. We don't want mobile operators to be the sole high st retailers of phones, that would stink. Phones 4u were the only high st retailer who would sell me an off contract 1020 when they first came out. Everyone else including Carphone warehouse insisted I would have to buy into a contract.
Their customer service was also v. good, they exchanged my faulty phone without quibble.

Everybody is talking about the iphone6 and the note 4. 735 and 830 will have a hard time selling their smartphones if they dont adjust their price. I guess ill wait for the price drop.

I really want to become an author, too... Does anybody know how you can become an author for WPCentral?

Firstly, I own a Lumia 520 as well as a Lumia 720. Secondly, calling me a leech just because I expressed my opinion? Anyways, thank you.

How is it affecting windows? Well Phones4u used to sell PHONES that were FOR YOU. PHONES like windows phones. YOU being the general public. Its in the title Einstein. Don't be the leech that sucks out all journalism because its not about YOUR phone in YOUR town talking about YOU. Broaden your horizon you ignorant leech.

True - clove and unlockedmobiles probably have a premium for the first buyers, but the price will and must drop. Fast. At £300, that price is crazy. But then at £400 it's crazy for the 930. MSFT need more control on their pricing.

Oh, the 1520 was being sold, by a reseller from Germany, for around £350 - on Though that offer is gone now. May come back though. The retail price are trumped up hard lol

I'm with you Malbend. You were the first person to raise the issue that this might cause Windows Phone some market share since we are losing a very supportive retailer and that must be why the article is on WPC. Good question. You're way ahead of most of the readers here. Keep on posting and keep on sharing your opinion.

So does anyone know if this will affect OS market share for Windows Phone? Any thoughts on the matter?

It's just how Michael Fischer described it in his unboxing on Pocketnow: It's all about the feels. Personally, the design itself (especially in the back) isn't very inspiring, although undeniably of excellent quality, as to expect from Apple. However, my opinion may change once I get hold of one. My cousin is un the US and is bringing my Mum an iPhone 6. Then, she'll of course need my help setting things up, and I will be able to get my hands on it. I'm not a big fan of very thin phones, but we'll see. To be continued...

Well, if the game is being made on the One, that would be the platform that sees a US release... But a Playstation 4 version would be good too.

Do you have a source for that? All I've been able to find is speculation. I worked it into the article though. :)

When did I say that I don't like the website? I'm just unhappy with some of the things that are posted and expressed my opinion. Rich replied saying that they sold windows phone and hence its relevant. The discussion ends there. I don't think you should tell me what to do. :)

Need uk cortana, all these add on features is frustrating when you don't actually have Cortana in the UK.

You are expressing your opinion but that doesn't make it acceptable to the community, the rest of us. So don't blame the website owners for keeping us informed. Yes. Just get out of here. Anyone that doesn't like an app deletes it, you don't like a food you don't eat it, you don't like a website you leave, as simple as that. :)

Exactly!! Summer ended the other day.  Let's go Sprint, update already or at least give us some info as to what is going on (or not going on).  We are tired of being left in the dark.

I don't see your logic. It's a selfie phone because it has a selfie centered camera. That's why we can call it a selfie phone. If it were the camera-button-phone, then sure, that'd be incorrect as there is none. But the existence of a button and the selfie focus are 2 completely different things.

Also, I'm guessing you've never used a WP without a camera button, have you? You can put it in one of your notification center's shortcuts and it's quite easy to get to. Not much worse than long pressing the actual button.

So you're asking me to leave because I have an opinion about something? You can express your opinion but please don't tell me what to do. I'm free to comment about something I feel.

Ah cool. Well these 2 sites have the 930 on sales for £400 (ones actually £430) so if that's anything to go by the places offering it for £350 would likely have the 830 for £260 which is a good price.

I am still waiting paitiently (well, not so patiently) for 8.1 on my Samsung Neo for Sprint. Bought it in April assuming the update would be rolling out about now.  If there is no update by the new year, I may be jumping ship to AT&T for a Lumina - that is if AT&T lowers their prices!

Exactly. Sure, people have am issue with the android os, but you're getting a fundamentally better deal with the Moto. And what about the htc 820 - 8mb selfie cam and 64 bit blah. MSFT pricing does not offer solid value unless you're at the low end.

If it weren't for the Direct TV bs, these should be the options and prices to watch games live. I think the NFL would make more money if they ditched the Direct TV deal.....maybe.