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Microsoft camera

untitled007 says:

i just make a back up , and it works smooth

Nik Rolls says:

It would be nice if you could bind ProShot to the physical camera button shortcut.

arze317 says:

No it's not there either. Oh well. HTC has just been a disappointment for me on so many levels

rajat_cg says:

Use MS camera app as default because it loads instantly on my 720, occasionally use Nokia camera/ proshot.

Winnabe says:

Nokia Camera Beta . However, for quick photos, I use the stock camera app. On my 720.

TranHiep620 says:

Nokia Camera, Lumia 620 :(((

Blackwing212 says:

Stuck with default camera app 8.1 DP HTC 8X

WRider says:

Nokia Camera Beta

Doesn't add much protection either ;)

SaviWP says:

This shivers me timbers! >:/ lol. Microsoft need a phone with a front camera 10x better than iPhone and used on all phones.

ratsttam says:

That is because the Sprint 8X isn't an 8X at all, it's the 8XT, which has different camera hardware, and is more robust in areas, but less in other areas such as the 800x400 screen. It's sort of a cross between the 8S and the 8X, but it's neither...


beta; 1520, 1020
Nokia; 820

SAM 77 says:

I'm getting deja vu
Hadn't this question been asked before?
Nokia Camera is my preferred camera app. L820

xpxp2002 says:

Same here, except I miss the 8.0 camera that actually adhered to the Metro UX guidelines.

Nick the Fox says:

I use Nokia Camera on 720

psiu_glen says:

Re: the ancient versions I posted above -- as far as I am concerned, they have been walking Nokia Pro Cam backwards since they released it.

They merged with Smartcam to get Nokia Camera, but removed the easy last image access, dumbed down the flash toggle in advanced mode, removed instant Lenses access, and now there shall be no tweaking outside of Creative Studio (which we will also botch up).

Glad they have the beta program because I saw this coming and didn't upgrade on my 928.

Old news. These two have been useful to me, I was traveling and it was a really good thing to be able to see the time in my country. Also used the currency conversion some times

cjloyola says:

Microsoft Camera for Quick Shot.(FASTER)

Nokia Camera for All Around Shot, any Scene Shot due to its Settings.(a BIT SLOWER)

and Camera 360 for Creative Shot.(SLOWER)

Kunalya says:

Default one nokia camera,on occasion pro shot is good

akshaypn says:

Nokia Camera!

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damo579 says:

If it isn't on your phone see if it's in the HTC section of the Windows store.

pw38 says:

Nokia Camera Beta but I'm switching between that and the standard MS app because sometimes the Nokia app is a bit slow.

Previously I always used the Nokia camera as my default. But ever since I updated to 8.1, I've been using the Microsoft camera as the default cos it's so much faster on startup. Then I would put Nokia cam on start screen is I wanna take any professional shots. Because it happens to me a lot of times alr that when i see something i wanna quickly snap, the Nokia camera takes like 5 seconds to load up and the moment to take snap it is gone.

- Lumia 920, since Nov '12.

dwane18 says:

That's the same reason why I started using Microsoft camera as my default today. Was always using Nokia cam beta but it loads slow on my 620 also

misfitpierce says:

Yes it takes full advantage of it... Nokia cam just has more pro settings. Your fine using it.

psiu_glen says:

Don't think it saves high res copies either though...

Kevin Rush says:

Which generic country (?) variant? And how?

arze317 says:

Maybe it's something exclusive to different networks or regions. I don't have it on Rogers

JohnKirkham says:

Get the Minisuit. It's a 2 piece unit, so you have a choice whether you want full protection or not, depending on the heft you want to lug around.

sd173 says:

Woohoo! Finally my 10 GB Man of Steel file from Xbox video can stop taking up space on my Surface Pro!

shaggydave says:

What's the best in low light without flash???? Thats the one I want to use!!!

IFLYME says:

I want either the 730 or 830: whichever comes with dual SIM and hits the world market first so I can use it with my Saudi SIM and my AT&T SIM at the same time. The 630 dual SIM I bought in Saudi doesn't work in the States, unfortunately.

_Emi_ says:

ok I was smarter and I did a "fsutil file createnew filename length" to create a 10gb file in my onedrive easier, with 10737418240 bytes (10gb exact) it uploaded fine, but with 10737418241 bytes file, and i threw me the sync error.

so yeah the limit it's 10737418240 or 10gb exact. ;)

damo579 says:

I thought it was. I've seen it on the sprint version of the 8x

AlwaysHedged says:

Don't waste the chance to vote for it.  The more MS sees interest in it, the greater the chance the possibility to set ProShot as default will be.

shaggydave says:

Nokia camera beta! Its always a little better then Nokia camera. Plus living images works on both on my 1520 :-)

psiu_glen says:

On my 520 mostly just the stock camera app.

On my 928, Nokia Camera version, occasionally ProShot or others.

On my Icon, Nokia Pro Cam version, also sometimes ProShot or others.

All on WP8 GDR3/Black.

varunpatrick says:

Simple calendar.

markyjns says:

Had delivered the i5 256gb from the USA couple of weeks ago, popped to John Lewis on Thursday and got the darker 'navy' blue Type cover. My first Surface and I'm totally in love :)

canadian1der says:

Microsoft Camera App on my 635

I figured this app is fine since the 635 is a low-end device and I always felt like the Nokia Camera app was always a little too slow. The Microsoft Camera app tends to load a little faster is is fairly responsive, plus if I want an advanced camera the lens button is right there so I can open Pro Shot!

Carl Mbereko says:

I got a 930 last month and picked up my Surface Pro 3 last Friday. The user experience between my Windows 8.1 PC, Lumia 930 and the Surfaces is mind-blowing. The Surface pro has exceeded expectations and I am absolutely chuffed to bits. This is right at the time I am starting my undergraduate degree and already the seamless functionality and integration between the three devices is just awesome. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

I3unny says:

Yup I have played on steam.. Still it was not upto the mark :)

dlalonde says:

Ditto (on my Lumia 635)

geoff5093 says:

You know they have it on Steam right?  I love the new AoE with Steam multiplayer.

Lumiamike says:

No, the method in the article failed to work on my 8.1 dp 720 when tried, my resolution was a bricked phone after trying nsrt, taking it back to the carriers shop and after a week getting it back with a new serial number and the phone returned with 8.0, after that installing cyan and 8.1 officially finally resolving failed backups.

HTC camera isn't all that great anyways. The default camera has always done better for me

MedGeek says:

MS default for me... Coz its quick to launch and i dnt wana miss precious moments just waiting for nokia camera to open.... In case i have time and need some creativity then i use nokia cam as my second camera... :)