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jefftovar98 says:

My alarms weren't sounding, bit this helped it out. Also my action centre is a little laggy

tt22tt says:

On HTC 8S Internet Explorer advenced settings and Reading Mode don't work, the HTC app needs an update because the live tile doesn't work. The Music app extremly slow and it also hasn't got live tile. As I see the whole os slower and instabil but it's just dev prev. So go work and will be great!;) oh and Microsoft should do something with the battery life too..

thisispants says:

This is kinda cool.

SocalTouch says:

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hunkie says:

IE11 seems to crash when some specific table or graphic is on the site. An example on this (Dutch) site, which uses them alot so it crashes alot:
Not sure if its IE related as surfy crashed on it once as well.

Soypan says:

You can get the preview like everyone else

wvanellis says:

Bluetooth for car is buggy. 1) B4, whatever music you were streaming when you turned off your car, the music will continue where it left off. 2), when listening to music and you use Cortana to make a call, the music pauses. When the call ends, the music doesn't resume. It stays paused. You have to manually resume the music from the phone.

Giddora says:

The only "bug" I have encountered so far is that each time you ask Cortana to wake you up or set an alarm... She creates a new one. I wish she would just edit an unused alarm and only create a new alarm if there were no inactive alarms that weren't set to go on periodically.

lpforthewin says:

Have you guys tried a hard reset? That sorted out all my lag. I performed three and it seemed sorted after that but that was only because I was having glance issues too.

peachy001 says:

I console myself with the delusion that the only thing that separates our achievements in programming is my lack of spare time.... It isn't that, turns out you are more able too! Ha ha. Kudos to you and thanks for responding previously with regards to the Bluetooth remote control vehicle. Don't stop.

CardozoRT says:

I didn't hard reset it and is doing it...

Can anyone tell me where is keyboard?

RaphaelChaia says:

The Xbox controller works fine with SNES8x on the Surface RT. Tested myself :)

glassadam says:

What phone / mount do you use?

PyreBlaze says:

On Nokia Lumia Icon, I couldn't"connect" to Google accounts until I disabled Wi-Fi . The thinking dots would loop. Until I hit back button, there was no message.

The message shown was something like "we're experiencing a problem right now."

I've encountered the power button issue once. Triggered Cortana to wake screen.

lpforthewin says:

I'm using a class 10 64gb sd in my 820 and apps don't feel laggy but storage sense never loads and music takes absolutely forever. At least music's definitely going to be fixed but I presume we'll need an OS update for storage sense to work.

Po_MD says:

There have been several users that reported their secondary microphones not working after the update. I've contacted Nokia Care and they seem to not want to acknowledge it.

illidanx says:

Lumia 1020 uploads full res pictures now.

Rich Edmonds I wonder where is keyboard under settings. I can't seem to find it

rbarnett98 says:

My 1520 didn't wake up when pushing the power button this morning. After pushing it numerous times it still didn't respond. I then held out for about 15 seconds and it powered up, just like it had been turned off. It is just a preview though, and these things should be fixed in a short while.

lpforthewin says:

It's automatically selected if you only have 1 keyboard installed. If you have more then the comma is replaced by a keyboard selection button unless you check the box.

mango.lover says:

I stand corrected. Yes, not that many lock screen articles. Got confused because of the live tiles image.

Joe Strouth says:

Worst and only thing I've experienced; T-Mobile Wifi calling doesn't allow me to send or receive SMS/MMS messages. Calling is fine.
Granted, t-mobile will probably fix this once its released to consumers. Kinda forgivable since its apparently deeply integrated with the OS (or something)


The share button doesn't work on most sites

Mark Richey says:

Ran a podcast while charging.920 got extremely hot and dropped to 35% battery. Not sure if recent update to podcast critter or the OS at fault.

glassadam says:

More please. I for one appreciate them and other WP cosmetic tips. Keep 'em coming!

danielgray says:

Is that a bug or the website. Often got a desktop webpage on WP when my wife got a mobile website on her iPhone.

TheWeeBear says:

I put 2 callers on hold after activating put on hold with my face/ear as my proximity sensor wasn't working to turn off the display when in a call.

freshfelicio says:

Rudy should do a Facebook and a YouTube app.

inertiaNokia says:

Glance screen settings aren't visable

When I open battery sense and press back button it is still in the background. Just close it there instead of pressing back button

paramsingh says:

I have noticed a bug, my location icon appears but location service is switched off. To get rid of the icon I've got location in my action centre so I just turn on and turn off the location and the icon disappears.

markope says:

Have toasts and live tiles on. Are you using Facebook beta, or the the new Facebook app?

b23h says:

that's unfortunate, we are not even talking about LTE, only 4g.  Yea, I would be unhappy in a situation like that.   I do strongly suggest verifying how your 521 would respond on AT&T's network.   You really don't want to go through that hassle to discover that because the network bands on the phone aren't quite right for AT&T, you only get 2g.   But again, I don't know that and suggest that you verify the situation before you switch.   

When I switched I got a AT&T 920.  Mostly because I thought that the 920 sold well enough on AT&T and since they were still selling it after a year and a half, that AT&T would support the phone for sure.

On the other hand I had owned a HTC HD7, a 810, and at the very end a HTC 8X on T-Mobile.   T-Mobile ended up abandoning EACH ONE OF THOSE PHONES!   So yea, Trash-Mobile!!   I certainly agree...

I'll give that a try

Rio4Ross says:

The official Instagram App is supper buggy now always have to open it 2 or 3 times. On another note, I have been able to get Cortana in Australia an not loose access to the App store. +925

glassadam says:

Transparent lock screen sounds cool. This was a feature in the past? Bring it back!!

xrs22 says:

I use blur, lockmix and glance beta. Blurred the lock screen and glance screen.

go1020 says:

I don't understand why IE 11 keeps reloading all previous pages/tabs when you open it. I usually kill all tabs from recent (using X) and disabled background process for IE.

Binson#WP says:

I get double notifications for things like FB messenger and whatsapp

jharr100 says:

It seems the app must first have a notification in order to get them to show in the settings.

2uiam says:

I also use class 10 32 gb sd card, Lumia 720 and works fine.

danielgray says:

Mine is upside down when on landscape.

HTC clock not working. Now its a transparent tile only

rbarnett98 says:

Didn't seem to affect my 920 battery usage.

oswi says:

IE 11 show me some webs in PC format even if I have set mobile version of web page and the mobile version on website exist. This worked on IE10 ok.

Devmer11 says:

I'm having audio issues my lock and unlock and charging sound no longer work with all the respective sounds on :/ and heating issues and battery problems I hope cyan fixes it EDIT: Cortana apparently overrides the sounds :/

Lumia 8x says:

Yea I made my Cortana to not run in the background and my battery life got better.