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mildor says:

Yes, 5 models is a lot... it will be fine just 3... 630, 730, and 930... and that's all... also, in the future with microsoft under control, there will probably be just 640, 740 and surface phone...

DJCBS says:

2016 isn't that far away. Also, Nokia is keeping a factory in Korea too. But whatever Nokia does in the future, I would just close the India factory and move elsewhere. India is clearly not a good place to put factories in despite the cheap labour.

caliborn says:

Brothas in tech unite!

sahib lopez says:

Damn not going to lie but he is good looking. I can see him in some hanes or fruit the loom commercial

I personally like M$.... Shows that we be making that mula lol

Novron says:

India won't let them sell it to anyone until the bill is paid. HTC has money problems of its own. Only ones who might be interested are companies with a stash of offshore money.

sahib lopez says:

Hey jobs lets get into the marketing business!!! ;)

GTFO damned troll.

Keep your 3 Samsung apps... Lol

marantaz says:

I had this app, got it with my HTC Trophy, it was great! Then WP8 came and it stopped working, so I uninstalled it. Now it says I have to buy it again, so I went into my PC to get the old version reinstalled... man, I've installed a lot of cap apps in two years!... got it reinstalled and it still wants me to buy it again! Didn't I pay for this once already? What's up? Was it only free before cuz I seen to remember paying for it and being pissed when it stopped working properly.

Novron says:

No, that's a pretty widespread consensus. Nokia's not the only one getting screwed.

sinime says:

Glass to have him on MS' team*

* as long as he had nothing to do with webOS' demise.

Dam I wanted that job I had a interview and everything,:'( oh well I guess I can work at Samsung electronics.

About time too.

Xellsama says:

Hmm...I don't recall HP being very outstanding in their marketing department though (or consumer area overall).But I hope his experience with the OEMs helps pushing MS marketing towards a more practical form.

Boss Fight says:

I completed Limbo on it w/ Xbox controller and TV out.  Other games I've played on it but didn't play longterm on it:  Super Meat Boy, Aliens Colonial Marines, Alien Breed 3, Riptide, illomilo, Halo Spartan Assault, Vendetta Online...

I actually do more work on it, even actual production.  Graphics, audio, design docs.  It handles even large, complex PSDs well.  Looking forward to upgrading to the Surface Pro 3 (skipping the 2) so that I can play more games on it smoothly.  Many of the 3D games bring it to it's knees.

sip1995 says:

Are you kidding me, even I can do a better job.....btw please stop the exclusive phones to carriers.

I don't think you understand. We want more WP content. That's why people are complaining. Reread my comment before you get offended.

astroXP says:

Wait, so when you go to Add > Phone ... is that a hidden File Explorer or part of OneDrive? Gotta love those fast animations.

astroXP says:

Branding perhaps?

ajohnson777 says:

Amen! Glad to see diversity at Microsoft.

Life Artist says:

Saving videos to the device or OneDrive, I want the ability to reshare those videos to apps. Like 6tag/instagram, 6snap/snapchat etc. I just checked OneDrive and you can share videos to Facebook... which makes me wonder. Is the sharing to an app, an app/api limitation or OneDrive limitation?

If its an app limitation I'd like to see Rudy update his 6snap and 6tag apps to support video sharing via OneDrive/Cloudsix :)

bromoid says:

Same file picker we can use to upload files via IE11.

spinzeroWL says:

It is not owned by is instead owned by a phone company that soon won't sell phones.
The factory is in limbo...and you can bet that Microsoft will not buy it from Nokia if the opportunity presents itself.
Indian Government are being fools...and making their country very unattractive to outside investors.

AskaLangly says:

No Surface, no Xbox, just a gaming rig with Win8.1.1 and a WinPhone...
Even so, on the PC, I own every Xbox-connected game.

A895 says:

Good to see a successful black man in tech. I'm black myself and it's a rarity to see others of the same skin color in this business.
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Edit: His facial hair is perfectly trimmed. That whole headshot is so professional. If I was him I would put that photo on all his business cards and on the door to his office.

montel22 says:

Amen to that brotha.

abond32 says:

OneDrive is working great for me. I just uploaded a zip file a doc file a PDF and pictures with no issues. I have a 1520 with wp8.1 with everything being uploaded from scCard. Thanks MS

crise says:

That won't be really difficult. It was really really bad. Even I could do a better job I'm pretty sure.

Micah Dawson says:

Amen. Preach!

astroXP says:

Or have a NAS setup (serving as a backup at the same time) and access it that way without having to leave your computer on all the time. Synology, by the way, has all its apps (as in plural) on Windows Phone. I was so surprised about that.

Ok meet me at WalMart I'll be the guy sittin on a toilet. PS I brought the condom's.

Munkeyphyst says:

Remember when sky drive did this natively? That was nice.

Whodaboss says:

It was taken with a Lumia 1020. ;)

Anyone play FFXI or FFXIV on the Surface Pro or Pro 2?

A895 says:


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tomoakley says:

Someone leave some messages in Devon, UK! I love the idea of this app!

Hope marketing will get better...

CJ Thunder says:

Damn, that is a good headshot. Looks like a stock photo.

muitosabao says:

I'm trying really hard not to use google play music, for my music, since i use spotify for streaming and i have on onedrive my purchased music. i was hoping really hard that a new version of onedrive app would allow me to dowload and make my music available offline, but apparently no. So damn obvious. Damn. Fingers crossed for Rudy's cloudsix onedrive support.


fdalbor says:

You can get a 520 for 59.99$, and the 630 is 159.99$ hardly 20-30 extra. Don't think its 100$ better by a long shot. Lets see how long it stays at that price. If it don't sell and it just might not they are going to have to reduce it to the 100$ range. The original 620 is a much better phone.

Joel DSO says:

This works really well, I'm actually leaving this comment using RDC on my phone, very neat! Only a little bit slow

not good not bad max

Yep, had to replace my wife's surface 2 in December because of it. Hers mostly just locks up with the lock screen half opened or keyboard slid half down

rodneyej says:

Except WP?????????

Talk4Lig says:

Microsoft get your shit together!!! After update, my phone rebooted twice when uploading photos. Shame on you, bugcrosoft.