Congratulations to our Surface Pro 3 winner!

Okay folks, as Friday is winding down we figured it were time to announce our Surface Pro 3 contest winner. If you recall, all you had to do was leave up to three comments on our original article. Those comments were enough to enter, even if you're world-wide.

We ended up having an astonishing amount of entries, which broke our backend CMS a few times (thanks for the free stress test!). Let's take a look.

  • Total amount of comment: 41,240
  • 2961 participants with one comment
  • 1473 participants with two comments
  • 10687 participants with 3 or more comments
  • 15121 unique entrants

Those are some crazy numbers, and you all proved one thing: you want a Surface Pro 3! We pulled out the comments into a file, filtered out anything more than three original comments and the algorithm picked one person:

We hear Kol is from Albania, which is pretty amazing! The winner has been emailed directly and hopefully we'll hear back from them in the next few days (if not we will select another winner using the same random methods).

You can still win!

Considering most of you probably didn't win, we'd still like to thank you for playing along. You showed how great this community can be. And remember, we're still giving away Windows Phones or tablets in our ongoing Hidden Gems series! There is a winner for each one of those articles, so get in on that and increase your chances!

From the Windows Phone Central team to you, thanks!



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hotraia says:

What is hidden gems?????

sd173 says:

This webpage explains it:


I wonder if we could choose a Surface Pro 3 as the tablet if we win from one of the articles?

Nokia5110 says:

Rigged, Britain is going to their island and the Azzurri was beaten! Was I beaten it remains to be ascertained!

Bruno Sain says:

Good English Asshole,where did you study in Congo?

searitus says:

Oh-ho the irony...

Kol Frakusha says:

I am Kol Frakusha, a student, 22 years old, a windows phone user since wp7 with Htc radar,lumia 520 and 925. I have converted all my family to windows phone and i have also a Windows 8.1 pc and i have bought a dell venue 8 pro.I am a wpc youtube subscriber,twitter follower, i love Nokia,Microsoft and wpc.
Thank you guys for this awesome gift because i love the surface pro 3 and i think is the perfect kit for a student.
Love you guys

josonjoy1986 says:

Congrats bro.......:)

AbdnouR says:

Congratulation enjoy this bro


Well, good for you for winning! And I mean it, good job. Comment directed to Kol Frakusha, the Surface Pro 3 winner.

samtmathew91 says:

I wish that had been me and I'm really disappointed. Well anyways congrats!!

Gken says:

Nice man, glad someone who has adopted the whole platform got an awesome device!

baritenor says:

Congrats, Kol!  Enjoy your SP3!

Aws Albayati says:


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IceDree says:

Congratulations Kol! So happy for you.

Liang Huang says:


cknorthpole says:

Congratulations Kol!

Judas20 says:

Congratulations man

Jeewan Kalia says:

congrats bro.. wish it wud hav been me

WHAT A LUCK GUY!Congratulations!

Hajde kol, urime urime :) nuk eshte dhurate e vogel ta dish ;)

Congrats and wish you all the best in school.

Kol Frakusha you seem like the idel windows fan boy to win the Surface pro 3. Do let us know your thoughts on the surface pro 3


Congratulations, enjoy your SP3!

Gergolos says:

Duuuuude! Congrats!!!!!

Now you have even more power and tools to convert more people to the WP/W8 haha :D

Have fun with the SP3 and give us an awesome review, iof possible! :)

Cheers from Germany

Congratulation! :D

if you are realy from albania then say some words in albanian because i dont believe this

Kol Frakusha says:

O Donald shqiptar jam, dhe Kol Frakusha është pseudonimi im nga portokallia.
Gjithashtu Lazarati kapitulloi nga policia.
A më beson tani?

Ahahahah thuaji dhe qe Nora Istrefi kishte veshur corape leshi te Kenga Magjike, mbase te beson :P ahaha

Not trying to be offensive, but I read that in Jabba the Hutt's voice and it sounds exactly like Jabba. With the laugh and all. :)

It's ok, but it's more atractive hear it than read it

Congratulations neighbor. I'm happy that the surface went to a neighboring country. Gz again. Now you can type the desktop PC.

Guytronic says:

Congratzo Kol!!!

Udaman! as we say here...

Good job!

Enjoy that SP3!

BataBole says:

Lol! You won't get one :D

I thought if we got a bit of a Spartacus vibe going they'd have to give us all one.

EssThree says:

Totally got the reference XD

donbreathe says:

Congrats, nice one

CrazyQwert says:

Nice job! Have fun with your surface :)

2tomtom says:

Congratulations, awesome prize to win. Enjoy.

Jay Bennett says:

Congratulations Kol :)

pookyjoralyn says:

សូមអបអរសាទរផង! 촉하합니다!

vrabac says:

Congratulations Kol and enjoy it! Greetengs from Serbia... :)


bjorndv says:

Congratulations! It's really nice to see that someone who really loves the Windows platform to win the Surface Pro 3.Have fun with it!

Congratulations bro!!!
You love the platform and so does the platform loved you back! You deserve this. Enjoy with this amazing device!
I hope WPCentral conducts more such contests ;)

nichitandrei says:

Congratulations Kol Frakusha!!! I'm glad that the Surface Pro 3 is going to an Windows fan. Enjoy!

Free_Sparrow says:

Congrats Kol! Glad a student won it, enjoy!!!

Bravo vlla, e gezofsh, dhe suksese ne sezon :)

My friend! Congrats!! Now that you won this awesome gift, send me your Dell Venue 8 pro :D

Eas195 says:

Well, then ;)
congratulations on your winning, and enjoy then convert people more again to Windows (Phone), dude ;)

Roger Mike says:

congrats man! :-)

jdv.seishin says:

Nice! Congratz dude! Enjoy your new awesome device :)

Asceish says:

Good luck for your new surface... Enjoy bro... Greetings from India...:)

Snowman81 says:

Congrats dude!!!

Congrats Kol! Enjoy the Surface 3 and best wishes in your studies.

Doriano says:

E gezofsh Kolo :) tani di qe paska edhe shqiptare te tjere qe ndjekin WPC. mendova se isha i vetmi :D

Erjon Sotiri says:

Urime Kol ta gezosh SP3.

M4MF says:

From Iran (Which was lost the Iran - Argentina match "Thanks to Referee deliberate misjudgement")



Be lucky whole your life!


muddytoad says:

Congrats! Put it to good use :)

kullalishka says:

Urime Kol, e gzofsh!

Tfala prej Kosoves e Zvicres.

Arda Ozkal says:

Tebrikler şanslı kardeşimiz! We say in turkish, in English, Congrats our lucky brother! Derslerinde başarılar, luck on your school classes!

Congrats bro...ur one lucky man!

asoyemi says:

I hate to break it to you like this man... YOU ARE DA MAN.

even your acceptance script (since it is not a speech) is awesome. a wonderful embodiment of windows.


hac817 says:

congrats man! cheers

thiwatham says:

Congratulation bro ;) you're so lucky

Congrats, dude. That's some major luck!

typaulo says:

damn :( congratz to the winner

spinzeroWL says:

Nice. I'm glad it went to someone from one of the (materially/financially) poorest countries in Europe. Having cycle toured through there, I am sure it'll be going to a fine person indeed. It's a beautiful country too - one which deserves a little bit of PR!

immyperez says:

Nicest comment EVER!

Nataku4ca says:

+1020, Congrats to Kol!!


+9000 Comments like this give me hope for the human race.

spinzeroWL says:

If you want to really feel the warmth of humanity, go cycle touring :).
Albania was far and away my favourite European country. My friend and I were plucked from a roadside by an old farming couple. They lived in a wattle and daub farmhouse, and had next to no possessions. Nevertheless, they fed us (to bursting point!), and filled us with homebrew vodka! We stumbled away from their house the next day with the biggest smile (and hangover!).
Such fond memories.


+1 that's an awesome experience!!!

spinzeroWL says:

It certainly was. The beautiful thing about it - this elderly couple had been taking in cycle tourers for years. They had a wall covered with old photos of people who had enjoyed their random hospitality. They were the absolute salt of the earth - financially poor, but socially rich in a way that I can only hope to be.
Speaking of which, I'm off into Europe and beyond in the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to experiencing such things once again - and looking forward to documenting it with my trusty 1020 :) (which is my music player, offline navigator, blog editor, video editor, offline translator - and amazing camera!)


+9000 God bless them. Have a great time! Looking forward to pictures!!!!!

Zuka_WPC says:

Faith in humanity= restored

rodneyej says:

So, so sweet..

Jane Oracion says:

still envious.. :( 

spinzeroWL says:

Haha. I love that word!

pookyjoralyn says:

I don't know if my country (Cambodia) is poorer than Albania though.

Sam Sabri says:

Is this going to be the first Surface Pro 3 in Albania? Awesome!

BaritoneGuy says:

Dying to see what the customs paperwork would look like for this....

studenttech says:

Yes Sam, i think its going to be the first one. Thats a pitty that we dont have our own Microsoft Store or even an official  Nokia Store. All of the windows products are being from other countries imported, i hope in the future Microsoft does something about it. Very glad an albanian won!

Wyn6 says:

Salud, Tommy!!

izzykahn says:

Ugh! I never win anything on here!! DX Congrats to the Winner anyhow.

Yu Cheng says:

Neither did I until I won a Lumia 1520 from Microsoft store last month.

izzykahn says:

Oh for the love of Bill! I lose and I hear if someone's winning!? Lol

terrokkinit says:

He loves you, can ya tell? ;)

izzykahn says:

I feel the love!

Ed Boland says:

Congrats to the winner!!


I won a Surface 2 (and the Microsoft Music Kit (music Blade and app)) in the #projectremix contest on Vine/Twitter earlier in the year...

izzykahn says:

So you're the one who won that contest! (I did not stay tuned)

Ed Boland says:

Ah.. there were 500 lucky winners in that contest.

Roger Huston says:

I have no idea how I lost.

congrats to the winner :D 

MikeSo says:

I Kol him lucky!

Loewentier says:

I see what you did there!

NIST says:

Are you sure its not Albany?

Murilo Neves says:

Pff was my, but i'm so good and give to the next

AriesDog says:

That's not how you spell my name.

WP8dot89 says:

Damn lady luck where are you? LoL

I really thought it was going to be me, because it was my birthday...

grking1234 says:

FWIW, Happy Birthday.  Hope you got some great presents.

terrokkinit says:

Right?! Me too!! And my Dirty30 of all years. I was so certain....le sigh

grking1234 says:

well, happy birthday to you too.  IIRC, 30 was a good age.

Oh man :/ I'm so sad.

Schikitar says:

Thanks to WPC for running a worldwide comp, that rarely happens and I'm sure Kol will agree that it's really appreciated!

dtower says:

Oh! Why must life be so full of bitter disapointment?

Guess I'll have to buy one now.

Congrats to the lucky winner.

ArtDB says:

Where can I get that wallpaper?

sd173 says:

I think there should be three winners. Since I suggested this, I should be one of those three.

terrokkinit says:

And I'll be the third one! ;)

LennH says:

Congrats to the person that one!

sd173 says:

Is it possible to choose a Surface Pro 3 if we win from one of the Hidden Gems articles?

Khoimu Kh says:

Ha ha too bad you all are whining and crying i can't help but laugh LOL

Loewentier says:

Congrats! You won my surface! ;)

Here is the fine-print: Use it for some good work! Not just to jerk off ;)

And remember: levitation not included!

Ninja1043 says:

B.. But I wanted to win :(

xmarklive says:

My address is 555 Redmond drive

Congrats to the winner! I am happy for him! :D

SleepyTheDon says:

We are all winners here! Congratulations Kol!

glassadam says:

Dammit. So close! ;)

MrSimmix says:

Well damn. Congrats to the winner though.

No good, he told me he doesn't want it and yo give it to me.

sd173 says:

That's strange, he/she told me that too...

Khoimu Kh says:

Ha ha too bad you all are whining and crying i can't help but laugh LOL
You should have tried harder instead of whining here
And here are some tips : capture\marry lady luck and you will be lucky for lifetime

LaNiQuE says:

Congrats on the surface pro 3 and WPcentral is awesome for giving it away in the first place!!!

QilleRz says:

Grats to the winner :D


Or in English, Cheers!

Ronald#WP says:

Congrats!  Enjoy your machine.

jakethemouse says:

Congrats Brother. Enjoy

Congrats, Kol! Enjoy!

sanshiro says:

Përgëzime !

adksako4ever says:

I thought there would be 3 winners. Haha. Just hoping if I could be one xD.

Congratulations Kol! Looks like I will have to stuck it up and buy one!

blackfire says:

Congrats to the lucky winner. Enjoy your new device!

p4nfa says:

Knew the winner wouldn't be outside US

simphf says:

Are you retarded or trolling?

Yeah! Although Santa Claus (Danny boy) lives in the US..

spinzeroWL says:

Haha, have you confused Albania with Alabama?!!

DJCBS says:

For this, WPCentral should offer you an Atlas!

simphf says:

Thank you for reaffirming that I am a failure.

TuanLVT says:


Steven Curl says:

Congrats to the winner. Stopped by the PDX Microsoft store today to check it out, and it's definitely a great prize!

Montpbm says:

It wouldn't let me comment! That's crazy!

bkydcmpr says:

it must be a mistake, it's suppoed to be me.

congrat to the winner anyway.

Jane Oracion says:

Im so full of bitterness and envy right now :((

What was he's winning comment ?

MikeSo says:

If Kol doesn't comment here within 24 hours, I say his win is voided and we go again... :P

sd173 says:

Except the next go there's three winners!

venetasoft says:

Congrats :) !!!

zibrill says:

Where can I get this wallpaper?

swizzlerz says:

I'm glad I didn't need to count comments..

tchaikie says:

Wow! Well done winner. Well done WPC. U guys really rock!

WinFan1 says:

Congrats loser lol. :D

leo74 says:

Congrats to the winner! All I ever win is the realization that I just can't win anything... Always fun to try though :)

Davestrada says:

Congratulations! I would still like to have a Surface, they don't sell em in Colombia, and I find these comments of people being glad it went to Albania a bit envious (trying to look generous and at the same time looking at the country over their shoulders..) Anyway there are all sorts of people, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER FROM COLOMBIA! :)

spinzeroWL says:

Looking at the country over their shoulders?! Huh?!
I am from the UK...have cycled throughout Europe. Loved Albania more than any other country. One of its population getting a little luck is aaaaaaaall good in my eyes (it's a country that is struggling in many ways....it deserves a break, however small!)

Landi Gjoka says:

There is a person who understand us! Thank you man! Thank you! :)

somniac says:

I guess that wasn't me.

aar494 says:

Person from Albania got it wow congrats so that means I could get too..

MNGamalog says:

When does subway surfers release their 512 MB game?

biodeena says:

I think they have already released man.

Kandino says:


dvda247 says:

I'm sure next time, a penguin in Antarctica will win.

Rockartisten says:

Or who knows, maybe a nationalist in the US will get it next time, you never know. :) (I really hope you're from the US, it would spoil it otherwise). :)

adksako4ever says:

Yes. There must be a mistake. Hahaha.

cjloyola says:

Congrats to the Winner!

ZipZapRap says:

Congratulations mate!!! Enjoy your awesome new Surface Pro!!!

wetworker says:

Almost won. ...So close :)

Rockartisten says:

I was closer... I think?