Conker, more coming to Project Spark this fall

Conker, more coming to Project Spark this fall

Microsoft has announced some new content for Project Spark, it's game creation experience for Xbox One and PC. The experience allows you to build several types of games with varying environments, and has had about 1 million people creating so far.

New content for Project Spark includes Galaxies, for bigger, more expansive worlds. Also, as a special treat, Project Spark users will be able to put Conker the squirrel, one of Rare's more iconc characters, in their creations. Conker will be available in Spark this fall.

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Wow 1 million people building games is a lot

coip says:

Project Spark is awesome. The potential this game has is unlimited.

Rug says:

I love Spark! My older kid really got into it too.

odoggyfresh says:

I really hope this takes off. I think the opportunities are huge to create a whole new "indie" type market for games on the Xbox One.


Also I love the Conker addition. I never played a Conker game but I think it is a really cool idea to bring old characters into Project Spark so people can create new stories with them. 

peachy001 says:

I really want to do something with Project Spark, but I am at a loss as to what that something could be.

coip says:

Start playing other peoples' creations, try to remix them, learn as you go, and you'll find your muse.


I love Project Spark. The only issue I have is that my laptop is 4 old

coip says:

Good excuse to get an Xbox One or a Surface Pro 3! Alternatively, the cheapest way to play this game is to buy an Xbox 360.

swizzlerz says:

Spark is on my PC and Xbox one.. Great concept! Loads of potential Entertainment!!!

stogdan says:

l love project spark as well. However the game does not offer many options for HiDPI displays. I have a Yoga 2 Pro laptop and it runs painfully slow. If I ajust the screen resolution in Windows to a much lower resolution (1080p) the game runs very well. The game itself allows me to ajust some graphics settings and they are all set to low, even the resolution in the game is set to low. Not that I know what that means in actual resultion that is.. since it does not show it.

Why do I have to change this in Windows in able to run the game? I do the same when I run Civ 5 on my Yoga 2 Pro and all though it is painful I do it when I want to play that game in particular. But project spark is not only a Modern Windows app / game. It is also developed by Microsoft. It is simply not acceptable as it is today. I know it runs on my laptop. Just not on the HiDPI resolution which is understandable since it only has integrated intel graphics. Just let me change it properly in game all ready so that I can play with decent FPS...

stogdan says:

Just got a response via chat on projectspark web site. Apparently it is not a bug but a feature not yet implemented. Cause the game uses native Windows resolutions today. It is something they are aware of according to the guy I spoke to. But it is a very low priority functionality to be added, if at all.

Considering it is still in beta I will not bug them more on the matter. But I hope they some day fix it. After all HiDPI screens are not getting less common these days. Even the Surface Pro 3 will probably encounter something similar despite having a somewhat lower resolution.

ALex Susky says:

Wow bitches, don't put conker as the first word!! Got me super excited to play the next conker game