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Connect 4 and Risk no longer Lumia exclusives, available to all Windows Phone owners


It's always great when Nokia exclusives are no longer upheld and other Windows Phone owners can subsequently enjoy more available content. Today we've been alerted to both Risk and Connect 4 becoming available for not only Nokia Windows Phones, but other handsets too. Both titles are very popular, with the former picking up a number of favourable reviews.

We've reviewed Risk, if you're interested in checking the war game out. We'll not run into both games as they're both well-known and are old favourites. You can download Risk ($2.99) and Connect 4 ($0.99) from the Windows Phone Store. Both run on Windows Phone 7 and 8. Thanks, Guilherme, for the tip!

QR: Risk     QR: Connect 4



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Micah Dawson says:

I never heard of these games till today and I own a Lumia lol

carlosrdd says:

Same... Never seen them... 920 Owner

Risk is such a great game that is almost ruined by no online play. So many board games add without online play. To the people who make them: did you play these games alone when you grew up?

jasqid says:

LMAO. All alone and by themselves.

TrustySnooze says:

Yeah, I would probably buy both if they actually had real multiplayer.

walter1832 says:

I've thought about it and made the connection.  I'll take a risk and buy these.

hauz_20 says:

That's just awful. Please, no more.

walter1832 says:

If you beg more, I'll stop.

Cheruman says:

Don't think for a second that you have the monopoly on bad puns.

walter1832 says:

I'll gobble you up like a hungy hippo.  Don't trouble yourself, I'll destroy you like a battleship! Shoot, I'll climb the highest ladder and jump down and scrabble your brain. I'll rock'em and sock'em till you'', nevermind, this sucks.

funkyGeneral says:

Wow, that was pretty impressive. I think my mind went kerplunk. You must be a mastermind.

If you say you're sorry, we will move on with life and I will forget the aggravation this has caused.

Miksup says:

My firmware is 1308 and my "other" storage is 3.8 gb

Jamdot says:

Have you taken a lot of videos or photos with auto upload to SkyDrive on?

brianmakris says:

How would you reclaim that space if you had auto upload on?

Jamdot says:

Other than fully reset the phone, you can't. Its just auto upload to SkyDrive makes a copy of everything you upload and hides it away. That is 'Other', or at least some of it.

iamoniwaban says:

Yay, love risk

riccardo56 says:

Love Risk, beside I agree without multiplayer it becomes boring.

Try also Civilization Revolution if you like strategy games (of course don't expect PC version)

I only wish they would make an HD version of that game. The resolution is lackluster even on WP7 hardware.

Great game either way,

tylerh1701 says:

In for Connect 4 for a buck.

tylerh1701 says:

Or not...
Something happened, and you can't get apps from the website at the moment. Try again in a little while.

Knight018 says:

Picked up Risk. The acheivements screen in Risk is kinda buggy on the 8x, but I love Risk and the rest of it is great. :)

Paul Acevedo says:

Yup, our Risk review has a screenshot of the wonky menu bug.

Good. Exclusivity sucks for us all.

Murgatroyd7 says:

Now they just need to give us the stuff I care about.

wpguy says:

... Namely, the Nokia phone of my choice on the carrier of my choice.

Arsenic17 says:

I can't personally recommend either of these games for fun. I can for achievements however. Risk is pretty boring with no online capabilities, and connect 4 is just that. Connect 4 against a CPU. And it is very laggy in the menus which makes it even worse to play. If u were desperate for a game, I would say go for risk!